BOLTON: We’ve got just ONE diplomatic option left with N. Korea before military action

John Bolton makes pretty clear that while he supports the UN resolution against N. Korea, he doesn’t believe it’ll do any good whatsoever.


With respect to China agreeing to the sanctions, Bolton points out that China said in the resolution that we must begin talks with N. Korea again. But Bolton says that’s nothing but a fool’s errand, that we’ve been talking to them for 25 years and it hasn’t worked yet and it won’t work. In fact it just gives Pyongyang more time to keep building their nuclear and ballistic missile programs.

Also he points out that China can easily give N. Korea a billion dollars to help them bypass the sanctions anyway if it keeps the regime from collapsing, which is what Bolton says they are very worried about.

So what are our real options? Bolton says that after 25 years we don’t have any good ones left. The only diplomatic move he says we have left is to convince China to support a unification of the peninsula under S. Korean control. He says that’s a hard argument to make, but it’s all we have left before we have to use military force to deal with the problem.

But what does Bolton think will actually happen? He argues that we should never let N. Korea get to the point where they have a ballistic missile that could reach America but predicts this:

I will predict it right now. We will hear people in this country, including in the government, saying right up to the date when the missile lifts off ‘why don’t we just sit down and talk with the N. Koreans’. We have talked to them for 25 years. It hasn’t worked. It won’t work now.

In other words, Bolton believes we should use military action to prevent N. Korea from getting a ballistic missile that could reach America. But in actuality he believes we’ll just hear people in the Trump administration argue that talking to Kim Jong Un is the best option to appease China.

Whether Trump listens to them or to the likes of Bolton remains to be seen. Let’s hope for our sakes it’s not the former.

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