Awesome: Sununu owns Juan Williams on Hannity, again

Sununu takes Juan Williams to task over his poor defense of Obama’s “you didn’t build it” comments:

(h/t: Mediaite)

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  • poljunkie

    It wasnt that long ago that Juan was reasonable.

    I am really somewhat surprised that he has gone so far off the rails.

    • WordsFailMe

      Both of Juan’s sons are conservative leaning guys. Juan paid for their education as a liberal spokes mouth.

      Irony often befuddles the liberal mind. Juan has been “fuddled” by his own life.

  • p m

    Juan can’t even tread water against a real argument. WTH is he doing on tv? Who on earth actually has paid attention to him – ever?
    Ha! Sununu “ya gotta protect me Sean”!

    Oh crikey – he’s got a book with his name on it. Wonder if he wrote it himself. Maybe it’ll sell and he can retire on the profits from writing about the best thing that ever happened to him – a gig on Fox.

  • toongoon

    LOL. I laughed just seeing the headline on Scoops home page. Now I’ll watch it.

  • FreeManWalking

    LOL Sununu puts Juan in a sleeper hold, then tells Hannity please protect me from Juan

  • johnos2112

    A couple of times it looked like Sununu was falling asleep. I guess Williams has that affect on John!

  • jdbaird

    I don’t like the friendly banter Hannity has with liberals. This isn’t a damn game.

    • If he wasn’t civil, they would not agree to be on his show. I would say it takes a strong man to be civil around a people that make no common sense and actually debate with them.

      My opinion.

      • jdbaird

        I understand he has a show to do and some people (myself and many others excluded) want to hear both sides of the issue. My point is; these are the people and ideas that for 80 or more years have systematically dismantled our Constitution, I’m not happy about that, I don’t think that’s fun, and it’s insulting to me when someone trivializes it.

    • 12grace

      Hannity gains rapport and then let’s em have it…

  • no_kia

    Sununu is an awesome, humble and a mature surrogate, unlike Obamao’s immature College crowd Surrogates like Dimmie Doberman, Stephanie Cutter who called Romney a Felon, and that guy with scars on his face LaBolt or something.

  • badbadlibs

    Has anyone done a case study as to why facts are totally meaningless to the leftist?

    • NYGino

      They look at facts as they look at the Constitution. Maleable and changeable to suit the occasion and the argument. As Shumer said about the First Amendment, it’s not etched in stone.

    • opinionatedhermit

      If you’re going to go all reality on us, we’re just not going to play that game….

      “Talk to the hand. Talk to the hand …..”

      (Snicker, snicker. Just kidding.)

    • neko_dachi

      Because, to a Liberal, good intentions are always far more important than the actual outcome or the unintended consequences.

      Facts and logic just get in the way of the feelings.

    • WordsFailMe

      AHDD? Have you noticed that very few “leftist” books sell? I think liberals, who are that way because of mental deficiencies, simply cannot concentrate on anything. Pot will cause that also.

    • warpmine

      I forget where I read such a reason but it said it’s in a play book that even if you personally can see the other side’s(conservative)point, absolutely don’t let on that you do. Immediately change the subject and don’t absolutely don’t use his/her language when discussing it. If you’ve noticed the pattern of this, you’ve enabled yourself to dismiss everything they say as it’s all gibberish to drive you up the wall.

      • Nukeman60

        I just wrote down the title of that book yesterday, to pick up next time I’m at the bookstore. It’s a ‘must have’, right alongside ‘Rules for Radicals’.

        We must know our enemy to be able to defeat our enemy.

        • BAICHAN

          May I suggest that you go to a library instead of giving these people any of your hard earned money. Never feed the monster is the only way to starve it.

          • Nukeman60

            Very good point.

      • badbadlibs

        Thanks for the information, things make a little more sense in why they refuse to acknowledge the facts before their faces. It takes a high level of stupid to not run from such blatant brainwshing.

        • warpmine

          And then some. With the aforementioned information out, it should be perfectly obvious that the left does not want to debate honestly to which I have to be blunt on this, it will be much easier to just have at it in a violent battle….civil war. Civil discourse apparently is out the window.

  • toongoon

    The best thing about Sununu is his ability to laugh in the face of liberal morons like Williams. My favorite remains his take down of Andrea Mitchell.

    By the way, did she ever get back to him like she said she would?

    • proudhispanicconservative

      yeah that has been his best so far, i think he got fired from msnbc that day lmao

  • JoelDick

    There’s a meme going around the Internet that goes something like this:

    “If you were successful in business, you didn’t do it by yourself,
    said the man who singlehandedly killed Osama bin Ladin.”

    I know I’m not supposed to say this, but honestly, I’m starting to give up hope in America. And if Americans don’t get their act together, there will be no one else to blame than Americans.

    • toongoon

      Don’t give up hope. That is exactly what they want us to do. It looks bad right now, but things are changing. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

      I love that quote!!

      • buzzkill59

        Yeah,if we’re lucky that light is on the train running Obysmal out of town!

        • toongoon

          All the way back to Kenya.

          Edit: I’m sure he’ll be able to lower to oceans so he can still breathe when the train sinks.

  • odin147

    The rich now have to not only pay for the tax cuts that Juan is ranting about they also have to pay for the govt. “investments” like obamacare, doddfrank, stimulus, etc, add all this to the statements the nut in chief has made over the years, not to mention his nut buddies, and all the regulations and you wonder why business owners are scared to do business and hire people….

    • warpmine

      …and soon after the re-election of dear leader most conservatives will made to pay for their own executions much in the same way Red China does.

  • That headline is SO RACIST !!!!!!!111!1!eleventy!!

    • toongoon

      WOW! That’s hilarious, unintentional I’m sure, but hilarious.

    • Orangeone

      Hadn’t noticed but I’m sure O’Bambi’s camp will be right on attacking this site!

  • odin147

    I have a great line of attack for romney to use, Romney wants to lower taxes on all Americans, and this is the most “balanced” and “reasonable” approach because it incorporates both the bottom up Keynesian approach and the top down Austrian approach, lowering taxes on the middle class gives them more spending flexibilty which the bottom up folks love and by lowering taxes on the rich you are increasing their ability to invest in their companies and their stocks which the top down folks love. So the LSM should love this “balanced” and “reasonable” approach.

  • James1754

    Well this looked just like the last time these two were on Fox together. If Juan Williams would just once be honest, when it comes to Obama, I would be in shock for a week.

  • “That guy’s a genius”
    -Juan Williams

    LOL, damn right. It least you acknowledge it after getting your rear end handed to you!

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    All The President’s Help

    good article on the subject

  • NYGino

    Juan needs a good corner man and a good cut man. He should retire from the ring.

  • But did you hear what Sununu said you morons? He said that the “rich are hoarding all of their money waiting to see if a republican or a democrat is going to be president, if its a republican, they will hire, if it is a democrat, they will take their money out of the country” That is CRAZY!! At 2:31 of the conversation – Hannity didn’t say JACK about that!!

    • poljunkie

      Thanks for calling me a moron.

    • MaxineCA

      Your comment made me laugh. You just don’t get how business works. They are holding onto their money now for many reasons. They don’t know what their tax rate will be next year or years to come. They fear how the HCR law will impact the cost of doing business (it could lead to more lay offs if it means staying in business, which means they can’t grow). I could give you 10 more examples but won’t spend my time on that tonight. It’s clear to me you have never prepared a business (small or large) annual budget, monthly forecasts or a 5-10 year business plan. Businesses cannot plan (short term or long term), even if they have money ready to invest in growing their business with so many “unknowns”.

      Got it????? And BTW – we are not morons just because YOU don’t understand basic economics 101.

    • Freempg

      Thanks for your first post.

    • Who you calling morons? What you worried about Ken? Are you dependent on the revenue generated by the government? It’s their money for crying shame! Why would someone want to invest in the U.S. anyways? So Obama can take that money and use it to destroy America? Have you seen the numbers of people who are just saying “screw this, I’m leaving and taking my money with me.” It grows everyday this man is in office.

    • Nukeman60

      I shouldn’t waste my time, but since you made the effort to create an account just for this one ridiculous comment, I will this one time.

      Have you ever gone into Wal-Mart to buy a TV and found out that they were going to go on sale next week? Did you wait till the next week to buy or did you say, “no, I have a responsibility to spend that money now and buy it at the higher price”?

      This is what business people are doing. Obama has supressed the economy so much that they are waiting for ‘the sale’ in November, when they know, if he is not reelected, we will start to recover.

      It may seem like they are being moronic to you, but it’s you who would be moronic to buy the TV at the higher price. But then, if you’re using food stamps to do it, perhaps you don’t care what it costs.

      Welcome to TRS.

    • Orangeone

      And we are entitled to do exactly that. We don’t have to hire if we don’t want to. And more importantly, we don’t have to hire liberal entitlement brats!

    • toongoon

      I guess we can be thankful that they aren’t just pulling up stakes and taking their business no another country, but rather waiting it out until they can plan their expenses. Employee wages, taxes, benefits, and regulations are strangling businesses, and they are not going to grow if the government is going to punish them.

      This administration has been taking money meant to operate this country and sending to other counties so that they can employ people and whatever else they can imagine, and many of those “investments” are failing. With over 8% unemployment in this country and 14.4% unemployment among blacks don’t you think it would be smart if the administration would back off of their attacks on business in America and allow them to afford to start hiring?

      I hope you’ve gotten a good education from these fine folks above, because so far it seems you might not understand how and why a business operates. Only in government can you hire without any concern for finances because the money is confiscated from those who have to watch their finances. Eventually, they run out of everyone else’s money and then they have to clamp down on everyone, even you.

  • CaseyGeorge

    I had real hope for Juan when Herman Cain was running…he seemed like he might genuinely move to the right and had a lot of admiration for Cain. Then once Cain dropped out, he went hard left…obviously race comes first with Mr. Williams

  • blackbird

    I do not know why fox have Williams on the air, he is so dishonest and clueless it’s laughable.

    • proudhispanicconservative

      they have him because unlike cnn and msnbc, they at least try to give the other side a chance to explain themselves, or in this case make a fool out themselves…

      • Orangeone

        If only Hannity would turn off Juan’s microphone when he talks over Sununu or Hannity! Liberal training. If someone says something you don’t want viewers to hear, talk very loudly over them.

    • kong1967

      He’s getting rather annoying. Republican pundits did not stick up for Bush when Bush spent too much money. We are intellectually honest. Juan, Beckel and the other liberal bucket carriers defend Obama no matter what he says or does.

      • blackbird

        That is so true kong, drones like Juan are hypocrites its party first. It’s really something else to watch when they try and defend Obama’s use of executive privilege.

        • kong1967

          Yeah, if only they realized how pathetic they are.

  • lambfound

    Juan is plug stupid.

  • Susanna958

    Obama was right in his statement. If you look at from the aspect of affirmative action.

  • 12grace

    I’m starting to really like Sununu! Juan Williams opens his mouth and out comes some stupid liberal comment. At this point he seems unable to help himself. Perhaps there needs to be a 12 step program for liberals.

    If we don’t laugh we will cry. Enjoy!


    Q. Why did Obama step on the cockroach?
    A. He hates competition.

    Q. What will Obama do if Romney challenges him to a debate?
    A. Claim Executive Privilege.

    Now that Chief Justice Roberts has voted to uphold ObamaCare, it’s finally shovel ready.

    The side effects of reading the ObamaCare decision include nausea and vomiting.

    ObamaCare is designed to go into effect after he is reelected. If Obama is reelected, we’ll need it.

    Obama ordered Congress to set aside a billion dollars for a new research project. He wants to know why global warming goes away in the winter.

    Obama’s top speech writer just resigned so that he could start writing comedy. He’s working for CNN now.

    Obama is getting tired of people who say that he doesn’t have a birth certificate. He actually has several.

    • Orangeone

      Have you seen Judge Napalitano? He and Sununu could double-team the libs and they wouldn’t know what hit them.

      • 12grace

        Love it!

        • Orangeone

          Are you on Twitter?  If so, can you Tweet the suggestion to Hannity?  I would even pay to watch this team!!


          • 12grace

            Sorry, I don’t use twitter or face book .

            • Orangeone

              Twitchy moderators, could you pass along this joint suggestion from us to Hannity?  We don’t Tweet!


              • 12grace


  • TaimeAgair

    Sinunu for VP! Better yet-Prez!

  • Payment comes before construction. Contribution comes before distribution. A president and administration that is bought and paid for knows better.

  • TaimeAgair

    Juan has no clue regarding business. Government impedes business with regulation and taxes every step of the way. It’s very hard nowadays to run a business in this country because of government. Businesses, especially small businesses, succeed in spite of the government, not because of it.

  • Freempg

    I still can’t get over how badly a smart guy like Sununu was duped by David Souter.

  • kong1967

    Juan, you’re going overboard kissing Obama’s ass at all costs. You’re supposed to be an analyst, not a bucket carrier.

  • I despise Juan Williams. Perhaps he’s paid to be the utter moron he portrays, then again…

    So I have posted this photo on my FB page to make anyone who’s not seen it laugh aloud and bring stares your way.. LMAO!! ENJOY!!

    • warpmine

      That si about the crux of it!

  • Philo Beddoe

    What’s Juan doing on Fox? He should be at MSNBC

    Sununu is great. He sits there listens, eyes half shut, all of a sudden a major verbal smackdown comes down on Juan’s head.

    We need more cow bells and Sununu

  • I think it’s all phony. You can’t tell me that Juan Williams is this stupid.

    • warpmine

      If that’s the case, he best be getting a pretty penny to act that stupid.

  • I fail to understand how the left think, even when I see and hear it on these videos. Once a subject is started out come the metaphors from the left that have nothing to do with the subject being discussed and they babble on and on with their stories thinking they are discussing a point. The subject gets lost and we hear words light years from the subject.

  • NCHokie02

    I cannot stand people who say that obama cut taxes. If O didn’t sign a bill that lowered the rate of tax below the current rate (also known as Bush tax cuts) then he hasn’t cut taxes. Signing a bill that CONTINUES the CURRENT RATE of taxes is NOT lowering taxes!! They are basically saying they cut taxes only because they didn’t allow them to increase. Just like they do with spending. “Oh we cut $10 billion from the budget!” No, you took $10 billion off of the $30 billion in planned future spending. So now we are spending $20 billion versus 30. There is no cut. Even if they made future spending equal to what it is currently it’s not cutting spending because you’re still spending at the same rate. It’s no different with the taxes. I can’t stand the left.

    • warpmine

      Most here know this but attempting to convey these simple truths to liberals well, that’s a task much like the Panama Canal at the turn of the twentieth.

    • Orangeone

      Juan is in the 1% so why hasn’t he donated all of his book profits to repay the deficit? O’Bambis should do the same with their book sales. I wonder if photo ID is required for Juan’s book signing events….

  • 911Infidel

    The government didn’t create the Personal Computer or the software that runs it. Guys working in their parents garage created that and a huge industry that employs hundreds of thousands of people across the globe. Juan STFU and go back to NPR with the rest of the leftist parrots.

    • Sandra123456

      Exactly. The reason we have had all the advances in innovation that we have had in this country is the potential for making money from the innovations. Freedom is why.

      Without the freedoms we have (including freedom from government), the PC would be something Steve Jobs and the Woz and a few of their friends would still have in their garage to communicate between each other and none of the rest of us would have a PC today.

      • 911Infidel

        Same goes for the airplane and going to the moon. Rocket tech was at one time in the hands of amateur scientists. And what government agency built our roads and communities over the centuries? All that was done by private enterprise. America was founded on private initiative, and sweat equity; something that Obama knows nothing about. Obama was talking about himself. He got help from Ayers parents, his grandparents and a Saudi prince. He’s a spoiled graduate of the Choom gang. He’s the spoiled big mouth in a crowd of Chicago thugs.

  • capelady

    Obama was channeling Elizabeth Warren who said very much the same thing not too long ago… it is the view of the left. It is also the same thinking that caused Hillary’s speech “It Takes a Village to Raise a Child”. (The Israelis discovered that does not work when they tried it on the kibbutzim in the early years when they experimented with socialism.)

    It takes RISK to build a business, beyond the hard work and intelligence… and that is something the left will never understand because their entire ideology is based on the “security” of government control and that concept of security is what draws many people to utopian statism because they are afraid of the risk involved in making your own decisions and being self-reliant!

    And it takes (preferably) two loving parents, a man and a woman, to raise a child properly. When that standard is not met there is an impact that must be overcome, whether it is financial or emotional…. it takes a toll. I was a single mother who raised a teenage son for ten years without the benefit of child support (and I accepted no public assistance though I would have qualified for everything!) so I know quite a bit about that from personal experience!

    I hope that what Obama said is published far and wide (the liberal media will ignore it) because this is very revealing and is something that Americans who may yet vote for him should consider very seriously.

    Yes… we have public services, roads and teachers… but our taxes pay for such things! Those things do not create businesses! Creative ideas, research, a lot of hard work, investment, and willingness to risk create new businesses and God bless the Americans who are willing and able to do it — especially in an environment where our government makes it increasingly difficult with taxes and over-regulation to be successful!!!

  • Sober_Thinking

    Juan has volunteered to appear in the role of the Punching Bag (again). I honestly believe this is nothing more than a paycheck to him. I don’t think he fully believes the garbage he spews – not 100% anyway.

    If I’m wrong… then Juan needs a frontal lobotomy just to make sense again.

    • MaroonRepublic

      Maybe Juan is Hannity’s version of the Washington Generals and Malkin/Sanunu are the Globetrotters? Need a bucket of confetti for him next time.

      • Sober_Thinking

        Lol! Seriously… too funny!

    • Sandra123456

      Yes, Juan is acting to get a huge paycheck to play a liberal on FOX. I think he is one reason some say FOX isn’t fair and balanced because they use some pretend liberals.

      Juan even admits, “But, in general, I don’t know I would define myself as a liberal. I know most of the audience wouldn’t –But obviously, that is my job to be a foil for strong right-wing views.”

  • Stubborn Juan Williams has got to go. Why does Fox waste precious time with an NPR throw away? He is a waste of time with cotton in his overzied ears.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    I can’t believe that Juan Williams would defend Nobama’s stupid statement about small businessmen didn’t build their businesses. Just shows what a freaken liberal Williams is. Here’s an idea…..Trade John Sununu for Juan Williams. I’m so tired of Williams covering for his brother, Nobama, and, to me, that’s all it is. In Williams’ eyes Nobama can’t do any wrong. And I’m so tired of Williams covering for even the smallest thing for Nobama. I’m beginning to believe that Williams is as bas as if not worse than Chris Matthews…and that’s not good in my opinion.

  • dontdrinkthecoolaid

    Juan Williams is hopeless, time to jettison him from Fox.

  • EchoMike

    So Obama says that no one acheived their success on their own (which, I don’t think anyone has ever tried to make that point, that I know of). Not only that, they acheived their success because tax dollars were spent on roads, teachers, and police and firefighters, therefore we need “rich” people to pay more in taxes to pay for these vital govt services.
    1.) Aren’t all of those services paid for with local and state money, not federal tax dollars?
    2.) Since every single dollar the Fed Govt spends is always put to good use on services like these, it leaves me to ask seriously, have we gotten our money’s worth? We’re $15T in DEBT which we keep being told was spent for roads, bridges, teachers, PD/FD, autism, and old people. None of it was wasted, lost, duplicated, or just plain pissed away. The estimated value of the entire highway system is $425B, with $15T spent shouldn’t we have paved the whole dang country by now? For 15T shouldn’t we have a teacher for every houshold, or a cop on every corner?
    3.) How is it fair to demonize a group of citizens to force them to pay for the reckless spending of temporary politicians?

    • Orangeone

      I wish Sununu would make the point that yes there were teachers in schools yet we still have great entreprenuers. Think how great this country would be if the teachers unions were gone, true education and fact was taught and bad teachers were fired while good teachers were retained (seniority retention).

  • Sandra123456

    About roads:

    When I was born there were already roads. The tax dollars of those born before me and businesses and industries went to build them.

    When I got out of school and started working I began to pay tax money and some of that money I am sure went for roads and their repair.

    Later I started my own business. We paid lots of taxes, I am sure some of that money went to build roads our service trucks traveled.

    Government funded none of these roads. Taxpayers did. Businesses taxpayers did. Industrial taxpayers did.

    Government was simply a clearinghouse to amass the tax money and to put the road projects out to bid. It was the work of taxpayers that provided the money that built the roads not government.

    Obama is so wrong in so many ways.

    • toongoon

      You know, I use those same roads to go to work, to go shopping, to take me places to vacation where I can relax for a few days. The roads are part of an infrastructure that are for the use of everyone, paid for by everyone who makes an income. the government only pulls the money out of each taxpayer and pays it out to the builders, usually in more amounts than was necessary anyway.

      Most importantly, those roads and bridges get products to the places that I can easily reach and get whatever I need quickly. Every business wants to have their product in a place where it is available to each consumer. Before the Marxists, it was the governments goal too,

      When the government decides that businesses should not profit from the roads that they helped pay for because they didn’t personally build them, they have to take on the responsibility of keeping those shelves filled. The USSR showed us what happens when a nanny government takes on any role of responsibility, people starve.

      • Nukeman60

        Interesting thing about the infrastructure – Obama says we need to be taxed more to help repair this infrastructure, since it’s decaying away. But why is it decaying away without being repaired? Our taxes have always had a part of them that was supposed to go to roads, bridges, etc. The government decided to use that earmarked money for other liberal projects. That’s why.

        Then came the lottery. That was supposed to help roads and schools, but the government once again took that revenue and spent it on other stuff. And the roads and school systems suffered once again.

        Social Security is ready to collapse for one reason and one reason only. The government took that money earmarked for SS and spent it on, you guessed it, other things and left nothing but IOUs. SS would be solvent today if it’s funds had been left untouched.

        I think I see a trend here. Get the government out of our piggybanks.

        • toongoon

          On July 4th a railroad bridge collapsed in Northbrook, IL while a freight train was going over it. I immediately thought of the promise to repair all of the failing bridges that obama made when he wanted the stimulus, and this year made the same claim for another stimulus.

          Three days after the bridge collapse the clean up crew found the bodies of Burton and Zorine Lindner, who driving under the bridge at the time.

          This is sickening, when there was more than enough money to make the repairs and not one dime of the stimulus is known to have repaired one stupid bridge.

          • Repair just isn’t as sexy as building a new, fully lit, paved, and LANDSCAPED “Park&Ride” lot (with its own traffic light, no less) on a freeway exit, like they put in in Ann Arbor with some of that payol-u-lous money.

            A Park & Ride is supposed to be a gravel lot. Usually gravelled AFTER people began parking there anyway.

    • Orangeone

      And if you live in Minnesota, your taxpayer $$$ built the roads and then you have to pay a toll to drive on these roads you paid for.

  • Before Clinton the Grifter, Bush the Lesser and OBAMA the MAGNIFICENT small business people created most of the jobs, paid most of the taxes, gave the most money to charity, and volunteered the most personal time to good causes… now, we are openly and ignorantly criticized by the President of these most United Soviet States of America as KULAKS! We are being told to shut up, sit down, and be happy we are merely allowed to ride along… meanwhile we are just so grateful to still allowed to struggle along for survival and we damn well better appreciate HIS Majesty’s munificence.

  • Nukeman60

    First of all, about Juan: He was a left-of-center liberal when he was at NPR. He wasn’t wacko liberal enough for them and that is the main reason he was fired (he wouldn’t stop appearing on Fox). As to Hannity, he is a died-in-the-wool Republican. No question about it. But his ratings come first. When Sununu and Williams first appeared together, it was an immediate smash hit (because Sununu handed Juan a new one).

    I believe the combo is now scripted, where Sununu is supposed to hammer Juan and Juan is supposed to be the new ‘Stepin Fetchit’, giving lame liberal talking points. I’m not impressed with the setup and wish they would just argue the facts and not try to snow us with theater. Expect these two to show up together until it doesn’t boost the ratings anymore.

    As to business owners not building their own businesses: The real question is, which came first, the chicken or the egg? It’s successful businesses that provided the tax dollars to build the roads, not the other way around. Even though I think we should hammer Obama for his slipup, since he did go off teleprompter and we need to highlight his stupidity.

    We did not build roads out of thin air and then, lo and behold, create businesses and jobs from those glorious roads. It’s an easy argument and a great opportunity to show Obama for what he really is – a teleprompter puppet (if he realizes he needs to stay on teleprompter, he will be decimated in the debates).

    Any way you look at it, Obama doesn’t seem to realize that the money always comes from the taxpayer, be it individual or business.

    • Exactly: Theater. In fact before I read your comment, I was thinking that Juan Williams and Bob Beckel are like those guys in “Professional Wrestling” who play “bad” guys. They wear black, they distract the ref, and thay make rude comments, just so when the “good” guy wins, the crowd (frequently cardboard) goes nuts.

      • Nukeman60

        You’re absolutely right. On the side, Hannity says Beckel is ‘his friend’ and all the people on ‘The Five’ say Beckel is a nice guy. I have associates who are liberal, but none of my ‘friends’ think the absolute opposite of what I think. That only works in Hollywood and it’s superficial.

        You can’t be a nice guy and still publicly say the crap that Beckel spews. I think Juan would make a decent left-leaning commentator, but his paycheck is too big now and he must tow the line.

    • wodiej

      I don’t care what it is as long as people get the message.

  • anneinarkansas

    Juan is getting about as bad as Prissy Chrissy Matthews.

  • If NObama came out tomorrow and said the sky is really green and not blue. People like Juan and his ilk would be on shows like Hannity defending that insane statement. They are just kool aid drinking moronic Useful (useless) Idiots.

  • stage9

    The fact that anyone can say “I’m going to start a business” in an environment where all indications point to failure or profit loss is INSANE!

    This is a concept radicals just can’t understand.

    Successful businesses are managed by FORECASTING for the future growth of the company! If the future looks bleak, you cut where necessary and save as much as possible to sustain the company in the lean years. If the future looks bright, then you roll the dice and gamble on the hope that growth and investment will pay dividends.

    If I’m a corporation residing in a State or Country being targeted with higher regulations and taxes, which will inevitably affect my profit margin, why in God’s name would I stay? Especially when there are less regulations and lower tax rates in another country or state? The entire POINT OF RUNNING A BUSINESS business is to turn a profit! WHAT other point is there?? No profits, no jobs; and no more company!

    And then you have radicals saying, “Oh, well, you see, businesses don’t care about making jobs, they care about profits and fleeing the country.”


    This is simple economics 101. God, we must STOP electing LIBERALS to office! They are the dumbest creatures on the planet!

  • forgetyoutooo

    Obama the Off Teleprompter President is not the guy elected in 2008. A second term is what this radical presidency was all about. Unleashed on America 2012 is what the Obama campaign should be called.

  • wodiej

    I have a very low tolerance for ignorance and Williams fits the bill. Are they going to keep putting Sununu against Williams until people see what small minded people liberals are?

  • rtilk

    I guess President Obama has lost the battle if you limited to having Juan Williams defend the President and his childish comments about how American entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs didn’t build Apple, that Henry Ford didn’t build Ford Motor, that Papa John didn’t build Papa John Pizza, that Ray Kroc didn’t build McDonald’s, that Bill Gates didn’t build Microsoft. I guess what we are left with is pity and satire of President Obama and his Democrat Party that is leading us and the American economy over a cliff. How sad that Juan Williams has become a shrill for a failing President and his failed agenda.

  • ganshang

  • Tim

    Totally unbiased interview. Not slanted to the right in any way. Fox and MSNBC have finally given us news we can trust to be accurate and unbiased.