BillO: I had to interrupt Sarah Palin – she wouldn’t answer the question

Bill O’Reilly wonders if his audience understands why he interrupts his guests so much, as he contends he does it when they refuse to give direct answers. For his example he uses a recent interview with Sarah Palin where she got upset that he interrupted her:

It’s interesting to me that Chris Wallace seems to think that his and Bill’s audience (that would be us) view these interruptions in a partisan way. I for one like tough questioning, even of people I like because I get a sense of how they react under pressure. In regard to Palin’s interview, she really didn’t answer the question directly as she gave a more “everything’s on the table” kind of answer and then diverted to something she else thought was important. And I didn’t think BillO’s interruption was all that intrusive but I do realize with a delay it can probably be frustrating.

That being said, sometimes newscasters like BillO want a specific answer too soon and don’t allow enough time for their guest to answer the question and that of course annoys me. BillO and Hannity are bad about that.

As a side note, and I’ve said this before, I wish Republicans would give more straight answers and quit fearing the very biased MSM. It would certainly raise their credibility.

(via Mediaite)

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  • jake-the-goose

    You’re right on all counts. O’Reilly has become a parody of himself – his is a lousy interviewer. The best IMO is Neil Cavuto.

    • Agreed. Cavuto just keeps getting better. He’s respectful but tough. I enjoy his interviews and I learn a lot basically because the guy asks good questions.

    • Anonymous

      Bill O’Reilly Flips Out

    • ann

      I like the Judge.

  • jake-the-goose

    You’re right on all counts. O’Reilly has become a parody of himself – his is a lousy interviewer. The best IMO is Neil Cavuto.

  • John in Toronto

    I gotta tell you guys, I’ve come to respect Bill O’s interviewing style more and more as the years go by.

    Guests will come in with all their rehearsed talking points we’ve all heard before, and Bill will knock them off those points, and their reaction to him doing that really shows what’s on their minds and what kind of people they are. It’s actually very revealing, even if it’s a little brusque or combative at times.

  • the reason why politicians can’t be specific is because they can’t negotiate with themselves.

    • Marti17

      I don’t know why not – they’re schizoid enough.

  • Off Topic (Somewhat):
    O’Reilly is The Enabler.
    His wussy, half truths about Obama lent an assist to the election of the Socialist in Chief. I’ve no use for him, and only tune in to see Palin, Luntz, Krauthammer, Hume, etc. As for Bill’s bile. Who cares.

  • Rich

    Why doesn’t Bill explain why he’s the only person in the history of television who devotes entire segments to talk to other people and have them analyze his own interviews, sometimes immediately after the interview. Basically, I’d like Bill to explain why he has such a massive ego that he spends half his own show analyzing the other half of his show.

    • Kbbookgirl

      BINGO! I can’t stand Bill’s massive ego. And if he has a beef with Palin he should say it to her face. Don’t pull crap like this. He really came off looking bad in this segment. Compairing wallace’s contensious interview with his interview with Palin.

    • Mary, R.N.

      Well said, Rich. I think he really is unsure of himself and is in constant need of approval. He always has that “body language person” reading him, too. I’m starting to think he’s just too darn rude. I don’t like watching him anymore because of it. He’s too full of himself. I have started turning the channel while O’Reilly is on and then back to Fox after that. And I’m a huge Fox fan, but the interrupter is losing me.

    • Irene Flick

      Bill spent a full week talking about his Superbowl interview with Obama. It was unwatchable.

  • B-Funk

    In his defense- and other TV hosts- they do have a limited time to speak with these people, so things kind of have to be to-the-point.

    • ann

      Ha! Palin answered his d…. question. Bill is a bully.

  • Anonymous

    What Bill is doing,he brings his guests sits them down and askes them question and i think most of the time he agrees with the questions but just to be nicey-nicey starts talking negative,bill dosen’t worry for anyone but himself,i don’t care to watch him anymore.

  • Anonymous

    And he does that alot with Dennis Miller.

    • Mary, R.N.

      Yes, he does, and I almost feel like Dennis is just “putting up with it”. I get the impression that he doesn’t really have all that much self confidence, and I also think he’s jealous of Hannity and big time jealous of Glenn Beck.

    • Anonymous

      and Charles Krauthammer, Megyn Kelly, Laura Ingrham (she will put him in his place), Glenn Beck (I find him very condescending to Beck as of late) and just about any guest he has on there.

      • halfmadjesus

        Ingraham comes in for a regular Bill O’Reilly ball-punch pretty regularly, but he must not mind it too much as she’s also a substitute host of the show.

        Laura’s also twice as tough on the guests. O’Reilly tries to play middle-of-the-road-guy, but Ingraham frequently carries an obvious conservative POV. That’s either a good or bad thing, depending on how you look at it.

        • Anonymous

          Sorry, but Laura Ingraham is Bill O’Reilly lite. Like every other Fox News contributor, she kisses his ass every time she is on his show. When she guest hosts, she does exactly what Bill does: tell liberals how much she likes and respects them, thanks them profusely for deigning to come on The Factor, and otherwise goes out of her way to do anything she can to make sure they will come back for future interviews.

          The only difference is that Laura does not go after conservatives the way Bill does. She doesn’t mind being called a conservative so she doesn’t have the chip on her shoulder that Bill does. Bill is so afraid of being called a conservative, and is so invested in his delusion that he’s the only one watching out for “the folks”, and he hates conservatives so much, that he sees them as targets to burnish his own self delusion that he’s an “independent”. Bill O’Reilly is the epitome of every self described “independent” I’ve ever talked to. They’re simply liberals who don’t want to call themselves that.

          • post*tenebras*lux

            Jaynie59, you have answered the question my husband and I have been asking for a long time, exactly what is an independent? Seems these days, they are the only ones who’s vote count. And from what I can tell, these so called “independents” certainly are fickle, they go with the wind or so the libs seem to “deem” them, meaning any, any little, tiny, miniscule, perceived “fault” is blown up out of proportion because the “independents” might turn their vote away.

  • Anonymous

    IMHO, Bill O’Reilly has jumped the shark when it comes to looking out for the simple folk.

    He looks out more now for his massive ego and straddling the fence when it comes to the hard stuff and IMHO, has more of a CNN-bland type flavour to him. The interview with Obama did it for me-since then, he has defended him, his policies and minions to no end.

    When it comes to interviewing, no one can beat Megyn Kelly-she is on point, in your face, does not stand for crap and tells it like it is. If she ruffles feathers, so be it. That’s what being tough and a good interviewer is all about – probably from her lawyer days.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve always wondered who these ‘folks’ that Bill is always looking out for are. I can’t stand his populist act.

      • Anonymous

        I know I’m not one of his folks he says he is looking out for…….I still can’t understand why his ratings are still as high as they are.

    • ann

      Bill’s condescending tone stinks — I am not “da folks”. I do not want Bill “lookin’ out for You”. Bill can go to h;;;!

  • Anonymous

    I am not particularly fond of O’Reilly he likes to interject all topics back to him as a rule (especially when talking to women). Some interviewers want you to answer what they want to hear not the interviewee’s answer so they keep asking the same question a dozen different ways if they do not like the answer already given. Mainstream Media (MSM) interviewers do not know how to ask follow up questions especially when interviewing leftist liars. MSM also like to ask irrelevant questions so to avoid their traps you have to stay on message. Leftist also have to stay on message “talking points” to avoid answering questions. Remember when they finally starting addressing the BP spill, every single administration official said “from day one” which was a signal to me that a lie was to follow (similar to the usage “categorically” follow by a lie).

  • Mainely Steve

    She bruised his ego and the Chris Wallace visit was just to lend legitimacy to his laying on the floor and kicking his feet!!

    • BarbaCat

      Sarah’d had enough before this, and she was prepared for his tactics. When she politely and firmly let him have it, look at his facial reaction…shear disbelief turned instantly to rage, revealing his dislike for her strength. Next time you watch that clip, look at BO’s face. Priceless!! Love how Laura Ingraham gets her thoughts completed in spite of his bullying ways too.

  • Mary – MI

    I so agree with you about Bill O’Reilly interrupting people and that is why I now watch Judge Napolitano ‘Freedom Watch’ program which is on at the same time on FOX Business.
    I gave up watching Hannity after watching him ask questions of then candidate for president Ron Paul during the presidential debates. He would ask Ron Paul a question and then rudely interrupt him before he could complete a sentence. Hannity’s bias was hanging out like a sore thumb!

    • Anonymous

      I wish Canada would approve the FOX Business Network…….unfortunately, we have a government body known as the CRTC who can’t see past our money-sucking, state run propaganda news machine of which FOX News & FOX business is the polar opposite of.

  • NJK

    I can’t stand him. I quit watching him shortly after the election. He’s enabled Obama to committ his crimes against America and her people. I hope when Obama goes down, this punk goes with him.

  • Anonymous

    Before Obama came along I used to think O’Reilly was “looking after us” but sad to say, O’Reilly is really looking after the illegal usurper who is illegally living in The People’s White House! Bring up Obama’s ineligibility to be president and O’Reilly plays the “birther” card with more skill than the liberal democrats. Folks! the birther issue is irrelevant! The core of the matter for which they want nobody to talk about is the original intent of the Founding Fathers and the Constitutional requirement that a president be a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN! Obama could have been born in the middle of New York city with thousands of observers watching and Obama still would never be qualified to be president because Obama’s father was never a U.S. citizen!

    How many of you realize that when the Founding Fathers created the Constitution of the United States of America, they also created two separate and distinct classes of citizen. The citizen and the NATURAL BORN CITIZEN! The Bill O’Reilly’s of the MSM don’t want WE THE PEOPLE to discuss NATURAL BORN CITIZEN. They want everyone to talk about the birth certificate instead where they then can label people as “birthers” so as to insinuate there is something wrong with you!

    People! Do the research! It can be found on the internet. Look up John Jay, Morrison R. Waite and NATURAL BORN CITIZEN. John Jay was the very first SCOTUS Chief Justice and whom I think should be called the father of NATURAL BORN CITIZEN. Morrison R’ Waite was also a SCOTUS Chief Justice! He validated and confirmed NATURAL BORN CITIZEN to be defined by the Founding Fathers as being born to a mother and father both of whom are U.S. citizens at the time of birth!

    You must understand what is going on here if you truly care about the future of America for yourself and family. The Bill O’Reilly’s of the MSM are helping the democrats and republicans circumvent the Constitution of the United States of America. They are rewriting the Constitution with nonsense like this instead of going through the Constitutional Amendment Process! In essence they have suspended the U.S. Constitution and when the Constitution is suspended your freedom is also suspended! Think about it! This is very dangerous stuff they are doing and it threatens all of us!

  • Anonymous

    The audience gets EVERYTHING. We are not DOPES! We can tell when someone IS NOT answering a question! Give us some credit!!!!! Geeeesh!!!!! STOP INTERRUPTING !!!!! So O’Reilly/Wallace doesn’t like the answers they are getting? Then they should answer the question themselves. These dopes (O’Reilly/Wallace and the like) LIKE to interview the big shots because they get hob-nob with the big shots themselves in Washington and New York. O’Reilly/Wallace couldn’t get elected for anything themselves so they feel the need to disrespect everyone else who can. They FACT is the people they interview DON’T answer to the media anyway, they answer to us!

    We’ll say it again because O’Reilly is getting old and hard of hearing,


  • Poptoy1949

    I have Bill from his 1st show on Fox. Year by year I have noticed him getting a little more Liberal as time goes on. I am not joking. He is not ever going to touch the Birth Certificate issue and that is one big shame. The only man to occupy the Oval Office and not show a Certificate of Live Birth is there now. WHY? Here is why. People with the position in news that can, in effect, change things should be going after this one issue with lightning speed. Take a look at Hannity. He sure as hell does not let past him. Bill has absolutely NO BACKBONE compared to Hannity.

    • Anonymous

      Dear Mr. Poptoy1949,

      I am just as concerned as you. I believe the BILL O’REILLY’s of public information and observation for unknown reasons have sold The United States of America out in exchange for a fat tax payer paid kick back!

  • Jimstl

    O’Reilly is a putz. He deliberately plays it down the middle for ratings. He’s knows a bunch of independents and Democrats watch FOX, so he panders to everyone.

    It’s funny to watch his current criticisms of Obama. It’s pretty much what talk radio was warning everyone about BEFORE WE ELECTED THE SOB. But Oreilly dismissed these claims as far right/partisan in nature. He didn’t want to “SPECULATE”. WE DON’T SPECULATE ON THE FACTOR.

    His show is the non-factor. Oreilly is so good at looking out for the folks he wanted to give socialism a fair shake, you know, just in case it was a good deal.

    O’reilly is the guy who sees smoke coming from your home while you are away, but doesn’t call the fire department because technically flames aren’t raging from the windows, so it isn’t really on fire. Then when you pull up he tells you your house burned down.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    ARE YOU IN CONTROL OF YOUR COUNTRY OR IS YOUR COUNTRY IN CONTROL OF YOU? If you think Obama is a legal president then will you please write a report producing to me all facts of his legitimacy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mediaccess

    I support the way Sarah answers 100% 🙂 Bill’s another RINO supporter.

  • Anonymous
  • Bill589

    My problem with BOR is his inconsistency BETWEEN politicians. He speaks to Huck, Mitt, and Barry as if they are almost his equals. Not Palin.

    I wish he would have that ‘body language’ person on and they watched portions of BOR with each of these politicians juxtaposed to demonstrate the difference. But I don’t think that is going to happen.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly, that is the heart of the matter.

      Double standard.

    • BarbaCat

      Great idea! In fact, she should look at his reaction to her smack-down for interrupting her. The rage is so obvious in his face!

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure to no avail other than to appease myself, but I’ve emailed BillO several times on his penchant to interrupt his guest and not allow them to complete a thought. It’s especially irritating when he has another pundit, like Krauthammer, on. He’ll asks CK’s opinion on a subject and not allow him to give it without feeling some need to inject his. It’s ego; sometimes Bill just needs to shut up and listen.

  • Anonymous

    Old Blow Hard is probably looking for a fat contract from MSNBC.

  • Publius

    I hate to say it, and I find O’Reilly as annoying as anyone, but he’s right about interupting in that format. If were Wallace, and asked Durbin three times for his plan, and he didn’t answer, I’d pull the plug. I’d tell the audience he agreed to talk about X, and is now refusing to keep his word.

    OTOH, the politicians answer the way they do, because the media sound-byte them. If Palin drifts from a general ‘everything’s-on-the-table’ type of answer and says, yes to social security cuts specifically – the next day the national headline will be ‘Palin for Cutting Social Security.’ And Palin only will be on the pillory.

    Beck has proved the old-time format is inefficient. You don’t have to re-interview them. There’s plenty of material already to hang them with their own words.

  • ann

    Bill O is a rude, egotistical, Narcissistic, arrogant ass.

  • Anonymous

    O’Reilly excuses his rudeness, arrogance, and narcissism with “I had to do it.”
    He has infuriated me so many times with interruptions.
    How DARE he interrupt Dr. Charles Krauthammer!
    How DARE he interrupt Brit Hume.
    He may not always be a the “top of HIS tree”!
    I often find him quite offensive!

    • Anonymous

      He is such a putz!

  • Anonymous

    Sarah Palin did answer his question. She just didn’t say “yes” before she went on. That’s Bill’s problem, not hers, because his question was “do you support changing the retirement age to 67?”

    I’m 51 years old. According to Wikipedia, Bill O’Reilly is 10 years older than I am. His retirement age for SS benefits may still 65, but mine has been 67 for many years. I don’t even remember now when it got changed for people my age. 10 years ago? 15 years ago? I don’t know. But for me it’s 67. I won’t live that long so I don’t worry about it, but it’s 67.

    If I were Sarah Palin I would have said “it’s already 67 for me” but then again I’m not thinking about running for president.

    • Cheryl~

      Sarah Palin did not give a direct answer it was a generic ‘everything is going to have to change’ she did NOT agree or disagree that it was going to be 67 -she indeed gave room for variation and O was looking for a definitive answer to his question! She is a politician!

      • Anonymous

        It’s already 67.

  • EuropTravl

    I very much enjoyed the slapdown this blowhard took for his “tides comes in, tides go out” comment. He was properly humiliated and tried to worm his way out of it which just dug the hole deeper.

    You can now order your Bill O’Reilly “Bread goes in, Toast pops out – EXPLAIN THAT!” t-shirts.

  • Nashlaw

    Most all of you are wrong, except when you accuse BOR of being an ass. Trial lawyers will tell you that the questioner knows that the form of the question can dictate the answer which may not represent the position of the person being interviewed at all. Also, most all of O’Reilly’s questions are intended to strip all context from an answer and that leads to gross misrepesentations of the truth. Don’t believe it? Watch how much longer BOR lets a person talk if they let him know immediately that they agree with him. A clipped answer without context is usually sought after to win a contest between the questioner and the witness. Lots of witnesses take advanytage if the questioner doesn’t cut them off but most of the time the timing of everything is up to the questioner and essentially he has an advantage. The questions ain’t always aimed at the truth folks. Palin dealt with him better than anyone else ever has and that is why he is upset about it. Admit it. The lady is incredible.

    • Anonymous

      If you want to see a lawyer go after liberals, watch Megyn Kelly – a pit bull in a maternity dress. O’Reilly ain’t got nothin’ on her when it comes to questioning a suspect…errrr…politician.

  • Anonymous

    With each passing day, bill “ted baxter” oreilly becomes more of a “You Lie!” hussein apologist who is massively arrogant, pompous, boorish, rude and nasty. Like hussein, baxter is nothing more than a self-absorbed, empty-suit hAHrvAHrd elitist who thinks he knows it all – and that is why he constantly buts-in and prevents his “guests” for even completing a sentence.

    I don’t understand why anyone watches “ted baxter” oreilly when they can see his role model, the ORIGINAL TED BAXTER, on reruns of Mary Tyler Moore’s show.

  • JC

    A fine line between tough questioning and badgering, genius and insanity, a patriot and a pinhead. BOR looked completely like a pinhead with his condescending attitude.

  • Anonymous

    The man is a TOAD. The only way to get rid of him is to quit watching him. His glory days of being useful are over. I would much prefer Beck be in his time slot.

    I will say I do hate when a simple yes or no question is asked and all one gets is a bunch of hot air….answer the question yes or no. I also do not like it when everyone talks over everyone else, cut the mic switch off if you have to. For me this is one reason why I like the blogs so much better I am more in control of what I have to intake. I am getting perturbed at the number of videos in order to watch them you have to watch commercials, that was another of many I canned the boob tubed and the darn things have followed me.

    • BarbaCat

      I too wish Beck had O’s time slot. Beck comes on at 2:p.m. here on the West coast, so people coming home from work don’t get to see his show, and some never see him. If Beck came on at 5:p.m. here his ratings would probably be higher than O’s are.

      • Anonymous

        If anyone needs to be exposed to Beck it’s the West Coast:)

  • SassSouthern

    He thinks Palin made him look bad and he is not secretly is dismissive of Palin like his buddies on The View. I guarantee he likes Babraw Walters better than Palin and probably parties at her Brownstone in NY. He couldn’t make a direct insult at Palin so he bought Chris Wallace on for cover to mask the true intention of that spot. So obvious but he thinks no one can see through his vanity (keep dreaming Bill)> He is at worst a egomaniac and at a best a pathetic male chauvinist who hates that a woman made him look weak. Remember he got caught sex talking on the phone with that woman and paid mucho dollars to get her shut up about 3 years ago (google it if you doubt me). The sex talk he had with her on the tapes was all about how endowed he was and that pitiful type of insecure male crap. He is a head case, acting all better than thou and so looking out for the folks (not). Out for his own pocketbook and I bet he has paid off a alot more women than we will ever know about so that pocketbook ain’t as full as might be believed. Poor wife that has to put up with this insecure jerk. His research staff sucks by the way – he is always so uniformed Geraldo was on defending muslims over the King hearings and Bill just went with all of Geraldos half baked truths. Seems like Bill could have spent two minutes reading about muslim extremist activity and crimes in the US so he could had an half way informed push back against Geraldo. Too busy thinking about his nether regions and flirting with the catering girl is my bet.

  • JW

    I agree with TRS assessment about BO questioning methods. Plus, she skirted the answer and it’s becoming pretty annoying with all politicians.

  • Anonymous

    I agree. In fact a Harvard degree these days like all of the other so called Ivy League schools, should be looked at with suspicion. They seem to be producing nothing but marxists.

  • Waldo

    Bill O’Reilly has become way too full of himself. Too much Kool-Aid at the White House Christmas party. He should be advised just who his audience is before he loses them.

  • Waldo

    Bill O’Reilly has become way too full of himself. Too much Kool-Aid at the White House Christmas party. He should be advised just who his audience is before he loses them.

  • I have to agree with Bill here. It drives me crazy when politicians just ignore the question and use their predetermined responses without answering anything. Now I give interviews 3 strikes before I change the channel or close the video.

    Both sides do this and it really ticks me off.