BOOM! Romney says Obama doesn’t want the American people to know exactly what happened in Benghazi

In an interview with Fox News today, Romney called out the Obama administration for not coming clean about what happened in Benghazi. Despite Obama’s unwillingness to call this a terrorist attack, Romney asserts that it is clear this is a terrorist attack even though, as he says, the president doesn’t want to admit it.


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  • drphibes

    The only thing Islam respects is strength.

    Appeasement is weakness. The U.S. is a weak horse and the Prez is the rider.

    • SineWaveII

      Absolutely right

  • badbadlibs

    “Obama not coming clean”. bo can’t come clean, he’s got an agenda and it’s to downgrade America by any means possible.
    He’s not projecting weakness for any other reason. He is doing it on purpose and in so doing giving America her “come uppance”.

    • sjmom

      Very true.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    obama will pronounce that attack as a terror attack….his administration will be investigating it for months, if not years, and he still won’t call it terrorism. Something is drastically wrong with the imposter in the White House.

    • Orangeone

      His perception is on the terroists’ side not the side of the US. This is an act of war and nukes should be dropped immediately. Take no prisoners. It worked in Japan and they since became an ally.

      • Army_Pilot1967

        I agree with you, Orangeone, but we know obama isn’t going to do anything to make anyone pay for murdering our ambassador and the three other U.S. citizens. They were in obama’s words merely “…bumps in the road.” I can’t believe he said that, but he surely did.

        • Orangeone

          I know but it helps me to think that Romney will do something when he takes office in Jan 2013.  Oh how I wish it was tomorrow.

      • If you will pardon the pun, “dropping nukes” is a bit of a bomb-astic comment, don’t you think? Way to destructive, and no matter what, if the U.S EVER uses nukes again in any way, it WILL be WWIII, period. I say we roll up our sleeves, send in our elite Black Ops to systematically locate and eliminate each, and every single person who had ANYTHING to do with Benghazi, then move on to ALL the rest of the terror orgs. Not only that, but after operation Benghazi justice, we tell the world what we have done, and what we are going to do, and as we don’t want to kill innocences, they better get out of the way…never mind, it would end the same way. Anyone else have any ideas that would be filled with U.S badassery that wouldn’t lead to ww3?

        • Sure we declare war on Libya and Egypt. We destroy both Capitals with our Air Bombs that are nearly as strong as a weak Nuke. Well at first we just find a juicy target in each country and destroy it. We then threaten the next will be in the big cities. But we also destroy the Presidential Compounds.

          That is what war is supposed to be killing civilians till they surrender unconditionally. We then appoint a dictator friendly to us.

          • SineWaveII

            Amen! No more of this neo-con nation building carp either. Also no news media presence anywhere near the operations unless they want to be blown up as well.

        • Orangeone

          I hate to say it but I think WWIII started with 9/11, it’s just taking a bit to get it going.  We have been in Iraq and Afghanistan with feet on the ground but they are and will always be limited in what they can do.  A serious message needs to be sent with some major destruction to communicate the US’ seriousness.  What they did is an act of war and needs to be immediately addressed, not apologized for and US citizens referred to as bumps in the road. I fear we will be attacked many more times before election day because the US is doing nothing but bending over and asking for more.

          • SineWaveII

            It started when Iran attacked our embassy and took the hostages.

            • Orangeone

              Even better timeline.  Yet another useless pResident in Jimmy the Somali-lover Carter.

    • sjmom

      He’s not an American; he’s a globalist.

    • cheyennecowboy

      Odumba doesn’t have years to investigate it. We’re down to less than 45 days and counting. He better hurry. Thanks for your perspective AP67

      • Army_Pilot1967

        He won’t hurry was my point, Cowboy. He wouldn’t want to be “forced” to call it terrorism since muslims were the ones doing the terrorizing. He just won’t use the “T” word and muslims in the same breath. Kinda makes me wonder….know what I mean?

  • JDOlson

    Oh, he’s gonna get in trouble for this! Nothing quite as shocking as the simple truth. The BOob thinks he’s going to coast to the election by doing/saying nothing. Way to flush the slacker out of his hole, Mitt!

  • Slickfoot

    That, children is how one acts presidential.

  • freenca

    That’s it Mitt, call BO out on being a pants on fire liar!!! Liar!! LIAR-liar!

  • p m

    Don’t choke, but even the rag that calls itself a newspaper, NYT, has allowed a tiny chink of light through. Won’t link there, but to NRO instead. It’s a must read and not too long.
    “Obama Regretted His ‘Muted’ Early Stance on Iran”

  • RosiesSeeingRed

    Agree with everything said here, AND, the two of them together are a force to be reckoned with. Ryan’s point at the end — we not only look weak to our enemies, our allies cannot trust us either.

    Obama: Epic Fail

  • Paul Ryan seemed to get it. Mitt not so much.

    I have yet to be impressed by Mitt Romney. He is nearly as weak as Obama. He did not say we should go in there and show them they can not kill our diplomats and get away with it.

    Very weak on criticizing Obama.

    • AbdulBX

      We get it. No matter what Mitt does or doesn’t do, you will criticize. No matter how small it makes you look.

      • Yes.

        Go on thinking Mitt will win. Sorry I did that in 08 with McCain. Said nothing when McCain projected weakness. Now same story with Mitt Romney.

        Worst President in American History. A true “President for Life” wana be. But now we are stuck with him because we stupidly nominated the one person who had no chance of beating Obama. Mitt Romney.

        Mitt Romney and Obama are far more alike than different. Both ineligible for office by the constitution. In that neither believe in abiding by it.

        • BS….you need as big a shovel as Obama….you are full of it. Any person that equates Mitt and Obama is a fool. You are plain dislike Romney and will never have the decency to ackwoledge the difference between Obama and Romney. That is pathetic…oh yeah I am sure American 4 years from now with Obama in 2016 would look just like Mitt’s America in 2016…what a sorry misrepresentation and sad!

          • Romney will not win. In four years Mitt will have no relevance neither will the rest of the extinct RINOS.

            • Then there is no need spewing your hate around here. :p

            • RosiesSeeingRed

              Then you’ve probably heard Allen West tell people they need to vote for Romney?

            • SineWaveII

              Really? He’s either tied or leading in the polls and leads Obama on almost ever issue. Record numbers of people now identify themselves as Republican or Independent. What do you think all of that means?

            • This is starting to sound like spam. You’ve expressed the same exact sentiment in a bunch of threads, so it’s getting old.

              If you’ve hung around here very long, you know most of us were not fans of Romney during the primaries.

              The primaries are over.

              Say it with me: The Primaries Are Over.

              You can vote however you want, but as of now, you are at the wrong site to be spamming us with this anti_Romney BS.

              If you want to help, then do whatever you must to make sure Obama loses.

              If not, then just go hang out over at Huffpo until it’s all over.

        • AbdulBX

          Projected weakness? What the hell does that even mean, Steve? Either you are for Obama or against him. I’m not a Republican, but I do know that any of the other Republican contenders would be down by at least 20 points at this point. My goal is to get Obama out of office, period.

          • Since Nixon was impeached there have been six Establishment Republicans that ran for President. All lost (well Romney has not actually lost yet he is just losing).

            There were five elections we won each time with a Conservative Candidate. Though after the election in 04 GW Bush turned into an Establishment Republican but not till after he won having learned from his father who turned into an Establishment Republican before the election and lost his second term.

            Any of the Conservatives would have easily beaten Obama.

            Americans want Obama Care done away with completely. Mitt is basically promising to replace it with Romney Care but Americans know that is just another version of Obama Care.

            • puma_for_life

              I do agree with you that a conservative candidate would have walked all over Obama (I include Ron Paul in that statement as polls showed he would have beat Obama). I can’t understand why the GOP always does this. However, even though I am still considering voting for Gary Johnson because I see little difference between Obamney and Rombama, I may break down at the last minute because I absolutely cannot stand the Liar-in-Chief. I still cannot listen to his voice I don’t care what he is saying or look at his lying face. He is a pathological liar; what ever he says, you can be sure he is doing the opposite.

              • tshtsh

                You must live in a state where your vote doesn’t matter, i.e. Rhode Island and the Providence Plantation.

              • SineWaveII

                If you vote for Johnson you are voting for Obama and you are a traitor. It’s that simple.

            • SineWaveII

              What is an establishment republican?

        • In 2008 McLame was behind with Catholics…Romney is ahead….McLame was not supported by Evangelicals….Romney is…go over and check who Romney has employed to help him..RALPH REED…the man that gave Bush the election in 2004..HOW with 8 million Evangelicals that McLame did not get….He was on Greta last night and this man is a Master of the GOTV…he nailed Ohio, Florida, NC and Virginia for Bush in 2004 with his Evangelical outreach…McLame did not use him….He has alrady mailed out 51 million documents to Evangelicals to highlight Mitt vs Obama….He has already made massive outreaches already for Mitt…phones, doors and more….he made it clear to Greta the day after the election the MSM will be stunned by the support for Mitt….just like he did in 2004 for Bush who won by millions because the EVANGELICALS came out in force and will again not like 2008. And Romney is winning the Catholic Vote….so no it is not 2008 and your bias against Mitt is terrible!

          • WinMissouri

            Michael, I don’t know what these people missed in Mitt’s comments, perhaps they muted him. You are right on and it is good to see Mitt speaking directly, calling a spade a spade. R&R are breaking out more forcefully it snowballs through the debates into November 6th. They are right, voters are pleading for transparency, we “can handle the truth!”.

      • This is SO true. Now they are actually trying to make people believe that Mitt thinks that plane windows should “roll down” to let in air. He cannot speak, he cannot joke, he can’t do anything for fear of being ripped apart, and the conservatives, who eat their own, do plenty of the ripping.

        • puma_for_life

          You are right and that is one thing that really bothers me about conservatives. They complain about the MSM and say how all they do is lie, but they believe every negative thing said about their candidates. Very confusing to me. Why would you believe anything the MSM says at all especially about your candidates? And that includes their slanted polls which are designed to make us all believe this is a close election because only if it is a close election can they program the machines to vote flip and be believable.

  • justplainbob

    Seems that Mr. No Time for Netenyahu has No Time for Terrorism.

  • Romney “troubling and disturbing”
    Obama “bumps in the road”
    Ryan “America was acting with weakness emboldening our enemies.”

    I’m sorry but Ryan gets it Obama/Romney have no real clue.

    • RosiesSeeingRed

      Sorry, but “troubling and disturbing” was in reference to OBAMA’S REACTION to what is going on in the middle east. Go back and listen to it again.

      • AbdulBX

        Ignore him. He just hates Mitt.

  • odin147

    As Ditka would say you get what you tolerate. We have tolerated enough of the one, it is time to stop tolerating and time to start winning.

  • sjmom

    Paul Ryan hit the nail on the head. Our enemies think we are weak and so do our allies. Then again, who used to be our enemies are now allies of the current administration. Obama needs to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dare I say it? O is a sociopath.

    • NJK

      You’re right.

    • No just a committed jihadist.

      Obama is doing all he can to become the Sharia Dictator of America. He can then force us to convert or kill us. He is bringing this to pass very successfully.

    • wodiej

      it’s called “narcissistic personality disorder”. Look it up. He fits the description to a “T”.

  • SaraPFan

    I would not want to work in any capacity overseas for this President. No wonder military morale was down when he became President. A lot of military personnel didn’t feel safe under his leadership nor did they re-enlist under his leadership. I agree with Paul Ryan.

  • I do not find Obama’s handling of this “troubling and disturbing”. I find it outrageous.

    Paul Ryan got it right. It projected weakness and is continuing to project weakness. Mitt named some of the problems but he did not connect them. It was a very weak statement.

    To send Susan Rice out there to lie through her teeth then to act now like that never happened and to continue to insist we do not know it was a terrorist act is Outrageous. Obamas’ Statement was a complete lie meant to embolden our enemies.

    • No Mitt was not weak he called out Obama….you have an innate dislike for Mitt and no matter what he does you criticize him…

      • Election little more than a month away.

        At least then people will start caring about what we can to do to stop Obama from becoming President for life.

        • Agreed! Romney is our ONLY chance of preventing that. Don’t you agree? :p

          • No.

            Mitt is a lifetime Communist his vision is almost the same as Obama. Both want communism in America. Only difference is who the dictator would be. Well of course Obama would also implement Sharia Law.

            Mitt leaned from the master Saul Alinsky and recently praised China for how they used communism to put on the Olympics. No mention by him of the way they did it through stealing property and forcing people to work.

            • Steve please, and I mean this in the nicest of terms, shut the hell up you deluded person. Peace 🙂

              • I have the links to prove it.

                Sorry to burst your bubble.

                • SineWaveII

                  We’ll see. Boy will it suk2BU when Mitt wins.

                • Aikalo80

                  Maybe you can say what your REAL problem with Romney is?

                • We know what he is, and we’re happy to put him ahead of Obama. It would be terminally (for this country) stupid to do otherwise.

                • proudhispanicconservative

                  Troll Alert: New Obama Drones Strategy
                  Visit Conservative sites and make believe you are a conservative that hates Romney.
                  Goal: Discourage and keep conservatives from voting for Romney and stay home.

                • proudhispanicconservative

                  You can come out now and say it, you are an Obama Drone.

            • SineWaveII

              (Pointing at Steve) Bong Cuckoo Bong Cuckoo Bong Cuckoo

            • you’re full of crap. Sorry, tired of reading your lies. Go somewhere else.

            • Aikalo80

              WOW! What a load of crap you are spewing, too much huffington post you’re reading there buddy.

        • pdxlady

          Six. Weeks. From. Today.

    • Look Steve, nobody doubts your disdain for Romney, we get it, so stop beating that horse-its not gonna get any deader, and it is starting to stink.
      You support Ryan? Good! Vote for him, and just accept the fact that it is a package deal. People who hate obama, but refuse to vote for Romney-choosing instead to write in their candidate of choice, are running the risk(however microscopic) of giving the [email protected][email protected] in chief another four years to visit even greater destruction on our country, making you complicit on some level. Your beef with Romney is entirely one-sided, as I am sure he has no beef with you. If you can watch some of his speeches where he takes his own reigns in hand, so to speak, and speaks from the heart…only a willingly blind misanthropic person would still cast stones.
      Be for RandR now, then, once we can be assured of our freedom for at least another four years, start campaigning for your own brand of “hope and change”. Otherwise, you will be viewed as some sort of troll.

  • shane2813

    I think the Muslim Dogs around the world need to see what a glass parking lot looks like;)))

  • Nice mix with Mitt and Paul calling out the President….DENIAL will not work Marxist. If you think you can keep shoveling that crap about a Video well then you need a Ford 150 Size Pick-Up Truck to carry the droppings!! Mitt was right the Administration is lying and these ME uprisings and developments are NOT BUMPS IN THE ROAD and Paul was great about projecting American weakness under Obama! More of this please at the Marxist!

    • SineWaveII

      More like a Mack 713 Dump truck

  • 12grace

    Gp get em ‘Romney! Love it.


    I like what Miit sadi in all his appearences today.

    My instincts are telling me OBOZO has something up his sleeve.

    I have never been wrong on him, but he always catches us all by surprise.

    I ALWAYS knew those drone strikes would haunt US and him. but he seems to
    slip the blame for anything. ALL that BRAGGING on killing OSAMA….NOT GOOD !
    Notice it has stopped during COVER-UP of Bengazhi Murders?

    I don’t mind US killing terrorist, but also killing innocents (many women and children in vehicles with terrorist) and going into Pakistan for OSAMA while warranted has now led us to possible WW3. DRUMBEST gets louder each day.

    How are we to know he is not doing EXACTLY what he wants, he seems to have his own rules on everything?

    Saw a guy on with CAVITO today, and he nailed it better than anyone (including SEAN and MARK, or RUSH), forgot his mane, but his points were on the MSM and what they have been doing for OBUMMER all along, even before 2008, and now it is OUT OF CONTROL, all hand on deck protecting the PREZI.

    Makes us all look like idiots to be letting this happen.
    How can we stop it, we do not know what IT IS is IS.

    Big letter by BRENT BOZZELLE to wherever saying this media coverage is too one sided and Will GIVE election to OBUMMER……..Uh..NO KIDDING????

    DEBATES won’t matter, media has decided ????????

    I have always thought it was “spiritual” and kidded about Anti-Christ talk with comedians and BECK, whatever, BUT we have to admit, he has some kind of un-natural hold on people who will defend him when he does and says the MOST stupidest things.

    Forget not acting like a PRESIDENT, like we alway knew growing up with.
    Doing what a PRESIDENT would do and to follow traditions has been out the window for 4 years.

    Remember when he would not go to ARLINGTON on Memorial day or even wear a flag pen. Now he does both after 2010 elections, he had to act and fake us out some?
    There are so many things we lost count, but now he is dong the bare minimum, and not meeting with people our future depends on as well as his too?

    Somethings are just not right, and we have a #### load of ships and planes over there,
    and is OUR PRESIDENT doing what is best for them and US?

    HE has alway creeped me out, and if 50% of the American people don’t like him, hate him, or don’t trust him, how can he manage to gather so many coalitions together to gain so many vote s an dlead polls.

    THOISE POLLS are not real, as many have said, something is jst odd about this timne in history, to have a PRESIDENT act like such a NUT, even if he is black. I don;t mod he is black, he is inept.

    I think his EGO has taken over and he beleives he has license to do what he wants, like a KING.

    What have we unleashed here?

    I am really shocked, he gets around safely, know what I mean?
    NO ONE wants him hurt, but he HAS to be PI$$ING off a lot of nutty people in USA.

    After election, he will need an ARMY to escort him around if he wins.

    And how will he be treated if he loses, and lame duck session, does he leave ISRAEL hanging out there to where he has to be over rulered by Hillary and Biden?

    I still think he has the B2s warming up, and today he did say something I did not think he would say. But it may have been to mis-lead as he does from time-to-time or to keep his sane voters happy.

    Letting GITMO people out and killing them with DRONE strikes while killing innocents (MANY and is why the world is really upset with us, Ralfe Nader is sort of correct).

    I think WAR is coming soon, and a lot of us will always feel he acted to get re-elected.
    He does not mind (GIVING ORDERS IF IT BENIFITS HIM) killing, and brags on it to get re-elected, so now he is set up again to impress the AMERCAN people, with our awesome MILITARY.

    4 years ago, who would have thought he could use our TROOPS to make us think he is an awesome President?

    Who would have thought Bill Clinton would become so beloved as he walked out of office in shame for HIS SHAMEFUL past.

    I take back praising Bill Oreily for his words lately.
    He is back to praising O-O-O again/some and defending BJ BILL, who is using dis-i=formation to mislead Americans ….AGAIN !!!!

    PROGRESSIVES, They never give up folks.

    To me it is just a nother word for COMMUNISM + SOCIALISM.

    But what do I know, O-BLAME-O has always creeped me out and never put me in a trance. I don’t believe in REPARATIONS, never have, never will..
    Did anyone see HILLARY and her little SPEW on rich people,

    Media already has her elected in 2016 or Moouchie?

    • proudhispanicconservative

      Your are wrong Obama will be pounced in november 06, the media is not relevant anymore. 60% of the country see the media as biased and they know they can get the information somewhere else.

      • actionsspeaklouder

        Yes PHC – you are right. They know they can get TRUTHFUL information somewhere else.

  • WordsFailMe

    Romney must be attending those daily INTEL briefings.

    • sDee

      My reaction watching this was that the transition has already begun.

      Congress has rendered itself irrelevant. The Courts operate above the law. The public is under a full blown propaganda blanket. We don’t do coups and I am not saying I like it one damn bit, but after this, I cannot fathom that the military command and intelligence standing by any longer.

  • Jerseygalnny

    This is great! Both Romney and Ryan need to stay on offense! And you know they are hitting a nerve when Obama and co. get testy about it! I shared this with my group on FR and linked back here, that interview is priceless!


    WHO is this Steve nut?

    He is just typing whatever is coming in to his brain, and it is non-sense.

    He may be trying to uspet people on here, just ignore him.

    MODERATOR will get him. sooner or later.

  • FreeManWalking

    From Carnac the Magnificent:
    An EMPTY, Chair, Suit, and Mind.



    List 3 attribute of the 0bama.

    • PJRodman

      Results hermetically sealed in a mayonnaise jar on the porch of Funk and Wagnall’s.

      • FreeManWalking

        His best character ever… he was a class act… too bad there wasn’t one after him.

  • Mitt is looking more and more presidential. He is getting comfortable in campaign mode. If he keeps his energy up in the debates he will crush Obama.

    • hbnolikeee

      Remember who is running all the debates…

      • Mike Lee

        Count on the media to ask Obama “Boxers or briefs?” and Romney “What is Uzbekistan’s annual cotton production?”.

  • hbnolikeee

    Best work only good work Joyless. Notice the non answer????

  • victorykd

    Obama has been so casual about the tragic deaths of Americans. The horrific picture of our Ambassador’s dead body being dragged through the streets still haunts me.What did the president do? He just continued to campaign and then told his campaign workers that they were serving just like the Americans who had died in Libya.

    Governor Romney is absolutely correct that it was an act of terrorism. I thought Romney was very presidential in this clip and Paul Ryan was articulate on the issue as well.

    I have the same concerns that others have expressed and would be greatly relieved to see a President Romney in the WH. This may well be the most important election of our lifetime.

  • PVG

    What a stark contrast! Adults vs. the prom king and queen. Good Lord this cannot even be a remotely close election.

  • I will be the first to admit that Mr. Romney was not my favorite candidiate but he is coming around and Congressman Ryan doesn’t hurt a thing. So I am satisfied that we have a winning ticket. But I also believed we had a winning ticket with a spotted ass billy goat and a realy pretty sheep. They couldn’t be as bad as our current foregn policy and certainly wouldn’t spend us into oblivion.

  • wodiej

    well done by both.

  • kong1967

    That was fantastic. I used to hate Romney but I have to admit, I am really liking the guy now.

  • Bryan Ewbank

    Act of WAR, not act of terror. Very troubling. Very very troubling.

  • It is obvious that the Obama propaganda team was the first group that met on news of the Al Qaida raid on our Embassy. The plan was laid to blame the attack on a film clip to deflect the political damage from their failure to protect the Ambassador even after he warned them and they knew of 911 problems. They may have even found the film in advance and planned to use it as a contingency plan for their damage control. Totally corrupt and incompetent as is this administration has demonstrated in all aspects of its regime.

  • Speaking the truth.