Beck says ‘thin-skinned’ Huckabee should stay on the sidelines

Mike Huckabee used his radio show to go after Beck for referring to him as a progressive. Huck took offense and lashed out by writing Beck a nasty letter and then by suggesting on his radio show that Beck misrepresented his support of Michelle Obama and her campaign to make kids un-fat. He then accused Beck of being a conspiracy theorist looking for ‘booger bears’ where ever he could find them.

After Beck went through a list of his ‘conspiracies’ that have been proved absolutely true, he went on to give the reasons why he would not be able to vote for a big government progressive like Mike Huckabee for president, complete with audio of Huckabee ‘practically begging’ to raise taxes as governor and more. He ends the segment with this:

Look Mike, I want to point out as a guy who has been in this battle now as well, and has had every gun turned on me from the right and the left, it only gets tougher from here. If, sir, you are this thin-skinned about your politics, it might be best for you to stay on the sidelines – maybe with Michelle Obama and not enter this race. The last thing we need is someone challenging Barack Obama, not as President of United States, but challenging Barack Obama for his title as the most thin-skinned President in American history.

Perhaps Huck should take a cue from Donald Trump and learn how to respond to criticism.

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  • Anonymous

    Beck has begun to take the gloves off. This Nation did not vet Obama (except for Hannity) and since 2009 Beck has exposed the Obama Radicals, Commie’s, and self-centered nutjobs that are determined to divide and conquer. The truth hurts a lot of people, I should sell sand for those that want to deny.
    Beck, West, Palin, Bachmann etc…..keep up the fine work!

    • poljunkie

      I’m with you DD, imagine how much better off our country would be- if some one, ANYONE had done a little bit of investigation on then candidate Obama, rather than just patting him on the back and giving him a pass.

      • Anonymous

        Have you noticed Obama’s new photo’s at his events, much smaller crowds and trick shots as nobody smiles. Poor Air Force One, the next President will have to replace this worn out Campaign aircraft.

        • I’ll never forget that video of Obama addressing a military crowd where everyone in the audience was completely silent & they sat on their hands. Was that before or after his Inauguration?

          Either way, I hope it will be used against him next year.

    • Please don’t forget the Paul family. 🙂

      • Anonymous

        I like the whole team that is exposing Obama, but we do not have a Brady yet. Remember it is still pre-season.

  • poljunkie

    I pretty much agree with everything Glenn said to Huckleberry! In my view, Gov Huckabee should be happy with his show, and call it a day!

    • Anonymous

      Haven’t seen any hard evidence on whether Huck is a Bilderberger (or Booger Bear, for that matter.

      However, he has spoken at the Council on Foreign Relations (Bill Clinton, George Soros & David Rockefeller New World Order organization:

      as well as admitting to having foreign policy advisors who are closely linked to the CFR (Richard Haas is Chairman of CFR):

      Color that Huckleberry in NWO colors.

      • Didn’t a high-ranking CFR member play an essential role in the Huckster’s 2008 Presidential campaign? I believe so, but can’t remember his name….

    • Anonymous

      In 2007 I was upset at Beck because he came against Huckabee, who was my candidate for 2008. Today I am a much embarrassed FORMER Huckabee supporter, who is glad to see how much he has been exposed in the last few years.

      Now the only Big Government piece legislation I could support, would be one that requires Allen West to run for president.

      • Anonymous

        you know what??? I dont believe you were a Huckabee supporter ever…and, you know why??? Because I have never met one person who supported the Governor in 2008 who was not very strongly still in his court…

        • Dana

          Well HELLO stranger, glad to make your acquaintance! My husband and I supported Suckabee in 2007 because we (obviously) didn’t know him and couldn’t/still can’t stand McCain!!! By the grace of God none of the ‘Republican’ candidates won!!! Maybe we will get a Conservative next year!!!

  • JW

    Huck – this was your calling…………..

    • Rlp3rd

      Love Fox and GB . . . I wish they would get Huckabee off the network. Don’t like or trust him, too much politician come across to me. Besides that, it’s the most boring show on TV

      • Anonymous

        Indeed it is a boring and bland show, and I always get a chuckle w/his bass guitar playing w/his band. One of the worst bands ever.

  • wes

    you have so many typos in this post.

  • Anonymous

    That was great. I’m not a huge Beck fan but when he gets it right he really gets it right.

    Here’s my problem with Huckabee: I’m an atheist and one thing I’ve learned since I started really paying attention to politics and candidates over the last few years is that my bs detector is pretty good when it comes to politicians who claim to be religious. They’re a dime a dozen and it’s really not all that hard to see through them. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Huckabee is some kind of “minister”. So are Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Religion is just a tool to them.

    Huckabee doesn’t pass the smell test. He’s about as Christian as I am.

    • Anonymous


      This isn’t an open thread and let’s stay away from the personal attacks. Last warning.

      • So much B.S. in a few sentences,put that in your head,god is man-made.period

    • miket11

      The big difference between Mike Huckabee and the “Reverends” Jackson and Sharpton is that they use the title as a way of suggesting that their views are more moral or godly than those of us who oppose them. They and their supporters in the media never tire of reminding people that they were at one time ministers.

      With Huckabee it’s completely the opposite. He does not parade his former minister status as a credential of moral superiority. It’s usually the liberal media that reminds the public that he is an ordained Baptist minister. They view all Christians as crazy and hope that the reminder will turn more “rational” people (like themselves) against him.

  • Anonymous

    This is GB at his best. Thanks, Glenn!!

    I’m glad Glenn doesn’t let people forget that Huckabee CONSPIRED with John McCain against Mitt Romney during the 2008 primaries. I’m not a huge Romney fan but I absolutely HATE a CHEATER. I voted for Ron Paul in the primaries.

    I could never TRUST Mike Huckabee.

    • Anonymous

      dear, it is Ron Paul who insisted on giving his caucus votes to Huckabee in W.Va. So, if you think anyone cheated it was your guy Paul….

    • Anonymous

      I’ts pretty clear that while Glenn gave an honest review of his record, Huck reacted defensively and resorted to personal attacks similar to the ones hurled by the far left on a daily basis. Shame on you Mike, you so deserved to be put in your place for that.

  • Debby

    Oh, that was sweet!

  • Anonymous

    As an Arkansan who likes and respects Huckabee, I have to side with Beck on this.
    When Huckabee had Michelle on his show we turned the volume off.
    We think her Childhood Obesity game is a sham!
    Certainly, we want our kids to eat right and be healty but not on her advice!
    Or should I have said her ORDERS?
    Beck has been correct in his predictions and Huckabee should take note of that.
    Beck is also correct about being thin-skinned like Obama.
    A politician can’t sustain that behavior.
    Wish they were not at each other but they are and I side with Beck.

  • Anonymous

    Thank You Beck for Showing the Fraud that is Mike Huckabee. The guy is a thin-skinned Progressive. You want a Conservative Fighter with Thick Skin go with Sarah Palin not the Thin Skinned Tax Hiking Huckabee.

    • Philipsvnnh

      Agree! It was so obvious that the Huckster was just staying in the race to help McLame, & push Romney out. Huck is a big govt. progressive, nanny stater.

      This time i’m going with someone who “is in it to win it!” because “we’re here! we’re clear! GET USED TO IT!” Someone that will, “Drill, Baby, Drill”. Someone who takes all the spears & arrows & marches forward with a smile to “the sound of the guns” to take the fight where the battle is!

      Yes, Sarah will win 2012!

  • Anonymous

    Kudos. Huckabee is terrible, a willing accomplice with the Democrats

  • Anonymous

    Although The Huck does occasionally says the right things (I mean, ANYBODY who slams nut-job matthews has some good qualities), fact is he is totally, completely unequivocally UNACCEPTABLE as a presidential candidate.

    The Huck is an ABSOLUTE, GUARANTEED, 100% LOSER if he runs for president. WHY? Just look at his pathetic actions and positions (which, unfortunately, remain largely UNKNOWN):

    1. The Huck’s multiple pardons and releases of convicted rapists and murderers when he was governor. Thanks to Huck, these murderers and rapists were able to kill and rape again.
    2. The Huck’s support for massive TAX INCREASES when he was governor and his total failure to cut a penny of state spending (sounds like a d-crat socialist, doesn’t it?)
    3. The Huck’s SUPPORT for “for the first time in my life I am proud of my country” michelle’s NANNY STATE dementia. (The Huck ALSO wants the government to tell you what to wear, what to eat, what to think, what to drive, what to carry groceries in, what box to check in elections, what to drink, what to do every moment of every day…. just like a lunatic-lefty)
    4. The Huck thinks that Rev. “God Damn America” wright, “You Lie!” hussein’s vile, racist mentor for 20+ years, should not get any focus from conservatives.

    The Huck is one of the MOST PATHETIC choices for president America has ever had (except for “You Lie!” hussein, of course.)

    • Jackyl

      I 100% agree TeaPartyNation and I felt that way before this little squable. Huckabee is a guaranteed loser on any Republican ticket.

  • simple thought

    take the worst republican on the planet and you would still have a better president than obama,,,,,,,,nuff said

    • Dougx

      i agree simple but we don’t want another fake compassionate conservative; we have to break out of this rut somehow

    • AndreaB

      I want a President that will fix the freakin mess NOT just a place holder for the next Liberal that gets elected. Candidates like Mitt and Huck are just Progressives with a small p. I don’t want any more compassionate conservative junk either. I want a straight up Conservative that stands for something and believes this it the greatest country on Earth.

    • Anonymous

      We can’t keep on repeating the same mistakes again and again. Wake up, GWB was a compassionate conservative who introduced Medicare Part D, and is part of the reason for the fiscal troubles our country is in. We need solid conservative principles and real change. Huckabee is a big government progressive – check his record as governor and statements regarding immigration and cap & trade.

      quote from Nancy Pelosi a couple of weeks back:
      “To my Republican friends: take back your party. So that it doesn’t matter so much who wins the election, because we have shared values about the education of our children, the growth of our economy, how we defend our country, our security and civil liberties, how we respect our seniors. Because there are so many things at risk right now — perhaps in another question I’ll go into them, if you want. But the fact is that elections shouldn’t matter as much as they do…But when it comes to a place where there doesn’t seem to be shared values then that can be problematic for the country, as I think you can see right now.”

      – Mike Huckabee as president would make Nancy Pelosi’s vision a reality.

  • The huckster is finished. Palin is the only one who could launch the kind of campaign necessary to defeat obowma. The rest of the GOP field is pathetic. I’ll take the self-made, corruption fighting, mayor, oil and gas regulator, chairman of the alaskan mayor’s league, best selling author, most sought after speaker, and single-most influential political figure in America right now over ANY of the others.

    • Anonymous

      David thank you…..Sarah is the one to do it!

  • bfantc

    Plus, Mike Huckabee sabotaged Mitt Romney over and over in the 2008 primary and assisted in gaving us John McLame as the Republican nominee, which all but handed Barack Obama the election. Maybe he was trying to kiss up to be McCain’s VP candidate. Yeah, he’s a real Christian.

  • That’s nice. I care enough to say this: I don’t care what either of these two men say or think.

    • Kevin D.

      That fact that you’ve posted your opinion clearly belies that fact that you don’t care about what either of them say.

      I don’t care about the Royal Wedding. Do you know how I express that? I don’t talk about the Royal Wedding or feel prompted to comment on Royal Wedding blogs about how little I care.

  • Beck talked about Hackabee’s love of raising taxes and spending money during his tenure as govenor. Also, his release of 1,033 convicts, one of which went on to murder. Hackabee is a RINO. Don’t be fooled.

  • So Beck’s got the gangsta look today. Oh, well. He’s right about Huckabee, though. Huck may be a decent guy & a preacher of the Gospel, & I admire him for that. But POTUS material? Forget it!

  • Anonymous

    Let’s stop talking about someone who never would have been electable in the first place. Glenn needs to move on. Huckabee is not worth the time……..

    Ltc (R) Allen West for 2012 ……..

  • Lol

    WOW I was waiting for the Palin cultists to say that Sarah the thick skinned. LOL… Seriously Palin cultists, you are getting more delusional by the day. You always portray the quitter Palin in total exact opposite of what she really is. The woman responds to any person who criticize her and go in the mud with anyone who say anything negative about her including insignificant reporters and actors but in your mind that is not thin skinned but rather thick skinned.

    • Norman Bates

      Now listen up Lol you dumbass libtard, we who support Sarah Palin have no problem criticizing her believes or political stands. What we won’t put up with are personal attacks, and taking cheap shots at her family, and she will not take it also. did you get that dumbass.

      • Don’t feed the trolls! Why are you feeding the trolls?

        You want to know what pisses off a troll more than anything? Zero replies to his asinine comment when he comes back to check.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Glenn for debunking Huckabee’s excuses! Huck’s coverup for raising taxes because he had too was a big fat lie. He can no longer disguise himself as a small government conservative no matter how much he protests.

  • “The last thing we need is someone challenging Barack Obama, not as President of United States, but challenging Barack Obama for his title as the most thin-skinned President in American history.”

    Sheer poetry.

    Huckleberry is a fraud. He’s about as conservative as John McCain and his goofy daughter.

    • poljunkie

      Huckleberry is a fraud. He’s about as conservative as John McCain and his goofy daughter.”

  • Dorisgoodwin

    Huckabee is a no show with every consertative I know in Alabama.

  • Anonymous

    Scathing…..and oh so accurate. Thanks Glenn. Huck is a fraud. He knows enough about Conservatism to TALK a good game but when it comes to governing, forget it.

  • Jackyl

    Nice to learn that Huckabee is another of the Republican frauds!

    Huckabee, I never really liked you that much, but then I never paid attention to you either. You have always been a bit of a goof and buffoon. You can bet that from now on, you no longer have my respect.

    You have done far, far less to reveal the Marxist / Communist / Anti-colonialist shenanigans of the current administration than has Glenn. Glenn has risked his career to do so! And you attack him! Are you a moron Huckabee?

    Huckabee you are a “Yellow” feeble enabler just like Graham, McCain and the rest of the spoiled childish hippie generation republicans. You attack the one person who is strong enough and brave enough to fight for freedom.

    You are truly a foolish and feeble little man!

  • Anonymous

    Almost everybody I talk to and converse with on the web doesn’t like Huck. Yet he wins many polls. I can’t figure that one out.

    • cschande

      you should get out more

    • Most people are idiots and they listen only to what they see on TV. They care to do no research or reading on their own because they trust their political masters. That is why Beck is going to try to increase his media “empire”. Most people still don’t get it, and he is trying to reach them. Media influence is strong because of the multitude of fronts that convey the same message, and those outlets outside of their control they will try to undermine.

      If you watch Beck’s show for 4/22/01- you will see that he asks why/how the bad guys always get away- no one says it, but Glenn hints at it after the commercial break and implies that the media control and culturing of the population is why they never blame the responsible party.

      That is exactly what is going on and has been going on the past year or two. They are preparing to scapegoat the rich, and have included the Tea Party in that accusation so that when it falls to crap, their enemies are blamed while they run out of the room. Beck is surely a wrench in their machinery, and that is why they are accelerating their agenda- they want it to collapse before the information gets out. Once chaos ensues, there is less rationalization and the peoples’ infighting will insulate them.

      They are using conservatives as a patsy, and Glenn was brilliant in his ‘flash mobs of kindness’ because he is attempting to change opinion on the personal level so that when it hits the fan and those in power try to play the blame game, many people can spread the word that those who are being blamed are not at fault.

  • Jessewaterz810

    Does Glenn Beck do anything besides putting fear into his audience or is that his goal?
    This sort of rhetoric is such a staple of Beck’s shows that one can find at least one example a month from his television and his radio programs. There are a few instances where Beck has suggested violent acts, but his stock and trade is using the threat of violence by progressives against his audience to create a climate of fear. It is the fear that bonds Beck’s viewers to him. They believe that Glenn Beck is helping to keep them safe by telling them things that other media won’t. Much like Charles Manson’s belief in the upcoming race war, Glenn Beck uses the war between progressives and his audience as tool to keep them under his influence.

    Beck can sit there in his everyman costume of jeans and a long sleeve shirt and claim that his show isn’t about hateful rhetoric, but the claim is completely absurd. Warnings of violence and hate against himself and his audience keep his little cult together. As long as Glenn Beck keeps the audience afraid, they will keep on tuning him in, and spending their money on his appearances and books, but don’t be fooled by the blue jeans and long sleeve shirt. Glenn Beck is not everyman. In fact, he has become a very rich man by tapping into the darkest fears of his audience.

    • Anonymous

      Damn………. I hit the “Liked” button by mistake for old Jessewaterz Please disregard, he or she has no fan here.

      Typical progressive/anarchist trying to denigrate Glenn on his incredible success over the past years. Like most libtards, they attack with rehearsed talking points and fictional claims with not a molecule of evidence to back up their poison.

      Whereas Glenn will make a point, and then have several documented resources to back up his point. Something you libtards refuse to do…….

      And one other thing JesseW, you appear to be very jealous of his fame and fortune. Probably because you’ve failed at so many things in your life you would prefer to share in the success of someone else……..

      Like a good socialist

    • Jackyl


      Do you get a thrill up your leg when you get a chance to help to divide the conservative camp!

      Glenn creates fear because it is a season for both fear and for bravery! Before your worms started to “fundamentally” transform America into “Sorosille”, Glenn often talked about run of the mill politics. His show never created fear in anyone. It’s only the fact that your party has become evil and twisted and sadistic that has caused Glenn’s shows to generate fear. The fear he generates in people is justified. You know it! We all know it!

      Your party is attempting to over throw the foundational beliefs of this country! The President himself promised us that!

      You and those in your party are all spoiled little traitors who do not deserve the quality of life you have been blessed to have inherited from those who have sacrificed their lives to give it to you!

      You will not intimidate us and we will never stop defending freedom. You and your worms have been squirming around in the dark of night for 50 years, quietly building a platform upon which you could transform this country.

      Dictators must control the media. Your party controls the media.

      You have a chance to live a free and prosperous life and instead you choose slavery to your government and your neighbor!

      In short, you’re a scourge to your country and a traitor to man kind. When given a choice to rely on yourself for sustenance, you instead choose to steel from the productive like the parasite that you are!

      Nothing will come from your choice to ignore reality except suffering!

      Weather you believe in a Christian God, Allah, Buda, or karma, May you and your party be dammed for the amoral and unjust subversive acts you have been and are perpetrating against your country and your fellow man.

      We are awake now you puke! It may be easy to fight us when we are sleeping, but we are awake now. We see your collectivist forces at work in both parties and WE WILL NOT STAND FOR IT ANYMORE! WE ARE COMING FOR YOU PUNK! WE ARE GUNNING FOR ALL OF YOU REGARDLESS OF PARTY.



    • Anonymous

      “Does Glenn Beck do anything besides putting fear into his audience….”

      Well, now let’s see – he says what millions of people have already been thinking for years. For myself, he has connected the many ‘dots’ (seemingly unrelated incidents) I have wondered about for a few decades. He’s the only one that has ever come close to doing that and HE has connected them all!

  • “After Beck went through a list of his ‘conspiracies’ that have been proved absolutely true…”

    Wait a minute, you mean the prophecy of the coming Marxist Caliphate is already here and the Antichrist has been revealed to be the 12th Imam al Mahdi and the end of days period has begun? I didn’t see that in my Google News Blast. Glenn truly must be a prophet to scoop all the other new outlets. Sure, he’s a Mormon prophet, a denomination considered heretical by a vast majority of Christians, but who knows the ways of God’s message?

    Now, the Imam Mahdi is supposed to destroy tyranny and falsehood, and to bring justice and peace to the world, but he’s faking it so Jesus will arrive to smite him in the nick of time, right? I’m glad Glenn is keeping us updated on that because the lamestream media is more concerned about nonsense things like unemployment, rising gas prices and a coming debt crisis.

    • Anonymous

      John you’re such a fool…….. Glenn has spent months talking about the financial crisis. In fact your post just goes to show all of us that you are one of “media doesn’t matter” little posting doinks… For the past week Glenn has nothing but the economy, unemployment, gas prices and the FED….

      Hey John………….. What’s your lamestream media (so-called news) been covering about the FED lately? I guess all rosey there…… Nothing to see here folks.. Move along……

      So John……….. Can I call you John….. I guess it’s better to be John than a John……….. Why don’t you go back to Soros’ Media Doesn’t Matter and do your homework before coming back here.

      • Sorry, I’m a Libertarian so I wouldn’t follow Media Matters. I used to like Beck until his misguided and confused 8/28 Rally turned him into Benny Hinn. Of course Glenn talks about current news, but he FRAMES it from the Book of Revelations perspective. And that’s why Fox News is letting him go. They do news based on objective facts not faith-based conspiracies. “I have no idea when End of Times are coming, but my next guest is a fundamentalist Christian who’s building a bomb shelter…” Yeah, I know. he’s just asking questions…. Like 9/11 Truthers, Trig Truthers and Grassy Knoll nuts.

        The country IS in for very difficult times, but relying on divination to explain it rather than ‘we brought it on ourselves’ disqualifies him to work on a news channel. Beck brought this on himself. Anyone else notice that he has no high profile names on his shows anymore? It’s because he’s tainted like other conspiracy types (like Alex Jones and Joseph Farah.)

        He either sincerely believes in a literal interpretation of the Bible in which case he needs to move to the Christian Broadcasting Network or cynically he decided he can make more money scary elderly people to buy his Armegeddon videos and survival food.

        • Wait, it’s the 8/28 Restoring Honor rally — with its “be good and moral to all people” theme, its support for the wounded troops and their families, its apolitical nature (as even the mainstream media described it) — that turned you off to Beck? Bullcrap.

          • If you think it’s moral to make money scaring elderly people to buy your videos and premium services based on religious appeals rather than logic, than good luck to you. Police call it “affinity fraud,” in which con artists prey upon people’s willingness to believe members of their same religious or ethnic group. The great thing about End Times scams is if the Rapture doesn’t hit this year you can just keep pushing the final date back year after year until literally the end of time. If Beck really has “no idea when the End Times are coming” why does he continually bring it up? Just asking…

            • Jackyl

              Johny Genius, please! Since you know it all, tell us what to expect over the next few years?

              Will we have inflation, hyper inflation, a full on recovery just like any other, or a depression? Glenn wastes everyones time scaring them so we need great and brilliant leaders like yourself to show us the way.

              Please, since you are so certain that Glenn is “out there”, please bless us with your common sense answers!

              What shoud we do, just chill out and let the socialists take over because everything will just be fine?

              Is that your advice Johny Genius? We must know O great one!

              • Did you even read what I wrote? I doubt it because I wasn’t writing about Beck’s economic predictions. He’s free to do that and if he stuck with facts and not biblical prophesizing he would still have a job. Everyone on Fox News makes economic predictions. The difference is Hannity and O’Reilly and Napolitano don’t talk about a coming recession/depression in religious terms which is a no no for a news organization. Beck can do all the economic doomsday, speaking in tongues, George Soros, Book of Revelations, fruit cellar, Islamic Caliphate mixing he wants but most news organizations will stay far away from him. You know why, the whole reason/faith, objective/subjective thing you probably studied in school. Roger Ailes prefers his hosts stick with that. Nothing wrong with faith, but I don’t make stock picks or other financial decisions based on biblical prophecies, astrology, pentagrams, Nostradamus or tea leaves. I’m weird that way. Just the facts Ma’am…

                • Jackyl

                  Just the facts? Baloney!

                  Glenn does not base his prognostications about the difficult times to come on religion or prophecy. He bases them on factual evidence. You have your facts wrong!

                  You do not watch his show – you let rhetoric drive your though! You would not say such things if you watched his show more.

                  Sure, you watched a few episodes and decided he was too religious for you so you turned him off and started to parrot the negative BS about GB.

                  Glen is religious and he does talk about some of his religious beliefs, but he has never once said that financial crisis is being created by God.

                  You twist multiple topics together and say he does the same. He does not. You are a liar and a fool. Don’t pretend you know what you do not. I am sick of you BS artists.

                  What is your agenda? You have one and sense it.

                  You say he lost his job. Really, how would you know? You can’t know unless you’re in management of FOX? Are you? If not, your saying that Glenn was fired is proof that you live in a world of speculation and gamesmanship! You do not stick with facts; you twist them because you are twisted!

                  To speak poorly of a man like GB shows your disdain for your country or it shows you to be a foolish lemming! He is a great man who has done a great service to his country.

                  He has a right to express his religious viewpoint. You can be an atheist or whatever you are, but why must you hate people who love their religion enough to want to incorporate it into their lives. It is not as though he is trying to kill you because you disagree with his viewpoint. So why must you hate him after he has been so brave! You are a slimy little lizard!

                  If Fox wants to play it safe, that is their right. Perhaps Glenn did not agree with the safe route! Maybe Glenn decided to leave Fox so that he would have more freedom to say what he believed needed to be said.

                  Prove you’re not the dope you seem to be. Write something useful and intelligent you lazy ignorant troll.

                  Don’t parrot liberal spin and BS. Go find a video of Glenn saying God and the bible are predicting the coming financial crisis – I dare you. You want to lie, do so, but I won’t stand by and let you get away with it. YOU ARE A LIAR – PROVE ME WRONG. FIND A VIDEO OF GLENN SAYING GOD AND BIBLE PROPHECY ARE BRINGING THE COMING INFLATIONARY DEPRESSION!

                  Glenn’s not doing that! Gods not doing that! Zero and liberals are doing that!

                  If you’re not a liberal puke, then learn who your friends are and who your enemies are. Don’t be such a royal Dupe!

                • AuntJenny

                  You need to chill out on the religion crap, ok. Put the bible down and let’s look at things in real time, the bible isn’t going to do you any good. One more thing religion should be banned when speaking politics,it doesn’t do any good except divide people for a very stupid reason.

                  You say “To speak poorly of a man like GB shows your disdain for your country” Then if that’s true Glenn Beck is a completely unpatriotic b/c he speaks horribly about a president just b/c he is black.

                  Advice: Keep your religious beliefs and thinking in your house, it has no place in politics!

                • Jackyl

                  Wow Aunt Jenny – You are a truly confused peice of work. My religion.

                  I don’t mention my religion once ever anywhere in this forum you dope. Proove that I do? I dare you. BACK UP YOUR CRAPY LIBERAL BS SPIN WITH FACT. WHERE DO I TELL YOU “MY” RELIGION. I DEFEND THE RIGHT OF OTHERS TO THEIRS INCLUDING YOUR YOU PUKE. YOU LOW LIFE SCUM.

                  Chill out. To hell with you! I won’t chill out when my country is being taken over by dopers like you – you dam hippie!

                  You are a hippie aren’t you auntie – or maybe your 15 years old sitting in your hippie grannies basement smoke grannies bong – just like good old times when you were 10. Go smoke your bong and get more of the wisdom it dumps into your worthless twisted lying body!

                  Glenn speaks poorly of the President because he is black? – really? That’s pure liberal spin. No body cares what color his skin is – we care about the content of his character which happens to be anti-american, anti-colonialist lunacy. He’s trying to destroy our way of life. He said so.

                  You go to ____!

                • AuntJenny

                  Anti-american? The president? Um, if I recall your bud Paul Ryan wants to put an end to Social Security, Medicare, and every other program out there…and no it’s not entitlements, I pay for it and so do you. The only one that is anti american is people like yourself that only care about your kind and resort to name calling when you don’t get your way. You need help sir, please don’t walk, but RUN!

                • Jackyl

                  You are so twisted and brainwashed its hard to fathom. No body is getting rid of social security – that’s only about $5 to $10 trillion in the hole! We can manage $5 to $10 trillion.

                  Medicaid it the problem and so far, all proposals that I have seen insure that older generations get to keep their benefits. Its just younger generations that will have to be self sufficient. Medicaid is $45 to $85 trillion in the red.

                  So Hippie Jenny The Ultimate Doper, tell me how you going to pay for that? You don’t know cause your a dope. That’s not a name Jenny – thats a fact – I am calling you what you are! I see a spade, I call it a spade. I see Jenny the Dope, I call Jenny a Dope!

                  So Jenny the Hippie Dope, you have 150 million working adults – 1/2 don’t pay taxes which leaves 75 million tax paying productive Americans. Do the math Jenny the Doper! You can’t can you.

                  I’ll do it for you Dope! Let’s just say the total bill for social security and medicaid is only $50 trillion. The truth is that its probably more than double that. But let me be nice for your small doper brain so you don’t accuse me of fluffing the numbers. Hand $30 trillion off to the top 10% of the richest Americans (you know the people you love to blame for all of your problems). So $30 trillion goes to 15 million productive rich people.

                  The rest goes to the middle class. That’s a $20,000,000,000,000 bill to 60,000,000 hard working middle class honest Americans. That works out to $2.0 million for each middle class worker in the United States. But the bill is spread out over 50 years. Ok, so amortize it over 50 years at 5 percent per annum. That’s $9,083 per month per worker. Heck, cut it in half again and its still over $4,500 per month!

                  But these are conservative estimates. The real numbers are far higher. And guess what, if inflation causes interest rates to rise so that we have to borrow the money at 10% per annum, the payment is $16,782 per month. That’s pre tax AuntieJenny, the dope smoking hippie scum loser who is destroying our country.

                  Admit it, you have no clue Jenny the Dope. How could you – your just a Dope! And Jenny – That’s the Fact.

                  Go to ____!

                • Jackyl

                  OK – I am a dope because I calculated wrong. $333,000 per worker or $2,794 per worker. But again, that’s extremely conservative. Take $2,794 from the average middle class paycheck to pay for the retirement and healthcare of the baby boomers. We have a problem.

                • Jackyl

                  And before anyone beats up my intential “Back of the Napkin” calculations and tells me how its not spreadsheeted out over decade, etc. I know its not entirely accurate, but it gives you a little bit of a feel for the scale of the problems we face. Inflation makes the problem worse. Loss of world reserve curency status makes it worse again and on and on.

                  Can we deal with the problem? Yes if we face it head on and honestly!

                  Its the stick your head in the sand and pretend it does not exist attitude that will wreak havic.

                • Jackyl

                  Sorry “Havoc” – well Jenny, you can be proud that at least you suceeded in making me angry. People like you have a way of doing that.

                • Persephone

                  There, there.
                  It’s all good, Jackyl.

                  Here…have another steak.
                  Good boy.

                  *gives Jackyl big hug around the neck*

                • Anonymous

                  Hats off to the Jackyl….. Argued much better than I could have managed…… 🙂

                • KeninMontana

                  Spoken like a true Progbot, you hit the trifecta in leftist talking points. So instead of banning open discourse like you would advocate I’ll think I’ll just boot your leftist backside.

                • AuntJennyLives

                  Aunt Jenny says oh no you didn’t!! Missed me missed me now ya got a kiss me…:)

                • Jackyl

                  Oh and one thing I missed. You say “religion should be banned when speaking politics”? My goodness – are you insane! Now your going to be the arbiter of speech. We only get to say what Aunt Jenny says if OK!

                  Why do you live here Jenny? Its a small planet. There are many places on this planet that will limit your speech. Try Russia, Try Iran, Try many many places who would fully meet your criteria for limited rights. Move to a communist country Jenny. Who is stopping you? We can even pass the hat to collect a little extra for your moving costs. I’ll pitch in!

                • Jackyl

                  I am waiting Johny Genius – produce the tapes! Back up your lies and spin with facts!

                  You can’t because you watched Glenns show a few times and then had to leave to go to you “anarchist club” meeting to discuss the BS you would spread in forums like this one.

                  Nice cover – “libertarian” – code word for “anarchist useful idiot”! I’m sure the chosen one love you.

                • Anonymous

                  GB has never said anything about a Marxist Caliphate. You are mixing 2 elements of a much broader picture together in the wrong place (as you do throughout your comments).

                  I heard on ABC radio news yesterday that there is an International Islamic meeting this weekend in the DC area. They said POTUS and SOS were going to attend to assist them in mediating their differences in order to work together to ‘help’ in the unrest in the ME.

                  Sounds to me like THEY are on the path to Caliphate. Hmmmmmmm

        • Anonymous

          You don’t know much about islam do you?

        • Persephone

          You know…there is a lot that I agree with Libertarians on.

          But if our forefathers had been Libertarians, I think we would still be under British rule.

    • You are either not paying attention, or you’re deliberately lying.

      Beck has not said the Caliphate is here. He has shown that there are people trying to make it happen. Furthermore, he hasn’t said that the Mahdi IS the Antichrist; he’s just pointed out that what Revelation says about the Antichrist matches up with what the Twelvers say about the Mahdi. It may be that the Mahdi will never appear, and someone else will have to be the big-A Antichrist. He also has not said anything about the timing of the end of days beyond “I don’t know. No man knows the day or the hour…” What he has said is that the Twelvers believe the Mahdi is in the world now, and that we ought to expect them to act in accordance with that belief.

    • Anonymous

      GB has never said anything about a Marxist Caliphate. You are mixing 2 elements of a much broader picture together in the wrong place (as you do throughout your comments).

      I heard on ABC radio news yesterday that there is an International Islamic meeting this weekend in the DC area. They said POTUS and SOS were going to attend to assist them in mediating their differences in order to work together to ‘help’ in the unrest in the ME.

      Sounds to me like THEY are on the path to Caliphate. Hmmmmmmm

  • Annie

    Tempsts in teapots are tiresome. Move on.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn Beck is a raging “nutcase” and I am proud of Governor Huckabee for defending himself against Beck!! Beck knows the only way he can attract an audience is to say the most outlandish things possible and that’s what he does. He is certainly NOT credible in anything he says. Governor Huckabee was voted one of the 5 best governors in the country, won re-election 2 times and still enjoys a high approval there. He was able to cut welfare in half while Govenor and he balanced the budget every yr. leaving the state with an 800M$ surplus! He worked with a democratic legislature and, yes, he did have to make some compromises in order to do the will of the people who voted him in to office. He was a pragmatic leader, that’s how he was so successful. Isn’t the main thing people have against Obama his theological presidency and how he won’t bend to the will of those who elected him? Governor Huckabee has all the qualities that Ronald Reagan possessed and I’ll bet Beck would have called him a progressive too!!

  • Anonymous

    I remember watching one of Huck’s first shows on FOX. He had on the Hugh progressive Director Oliver Stone to talk about his movie “W”.

    Has anyone watched “W”? I could not get past the first 15 minutes it was so offensive. And, there was Huck telling Mr. Stone he learned many things about President Bush that he did not know. It was at that point, very earlier in his Fox show that I vowed never to watch Huck again.

    Nice guy, but not “The One”. BTW are RS commentators coming out as Huck lovers, or is this thread crawling with Huck trolls?

  • Publius

    Looks like Huckabee is fighting out of his class. I also notice Huckabee read right of the Cass Sunstein script pulling out the old “conspiracy theory” change.

  • One Mad American Mom

    I watched Glenn Beck and blogged on the 912 Project until he dumped on it for no good reason. Since then, I watch/listen to him periodically.

    Personally, I’m SICK of LiberALtarians and would vote for Huck before I would vote for that Moot Bat Ron Paul. I’ll stick to listening to Rush as he is a rock solid Conservative and his own man. Glenn isn’t even a pimple on Rush’s butt.

  • EnglishChapper

    I’m not a Beck fan, style mostly. But I admit, this was artfully nuclear and so beautifully destructive on Gomer Pyle.

  • Persephone

    Uh oh, Glenn.
    Does Chuck Norris know about this little squable?
    Or has Norris figured out what a Rino Huckabee is too?
    Hope so.

  • Bob

    Mike H. wins in a rout…wait a minute!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for this link . Another time when GB is at his best…his bit with his radio team right after the election. Hilarious. Thanks for the link. Worth seeing again and again. We beat the dims bad in 2010, real bad. Yes!

  • Buh bye, (Tax) Hikeabee!

  • Anonymous

    Huckabee is one of them thar compassionate conservatives, like George W. Bush. It’s compassionate to spend tons of other people’s money if he gets to do it. Beck is spot on…we’ve had enough of these liberal’s in conservative clothing.

  • How dare you comment about Obama’s skin.

  • Slowtraincoming

    Anne Coulter likened Huckabee to Jimmy Carter and he didn’t attack her. Hmmmm.

  • Jessewaterz810

    Huckabee responded to Beck with a post on his PAC’s website. And it is a very entertaining response. It does not really pull any punches: And how right Huckabee is, I love this..the party is turning on each other each day they have no hope of winning in 2012 they’re falling apart quickly and I thank Glenn and Trump for it. Thank You Glenn and Trump for not exposing America to a radical POTUS in 2012.

    This week Glenn Beck has taken to his radio show to attack me as a Progressive, which he has said is the same as a “cancer” and a “Nazi.” What did I do that apparently caused him to link me to a fatal disease and a form of government that murdered millions of innocent Jews? I had the audacity—not of hope—but the audacity to give respect to the efforts of First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign to address childhood obesity. I’m no fan of her husband’s policies for sure, but I have appreciated her efforts that Beck misrepresented—either out of ignorance or out of a deliberate attempt to distort them to create yet another “boogey man” hiding in the closet that he and only he can see. The First Lady’s approach is about personal responsibility—not the government literally taking candy from a baby’s mouth. He seems to fancy himself a prophet of sorts for his linking so many people and events together to describe a massive global conspiracy for pretty much everything. Sadly, he seems equally inept at recognizing the obvious fact that children are increasingly obese and that we now see clinical evidence of diseases in children that as recent as 20 years ago were found only in adults, such as Type 2 diabetes. The costs to our nation are staggering in increase health care expenses, but it even effects national security with now 75% of young men between the ages of 17 and 24 are unfit for military service primarily due to obesity! His ridiculous claim that John McCain and I collaborated and conspired in the 2008 campaign is especially laughable. Is he not aware that McCain and I were competitors—not cohorts? Beck needs to stick to conspiracies that can’t be so easily de-bunked by facts. Why Beck has decided to aim his overloaded guns on me is beyond me. But he ought to clean his gun and point it more carefully lest it blow up in his face like it did this time.

    • Jackyl


      Go collect your false disabilty check and foodstamps would ya!

    • Jackyl

      You are so full of crap JesseW!

      Glenn attacked Michelle’s plan because it gives government power to tell people what they can and can not eat. It centralizes power and waters down the checks and balances in our governmental system and replaces them with government bureaucrats. You progressive communists / collectivist / socialist dope smoking dinks are all the same.

      Your side loves that. Ours does not. Glenn and I attack your because you are a human flatulent! You are a lazy, weak, and stupid person. You refuse to face reality as do all good communist comrades. What kind of reject gets brainwashed into thinking concentrated government power is a good thing?

    • Persephone

      Tell Huck to drop it.
      He’s been busted.
      No amount of lame-o sputtering will erase his progressive record…and his sucking up to Hollywood Liberals has turned many of us off a long time ago.

  • Normansbanks777

    Ok, I’m having a hard time on how everyone here believes whatever conspiracy Glenn touts about the Gov’t, this guy has pretty much said the Gov’t is trying to destroy us and you guys believe it. Now maybe he is right maybe he is wrong, but my question is this: If you believe in this type of conspiracy that the Gov’t is out to get us that means a whole lot of people are involved right? So if you believe this then why do you not and cannot even so much think that 9/11 wasn’t an inside job?

    Now I’m not sure if any of you read the full 9/11 commision report, but in the report top officials many of them from the Reagan and Bush adminstration had some harsh things to say about what really happened and how they do not for a second believe the official story. Here are those comments from many SR officials. These people have and still have more inside info than you and I will ever have and what Glenn Beck will ever have. After you read some of these comments ask yourself what does any of these SR officials have to gain by questioning the report? These people worked under your parties administration, they put their job on the line by questioning the report…If their is one thing in this country that needs to be looked into, its not Obama’s birth certificate how about the thousands of people that were killed and from what some Gov’t officials say in the report was b/c of our own Gov’t. We really do have more important issues that need to be in the new besides birth certificates as that is only for political purposes.

    • Jackyl


      It is not that people here are saying that without a doubt there is a 100% chance that some evil plan was played out on 9/11. Rational people are not open to believing wild accusations without facts. There maybe some odd coincidences about 911, but there are no facts.

      On the contrary, Glenn Beck lives in the world of facts and is then smeared by leftists who control the media. It is not as if the stories Glenn talks about are made up. They are based on facts and reason. He does attempt on occasion to connect the dots, but he always forewarns the audience when he is speculating.

      That’s the difference. Glenn is fact and research based. Guys like Alex Jones base their stories on limited emphasis and lots of speculation. 911 has no hard evidence as a conspiracy so why waste time on it. Is it possible? Maybe.

      Has the President of the United States of America promised he would “fundamentally transform America”? Yes. The President tells the American public he is going to do radical things to this country. The president spends more money than any president from the founding of the country through Reagan. The President is raised by communists and abandoned by his parents. The President attends church for 20 years with a preacher that regularly gives America hating sermons. The President has his political career launch by a radical 1960’s lunatic who is unrepentant for his past.

      How much more facts will it take to convince some of you. How dense are some of you. How spoiled are some of you.

      Hitler nearly took over the planet 65 years ago. Communists infiltrated Hollywood in the 1930s and 1940s. Ever ask yourself why communists would be attracted to Hollywood? Why would they concentrate there do you think?

      Why was the Anti-McCarthy movie made a few years ago to demagogue a man who fought communists who were infiltrating our government (that fact was proven by none other than Russian government documents – look it up – do you need more facts than that?).

      Why is it that Cloward and Piven are in so many photos with Washington elites?

      Why the heck is it so darn difficult for some of you to get it!

      How come you can seem to understand the basic difference between factual proof and crazy conspiratorial speculation? Are you really that gullible and easy to manipulate. The collectivists merely have to cry out, “Hey that Glenn Beck is a crazy man!” and you believe them?

      Some of you don’t even watch his show, but jump into the fray anyway as the “Useful Idiots” you are.

      What the heck is wrong with you people? WAKE UP AND DO IT SOON!

      If Hitler could cause the world to go nuts 65 years ago, why is it such a stretch that similar nut jobs could be trying to create a financial crisis now?

      Just because you have never seen it happen in your lifetime and you are lulled into laziness you chose to believe in lies about Glenn being a conspiracy nut and you believe lies that nothing peculiar is going on!

      You sheople fall for the Dot Com bust and get burned! You then immediately all think you are going to be the next Donald Trump in real estate and you get burned! Now you fall for the crap about how inflation is “under control” and you will all get burned because you never check the facts! YOU ARE TOO DAM LAZY AND SPOILED! YOU ARE NIT WITS AND DON’T EVEN KNOW IT.

      Huckabee is a NIT WIT LIKE YOU!

      Thank your lucky stars for Glenn Beck. If we lose this battle, we lose this war. If we lose this war, everyone will lose!

      If that happens, each of you who is too afraid to face reality and too lazy to check your facts will get a chance to prove to yourself that you are each weak, yellow, lazy, stupid, spoiled nanny state dopes!


      • Persephone

        Here here, Jackyl!


        Good boy, Jackyl.
        Good boy!

        *gives Jackyl big hug around the neck*

        *plops down a big steak*

        *gives little ear scratch*

    • Anonymous

      It’s all in their own words, plain as day in your face videos, articles, pictures, and actions. Just open your flipping eyes.

  • Homerun234

    This may backfire on Beck. If he hates Huckabee that will raise Hucks popularity.

  • Progressives are communist ! Period ! West and Bachmann 2012

  • This is why we need to have a Governor as the Republican nominee, so we can see how they have governed, and infer how they will govern as President.

    • Persephone

      Gubernatorial experience would be ideal.
      But I just don’t see one out there that has the Charisma to beat Obama in 2012.
      And we don’t have time to wait for one.

  • I disagree with Beck’s “leave justice to the courts, not the Governor” comment. Gov. Christie commuted Brian Aitken’s sentence. There are some people who deserve justice and don’t receive it in the justice system.

  • Odin147

    Are the independents ready to go where the conservatives want them to go….I don’t think so, not with the media the way it is, that is why if we go too conservative we may loose, unless the economy goes really bad, and obama is more idealogical than he already is and does not mask it.

  • Anonymous

    Ouch. Kick some butt Glenn. Where is Huckabee’s response? Besides the fact I can’t stand the guy, I don’t want a president named Huckabee.

  • KeninMontana

    Huckabee = McCain Redux = Progressive Right milquetoast.

  • Actually, michael savage was on hukabee back in 2007 when he called him ‘huckaphonie’ or ‘huckster’!

  • Anonymous

    Ann Coulter calls Mike Huckabee the only real Liberal Christian in politics. She had his number back in the 2008 election, and last year when she called him out for being liberal he even brought her on his show and interrogated her and tried to get her to take it back, she didn’t. Mike Huckabee is thin skinned and just fine with big government, definitely not someone we want on the republican 2012 ticket, even if he is a nice Christian guy.

  • Anonymous

    You go Glenn! The ever so righteous Pastor Huckabee has never adequately explained away his stint as a “tax and spend “liberal Governor.I believe that to a large extent,Huckabee was responsible for the nomination of John McCain and the election debacle that ensued.If Huckabee had not hoodwinked the evangelical right into blindly following him like sheep,McCain would never have won the South Carolina primary against a split conservative field.Huckabee truly is a huckster,and I hope real conservatives slam him on his liberal record enough to keep him on the sidelines!

  • Dan

    Well I’ve listened to Palin and West for some time now and I can not find anyone else that has been more consistence than these two also Michele Bachmann fits the bill these are my choices Palin/West Bachmann/West
    Sarah has been out there for a long time and taking all the abuse the commie leftist and republacrats can dish out and she is still standing and getting stronger. And she has a record and so does West and Bachmann and I will compare theirs records to the rest of the candidates they win hands down…we don’t need more rinos…

  • howdy99

    So, Glenn, is this why you had to leave Fox? In order to expose some of the real problems we have within the Republican Party? Well I’d like to applaud you, sir. Even though it may be too little / too late what with only 18 months left before the election. Better late than never. But please don’t stop with Huckabee! The GOP and even the Movement Conservatives have done a dismal, almost non-existent job of self-analyzing what went wrong on 11/7/06 and 11/4/08. They’ve chosen to remain in denial. Why? Mostly b/c of the FAILINGS of guys like you, Hannity, Limbaugh, et al. Spending 100% of your time hammering the “wicked Left” and totally ignoring the log that is in our own eye. I encourage you to continue on, sir. Bravo. Help us get our own house clean and in order prior to 2012. Darvin Dowdy

  • Anonymous

    Right on, right on. He shoots, he scores! Huckabee is a progressive just like most of the Republican party. Democrats (way past mere progressive-ism) are communists.

  • Blogagog

    I don’t like boogers either. Every time I find one I immediately pick it.