Beck slams Bill Kristol and his ivory tower

This kinda goes along with this post as Beck elaborates even more on the notion that the Republican Party is trying to protect itself from threats like Bachmann and Palin. But shortly after the 3 minute mark, Beck hones in on Bill Kristol ripping him for not doing any research in his ivory tower while criticizing him for his ‘conspiracy caliphate theory’. Beck plays a clip from Dianne Feinstein suggesting that we don’t have a good understanding of Egypt and the Middle East as evidenced by the 2006 elections in Gaza, and then he plays a second clip from two-time Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld stating yesterday that the Muslim Brotherhood wants to establish a caliphate in the Middle East. On top of that Stu even points out that there’s a letter published at the Weekly Standard, Kristol’s own magazine, from the #2 person in Al Qaeda calling for an Islamic Caliphate.

Beck accuses Kristol of being part of the Republican establishment trying to hold on to power by attacking those he fears.

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  • Anonymous

    “It doesn’t get any better than being an American citizen.”

    WHAT! a classic statement.
    I’m guessing a patriotic song soon with that one!

  • Anonymous

    Sic ’em, Glenn.

    The Republican establishment is no different than the Progessives.
    I’ve always had a icky feeling about Kristol and now I’m glad he is getting exposed. He’s not as smart as he thinks he is. I dislike Chris Wallace even more and that whole show of his. They need to get Glenn Beck on that stupid panel to keep them honest. They converse in la-la-land.

    • Anonymous

      The Repub establishment. You are so right. They are RINOs thru and thru. Established in Wash DC and not even relevant any more to the rest of us. Sad to see it. Even my dear Boehner, a man who is not ashamed to show his passion and emotions with tears, with his common person background, is apparently not able to get information that will help us oppose the Muslim threat and instead is bent on showing off his ability to compromise (not principles, I hope) and work with Obummer. I love that we, the Tea Party are shaking them up.

      Billy Kristol has bugged me for months now. I am glad GB called him out. May the rumble continue.

      I can only hope that Boehner or someone will get the notion to search out the new news media so they can become informed of what is going on rather than accept the old general clap-trap.

      • Alex

        F**k da establishment! Am I talking about a right-winger or a lib who says thinks like “down wit da establishment?” It sounds anarchist.

      • Alex

        All this talk about “the establishment doesn’t understand me” makes cons sound like a bratty angsty teenager.

  • Anonymous

    Kristol must be getting his information straight from the Obama regime, who despite focusing like a laser have had 57 different opinions on the situation, which amazingly enough is the exact same number of states in Obama’s America.

  • Johnschaffran

    I think Murdoch needs to open a portion of his “the daily” to true conservative thought. What does anyone think will happen? If that is exposed and this current administration does nothing about it, then get a president that will. BTW the next President is gonna have his/her hands full! I want the truth! I can see what is going on and with all due respect to Glenn that is what I thught when I heard about uprisings in Tunisia, Jordan, Egypt, etc. This is a clear attempt to surround and then attack Israel. Those at the standard need to stand up and tell the truth.

  • Kristol really crapped himself on this one.

    • Anonymous

      Nice way of putting it. Accurate, too!

  • Anonymous

    Good call Beck. Kristol and the other neocons are liberals on foreign policy – they want us to foot the bill for changing the world and making it safe for Democracy. We are broke and can’t afford that game any more. Let’s be a shining city on a hill of prosperity, which the people of other countries seek to emulate, rather than intervening in their affairs and drawing their ire.

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  • Rich

    I really don’t understand what Kristol, Hayes, and others at the Weekly Standard and National Review are angeling for here. Why are they so excited about what is going on Egypt? Why are they so willing to hop on board with this notion that it is a democracy movement? What is in it for them to stick their necks out like that for a movement they know nothing about?

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think they give a rats ass about Egypt. The situation in Egypt is just an excuse for establishment Republicans to rag on Glenn Beck. They are just arrogant enough to think they have some expert knowledge of the Middle East that makes them oh-so-superior to that trailer trash icon Glenn Beck. How dare he think he can opine about world affairs? Why doesn’t he stick to riling up the unwashed masses over Woodrow Wilson and Van Jones like a good little white trash redneck that he is?

      The ironic part about Bill Kristol doing it is that Kristol is considered a leading neo-con. As in a conservative Jew Lover. See, the Left thinks the Christian Right supports Israel because they think the existence of Israel will bring about the Apocalypse. So for Bill Kristol to claim the Muslims really aren’t in cahoots with anybody to bring about a Caliphate sort of makes him the dumbest neo-con since Elliott Abrams.

      • Anonymous

        Boy, Jaynie. You seem to be really up on this stuff! Elliott Abrams? OK. I looked it up. The dufus that didn’t know about the Iran-Contra affair.

      • Alex

        Glenn Beck says things, but he’s not a sacred cow who cannot be criticized any more than BillO.

  • Anonymous

    Kicking some butt.

  • Anonymous

    Those who want to deny Islam’s intentions should be forced to live in places like Egypt or Iran, and NOT in an ivory tower. Attend the Mosque, send their kids to school, and socialize with the neighbors. Muslims want to Islamicize the world; it’s part of their world view.
    To be fair, so do Christians, but the intent is polar opposite. Christians going by Biblical teaching and precedent (not attempting to dominate politically like the Church did in the Dark Ages) want everyone to share in something the Christian God offers. The result, even as it has been in imperfect times under Church political domination, is more individual freedom and willing charity than any other system or religion has ever offered in this world. Respect for Christian values and teachings is what made democracy work in this country.
    Democracy does not work in Islamic countries because Islam, by definition and the teachings of the Koran, does not offer. It demands and subdues.

    Christians are those who follow Christ. (Freedom)
    Muslims are those who submit to Allah. (Tyranny)

    How do you solve an inherently religious problem politically, especially when American politicians want to hide from the fact that the majority of the world is motivated not by political theory (or the western Christian residue that demands individual rights and liberty), but by the implications of their religious beliefs?

    • poptoy1949

      I honestly don’t think that anyone has said this any better anywhere. Plain and simple……There is no such thing as Democracy in Islam. It is time the western World understands this and responds in a reasonable way.

      • Unfortunately, in Islam God is master man is slave-they are martyrs because they kill other human beings made in the image of God because they believe He wants them to. God is a harsh taskmaster.

        In Christianity God is Father and Christians are His sons and daughters. If one becomes a martyr for Christ it is done by laying his or her life down out of love for another and for God and the gospel of Jesus Christ. God is love.

        We are called to love and pray for our enemies and to do good to those that persecute us. America is not the Kingdom of heaven and our work as Christians is the work of the cross. God’s concern is the redemption of men and women from the earth, purchased by the blood of Christ. Our lives belong to Christ and our commission is the great commission. We must continue to help the widows, the orphans and the poor just as Christ asked us do and to let our lives be a witness to the love we have found in His Son.

        • Alex

          Neocons have loved Kristol for the longest time. They should still love Krauthammer.

      • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        “There is no such thing as Democracy in Islam” because there is no truth in Islam. They are all liars and cheats and cannot be trusted. They lie to us and they lie to each other. They are men and women of blood desiring to kill the Truth and all who are believers in the Truth which is Jesus Christ.

  • Anonymous

    This is hot!! sizzling. Thank you, Right Scoopy and GB of course.

  • This is all about OIL prices AND destabilizing the current world order.

    Egypt falling to Islam’s the Muslim Brotherhood will cause the Suez canal to close and oil will hit $110.00 or more a barrel.

    This IS what the obama administration is hoping for.

    “Energy prices will necessarily skyrocket”- Barry Obama-2007

  • Mzhovda

    This may have been recorded before the news broke that West will be the Final Keynote Speaker at CPAC.

    Palin/West 2012

  • KeninMontana

    How much more do people need to see,hear and understand that everything has changed,not recently but a while back. No,I am not talking Alex Jones or George Noori type stuff. What I mean is this, people like Kristol,Krauthammer, and Steele ARE Republicans. Both the Republican and Democratic parties have become nothing more than faded labels,shadows of what they once were. Past icons of both parties (Reagan and JFK for example) would not even stand a chance of getting their perspective parties’ nominations today. Nothing will really change until the stranglehold these two parties have on the electoral process is broken. I don’t have an answer or clue as to what type of “parties” that could viably break their monopoly on power. However it’s high time we found out.

    • Alex

      What’s so bad about Krauthammer? Very intelligent. And Steele is like Palin.

    • Alex

      You sound just like Alex Jones. You know railing against the “establishment” logically concludes with an isolationist stance.

  • Alex

    “Ivory towers” he says. That sounds like class warfare to me. I don’t think the rich and successful should be demonized by either liberals or conservatives.
    “Someone makes more money than me! The horror!”
    I’m surprised because I thought Beck and Kristol saw eye to eye a lot on foreign policy, and Kristol picked Palin himself.
    That said, I don’t like infighting, Beck has enough pull to destroy Kristol so it’s not a fair fight, but Kristol started it.