Biden: We could do so much more if Republicans would just get out of the way

Biden’s not interested in compromise or working with Republicans, he just wants them to get out of the way:

Something I didn’t catch when listening to Biden on his General Motors riff was that Biden still thinks he’s in the 20th century (h/t Weekly Standard):

About right.

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  • G_unitttt

    yea, because that is how gov’t is supposed to work….one party politics, like they have in russia. it works so well

    • marketcomp

      G, Biden doesn’t even know where he is half, most, of the time so he may really think we should have one party rule.

  • Joe

    ALL HAIL to the KING of IDIOTS!

    Put him back in the crate!

    Do you realize this is one STUPID remark daily?

    • steprock

      What about the people in the audience applauding?

      Yah, be careful vat you vish for, Comrades.

    • warpmine

      Now you understand why he plagiarized. Ye, he’s that ignorant.

  • MiketheMarine

    And thus begins the mass relocation to re-education camps. This is how it starts……

    • freenca

      Would this person say to a crowd of jews that, “they will put you back in the ovens” This makes me so disappointed in the “powers that be” to make such statements, this is anathema to US, you and I, that
      discounts everything we have commended and fought so hard for!!!

    • Jay

      That’s how I’ve been signing my emails to my freinds since 0 got elected: “See you in the reeducation camp!”

  • johnos2112

    This country will rebound once we get you Mr. Biden out of the way!

  • Joe

    Joe PLUGS mentioned loan modifications

    The plan was an absolute FAILURE

    I am trying to researchthe number, but I think it was a few thousand at the most

    Anybody know?

  • This GM claim is totally bogus. GM is again behind Toyota. But GM was only ahead of Toyota for a bit because Toyota was wiped out by a Tsunami. The biggest one in Japan in hundreds of years.

    But for a long time way back in the 20th century they were number 1. Does Joe have Alzheimer’s.

    • las1

      Worse… I think he was born that way.

  • joyfulgiver

    Maybe the problem is that Joe is asleep at the wheel and stuck in the 20th century. That pretty much explains it, my gosh, HOW did we get here?

  • Nukeman60

    We could do so much more if they would just get out of the way, these Republicans‘ – Biden

    Yeah, and I could make so much more money if those bank guards would just get out of the way, too.

    GM a success? Hmmm…

    They’ve slowed our progress, but they have not stopped it‘ – Biden

    Not yet we haven’t, not yet. But soon, very soon. Do you hear the footsteps?

    • PhillyCon

      Yes, we have slowed their “progress” meaning they can’t just “deem” bills and have a filbuster proof Senate.

      Gosh, checks and balances sure does suck./

      • steprock

        Nail on head!

        It’s called balance and compromise. “We could have this US Constitution written already if those Northerners would just get out of the way.”

        Good idea.

      • NYGino

        So does the Bill of Rights, if you ask a liberal.

  • anneinarkansas

    Hairplugs gets dimmer by the day…too bad he is so loud about it!
    Can hardly wait to see him debate Paul Ryan.
    That will be quite a show.

  • Biden reminds me of a quote Al Bundy’s daughter made: “If you are going to lose, lose big” – Biden you are really losing big.

  • NYGino

    Some thoughts on Biden’s rant:

    The GM bailout has, so far, cost the American taxpayers 35 billion dollars.

    The government still owns apx 25% of the company, whose stocks have continued to plummet.

    It is very doubtful GM will ever pay back the stimulus money.

    Automakers count their sales when the cars are delivered to a dealer, not when they are sold to an actual consumer and so GM is loading up dealers with cars that are not selling to make the manufacturers sales figures look good. Meanwhile the dealers are crying foul and protesting the overstocked position the administration has put them in. Dealers pay interest of the loans secured to pay for these cars.

    Anybody buying Chevy Volts? No.

    As far as the Democrats being able to part the seas if it weren’t for Republicans being in the way, well they had two full years of majority in both houses and the White House and what did they accomplish?

    • steprock

      Darned straight. Two years of EXACTLY what he wanted and they still had to cheat and connive to get the health care bill passed.

  • Im_Rick_James

    That’s exactly what we sent them there to do in 2010, Simple Joe…

  • NYGino

    Guess it was the Republican who prevented you from executing your duties and coming up with a budget. Oh, and what’s that stack of bills, passed by the house piling up on Dirty Harry’s desk that won’t ever be voted on in the Senate? Did you forget about them?

  • 12grace

    Oh yes, if the Republicans were not in the way, biden and the obama minions could have installed a complete dictatorship.

    This is the kind of dangerous nonsense we get from biden and the obama regime.
    Eric Holder: Racial Preferences Needed for National Security

  • Yes, things for the Democrats would be so much simpler in a one party Socialist state. Those Tea Partiers would be all off in reeducation camps. The Republican politicians would be all locked up in prisons “in the interests of national security” Elections would be a thing of the past as would Congress – After all NObama has been ignoring Congress since the beginning, why not just get rid of it and rule by diktat. This is, I believe NObama’s and Hairplugs dream! – Our NIGHTMARE! And if NObama IS reelected, it might well come true! (major shudders) Vote for Romney/Ryan and do your part to make NObama a One term failure!

    • steprock

      Like I said above, what about the people applauding this? Do they even know what it is they are saying? What would the USA be like if Joe got what he wanted and they’re all clapping for?

      • Libtard sheeple will applaud anything Hairplugs/NObama says because they are simple drones with no minds of their own and think “critical thinking” is the name of a new movie.

  • PhillyCon

    Errrrr, didn’t they just have that for two years? Geez, these Dims are slow.

  • steprock

    It’s called a 2 party system. Will you Democrats “just get out of the way” for Mitt Romney? No, I don’t think so.

    And, by the way, wasn’t it Republican GW Bush who started the auto bailouts? Someone refresh my memory here.

    PS, we Conservatives didn’t like that move either.

  • jackl92

    Please keep Slow Joe on the ticket.

  • PhillyCon

    Oh, also Pelosi said something similar a few months ago.

  • 911Infidel

    Lets see Crazy Joey can’t spell the word Job, he doesn’t even know what state he’s in half the time. And he works for a guy who thinks that there are 57 US states. These two clowns are the product of poor genetics and academic malfeasance. Only a complete dumba$$ could vote for these two imbeciles.

  • JoeMontana16

    It would be awesome to have a wind up Biden doll. At the most inopportune time just pull the string and see what the hell happens.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Yeah, Joe-Joe, I’m sure a lot of people had to modify their mortgages thanks to your boss’ ineptness….their mortgages are now probably zero because they lost their homes!!!! Plus this country is now $16T in debt…thanks for that!!! My six-year old grandson will be paying that off forever, and I HATE that more than I can describe. Yet, you blame the Republicans for all the woes of this country. Wake up, Joe-Joe……..awww, never mind you wouldn’t do any better if you were wide awake, instead of being in that permanent dazed state of yours!!!!

  • Aren’t the Democrats always squawcking about the need for “bipartisanship” in Congress to get things done? Obama was never, ever, interested in anything the Republicans had to say since day 1 of his administration. Remember is famous line to John McCain? Obama said something to the effect that “Elections have consequences and we won” to McCain. Well, OK then, just wait until November. If Republicans hold the House and gain the Senate and the White House, then Obama and Biden can see what real “bipartisanship” looks like. The only way you’re going to get real reform in government these days is if you have a super majority like the Democrats had in 2008. Sad to have to say that, but it’s now true. So in a sense Biden is right if he thinks a lot can be achieved if only one party ran things in Washington. Problem is, the wrong party is now in power. That will change in November.

    • Patriot077

      I’d forgotton the “we won” line. Romney’s people need to use that in an ad …

  • chatterbox365

    And to think this a$$-hat is a heartbeat away from the presidency. Biden makes Howard Dean look sane.

  • Philo Beddoe

    A billion $’s here, 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition bought by the govt recently, a 100 years there. No big deal

  • Riiiiiiight Joe. Lets forget about the super majority your party had in the House of Reps and the control of the Senate you had and yet you still couldnt pass a budget. Dear Joe please start your meds again, they might help your crazy rants of bo, oh i mean bs.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Yeah, Joey, if the Republicans got out of the dims’ way, we’d be $32T in debt. No thanks.

  • Dems are overreaching and showing their true colors in their desperation.

  • aZjimbo

    plugs is reaching the point where he needs some serious help but please stay around to at least election day. Then we can throw your loser ass out the door along with you boss.

  • “We could do so much more if Republicans would just get out of the way.”

    Consider that a warning people! And we ought to heed their words.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Thank God we have slowed them down. Thank God.

    But he’s right… we haven’t stopped them… not yet.

    This guy is delusional… he’s a puppet and he is among those who are the problem.

  • Jay

    I think Giuliani pegged him perfectly. I think they picked this wackjob so nobody would dare assassinate 0.

  • NCHokie02

    those dang checks and balances, getting in the way all the time. And people of differing opinions being able to have a voice in the government??? You don’t say. Although there are plenty of countries that do have a one party system. Joe should go to one if he likes it so much. And by the way Joe don’t forget that for the first two years Democrats controlled 2/3’s of the government. AND….your own party voted down every budget that Obama has submitted. Probably because they were such great plans and the republicans blackmailed them. Idiot.

  • giomerica

    What Barry, Joe and the rest of the Demo-clowns fail to recognize (and I’m really appalled that no one on the republican side is pointing this out) is that the majority of the new republicans (make that conservatives) that were sent to Washington in 2010 were sent by their constituents for the express purpose of stopping the progressive agenda. That giant sucking sound you hear is the country going down the toilet, and if we don’t get these rats out of office this year, there may be no turning back.

  • bobemakk

    He is dividing the country. And his speech to African Americans….”putting them back in chains,” is the most disgraceful thing ever out of his mouth. That is whay I call Biden, “the gaffe king.” He is a fool who needs to go with his boss, the self proclaimed Messiah/Obama.

  • xiaoxiaobin746