Bob Beckel: Romney had a fundraiser in Israel with a bunch of “diamond merchants”

Bob Beckel said today on The Five that Romney had a fundraiser in Israel with a bunch of “diamond merchants” and judging from twitter, he offended quite a few Jews with that comment:

UPDATE: Twitchy has a lot of responses to this antisemitism.

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  • Why is Fox News employing him?

    • Cause fox news is part of the lame stream media too

      • JohnOfPhiladelphia

        Too right! Better, Winston. Better.

      • JohnH123

        Nowadays they are all lame! At least I found the funniest gift ever on twitter @MrPisterTargets. They will be the only thing to get me through this election! lol!

        • JohnH123 it is pretty clear you are mrpistertargets and every single post on the twitter account says the same thing- it is selling an air freshner with a donkey on it. It is so lame. There is not one comment on that twitter account that isn’t about that dumb product. I think you are using this as a site to sell your junk. Go home.

    • drphibes

      He is their token Stooge. How can you be a leftist and not a stooge? Being liberal means standing on your head and telling the world that IT’S upside-down. This man is a buffoon.

      • That is an awesome saying, I like to say “liberal spin keeps them so dizzy that every thing they say sounds good in the vacuums of their heads.”

    • Spartan4Palin

      That’s two in a row for this fat gas bag!!!!!

      Thank you Fox for destroying the only outlet we had for a while that contained somewhat credible news!!!

      I hope Sarah drops them and says to hell with the rest of my contract!

      • Fox is still great. Do you want them to be like MSLSD and have no opposite opinion or lefty opinion? The 5 has 4 conservatives and one lib at the table, so let’s not jump over board here. They are much better then everyone else, and they have not changed- it’s we, the people, who are much angrier than we have been since 1979. That’s the difference. I am on your side my friend, but fox is still great. Hannity- enough said.

      • marcdg9

        The Five are news commentators not reporters. Fox is still the most credible news outlet however Beckel’s comment was antisemitic and highly inflammatory and should not be tolerated by Fox.

    • Someone has to hire the handicapped.

    • James1754

      Comic relief?

    • keeping you enemies close

  • These anti-semites are so cute at this age. Wow!

  • Joe W.

    How long is FOX News going to keep this jerk on their payroll?? He is crude, he is rude, he is racist, he is anti-Semitic, and he is obnoxious as hell.

    • sDee

      Kinda wonder if they gave him a long leash just to boost the ratings.

    • johnos2112

      Don’t forget a womanizing pig! Bob has some issues he has never dealt with. He is so full of rage that I find it very amusing.

    • they’ll keep him as long as he’s getting public attention…as any tv show with out drama or something there to keep you watching they’d loose viewers…as long as you respond to it they will keep dishing it out

      • Joe W.

        I stopped watching FOX News when they added Sally Kohn to the list of moon bats they insist on putting in front of us. Between her, Beckel, Geraldo, Shep, Alan Colmes, Juan Williams and the rest, I can’t handle it.

        • proudhispanicconservative

          You forgot Bill O’reilly who sells himself as an independent, when all he is a left wing nut job that makes it look like he cares for the “folks” and the fact is that he is as left wing as anybody, and all he wants to do is kiss Obamas a.s.s so that he can get an interview with him.
          A lot of people here warned me about fox, and im beginning to see the truth, Fox is moving to the left.

          • Joe W.

            True that. I almost included Bill, but then I would have had to include Greta, Megyn and a few other left leaning hosts….but you are quite correct…

    • TaimeAgair

      Spot on description.

    • BS61

      I love the others, but I refuse to watch the show. I stopped watching Hannity for the same reason.

      • need to listen to what the enemy says to better combat their lies, mistakes and deciet

  • jackl92

    Thoughts from a fat, racist, moron.

    • JohnOfPhiladelphia

      Compliments, to a man like Beckel. He is a shame, even to fat racist morons. Hard to believe I know.

    • JohnOfPhiladelphia

      Sorry. I said ‘man’. I meant ‘thing’.

    • James1754

      He does bare a resemblance to Michael Moore without the glasses and hat.

  • I’m convinced this guy has something on Roger Ailes. But the Fox hosts are as much to blame because they encourage him and laugh it off as “that’s just Bob.” No, this guy has real problems and it amazes me that he is given such a prominent platform on Fox.

  • Charm4sure

    Bob does liberal well. He has all the hatred and all the bigotry. He should be in an exhibit in the zoo as an endangered species.

    • Endangered? Huh? They r everywhere

      • Charm4sure

        I’m anticipating a big conservative win in November and decades of keeping liberals out of office.

  • He is an ignorant democrat who worked for none other than the anti-Semite jimmy carter.

    • JohnOfPhiladelphia

      I understand that the comment policy is quite restrictive but dude, ‘ignorant democrat’ is probably the nicest thing you could call a man like Beckel. Put a bit more effort into it will ya.


  • Philo Beddoe

    Fundraiser with Romney and Diamond Merchants or obamunist and The Muslim Brotherhood

    Gee, which is worse? I’ll take Romney over obamunist anyday.

    • Army_Pilot1967

      Amen to that, Philo, it’s no contest in my opinion.

  • OK well, all he really did was speak his mind which is not what many liberals do. They all think such things but most are too well groomed not to say them out loud. Only problem, well, for FOX anyway, is that while Beckel is a progressive, FOX will get the blame. It would serve them right for hiring such a schmuck.

  • hbnolikeee

    Now that is a Jew hater talking!

    • Cindy09

      I hope the Jews in this country remember to which party Beckel belongs!

      • hbnolikeee

        Out of your mouth to …

    • but isn’t beckel a jew?

  • of course, there were Jews who were offended…they should be…bob beckel is a racist socialist…i refuse to soft pedal it anymore…he’s a socialist who hates israel…just like obama…it’s the talking points of the left…plain and simple…

  • Is that all the Democrats have against Republicans, who has the most fundraisers and who hasn’t released their tax returns? They have no substansive message to prove to voters why their party should control both houses of congress and the white house, so all they have is this?? LOL! I sense a landslide victory for Republicans and Romney.

    Obama: 179

  • sjmom

    And there is nothing hidden with Obama????? What a farce!

  • keninil

    But then does Beckel deny Romney’s full time job is running for President?
    Obama has a full time job running this country, but you wouldn’t know it from all the golfing, fundraisers and factory tours he seems to be doing. How many times has he said he wouldn’t rest until all Americans had good jobs. Maybe he should have said he wouldn’t golf or fundraise.

    • conservative58

      Check out Obama’s schedule (today) for running this country. I guess we should all be grateful that he never does any actual work. Imagine how much more devastating he would be if he worked normal hours.

      11:00 am Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
      4:15 pm Meets with the White House Rural Council to discuss ongoing efforts in response to the drought
      4:30 pm Meets with Secretary of Defense Panetta
      5:20 pm Attends a fundraiser; The W Hotel, Washington
      6:20 pm Attends a second fundraiser; The W Hotel, Washington

      • Nukeman60

        Did you leave out the important stuff? Here, I’ll help fill in the details:

        10:45 am – gets out of bed (rushes to scheduled meeting, grumbling)
        11:00 am – Receives the Presidential daily briefing (while scarfing down a quick breakfast)
        12:00 noon – Goes back to bed for afternoon nap
        4:15 pm – gets out of bed (rushes to meeting, grumbling again)
        4:30 pm – Meets with Sec. of Def Panetta (complaining Panetta didn’t bring lunch)

        7:30 pm – after returning home from second fundraiser, goes to upstairs study, prepares a line of coke, and sits down for an evening of ‘kill the terrorist’ video games, while watching ESPN on a second TV, until 2:00 am the next morning (at which time he goes to bed until 10:45 am, ready for another very busy day of planning).

        All hail the king.

        • p m

          Hey, a guy’s gotta have an excuse for his scummie administration getting stuff ‘by’ him. He was out of the office so they used their best udgement. NOT. Out of office permanently in a few months.

  • Joe

    Beckel is getting worse every day

    BUT – If they replace him – would it get worse?

    Write to FOX here >>

    • Sometimes it’s better to have ‘The Devil you Know’ —-

  • gop4ever

    I cannot wait for Mark Levin to hear about this one.

  • poljunkie

    Bob, thats not just being an anti semite, that’s being plain jealous.

    Also, remember there’s a little thing Obama is supposed to be doing, and that is running the country….You know? Working?
    So while he is out and about eating and drinking and shmoozing…isnt he supposed to sitting in that office called Oval??

  • Cindy09

    What on earth is Fox promoting? I don’t care about Beckel, I know where he belonged and it certainly not at Fox News. Some big mouths have been suspended and eventually fired for less than that!!! What is Fox thinking in keeping this guy??!!!

  • Maxsteele

    So, let’s see, Bob has made sexist remarks about women or co-workers having hot wives and how he wanted to hit on them. He has made anti catholic remarks with regards to the debate on Obama care and now makes a cuting, extreme, anti-semetic remark.
    Yet, for some reason, he has stayed away from making any derogatory remarks about muslims?
    Come on Bob, show us how much of a man you really are. Stop going for the low hanging fruit, going after the tried and true victims of left wing racism.
    Yet, of course, like all lefties you are really a wimp and unable to go for it.

    • JohnH123

      Look up @MrPisterTargets on twitter or fb you definitely need one! lol!

  • Nukeman60

    Beckel constantly regurgitates Obama’s leftist views, that’s for sure. But his sole job is to just spew hate and discontent about the right, which he does rather well, and that’s it. It doesn’t have to be correct or even make sense. He just has to get it out there. If he goes too far, he will say, “I apologize” (until the next day, when he’ll do it again).

    All the while, he rakes in a ton of money from Fox and sits at home laughing at all of us. The power we have is to turn the show off and walk away. Ratings is the force we yield. Make Fox understand the pain that MSNBC encounters with their idiocy.

  • drphibes

    Ah, the unbigoted and civilized Left.

  • drphibes

    What a maroon! What an ignoranimus!

  • drphibes

    If he didn’t wear suspenders, his pants would fall down and expose his brains.

  • poljunkie

    Well Bobby old boy, I’d like to be a diamond merchant. 🙂

    It’s leaps and bounds above the image of a scum bucket that you trying to claim title to.

    • Landscaper59

      He can’t have a green car, it wouldn’t haul his fat a** around. The puke.

  • He’s just being a good Democrat. Lieberal Democrat rules dictate that it’s OK to make hateful, bigoted comments about Christians and Jews but not about Muslims.

  • James1754

    With all due respect, who cares what that tub of lard says? We need to get him together with Michael Moore, and a wide angle lens, and let the rude, ignorant, intolerant and stupid comments flow.

  • reason1984

    History Repeats:

    Enter Al Sharpton, who staged a rally at which he called Jews “diamond merchants” and told the crowd, “If the Jews want to get it on, tell them to pin their yarmulkes back and come over to my house.” (Al Sharpton) Hate Rally, Crown Heights, Brooklyn (1991).

    He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.
    Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Enter Bob Beckel.

  • When Imus termed black female hoopsters “nappy-headed whores” based upon their gangsta tats and demeanor, he was thrown off the air, suspended six months sans pay, and forced to go on the Apology Tour, grovelling before The Right Revs. Al and Jesse for another chance. What will befall Big Bob for stereotyping Jewish statesmen as diamond merchants?? Did you say NOTHING? Go to the head of the class.

  • I will not watch until he is taken off the air. Will miss Greg !!

  • 08silverado

    I’m not a big fan of Fox, but I think they leave him there to show the double standard intolerant ignorance of liberals

  • capelady

    And what is the matter with diamond merchants, I ask you?

  • ITYS

    Agreed, he is offensive every time he speaks, not to mention incoherent and irresponsible. Last night he denies Reid’s depravity spreading lies w/o facts but condemns those who question the legitimacy of the Obama narrative. Yet he never sees the hypocrisy and us own outrageous sanctimonious attitude.

  • Ugh. The video is not embeddable? Arrrrgh!

  • I was so disgusted by Beckel’s remarks and hearing a bit of laughter in the background was very disturbing to me as well. All this man has done over the last year is presented himself as the moral-less, evil, meanspirited person, with too many “separated at birth” “twins” out there of the liberal persuasion, and I am tired of seeing him get away with the vitriol he spews with no basis of facts behind all of it! If he thinks he’s pumping up his chest for HIS president….it’s despicable on all fronts!

  • TaimeAgair

    Just once I wish a fly would zoom into his mouth when he hangs it open at the end of one of his obnoxious diatribes. What a chump!

  • Linky1

    One question: Why do you give this person the time of day? We all know how offensive he is without a whole thread showcasing his latest offensive offering.

  • Mike Lee

    Yeah. And I heard Obama had a fundraiser with a bunch of cottonpickers. Imagine if anyone had said that?

  • enwpt0wa

    How long before Fox says enough is enough and dumps him? Until they do, “The Five” is not on my watch list. When he appears on “Hannity” he is either muted or I change the channel. Bob Beckel is a joke!

  • After 3 1/2 years Americans know little about Obama or where his donations comes from. Foreign Desert Sand money? or laundered tax money washed through laundromats of many SYLENDRA’s now bankrupt?.

  • kong1967

    They keep showing who the racists really are.

    Romney can have however many fundraisers he wants. He’s not using taxpayer money like Obama is (to campaign) and he’s not currently running the country. Obama is supposed to be running the country and he’s not because it’s too much of an inconvenience!!

    Let’s say Romney did have fundraisers with diamond merchants. Who cares? They are businessmen!! Obama has fundraisers with pretenders in Hollywood and raises money from Palestinians and Israel’s enemies. Gee, let me think which one is a more American type of behavior. I choose having fundraisers with our friends in Israel.

  • Fire Bob Beckel NOW! Almost invariably Jew haters are either of the left or Islamofascists. No, really. Colonel Neville.

  • I’ve come to the conclusion that Beckel doesn’t even believe half the stuff he says, it’s just his job on that show to stir up differences between the two sides. Don’t get me wrong; he’s a flaming lib. I just don’t think he truly believes some of his more outlandish remarks. If he did, him and Bolling would have punched each other by now.

  • cheyennecowboy

    From the “KING OF STUPIDITY AND ARROGANCE,” Beckel never disappoints.

  • MiketheMarine

    Amazing. American jews have taken to attacking Israeli jews. Hard to fathom.

    • Madley

      Beckel isn’t Jewish. The only one of The Five that realized that was an insult was Dan Perino but they pretty much let the comment go. Fox still has this up and running on their website.

  • Lib-commie fool – hypocrite – it’s amazing this thing can form words with that dunce cap weighing him down.

  • Deserttrek

    beckel is was and, in my opinion, always will be a racist and bigot. like all libs he thinks he is smarter, more moral and a better person than anybody who disagrees with him.

    i stopped watching fox news because of him and shep smith. two biogts who shouild not be on the air.

  • I’m Catholic and was offended. He says he is taking a “day off”. Might that be without pay?

  • Bob Beckel is amazingly juvenile; he has nothing intelligent to say so he calls everybody names and swears. I would think that the liberal/progressives would cringe when they hear him represent them but, probably not. He’s so bad he probably does us good.

  • Bob Beckel is SO juvenile. He has so VERY little to say that’s intelligent, he has to call names and swear. I would think that the liberal/ progressives he represents would cringe every time he opens his mouth; but probably not. It is probably very advantageous for us to have him there (although he sickens me). I think his degrading, offensive language would reach a point of no return REAL SOON.

  • Liberalism is a disease not covered by obozo care

  • keep your enemies close

  • I have been a big fan of Bob’s, he reminds me of my Dad. My Dad was embarrasing enough in the privacy of our livingroom, but now the way these libs really feel is being exposed on TV. I think in theory the idea of having people like Bob on was a good one. You can never truly trust a tamed lion. I am sorry to say that Bob has worn out his welcome, vulgar language and racism should not be tolerated.

  • TheFutureJustHappened

    Its illegal for any Candidate to raise nor delegate or to accept donations from any country other then the US!…. and its for a GREAT reason.
    He Should Be held acountable for these matters, Yet these things just slide before our eyes like nothing happened!!!