BOOM! Sarah Palin to CBS reporter: “You just put the ‘BS’ in CBS”

CBS News reporter Elizabeth Palmer compared ‘conservative’ candidates running for president in Iran to the Tea Party. Thus, Sarah Palin slammed her by saying she puts the ‘BS’ in CBS.

There’s more so watch below:

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  • Conservative_Hippie


    • Longiron

      Still want to see her debate the head RINO, Karl Rove BUT he does not have a pair. Don’t waste her time with Beckle, Williams of Holmes, she would to easily kick their A**. However, Rove is a RINO and has no courage.

  • Booker

    This woman doesn’t disappoint. Right on, Sarah!

  • Army_Pilot1967

    MSM is soooooooooo out of touch with reality!!!!  Wake up, losers, and do your job….report the news factually, don’t push obama’s agenda!!!!

  • kong1967

    It may be “BS” in “CBS”, but many liberals have that perception of those of us on the right.  Many of them think “radical religious nut job” when they think “conservative”.  CBS is propping up that belief.
    I just watched a movie a few days ago where a girl was lying to her parents from the Bible Belt.  They made the parents very wacko and as extremely religious nut jobs.  They made sure “conservative” was a message that was sent.  They were painting all conservatives in this way.  It works, especially to libs in California (for example) that believe we ride horses and buggies to work and don’t know how to read.

    • PNWShan

      kong1967 You’re right. The slandering and mischaracterization of Conservatives and Christians has been growing in the popular culture for years, and that’s where people get their perceptions about others. Every gay character on TV is caring and wise or maybe a victim; every Christian on TV is portrayed as mean or covering up criminal behavior, etc.

    • BearNJ

      I love the sterotype that Conservatives don’t read. A few years ago there were so many conservative book on the NYT best seller lists that they made a separate category.

      • kong1967

        BearNJ  I don’t know about you, but I just look at the pictures, lol.

    • K-Bob

      kong1967 They can believe whatever they want, right up to and including after the shooting starts.

    • kong1967 and the irony is, Re-, er, Progressives have more BLIND faith in their own omniscience – their ability to accurately and comprehensively perceive the universe – than any Christian, Jew, or even Muslim.
      I at least admit when I am acting on faith … what is particularly galling, is that they conflate that blind faith, theory, and “consensus” with conclusively-proven fact, and refuse to even admit that.
      That is why they keep looking like the poster children for Romans 1:22, when the results of applying their ideas become evident.
      <i>Despite their erudition …
      And academic pedigree …
      The Best and the Brightest look instead
      Like a box of Dim Bulbs to me …</i>
      (hear it here: )

      • kong1967

        ritchietheriveter  A perfect example is global warming.  Science dictates that you follow the facts.  You do not create a model that contradicts the facts and then change the facts to fit your model.  They do, and if you try to follow the facts (as a meteorologist or independent scientist), they will threaten to revoke your license or your government funding.

  • sDee

    American liberals align 100% with the ilamists because they admire totalitarian the form of government. Those islamists like Erodgan,  Morsi, Libyan “rebels”, Syrian “rebels” are the “conservatives” in muslim countries. The liberals in muslim countries like Turkey now, align close to Tea Party in fighting for individual liberty and self rule.

    American liberals also have embraced a Democratic Party that is now fully in bed with in a neo-facist models of state controlled and regulated industry. Yet in America, fascism and national socialism have been hung around the neck of the Republican Party.

    The left always wins the language war. The media and academia, their ally.
     Here is a sobering report card…………..
    Compare and Contrast Platforms: Obama and Communist Party USA 2008!

    • Watchman74

      sDee Liberals and Islamist both hate Israel and they hate the West. They cooperate on that common interest. Of course the first chance they get they will turn on one another.

      • BearNJ

        Watchman74 sDee The only difference is if the Islamists ever win they will ask the liberals to show up for PC reindocrination camps. The liberals will happly comply only to discover they are being lined up in front of open pits.

        • tinlizzieowner

          BearNJ Watchman74 sDee  
          (Liberal) history is quick to forget that it was the ‘free thinking Liberals’ that went to Hitler’s Concentration Camps before the Jews did.

  • Watchman74

    A conservative candidate in Iran? Yea right. There definition of conservative is different than mine.

    • tinlizzieowner

      But didn’t you hear? He’s being called a ‘Moderate Cleric’ in the media. The words ‘Moderate and Cleric’ together make about as much sense as the words ‘fireproof and gasoline’.
      😉 😉

  • njmom

    The “Collective” Broadcasting System has lied and deceived Americans for decades and now with David Rhodes, brother of same of WH Benghazi talking points fame as president of the News Division they will continue to serve the ignorant and low information voters leading them down the road to perdition. I expect as more and more learn the truth their ratings will plunge into the abyss.

  • deTocqueville1

    Palin is just great, always fearless and truthful.

  • Laurel A

    There needs to be more voices like Sarah’s calling out these guys. If they cannot get a brain cell then they need to get off of the air waves. They are poison.

  • StevenValdez

    Who does it better than Sarah Palin?? Nooobodddy!!

  • JD Olson

    Sarah Palin and Megyn Kelly? That’s some kick-ass-take-no-prisoners-must-see TV.

    • PicklePlants

      JD Olson That’s what I was thinking!

      • crosshr

        PicklePlants JD Olson  
        nice avi PP.

    • Longiron

      JD Olson Not hard to look at all compared to Candy & Co!!!!!

  • WilliamBell1

    I agree with Sara CBS is out of sync with the USA

    • JulyetteWillmann

      WilliamBell1 I think (sincerely hope) that all of the MSM is out of sync with the USA.

  • The Sentinel

    Go get ’em Sarah. 🙂
    Iran is not really much better off after this election… and CBS ignorantly thinks this is a conservative victory over there?
    Dumber than a box of rocks.

    • cabensg

      The Sentinel I agree all they did was elect someone more soft spoken who still wants Iranian nukes to obliterate Israel but who isn’t going to rant about it in public.

  • MichaelGerardi

    Elizabeth Palmer is either a Dishonest Liberal Media drone/deliberate liar, or she’s dumb as a bucket of shrimp.  Or both.  The next time a Tea Party candidate is officially ALLOWED to run for President by a non-elected diaper-head ayatollah, then MAYBE there will be some similarity between the two.  Sarah, keep on speaking truth to DLM power!

    • welltempered2

      MichaelGerardi I completely agree except, for your insulting the bucket of shrimp.

      • Longiron

        welltempered2 MichaelGerardi don’t insult the shrimp. Good eating!!!!!

      • welltempered2 MichaelGerardi True … shrimp have significant value in that they actually enhance the human condition.  In that regard, they are light-years apart from from a See-BS reporter.

    • DebbyX

      MichaelGerardi Don’t go hatin’ on the shrimp…………….I just had some tonight and they were highly intelligent!

      • JulyetteWillmann

        DebbyX MichaelGerardi  Compared to Elizabeth Palmer??

  • That’s why I like Palin so much! Finally, somebody is back to call these people out! We need A LOT more of this. And forget about those weak-kneed Rpublican RINOs out there who are so afraid of offending anybody because they don’t want to alienate those “precious” independents. If you tell people the way it is and the way you think it should be, they will respect that a lot more than some squishy politician that wants to be all things to all people. Good for Palin.

    • Libertyship46 what the RINO herd does not understand, is that it is imperative that we either reverse course … or if this nation chooses not to do so, that we have strong, principled, uncompromising voices that people will turn to, once the reality of Progressive governance is revealed by the consequences,  to lead them out of the resultant societal crater.
      Sarah Palin is one of the more public of those voices … but she shouldn’t have to stand alone.  Our voices NEED to be added to hers, so that she is “first among equals”.

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    Gotta love how quick that wit of hers is and how fearless she is, speaking the truth in plain language. An Alaskan woman married to a native Alaskan man and apparently a product of no nonsense parenting,  as well as her environment. I’ll bet that her husband Todd  learned a few lessons over the years about exceeding the BS limit. No wonder he enjoys the solitude of fishing on occasion. LOL!!

  • benty910

    Embarrassed that the reporter is Canadian, we have a lot of Left-wingnuts up here also. Palin is a wonderful lady who would make a great President, which is why the left pulled out all the stops to smear her. I will never forgive holywood for their partnership in smearing that GOOD woman.

  • cabensg

    Scott Pelley is a tool.

    • crosshr

      Pelle is full of cBS !

      • ajtelles

        crosshr cabensg 
         I can hear it now, 
        ‘That’s more cbs’ as a reference to ALL common ‘BS’ comments from shallow thinker media Obama sychophants.
        Control the language to control the conversation to control the ideological debate.


  • MardenePatton

    Right on Sarah!!!

  • tinlizzieowner

    I loved that part 🙂 Obviously Sara Palin and I agree, it’s ‘See B.S.’, not CBS. 😉 😉

  • CherylAnnCollins

    right on Sara…funny how our media tried to paint her to look so bad…I certainly don’t trust our media anymore.

    • JulyetteWillmann

      CherylAnnCollins I haven’t trusted the media since the Viet Nam WAR ended and I found out how many lies the lefts sainted Walter Cronkite had been spinning.

  • YvonneHooksHarrell

    Which tea party would she be referring to?  The REAL and TRUE tea party? Or the one she and the status quo establishment infiltrated?

    • mercury1959

      YvonneHooksHarrell Enough of the devisivness !

    • ajtelles

      Excellent question, Yvonne.
      And, right ON Sarah.

      We must respond with common sense against the common ‘BS’ from the shallow thinker media.
      Sarah definitely has a way with words –

      – death panels
      – drill baby drill
      – ‘… put the BS in CBS…’

       The ideological debate that the Obfuscator-in-Chief Obama started with his ‘… we are 5 days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America’ speech needs to be engaged EVERY day with EVERY common ‘BS’ statement from Obama and his shallow stream media sychophants.
      To engage in this ideological debate requires that we control the language.
      To control the language is to control the conversation.
      To control the conversation is to control the debate.

    • YvonneHooksHarrell let me guess … Paulistinian?
      PHULEEZE … the GOP Establishment disdains her as much or more as they do the Tea Party movement grassroots, because she refuses to be controlled by them … and therefore is a threat to their nice little racket they have going in DC.

  • crosshr

    I’ve been waiting for sharp shooters to show up. Sarah is one proven official non back off sharp shoot. While most among RINOs and conservative attempt the play nice and no harm for anyones feeling, the left are non stop on their onslaught with negative false twisting infos. or just plain lie and cover up many damages and harm they caused. 

    I keep dreaming of Sarah Palin in the potus seat, draining and emptying Washington’s corrupt pond.

  • doofuschmartz

    The LSM hags n’ hacks remind me of those ubiquitous geeks and nerds and the almost eternally homely girls that never got over being sidelined by the more popular, outgoing kids who just, through no fault of their own, were blessed with looks, intellect, personality, likability, etc…And now, ten, fifteen, twenty years after the fact they still carry that “hell hath no fury” bitterness and resentment, and are willing to say or do anything to bring down the natural leaders like Sarah Palin, or Ted Cruz, or whoever…in spite of their own struggles…

  • KeithStieneke

    Sarah at one time I thought you were a ditz, but if you are your my kind of ditz. Thanks for standing up to the liberals!

  • HardBoiled1

    Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz should run together, with a side of Lee and Stockman, Nugent, NRA, and GOA!!

  • DaxDushkewich

    A community committed to standing together, shoulder to shoulder, to protect our country and the Constitution upon which we were founded!
    Patriotism is not blind subservience to government, nor loyalty to a particular leader or party. Patriotism is vigilance in protecting and preserving the US Constitution from all who would pervert or overthrow it, or in any way diminish our many rights, liberties, or sovereignties; and, is a willingness to pay a price for our freedom.

  • harryojam

    Stopped watching the Clintoon Broadcasting Schmucks back in the early 90’s.

  • notpilgrims

    Scott Peley also said no one watches FOX News. 
    Even though it’s one of the most popular channels on cable.

    Sidenote: If CBS wants to claim a US party is like a foreign country’s party, shouldn’t he compare the Democrats to Chavez’s party in Venezuela or Castro’s party in Cuba?

  • dhm

    Elizabeth Palmer, Scott Pelley are two of the most complete idiots on the planet. You can’t fix stupid and they are the best examples of that…

  • It is so obvious the bias here. The new catch phrase for Islamist extremist is now conservative Islamist. Very subtle

  • RReaganRepublic

    Awesome retort by Sarah Palin- She slammed CBS so hard, she knocked them and their demagoging anti-American leftist marxist puppet tools back into to the 20th.

  • fireme

    State run media is disgusting. Did PBS get any handouts in the Farm Welfare Bill?

  • fireme

    What is a Scott Pelley? I am one of the fortunate people who has NO TV subscription. What is an ESPN?

  • mkarussel

    Madam Palin, what a wonderful put down of the absolute anvil of television, CBS.

  • Mike the Cowboy

    Sarah with that one statement of BS earned her yearly salary,great choice FOX.

  • JeffHaman

    It’s good to know Sarah is using public media to point out the insanity of the Leftist media! Too bad the majority of Citizens will not hear it on 95%(Leftist) of the media! CARRY ON Sarah!

  • KathleenClark