BOOM! Judge Jeanine SCORCHES Eric Holder, says he should be INDICTED

I’ve really come to look forward to Judge Jeanine’s monologues because she is one of the few who will tell the brutal truth no matter how politically incorrect or sensitive. And in this week’s monologue she takes on America’s top law enforcement agent and head of the DOJ, Eric Holder, and rakes him across the coals for the lies he has told and how he is running the DOJ. She calls him a political operative and says he needs to be indicted – and then she writes the actual indictment. Fantastic!

This is a MUST WATCH:

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  • metalchick007

    Man I dig her!!  She is no joke.  I would like to see her on Fox a little more often than once per week.  She’s got SPUNK!

    • Keyes

      I’d love for her to get O’Reilly’s time slot. I am so sick of him. I can’t even watch him anymore.

      • pitch_fork_ready

        Keyes metalchick007  
        O’Reilly makes me want to puke.  My household does NOT watch him any longer either.  Talk about “BLOVIATE”  .. HE is the definition of the ‘word of the day’ !

  • Orangeone

    This is why I want this intelligent woman as Ted Cruz’s VP!

    • Conned B4

      much as I admire them, Ted CRUZ, Marco RUBIO, and Bobby JINDAL are NOT “NATURAL
      Regardless of WHERE a Presidential hopeful is
      born, BOTH PARENTS must have been U.S. CITIZENS AT THE TIME OF HIS BIRTH to
      qualify as a “natural born citizen” under our U.S. Constitution. (This is VERY
      different from any other category of citizenship, i.e. “native born” or
      For a tutorial on “natural born citizen” and a
      comprehensive “study” of Obama visit Mario Apuzzo’s and Beckwith’s websites:
      am so bleepin’ sick of fellow conservatives PROMOTING CONSTITUTIONALLY
      OBAMA IS NOT ELIGIBLE!!! Obama is a USURPER who (aided and
      abetted by political and media powers-that-be) has perpetrated the biggest hoax
      against American citizens in the history of our nation!.
      elections are NOT popularity contests and should not be treated as such. The
      Constitutional “natural born citizen” eligibility criteria was put there by our
      forefathers to protect us from being “presided over” by an individual with
      potentially dual allegiances. Our abandonment of the “natural born citizen”
      criteria has resulted in the dire consequences our forefathers foresaw. “Exhibit
      A” of those dire consequences currently ILLEGALLY OCCUPIES the Oval Office, has
      little or no allegiance to America, and goes by the names Barry Soetoro aka
      Barack Soebarkah aka Harrison Bounel aka Barack Hussein Obama.
      Rubio’s chief-of-staff Cesar Conda worked for George Soros… 
      of Kenyan birth records…
      Article by Diane West:

      • Keyes

        Conned B4 Orangeone 
        I am sick of conservatives promoting ineligible folks too! Someone says something they like and presto!..they want him to run for prez, even if he’s not eligible.
        Rubio is a traitor and ineligible. I don’t get it.

      • K-Bob

        Conned B4 Orangeone  
        This was all throughly hashed out on Free Republic.  You aren’t covering new ground at all, and by now we all know the issue. You might have a case with Jindal, but Cruz is in the grey area that depends on competing interpretations.  And yes, there are competing interpretations beginning from the founding, neither of which have been resolved as a point of law.

        All of which has been mooted by barack, anyway.
        Until there’s a constitutional amendment specifying the meaning of Natural Born, you are wasting your time.

      • Orangeone

        Conned B4 Orangeone Ted Cruz’s father was a US Citizen when Ted was born.  Rubio’s was NOT.

        • Conned B4

          Conned B4
           To satisfy the “natural born citizen” eligibility requirement of the
          Constitution, BOTH parents must be American citizens at the time of a
          presidential hopeful’s birth regardless of their location of birth. At the time
          of Ted Cruz’ birth in Calgary, Canada, his American-citizen mother
          and Cuban-citizen father RESIDED there.  He was born a resident of Canada with
          dual-American/Cuban citizenship. No one with dual citizenship is eligible for

          As outstanding as Ted Cruz is,
          he is NOT eligible to run for or occupy the office of President of the United
          States!  He is neither a “natural born” nor a “native born” citizen of the
          United States but rather a “citizen by statute” as clarified

          As constitutional
          conservative Ted Cruz stated at the May 2013 National Rifle Association
          convention in Houston: “The Constitution matters. All of the Constitution. It’s
          not pick and choose. It’s not take what part you like and get rid of the parts
          you don’t like. … Every word of the Constitution matters.” 
          Upon his
          victorious election to the Senate in August 2012, Cruz proclaimed to his
          supporters, “We did it. Millions of Texans, millions of Americans are rising up
          to reclaim our country, defend liberty and RESTORE THE
          If Ted Cruz is the staunch
          Constitutionalist he claims to be, he would be doing voters of all parties an
          ENORMOUS DISSERVICE BY RUNNING for the U.S. Presidential office in 2016 and
          subjecting our nation to further “natural born citizen”
          confusion. TODAY, it is incumbent upon us citizens
          through our elected Congress to implore our Supreme Court to provide a binding
          definition of “natural born citizen” to prevent this issue from clouding future
          elections and administrations. 
          Assuming their respective wives Heidi, Jeanette, and Supriya were themselves
          American citizens at the time they gave birth, then Cruz, Rubio, and Jindal can
          take great comfort in knowing that THEIR sons and daughters WILL be eligible to
          be President of the United States one day.

        • Orangeone

          Conned B4 Orangeone I’ll take Cruz’s and Derschowitz’s word for it any day and they both say he qualifies.

        • K-Bob

          Conned B4 Orangeone  
          I usually detest online groups who throw the term “noob” at folks who are new to the discussion, but in this case you are making a “noob” error: assuming the people who hang out here are neophytes. If you hang out a while, you’ll find that many here have been in the trenches studying the issues and reporting on them for a long time.

          As I wrote, this has all been hashed out at Free Republic.  You don’t need  to start spamming threads with copy/paste and links that anyone can find over there with a few clicks.  I trust people here to make up their own minds on this issue.
          Besides which the topic of this thread is not Ted Cruz.  If you want to start a discussion on this topic, bring it up in an open thread, or wait for Scoop to put up a post where it’s relevant.  Just note that a lot of copy/paste stuff is not in compliance with the

        • Conned B4

          K-Bob Conned B4 Orangeone I apologize for having broken your Comment Policy rules.  I probably would have responded quite differently had Orangeone said “This is why I want this intelligent woman as President” rather than “…as Ted Cruz’s VP!”
          Since you are satisfied that the “natural born citizen” issue has been conclusively “hashed out” ad nauseam at Free Republic, I can see how those of you who have been in the trenches here for a long time would be put off by a “noob” such as myself challenging anyone’s endorsement of Ted Cruz whom I consider to be Constitutionally ineligible.
          Thank you for your words of caution. Not only will this “noob” not make the same mistake again, I will warn my fellow “noobs” to try to do some research on this site before they dare enter with any thought that they have anything of value to bring to the circle of intellectually elite who (apparently) routinely hang out here.

        • K-Bob

          Conned B4 K-Bob Orangeone 
          Doubling down is a sign that you fail to comprehend rational debate.  
          Good luck finding a site you can dominate with your pointless scorn and hectoring.

  • YoJoe

    Indicted – That’s it?
    WE ALL know he lied on NATIONAL TV!
    This is a no brainer!
    Straight to PRISON

    • badbadlibs

      YoJoe It’s stunning that there are still people who are defending what he said! He didn’t actually “lie” to congress….there are entirely too many people brain dead.

  • badbadlibs

    I watched that this evening. I LOVED seeing holder’s pic with DEFENDANT under his sickening name. 🙂

    • Orangeone

      badbadlibs I did a mind picture of him in an orange jumpsuit in that pix with DEFENDANT under his name :}

      • badbadlibs

        Orangeone  That’s the stuff sweet dreams are made of! 😉

  • volgeek

    I love this woman.

  • carolynw

    I want this woman to come to Australia we need her here

  • MarkWendt

    I have a huge crush on this woman.

    • CalCoolidge

      MarkWendt Agree, and I’d like to crush every Republican who voted yea on Holder’s nomination.

      • patriot077

        CalCoolidge MarkWendt Me too. It isn’t like his slimey history wasn’t common knowledge. I hoped Tara would have mentioned the FALN terrorists being either acquitted or pardoned by him. They only murdered a couple of our policemen. Both had families if my memory is correct.
        He is the scum of the earth and should be disbarred for life.

  • CalCoolidge

    The only question I have is who is Walter Zenger?  Does she mean John Peter Zenger?

    • patriot077

      CalCoolidge I would like to know that also. I suspect your educated guess is correct.

      • CalCoolidge

        patriot077 CalCoolidge Thanks.

  • GregZotta

    Speaker John Boehner are you listening?

    • DHardy

      GregZotta Gawd that Boehner is a huge disappointment and an embarrassment..

    • GregZotta no, he’s either under his desk sucking his thumb or out golfing with dear leader.

      • bigbossogg

        AmericanborninCanada GregZotta Wait…Golfing with his thumb or sucking … WHA..?                                                           

        (yes, I have a juvenile sense of humor…)

  • The Sentinel

    What can you say to that? Seriously.
    She nailed it (as always).
    Once again… where are the Republicans?

  • DHardy

    I love strong independent conservative women….I agree with her most of the time and even when I don’t it’s pretty dang close….I hope she keeps up the good work we need people like her in our media…

  • DeborahClemence

    There has been no justice in the Obama administration since they took office.  Holder’s first act was to dismiss the case for voter intimidation against the New Black Panthers (and they had it on tape!).  He also made it very clear that only minorities deserved protection… not whites.  The Obama administration joined with MEXICO to sue Arizona over their immigration law!  What an outrage – joining with another country to sue an American state?  They have sued every swing state that tried to pass Voter ID laws.  The DOJ has been used as a club against America whenever it served Obama’s political interest and ideology.  And they all lie.  Holder is a political hack and cannot be trusted with the responsibility of his office, especially in light of the systemic corruption that is coming to light throughout this Executive Branch!

  • LindaPetersen

    She should be on the Supreme Court!

    • LindaPetersen She should be our Attorney General!!

      • LindaPetersen

        AmericanborninCanada LindaPetersenOK that works for me too! She should definitely be one or the other. Can she be both???? But the Supreme Court is a lifetime position. I’d rather have her there.

        • LindaPetersen oh! Yeah, good point there Linda!  We can recruit Mark Levin to be our AG.  Or Trey Gowdy! 😀

  • clockwindingdown

    Okay Judge, where is the petition… Good to see her call it as it is. Seems more are coming out and beginning to speak up. The wave is beginning to grow an increase in strength, now it needs to wash us clean of these miscreants!

  • RobinLovesTorah

    I love this woman.  She is strong and HONEST.  She tells it like it is and I wish she was president.  Thank you.  I don’t have a TV but love to hear her every week.  She is a warrior for America.

  • RobinLovesTorah
    • Keyes

      That won’t do any good. In fact, I highly recommend NOT signing any petitions that go to the WH. That is just giving O your name for his enemies list.

      • Godisright

        Keyes RobinLovesTorah Thinking the same thing- your information is not safe with them. Then there is a knock on your door etc. etc.

  • Fay Christie

    Sadly whilst humanity worships the “symbol” of wealth, rather than true wealth itself, office bearers like this man will exploit whatever means they can to keep the status quo. But we now know that it is bankrupt … only the Real/True will survive. Where is true Government … not in the US present office bearers that’s for sure.

  • kitdfohs

    It appears to me that the entire Republican establishment has been asleep at the switch. Under their”leadership,” we seem to have lost the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, 9th and 10th amendments. Are you listening McCain, Graham, Boehner, et al. All of you people should be sent home after the next election.  You apparently are not even trying to do your jobs so go home.

  • Rand Paul 2016!!!!

    • DavidDunn1

      Paleoconservative’s Time they all working to together don’t be fooled vote them all out if there is something lift to this country by then

    • Orangeone

      Paleoconservative’s Time Thanks for Obama for four more years.

  • Rand Paul 2016! Stop the tyrannical actions of government.

    • Keyes

      Paleoconservative’s Time 
      Rand supports amnesty. Why do people want him to run for president??

      • Orangeone

        Keyes Paleoconservative’s Time Beat me to it Keyes! And let’s not forget his position on legalizing drugs, gee no impact to unborn babies, infants and children with that is there…..

  • DebraDrummond

    Obama has to back them all Holder, Clinton ,Jarrett, Lerner because they all either know things about him that could destroy him, political and reputation wise and possibly put him behind bars or worse

    • bigbossogg

      DebraDrummond So true! And with Holder as his ‘firewall’ from the big bad world, if he were to lose that, he’d go down in flames. Jarrett couldn’t hold it together, squatting in her web deep in the WH like some loathsome spider.

      • BetseyRoss

        bigbossogg DebraDrummond  Kick the pins out from underneath Holder and this regime falls.  Press on with him.  Keep calling for his resignation.  Keep up the pressure.  Write, call, email all of them in DC.  We have demonstrated on the streets and all we got for it was more of the same.

        • Orangeone

          BetseyRoss bigbossogg DebraDrummond Yes, yes, yes and yes!

    • Orangeone

      DebraDrummond Let’s not forget David Axelrod.  He has his own methods of intimidation and is outside the realm of gov’t and would never be prosecuted for protecting O.

  • Judges718

    G-d forgive me for being cynical but….

    Holder and Obama will continue to violate the United States Constitution with impunity.  
    Don’t put any faith in the opposition party aka the GOP, as they are cowering submissive pantywaists, who have the same goal as the Marxists, namely rule by oligarchy.  
    Boehner, McConnell, Canter, McCarthy, Ryan, et al will do nothing but grumble and act perplexed as to what to do.  They won’t appoint an independent counsel or convene any kind of independent investigation.  They don’t want to cause any ripples in the cesspool.
    Short of we the people taking to the streets and demanding the
    restoration of the rule of law and accountability for this criminal
    administration, nothing will be done.

    • CeeDee

      Judges718 Do you mean Cantor?  And who is McCarthy?  Do you mean McCain?

      • Judges718

        Cantor then.  Thanks for trolling my posts for spell checks.  
        I meant McCarthy, as in Kevin McCarthy, Republican Congressman from the 23rd District of California, and the majority whip in the House of Representatives.  The number three Republican in the House.

        • Godisright

          Judges718 All set on the commas. Periods are in the right place too! 😉

        • CeeDee

          Judges718 I merely wanted clarification.  Thanks for providing it.

  • Ruthie3601

    Its about time someone stepped up….Obama gets Holder to investigate himself???? The whole Obama admin needs to be put on trial and thrown away and the key lost….Im so disgusted at the lack of morality in our government and the amount of criminal behavior that is so blatent…but his sheeple keep following him thinking they are so transparent and good for this country….are they just blind or just plain stupid…Im thinking the latter

  • Ruthie3601

    People have seem to have forgotten that the government works for us!!! We pay their salaries…which by the way Obama just gave himself a raise…considering his wife has 26 people waiting on her hand and foot…wth is going on??? I think civil unrest is in order…and a good housecleaning is in order….kick them out with no pay and put them on trial for their crimes!

  • PNWShan

    Judge Jeanine, my favorite judge!

  • HarryMorgan

    Thank you for bringing the honest truth to the American People. I respect the fact that you cant be bought by Washington to cover up and sugar coat everything crooked that goes on behind closed doors. J Jeanie youve earned my respect. Dont ever change a thing

  • SurfinCowboy

    I love JJP, she really hosts a fabulous show. Something is bothering me though. I have not seen or heard of it being talked about in any of the blogs or other sources I read/watch, but this sentence that AG Holder says really bugs me:
    “…with regards to the potential prosecution of the press for the DISCLOSURE of material…”
    I would imagine that any attempted prosecution, holding in contempt, or other legal proceedings against Holder would be thwarted when Holder says something along the lines of, “Oh, we were not interested in prosecuting him for any DISCLOSURE of information, we thought that he may be bribing or otherwise illicitly encouraging persons with security clearance to illegally divulge sensitive information, which is different than prosecuting him for publishing anything – we wanted him for possible coercion.”
    Now I don’t think that this necessarily gets Holder off the hook, but I just think that if you look critically at what he said that is being called a lie, it is only a lie if he was looking to prosecute a member of the press for disclosure of material, and they seem to have a dodge in that they can claim it was (the potential prosecution) for coercion of some sort.
    Am I stuck in the weeds on this? I just know how crafty and weasly these lawyers can get with language. You know, the whole meaning of the word “is” and stuff like that.
    Anyway – thanks for posting the clip Scoop, always love me some JJP!

  • Keyes

    What’s the matter? Are you one of those folks that thinks a woman should walk around in a bag??

    • Orangeone

      Keyes stvitusfx The original comment was deleted but I simply love your response!

  • SurfinCowboy

    stvitusfx Harsh.

  • Roy DilleHayes

    Since I live in Alaska I don’t know what a “Jersey Shore Whore” looks like. I find stvitusfx to be a rude juvenile punk who cant find anything constructive to say so pulls out his pudding to whack iit in public.  I find the Judge to be a Very good person and her comments are right on the spot.

    • SurfinCowboy

      Roy DilleHayes I notice that it is also the very first comment made by that LiveFyre account. Troll alert.

  • freechic

    stvitusfx  Because she is not on the bench….she is on TV and I personally think she looks very nice.  AND, I think everyone should send this to Congress as she has already laid out for them the path to Holder’s incarceration.  Good job Judge.

    • Roy DilleHayes

      freechic stvitusfx damn right She did a damned good job didn’t she?

  • E Lee Zimmerman

    stvitusfx Coward.  No — I misspoke.  Ignorant coward.

  • white531

    It is not hard to see, that there are many in the private sector who are not only well educated in the practice of law, but are not dependent on the enticements of government office to feed themselves and their families.
    Judge Jeanine is one of those.  I love the girl.  She speaks the truth, and the left doesn’t like it. Sorry about that.

  • KatherineConner

    I wish he would have used some of that manpower to take down some of these bad state prosecutors, and judges who are committing crimes against the poor by leaps and bonds with wrongful prosecutions, and convictions, malicious intent, malfeasance, and other criminal activity that are costing this country billions of dollars, and filling our prisons.  The U S has more people incarcerated than the entire world.  This is Louisiana alone! What does that say? They are creating crimes to extort money, and incarceration to acquire free labor here.  Prison profiteers! Now this warrants spying on! Other countries are talking about this mass incarceration. But have yet to hear that this administration is talking about, or investigating this systemic epidemic.

  • FrankDiSalle

    In her reference to Freedom of the Press, she mentions a “Walter Zenger”. It’s Peter Zenger, and he came from the same county as she does.
    Jus’ sayin’…

    • GiantM

      An 11+ minute monolog by memory is imo impressive.

    • doofuschmartz

      Not that it matters, BUT, it was JOHN Peter Zenger…just sayin…

  • kong1967

    It takes a lot of balls for her to be so high profile with her criticisms of Holder and Obama.  They have proven their willingness to target people that give them trouble.  They don’t just come back with name calling, they use the full force of government to make people’s lives hell and try to destroy them.
    Judge Jeanine doesn’t flinch.  She is a true warrior in this battle.

  • Pyrran

    Supreme Court Justice Jeanine Piro
    Has a nice ring to it.

  • Matt2Matt

    Golly gee, I wonder why the Obama Regime is bent on silencing Fox News, and conservative talk radio?

  • UlyssesArn

    Can we include a couple counts of accessory to murder(Brian Terry) and/or criminally neglagent homicide to the Holder indictment.

  • BeverlyLevitt

    God bless you Judge for speaking the truths in a corrupt government, hell bent on destroying our Constitution with any means available. They thumb their noses at the folks who pay their pay checks, abuse, prosecute and destroy whoever they deem a threat to their conspiracy to destroy our great Republic, while breaking all laws they swore to uphold. They are indeed the scum at the bottom of the pond.

  • bobomack

    The Obama administration is so corrupt. It’s about time somebody from the media calls it as it is, instead of covering up for this farce of a Government. The truth is if you speak out against Obama and his ilk, you will be targeted and they will do anything to discredit and destroy you and your creditability. Anyone who voted for Obama, you get what you deserve!! This administration will go to any means to subvert the law and deny any accountability!!

    • dianeempey1

      bobomack Absolutely correct!!! Unfortunately those of us that didn’t vote for him are getting what we don’t 🙁

  • publius69

    what is unbelievable to me are the republicans who voted his POS holder in.  the demonrats, not so much…they are blinded by political ideology to care about the country

    • No_BlahBlah

      publius69 they’re not blinded,
      Remember shrillary’s term paper?
      “There is Only the FIght”

      • publius69

        No_BlahBlah publius69 I have not heard of this.  Do you have a link?  I also never got a copy of moochelle’s princeton thesis before it mysteriously went off-line.  what is clear to mean is that these progressives are dangerous, dangerous idealogues committed to taking our freedoms

      • No_BlahBlah   All we need to know about Shrillary…is that the reason the LEFT HATED Nixon and were determined to get rid of him was his work as a young lawyer on the McCarthy HUAC Committee which were investigating the Communists who had infiltrated our Gov. and our Institutions.   Then guess who worked on the WATEGATE Committee trying to Impeach Nixon?  That’s Right!   Hillary Rodham herself!!!

        • No_BlahBlah

          seenbetterdaze No_BlahBlah excellent connection and absolutely correct

  • notebene

    The Judge nails it!  Holder, indeed needs to go….directly to federal prison!  Resignation is unacceptable!  The man should be indicted, tried, and convicted for his crimes against the American people…right along side his boss, the Imposter in chief, Odumbo!  Firing and resignation would only mean that yet another useful tool will get paid and benefits to sit on their @$$ and abuse their power on our tax payer dimes!

  • Conniption Fitz

    Dare her to go after Bam-bam.

  • DarrellGriffin

    So according to Chris Van Holland- DEMOCRAT, MD. on FNS……. law enforcement can LIE about something on an affidavit, “to get more information , so long as they don’t intend to prosecute, and it happens all the time”.
    I wonder what would happen if any of us did the same.
    Of course we don’t get to shop our judges either. Wouldn’t it be nice to go to three different judges until we got the outcome we wanted.

    • DarrellGriffin not surprising he said that. Just about all those that inhabit the plantation, DemonRat, have the same view which is “it’s OK to lie and cheat as long as your intention is well meaning or it can make you a lot of money or………….whatever.

      • LoJoFo

        warpmine DarrellGriffin Taqiyya

  • comingapart

    Judge Jeanine for AG!
    Truly a MUST WATCH!

  • jalangaya

    Jovial, Junoesque Judge Jeanine wears provocative ensemble, displays exciting cleavage. She speaks is dulcet tones, clearly & concisely.

  • vmark1962

    If there was ever in my lifetime a woman representative being the perfect match of the statue of the blind female holding the scales of justice it would be The Honorable Jeanine Pirro. As a person with a past and one who completed his “Involuntary Servitude” I will say, promote, and lobby for This Honorable Judge Jeanine Pirro whom could and should replace the “WHOLE” US Supreme Court to do just that.

  • TonySimmon

    This Administration is nothing more than bunch of THUG’S from Obama, Eric Holder, Clinton and all of the heads of this Government.   I really do not understand, why haven’t the rest of America taken to the streets and ask for the Impeachment of these SOB’S…..If it was the regular Joe of this country, they would be already in Jail….This is BS what is happening to this Country….Enough already Enough I say!!! What say you

    • TonySimmon This government is only meant for a moral and religious people dedicated to the truth of Nature’s God. It cannot be for any other as the immoral criminal will twist it all up in a bind to do evil upon their fellow citizens. The social construct of this country has devolved into something other than what the intent of the Founders. They wanted us over and over via their journals, their court opinions, the Federalist Papers but our predecessors did not want to listen as they knew better than then men who risked it all. 

      If we continue to allow this bring forth the downfall of this once great nation, an experiment in self governance, then we will have thrown away the last speck of liberty in man’s history.

    • Natalia Hurst

      You can email your congressmen and request impeachment or resignation. If everyone would maybe something would change. I did and received a statement back that said “Due to the flooding of request from the people our congressman has put his vote in for impeachment for obama and resignation for holder.

      • Natalia Hurst Don’t hold your breath for Impeachment of the One.   Congress will NEVER Impeach HIM    They KNOW what will happen if they tried to do that.   His Obots will destroy our big cities just like what happened in Watts.   HLS knows that too…why else did they buy up Billions of bullets and armored vehicles and drones?    They might succeed in getting him to Resign ala Nixon…but I doubt even that would be OK with his people.

  • tanksbb

    The corruption is so rampant, we need to clean out the entire Federal Govt and start over from scratch.

  • It’s not a Federal problem.  It starts with every courthouse in every county (especially if they have a “closed” bar).  Exposure is our only weapon.

  • 335blues

    Holder is likely guilty of being an accessory before the fact to murder. He knowingly provided weapons to criminals in the mexican drug cartels WITH THE FULL EXPECTATION THAT THE WEAPONS WOULD BE USED TO COMMIT CRIMES. In fact, he was counting on it. Hundreds of people have been murdered with the weapons holder gave to the cartels. This is the very definition of accessory before the fact to murder. Holder must not be allowed to get away with murder. Holder is a criminal who belongs in prison.

  • Well, that was the short list of indictments. I’m sure Judge Pirra would have/could have gone on if she had the time. How about failure to perform his sworn duties, selectively choosing to ignore crimes because they were committed by “his people”?

  • fickle11

    I aint trying to funny or anything but that bitch is sexy, damn. (Not calling her a  bitch, it just sounds better when you say it that way for effect) Have a great day

    • MrtBaggins

      fickle11 No, you are right, she is a bitch. Some might even say she is a stupid bitch.

      • PoCoTex

        MrtBaggins fickle11  In my view, she is seriously brilliant. She’s one of the very few people that can cut through all the garbage that Obama and Holder keep flinging at us.
        I’ve personally talked to a judge like her and he scared the living daylights out of me.
        Pirro is good. She’s very good.

        • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

          PoCoTex MrtBaggins fickle11  
          Judge Jeanine Pirro for Attorney Gen.

      • 57thunderbird

        MrtBaggins fickle11 Oh?How so?Please elaborate on the reasons for your opinion.I think you best look in the mirror.

    • K-Bob

      Call me old-fashioned, but Rush is right about the “chickification” of society. Men need to become men again, and remember that we would never tolerate someone using that word to describe a woman.  It used to be one of the fastest routes to a broken nose.  That much is merely my opinion, and has nothing to do with being a moderator.

      However, it’s not in compliance with the comment policy, so I redacted the term.
      We allow some loose interpretation of the rules regarding the more risque words, such as the passing use of ‘excrement’-related terminology when making another point.  But when the term itself becomes the point, that’s when it’s over the line.

      • PoCoTex

        K-Bob fickle11  Well, then, I hope it’s OK for me to say that Judge Pirro is brilliant and that she cuts through all the garbage that Obama and Holder throw at us.
        I thank the Lord that we still have “prophets” like Judge Pirro.

        • K-Bob

          PoCoTex K-Bob fickle11 But of course! (said with fake, French accent)

  • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

    “Mr. Attorney General, it’s time…for you…to go.”  To prison!

  • misterlogic0013

    hammered him = rightfully so .. he will go ………..

  • Natalia Hurst

    At what point are people going to realize that we are under the control of a bunch of corrupt dictators. We voted these assholes in we should have the option to impeach them. Only then will this country recover from the mess that they’ve made.  And everyone that upholds them for whatever reason, they don’t give a rats ass about you or me or anyone else. They are more concerned about giving our OUR country over to illegals and muslims with no consideration for the people that PAY their salaries. They are UN-convicted FELONS and nothing more and to refer to them as LEADERS is more than a disgrace and embarrassment

    • ChristineAnnRamirez

      Natalia Hurst I could not agree more. I voted for the other guy.

    • doofuschmartz

      “We” does not include this voter. We does not mean me, and hopefully not you, Natalia…just sayin…

  • Natalia Hurst

    Received a post that stated “The Green Berets have sworn to SUPPORT AND DEFEND the Constitution against ALL”!….


    …the T R U T H shall set us all F R  E E ,
    from these EVIL Lying MARXIST S.O.B.’s who are now destroying the United States of America from within 
    and thats the T R U T H !”

  • doofuschmartz

    Eric ‘the Red’ Withholder already had a nefarious history of abuses when Obama named him for the AG position. He knew exactly who and what Holder was, and it was exactly what he both needed and wanted for his Attorney General to be. Moreover, Holder has performed exactly the way Obama has directed behind the scenes. A perfectly choreographed waltz to the abuse of power arrangement they had planned from day one. Why else would Holder remain on board when all the other rats jumped ship. There will be neither an indictment, nor a firing, so just pull your own hopes down, my friends, before they are dashed yet again by this sickeningly effete congress that passes itself off as a body of lawmakers. Judge Pirro is right…in more ways than one…but judgement day still comes

  • standbesideherUSA

    As I watched Judge Jeanine last night, I thought ‘now that’s the kind of COMMON SENSE approach to issues we need in Washington!’
    No nonsense on her watch!

    Way to go Judge.

  • Conniption Fitz

    THE WHOLE @#$%^&**! OBAMA ADMINISTRATION is a putrid pit of corruption and contempt for the LAW and PEOPLE of the USA.

  • I wish and HOPE Judge Jeanine Pirro will run for Potus against the Hildebeest…she would beat the Pants Suit off her!  I loved this monologue and also the one where she smacked down Jihadi Mom for saying it’s America’s fault for her Bomber Sons,  after receiving over $100 Thous. in Welfare/ Food Stmps, and then being a thief who stole over $2 Thous. worth of dresses from Lord and Taylor, and then running back home before her case went to trial!   She is the ONLY person who stood UP FOR America over our Immigration/Welfare policies.

  • standbesideherUSA

    Obama’s poll numbers have dropped 7 points.  
    If he was not aware of what his Attorney General was up to, why would he say he still has ‘confidence’ in him knowing that Holder and his antics are dragging Obama down?
    Nothing that comes out of this White House makes sense.  Period.

  • KemCho

    Would you ask an alleged thief to investigate himself to report if he stole anything? Obama administration is really setting new standards.

  • YoJoe

    Judge Pirro offers indictment against Holder >>
    Question:  ———— If he resigns CAN they and  WILL they go after him?
    AND Can he be sued in Civil Court by the Brian Terry family?

    • Orangeone

      YoJoe The Terry family is already suing but it is in the official capacities.

  • njmom

    In any other administration Holder would have already been gone but under King Obama things are different which is one of the reasons he must also go.

  • PVG

    He should be indicted, tried, and jailed. No retirement, no healthcare, no pension, and, oh yeah, he should lose his law license permanently!!

  • standbesideherUSA

    Targeting Americans because of their political affiliation is UNFORGIVABLE.  
    A very high price must be paid for the flagrant misuse of power and the ignoring of the rights afforded to EVERY American under the CONSTITUTION! 

    Holder, Lerner, and whoever was involved, no matter how high up the food chain it goes, must pay for what they did.  
    They need a one way trip to the MOON on the end of the tax payer’s FOOT!  Period!

    • white531

      Your sentiments are appreciated here, standbesideherUSA.  The corruption in our government is appalling.  But after four years of the Kenyan Immigrant, it almost appears normal.  He brought Chicago Politics to the White House and our own government.  
      Why is nothing being done about it?  Same reason as always.  Americans are more interested in their wide screen tv’s and their four wheel drive pickup trucks.
      Quite frankly, I will surprised if any of this comes to any form of prosecution or punishment of the Obama criminals involved.  Chicago Politics.  Get used to it.

      • standbesideherUSA

        white531 standbesideherUSA  
        Thank you.  I have to continue to believe in the American People and in their belief in God, Family and Country. 
        WE THE PEOPLE can walk and chew gum at the same time, so we expect CONGRESS to do the same.  
        They can root out this horrible STENCH and do what they were sent to Washington to do at the same time.  This is what we pay them to do. 
        Any of them can be replaced…eventually.

        • white531

          standbesideherUSA white531  
          New people like you who come here to this site enrich it immensely.  I came here quite awhile ago just like you.  I fell in love with the format and the people here, and I have been here ever since.
          There is nothing like Scoop.   Welcome to the party.

        • PVG

          white531 standbesideherUSA I love your optimism….welcome friend!

        • standbesideherUSA

          white531 standbesideherUSA  
          Thank you and have a good night.

  • standbesideherUSA

    As of right now, all of these scandals definitely have LEGS.  
    However, if Congress waits too long to get to the bottom of all of this, Americans will be not only OUTRAGED, but in deep trouble as far as our freedom and liberty is concerned!  These Obamanuts are playing for KEEPS.
    CONGRESS, we must not drop the ball on this! Our children’s future depends on it.  Period.

  • EagleMT

    check the records and then act now is the time.

  • standbesideherUSA

    When liberals are caught in a lie or a scandal or two or
    three, like MAGICIANS, they will try to direct attention away from the deed that
    has already been done and try to
    hammer home the importance of ‘’Never
    letting it happen again.’’(i.e. Shrillery
    and the like..)
    Like millions of intelligent Americans, I am not buying what they are
    selling.  Period.

  • white531

    This late at night I hate to keep switching from one post to another.   Without an open thread, you just have to pick one, and violate the rules once again.
    A few basic thoughts that continually run through my brain.  We have a President who has no respect for the laws of this nation, let alone The Constitution.  To support his view of the world, he appointed another Muslim, as his Attorney General.
    Most Americans just don’t get it.  Let me put it too in simple language one more time.  Your President is a Muslim.  Your Attorney General is a Muslim.  
    Neither of these men have any intention of preserving the Freedoms the Founders tried to guarantee you.
    Dream all your dreams.  Wrap your arms around all the Political Correctness.   We are losing our country, because of your ignorance of what is going on all around you.
    My apologies to all of you who are not part of this madness.

  • jbiggs47

    Best rip…EVER!!!

  • kessi7

    I believe that Americans should do the following
    1. It is time for the GOP and Conservative base to tell the congress that any dropping of the ball here would be severely and severaly punished. Boehner Must be put on notice that we would rather have a Dem take his seat that for him to toy with the people’s wishes.Same would apply to the host of them.
    2. It is time to talk to the people on the other side of the Isle. I hate to think that anything will come out of this, but it is absolutely worth the try. Dems must be convinced that the truth must stand no matter whose ox is gored. The country is beyond any man,any party and any group of individuals. The GOP must promise that if this ever happened on their side, they would summarily deal with it.For the good of the country.
    3. It is time for a march on Washington…All these politicians should get off the lazyboy chairs of their political poll watching and punditry and spend some capital and effort for the sake of the country. Just as there were marches for civil rights… there should be more for liberty
    4. This is not a race issue. The black community must begin to ask themselves and answer the question of:do we want to save our country or do we want to save the reputation of our kinsmen (Holder + Obama). That is what is at stake here people. There is no way these two survive this country that it does not put a huge dark spot on the soul of this nation.

    • white531

      Welcome to Scoop!   I hope you stay.  I don’t disagree with anything you just said.  Some of it might not be workable in the current environment, but you never know. I’m just glad you put it out there.
      If I don’t see more of your comments here on Scoop, I’m going to be severely disappointed.

  • Peggyakin

    I totally agree with white531.  God help America.

    • white531

      Peggy, I just gave you your first, “like.”  Stay with us.  Pretty soon your likes will be in the hundreds.  But I would caution you.  It isn’t, “likes,” we are after.  What we are after, is people who still believe in this country.  In the Freedoms our Founders tried to secure for us.
      People like you, who believe as the rest of us do, that Obama is a nightmare, and his administration is the most destructive in this nation’s history.
      Scoop attracts more and more people daily, who reject what the Progressives and Socialists among us are trying to do.  It is refreshing.  
      At first, I didn’t like so many new people coming here, because I was so comfortable with my friends.  In the end, I realized the  new people coming in, are what gives Scoop it’s strength.  The new members on Scoop are evidence of the growing numbers of people in America who represent Conservative thought and reject the plan Obama and the Progressive/Socialist movement in America has planned for the rest of us.

      The strength of The Right Scoop, in the electronic marketplace, is evidence in itself that we are turning the tide.  It grieves me to this day, that we lost Andrew  Brietbart.  But his site still survives, and The Right Scoop has taken up his fight.  God Bless Scoop for that.

      • Peggyakin

        white531 Peggyakin white531 I want to stay on here but my only income is SS.  I can’t if I have to pay for it.  Can I get it free?

        • white531

          Peggyakin white531  
          Peggy, there is no charge for being part of Scoop.

        • Peggyakin

          white531 Peggyakin how do I become a member?

        • K-Bob

          Peggyakin white531 
          All you have to do is show up and join the conversation!

        • Peggyakin

          K-Bob Peggyakin white531 Thanks K-Bob.  Happy to know we have American’s that still have sense and love this Country.

  • duncanbtaylor

    how is it that this man can lie  and  get away with it  I don’t know much about politics and would be the first to say so  but I do know if you tell a lie under oath then there’s a problem and just how many scandals under the obama  are we going to have to put up with  I don’t get that either Nixon tells a lie about a few minuets on a tape and the ran him out of office is it because if we were to run his ass out would it be turned into a RACE thing  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again  we all know what he meant when he came up with the hole It’s time for a change  slogan … it’s time to take the white house back and put someone in there that’s for the people and by the people  someone that will put god and country back in the white house …

  • bigbossogg

    Orangeone DebraDrummond Oh no, please, let’s forget him? He’s gone to England to do dirty politics for someone pol over there, let’s keep him there!