Bill Whittle DESTROYS any notion of reelecting Obama with rehash of his greatest ‘successes’

This is fantastic and may be in the top 5 of Bill Whittle’s best work yet as he sets out on a mission give reasons why Obama should be reelected, using Obama’s greatest achievements of course.

Watch below:

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  • HaHa, I love Bill Whittle.

  • Sober_Thinking


    This is brillaint!!! I literally gave him a standing ovation!

    This answers the question: Why is Obama’s campaign built on slanderous lie after slanderous lie?

    The Liar-and-Chief has some splaining to do! And the muttonheads who voted for him and will vote for him again need to have their toys taken away. Seriously, how freakin stupid can they be?

    • Army_Pilot1967

      His ardent followers are so dumb they make ‘possums look like brilliant animals!!!!!

      • Sober_Thinking


  • pistol pete

    Whittle barely scratched the surface.This poser commits outrages on a daily basis.150+ rounds of golf,date nights in New York,vacations in Hawaii,Marha’s Vineyard,etc.,the Wookies jaunts with 300 of her closest friends to Spain and Africa,30 full-time handservants
    strangling our oil-producing capabilities,deliberately waiting until the BP oil spill made landfall before giving the gulf coast governors to try to stop it so he could use it as an excuse to declare a moratorium,seizing 2 car companies and giving them tens of billions of taxpayer dollars free,same with failed green energy companies who are all big democrat contributors.I have to stop now,my blood pressure is going up.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Outstanding as usual, Mr. Whittle. You present in a fun way that struggle people have in trying to spin all the great and wondrous achievements (Not) of the socialist president of the United States. Just when I think I can’t dislike nobama any more than I already do, you give me several new reasons not to like or even slightly respect him. My folks told me years ago that it’s not right to lie, cheat or steal. Wonder what nobama’s parents told him. Uh, never mind!!!!

  • Joe

    Bill Whittle should be on Romney’s campaign team!

    Why isn’t he on the networks as a surrogate?

    • Rshill7

      He might want to be his own man and not have others trying to tell him what to do.
      It’s easy to identify with that.

      I hate being told what to do. It’s my pet peeve, which answers when I whistle. That’s one reason I had to have my own business. Sometimes, with belligerent customers, I’m like Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi. No soup for you today! It’s a little bit of freedom.

      • Joe

        I think I feel sad now –

        BUT – I still despise Zero!

        Now I feel HAPPY!

        (and I love and thank Scoop – I always tell him so!)

        • Rshill7

          Our motto is more like: The customer is right…from time to time 🙂

      • Joe

        So– Who can you thank for your success?

        Not yourself I hope!

        • Rshill7

          The theory of Marxism of course! Not really. Obama’s shorts. Not really.

          Me, myself, and I…from scratch! Debt free and started on a shoestring and a pair of holey socks. Then after it was off the ground, my lovely bride and my adorable children have also helped. My wife especially. She had to quit her job in sales when it started taking off. Sometimes we can barely keep up with it, but never get more than two days behind on shipping. We also have great products made in the USA.


          To God be the real glory though. Great things He hath done. Jehovah Jireh !

          • Joe

            Great – Have a facebook page?

            (I won’t tell ZERO- Don’t worry)

            • Rshill7

              No Facebook page 🙁

              Wifey has a personal one, but doesn’t do business of any kind there. I never go to Facebook. That’s her gig.

              I don’t think even ABC knows where our business website is, but we have about 50 of them which all resolve back to the Mother Ship. You know about Mother Ships right? 🙂

              ABC does have copies of some of my original music though. I play and sing and everything. Those are all free for folks to download, but I can’t tell you where they are either. I sent her copies of about 30 of them via e-mail this past year.
              She was quite nice and complimentary regarding them.

              I want to remain as anonymous as possible. ABC is the only one that even knows my real name, and she ain’t talkin’.

  • Thanks. I needed that.

  • anneinarkansas


  • Nukeman60

    Man, I love this guy. Quietly and with an unassuming air, he completely takes apart Obama in every, and I mean every, aspect of Obama’s life, career, and history. I would love to see Stephanie Cutter stand up next to Whittle and say, “We are happy to discuss Obama’s record”.

    Yeah, so would Bill.

  • The only thing I disagree with Whittle on is the NDAA, I think that (after reading it) the NDAA does NOT do such things as he claimed, BUT this video was excellent.

  • This is awesome and it needs to go viral.

  • poljunkie

    Wish it could be shown on TV.

    PS As many of you know I have a progressive sister that is still not speaking to me because I didnt vote for Obama in 2008 ( this came after a lifetime of disagreeing politically).
    This short video would send her over the cliff, so to speak.

    • Nukeman60

      You know, the libs are okay with going over the cliff (as the Dems are showing). It seems they believe the bottom is cushioned with all those grannies. 🙂

  • YaaHOO ding dong!!!!!!
    This has got to be CLASSIC!!!!
    Bill Whittle for RNC Chair!!!!!!

  • I think the Republican National Convention should show lots of these videos on the big screen! They should be filler videos at CPAC between speakers. Whittle and Zo.

    Romney should show these before his speeches!

  • Landscaper59

    Heck yeah Bill. I like the fire effect too. Lets fire up the “Vote Obummer Out” in Nov 2012.

  • 12grace

    Whittle is brilliant. Now to somehow wake up the obama supporters.

    Barack Obama has a new plan for increasing how many barrels of oil America produces. He’s going to force the oil companies to use smaller barrels.

    Q. Why does Obama keep jacking up the cost of gasoline?
    A. So that voters can’t afford to drive to the polls in November.

    Q, Why are jobs at all time lows and gas at all time highs?
    A. Obama’s back from vacation.

  • Rachel

    Excellent!! Romney should make this one of his campaign videos.

  • NCHokie02

    Bill Whittle and Zo need speaking parts at the convention. That was a great video by Bill.

  • Must watch, must watch, must watch Just in case You Didn’t Know About oBummer.