Beck on the Nation Mag. Editor on Morning Joe

This morning the ultra left Nation magazine editor dug herself in to a deep hole on Morning Joe talking about the Afghanistan war. Beck and crew took a few minutes to enjoy her brilliant ‘lefty logic’ that landed her in a hole of which she couldn’t find a way out.


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  • Anonymous

    I’d like to see Morning Joe retire. It’s funny how he said Sarah Palin’s political run was over but never mentioned his own. If ever a RINO, he is, and he can take his side kick with him.
    She is a troll.

  • DisturbingBehavior

    Ow, ow, ow, ow, my head is throbbing. Is this how aneurysms occur? I just cannot follow this logic. It’s worse than trying to put a square peg in a round hole.
    Perhaps after drinking a gallon of LSD, I might be able to follow it, but I’ll also be driving in a pink elephant and licking my iPod to taste the music. I can only imagine how great the purple fuzzy tasting sounds will smell.

  • Anonymous

    Even on Morning Joe, poor excuse for a good show!

  • Anonymous

    When confronted by truth, by someone they don’t expect it from, the left implodes. The trouble is they’ve actually gotten worse at lying. For so long they got away with blatant lies that no one questioned. Now that those lies are being questioned they’re not sure what to respond with.

    “Uh it’s racism, yeah it’s racism, that’s why were in Afghanistan oh wait no. It’s not the good war anymore that’s over in Iraq now. Our President is a warmon, umm umm well a ahh, a racist oh wait no, it’s the poor, no, it’s the corporatist oh yeah that’s it yep corporatist. How could I forget?”

    • Anonymous

      Absolutely right, the left hasn’t honed its debating skills because they have been so rarely challenged on anything, and it is so difficult to defend the indefensable, but they have perfected their responses with much practice in a few areas, and have many memorable lines: Bush lied, almost everybody died,… Republicans are Nazis,… Republicans want you to die quckly,that’s right die quickly,… What do we want?…When do we want it?…..Republicans and the Tea Party are racists,… Bush hates black people,…let’s not jump to any conclusions,…it’s Glenn Beck’s fault,..whoever did it was probably upset with Obamacare,….we need to tone down the rhetoric,…let’s not jump to any conclusions,…what a great place for a mosque,…don’t worry about the snow, it will melt,…it’s not my baby,… the rich don’t pay enough taxes,…I didn’t do it,…I wasn’t driving,…don’t worry your ballot has already been marked for you,…I’ve had these ballots in my trunk for a few days,oops,…I’ve never heard of Acorn,… it was Turbo Tax’s fault,…we need to invest in our future,…who cares about the constitution?,…are you serious?,…the Shah must go, what could possibly happen?,..Yacht, what Yacht?,…oh that Barney Rubble, what an actor,… paying taxes is patriotic,…we have to spread the wealth,…I think I’ll have an olive sandwich,…what blue dress?,…ah cherish yew,…I was for it, before I was against it,…we have to pass it, so we can find out what is in it,…it’s Sarah Palin’s fault,…where can I get a hunting license?,…we brought the economy back from the brink,…we’re going to focus like a laser,…how do I look in this tank?,…Fanny and Freddie are on solid ground,..stand up Joe so we can see ya, oops,…It’s our Sputnik moment,.NASA’s most important task will now be to make Muslim countries feel better about themselves,….she was a typical white person,…I couldn’t disown him any more than I could disown my own mother,.I wasn’t there when he said that,…utility costs will necessarily skyrocket,…I never had sex with that woman,…go ahead,follow me around,…I was Dupniked,.. I think I Dupniked in my pants,…I didn’t take the $100,000,…doesn’t everybody keep $100,000 cash in their freezer?…We are a nation of cowards,…I hate all them cracker babies,..every bill will be on line for 3 days before it is voted on,…no more earmarks,…we will be the most ethical and open congress in history,…we will clear the swamp;…all you need is an “inhalator” and the doctor cuts your foot off for $30,000,…it depends on what the meaning of the word is, is,…our borders have never been safer,…the system worked,… no Hispanic could ever be a Republican,…call me senator, I’ve worked so hard for it,…the war is lost,…it’s Rush Limbaugh’s fault,..want a cigar,it’s flavored?,….it’s the first time I’ve ever been proud of my country,…it’s freezing, must be global warming,…Joe Biden puts the f in professional,…Gitmo is a recruiting tool for the left, I mean the terrorists,…American soldiers terrorize innocent women and children in the middle of the night,…Afghanistan is,or is it was, the good war,… and of course America was, is and always will be wrong on everything,… oh, and almost forgot the humble observation…” I have a gift Harry.” , and who could ever forget “I am the one that I have been waiting for.” And of course the most important question, anybody want to play golf or basketball or take a vacation? I’ve got nothing but time and plenty of cash.

      • Anonymous

        After years of being beat about the head by insane and incessant allegations of racism, sexism, homophobia and xenophobia; we’ve been forced to hone our positions. We’re well versed in the debate because we’ve been forced to defend ourselves from these insidiously baseless smears.

        Obama along with a majority in both houses ruined just about every single debatable position that the left had. Their savior has turned out to be a mere mortal. A mortal that suffers from the same disease as most politicians except his is a severe case of over promising.

        Obama being 1/2 black has handicapped their ability to use the race card anymore. It doesn’t play like it used to because many Obama voters voted for him out of white guilt. Now those same voters are being called racist. Which has really awaken people to just how fraudulently that term and accusation is used.

        Our opponents are weak and have grown lazy in their efforts. They are now confronted by an alert and intellectually fit opposition. All they have now is the same old same old but that approach drives more rational people to our side because it is finally seen for what it is; a squalid smoke screen for tyranny.

      • All that and I didn’t see a Shirley Sherrod reference…. can you amend it? 🙂

  • destroyer of moonbats

    katrina vanden heuvell is an incompetent fool.

  • Katrina vanden Heuvel, that idiot woman who is mumble bumbling along is a wacko left wing dolt who spews hate for anything to the right of left…
    they hate without knowing why… they just spew it out and if you can stop them and ask them wtf they are saying, they get confused and like she did, mumble bumble around and then try to bamboozle you with idiotic statements in the hope you are so confused by what they meant that you sit there stunned and unable to ask again…wtf are you talking about.