Bill Whittle explains the problem with Common Core isn’t what it is now, but what it will be…

A very enlightening monologue by Bill Whittle on Common Core, as he explains why the real problems with Common Core aren’t so much in the present as they will be in the future.


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  • Sentinel

    Brilliant. Just another rider among the Four Horseman that Obama has unleashed on America.

    • Sharon Jeanette Merrill

      Agreed common core and the federal govt needs to be taken out of our schools!

  • GSR

    Common Core is about producing little collectivist Global Citizens. Not American citizens.

  • SisterMary

    How many more iterations of “no child left behind,” “race to the top,” and now “common core” do we have to experience before we go from 23rd place to 196th?

  • trytothink

    “… that wretched hive of scum and villainy.” Gotta love it.

    • giveususfree

      Isn’t that how Obi Wan described the Cantina bar?, because I swear I saw Henry Waxman in there.

  • clockwindingdown

    Another great video from Bill, why oh why is it that people like him are not in charge of Our government!

    Like most of the government the more it costs the less you get…

    I have this argument with teachers over the diminishing return on investment and schools. Simply put a college graduate now days is less educated then a high school graduate 100-125 years ago. Sure a college grad maybe better trained (exposed to) in a specific specialty but overall not as intelligent. Look at it this way, the Wright Brothers had a high school education and look at what they did to change the world! The Wrights not only had to figure out flight and learn how to fly, but how to design a wing, how to warp the wing to control level and induce turns, a rudder, a propeller (yep that was their design too), and built their own engine-cast out of aluminum. They designed and built their own wind tunnel and did massive research on lift and air flow. Let me say it again all this with a high school degree!

    Oh, and with no involvement from the government! In fact members of Our government at the time told them, “The best minds in the Country are working on it, what makes you think you can do it.” Then dismissed the Wrights. Only to come looking for them a couple of years later to find out the Wrights had been flying for several years and were flying at the time they approached members of the government… Upon getting close to the brothers location the government officials were told where to look as the brothers regularly flew in a given field and locals would gather to watch and picnic!

    Same government ego then as we have now…

    • Laurel

      Why aren’t you in charge of the government? You are just as good and could certainly run for office.

      And just so you know, Edison, arguably the greatest inventor of all time was home schooled.

      • clockwindingdown

        I would probably end of redefining the term “going postal” to something like “going congressional!” LOL!

        I have always had zero tolerance for BS and an acute ability to recognize it. More so when dealing with politicians, or anyone for that matter whom wishes to control others…

        • Laurel

          I doubt that although well controlled but well placed anger often gets the job done.

  • trytothink

    It’s not so much that Obama has bad ideas. I can accept that some highschool pothead who got by on charisma and affirmative action has bad ideas.

    It’s that he forces them on all of us. Stop ruining my country, you jerk!

    • Boommach

      He has bad ideas AND he forces them on us.

      • Galatiansch2vs20

        His bad ideas are unoriginal, already proven failures, and he still works to force them on us!

  • Jane Dough

    I love Bill Whittle, but this was terrible. Nine minutes of cant and snark without a single documented fact. Abolish DOE? Sure, but why? What have we spent vs. our test scores? Don’t tell us to google some 1912 test … show us. I don’t love Whittle because he shares his feelings, I love him because he presents raw data in irrefutable, dispassionate and relentless fashion. Not here.

    • herb benty

      Dough was one of his points. Triple the spending with illiterates flopping off the assembly line. Constant yelping for smaller classes to better do the dirty indoctrination and begging to put 1, 2, 3 year olds into “early learning. These boondoggles are now!

    • clockwindingdown

      Did we watch the same video?

      Bill did give information, did you not hear it? Does “the little red school house” ring a bell? He goes on to explain how society has changed and is now becoming more decentralized and so should government but government is not. He gives examples through out the video!

      The only “can’t and snark” I see comes from your post. Is it to hard to verify by the resource Bill tells you to seek, or do you simply take it on faith what someone tells you? If so how’s the “hope and change” working out for you?

      • Laurel

        I was wondering the same thing….

      • Jane Dough

        Oh okay, no problem. From now on I’ll view Whittle’s posts as homework. He’ll present broad vacuous generalities, and I’ll go to various sites to corroborate any supporting evidence.

        And which part of my post was snark? Was I too cute by half (“wretched hive of villainy…”) or demeaning in any way? Your question about “hope and change” is along the lines of their side blaming Bush for the bad tuna sandwich I had yesterday. When all else fails, ad hominem. Unless Whittle has become our Obama and must not be criticized …?

        Look, I wanna marry the guy. He’s intelligent, articulate and I think sexy as hell. But a good Bill Whittle post is one I can present to my most liberal friends and cannot be refuted because of his overwhelming factual evidence. This was not that post.

        • clockwindingdown

          “…and I’ll go to various sites to corroborate any supporting evidence.”

          Trust but verify!

          I disagree there is great evidence in his video, at least to me and my life experience. I know we all like icing on the cake but sometimes the cake doesn’t come that way. Sometimes you get it or you don’t.

          Bill stated facts, do a little home work if you wish to use the information for other purposes, expecting others to hand it to us is being lazy on our part, not their part. Besides you may uncover something else that’s very compelling! Why not look up what Bill suggested and over coffee give your friends arts of the test verbally and see how it goes… Might be fun!

          • Jane Dough

            Clock, this will be my last response because (a) the thread’s a day old, which in Internet time means it’s dead (I only saw your response because it was forwarded to my in-box); and (b) I didn’t plan on spending this much of my life on a silly Bill Whittle video.

            If you’d like to see a couple of his videos crammed with facts and presented in a cogent and comprehensive manner, check out Firewall – Evil Republicans, or (the best ever) Firewall – Wealth Redistribution pump. I’d provide links but I know you prefer to do all the research yourself.

            Take a look and then tell me if this video is on par with those.

            It does us no favors to present such a sloppy and ambiguous defense against our nation’s creeping Communism. Bill should join the Republican party if he wants to “Boehner-ize” his message.

    • 1tootall

      “I love Bill Whittle, but….” LIAR. Tell us what the last video of Bill’s was that you saw that you “loved”. I don’t believe it for a second. Prove it, to invoke your rhetoric….

      • Jane Dough

        see below for two great examples. Or just assume I’m lying. Either way.

        You can also check out the wonderful Afterburner – Rich Man Poor Man, or Afterburner – Sarah Palin was Right. All four of which are saved on my hard drive.

        Then again, maybe I’m lying.

  • Laurel

    Common Core dumbs down teachers even more. Just as teachers currently teach to the test so Common Core will produce teachers out of colleges that have been taught to the CC test. I bet curriculum’s are already falling into place to get a teaching degree with CC as the basis.

    Schools are rapidly becoming just a place for you to warehouse your kids so that adults may go out and produce for the government. Common Core solidifies that.

    And yes Bill…I haven’t a problem with what is being taught in the program itself as well.

    • clockwindingdown

      Yes, the problem is they a worried about test scores, so they teach how to past the test, then claim look how much better things are now under the new program. The problem arises when the kids have to function in society where many are massive failures. Who cares about test scores, some folks just test poorly, anyone ever heard of Albert Einstein, not so good in school when young…

      Teaching to past a test does not mean someone knows the subject, it only proves they know the answers to the test. This use to be called cheating… Many a student can converse the subject with the teacher at an advance level with a thorough understanding yet fail terribly when tested. Many of these types of students have an above average IQ!

      • Laurel

        Yes I agree but testing is also a part of life and the majority don’t freeze up on tests. People can be taught to take tests without teaching to the test itself.

  • The more I learn about Common Core, the more it reminds me of one of those tubular apple corers.

    You apply it to a kids’ creative genius, and you core it right out of there so he can become a good little cog in the machine.

    Government Schools are places you send your kids minds to die.

    • Mythslayer

      30 years ago, when I saw the building with bars on windows and metal detectors and drug sniffing dogs also with big, bullying personnel able to do strip searches on a whim, I thought of a prison. And blanched at the thought they wanted me to send there, alone, my precious child.

      The child that took ten years to have.

      The child the doctors said I’d never have.
      And I decided the school would never have.

      • Galatiansch2vs20


    • Galatiansch2vs20

      The apple core, where seeds of evolution, immorality, communism, and humanism are planted into the fertile ground of youngsters’ minds. Youngsters who go on to grow into Godless, rebellious, empty serfs who don’t recognize their worth, nor the worth of other humans as having been made in the image of God (though fallen image-bearers).

  • Mythslayer

    Mr. Whittle is always so concise. He’s been given such a gift. He is able to cut through the malarkey and lay it out straight. I so appreciate it. It makes it easier in talking to others to be able to tell them with just a few points so they can remember and are not overwhelmed.

    • PNWShan

      I also appreciate how we he understands symbolism and imagery in culture. Have you seen any of his Trifecta videos with Scott Ott and Stephen Green? Terrific.

  • Judges718

    Common Core:

    Free Market Capitalism=Evil
    Government=Altruistic, Compassionate, Objective Arbiter of Social Justice
    Free Loaders=The Noble Oppressed
    Productive=Greedy Oppressors
    Islam/Humanism/Moral Relativism/Idolatry/Gaia Worship=Good
    Sexual Depravity=Laudable
    Sexually Moral/Traditionalists=Evil
    Families=Redefined to include all forms of sexual depravity
    1+1=Whatever the ruling class says it equals

    I won’t even lower myself to the level of race, but rest assured Common Core does.

    • SisterMary

      It won’t be long before the SAT exams will consist of nothing more than matching games.

      • Judges718

        Beginning in the early 90’s, they have already dumbed it down several times to eliminate “cultural bias”.

        Apparently it still isn’t enough to satisfy the leftists who now have a stranglehold on our educational system, because they are planning yet another “redesign”.

      • WinMissouri

        I am a CPA. When I took the exam in the mid-80’s it was 8am-5pm with hour lunch. You took the entire exam 5 parts over 2 1/2 days. You had to pass 3 parts to get a “condition” the next time around to only take the failed part. And you had to have at least a 70% on the failed part to retake it. A passing grade on each part had to be 75% or higher. We had to turn in our scratch paper as part of the exam and we could not use a caculator. Each of the 5 parts had a significant section of essay questions.

        As time went by, they allowed them to use calculators.

        Now, they take the parts one at a time on the internet and most of the exams are multiple choice. When they start taking the exam, they have two years to pass each part.

        I remember writing and writing on the last part which was Accounting Theory, almost all essay on a Friday and thinking “oh my, I am going to die here” It was hard, it was long and it was something I would do again because it tested me and I earned it.

        Now anyone can pass the exam.

    • giveususfree

      You also just defined Cultural Marxism/Critical Theory.

  • 12grace

    I love Bill Whittle. He gets it!

  • Jerseygalnny

    Bill Whittle rocks! I’m sharing this with the patriots on FR

  • Immigrant_from_Socialism7

    This is what Nazis did,Soviets did,and of course Communist Chinese currently do.
    Get to the youth…and the Government Socialism controls the future

    • Judges718


      This is nothing new. It is how tyranny takes root.

      It results in the death of individual liberty, followed by the death of the spirit, mind and body.

      The globe is littered with the failures and misery of socialism.

      • Molly

        …and it only takes one generation.

  • Sally Morris

    I have been a fan and
    financial supporter of Bill Whittle’s works for 5 years. I hold him in the highest regard. That said, I was a bit disappointed in this Afterburner (which is like saying his performance was slightly less than perfect.) His past performance has set the bar very high; this is not his best work but it was enlightening and thought provoking. The snark was a little higher than Bill’s usual demeanor.

    • clockwindingdown

      Watch it again…

      Pay attention to when says something about when the “D-o-Education gets it wrong it’s for a generation” paraphrasing on my part…

      • Sally Morris

        I get it. I get Bill, I really do. I agree with everything he is saying but his delivery is usually more “above the fray”. He is transitioning into a new HUGE national presence and I believe constructive criticism is what he needs most at this time. Trust me, I’d wash his Camaro every day just so he had a shiny fast car.

        • peck

          We can only hope that he does achieve a huge national audience, and when he does, everyone is paying close attention.

        • sybilll

          Bill is building a national platform. To what end he has not been clear, but if that means he has to parse his words in the meantime, I’m OK with that. But Sally, I completely get your point about this video.

  • InfoDump

    Commie Core = brainwashing young, malleable minds. Hello home schooling (until Premier O or the little Premier O’s in Congress make that illegal).

    • PNWShan

      As a homeschooling mom, I have to say we are not immune to what is going on in the general education world. I am very picky about my curriculum, but some parents don’t understand why using the same books the local elementary school uses basically defeats the point of homeschooling.

  • jdbaird

    I looked up the Bullitt County School test, on just a cursory look at it, I would fail it miserably, sad to say. Looks like I gotta hit the books.

  • xjesterx

    I remember when Carter was President and for a couple years in elementary school, everything was about switching to the metric system. We were forced fed in math classes everything in metric. Why? Because Europe uses it! As soon as the liberals were gone, all that crap was flushed. How much time is waisted with these type of programs? Enough already. (Jeb Bush is for this by the way… please… let me vote in 2016 and don’t nominate a RINO).

    • Vorlath –

      Wait, you’re arguing against the metric system? That has nothing to do with Europe or liberals. It’s a system where everything is based on powers of 10. It’s a very easy system and made to be simpler.

      • Computers have rendered all claims to simplicity meaningless. Almost nobody calculates in their heads anymore. Thank the government schools.

        • PNWShan

          Actually, my physics major son loves the metric system and uses it all the time. It makes solving 3-page long physics equations a lot easier! (However, when I cook, I still think in terms of cups and tablespoons.)

          • Heh. I’ve been the chief cook and bottle washer in our house for thirty years. I think in terms of a hunk of this, a splash of that, and a few glugs of the other. I only measure stuff when making muffins or pastries. Which almost never happens anymore, now that the kids are grown and moved out.

    • Dr. Strangelove

      Interesting… wasn’t the New Math debacle during the LBJ regime?

  • People claiming there are no “facts” in this are simply trolling or did not pay the least bit of attention. They clearly lost out on his facts about Washington, the industrial age, LA’s School system, his reference to The Bullitt County School test 1912, and many other facts about history of education and the systems involved.

    Common Core students?

    Whittle has stepped up the snark, because our opposition needs to be told to FOADIAF every chance we get. They have gone so far beyond civility that the pose of civility (in men like Ted Cruz) no longer works if you are a commentator.

    When Bill Maher is the standard bearer for the left’s “civility” pose, you need a bigger two-by-four just to get the attention of the left. Whittle is aiming to draw flak.

  • stage9
  • USMC 64-68

    We’ve seen this model before: Centralized gov’t, 5 year plans, and gov’t control.

    It brought high prices, famine, and dispirited citizens. Look at Russia, India, etc. Now, the democrat progressives are driving us back to failure. And the “elite” cheer and chant “Barack Obama, mmm, mmm, mmm.” Useful idiots!!!!

  • Mark

    Common Core, like all liberal ideas, including government run health care, lack common sense. Common sense is absolutely mystifying to liberals.

  • No, McCotter’s gone from office because he’s a crooked RINO.