BOOM! – Mia Love: I don’t care what the left says about me, bring it on! I’m here to save this country for my kids

This has to be the best interview I’ve seen from Mia Love yet, and the best part comes near the end.

In short, she is no victim and could care less what the left says about her. She’s running for Congress, not as a politician, but as a wife and a mother to help save this future of this country for her children. And to the left she says bring it on!


Money BOMB!

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  • I can’t help but like somebody who is as unflappably cheerful as Mia Love.

  • Bay0Wulf

    I heard this lady’s speech and she did an excellent job of it. She didn’t dip into racism she just trotted out the information and let it roll.

    As far as Racism is concerned you should check this out;

    … interestingly enough … you should look into which Party is the Racist Party … KKK=Democrats … Jim Crow Laws=Democrats … Southern Confederacy Secedes=Democrats … Complete Pro Slavery Platform=Democrats. Today? Social Programs to keep the poor (especially Blacks) dependent and doing as their told … “soft Slavery”=Democrats

    Black Republicans: Martin Luther King, Martin Luther King Jr., Harriet Tubman, Fredrick Douglass, Booker T. Washington and many more of the Black Thinkers in History …

    1st Republican President: Abraham Lincoln

    Check out:
    Who’s the Racist? Democrats say it the Republicans …… – Bill Whittle explains. (A White Guy)


    Alfonzo Rachel: “Examining Black Loyalty To Democrats” (Especially from the 8:20 mark)… (A Young Black Guy)

    • 1water

      Your link addresses aren’t complete so here they are again:

      PJTVs Bill Whittle Makes Black White
      Bill Whittle wonders if changing one word should make a difference.

      Examining Black Loyalty to Democrats

    • CalCoolidge

      David Barton’s “American History in Black and White” reveals this history beginning with the first Democrat ticket – Jackson-Calhoun – with Calhoun saying slavery is a good thing.

      Some of the stunners in Barton’s book include that the reluctant Civil War general, McClellan, was a Democrat who ran against Lincoln in 1864, criticizing Lincoln for getting too many white people killed. That sure explains why McClellan would never fight.

  • white531

    Her name says it all. Mia Love. I love this girl. What a fresh Conservative face. She’s going to be part of the process that turns this thing around. God Bless her.

    • Conservative_Hippie

      LOL, wihite, I just posted the same thing before looking at your post 🙂

      • white531

        I am glad we think alike. Give her time. She and people like her, will lead this country forward. These young, bright, Conservatives will save this country.

  • poljunkie

    Love, Love

    • kong1967

      Are we playing tennis? Lol !!

  • Rshill7

    Thank you Mia. 100% right. There are some dumbasses on the last Levin thread.

    Let ’em have it!

    • poljunkie

      hee hee

  • Obama is gonna lose

    • Conservative_Hippie

      I had my doubts Winston, but I don’t see how he could win now. Unless he’s getting help from down South.

    • white531

      What a simple statement, Winston. All of our hopes and dreams are wrapped up in that simple statement. We just have to make sure it comes true.

  • HarrietHT2

    I loved her speech and her fearless attitude. I sure wish if she’s asked again about Biden’s chains remark that she explains how our crushing debt is placing ALL our children in chains, chains of debt to the tune of $51,000 per person, that the child born today is markedly worse off than when their parents were born. Obama’s profligacy, his various rounds of quantitative easing, places us at the mercy of the Chinese — just as she said; why would a President so imperil our fiscal situation if not to force us to our knees?

    • white531

      Harriet, thank you for your support of this wonderful young woman who is going to help save America. People of color are finally moving into important roles in America, to continue the dream of Freedom for all people, that our Founders envisioned for the future of America. It was inevitable, but not without some grief. I am sorry for the grief, but i am glad of the eventual outcome. We now have a magical newcomer, Mia Love. We have a Military man, Colonel Allen West. We have Condoleeza Rice. She may have wavered, in her support of Obama, but I still look at her as a true American. It’s still early in the game. Let’s see where this thing goes. It ain’t over, til the fat lady sings. By the way, in case you were wondering, that was not a reference to Obama’s ugly wife.

      Most people alive today, don’t know who Kate Smith was. Well, she was a magical human being, who entertained us immensely, by her voice and her love of life and her love of America. I miss her greatly. Actually, I miss the entire generation that she and I were a part of. And if you are under sixty years old, what I just said means absolutely nothing to you

      No matter. Pretty soon, I won’t be here to worry you about it. But here’s a wakeup call for you. It ain’t about me It’s not even about you. It’s about our children and grandchildren. These things that this madman is putting in place right now are not designed to affect our lives so much. What he has planned for us is to change the future of this country. Change it in such a way, that it can never be changed back again. That is what he meant, when he said, “I want to fundamentally change America.” He told us exactly what he intended to do. We just weren’t listening. I am sorry, if you don’t see the meaning in his words.

  • PFFV

    Mia is an awesome American Conservative patriot! I will be happy to support her and all true Conservatives like her.

    The Tea Party morals and values is the core solution.

    Return to what our Founding Fathers intended, limited (small) federal government.

    Let the states handle their issues.

    Keep the government out of our lives or we will have no freedom!

  • deeme

    From everything I’m hearing the original party of the KKK is back and they are taking it out on Conservative women of color..How anyone made people believe the Dems are for them is beyond me..For that matter they do it to the Conservative men as well..look what they did to Herman..Who would of known it would take the First Black President to bring it all back..She’s right we are not about color..What makes me mad is the blacks don’t realize they just take their vote for granted…I guess they have no one to blame but themselves for that..

    • warpmine

      Many of our citizens black, brown or white ahve great potential but if your going to depend on the public education and university system to develop it, you’ll end up with mindless idiots believing the time tested tripe they’ve arranged for you. That generation will end up voting for the chains and willingly attach themselves to them without a whimper.

      • wodiej

        People don’t seem to realize that when they get a hand out, something is expected in return. I would rather work hard and preserve my liberty….GOD BLESS AMERICA!!

  • Bogdan51

    Sarah Palin type wonder.

    • wodiej


  • Let me see…Mia’s parents immigrated from Haiti. They escaped from Haiti’s oppressive government to a country with a government that represents freedom from oppression. Were they or their ancestors in the U.S. during the time when slavery was still acceptable? Were they from the “hood” in some inner city slum? Did they have the victim mentality? Did they blame whites for the injustices they suffered? Did they rise up, work hard, and pursue the American dream? Did they rely on government to do their work for them or for a handout? Mia is right to say she is not a victim. Her parents weren’t victims either. They worked hard to not only make their lives better, but to make Mia’s life better. Another American success story. I don’t view her as an “African American”, not only because that moniker really doesn’t apply to her, but I view her as an American…period.

  • 1water

    That’s a strong showing! God bless Mia Love!
    We need more people like her.

    • CalCoolidge

      Exactly. The best thing to do is keep shoving the Allen West’s of the world in their faces.

  • Arrrggghhh

    Secret tweets from Debbie Blabbermouth:

    Another one is escaping! Release the hounds! Break out the water hoses! #JJackson #ASharpton #NPelosi #BHO #HReid #CBC #ABCnews; #NBCnews; #CBSnews; #NYT; #MSNBC; #PBSnews; #NAACP

    Urgent: If more start thinking independently, becoming successful and not needing the cheese, the swing states would turn red overnight and we’ll be unemployed, not them! Oh the Humanity! #JJackson #ASharpton #NPelosi #BHO #HReid #CBC; #ABCnews; #NBCnews; #CBSnews; #NYT; #MSNBC; #PBSnews; #NAACP

    Talking points: “Uncle Tom”; “Oreo Cookie”; “Slut”; Google Herman Cain, Condi Rice, Thomas Sowell, Clarence Thomas and Walter Williams to get more things to say about her! #JJackson #ASharpton #NPelosi #BHO #HReid #CBC; #ABCnews; #NBCnews; #CBSnews; #NYT; #MSNBC; #PBSnews; #NAACP

    Another thing: Don’t mention Dr. King. We pretend to agree with him. I’m not quite sure how we get away with that, but we do (so don’t blow it). #JJackson #ASharpton #NPelosi #BHO #HReid #CBC; #ABCnews; #NBCnews; #CBSnews; #NYT; #MSNBC; #PBSnews; #NAACP

  • CalCoolidge

    We all know the lib plantatiion masters have to get the whip out any time some uppity minority has the nerve to reject liberal racism. I just wonder if people like Hannity wouldn’t be over more service by ignoring the racist crap and just interviewing Love like she was anybody else.

  • mediaaccess1

    I see color! I see red! Even Obama’s favorite color is red – hmm, wonder why.

  • Joe

    My monitor is acting up – So I can’t tell what Mia Love looks like

    Only my speakers are working for the moment



    This is the type of representative we need to represent us

    She sounds like a young lady who has done her homework and can solve the problems

    Wait! – Silly me – The plug is out on my monitor

    Oh my goodness! –

    This is a minority speaking with such grace and knowledge

    I simply can’t believe this – a female – minority – Conservative – and smart too!

    What on Earth is this Country coming too??


    Buy your ponchos quickly – The liberal heads are exploding – BIG TIME!

  • denbren52

    Mia Love would be just another candidate for Congress if it were not for the hateful, racist, reaction, of those on the left, to her being black AND conservative.

    The Democrat party is the party of hate, racism and sexism. To them, if you are black or a woman, you should know you place and that is serving your master, the government under Democrat rule, the new slavery.

  • The Libertards worse enemy: A black, educated, intelligent, CONSERVATIVE young lady that doesn’t see the population of this country in terms of black/white rich/poor but as AMERICANS FIRST! Good for her! Good for America! And for those losers who defaced her wiki page – Get a life and a job you useless parasites! Even you must realize your mom is sick of you sponging off her living in her basement!

    • Right On! Rightly said! and to my Conservative Friend from the Right! Rightly and well written. Lets get some Love into the halls of congress….Mia Love that is!.

  • It’s so refreshing to see people who don’t play the victim all the time. It’s even more refreshing to see people actually support the country the way it is, rather than demand some communist or socialist “wonderland” they would like it to be. I wish her much luck and I hope she wins.

  • 12grace

    I love her spunk and commitment.

  • wodiej

    Wonderful. Geez, that gave me a lump in my throat…..

    Her campaign needs to ask for a Gov. Palin endorsement. They won’t give one unless asked to. I am certain Gov. Palin would be happy to give it and even go to Utah and appear at a campaign event for this wonderful, feisty conservative woman.

    And thank you RS for posting this and all of your other coverage!!

  • B-Funk

    The most powerful person in politics: the citizen-statesman/woman! That’s why we want you to win Mia!

  • proudhispanicconservative

    Who the hell were the people that brainwashed this woman with principles of love for her country? The left are the most despicable group of people that hate any person that thinks for herself. Thank you Mia for standing up to your masters in the left and for showing other african americans that you can think for yourself.
    All you liberals you are on notice; your message of dependance and of big government is not what americans want.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    Listen to another republican star telling a reporter I dont need your endorsement,

  • notebene

    Mia Love is a rising star on the political front! She will be a remarkable leader when elected because her focus is in the right place. It comes down to the legacy we want to leave behind for the next generation. The current administration doesn’t give a darn what happens to them, they just want to abuse their power. A true leader cares about the consequences of his/her actions. With examples like Mia Love, Allen West, Sarah Palin, Marco Rubio, and Paul Ryan, the conservative movement have a bright future ahead!

  • Conservative_Hippie

    Oh my, she is good! The new face of the Conservative movement! I love it! I lover her! Woot!

  • msverde1

    A BIG AMEN, Sister LOVE, and neither do I. As my good ole grandpappy, former WWII Naval vet, often would say, “They can take their thoughts and place them where the sun don’t shine.”

  • sybilll

    How awesome. Her money bomb goal was originally $50,000. But the response has been so tremendous that the new goal is $225,000. Right on. Right on. Right on.

  • I love this young Lady. She is a future star of the party. I love this young bench the GOP has and look forward to the myth of the “old white man party” being flushed away over the next decade or two.

  • I love the fact that there are so many people of color who are running for office as Conservative Republicans. This has the left going nuts! and their only recourse is to slander, demean, mock, belittle, lie and distort their record. And question their intelligence and patriotism.
    We need to have more candidates like Utah Mayor- Mia Love and show women and minorities that we are the more inclusive party. Where we do not judge anyone by race, color, creed or sexual orientation. Rather by the content of their character.

    • cathmom

      I agree, and I was really impressed with Susan Martinez as well.


    “Right ON, Mia LOVE, RIGHT ON !”

    P.S…. the TRUTH will triumph every time just wait till the results come in on NOVEMBER 6th 2012 TEA PARTY PATRIOTS make the difference as they did in the mid terms in 2010 ! BAM BAM LANDSLIDE for Romney / Ryan !”

    • cathmom

      I pray to God that you are right.

  • Jerseygalnny

    I like her. She rocks! I find it mind boggling that the left continues to pigeon-hole people by race, and liberals fall for it! Unreal. I’m linking to this on FR for our little patriots’ group. I live in the northeast, but I would be part of her team and her ground game if I lived in her city!

  • aZjimbo

    According to the liberal idiots of this country, I was told I am a racist because I disagree with barry’s policies. What’s the excuse that I agree with Mia?

  • white531

    It is good for us to comment favorably of Mia, here on Scoop. But if you really want to make a difference, you need to donate to her campaign. She represents the future of the Republican Party. You don’t like the Good ‘Ole Boys? You don’t like the RINOS? You want Sarah to have a voice? God just gave you a magical opportunity that you are not likely to get very often. He gave you Mia Love. Don’t blow this chance.

  • tvlgds

    She is awesome. I hope she wins in Nov!

  • Jay

    Real conservatives know that it’s a badge of honor to be called names by the left.

  • bobemakk

    This woman is dynamic, I hope she wins her election as well.

  • Liberty1959

    Mia Love is an outstanding Conservative. You think it would get under the democrats skin if she ran for President in 2020 or 2024?

  • kong1967

    How about that….she’s clean and articulate. Ugh…I can’t remember exactly what that repulsive comment was that Clinton made. It was quite revealing of what the left thinks.

    Wikopedia is a joke. Never rely on it for information. Word definitions….maybe. Facts….no.