Bill Whittle: Where we go from here

I haven’t watched this yet but it’s Bill Whittle so it doesn’t really need to be vetted by me. Here’s the low down:

Bill Whittle speaks at the first post-election meeting of the Hancock Park Patriots, November 12, 2012. Bill discusses the election, the culture and the post-political world of the Information Age.

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  • John3_3

    I am for doing good to the poor, but I differ in opinion of the means. I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it. In my youth I traveled much, and I observed in different countries, that the more public provisions were made for the poor, the less they provided for themselves, and of course became poorer. And, on the contrary, the less was done for them, the more they did for themselves, and became richer.

    –Benjamin Franklin On the Price of Corn and Management of the Poor, November 1766

    • aussieguy64

      …Basically, teach people how to stand on their own feet.

      Strong people => Strong communities => Strong states => Strong Nation.

      One suggestion I would offer is to use the local church of each town as the starting point. Gather materials and experienced-successful people to educate and mentor others in how to be prosperous.

      The goal for the Right is to bring back America in the next 8 years. It doesn’t start with Govt. Its starts with the people. Teach them how to prosper.

      The 2nd phase would be education. Start affordable private schools for the community, by the community. Funded by donations. There’s a pool of retired competent teachers, Engineers, Doctors, etc. I think they wouldn’t mind giving up some of their time to school the next generation. The way to persuade them is to talk about what Legacy are they going to leave behind and what will they be remembered for…Like a gift for the next generation and America as a Nation. (USA is in strife. So what are you going to do for her?).

      One may have doubts in relation to limited resources, but I suggest you watch the movie “Moneyball”. Essentially, this is about a baseball team that has to compete with others who have massive financial resources. The key is about making do with what you have and introducing a new paradigm that compensates for one’s weaknesses. (In their specific case, they use statistical analysis.)

      A public funded system with Teacher’s union entrenchment is big, menacing, and powerful. Your child is at their whim. They have money and resources…We don’t. Just like that under-resourced baseball team, we have to make do with alternatives.

      => Find computer recycling organizations.

      => Use Linux, LibreOffice, Gimp, Blender, FreeCAD, etc. (They’re open source, legal, and free.)
      => Ask Microsoft, etc for assistance in regards to non-profit organizations. (Some software companies do offer discounts or are really generous if you say you want kids to use THEIR software.) *wink wink*.

      => Teach students about word processing, etc. Not specific brand products like Microsoft Word or Excel. Students need to understand general principles so they can adapt to software regardless of brand. (In Australia, that’s what they use to do when I was in school).

      => Find out what they’re supposed to be learning and develop a new syllabus with a higher standard! (The objective is to raise the bar when Teacher’s unions have dramatically lowered it). Find out how they teach in Japan, Germany, etc.

      => Politics and economics is a MUST! (Alongside maths, science, and literacy.) …A student of this affordable private school MUST be well rounded in education.

      => Teach them how money really works and how they can build their own wealth. (Budgeting, saving, investing, etc.)

      Things like this isn’t a sprint. This is a never ending marathon of a Cultural War. There will be set-backs and you’ll need patience and persistence. Fight like the country’s future depends on it…Because it DOES!

      The long term goal is to always provide better alternatives. Use the American spirit. Come up with something better. Modify, adapt, adopt effective ideas from around the world.

      Over time, this affordable private education idea will pick-up. You win the hearts and minds of the American people by garnering the reputation of quality students who will become successful. (Every parent wants best for their child). This is how you beat a Left controlled Govt. If they try to quash us, they face the wrath of the people who want the best for their kids! We can take them down in the Election periods by throwing their behavior against them! ie: “They want to destroy our kid’s future by destroying their education!”

      • aussieguy64

        Forgot to add…In regards to focus in Education.

        Left is only interested in Self-Esteem.

        Right should be about Self-Respect.

      • warpmine

        That is an excellent idea. What’s the first step to start it?

        • aussieguy64

          If I was an American, I would do the following…

          PHASE 1: Help the existing adults.

          (a) Establish venues for Prosperity Education.
          => Use local churches as venues.
          => Teach them how money works.
          ===> “The Richest Man in Babylon”; How to invest, save, donate a percentage to local church, budget one’s finances, etc.
          => Find mentors. Those who are already successful and are willing to donate some of their time in helping others stand on their own feet.
          => Teach about the American spirit of entrepreneurship.
          => Teach them about persistence and patience. To see the long term. Consistent action over time trumps any special talents or grand short-term attempts.
          => Teach them about politics and economics…How they interact in the real world with examples.
          => Books to distribute:
          ===> The Richest Man in Babylon (by George S. Clason)
          ===> Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto (by Mark R. Levin)
          ===> Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America (by Mark R. Levin)
          ===> Still the Best Hope: Why the World Needs American Values to Triumph (by Dennis Prager)

          (b) Encourage them to listen to radio talk shows.
          => This is one aspect that the Left-dominated mainstream media has no control of.
          => Mark Levin, Dennis Prager, Rush, etc.
          (The Left fear people like the above and consider them “radicals”.)

          The objective is to smash the Leftist thinking of victim-hood and Govt dependence. To restore self-respect, strengthen community, and rebuild the people’s core by filling them with good American values.

          PHASE 2: Rebuild the Education System.

          Basically what I said in my first post. What I call the Affordable Private Education School. (APES)…Funded by community donations and run by people who want to teach and bring quality education for America’s future generation. Keep the Govt out…Especially Michelle Obama! (Standardizing lunches for kids is the stupidest thing I’ve ever read about! Not even Australia would go to that level!)

          PHASE 3: Make it in America.

          I haven’t thought much about this yet. I have some ideas involving restoring America’s capacity to manufacture quality products to sell around the globe. To make the “Made in USA” mean something. (The goal isn’t mass production. Its about quality on a level that the product will establish a loyal reputation…People will come back for more!)

          PHASE 4: Restore the Republican Party.

          No idea on how to do this because I am not quite familiar with the specifics of American politics. Someone else needs to come up with a plan.

          PHASE 5: Win back control of the USA.

          The Presidency. The House. The Senate.

          My approach is “bottom-up”. We start with the individual. Then family and friends. Then the community…Let it grow from there until it affects the whole Nation.

          Restoring America this way is bloodless. But it will take much time. I’m expecting at least a good 10 to 12 years of hard work in order to undo 50 yrs of Leftist mess. (America’s heart still beats, else we wouldn’t have websites like this place! Its the Right that needs a Strategic plan in order to talk in a single coherent voice.)

          People need to understand that the Right is more powerful than the Left. Its just the Left are more motivated…This is no different to the notion of Good vs Bad. Bad are always motivated, lie, cheat, suppress, etc. The Good always need to suffer, work hard, and restore.

          Good will always win in the long run. It will always lose when no one does anything.

          • mike3e4r7

            Good ideas. An “all of the above” strategy but with a real focus on changing people’s hearts and minds on the ground level makes sense. I’m afraid your post was somehat ‘lost’ on a dieing thread (i.e. most people had moved on to other more recent threads and missed what you had to say ), but thanks for sharing.

    • We’re a generous people. We just need to establish parameters to it.

      We should provide a fallback to minimum sustenance for the poor. Not the big-screen-TV, Nice appliances, full-ride nonsense we provide now. Just something people can rely on when they hit bottom.

      This needs to be coupled with incentives to get back up again, and shame for those who quit trying.

      Currently there’s zero shame in living large on government largesse.

  • SurfinCowboy

    I was at this meeting and it sure was great to hear Whittle’s speech live, but I must say this is a great reproduction of that moment. Glad to see it here Scoop!

    • PVG

      Where is Hancock Park?

      • SurfinCowboy

        Suburb of Los Angeles.

        I am not from there, but received an email for the event because of offering to volunteer at a Tea Party rally.

        I have since found some groups a bit closer to where I am currently living.

        Great, great group of people though! May have to go again and just support them with my ca$h!

        • PVG

          Thanks SC!

  • bbitter

    “…we’re heading into a post government world, one way or another…”

    This is the kind of discussion that Americans all over the nation and world need to have with each other and our allies.

    Whether you agree with his message or not, you have to admit that this is the kind of discussion that we need to encourage all over.

    Good listen, good information, good political science. This is about real politics: dealing with people on a real level.

    My friends, please take the hour to listen and then think about it, decide for yourself. This is something we need to be prepared to answer at the drop of a hat, with our hearts.

    • PVG

      Well stated!

    • warpmine

      This is a great discussion and would have been better to start at it a decade earlier before the financial cliff was reached. The politicians are talking fiscal cliff in terms of tax rates, however we’ve already fallen off the cliff and the ground, hard spot that it is, is currency failure.

      I was enjoying the idea of either wasting the progressive trolls or watching their demise.

  • PVG

    BRAVO! Amazing observations and analogies. McCotter quotes were Brilliant! Bill will be more than my “virtual” potus!

  • Major914

    His comments about virtue, as being central to the American idea, and essential to its preservation, are perfectly on point. Of course the founding fathers spoke on the subject, and the principle that only a virtuous people can sustain self-government can be applied in any area of political life–whether on the issue of abortion, traditional marriage, management/labor relations, etc. This will indeed be an important topic if we conservatives are to take back the culture. The flipside is almost equally important–the leftists are continually attempting to invent new ‘virtues’ and redefine traditional virtues–the implicit effect of their approach being to present a leftist alternative reality in which there is no such thing as virtue, per se, as it was traditionally understood, there are only specific politically correct attitudes, sentiments, and political positions. If there is nothing inherently preferable (virtue) to individual desire or self-interest–except, of course, economic redistribution–then conservatives are are on the way to being politically defenseless…

  • theresaaa

    Bill is always amazing .

    He looks over worked. I’d bet he’s been going non stop since the election .

  • L1B3R7Y_0R_D347H

    Make sure to watch the Q&A as well:

    • MikhailKennedy

      This is a MUST WATCH video. I must thank you for posting this link.

    • the Q&A was much better than the actual talk lol

      Ahhhh the freedom to talk freely…when did we ever lose that quality?

  • The US govt has become a joke… The next four years will be scary to say the least.

  • bbitter

    Just finished the whole thing.

    I think he’s dreaming big, really big, but not out of reach. Good speech. Very thought provoking, interesting, and entertaining. Please watch. Interesting view of the future.

  • mike3e4r7

    As the video came to a close, I couldn’t help but notice that I was wearing a big grin inside and it occured to me that this is the first time I’ve fealt happy, truly happy, since the election. Very uplifting. Those of you who watched it know what I’m talking about.
    Thanks Bill! Outstanding and thought provoking as usual!

  • dontdrinkthecoolaid

    If Bill is going to be effective, he’s going to have to Whittle his talk time down to a half hour at most. He says the same thing three times before he moves onto the next point. Bill, please edit yourself.

  • ZincKidd

    You live in a world where you don’t have a monopoly on what it means to be virtuous. In a world where many people have different ideas. You are so fond of talking about “going where you want to go, doing what you want to do, being what you want to be.” But what about those that you disagree with, who have their own ideas about going and doing and being? As long as you choose to demonize others, you are NOT talking about freedom, you are talking about slavery. You talk about looking forward, but the future you offer is not one that provides for my freedom to go, do, or be anything except to go, do or be like you. I prefer freedom to that sort of slavery and reject your vision of a future

    • Malkiel_kol_hakavod_la_el

      Define Slavery!! Then your idea of freedom and how your idea and the many other people you noted ideas do not enslave everyone else that does not believe in yours and their ideas!! Also strange to note you find “going where you want to go, doing what you want to do, being what you want to be.” some form of slavery!! Also ” b : liberation from slavery or restraint or from the power of another : independence” that’s freedom!! So far your comment is beyond words…. And I am sure it will only become worse if you respond….

    • Evil Otto

      Your comment is a mess. “Slavery?” Really? You think that people who criticize your ideas (such as they are) are “demonizing” you.

      We have freedom too, and people like you are trying to destroy that.

      • PhillyCon

        Your comment is a mess.

        I was thinking the same thing-thanks for saying it. It was a circular argument. It also seems the poster was asleep during the “war on women,” “the one percenters” “throwing grama over a cliff” “Mitt Romney killed a woman with cancer” “Republicans don’t care about people” etc debates.

    • NCHokie02

      And the left doesn’t demonize christians because we believe that a man putting his genitals in the place where another man evacuates his bowels is wrong??

      The left doesn’t demonize christians because we believe that a woman having a choice in murdering her unborn baby is wrong??

      The left forcing doctors to provide healthcare to an individual isn’t slavery?? The doctor has no say in the matter?

      The left doesn’t demonize the rich because of their success?? I don’t see the hollywood elites handing over handfuls of extra tax dollars to the IRS.

      The left doesn’t demonize the right because we believe that schools are best run at the local and state level and the federal government has no business in it, do they?

      The left demonizes the right for all these things and more. The left wants the people to be slaves to the gov’t. They are doing a pretty good job through welfare, ss and unemployment.

    • williamm

      You live in a world where it’s ok to destroy the life of a child because it’s inconvenient for the mother. You live in a world where it’s ok to come to this country illegally. You live in a world where you can vote illegally. You live in a world where it’s ok for the media to take comments out of context, aka tell blatant lies.

      You live in a world where the hard working Americans are rewarded by thieves that never worked a day in their lives, taking the fruits of their labor. I call that real slavery.

      I’m not talking about the people on SS. They did their share for close to half a century.

      You live in a world I would be ashamed to live in.

    • ZincKidd

      I think my response to these comments can best be summed up by what this woman had to say about the 2012 election:

  • proudhispanicconservative

    To be honest with you, I see Bill he reminds me of myself, not well groomed, stressed out. He appears to not have slept since the election like me and so many here, the only difference is that he is a little bit more optimistic then me, I commend him for it, this has really been a kick in the gut for all of us.

  • I don’t know about the rest of you but I for one am kind of anticipating this administration and dinosaur government die out as seen in bill whittle’s video “A New Beginning.”

    I think it is going to get worse before it gets better but I say to the rest of you hold on stay strong and stand firm and most importantly DO NOT give up hope or give into despair. That means they win.

  • jrt1031

    History has been what teaches us. To hear this mad say he is going to look forward, using obamas words……this man has gone off his rocker. i think he needs a break from lecturing. we win when we look at history that repeats its self. BO did not deserve a second term he did not earn a second term he was handed a second term by the team of people he had in place before the elction to steal the election. Until americans stand up and take a long hard look at yes HISTORY and the past they will never be able to move away from it. The word forward should be a four letter word in all our dictionaries. Bill Whittle needs to take a break from his lecture because he is not making good sense.

    • BevWKY

      Yeah, but the problem with looking backwards too much is that one tends to run into things. 😉

      The problem I see right now, though, isn’t not paying enough attention to history but that we have someone or even a group of someones – from both major parties, no less – trying to hurtle us full speed ahead in a direction that a large percentage, possibly even a majority of the country regardless of what this election appeared to show, who don’t want to go that way.

      To me, that’s what Whittle is talking about recently. No more, no less. He’s simply talking about peacefully refusing to follow the herd mentality.

      Now, some people are going to immediately squawk that, yeah, but he also seems to be asking for money like some con artist. Well, then, don’t give him or anyone else any if you don’t truly want to. ‘Cause remember that Democrats aren’t the only ones that never let a good crisis go to waste and nothing says we have to follow that herd either.

  • “How do we meet this challenge of a mood which makes society evil and the person guiltless?

    The answer must be: the courage of the few.

    “If the trumpets give an uncertain sound who will prepare for battle?” Courage is to some extent the foundation of all virtue for without it there is no security for preserving any other virtue.” Archbishop Fulton Sheen

  • Constance

    This was a fantastic speech.

    • jrt1031

      it was horrible……… depressing and weak at best

      • I liked it…more uplifting and informative than the crap spewed today.

  • Bill Whittle is right on. Marketing 101.

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    Sorry, folks, but I’m not gonna give Bill Whittle $10 a month so that he can go to the moon.

    • how bout giving him the $10 a month to win the chance to win a ticket into space for 20 minutes?

      • E. Lee Zimmerman

        Still no.

        • Visit the Moon yourself?

          • E. Lee Zimmerman

            I have enough problem parallel-parking.

  • That was fantastic! I wish our Republican politicians had Bill Whittle’s clarity of vision and common sense. He also mentioned our “frontier spirit.” It’s interesting that he mentioned that. A historian by the name of Frederick Jackson Turner in 1893 put forth a thesis that the origin of the distinctive egalitarian, democratic, aggressive, and innovative features of the American character was due to the American frontier experience. In a sense, the American frontier made us. It made us tough, independent, and aggressive achievers where failure was not an option and where people took pride in all forms of success. But, most important, people relied on themselves and on their neighbors rather than on the government. In short, we were a resourceful and independent people that succeeded because of their independent nature and NOT because government was there to help them all the time.

    But Turner also had a warning back in 1893. Turner saw the land frontier was ending, since the U.S. Census of 1890 had officially stated that the American frontier had no longer existed. He speculated as to what that meant for the continued dynamism of American society, as the source of America’s innovation and democratic ideals had disappeared. So America was no longer a frontier, we had no new frontiers to conquor, and all of us were going to pay a price because we would no longer be the tough, resourceful, and independent pioneers our forefathers and immigrant ancestors were. And this was back in 1893.

    Cut to 2012, where now a majority of the population voted for a socialist government and demanded that the government now take care of them. In a little more than 100 years we went from tough, independent, self-sufficient individuals to a country filled with whining special-interest groups demanding their cut of the federal pie.

    Whittle was right. Perhaps the last time we felt that achieving frontier spirit was when we walked on the moon. It showed the world what tough American hyper-achievement could accomplish. But today we expect the government to take care of everything. Ask not what you can do for your country, ask what your country will spend on you.

    Can we fix this? Go back to the way things were before 1893? Probably not. But, as Bill said, what we CAN do is maintain and repay the principles and the rights previous generations handed down to us. And we do that by being as tough, independent, and self-sufficient as they were. We hand down these values to our children and we tell them that the worst thing in life is to be a ward of the state. We tell them that real independence comes from self-sufficiency, hard work, a free market rather than the handouts that come from ever more corrupt and wasteful government programs. We do it by winning the culture, not giving in to it.

    It’s a tough task since we will be fighting the mainstream media, Hollywood, liberals, and the public (and private) school systems. But fight it we must. We MUST embrace that frontier spirit again, or else we will be no better than France. And to people like me and you, THAT just is not an option.

  • johnos2112

    It is amazing. When I was 17 I could not wait to get out of the house and engulf in my own independence. What happened to people between then and now that they want to be dependent on govt? I look at the movie Shawshank Redemption and that scene where Freeman talks about being institutionalize. First you hate being locked up, next you get used to it, enough time goes by you depend on it. Folks that is where about half the country is right now! Very sad. We need someone to embrace those core principles about independence again because it can’t be talked about enough!

  • PhillyCon

    OT: Latino Poverty Rates Climb to 28 Percent:

    Among the Findings:
    —If it weren’t for Social Security payments, the poverty rate would rise to 54.1 percent for people 65 and older and 24.4 percent for all age groups.

    —Without refundable tax credits such as the earned income tax credit, child poverty would rise from 18.1 percent to 24.4 percent.

    —Without food stamps, the overall poverty rate would increase from 16.1 percent to 17.6 percent.

    “These figures are timely given the looming expiration of two key measures that account for part of these programs’ large antipoverty impact: federal emergency unemployment insurance and improvements in refundable tax credits” such as the Earned Income Tax Credit, said Arloc Sherman, a senior researcher at the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities, a liberal-leaning think-tank. “Letting these measures expire at year’s end could push large numbers of families into poverty.”

    Does it all make sense now? This is what we need to over come-the welfare state.

  • Islam_Sucks


    We’ve past the point of talking about ‘the constitution’ …. it doesn’t exist. It’s foreign and history…..

    We have to talk about ‘a constitution’ . As opposed to a monarchy, oligarchy, or whatever it is that we have now?

    We are facing the stupidest electorate in history. We have to start with the basics of why it’s better to not lie, shoot people for shoes, take care of your family, be self reliant…

  • I can’t wait to see that commercial at the Super Bowel!

    • pdxlady

      I’m sorry John, but I just have to ask (inquiring mind), did you mean to say the Super Bowel?

      • …….

        (sorry…..) lol

        • pdxlady

          I’m sorry John, you don’t need to be…I’m just teasing. Guess I’m just in a silly mood this morning. And I haven’t had my coffee yet…or taken my meds. =)

  • Sober_Thinking

    This was brilliant and so enjoyable. Thank you Scoop for posting it! MUCH appreciated!

  • 1vote

    Thanks Scoop.. Long but well worth the time spent. Man, I would like to see this dude in national politics.

    My 0.002: The constitution has not failed us. Rather, we (our culture) have failed the constitution. We need constitution revival. Those that voted for this path will indeed rue the day that they with full conscience choose this road. The moochers have had it good for a long time. The expression “hogs get slaughtered” comes to mind. They have voted to kill the golden goose!!! The gooses will quit a layin!

  • Glad you posted this. I sent this to you yesterday, Scoop. Bill is the best. I’m all on board with his ideas.

  • Glad you posted this. I sent this to you yesterday, Scoop. Bill is the best. I’m all on board with his ideas.

  • DuraMater

    If Bill can become the virtual POTUS, I hereby nominate myself to become the first virtual Governor of the great state of Florida. I humbly accept the nomination and will spend the next 2 weeks assembling my cabinet.

    Come November 20, one of the first orders of business would be to convene a committee to examine voter fraud in Tallahassee, Gainsville, Tampa, Miami Dade and Broward counties and dispatch a team of independent auditors to report on the extent of registration of ineligible persons, the effectiveness of efforts to cleans voter rolls of same and purging of all 2012 “early voting/ absentee” ballots which were unlawfully distributed, then received and processed by election supervisors after the close of the early voting period. I will issue a statement that no certification of Florida’s votes in this election will take place until it can be confirmed, without doubt that the results truly reflect the will of the people in the sunshine state.

    (Second order of business would likely be to remove Angela Corey from Zimmerman Martin case.)


    Regarding the aftermath of the election: What I’d say, about all the babble (BS), and reasons and excuses flying about by the so-called ‘experts’ is nonsense. None of it matters. None of it at all. Not until, we get this simple fact into our guts, our brains, our minds, and our hearts … that our opponents, be they (democrats, commies, Marxists, socialists, progressives, Islamists, or, whomever) see our elections as ‘WAR’… take no prisoners war. Its kill or be killed. Until we on the ‘right’ realize this fact and start fighting like ‘OUR’ lives depended on it, we are doomed.

  • Julian Sequeira

    I really enjoyed how quiet his audience got when they realized he was just trying to sell them some dumb membership.

    • Dumb membership? Kind of like the concept. Unlike the gov’t he isn’t coercing you to join.

  • DebbyX

    Quick hour!

  • “Earn this.” — Capt. Miller, 1944

  • TexasMom43

    Since the election I started listening to 50’s music in the place of news and my post-election hopelessness vanished in a week! I can waste my health and life agonizing over the Marxist bastards who now control our government but choose not to. I advise all to use music instead of the poison antidepressants your doctor might prescribe!

  • BevWKY

    I finally got a chance to listen to this speech last night and I’d already heard the broadcast that he did on the night of the election. The one I think called A New Beginning. They’re both great, even if the first is a bit rambling for understandable reasons 😉 but with some excellent points.

    The only thing that truly bothers me about this last one is when he talks about there being no one who has the ability to truly articulate the “conservative” message so he’s going to attempt to do it himself.

    Um, huh?

    Please do not think I’m thinking of anyone else in particular here, because that wasn’t the thought I had after hearing that portion of the speech. For me, unlike for others who focused on his idea about the $10 a month for a moon base thing, that’s when he stepped over the line from someone totally advocating for the good of the country and the people to someone quite possibly promoting himself.

    Because, hello, where’s he been the last four years to say some no one can voice the conservative message? There are several people who have gotten the message correctly and a few of them actually ran for President this time on the GOP side. Only one of the more notable ones didn’t. Anyone who believes no one today can voice the message is living in a bubble and we all know where that gets us.

    Has gotten us.

    So, what the…