“You’ve forgotten your place” – Becky Gerritson’s moving testimony on how IRS targeted her Tea Party group

Becky Gerritson gave an amazing testimony this morning, at times with a lump in her throat, and she told the hearing of how her Tea Party group was targeted by the IRS. But even more than that she conveyed a heartfelt sentiment that she is worried that the country she grew up in is slipping away and wants to ensure that doesn’t happen. She also made clear to Congress and the government that they’ve “forgotten their place.”

Watch the full testimony below:

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  • DarrellGriffin

    “You have forgotton your place.”
    Thank you Becky, for saying it to their faces.

    • Conservative_Hippie

      DarrellGriffin She’s a courageous woman!

      • DarrellGriffin

        Indeed. This is what a strong woman looks like.

        • TarheelRepub

          Holy crap, did you see all those racists Tea Partiers?  Yeah, me either!

  • john11111

    nothing will get better, EXCEPT – flat or “new” sales tax. That will put all of those perps out of job.
    RNC, do it now – sales tax is already here!

  • Conservative_Hippie

    Very touching!  She’s a brave American Patriot!  I’m proud of her!

  • 27Words

    Excellent testimony… can’t wait to see MSNBC discount this testimony….

  • anneinarkansas

    She was awesome!
    And then we had to listen to that brain-dead Jim McDermott from Seattle….what an idiot….thank you Paul Ryan for not letting it pass.

    • Amjean

      What a leftie tool he is…and bringing up Gingrich and Bush….I almost started laughing.

  • Amjean

    This woman embodies what American citizens are feeling all over the country.  When I hear her, and others speak out,  it gives me hope that something will be done to turn this country around.  That it is not too late.   Also, this is a great message to send to the world on how a country built on freedom and liberty should work.  What a marvelous woman!

  • stage9

    This was an INCREDIBLE testimony. Thanks for posting this TRS.

  • mcgurn

    Very heart felt speech!  Yes, I think some of the “slow” learners are waking up to what’s happening. Just today we learn of people in husseins administration using secret emails. Think about this. Secret from who??? Yes, from us, the people. What happens to servants or employees who hide things from their employer? Depending on the seriousness they are fired or sent to jail. What corruption that has surface just in the last few months hasn’t happened in scores of years put together. And now they want to jail us if we speak out about the evils of islam? What did they do when Jesus was covered in feces or Mary was soaked in piss? Nothing. They are burying us & doing it very fast. Soon, the jack booted thugs of husseins “private” army will be breaking in doors & taking guns. Fema camps are real folks! I wish we had a leader. I wish we had a plan. And I wish more people would get off their dead asses & speak out. This seems to be happening just as the Bible says it would. And if that’s the case then there’s not a damn thing we can do to stop it. But,we can give it the good fight & die proud. We could do this because it is happening on our watch and it is our reponsbility to give it all we got.

    • American Man

      I know plenty of American Military Men and Women that will stand up to tyranny. if obummer thinks he can skirt the Constitution without a fight, he is sorely mistaken. i have no problem standing for the America i was born and raised in.

  • ernst1776

    A daughter, a mother, a sister, a sister-in-law, a wife, a neighbor, a PTA member.   That’s who this woman is.


    …God Bless you Becky Gerritson and all those you have touched with your words from your heart . Please do not fear TEA PARTY PATRIOTS for the TRUTH shall set us Free.”
    Glory and Praise to our Lord And Saviour Jesus Christ

  • E Lee Zimmerman

    That, ladies and gentlemen, is what patriotism looks like.

  • The Sentinel

    Outrageous that the IRS had the freedom to target and intimidate.
    Emotional truth by Becky Gerritson. I appreciate her bravery and patriotism.
    People involved in this outrage better be found out and prosecuted…

  • The Sentinel

    An excellent picture of what David looks like when facing down the giants.

  • Longiron

    This is great stuff and has to be followed through on BUT the Libs, RINOS, DEM plan is working, Everyone hates the IRS and is a easy target BUT the real targets are slipping away by the distraction of attention. Where is Benghazi, Fast and Furious and the killer Gang of 8 Immigration Bill. All put or falling by the way side and we will be paying the price for most of our life times if tis Immigration gets slid tnrough on the Friday before July 4, 2013. Keep focused hi info voters. Tne politicans cannot be trusted !!!!

  • MiltonBassHayek

    I’ll tell you right now that the people that showed up to your event in the park weren’t democrats- that’s for sure.

    • PicklePlants

      funny you say that, because I attended the first Tea Party gathering in our
      area when the Tea Party wasn’t yet fully formed and barely known. I actually
      remember looking around and hoping that there was a healthy mix of parties and
      ideologies represented, all agreeing on the same premise that the government
      spending was out of control. To this day I think the appeal of that message is
      solid, but the Democrats in power needed to squash the thought of it being a
      valid position, so they started to ostracize the Tea Party and defining the Tea
      Party as a “Radical Republican” group that deserved scorn, not
      praise. This strategy would allow them to continue to expand government by
      effectively aborting any spread of the Tea Party ideals into the base of their
      party and demonizing the thought of supporting limited spending.
      I believe
      that the future success of the Tea Party ideals is linked to removing the stain
      of “radicalism” or “Tea Baggers” from the reputation of the
      group. We need to show how it is “uncool” to give all that power (and
      money) to a central government. We need to counter the negative marketing
      campaign that was effectively wielded against us. The Tea Party can, and should, cross party lines.

  • OliviaHT

    She’s a great speaker, eloquent, and persuasive. She has found, like I have in another area of government overreach, that merely to maintain our Constitutional liberties we must hire an attorney to fight for our rights. This abusive state must be brought to heel; there must be severe justice meted out to these usurpers and their despicable enforcers. Anyone who throws up his hands and declares that we are impotent in the face of this evil regime becomes himself complicit in its tyranny over us — I’m speaking to you, RL, and any others who make their bed in this den of thieves.

  • Laurel A


  • tinkerthinker

    If they don’t prosecute then the American people will know they have lost.

  • Matt2Matt

    The Leftist media is completely ignoring these hearings.  Sickening…

  • PVG

    Standing O for Mrs. Garritson!!!

  • publius69

    she and people like her are exactly what these demonrats and king rat obama fear…unfortunately they succeeded in 2012

  • kong1967

    Tyranny in full swing,  Identify all members of the enemy and target them.  The worst administration ever, along with his communist groupies in the Senate and Congress…..and a multitude of government agencies.

  • Terrill

    God Bless her. I hope this helps to open the eyes of all that voted for Obama in 2012. We must put a stop to the ways of this administration and his followers!

    • FlintMorlan

      Terrill  you like hillary better?   she’s next!

      • Terrill

        FlintMorlan Terrill Hillary would be worse than Oboma (Almost)

  • She did a great job!

    • Years ago, I spoke with the IRS about simply being a nonprofit, but not a 501C3.
      And the person at the IRS was very rude to me, saying that if I wrote against
      any particular group of people on my website, I could not be a nonprofit of any
      type. I knew he was lying.
      became very clear to me, that if the day ever came that money came in, in my
      activism, that I would report the money as self-employed income on a schedule C
      form to the IRS. –Any of the money that I would invest into my activism, would
      not show as profit, and would not be taxed.

  • crosshr

    Great day and great testimony, America take note of the many corrupt, intimidation scandalous attack upon her citizens by these dictator wannabe power trip members of this current admin. 
    This country has been through much, attacked from with in and with out. Thankfully She has managed not only to survive, but even thrive. I hope we’ll keep an open eye incase we fall into the snare of being well protected from many foreign enemies, and can’t protect America from America.
    Let us all SPEAK UP, LOUD that all works of darkness be revealed !  May God Bless the TeaParty folks and all that were wrongfully persecuted

  • charliesargent2u

    The roots of this heinous action runs back to the White House as does Benghazi, the cover up for Fast and Furious and Barack Obama’s ‘enemies list’ as did Richard Milhous Nixon’s enemies list.  Seven members of Nixon’s administration went to jail and he was impeached.  It took two years but we have three years left in the pitiful Obama administration so we have plenty of time.  2014 looks worse and worse for this pathetic group of criminals and it will become curiouser and curiouser before it is all over.

  • clubgitmo

    This government is completely out of control. Again I ask when are Americans not going to take this crap any more? When are we going to stand up and fight and push back?

  • FlintMorlan

    IRS is horrible, teabaggers are worse.

    • Dr. Strangelove

      FlintMorlan Teabaggee, are you?

    • FlintMorlan So you hate homosexuals who engage in a particular sex act then? Got it. You’re an incurious, unread and laughably conformist leftist parrot twit. No, really YOU ARE. Toodle ooh, you tedious  bore. Colonel Neville.

    • KenInMontana

      FlintMorlan Bye trollkin.

  • Dr. Strangelove

    Beck was boring me to tears yesterday so I put on Fox and they were following the hearings live. There was some extremely poignant testimony, including this one which was replayed all day. Unlike other sound bites, I didn’t get tired of this one. I hope this one goes all the way to the top and makes Watergate l like a church picnic in the end.

  • Terrill

    The impeachment of Obama needs to start now. The planned Muslim march on Washington DC on 9-11-13 needs to be stopped now!!

  • GunnyGAlz

    SHE IS MAKING HISTORY! Abolish the IRS, Repeal the 16th Amendment, and IMPEACH OBAMA and his minions.

  • patriot254

    My wife and I where as most Americans, proud, love our Constitution and country but our reality changed in 2007. We saw this unknown but feared big government mentality taking root. Now we are more involved in politics and what our elected officials are or are not doing to save our way of life. Obviously we need to abolish the IRS now before the opportunity passes us by. A Flat Tax I believe is the way to go. Next year we will have a golden opportunity to start voting out all of the dishonest politicians and elect all Conservatives, these are the only people that can be trusted and they use just good old common sense to perform duties. I was a registered Democrat for 44 years and registered Independent 3 years ago. I took a hard look at my party and realized it no longer existed, but was over ran by Liberals, Socialist and yes Communist. America has been through very rough and horrible times, but I feel the God Inspired Patriotism that our founding Fathers experienced will once again flourish in time to save our great country, The USA. May God Bless us all and continue to bless the greatest country there has ever been. If the USA should fail then the world would fail as well.

  • Terrill

    Great comment Patriot254 could not have said it better muyself. God bless you and your family!!