BOOM! New Romney ad exposes Obama’s empty promises to Janesville plant

It’s clear Romney isn’t going to let Democrat lies go unanswered and in this web ad he tells the truth about Obama’s empty promises to the Janesville plant:

The Obama campaign is busy attacking Paul Ryan to distract from President Obama’s broken promises. Four years ago, President Obama promised twice to bring prosperity back to Janesville, Wisconsin and retool its GM plant. Today, that plant still stands closed. Promises made on the campaign trail. Promises broken in Washington.

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  • drphibes

    How can you tell if Obama is lying?

    • Jaels_Song

      He doesn’t break a sweat?

      • drphibes

        No, that wasn’t the answer I was looking for. Someone else?

    • his lips are moving?

      • drphibes

        Ding! Ding! Ding! You’ve supplied the correct answer to this very tired joke. You’ve won… a free… oven mitt!

        • i dont know what 2 say! now i know how obama feels when asked about his record…

        • Orangeone

          OMG what a great promo item for Ann Romney’s line of campaign gear! Oven mitts with Mitt on one side and Paul Ryan on the other. And no, I am not kidding! Great line: Like a good President, a good oven mitt to protect you from the heat, is hard to find. You have both in Romney/Ryan.

          • drphibes

            Oven Mitts would be great if they weren’t such racially charged objects.

            • Orangeone


            • FutureOnePercent

              That one made me actually laugh out loud… I tried to keep it in, but the hilarity was overwhelming.

    • He’s speaking?

      • drphibes

        Yes! Although the precise wording was already supplied by Jake Bourgeois: “His lips are moving.” As a consolation prize, you receive a Lactona Toothbrush and 50 cent coupon good at all participating Arby’s!

    • Dioptase

      His autopen is moving.
      He’s reading his teleprompter.
      He’s not reading his teleprompter.
      He’s smiling.
      He’s scowling.
      He starts a sentence with “Let me be absolutely clear.”
      He starts a sentence with ‘I’.
      He starts a sentence.

      • drphibes

        Good brainstorming session. I like the last one.

    • bobemakk

      He always lies.

  • Jaels_Song

    TOLD YA! =)

  • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

    Strong ad – quiet, no hype but hard hitting.

  • i didnt know about the oct statements, that makes the whole controversy even more ridiculous

  • Throwing wiffle balls when you can throw a fact genade?

  • keninil

    This is a good way to untangle the fact-checkers who claimed Ryan’s speech was untrue.

    • Patriot077

      fact checking the fact checkers – get used to it!

      • keninil

        The problem is the MSM says the fact checkers say thus and so — even when they are wrong. This ad straightens out the lie that the MSM is endorsing.

        Don’t know if the Mitt machine can keep up with the Lie machine. We need more Sununu & Newt to call these guys out.

        • Well Ken when you now have over 200 million to spend….THAT MAKES A BIG DIFFERENCE to counter….and Mitt and RNC raised over 100 million more in Aug so far unofficially…THEY ARE RAKING IN THE MONEY!! When you have that warchest…the MSM gets sidelined!

          • keninil

            Was watching the DNC convention till the SEIU lady came on. Every sentence seemed a new lie (maybe every other); I started puking and had to turn it off.

            Booker however seemed to skate around out and out lying — only implying. A good politician — Christie is going to have his hands full next election.

            • Booker…is not a good politician he is weak and a coward…he praised Romney then took it back…he is a flip flopper and inspires no one….he is plastic…sorry disagree…Christie will tear him up….no he is a typical left wing whimp!

              • keninil

                Maybe. At least he wasn’t spouting 10 lies a minute like the SEIU broad. I think he should switch parties, Maybe during the convention he will have his “Susannah Martinez” moment and realize “Damn, I’m a Republican”.

            • I know the feeling…puking every time a leftard speaks, that is.

        • The MSM plays the role of the fact checkers, too. So the MSM says something as “fact checkers,” then they can later cite their own claims claiming it was a “fact checker” who said it.

        • Look for the “Fact Checking by Friends of Soros” label everywhere fact checkers are displayed.

  • Theconservativechic

    Every time I hear about “promises” from OBUTTMA- I hear this in my head. 

    “You made me promises, promises 
    Knowing I’d believe 
    Promises, promises 
    You knew you’d never keep
    Promises” (excerpt from naked eyes) 

  • smmy33

    I know they can’t air this everywhere but some national buy or even just in Wisconsin to win the state, Because the national media for over a week has used this stupid plant story to discredit Ryan

    Watching the morning shows today, made me so pissed, they all treated him like a f- king hostile witness, then the next segment treated whatever hackery out the democrats lying mouths like the gospel truth…. This election I don’t know who I want to demolish more the corrupt national media or democrats starting with Obama, it’s a toss up.

    • bayway48

      smmy33….take a look at this analysis. I have read many supporting Ryan’s position. However, they seemed to be missing something. I support what Ryan said in his speech and I share this link to any and all who ask for further reasons why the media and factcheckers, et al are debunked on this one. They have no concept of the truth.

    • p m

      We’re aiming to demolish both:)

    • Orangeone

      WI and MN. MN is turning more red by the day. We care about our neighbors to the East, stood with them against the unions and supported Scott Walker during the recall.

  • sDee

    Yeah! I am gonnna vote for the white, Christian, straight, guys.

    I mean heck, after all, seein’ that that President Barack Hussein Obama, umm umm umm, has revealed to me my true inner racist, islamophobe, bigot, I may as well enjoy it now.

    • Patriot077

      Yup, I think it’s time to start reveling in our islamophobic, bigoted, racist, evangelical thoughts and friendships!

      Time to stand tall and proud.

    • Guest1776rcp

      Mormons are Christians? Don’t think so see Galatians 1.

      Regardless doesn’t it seem a bit stupid to be playing this ad when Romney didn’t even support the auto bailouts? I think the GOPe walked right into a trap on this one and the Dems are going to hammer him on this one.

      • The tax payers should not be bailing anyone out–there are legal bankruptcy laws that should be allowed to work–it would not cost jobs to the contrary of the liberal press. When are the people going to wise up and see for themselves that liberals lie.

        • If the taxpayers shouldn’t bail out the auto industry, then why is the Romney campaign critiquing Obama on something that he had nothing to do with–particularly if you agree that the government shouldn’t bail out industries? If the government didn’t bail out the auto industry, then there would be more plants–like the Janesville plant–that closed, while this ad argues that plants closing is “bad” and that politicians should have some amount of blame for it.

      • Orangeone

        The “bailouts” were for the unions not for the business. The gov’t has no role in private enterprise ownership. Just look at the recent releases on taxpayers losing 100% of the investment, gov’t purchasing GM vehicles to make the #s look better, Volt fires upon fires upon fires with extremely expense recall.

        • Guest1776rcp

          I wasn’t for the auto bailouts.

          I was just pointing out that its kind of stupid to keep pushing that meme because now its probably going to come up in the debates and Obama is going to say “you didn’t support the auto bailouts Mitt”.

          Its politically stupid for the Romney team to be pushing this one to score a few points in WI. My opinion I could be wrong.

          • Patriot077

            I think Mitt has a good response for that because he supported the auto makers taking the usual reorganization under our bankruptcy laws instead of bailouts. Which would have allowed them to restructure their loans and negotiate new contracts. Now that we know G”M is bankrupt again, I would think Mitt’s choice would have even more credibility.

            • Guest1776rcp

              I totally agreed with Romney on the auto bailouts and I’m just givbing my opinion from a political perspective. The Romney camp walked right into the clobbering they’re going to get in the debates on that one. I guess we’ll find out soon enough if it was a mistake or not.

          • Orangeone

            I think they are pushing the broken promises and now responding to the media that called Ryan a liar.  If bankruptcy had been filed, would be reasonable to the plant to be retooled and funds could have been set aside to do it.  O’Bambi’s big accomplishment is that GM is alive.  Well, it really isn’t.  Like Solendra, it is more taxpayer $$$ down the drain with O’Bambi fundraisers financially rewarded for 2008.  The debates will be silly because only liberals are moderators and they will gush for O’Bambi and toss him simple questions and take nonresponses while butchering Romney.

            • Guest1776rcp

              I’m predicting the debates will be the most viewed in the history of televised Presidential debates. Its hard to explain economics in 3 minute sound bites.
              Obama is going to explain that plant was one of the oldest of those considered for closure, point out his VP voted for the auto bailout etc…

              I still believe it was a mistake, we’ll see.

      • Mormons ARE Christian. You are bigoted if you don’t vote for Romney based on his religion.

        • Guest1776rcp

          Mormons are not Christians. They have a very different belief system and you obviously haven’t read Galatians 1 which warns of Joseph Smiths. You can pretend Mormons are Christians all you want but it doesn’t make it so.

          I don’t care about Romney’s religion as far as voting for him. I think he’s a progressive and a flop flipping liar who’ll say or do anything to get elected. I don’t vote for progressives.

          Also, Democrats say I’m racist because I won’t vote for a progressive named Obama. You sound just like them. Romney and some of his supporters are Obama-lite in more ways than one. No thanks.

          • I don’t sound like a Democrat. You sound like a Democrat because #1, you’re lying, and #2, you are in the process of helping an extremist Democrat win with your voting decisions.

            If you don’t vote for Romney BECAUSE OF his religion, you are bigoted. If you don’t vote for a progressive named Obama BECAUSE OF his race, you are bigoted. Get a dictionary if you don’t know what it means to be bigoted.

            • Guest1776rcp

              You offer nothing but false choices and sound very much like a progressive yourself with your extremely simpleton BS and name calling. In fact you sound just like an Obamatron.

              The Democrat nor Republican party own my vote, the Dems will never get it because they are collectivist and Romney has to earn it, he hasn’t. Get over it.

              • Obama has been a bad president by any standard used by conservatives.

                • Guest1776rcp

                  Over the past 12 years the GOPe and Bush have been very UNconservative by my standards. The RNC turned themselves into the DNC during the primaries and Romney gave the grassroots conservatives the finger at his convention. No thanks. Gridlock is very underrated and more conservative by default than a Republican party run by RINOs willing to appease and please a new President from their party. I’ve seen that movie before and it didn’t end well. And if Obama wasn’t such a dufus the GOPe would still be wondering in the wilderness. What thanks do the TP get? The GOPe basically said thanks for 2010 but we’ll take it from here and tried to stomp out the TPers.

            • Guest1776rcp

              Also, if Obama wins reelection blame the GOPe for not nominating someone I could vote for.

              Galatians 1:6

              No Other Gospel

              6 I am astonished that you are so quickly deserting the one who called you to live in the grace of Christ and are turning to a different gospel— 7 which is really no gospel at all. Evidently some people are throwing you into confusion and are trying to pervert the gospel of Christ. 8 But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let them be under God’s curse! 9 As we have already said, so now I say again: If anybody is preaching to you a gospel other than what you accepted, let them be under God’s curse!

              10 Am I now trying to win the approval of human beings, or of God? Or am I trying to please people? If I were still trying to please people, I would not be a servant of Christ.

              Joseph Smith claims he was visited by an angel or alien from planet Kolob and translated his golden tablets or what ever. If I’m lying then so is Paul. I think I’ll take his word over yours thank you very much.

              • The Republican Party leadership didn’t nominate Romney, for one thing; the voters did. Furthermore, you can’t blame the voters for you not voting for Romney. The voters who nominated Romney can’t control who you vote for. Only you can.

                • Guest1776rcp

                  The RNC and RINOs went out of their way to make sure a conservative didn’t get the nomination for an election that was the best chance to get an actual conservative in the WH in a very long time. I will not reward them for their duplicity. The writing is on the wall, the RNC and RINOs want to bury conservatives once and for all.

                  Romney also gave grassroots folks the finger at the convention.

                  I don’t vote for progressives! Why is that so hard to understand?

    • SineWaveII

      Put the race card back in your wallet, it’s not accepted here.

      • p m

        Don’t be concerned, sinewaveii, sDee is joking – taking the mickey out of the democrat line. She’s one of this site’s many stars!

  • proudhispanicconservative

    Can anyone tell me where this ads are playing?, because only us the political junkies are paying attention, this ad should be on tv in WI, please stop the online ads and start doing targeted ads.

    • Orangeone

      The online ads are very inexpensive and allow bloggers to preview and provide feedback as well as spread virally. They are being broadcast throughout Twitter!

  • Obama lies

    • actionsspeaklouder

      Better alert the media – they seem to have missed that fact.

    • Proud American

      America dies

  • CPAguy

    I don’t think this ad was very honest. However, it may be effective.

    Obama said those things, but nothing he did or didn’t do impacted the closing of that plant.

    Plenty of other, more concrete things to bust Obama on.

    • RosiesSeeingRed

      CPAguy, there is no question that Obama could not have done anything to save that plant. So why tell those people he could? They were vulnerable, and he offered them hope. If you vote for me/the Democrats, your plant will be here for the next 100 years…….

      That’s Ryan’s point.. not the fact that the plant closed, but that fact that Obama pretty much said if you vote for me/us, it won’t. Obama made that promise in exchange for votes. I think it’s fair game. He said it — he owns it.

      • Instead of letting the bankruptcy court handle GM–Obama tool over and had his people direct what got shut down all the way from plants to auto dealers–he had the control along with billions of our tax money. He shut out the lawful investors and funneled it to the union bosses. Obama simply made an empty promise like he has for the last 4 years.

      • sno_warrior

        He said he’d help them and he didn’t! Promise made, promise broken!

    • Obama had complete control over GM–he directed or had the authority to direct plant closings, dealer shut downs and re directed all of the authority to go to union bosses–so he had the control to keep Janesville open–another empty promise and he is down to just his Obama fools believing him now.

    • Orangeone

      It was his fricken car czar that made the decisions. O’Bambi didn’t want this plant saved because the state was turning red and was going against his union donors. Wise up.

      • CPAguy

        No, based on the timeline, it was obviously a decision that GM management had already had locked in.

        I understand it was an empty promise by Obama, but I think the ad is simply dishonest…and Democrats will attack it as dishonest.

        There are plenty of other things which one can bash against Obama which don’t have the air of falsehood.

  • Sober_Thinking

    The Liar-and-Chief… nuff said.

  • Great AD….now this must be run NATIONWIDE…for sure in Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, Florida and Virginia……hit the CREEP With his own words….THAT IS THE KEY take his own words….AND SLAM HIM WITH THEM!! OVER AND OVER AGAIN…..Rattle that cage night and day from the right and from the right and from the center….never let him rest!! (NO LEFT MENTIONED ON PURPOSE!!) Obama cannot handle his own words used against him…HE IS A DICTATOR and therefore what he says IS!!! Not matter what the facts!!

    Ryan nailed him beautifully and FACTUALLY…here that WaPo with your LIBERAL FACT CHECKER on the OBAMA PAYROLL!!


  • Hey Right Scoop!!…please make sure this ad gets over to the others like HotAir, Drudge, Hannity, Fox, Ace, Redstate, Instapundit, Townhall, Weekly Standard and others please!!!

    • Orangeone


      • proudhispanicconservative


  • Liberals lie and Obama is the king of liars.

  • sDee

    How Romney could end unemployment:

    -Add a 50% tax all on all money sent to home countries by illegals
    -No bank accounts or credit cards for illegals
    -No guest-worker scams for illegals
    -No home mortgages for illegals
    -Add a 50% tax on transfers by money laundering companies like Western Union
    -Build the wall, electrify it if necessary
    -Fine and jail every employer who hires illegal aliens
    -No in-state tuition for illegals
    -Illegal aliens attempting to vote in any Federal, State or Local election shall be imprisioned for 10 years in our tent-city jails and put to work in the fields, followed by deportation
    -No more anchor babies for illegals – no automatic citizenship
    -No visa increases for importing cheap foreign labor
    -No government funded multilingual programs for anyone legal or illegal
    – No health care for illegals unless it is a true emergency
    – Remaining health care costs for illegals shall be billed to their home country
    – No food stamps for illegals
    – Eliminate all multicultural programs in government funded schools
    – No amnesty for illegals
    – No taxpayer funded K-12 education for illegals
    – No drivers licenses for illegals
    – Eliminate tax-exempt status for radical hate groups like LULAC, MEChA, etc..
    – Authorize all local police to enforce federal immigration laws
    – Demand full cooperation from foreign countries. If they don’t comply, cut off foreign aid
    – Repeal anti-American trade pacts like NAFTA, CAFTA–.aspx

    • Jay

      Those are all great ideas but don’t forget all of the legal citizens sucking on the goverment teat.

      • sDee

        cut ’em off … da’z gonna have to fill all those job vacancies

  • dabbobean

    Obama is a tool……someone should make a bumper sticker
    “Don’t Re-tool in 2012. Vote Romney / Ryan.”

  • Yazz55

    Betcha the obamessiah’s excuse is “I was only reading the teleprompter”, I didn’t really mean it.

  • The Janesville plant closed because the economy hit a recession combined with the fact that GM was already struggling. Obama had nothing to do with it. Plus, it would have been a stupid policy to spend tax money to keep every single plant (of a private company) permanently open. In fact, many conservatives were against the decision to bail out GM in the first place (and I can see why).

    It is true that every single fact Paul Ryan said about the GM plant was true.

    That said, there’s nothing to attack Obama on with relation to the plant.

    • Obama made promises with regard to the economy, and implied his changes would lead to keeping the plant open.

      Ryan’s point was that Obama made a LOT of those sorts of promises, and failed to deliver on any of them.

      The plant closed. Obama’s economy made sure it would stay that way.

      It’s not an attack. It’s just the sad truth.

    • Jay

      Oh puleeeze, we know what Obama was implying. How much you wanna bet they’re being punished because they were making gas-guzzling, global-warming SUV’s and trucks?

  • I despair. Will the American people never see in time before the election, that this man is a very dangerous liar?

    • sDee

      some people are natural slaves – they want to believe this, in government – they will never see

      The nature of mankind

      • As Mark Scott always used to say,

        “Some people demand the lash: yes, sir, yes sir, three bags full!”

  • bobemakk

    His campaign is all lies and he tries to distract US from the real issues like gas prices, the fake more drillling he swore we were doing/BS, the deficit, unemployment and the list goes on and on. Romney must win.

  • grannylake

    If the Romney/Ryan team put out a daily message correcting a different Obama “untruth”, I wonder how many messages would be left unplayed by November 6, 2012?

  • JG Campbell

    I just saw the ad attacking the President for not keeping the “promise” to keep the GM plant in Janesville open and I what to say thank you for spending your money to make the point that if Obama had been in office instead of Bush Jr. when the decisions that lead to the closing of the plant was made then perhaps those Janesville workers would still have a job. Second you say the President promised to keep the plant open? I have listen to your ad many times now and the only person using the word “promise” is the guy paid to do the voice over. As for the “second promise” how do you get “I PROMISE retool and reopen the Janesville Plant: from “I will lead EFFORTS to retool plants LIKE the GM facility in Janeville”? Third, Romney and Ryan both regurgitate the same lie about “less government in our lives” but then you fail to realize that the decision to close the Janesville plant was made by the privately-owned GM and Fiat companies….which would suggest Romney/Ryan would have dictated that these companies keep the plant open? While we are on the subject…how is telling woman what they can and can’t do with their own bodies equate to less government intrusion? I know that to most that last statement is nothing more then pointing out the obvious hypocritical position of the Romney-Ryan ticket but based on the level of selective perception required to make the above mentioned ad clearly these individuals NEED someone to explain that to them.

  • Reading comprehension might help you some. It wasn’t a “promise to keep the plant open.” It was “economic promises” that he did not deliver on. Not only did he not deliver on those promises, he instead opted to go an entirely different route and raise debt through the roof. He went from promises designed to keep plants open, to delivering policies designed to insure they stay firmly shut down.

    It’s the SCOAMF way.

    Same as his stupid claim to start lowering the sea and making jobs his focus. He barely shows up to work, let alone mustering enough time to “focus” on anything but fundraising.