BOOM! Megyn Kelly does killer report on Obamacare’s broken promises

Megyn Kelly knocks it out of the park with this report on the lies we were sold in order to pass Obamacare:

And here’s the follow up interview with Kirsten Powers as she admits her own premiums are doubling because of Obamacare:

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  • joyfulgiver

    Maybe those who have received a letter from their insurance company cancelling their plan or telling them of an increase, should make a copy and mail it directly to

    President Barack Obama
    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
    Washington D.C. 20500

    Let’s not only burn up the phone lines, let’s keep the postal service in business for a bit longer. :o)

    • OneThinDime

      Send it to your Reps and BLAME them for funding ObamaCare.

  • Baba Ghanoush

    Look out Kristen, the administration will be gunning for you.

  • she is still an idiot. Kirsten Powers that is!

    • trytothink

      I do appreciate that she’s not a rabid ideologue who can never admit that Democrats do things that aren’t good like a Jehmu Greene or an Alan Colmes.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    There was a report from breitbart that explains how to opt out of Obamacare without paying the penalty, and Rush’s own accountant said that it is possible to opt out of it if you set your tax returns to not receive a refund.

    • WinMissouri

      This govt will do whatever it wants. I did not see anything in the article as to why he thinks they cannot issue a lien or garnishment. They will send a tax levy to your employer and the employer is required to comply with the tax levy. The employer continues the levy until the IRS sends a release.

      I could be wrong because I have not read the ACA as I want to avoid my head exploding and my eyes bleeding.

      • Laurel

        I don’t recall it being in there that they can issue a lien etc…but who will stop them from doing so? Remember the court said it’s a tax so it would fall under the recovery of a tax. I know of no court in the land, liberal or conservative, that would make it impossible for the government to collect money it is deemed to be owed.

        • demographicallychallenged

          The IRS doesn’t ask for permission.

          • Laurel

            Correct. That is my point.

        • IamPETA

          You’re correct. Because it has been declared a tax, it will be collected as such.
          I asked my CPA about it. I wanted to know if it would be listed on my return as a separate item, so I could pay the income tax owed, but not pay the ACA tax, as a form of protest.
          She said “no, the ACA ‘tax’ will be bundled in with your income tax owed, and you’ll see one number$ only of what is due/owed”

          • Laurel

            That is unfortunate. I’m sorry. I hope you find a way out of paying that.

            • IamPETA

              Nope, there is no way to get around paying it, anymore than there is getting out of paying federal income tax, because John Roberts aided this regime by declaring that the penalty was a tax.
              Any taxpayer who does not have either their own insurance, or has enrolled in ObamaKare….will be forced to pay a penalty, which, as I said…is deemed as a tax (thank you J. Roberts).
              So, if your CPA does your tax return, and finds that you owe say $100 in income tax, and you haven’t bought ins. or enrolled in ObamaKare, and the resulting ‘penalty’ is also $100……then your tax return will show you owe $200 in federal income tax.
              This is why so many of us are so pissed at Roberts…..he declared an unconstitutional ‘penalty’ was really a ‘tax’…….and we all got screwed…..again.

              • Laurel

                Yep. that is on the money!

                BTW…I love your avatar. 🙂

        • OneThinDime

          You are correct it is not in the law but it might be in the IRS regulations to permit liens and seizing from your bank account.

          • Laurel

            I bet it is. I don’t know for sure though but it seems to me others have tried to get around IRS loopholes before and failed miserably.

        • Tony O

          If it is a tax, that’s taxation without representation, as it has never been voted on or approved as a tax.

          • Laurel

            My dear…SCOTUS ruled it a tax. That is how Obamacare has been implemented.

    • demographicallychallenged

      Sadly they know where you live. If you have ever filed a tax return, they have your information. When I applied for SS, they had a 44yr list of my what I had earned, and my employers.

    • OneThinDime

      The gov’t or Obama will change the law to seize funds from your bank acct. Stop ALL direct deposit of refunds and change your bank, close those accounts.

  • BHliberty

    OMG! Kirsten Powers? Really? We all have to pay for everyone else to have healthcare? Really? Just another example of a Democrat who believes in government controlling our lives.

    No, this government was not designed to take care of everyone and why conservatives, like myself, will continue to fight, donate, work the phones, rally, or do anything I can to restore this nation back to the foundation for which we stand. This is not to imply I’m not willing to help those in need! I am and believe that helping people to get on their feet is best done through the church and charities! And it certainly doesn’t imply that some how I’m racist! I’m not!

    Liberals have done an excellent job in their messaging by demonizing people who go against their beliefs. But it’s high time that Republicans and conservatives start a new campaign to educate on what it is they stand for, freedom!

  • CHHR

    Interesting to hear how so many who supported this massive government intrusion had a policy they thought wouldn’t be affected. Minimum coverage has been out there all along… why the shock now?

    BTW when is someone going to report on the more nefarious crap in this law? Like, for example, ‘‘SEC. 2717. ENSURING THE QUALITY OF CARE where we find out folks forced into government provided insurance allows the state Child Protective Services or Family Service to come into your home to “verify” if the family is living a “healthy lifestyle.” (step away from that glass of WINE)

    • badbadlibs

      I just did a search of that section, is this what you’re talking about:

      “Chronic disease management: Disease management is an approach to health care delivery that
      continuously evaluates clinical, humanistic and economic outcomes with the goal of improving overall
      health. Insurers possess data about the health status of its enrollees and therefore have a responsibility
      for meeting their health needs by intervening to help enrollees and providers manage chronic conditions.
      NCQA’s Health Plan Accreditation evaluates insurer disease management program structures and
      processes for identifying and assessing enrollees and developing plans and interventions…”

      • OneThinDime

        This is going to be interesting. There is a push to limit pain medication to ZERO refills because people cannot properly supervise and raise their teenagers and drugs like Vicodin are used to get high. Part of the legislation is to require a DR visit for each prescription with ZERO refills. Talk about skyrocketing costs for those with chronic conditions like nerve issues, back pain, etc.

      • CHHR

        partially, but that sounds rather innocuous… Forgive the cut & paste, but here’s what I was referring to…

        ‘‘(a) QUALITY REPORTING.—

        ‘‘(1) IN GENERAL.—Not later than 2 years after the date of enactment of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the Secretary, in consultation with experts in health care quality and stakeholders, shall develop reporting requirements for use by a group health plan, and a health insurance issuer offering group or individual health insurance coverage, with respect to plan or coverage benefits and health care provider reimbursement structures that—
        ‘‘(A) improve health outcomes through the implementation of activities such as quality reporting, effective case management, care coordination, chronic disease management, and medication and care compliance initiatives, including through the use of the medical homes model as defined for purposes of section 3602 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, for treatment or services under the plan or coverage;

        ‘‘(B) implement activities to prevent hospital readmissions through a comprehensive program for hospital discharge that includes patient-centered education and counseling, comprehensive discharge planning, and post discharge reinforcement by an appropriate health care professional;

        ‘‘(C) implement activities to improve patient safety and reduce medical errors through the appropriate use of best clinical practices, evidence based medicine, and health information technology under the plan or coverage; and

        ‘‘(D) implement wellness and health promotion activities.


        ‘‘(A) IN GENERAL.—A group health plan and a health insurance issuer offering group or individual health insurance coverage shall annually submit to the Secretary, and to enrollees under the plan or coverage, a report on whether the benefits under the plan or coverage satisfy the elements described in subparagraphs (A)through (D) of paragraph (1).

        ‘‘(B) TIMING OF REPORTS.—A report under subparagraph (A) shall be made available to an enrollee under the plan or coverage during each open enrollment period.

        ‘‘(C) AVAILABILITY OF REPORTS.—The Secretary shall make reports submitted under subparagraph (A) available to the public through an Internet website ‘‘(D) PENALTIES.—In developing the reporting requirements under paragraph (1), the Secretary may develop and impose appropriate penalties for non-compliance with such requirements.

        ‘‘(E) EXCEPTIONS.—In developing the reporting requirements under paragraph (1), the Secretary may provide for exceptions to such requirements for group health plans and health insurance issuers that substantially meet the goals of this section.

        ‘‘(b) WELLNESS AND PREVENTION PROGRAMS.—For purposes of subsection (a)(1)(D), wellness and health promotion activities may include personalized wellness and prevention services, which are coordinated, maintained or delivered by a health care provider, a wellness and prevention plan manager, or a health, wellness or prevention services organization that conducts health risk assessments or offers ongoing face-to-face, telephonic or web
        based intervention efforts for each of the program’s participants, and which may include the following wellness and prevention efforts:

        ‘‘(1) Smoking cessation.
        ‘‘(2) Weight management.
        ‘‘(3) Stress management.
        ‘‘(4) Physical fitness.
        ‘‘(5) Nutrition.
        ‘‘(6) Heart disease prevention.
        ‘‘(7) Healthy lifestyle support.
        ‘‘(8) Diabetes prevention.

        ‘‘(c) REGULATIONS.—Not later than 2 years after the date of enactment of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the Secretary shall promulgate regulations that provide criteria for determining whether a reimbursement structure is described in subsection (a).

        ‘‘(d) STUDY AND REPORT.—Not later than 180 days after the date on which regulations are promulgated under subsection (c), the Government Accountability Office shall review such regulations and conduct a study and submit to the Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions of the Senate and the Committee on Energy and Commerce of the House of Representatives a report regarding the impact the activities under this section have had on the quality and cost of health care.

        In Section 3602, we find the program was block funded to the states to the tune of $125 Million in 2010 to set these programs up & are coordinated using “Health Extension Agents” (means any local, community-based health worker who facilitates and provides assistance to primary care practices by implementing quality improvement or system redesign, incorporating the principles of the patient-centered medical home to provide high-quality, effective, efficient, and safe primary care and to provide guidance to patients in culturally and linguistically appropriate ways, and linking practices to diverse health system resources.)

  • colliemum

    This is what gets me every time when the nice, well-off do-gooders warble about how they’d happily pay more if it helps others, like Kirsten Powers did: they thus give the government the ‘right’ to take from everybody they deem to be well off.
    If Ms Powers wants to help others – why can’t she do it privately? It’s called ‘charity’, and it’s what we do. We don’t need the State to do it for us, with most of that money sticking to bureaucrats hands.

    There’s some research showing that the more government takes from us to give to “The Poor”, the less people give to charities, because on the one hand, they think it’s no longer necessary, and on the other because they haven’t got any money left: the government has taken it away.

    Another little known fact is that here in the UK, a few years after ‘free’ healthcare was instituted in 1948, the NHS was already running out of money, and the government had to introduce charges for prescriptions, for glasses, for dental care.
    When people have been told something is ‘free’, they take advantage, and even demand a prescription for aspirin even though they could buy it OTT. And let’s not even mention the health tourists from all over the world who come here because ‘it’s free’.

    The day is not far away when the whole welfare system in all our countries will come crashing down because those who work and pay taxes cannot support it any longer.
    What will the Kirsten Powers’ of this world do then?

    • Laurel

      Thank you. You beat me to it. that was going to be my next post.

      • colliemum


    • Mike Bittner

      Just wait until when the dollar is no longer the standard….you think the Civil War was bad? Pffft!

  • Laurel

    Why is no one asking why the same group of people are being required to cover the high risk, the ‘I want everything for free’, and the elderly?!

    With only half of the country working where is the money going to come from? Now remember these extra requirements in coverage of groups and wish lists is on top of the money swiped out of Medicare. What that means is the accounting of these programs is far worse than previously thought.

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      And how many doctors are going to drop Medicare patients because reimbursement would be reduced? Hardly any doctors take MedicAid and that would likely become the case for the elderly and disabled on Medicare too.

      • Laurel

        Oh they are dropping like crazy already. Some are even being dropped by Medicare because they don’t meet the Obamacare requirements. Soon they will take more taxes to send people to med school to feed the Obamacare beast. We will be forced to subsidize our own demise by putting through school government workers that are from the lowest common denominator.

        • Galatiansch2vs20

          It’s like a nightmare going on and on that we hope will end, but we’re horribly awake!

          • Laurel

            The standard of living in the future is going to be dramatically changed.

        • clockwindingdown

          At the point who would want to go to the doctor, I mean seriously?

          • Laurel

            I think at some point we will see more private cash only practices start up. We are beginning to see a little right now.

            But yes I agree. We won’t have the best and the brightest any longer.

        • OneThinDime

          I know a female physician, Catholic, Obama supporter. I wonder how she will feel when told she has to provide abortion services as part of ObamaCare and to be certified to provide care.

          • Laurel

            That is a good question. Let me know if you ever get an answer.

  • timerunnersc

    @counter 0:56 Kristen said the administration says your young, your healthy so your gonna see your premiums go up. Isn’t that reverse of how a healthy person would expect their health plan to cost. Your healthy so your cost is going to double? Now that’s what I call feeling your neighbors pain. The Share Plan ‘Wealth & Health”.

    Say goodbye doctors.

  • Haywoodjbl

    What a SHOCK………NOT……He lies about everything

  • Sentinel

    Sorry to repeat myself… but we warned America. The dumbmasses swallowed the lie of these devils and the damned MSM did nothing but cover for their master. I’m stunned at the stupidity of those who voted for Obama and all of these liars. All politicians seem to lie… these people are grandmasters at it. This is a dark day in America.

    • clockwindingdown

      Actually they are terrible liars, they just control most of the media and attack those that dissent. That gives them the facade of control and knowledge, yet reality tells a completely different story, that being lies, deception, ineptitude, subversion, power hungry, petty, on and on…

      If what is happening in Our Country was movie most folks would walk out due to a bad script and bad acting.

    • OneThinDime

      When I encounter the idiot whiners, I simply laugh in their face and tell them to enjoy the consequences of their stupidity and their votes. Wait until they pay off the $25 Trillion in debt.

    • PicklePlants

      I would venture to say not one regular here at RS is surprised by this. We have been screaming this into the wind for years.

  • odin147

    Damn those insurance companies.

    • OneThinDime

      This has nothing to do with insurance companies. Their policies did not contain what the Democrats demand they do. The same is true with cars. it’s not the car manufacturers’ at fault when gas mileage has to be 50 mpg.

  • BHliberty
  • joe

    Sentinel is right… America was warned. There are liars and there are damn liars. The Bible is not kind when it refers to liars’ fate. I heartily commend them to the hell they deserve.

  • joe

    In addition, the liberals and democrats are going to be real unhappy when the government confiscates all the 401Ks and IRAs. It’s coming.

    • joyfulgiver

      Ours has already been confiscated, first when the stock market took a nose dive in 2008, lost half. Ever since we have suffered living from pay check to pay check with the effects of underemployment, we’ve been living off our savings trying to make ends meet in this ever booming economy (sarc). It stinks!

    • PicklePlants

      And the Dr. shortages escalate.

      And QE finally is absorbed into the price of everthing from apples to zeppoles.

  • welltempered2

    It needs to be said again: “Barack Obama, the man with the reverse Midas touch, everything he touches turns to crap.”

    • factsobill

      Why thank you! It can’t be said enough!

  • misterlogic0013

    Explanation = Dangerous OB. = transformation / America Rising? Yea .. how do you like those apple’s? common ground, not common core, common sense, Tea Party on a roll. Sarah time .. Ted time, Americas time, now time, not looking back time. Storm chaser in DC? Go Cardinals .. solid round of golf, impact, crazy things.

  • dudley76

    And of course, the biggest point that was missed, is that going from an EPO plan to an HMO plan with a scaled-down provider network, gives the 2014 individual market insured’s access to fewer doctors and hospitals. Indeed, all health insurance plans are NOT created equal.

  • sjmom

    So many lies around this entire law, Only Satan lies more than these people.

  • philip127

    I just wanted to say, although I don’t often agree with Kristen Powers, she represents her side with a reasonable well thought out agreement. And I respect her for that, even though I’m an old redneck S.B.O. TeaParty return the power to the States kind-guy.

  • Don Oehlrich

    I guess the Democrats are starting to “read the bill”!!

    • OneThinDime

      Nah they are starting to formulate their 2014 campaign ads. Love that Barasso got a TV clip and yet he just voted to FUND Obamacare.

  • NYGino

    Hey, just add this to the list of phony scandals, no problem.

  • armyvet10

    First….good luck getting this administration to tell the truth , or explain anything they have done that has failed. We are all still waiting for the reason why all of the green energy companies that Obama backed failed. Secondly, Ms. Powers hints that she is willing to pay more so others can be covered. The whole Affordable Health Care act had to be designated as a tax for it to be constitutional, if paying more taxes would help the problem, then why hasn’t the Great Society movement, championed by the Democrat party in the early 60s, solved our poverty issues? If fairness is what greedy politicians really wanted, they would have done away with the current tax code and instilled a flat tax rate. People like Mr. Buffet who whines and cries about paying more would do just that, pay more. This and most other laws have been designed for control, not fairness. The tax laws here in America have nothing to do with fairness and everything to do with control of people’s money and freedoms. The elites, (Politicians) will never try and work towards fairness because they would have to be subject to their own rules and laws…probably the biggest reason most politicians have refused to go on Obama care.

  • badbadlibs

    Try an extra 250.00 PER MONTH, Kirsten! Since you STILL support this disaster, job killing, health coverage killing abomination, how about YOU pay MY 250.00 per month extra. You’re willing to pay extra to help out, right, Kirsten! She wouldn’t put her money where her mouth is for anything, she’s a liberal.

    • clockwindingdown

      Maybe she could try paying the extra $140 per month once her hours and therefore her pay gets cut to less then 30 hours a week, maybe then she would gladly pay more…

      Once again we see, “well I still like bocare, I don’t really trust them but what the hey…” How dumb does one have to get before the light comes on or they quit breathing?

      • badbadlibs

        I don’t know what she’s whining for in the first place, she’s married to a doctor and she makes a good living in her own right, she can afford hers AND mine.
        She’s a commie by nature, there’s no depth to the level of dumb these people can reach.

        • clockwindingdown

          You know what gets me is this country has had social programs like this for half a decade or more. Most designed to help the “less fortune”, yet there is a growing number and percentage of people on these programs with no end or limit to these programs. Talk about unsustainable!

          I would love to hear the subject matter change to when are we going actually start help these people, because these existing programs are not helping they are hurting people.

          So what is the “dems” plan to actually help, because based on results their track record is zero, nada, zip, nothing!

          Based off history we should try something else, in fact a complete reversal of policies, give folks sometime to get trained/educated and then have at it. These folks on the dole cannot be living their lives dream, everyone has a dream, certainly theirs is not to live in someone else’s dwelling, waiting for food stamps, watching maury and oprah!

          We know the lefts end goal but maybe we ought to explain it better to those that are enslaved. Is this really how they see their lives? No future change just what they are doing today for the rest of their lives waiting for the check to arrive?

          Sorry for the rant… I am so tired of the left destroying everything it touches and claiming they are helping while ruining lives as fast they can go. There are some folks that really need help, but the number is very low, certainly not nearly half of Our Country!

    • OneThinDime

      My insurance is more costly than a mortgage. She can pay mine too. If people cannot afford insurance, it is NOT my responsibility to pay for their insurance. Perhaps they should get a job and pay for it themselves.

  • lilium479

    Kirsten is basically and still defending Obama and Communism……all those buts.

    • Quitthevictimhood

      Kirsten is pathetic in her approach. Obama lapdog…call it for what it is a “smoking turd” and it stinks to high heaven. Obama is such a liar and folks are ignorant of it. I’m so sick of the lying and his thug tactics.

  • kong1967

    Crappy plans have been made illegal? Crappy for who? People buy what plan best fits their situation and their pocket book. Forcing them to buy a plan that covers a bunch of things they don’t want is a crappy plan.

    To Joe Manchin, who happens to be about the only Democrat with half a brain, it can’t be fixed. If you fix it, it collapses. Democrats made a huge mistake raping people WITH plans to make it cheaper for those who can’t afford a plan. When the price of any product goes up, demand goes down. When people drop off and decide to just pay the fine it will increase the load for others with plans….which increases price and causes more drop off. It’s a death spiral.

  • Pyrran

    She’s low risk and her premiums go up. Does she actually understand actuarial tables and risk pools? What a moron.

  • OneThinDime

    Anyone who was foolish enough to believe that you could keep your plan that did not contain the required birth control, abortion and had a high deductible needs to wake up and put the Obama-Aid down.

  • OneThinDime

    I wish Megyn woud have a show on not only the additional premium costs but the extra federal and state taxes we have to pay to support the new people tossed on to Medicaid. It’s not just $150 Kirsten, wait until the taxes skyrocket.

    • Valerie A Clark

      I’m glad Texas declined Medicaid Expansion. It may sound hateful but I do not believe those that can work should get free insurance. Medicaid isn’t really a very good program. Our local hospital doesn’t accept Medicaid, people have to drive 20 miles to go to a hospital. More and more doctors refuse to accept Medicaid patients, 1) Low payment. 2) Slow payments.

  • Vintage America

    So glad Fox placed this woman in a 9:00 time slot. Not only is she beautiful, but she’s extremely intelligent and makes News Commentary more appealing and believable to watch.

    • CalCoolidge

      Still looks like baby steps to me. She isn’t say anything conservatives didn’t know in 2009.
      I wonder how long before hundreds of thousands getting their hours cut, hundreds of thousands having to put more money into insurance – is going to deepen the Obama depression.

  • Guein

    Every BHO “promise” has an expiration date. With it’s implementation, all promises regarding the ACA have now expired.

  • fishmonster

    Well, this is kid of funny, really. How did so many people believe Obama? This is like the emperor’s new clothes in that blind faith in a demagogue and community organizer who never had a job in his life equals what he promised? Come on people, Obama and the democrats just raped the healthcare industry and you, the American people. Oh, one other thing, Sarah Palin was right. There will be death panels and many people will die while every man, woman and child has lost their privacy to an uncaring bureaucrat in Washington and the Internal Revenue Service. Enjoy the ride, American people!

    • aboutdat

      MASS HYSTERIA, it is called free money or welfare state.

    • InfoDump

      The only promise that Premier O is keeping is that he was going to fundamentally transform this country…transformed into what is the thing the Obama voters with the calcified brains failed to catch and that the Obama campaign intentionally failed to mention. They were too caught up in hope and change and the first (half) black President.

  • shield1

    Obama is a share the wealth scam.. the administration doesn’t care what happens to individuals. It cares for its commie agenda in the spirit of ‘the end justifies the means.

    • aboutdat


  • Related: Michelle Obama’s Princeton classmate is executive at company that built Obamacare website

    Toni Townes-Whitley, Princeton class of ’85, is senior vice president at CGI Federal, which earned the no-bid contract to build the $678 million Obamacare enrollment website at CGI Federal is the U.S. arm of a Canadian company.

    • OneThinDime

      Daily Caller has been all over this from day 1. Head guy is also an Obama donor.

  • Dis

    Going as planned, single payer system coming. Obama has already bankrupt America, he wants to make sure it can’t battle back. The people are so ignorant it is sad.

  • Ron Krandle

    Saving families money. By tripling their premiums. Hmmmmmmmmm

    • OneThinDime

      Gives new definition to families will save $2,500 each year and EVERYONE will see lower premiums doesn’t it

  • Tall, Dark and Handsome

    I don’t usually communicate with Obama supporters.
    But when I do I order the large fries.

    • Eugene


  • InfoDump

    Pelosi, Waxman, Manchin, and Dems who either supported the passage of the Obama-Care bill or voted for all the good things in the bill that they never read in its entirety: LIARS!!! MISCREANTS!!! OPPRESSORS!!!

  • sallyjohanna

    I predict we will be seeing a lot of MK interviews. On her show tonight she had an interview with the architect of Obamacare… none other than Rahm Emanuel’s brother Ezekiel. Warning, It will make your blood pressure rise. You have to see the pre interview with Dr. McCaughey…she sets the stage..perfectly!

    • $2180674

      Unfortunately she allowed him to filibuster the whole 8 minute interview and really didn’t get any answers from that POS.

      • sallyjohanna

        Yes he did…but he talked himself in to obviously looking like a POS to you and me! I either did not know he was the architect or had forgotten…that alone caused pause… rank nepotism from his POS brother. Obama admin is a filled with payoff Chicgao style relationships!

        • $2180674

          I’ve known he is a POS for a long time. Read this article from 2009.

          By Betsy McCaughey
          Updated Aug. 27, 2009 12:52 p.m. ET

          Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, health adviser to President Barack Obama, is under scrutiny. As a bioethicist, he has written extensively about who should get medical care, who should decide, and whose life is worth
          saving. Dr. Emanuel is part of a school of thought that redefines a physician’s duty, insisting that it includes working for the greater good of society instead of focusing only on a patient’s needs. Many physicians find that view dangerous, and most Americans are likely to agree.

          The health bills being pushed through Congress put
          important decisions in the hands of presidential appointees like Dr. Emanuel. They will decide what insurance plans cover, how much leeway your doctor will have, and what seniors get under Medicare. Dr. Emanuel,brother of White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, has already been
          appointed to two key positions: health-policy adviser at the Office of Management and Budget and a member of the Federal Council on Comparative Effectiveness Research. He clearly will play a role guiding the White House’s health initiative.

          More from article

          Read about complete lives system.

          Reqad about

          • sallyjohanna

            Thank you. This guy is scary!!

    • CalCoolidge

      She was steamrolled by Emanuel.

      • sallyjohanna

        I agree, he filibustered but Emanuel’s demeanor was skin crawling creepy. Did you see McCaughey in the preceding segment..she was great!

        • CalCoolidge

          Don’t see enough of her.

  • Only the Lemmings AKA Democrats are surprised at this. It’s really to bad America became a nation of ignorant morons.

    Those that had the most to lose, did the least to prevent it.

    • virginiagentleman1

      YOU, my Vietnam brother veteran, win the cigar for calling it like it is!

  • PVG

    A little light hearted truth!

  • Blaine Smith

    Catastrophic presidential lies. Does he care? No. He loves it.

    • SurfinUSA

      These morons like Hussein-Obama and Hitler tell lie after lie until they destroy everything. Hitler was a coward but he did save the world the expense of a trial.

  • CalCoolidge

    Kirsten Powers is of such sound judgment, that she used to date Anthony Wiener.

    • BearNJ

      My type of girl cute and clueless.
      Seriously Kirsten is a big time liberal but I find her to be at least fair. She was the only reporter to call out the pathetic non coverage of Gosnell abortion trial.

      • clockwindingdown

        She see’s it but doesn’t get it! Lights on but no one is home is… She just can’t get herself to make the leap. She constantly see’s what is going on but will not leave the cult commune, its like she has been abused, actually all are being abused…

      • CalCoolidge

        More accurately she said – like most liberals, she wants to regulate every aspect of human life, but for some reason, other liberals don’t want to regulate this.
        Classic useful dupe.

    • SurfinUSA

      Really??? So she’s been up close and personal without benefit of web cam? Figures.

      • CalCoolidge

        Yes, she may even have imbibed the Wiener’s wiener.

        • SurfinUSA

          I always believed Kirstin had great capacity to do that.

  • Kirsten – I’m glad you’re willing to pay an extra $150 to get 30 million indured (which will NEVER happen). What about those who CAN’T AFFORD IT! I HATE out of touch libs who “know best.”

    I have an idea, take that extra $150 a month and give it to charity. It’ll do more good than some BS government system who’s INTENT is to destroy capital markets.

    Theft: by any other name it’s a tax… or a fee… or according to the Supreme Monkey Court… both. (Take your liberty stifling, anti-constitution ideas to hell and leave US THE HELL ALONE!!!, John Roberts)

  • RKae

    She left out my favorite Obamacare promise: “Your company is gonna save 3,000%! So your boss will be able to give you a raise!” (And the trained seals applauded.) I’m still looking for that “3,000% off” clip ‘n’ save coupon. Should be appearing any day now.

    • SurfinUSA

      I bet that FOX will have Obama’s “biggest hits” of his promises in “heavy rotation.” On the hour and half hour. 🙂

  • fallssshort

    I got a drop letter too. This whole thing makes me sick!

  • SurfinUSA

    If all the folks that are going to pay more and who voted for Obama meekly accept the Administration’s latest line of sh*t, if they don’t get angry at the lies told to them, then God help us, we are circling the toilet.

    • Dr. Strangelove

      Unfortunately, the sheeple won’t get mad until their cable company drops them and EBT cards stop working.

      • SurfinUSA

        That’s definitely true. There were near riots a few weeks ago when the food stamps system went off kilter. Hussein-Obama has dried out this kindling to the point that if one thing goes wrong for him, the whole thing goes up in flames.

        And I bet he is counting on just that.

  • Molly

    I had to make the choice this year to either help my elderly parents with their expenses, or buy insurance for my family. It was a no brainer–my parents aren’t making enough to live on and they have to have help. So we are doing without family insurance. If Kirsten Powers wants her $150 to help people, she is free to give it to whoever she thinks she can help, but to take my money for her cause as well and thus take away my ability to help those who depend on me, is evil, not good.

  • Dr. Strangelove

    The insurance companies are making hay while the sun shines because they know 0’s Collective Affordable Care Act (CACA) is going to put them out of business. Rush or maybe Levin predicted this.

    • CalCoolidge

      The insurance companies are not making hay. Little by little, they are getting out of the business.

      • Dr. Strangelove

        And maximizing their profits on the way out. Not a value judgment, an observation.

  • Craven Moorehead

    obama is a FRAUD

    • Paul Krause


    • Cecilia A. Russell

      how long did it take you to find out that, we knew it from the beginning.

  • ryanomaniac

    Megyn Kelly is a pro. Used to watch her everyday from 12-2 but now that she has a primetime slot she doesn’t have to do the dog and cat stories to fill up space. She’s able to focus on big issues now. Like this story here. She used Obamas own words and decimated his claims in five minutes.

  • Yazz55

    Raising the debt ceiling won’t create more debt
    You can keep your own Dr
    You can keep your own ins plan
    Your insurance plan will go down 25%
    Your boss will give you a raise

    … only to be believed by low information voters

    The rest of us have to pray to GOD that this is just a bad nightmare.

    • shadetree56

      obozo’s voters know he’s a snake that can’t tell the truth – they don’t care as long as the freebie’s keep coming.

  • mediaaccess

    It wasn’t a mistake, and it isn’t a catastrophe. It is what Obama has ordered – the reformation and destruction of America of old. ..=%)(=/) – Still Support it???

  • boats48

    For the past 5 years anyone criticizing Obama for any reason has been demeaned & humiliated. We’re all “racists” because we never believed the community organizer from Chi-town. All of this was foretold. There are no surprises here! As Nancy Pelosi stood before the House saying “we have to pass it to know what’s in it!” The opposition was foretelling a future of insurance premiums skyrocketing, individuals losing coverage because their current policies didn’t meet gov’t regs, etc. WE KNEW ALL OF THIS, and did absolutely nothing to stop it. The President & his cohorts have walked all over the constitution of this country and we let him. Not a single lawsuit has been filed, no criminal charges brought for flagrantly ignoring the law. WE ALLOWED THIS TO HAPPEN!

  • Daniel Kunkle

    Sadly the “I told you so” line doesn’t even begin to start. The govt can’t even efficiently take care of a few hundred thousand vets and we were supposed to believe they’re going to make the rules and manage the healthcare of everyone better? Insane.

  • Paul Krause

    What will Kirsten Powers have to give up? A hair and nail appointment?

    • PhillyCon

      A pair of Jimmy Choos.

  • TXTeaRex

    We CAN Stop the ACA: It Is Time>>> > Not everyone IN the US Congress Is a progressive; READ: “Now is the time. Do not wait for another election. Fight now. You’ll win the. . .”

  • JungleCogs

    I just hate Democrats.

  • Icarus27k

    Megyn Kelly found one minor claim that Pres. Obama made and focused almost exclusively on it. “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan” wasn’t near the most important promises relating to Obamacare. “Obamacare will reduce the number of uninsured people in the U.S. by tens of millions” and “Obamacare will ban insurance companies from dropping consumers because of preexisting conditions” are still 100% true. And 100% more important than what Kelly thinks is important.

    • MrSmithInDC

      you obviously don’t have a doctor.

    • shadetree56

      obozocare will INCREASE the number of uninsured – watch the clips before you spout your DNC talking points.

      • Icarus27k

        The ACA was signed into law in spring 2010, and the total number of uninsured people in the US has already declined in 2 and a half years. Yes, the ACA will reduce the number of uninsured people in the US.

        • shadetree56

          wrong – more people have LOST there policies – then have signed up for odumbocare. what’s gonna be your excuse as this trend continues? BTW – the CBO reported 2 years ago that the total number of uninsured will stay the same – or even increase under the law.

          • Icarus27k

            From the Census Bureau:

            Percentage of people in the U.S. uninsured in 2010: 16.3%
            Total number of uninsured in 2010: 49.9 million

            Percentage of people in the U.S. uninsured in 2012: 15.4%
            Total number of uninsured in 2012: 48.0 million

            Changes -0.9%, -1.9 million
            Yes Virginia, there has been a decline in the number of uninsured in the US since the ACA has been law.

            • twmon9816

              Yeah einstein, the majority are signing up for medicare, odumbocare not so much.

              • Icarus27k

                I’m hardly Einstein, but the Medicaid expansion IS a part of Obamacare. I realize “Obamacare” is a sloppy, relative term that critics made up, but yes, the much needed Medicaid expansion is a part it and it will indeed reduce the number of uninsured people in the U.S. a lot.

                Curiously, the Medicaid expansion IS NOT why the rate of uninsured has gone down so far though. Another Obamacare provision (the under 26 provision) is what has lead the decline in uninsured so far.

                Obamacare = lower number of uninsured, especially poor uninsured people.

                Facts all.

                • ernst1776

                  So do you prefer grape or orange Kool-Aid?

                • Icarus27k

                  You mean when I provide documented facts from the Census Bureau to back up what I say. My Kool-Aid: reality.

    • USMC 64-68

      You’ve revealed that you are indeed the kind of person Joe Stalin depended on.

      Dear Leader depends on the same – those who are willing to turn a blind eye to reality and the truth and offer a defense of the propaganda. The Tyrant has told scores of lies related to CommieCare.

      Insurance companies are dropping people by the tens of thousands.

      • Icarus27k

        You brought up Stalin in a discussion of American politics. Godwin’s Law, and all of that.

    • Boris_Badenoff
    • CalCoolidge

      There weren’t tens of millions to begin with.

      I sent her a couple of emails, asking if she has the nerve to cross the line, and report that everything Obama said about Obamacare was a lie; if she doesn’t understand why implantation of this utopian legislation had to be delayed until after his re-election.
      [email protected]

      Of course, I have to excuse myself. I am Orewellian, read 1984, so I already knew that just about every government agency and program achieves the opposite of its STATED purpose.

      • Icarus27k

        Yes, there were 50 million uninsured people in the U.S. in 2010, and Obamacare will reduce that by tens of millions. In fact it already has reduced some. In 2011-12, the number of uninsured went down by 1.9 million. Most of the decline I from Obamacare’s provision that young people can stay on their parents’ insurance plans until they are 26, a provision that went into effect in 2010.

        • ernst1776

          Babble on.

          • Icarus27k

            You mean tell the truth?

    • twmon9816

      Discounting the fact that more people are losing their healthcare due to this disaster of a law. What about premiums going down? Abig fat lie! How about if you like your doctor you can keep him / her? Another big fat lie. Yea, thanks alot to the donkey earred, purple gummed dictator wannabe!!

    • RKae

      Um… where’s that “3,000%” we were all gonna save?

      • pajamakat

        Going into Obama’s pocket for retirement. Somebody has to pay for his new mansion in Hawaii. Isn’t it funny how we NEVER hear about that dwelling anymore ???? I wonder why/sarc.

        • Sunshine43

          With ya pajamakat

    • Conservative_Hippie

      The bottom line is Obama lied and no one in the MSM called him on it! Don’t you think that is a problem; I mean when journalist are willing to look the other way for whatever reason?

      • USMC 64-68

        Their reason in this case is that they are fellow travelers with the marxist prez.

  • USMC 64-68

    Kirsten is an intelligent, attractive young woman. Proving the point that “useful idiots” come in both genders, in the uneducated and educated, in the young and the old.

    In spite of the fact that she’s been impacted by the lie and manipulation of the Commie in Chief, she’s still a believer – she’s motivated NOT TO BELIEVE what she sees before her eyes. Hell, she’s even willing to pay more.

    She’s bought the false promises of the left that have never materialized in any country over the past century. The socialist democrat party depends on such people.

    • $29528627

      Kirsten is a true believer, and she will never see the light. With these people it’s all about the ideology and no matter how destructive it is, they never stop voting “D”.

    • CalCoolidge

      I suspect most useful idiots are “educated,” and female.

      • Paul Krause


    • rapidcraft

      spot on Patriot!

    • Sunshine43


  • Jo Anna Chun

    So Kirsten is ok with paying more for socialized medicine, unless it doesn’t work. Where has it ever worked? But when she discovers that it won’t work, she’ll be upset that government used more of her money???? Wow.

    • ernst1776

      I don’t follower Ms. Powers but she sounded dumb.

  • wodiej

    Bottom line-if people had purchased insurance when they were financially able to and the country wasn’t full of lazy people who don’t want to work and people who refuse to take care of their body, this would not be an issue and obamacare would have never been more than a fart in the wind.

    Everyone wants to blame someone else. The fact is we brought this on ourselves by either wanting a free ride or not electing better people to office to prevent this from happening. In other words-no accountability.

    • B-Funk

      That is, unfortunately, true. Pain will be a very good teacher, though.

  • Patrick

    The govt and Obama haven’t did anything right yet, If Obamacare is suppose to be so great then why aren’t the politicians in D.C.signing up for it and it’s being forced upon the american people, I don’t trust liars and thats what you got in Washington

    • Icarus27k

      The idea that DC politicians have to sign up for anything is one of the biggest myths of the recent Obamacare debate. Members of Congress, the President, and their staffs are like the majority of Americans: they already have health insurance through their jobs. So they are like the majority of Americans in terms of insurance both before, and after, Obamacare. There’s certainly isn’t any kind of special deal in Obamacare like how some recent critics have liked to loudly proclaim.

      Read PolitiFact’s slamming of the claim that Congress is exempt (PolitiFact ruled the claim “false”):

  • Beal Baug

    I am thoroughly convinced that Obamacare has very little to do with healthcare–it’s just a foot in the door so government will control healthcare. Next it will be single payer healthcare where government will provide their version of care to everyone, under their terms and conditions.

  • whenthedevilvisits_dot_com

    The New World Order is just one year away.

  • Carol Jean Goodwin

    No surprises here. If you see h is lips move, he is lying!

    • Paul Krause

      amen Carol

  • JoeTulsa

    You may want to pay more, Kirsten, but millions don’t want to pay more.
    Shouldn’t that be a choice?
    Obama and the Dems have become the anti-freedom party.
    It’s all about freedom.
    The Tea Party is all about freedom.
    Do people want to live free, or under the thumb of government redistribution?

  • RonPaulSupporter2

    Before anyone jumps down my throat for what I’m about to say, let me first say this…
    I believe (despite the Supreme Court’s ruling) that the Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional, should never have been put in place, and should now be repealed and not replaced with anything!

    That being said, I question where Ms. Kelly got her numbers from about how many people have been dropped from coverage. Although she might be correct I wish these people like her would at least say or show the source of their data.

    It’s not hard to say in this day and age that there are a lot of organizations out there that make claims and back it up with “data”. However, we all know that there are organizations on both sides of the political aisle that have agendas and will “spin”, “twist”, and manipulate data to produce the results they want to align with their agenda.

    We have a serious problem in the US with a lack of truth from politicians, the media, and political pundits and commentators. I sincerely hope that at some point down the road that truth will be the order of the day no matter what side of the political fence they’re on.

    • DonaldYoungsRevenge

      I was so very disappointed with Ron Paul. He ran around the country campaigning to win the nomination for POTUS as a man who loves the Constitution and yet he remained silent about the Constitutional scandal of the century or perhaps the history of our Constitutional Republic. That scandal was the ineligibility of Barack Hussein Obama. Ron Paul did have a cold day in hell chance of winning and he should have spent some campaign time offering his platform to expose the fraudulent and criminal activity of Barack Hussein Obama. All he had to do was have Jerome Corsi brief him as to the evidence that proved that Obama was a fraud. When the left wing nut birthers questioned John McCain’s “natural born Citizen” status all Paul had to do was demand the same for Obama. It would have been the end of Obama because he does not have a legitimate American birth certificate. The Obama nightmare would have ended in its tracks. Paul punked out with the rest of the Republicans, including John McCain.

      • RonPaulSupporter2

        OK. Maybe you’re right but with all due respect what does what you say have to do with the topic of this post?

        All I’m doing is basically asking these people to post the source of their data. That has nothing to do with Ron Paul, Barack, John McCain, or anybody else.

    • John Hornak

      863,000 people in New jersey alone got cancellation notices 2 weeks ago.

      • RonPaulSupporter2

        OK. Probably correct but what is your source?

        • John Hornak
          • RonPaulSupporter2

            OK. Fair enough. So the next question is what is the political leaning of The Daily Caller? I don’t know anything about them so I don’t know. By the looks of them though I would think that they’re “right” leaning. If I’m correct, than is it not possible that a right leaning organization can misrepresent “the facts” just as easily as a left leaning organization?

            • Avspatti

              Why not check out the original story at the newpaper’s website?

        • John Hornak

          Nearly 800,000 New Jersey residents’ health-care plans will not longer exist in 2014, forcing insurers to create new ones for individuals and small business owners that hew to the Obamacare’s new regulations, The New Jersey Star Ledger found in early October.

          Read more:

        • John Hornak

          It was referencing an article from the Newark Star Ledger, who follows the New York Times school of liberal reporting style.

        • John Hornak
          • RonPaulSupporter2

            OK. Thanks.

            All the best to you.

        • pajamakat

          I live in NJ. It’s true and going to get worse.

          • RonPaulSupporter2

            Yes, I’m also from NJ and I basically agree with you.

            However, because I don’t call myself a liberal or conservative and believe that BOTH sides are guilty of obscuring facts to back up their arguments, I’m always looking for multiple sources of information and want to know something about the organizations that it comes from.

            As I said in my first post, despite the SCOTUS ruling, I still believe the ACA is un-Constitutional and will most definitely never change my mind on that. That being said, I’m sure by just dumb luck or pure circumstance, there may be a number of people that truly benefit from it and those are the ones the liberal media will parade in front of the public. The same holds true for conservative media who will parade out those that have had everything go against them with the ACA. The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle as to it’s effectiveness, but I still believe it’s un-Constitutional.

            Thanks for the reply.
            All the best to you.

    • Sunshine43

      Well said RPSupporter!

  • DonaldYoungsRevenge

    When will we have a BOOM moment from Megyn Kelly doing a segment on all the fraudulent activity committed by this Fraud in Chief sitting next to the Nuclear Football. Fox and Enemies have been silent for the most part about the fraudulent activity of Barry Soetoro, hell they slander anyone who dare mention that Obama is a fraud. Shame on all of them.

  • Conservative_Hippie

    My insurance is the same as the family in the opening segment. We have a high deductible. And , yes our insurance premium went up. I think everyone’s premium has gone up, no? It was disaster from the get go, Arghh!

  • Glenda Kyle Slayton

    Laura Jarret, daughter of Obama’s advisers VALERIE JARRET and Tony Balkisson, son of Toronto MPP BAS BALKISSON, allegedly work for CGI FEDERAL INC., the U.S. unit of Canadian firm, CGI group that is setting up OBAMACARE.
    Obama has allowed the Muslin Brotherhood to be empowered and allowing the Muslin Brotherhood take over our economy and funded them with our tax dollars. ObamaCare is so over budget. Are we funding Al Qaeda? Michele Obama’s friend from Princeton has her finger in the pie. Looks like Obama is trying to destroy America. Laura Jarret has more control of America than Obama. WAKE UP AMERICA. ALSO, FOLLOW THE MONEY.

    • Sunshine43

      I had read about Mooch’s friend from Princeton being a VP at CGI, however the Valerie Jarrett connection and liberal Bas Balkissoon connection I was unaware of! Thx for the update!!

  • clubgitmo

    I hope to God one day the American people wake up and rise up against this tyranny. It’s way past time.

  • TimboT

    And…….., What if you lose you job? And still have to pay $300.00 a month? What then? and……., what if the truth is that the high dollars are going to a muslim faction designed to overthrow and kill mostly white Christian Americans? Who will be “MONITORING” the appropriations? Obama? ? ? He’s a damne muslim aligned with the muslim brotherhood.

    Go soak your heads and clean your ears out America. This has all been designed against you~!