Beck tells LT Michael Murphy’s story

LT Michael Murphy is having a warship christened in his name on Saturday, the USS Michael Murphy, because of his courage, bravery, and self sacrifice for his Navy Seal brothers in Afghanistan. Beck took a few minutes to tell the story of LT Michael Murphy this morning, how he willingly walked out into a barrage of bullets just to get a signal to call for help for his brothers.

This is a must listen:

I feel like a very very small man in the shadow of a man like LT Michael Murphy. Though I’ve never been in the military, I salute you LT Michael Murphy for being a better man than I’ll ever be.

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  • Cindy08

    “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends” John 15:13

    God Bless You Lt Michael Murphy aka “The Protector”.

    • Great quote Cindy.

    • K~Bob

      The first time I ever saw this verse partially inscribed on a memorial, it was in Melbourne, Australia, at the ANZAC Memorial. I’ll have to tell you visiting that place was akin to seeing the Vietnam Memorial in DC.

      These men who answer the call, even when they know it will mean their very life will be the cost, they are the very heart and soul of a free people.

      And to those who must bear their loss, please accept our deepest sympathies and appreciation.

  • KeninMontana

    Duty, Honor, Commitment above and beyond the call. Salute Sir, rest in honor and peace.

  • Aquaviva

    RIP Lt. Michael Murphy
    Godspeed USS Michael Murphy.

  • Veteran for Freedom

    Rest In Peace for those who paid the ultimate price & may the survivors of all war be at peace with themselves. I know Marcus has had a tough go & his book “Lone Survivor” is quite possibly the best I have ever read. These are our true heros, not those in Washington or the left who propogate when popular, but when not choose to demonize & prosecute these men who are continually subjected to silly Rules of Engagement & second guessed with every move they make. These 4 & the many who went in to save them need our support (morally, financially, politically & physically). God Bless them.

  • I am gripped by sadness, until I realize that this is what he was born for, to protect and lead his men. Pride, Honor, Humility, Grace, Compassion…. Hollywood can never make his life story…. They’d never believe a man like this could REALLY exist.
    Thank you, Lt. Murphy, I will tell my children and their children of you!!!!!

  • Indy

    I would encourage you to read the book “Lone Survivor”, I was already in awe of Seals, but I cannot tell you how much more you learn about the character of these individuals. It’s a fascinating read that will leave you understanding so much more about the challenges we face in Afghanistan. Mostly the story will make you realize how lucky we are to live in a country where citizens like these brave Seals volunteer to serve our country.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Lt. Michael Murphy for your heroic service to our country. I hope we can be the kind of people who deserve your courageous sacrifice. May you rest in peace.

  • Debby

    They are the best of the best!!!

    Thanks Michael Murphy for you honor and sacrifice!

  • Anonymous

    i didn’t get it. The seal team went against their training allowed the man and boy to live. The man and boy did what the seal trainers told the seals they would do turned them in and all but one seal died just like the seal trainers told them it would happen.

    Yes I get that murphy was a true hero in this by sacrificing himself to save his fellow seals.

    But I think Beck missed the moral of the story. compassion has no place on the battlefield when you are fighting people that have no idea what compassion is. I would have rather had ALL the seals come home instead of just the one.

  • Anonymous

    2500 Taliban didn’t seem possible. Here’s the story in Marcus’ words;it was 125 Taliban and Marcus was open that he and two others said not to shoot and he regrets it every day of his life.

    Amazing story. If they had shot they would have gone against the rules of engagement and been prosecuted – wow, that does not seem right.