Betsy McCaughey: Obamacare was designed to push many people into Medicaid…because it’s a single payer system

I was reminded of this interview when I saw this tweet by Daniel Horowitz:

Betsy McCaughey would agree, as she was on with Megyn Kelly last night to discuss the fact that Obamacare was designed to push people into Medicaid. Why? Because is a single payer system and that’s what they believe in, McCaughey said.


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  • clockwindingdown

    Great interview which makes a lot of sense and explains what is going on!

    This system of bocare is set up to destroy state sovereignty, bankrupt the states and force federal intervention. Only after the states are willing to relinquish control will the feds step in.

    Oh what a tangle web is weaved…

  • d1comment

    This lady knows ObamaCare better than anyone in Dear Leader’s administration. Somebody in the GOP should utilize her knowledge…if they truly oppose it.

    • imatellau


  • PNWShan

    I wonder how close “Zeke” Immanuel is to 65. When he hits 65, is he going to stop going to the doctor?

    • imatellau

      Oh, heck no! Him and his soulless ilk will never just lay down and die. They are the protected class. It is you, it is I, it is our loved ones that will be at the MERCY of union thugs!

      • PNWShan

        I was explaining to someone about life in the USSR this week and I was talking about lack of choices in everything. I started to say there was one brand of toilet paper, but then I remembered, no, there were two: one for the Party elite and one for everyone else.

    • clockwindingdown

      Megan should of let Betsy interview immanuel… Now that would have been interesting!

  • TryAgain

    This is what they dems wanted….When Obama did executive order to ignore income check…they wanted everyone to pick this plan. So they could say “See the government can do better” to get us to single payer.

    I’m waiting for Obama to do another order to ignore it…was thier plan all along…get on goverment…ya its free so pick it.

  • Mike H1776

    isn’t it curious that now that the baby boomers, who have been paying their taxes their whole lives and finally reached the age to reap what they have been paying for, for all those years, Now they want to take away those benefits and want them to just go away and DIE.

    • clockwindingdown

      Wouldn’t look at IRA’s or pensions to closely if dems stay in control, those will get pulled too!

      • OneThinDime

        There are plenty of Republicans drooling over the pension & 401k accounts too.

    • StinkTube_BinGooed

      Hmmmm, kind of like what tens of millions of to be parents said when they found out they were pregnant and told those aborted babies to just go away and DIE. I bet there are a lot of nervous people out there entering into old age just wishing they had given birth to their children. Forty years now, abortions stench has been upon our land and the repercussions are coming home to roost. Liberalism, twisted coming and twisted going.

      • giveususfree

        I survived Roe vs Wade.

  • imatellau

    Slavery…. It’s what’s for dinner…. Come Getcha some.

  • arbitrage789

    If Obama had simply passed a law giving the states the option of expanding medicaid, there wouldn’t have been nearly the opposition that we’ve seen.

    • Scott

      They tried,The Supreme Court said it was unconstitutional !

  • Yazz55

    Starting to get to the core of obamacare. Single payer – Its always what it was all about from inception. Also, explains the death panels reason to exist. As it rolls itself out, it appears that medicaid IS the single payer system.
    Soooooo, the website for obamacare IS really working just as it was supposed to. No glitches there. The obamessiah regime doesn’t really want these exotic exchanges to exist, as it would still have some element of a private healthcare system. Its only a distraction from whats really in store for the USA. Its just a lead in for the 100% government controlled single payer system.

    …Just another day in the obamessiah’s fundamentally changing of the USA.

  • Another reason the government likes Medicaid is because they then get to seize any assets once you die to pay the government back. It’s not a free ride. And when my mother went into a rehab nursing home, they tried to get her to sign up for medicaid. She was only there a few weeks and did not do so (they seemed really surprised to find someone who had the means to pay for her treatment.)

    People can be cash poor, but own other assets and the government is only too happy to seize them from their family when they die. Perfectly in line with the communist thinking on keep families from gaining wealth through passing on an inheritance. People who have money have power and the government wants to keep those to a minimum by any means necessary.

    • $2180674

      State Medicaid programs must recover certain Medicaid benefits paid on
      behalf of a Medicaid enrollee. For individuals age 55 or older, states
      are required to seek recovery of payments from the individual’s estate
      for nursing facility services, home and community-based services, and
      related hospital and prescription drug services. States have the option
      to recover payments for all other Medicaid services provided to these
      individuals, except Medicare cost-sharing paid on behalf of Medicare
      Savings Program beneficiaries.

      If a person works all their life and owns a house, when they die the government will take any money from their estate to pay back any medicaid benefits paid out.

      People that never worked a day in their life living off welfare, food stamps, and subsidized housing pay nothing.

      • It’s more than just housing…their forms ask all kinds of questions about what assets you have. Of course, the leeches living off this system won’t pay anything because they don’t have anything. But it seems there are no longer limits to signing people up to medicaid. It would be advantageous to sign up people who have assets to seize. And I wonder how many seniors, who perhaps are not as mentally agile as they used to be, sign up for this unknowingly.

        • OneThinDime

          Wait until people start dying under Obamacare and find the death tax increased to 55%.

  • sallyjohanna

    Dr. McCaughey is my heroine and a National treasure. She has gone beyond the call and duty to try and inform the people of the facts on Obamacare. GOP Congressional Representatives should have ask her to come to the Capitol and help them brainstorm…they are woefully misinformed and all have different versions of facts and truths about Obamacare. She could have gotten them all on the same and right page!

  • Imagine that . . . never saw that one coming

  • notsofastthere

    Betsy McCaughey is doing the job congress refuses to do. She read the bill, she understands the bill, and is giving specifics in the bill. Betsy also knows the ultimate goal of the bill. Don’t ever forget that John Roberts also sold out this country.

  • physicsnut

    Well, Here it is Sunday Morning
    The NY TIMES says
    that we need INFLATION to … get ready for it …
    to Lift The Economy and Create JOBS
    well – how about that.
    I thought Obamacare was supposed to “create jobs”
    Looks like a snowjob to me.

    There is a character who says I don’t understand how
    insurance works – “the whole point is paying for coverage that you don’t need.”
    Sounds like Sandra Fluke in disguise.
    Sounds more like a TAX to me.

    And then the NY TImes endorses DeBlasio.
    Welcome to Nicaragua, Welcome to Cuba …..

  • kong1967

    I don’t think Democrats care. They want people dependent on government and they want to overload the insurance industry so they go under. Why put up the competing government plans on the exchanges? To make the prices too low for the private market to compete with. Government takes over the whole industry.

    Socialist bastards have ruined what our founding fathers built. We are no longer a free nation.

    • And yet, as you know, the old guard, permanent fixtures in the Republican party, not only denounce the newer Conservatives up and coming guard, they are seriously considering trying to “primary” them!

      Here’s a short story about Hatch from Utah talking about looking for a primary challenger to Mike Lee!

      These entrenched vampires need multiple political stakes pushed through their chests, and twisted. Their plan is to be more like democrats in order to “defeat” them. Seems rational to Rove, McCain, and McConell types. Seems horribly counterintuitive to me.

      Did we try to become more like Japan and Germany to defeat them? No, we maintained, kicked the ever-creepin’ crap out of them, and they spent the next few generations trying to become like us.

      These GOP stalagmites, need to be chiseled from the House and Senate chambers and relegated to a limestone cave somewhere. The drip, drip, drip of defeat we’ve seen from them, needs to end.

      • kong1967

        “The tactics were not the right tactics. It takes experience sometimes to make sure you can use the right tactics,” — Hatch

        He’s on his 7th term. His “experience” isn’t stopping the rabid socialism, government expansion, or government power grabs. He’s been in there too long and plays along to get along.

        If we want socialism we don’t need to vote Democrat. Just vote GOP establishment. Time for them to go so we can stop the rapid growth and power of the federal government.

        • There were so many cringe-worthy quotes in that piece. It also linked to a longer piece with even more, so I changed my above link to that one. Strap on a barf-bag and check it if you haven’t already.

          I have two words for these history bereft fools:

          1). Neville
          2). Chamberlain

          • kong1967

            Holy smokes! Breitbart gets a ton of readers. One guy had over 500 likes for his comment, and that was only a couple comments down.

        • deTocqueville1

          Experienced cronyism, nothing quite like it.

          • kong1967

            Lol, right on.

      • deTocqueville1

        Palin and Levin made a huge mistake supporting this old fraud, as levin has acknowledged several times.

        • CalCoolidge

          They wander back to the right in time of the election. I’ll never forget Hatch walking, then appointee, Justice Ginsburg around to the talk shows saying, yeah she’s liberal, but she follows the Constitution. And how he was going to vote to confirm. There is nothing Hatch could do to redeem himself with me after that.

      • JohnCraven

        Rshill7, I’ve come to believe that the strategy of “primarying” the Big Whigs of the GOP who undermine everything conservatives stand for has become a “lose-lose” endeavor.

        While it worked in the 2010 primaries, it has ultimately come to fail us because after the primaries were over and the TEA Party candidates won, their grassroots supporters were basically tapped out of money and that’s when the Big Whigs came in and financed the campaigns of those TEA Partiers who defeated their candidates and afterwards the Big Whigs basically owned them and we’ve seen how that has played out time and again with many of the 2010 TEA Party candidates becoming mute under pressure from Speaker of the House Boner and other Big Whigs. One of the few who did not is Sen. Ted Cruz but he was able to have a grassroots campaign that stayed with him till the end while many others were not able to hold onto their contributors as Ted Cruz did.

        I think from now on we should “general election” the Big Whigs in the GOP who have inflicted us with ObamaCare and are now trying to inflict us with amnesty by mounting a conservative campaign as either an independent candidate or as a conservative alternative party candidate much as what happened in 2000 when Pat Buchanan challenged both Bush and Gore by means of a third party. Buchanan’s challenge actually cost Gore votes in Florida and not Bush and that made Bush president.
        We should do the same from now on in all elections for Congress, either in the Senate or the House for the totalitarian Marxist democrats and the Big Whigs of the GOP.

        I truly think it will be the totalitatian Marxist democrats who would lose with such a strategy because the Big Whig GOP candidates would have to run more conservative to fend off such a challenge in the general election and the democrats could not since they own totalitarian communism lock, stock and barrel and would not be able to run to the right at all.

        That’s my view.

        John Craven
        New Orleans

  • kong1967

    The focus of Megyn’s show has been fantastic. The guests, everything. I’d hate to tell the naysayers that say she’s going to bomb, but she is really doing a great job for our fight.

    • deTocqueville1

      I agree with the exception that she interjects too much. She is so intent on her little agenda that instead of being able to follow an important thread of thought brought up by her guests, she interjects sometimes leaving the important issue hanging.

      • No_BlahBlah

        that and her default comfort zone is progressive.

        So far though she has been as scrupulously unbiased as a person could be.

  • Jose

    wish Betsy would run for Senate or Congress in NY

    • TomHagan

      Betsy once held statewide office in NY as a Republican. She was extremely unpopular, and known to be loose with the truth. The NY Republican establishment could not stomach her anymore, and washed their hands of her. Only Fox news will give her a hearing now..

      She sank Hillarycare with an erudite article that was later proven to be an elaborate, non-obvious lie.

      Liars don’t stop lying. After all, even after proven to be liars, they can always be hired by Fox News.

      • JohnCraven

        What has she said about ObamaCare that’s proven to be a lie?

        People are signing up for Medicaid not the insurance policies that ObamaCare supposedly affords them just like she predicted.

        None of us, that I’m aware of, know anything about what happened in New York when she was the Lt. Governor, but we can see with our own eyes that ObamaCare is destroying our nation, not Dr. Betsey McCaughey.

        John Craven
        New Orleans

      • sallyjohanna

        Dr. McCaughey was Lt Governor of NY, she served with Governor Pataki.

        We know New Yorker’s prefer the pervert Weiner. A candidate more NY’s speed.

        Thank God, Dr. McCaughey stopped Hillary Care…and Thank God she is getting the truth out there about Obamacare!

  • deTocqueville1

    Betsy is brilliant and knows this disastrous law inside out. I have heard her on with Levin several times and she gets the intent and design.

    • giveususfree

      She even does occasional telephone interviews with our small local talk radio station here in a city of a mere 42,000. She is really, really good…..good on the Constitution, too. How did New York ever smarten up enough to have someone like her as their Lt Gov, how did they ever let a non Left-winger slip through.

  • colliemum

    “Shift resources from the elderly to Medicaid” – it’s not just about getting to their single-payer system, it’s also about slowly but surely getting rid of the elderly.

    This is something which in various ways you can see across the Western world.
    Here in the UK, ‘green’ energy policies and ‘green’ taxes on energy bills affect the elderly, on restricted incomes, more than any other group. For them, it has become a question of ‘eat – or heat’.
    And if, in our oh-so-great single payer system, a.k.a NHS, you are elderly and ill, you are put on the Liverpool Care Pathway, where you’re ‘cared’ for to death. Hospitals are even getting financial incentives from the government (our taxes!) to put as many elderly as possible on that pathway.
    After all, as the Tory minister for Housing said the other day, it’s the elderly who are to blame for the housing crisis, by living too long and sitting in their own homes, which they want their children to inherit. How dare they!

    So this shift should not surprise anyone, it is in tune with socialist thinking.
    Also, be aware that people who can get something for nothing will take advantage of that. Suddenly, they won’t be capable of paying for their own bandaids and aspirin tablets – they need the doctor to give them these for free.
    So who’ll pay?
    You will – through your taxes … and if you’re looking after yourself and try and pay for your own healthcare, you must be some horrible greedy capitalist who loves dancing on the bones of the poor …

    • JohnCraven

      colliemum, I deeply appreciate you posting this. I couldn’t agree with you more about the end result of this evil ObamaCare. It is heading in the same direction as your “healthcare” system which in my view is simply taken right out of the annals of NAZI Germany.

      I think and have thought for a long time that Dr. Betsey McCaughey is a brilliant doctor and public servant who sees through the genocidal machinations of Nero Obama’s point man on this evil legislation, Zeke Emmanuel, the Dr. Mengele of our age.

      Can you say whether in Great Britain is there anything like an underground railroad of doctors and nurses who care for the elderly outside of the NHS? Say, like through religious congregations like Mother Theresa’s Daughters of Charity like they do in India?

      Pray for us colliemum, pray for us! Here in Louisiana, Governor Bobby Jindal never did set up one of these state exchanges for the very reasons which Dr. Betsey McCaughey gave.

      John Craven
      New Orleans

      • colliemum

        Am praying for you and your beautiful country ever day, John.

        No, after so many decades, there’s nothing like an ‘underground railroad’ of doctors and nurses.
        There are some care homes for the elderly run by religious organisations, but they are few. There’s simply too much government interference, because government does pay for basic care for the poor: that’s those who’ve been on welfare payments all their lives, never working but leeching on the rest of us.
        What is even worse is that those elderly who have saved, who were frugal and own their house outright have to pay for their care themselves, selling their home which they were going to leave for their children – and they only get the same basic care as those who have never contributed.
        It is a huge mess, and while the government interferes and demands ‘standards’ which are costly for private and religious providers, those with government contracts can do what they like, and some treat the elderly abominably.
        But then, the whole cultural attitude towards the elderly has become so bad now that the young simply want us all gone a.s.a.p. so they can keep their indulgent lifestyle … or so they think …

        • JohnCraven

          Deeply appreciate your prayers, colliemum, we certainly need them. These are some of our darkest days but our world has seen darker ones and we will get through these with the grace and help of God.

          Which brings me to something you might really be fascinated with. If you go to the EWTN website and click on the Television button at the top and go to “Live shows” and click on World Over it will bring you to the most recent show which featured Lord David Alton AND Lord Nicholas Windsor, one of the royals, who married a Catholic girl and converted to Catholicism himself and they were on to discuss The Christian Heritage Centre at Stonyhurst, which I think is in Yorkshire England. It was a great show and they brought with them the cross of St. Sir Thomas More and other great and rare relics from Western Christianity. It was an excellent show.

          John Craven
          New Orleans

  • clubgitmo

    We are headed for an economic disaster.

  • sonofliberty

    read betsy book “beating obamacare” a lot of easy to read info,stats and breaks it down.

  • Grumpa37

    Does someone way up in our federal executive branch believe that most health care professionals will eagerly go all in to medicaid? They hate it with all their heads and all their hearts! New Zealand may get a welcome flood of doctors, nurses, radiologists (for whom I have special respect), and rest of our whole health care industry. Obie may be unbelievably stupid or (my theory) crazy, but not *all* liberals have either of those deficiencies. Are all of them hoping to be the tiger’s last meal?

  • NJK

    John Roberts has made a royal ass of himself. What a chump. Is his mother alive, and are they taking money from her, I wonder? How about Paul Ryan, who’s recently sided with the left on allowing criminals who’ve crossed the border, to receive a welcome wagon package that includes citizenship? Ugh.

  • NJK

    I think she’s the only one who’s read it. No one can challenge her, because she knows all about it. She should run for President. I like her.