BillO interviews former Marine Jon Hammar on his imprisonment in Mexico

It was good to see former Marine Jon Hammar out of Mexican prison in an interview on the BillO show tonight. Turns out Jon passed the time by reading most of the Bible and some book about Korea while trying to stay out of trouble and keep from getting sick.

Watch below:

Consider this an open thread.

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  • Joe

    Thank goodness this Marine is Home in one piece!

    WHY did it take so long??

    Obama did nothing – The MSM did nothing !

    The disrespect of the Military is palpable

  • Indiana

    They said it and I agree…this Marine is free because of Bill O’Reilly and FOX NEWS.

    • tinlizzieowner

      I said he would make an (exclusive) appearance on Bill’s show a little while back. Now that he’s back home, he’s had a chance to see who really led the firestorm that eventually got him released.
      It isn’t hard to see he’s a Marine. His replies to Bill were well thought out and poised.

  • marketcomp

    Thank God for the Amercan people in saving this brave soilder! No thanks to that sorry State Department and Hilary Clinton and Obama! God Bless you, Jon Hammer.

    • You could not sound anymore stupid…

      • badbadlibs

        You know, in some instances talking to one’s self can be considered a mental problem.
        Sounds like you have the added disease of liberalism. Go get checked out, pre existing diseases are now covered by the tax payer, thanks to the little dictator in the WH.

      • marketcomp

        You are obviously more stupid and ignorant to boot than you comment. What part about Jon Hammer do you not understand ignaramous? Nothing happen in the Jon Hammer case until the people, NOT the State Department or the President, stood up the Government of Mexico. So you tell me what part of that is stupid?

        • Sorry for the edit marketfriend. 🙂

          • marketcomp

            Ok, so what part needed editing? The stupid part, I guess?

      • Read the comment policy please. We’re not in public school here- no name calling.

  • poljunkie

    I tip my hat to Bill O Reilly on this one. When he decides to follow thru on something he does.
    He has also been an advocate when it comes to getting laws passed to defend children.

  • sjmom

    God bless this young man and praise the Lord he is home safely. Notice how he never thanked anyone in the administration, including the State Dept.

    • Rachel

      Why should he thank THEM…they didn’t lift a finger.

      • You dont know what your talking about

  • I am So glad and grateful he’s home. God bless him and Bless those who worked so hard to get him free.

  • Rachel

    Welcome home, Marine! So glad you are FREE. Thank you Bill, for your great efforts and all the American citizens who wrote letters and fought for Jon.

  • Sober_Thinking

    I’m thrilled he is free and recovering. Reading the Bible to pass the time is the best possible use of his time.

    Thank you FNC for being the only news channel with any honor and truth.

    Note: Obama has time to call Sandra Fluke… but not this brave young man who proudly served his country. Kinda says it all…

    • Again, your misleading remarks are flat out ignorance.

      • Sober_Thinking

        You know what’s really sad? It’s sad that your superficial intellect, stubborn resistence to truth, or blind ignorance is going to land you in a terrible and painful truth some day. Mark my words when that day comes. You lead a sad existence until you wake up. And you destiny will be beyond horrible.

        Don’t bother to respond, I have no time for trolls or mindless fools. The world is full enough of each.

      • KenInMontana

        You’re done here, three strikes and you’re out.

        That’s an umpire reference, moron.

        • Constance

          Thank you. Ah, the power of the moderators. You can do what we all wish we could do! 🙂

        • PVG

          An EO I agree with!

      • Rachel

        You keep telling everyone they are wrong and stupid and ignorant…but you give absolutely NO contradictory information. If you have a name of someone in the White House or the State Dept who helped get Hammar out of prison…cough up a name, big mouth. You can’t…because the effort to get Hammar released had nothing to do with the White House or State Dept. Because as usual, there was nothing in it for them, so as far as they were concerned he could rot in jail. Hammar’s release had to do with Bill OReilly, Fox, Hammar’s Congressmen, and we, the people (well, most likely YOU didn’t lift a finger, but WE did).

    • Rachel

      Yes, it certainly DOES say something about Obama. He’s disgusting.

      • Sober_Thinking

        I think you were being charitable with that comment… 😉

        I wholeheartedly agree.

  • ryanomaniac

    BillO can be a blow hard for sure but he can make a real difference sometimes. Like Jessica’s Law. So he really deserves some credit. So do a lot of other people who helped this happen.

    • MeanGreenBeret

      I mean if you capitulate you will be destroyed so why the hell not go down in a blaze of glory. Not fighting makes you look weak. When you look weak no one has respect for you which means you’re finished. Demand respect and use your power and you will have more of both. Respect and power.

      Ryan,I want to apologize for my comment to you this morning. I took what you said the wrong way.I understand now that it was said in jest and I overreacted. My first instinct was to fight.”Not fighting makes you look weak.” I didn’t mean to disrespect you and I am sorry for the manner in which I presented myself. My comment was uncalled for and without warrant.I do hope you will accept my apology.

      • ryanomaniac

        Hey sir, no worries. I understand totally how hard it is to tell if someone is serious or joking posting online. I knew you had just misunderstood and I can’t blame you cause WE are ALL on the edge these days. Lets kick some ass!!!

        • MeanGreenBeret

          “Lets kick some ass!!!

          Oh,so now you wanna kick my ass? Just kidding.

          Seriously,I stand shoulder to shoulder with you.

          I enjoyed the comment above from the other thread I reposted here.
          Awesome thoughts. Military grade quality.

  • Constance

    I can’t imagine what he has lived through. I just can’t. I never cease to be amazed at the strength and character of people who serve in the military. What they experience is beyond what anyone like me can even comprehend, and yet, they carry themselves far better than I do. Not only did this wonderful young man serve our country, he then lived through being in that horrible prison. God Bless him. God Bless them all.

  • MeanGreenBeret

    Hmmm,This is an interesting turn of events.

    This Marine goes to the proper channels to bring a weapon into Mexico and get’s tossed in jail.
    This Administration smuggles thousands of weapons into Mexico and ….well you know the rest of the story.