Bachmann horrified at MSM politicizing AZ shooting

She said she didn’t even want to go on TV ‘for a long time’ because of how appalling the coverage was by the MSM, that they would ‘completely abandon the truth’ about the Arizona shootings:

(h/t Cubachi)

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  • Conservative Hippie

    I am so sick of O’Reilly’s domineering persona and insensitive, condescending interview tactics. It is getting so hard to watch his show anymore.

    • Anonymous

      No kidding, that’s why I quit watching him. He’s an elitist, he went to the right schools and mingles with the ivory tower folks.

    • Mediaccess

      I’m with you guys on that. And, he is actually helping the left by arming them with his wishy washy rhetoric.

    • Anonymous

      Bill is a lousy interviewer and a pompous, arrogant fool but even I was shocked at how utterly bad he was last night. His Bernie Goldberg interview was embarrassing.

      Michele Bachmann handled herself well as she always does.

  • Anonymous

    I disagree with Michelle Bachmann on one point. She seems to think that some of these people have hurt their credibility. I don’t think they had any to begin with.

    She’s talking like this is the first time they’ve lied and distorted the truth. It’s just the most recent and deplorable example of it.

    She shouldn’t be cowed by their new tone meme, she should continue using terms like bulls eyes, target and regime change.

    • grizzlybarrmomma

      C- I was ready to pin a big “PERFECT” to this one and then move on. But OH NO, here you go again making me think about this from another angle. …”disagree”…”She shouldn’t be cowed”… Well, I thought and now I’ll let you have it.

      Well, well, well this time I respectfully submit you are wrong wrong wrong. 🙂 Smilies are great to soften the blow when truth hits hard. :):):):):):):):):):)

      Here it comes…. Michelle is a LADY and Billy at least asked the questions enough times and in the right way to bring out such a PERFECT response from her. She was dignified in her response, not getting all flipped out like the lefties. She said things that made sense (common sense), were compassionate, and truthful: ’She focused on the way the lefty media treated Gabby…..The media never gave Gabby a SACRED INTERVAL OF TIME…. The media cared less about the truth…’ Michelle made the lefties look like idiots covered in their own feces of lies without getting so much as a speck of dust on herself.

      She’s #1

      Bill, the elite, was clever enough to recognize that men and women are diff. in the way they respond to life.. And C- I think we can come to a neutral ground and say yours is a male perspective and mine is a female one. And finally, C-, I’m right right right. :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

      • Anonymous

        This woman is restrained, refined, classy, gorgeous (from the epidermis to the bone), and is eloquent, articulate, intelligent and for a LADY, HAS BIG BRASS ONES (metaphorically). I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her and have never seen her lose her control, her cool or her class.

        • Conservative Hippie


      • Anonymous

        I agree with you. I forgot that this is her first time weighting in on the subject matter.

        I wish I had heard her tone and compassion for the tragedy from everyone else that day. When we needed a moment to breath, process and mourn what we got was a sucker punch instead. That’s why I have a hard time thinking they have any credit to lose. Really it’s just semantics.

        She is a class act though through and through.

        • Anonymous

          “…some of these people have hurt their credibility. I don’t think they had any to begin with.” (Calln)

          This is a good line sir, as is so many of yours are. I liked it.

          Ain’t Griz a cutie? Diplomatic too 🙂

          • grizzlybarrmomma

            AND RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT :):):):):):):):)
            AND always humble;)

          • Anonymous

            No doubt about it. I’m not at all angry with Rep. Bachmann, I’m in awe of her.

            Griz gets big diplomacy points too 😉 She’s right that Rep. Bachmann handled it perfectly, she balanced compassion and understanding with restraint. That interview was about her friend in the hospital and not about the vultures circling the tragedy.

            If in the future though she changes her wording I will be upset with her. It’ll give credit to a completely false and baseless charge.

            These jack-wagons have been defining us for decades and we’ve let them. We’re finally, finally breaking out of that mold. If we change our tone or our wording we’ll have let them do it again. The fact that we change will be tantamount to accepting responsibility and even worse it’s creeping censorship.

            I can guarantee you if we change our tone or rhetoric what we’ll hear is, “it’s about time we told you how dangerous your hateful rhetoric was. It’s to bad you didn’t listen to us, the Tuscon tragedy could have been avoided all together.”

        • grizzlybarrmomma

          C- I accept your repentant rhetoric…..:):):):):):):)

  • Anonymous

    Bill O’Reilly is a living legend in his own mind. Can’t stand the guy.

    And yeah, the left completely and totally disrespected any sanctity of Congresswoman Gillford and the other victims.

  • JW

    Very smart lady. I can see the potential in her making it up the ladder.

  • Anonymous

    Shut-up already O’Reilly !! These contrarian talking heads are almost as dangerous as David Gregory/Bill Schiefer/Huffington/Matthews et al. Fair and balanced; as long as O’Reilly can continue to gather up tens of millions a year. If this “pinhead” continues to interview with inane and irrelevant interview questions; start selling your News Corp stock….