Brave German woman stands up against CHURCH allowing Imam to sing ‘call of prayer’ at interfaith service

The church in Germany built as a monument of the Protestant Reformation to honor Martin Luther actually allowed a Muslim Imam to perform the call to prayer at an interfaith service there as a way of bringing Christians and Muslims together. But a warrior of Christ, known now as a Brave German Woman, traveled at least an hour at this church to speak out against the service and to warn the people of the Islamization of Germany.

She was thrown out of the church and the Imam was allowed to stay…as you might expect.

CBN News does a great job telling her story:

(h/t: Shoebat)

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  • Army_Pilot1967

    The people in Germany, the United States, and other countries will learn too late that muslims aren’t interested in peacefully joining with other religions to worship their own god. They’re only interested in dominating other countries and religions….and they’re not going to play the politically correct business like we do. They’re dead serious about taking over the world…with an emphasis on “dead” as in those that oppose to them will be dead once muslims get the upper hand.

    • gigi0f3

      Amen! In 1987 an American missionary from Turkmenistan came to our church and spoke of the muslim influence in the then USSR. A couple answered the call and left a year later to that mission field. There was a book about the religion of “peace” I read after the visit and it was chilling. 27 years ago the alarm was sounded about this religion and still it continues to be accepted by the politically correct. Do we not have enough evidence that it is not a religion of peace but of domination? When will we learn to be intolerant of people/religions that are harmful to us all?

      I thank God for this woman and her fight. I’m praying for that awakening of Germany as well as of us all.

      “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”
      2 Chronicles 7:14

      • stage9

        It’s simple, they are of their “father the devil, and the works of their father they will do.”

        If you’re not with God, you’re against Him, even if you claim to be a “Christian”. There is only ONE reason the church in this story would open its doors to a false religion — because ICHABOD (God has departed) was written over its door a long time ago. It became a “religious center” devoid of any true spiritual or supernatural influence. God left that church and now “man” is running it alone.

        A discerning pastor wouldn’t let an imam any where NEAR that pulpit!

    • deTocqueville1


  • las1

    That Brave German Woman.

    Simple message really. I for one will pass it on.

    A praying imam has NO business in any church unless he’s praying for forgiveness and confessing that Jesus is Lord. But if he were to do that, he would no longer be called an imam, now would he? Other than that, his praying in the language of hell (the adhan call to prayer) remains reserved for a mosque.

    Dumb benighted churchgoing liberals. Ugh! They’re everywhere.

    • deTocqueville1

      Yes, Rick Warren and his ilk are spreading this Chrislam thing which is evil incarnate.

      • Laurel

        Yeah he kind creeps me out. He is what my great grandma would call ‘a silver tongued devil’.

  • Hmm. The Obama Odministration is probably fast at work trying to blame the next Islam-inspired terrorist act on this woman.

  • stage9

    I’ve said it before, political correctness will be the end of the West.

    The Church has lost its discernment and its power, and so now we have businessmen, psychologists, musicians and technicians running the Church, trying to work up a message that can be found nowhere within the pastor’s own heart.

    They’ll talk to you about “love” (or their twisted definition of it), because that’s what you want to hear — “love” sells — but if he were to tell you about sin, righteousness and the judgment to come, he’d find himself standing there alone, much like Jesus stood alone. So, to remain, what they consider “relevant”, they compromise the Gospel, their Church and their own heart to keep the doors of the church open. Because compromise is a replacement for the work of Holy Spirit. And when the Holy Spirit is no longer present, man has to “work it up” and entertain to keep the sheep interested.

    What passes as “relevancy” in the modern sense, in many churches, is utter irrelevancy to God and His will.

    Good for this “lone voice in the wilderness declaring: ‘prepare ye the way of the Lord!'”


  • 12grace

    May G-d bless and protect this brave and truthful woman.

    Interfaith is Islam’s way of erasing the Christian faith.

  • Christendom and islam have no common denominator, and no reason to be together. They exist at cross purposes, and cannot be friends. Quite frankly, if any church I went to invited a muslim in, I’m out. Even though Germans are eurotrash, in Germany, there is a chance that citizens can own guns. I’d start packing, just in case someone with a rag on their head got froggy with me. Hell, I do that, now, and I’m nowhere near that God-forsaken continent.

    • Laurel

      Two minor disagreements but other than that you nailed it. We do have common denominator in Abraham and Moses. Secondly, God has not forsaken Europe, Europe has forsaken God.

      • Abraham had the evil and deranged Ishmael out of sin, and that child was disavowed, along with his mother, Hagar. Neither were children of Christ, but children of Satan.

        Moses? You must be reading an Obama Bible, because Moses was a Hebrew. Egypt never was, isn’t, nor will be a nation under God. In fact, its evil has literally slated it for destruction, in the Bible.

        Islam worships Satan, not God/Christ. There is no commonality, there is no compatibility, there is no like mindedness, and they do not share the same ultimate fate.

        • Laurel

          Listen you can have a snot fit all you want but I am telling you that you are letting your prejudices blind you to scholarly fact.
          The common denominator between the three biggest religions is Abraham and Moses. Slurring Abraham, Moses, and myself not only lacks intellect but purpose.

          Ignorant ranting and raving coupled with slurs will not defeat Islam. Perhaps you should read Sun Tzu then study Islam.

          • If anyone is throwing a tantrum, it’s you. You’re too blind to the truth, and resort to mental comtortions and gymnastics to make lies sound true. You’re only fooling yourself.

            • Laurel

              Do you even read or comprehend what you write before you hit the post button?

              • Yes, I can’t help it, and don’t give a damn, if you don’t like my opinion, or what the Bible really says. You don’t have to read my posts.

                • Laurel

                  Trouble is what you posted isn’t what the Bible really says. Not any Bible.

                  Shall we start with the fact that God saved Hagar and Ishmael? The real purpose of that particular Bible story is faith…or Abraham’s lack of faith, and trust for that matter. It really isn’t about Ishmael.

                  Next up shall we talk about how many thousands of years later Christ came…as per the Bible?

                  Moses being a Hebrew and Egypt being slated for destruction has absolutely zero to do with the topic. Shall I bring up how many thousands of years Moses was before Islam? Islam began in the 7th century so you do the math on that. Regardless Islam still recognizes not only Moses but the Ten Commandments. And so much for those Coptic Christians…

                  What Islam implements in the name of God is pure evil, but that is far different than what they recognize and built their religion on. Two separate topics. Many Christians commit evil in the name of God as well.

                  Be aware I am responding to what YOU posted to me. So if you prefer I not respond out of courtesy then don’t post to me.

          • palintologist

            The only reason Abraham is even mentioned in Islam is because the pedo petty thief Mohammed made it up by using Judaism as his model. It’s not a faith, it’s a made-up concept, like scientology.

            • Laurel

              That isn’t the point.

              I agree that Muslims really are just a poor imitation of Jews when it all gets boiled down but the simple fact of the matter is the religion itself and what it has modeled itself on and the impact it has had on the world.

              And made up concept or not, which is opinion, it is rapidly taking over the world. If we are to beat Islam then it must be understood on a scholarly level. Emotion isn’t going to cut it and that is what progressives do.

              BTW…many think Christianity is also a made up concept as well as Buddhism and many other religions. Once again that is opinion that has no bearing on the impact the religion has had on the world. There is cause and there is effect. Same is applicable to Islam but not Scientology. Why? Because Scientology is so new and not wide spread that it has had no impact.

              • Elizabeth Hill

                Concept….God the father, God who is Jesus Christ, and God the Holy Spirit is One God. He is the one who made an impact when He gave us free will and love hoping to receive it from His creations-us. When we turned away from His out stretched hand full of love, He sent Jesus to earth to tell us about that precious love. Jesus died on the cross for our sinful selves and then…then…then…He arose from the grave to show that because of Him there is eternal life with the Father who loves us so much. Remember that awesome concept.

                • Laurel

                  Do you have a point or are you just wasting my time?

      • las1

        Sorry Laurel…. you are as wrong as can be.

        Don’t be fooled by the false line that Islam is an Abrahamic faith. On top of what VirusX alread said below… It can only be Abrahamic according to the promise. That’s why Christianity through Jesus and the tribe of Judah is Abrahamic. Islam is NOT! The covenant with its promise went from Abraham to Isaaic to Jacob to Judah to Jesus. Islam came through Ishmael and Esau. Both were outside the covenant and in fact Esau personally rejected and sold his inheritance. This is just for starters.

        It’s a gross disservice to even suggest there is a common denominator between the two.

        As for Moses… he’s the Jewish “law giver”. Mohammed had absolutely nothing in common with him other than to be the exact antithesis to Moses as the “shariah giver”.

        • Laurel

          I lived in the ME for three years, own a Qur’an and have been studying long before 9/11…so don’t tell me I am fooled. That is patently absurd. I know the covenant and the procession. I’m not going to be lectured by a knee jerk reactionary who hasn’t studied this at even basic objective level as evidenced by your post. There is not a common denominator in practice but there is academically. Islam believes in Abraham and Moses but implements them quite differently. Once upon a time Islamic scholars believed Jews, Christians, Muslims all worshiped the same God, which is the God of Abraham and Moses, until radicals morphed it into something quite differently. There are reasons for that but I won’t go into them here.

          And as for Moses…yes he is Jewish law giver but we Christians also practice that law.

          Your Mohamed comment tells me you know absolutely zero of Islam…study up. Know your enemy.

          • las1

            I’m a knee jerk reactionary am I. I know zero about Islam do I. Nor have I studied at a basic objective level. If you say so there Kierkegaard.

            When you say the common denominator is Abraham, you leave yourself wide open to misinterpretation. Because those people talking about Abraham as the common denominator are those calling Islam an Abrahamic faith. If that was not your intent, then I’ll come half way with you and take back my “don’t be fooled” comment.

            Explain yourself more thoroughly and you won’t be misunderstood… something you still have not done in the midst of your bleating attack on me and a few others here.

            • Laurel

              Excuse me but right off the top it is you and others that attacked me. My first comment to Virus was pretty benign and I even said overall I did agree. YOU butted in and thought you would start a tag team.

              And Islam is considered an Abrahamic faith.




              • las1

                Butting in… thanks for that. I’ll ask Scoop to add to the rules on posting. NO BUTTING IN!.

                Islam is NOT Abrahamic. You can google all you want, but the popular concept of Abrahamic is simply mythology. If you want I can throw a bunch of urls at you denying the Abrahamic idea. But you won’t understand until you understand that the line of inheritance and the line of succession to Jacob and to Jesus. So I repeat… don’t be fooled.

                The Koran and the Hadiths can reference Abraham all it wants and Moses as well. But that no more makes Islam Abrahamic than Mormonism is Christian just because it references Jesus. Sorry, It just isn’t.

                And p.s. Muslims just love to get legitimacy by calling Islam Abrahamic.

                • Laurel

                  That is your opinion that isn’t shared by any religious scholars or scholars of any value. You sound absurd and that is why Christians get pelted, ridiculed, and shoved out of the public square. What Islam practices and implements is enough alone to reject them as well discredit them but what they use as foundation, which is Abraham and recognition of the God of Abraham, is a fact. Your opinions cannot change that. I’m not are. If I were fooled by it I would be a Muslim…and I’m not by any stretch of the imagination. According to your logic calling the Nazi’s German then confers legitimacy.

                  And yeah you attacked and responded to me first. Now you are whining because no amount of ridicule is going to change scholarly fact. You cannot seem to separate your personal feelings and beliefs from what the world accepts as reality and fact. It doesn’t matter what you and I or others accept because it is not consensus…SO DEAL WITH THAT REALITY.

                  And P.S. Legitimacy has nothing to do with the topic. And you don’t get to decide legitimacy for the world. You are far outnumbered in the world by those that consider it a legitmate religon than not…even those that don’t agree with it or practice it. I do not practice or agree with Judaism but I do consider it a legitimate religion and defend it along with many others I don’t agree with.

                • las1

                  You say so… and that settles it. Thanks for the enlightening diatribe. Have a nice day.

                • Laurel

                  “You say so… and that settles it.”

                  Now you are going to be a hypocrite too? Because 99% of what YOU posited is YOUR ‘say so’. What I posited is what the world by and large recognizes as a fact.

                  This is what makes Islam illegitimate among other things. This link right here:

                  And there was nothing enlightening about your diatribe.

          • Dr Roy S. Acyrin

            While Islam claims to Abrahamic, and it may be through Ishmael and the Arabs, it is most definitely Satan’s anti-Christianity to stray humanity away from salvation. Heck, while recognizing Jesus as a common prophet, Islam denies that Jesus is the Son of God, it says Jesus will deny the whole New Testament of Salvation as falsehoods made up by early Christians, that He always embraced Islam, and will lead the effort to spread Islam and exterminate the Jews upon his return. Revelations call this character the False Prophet.

            • Laurel

              Save it. What you are positing is religious dogma. I know full well the nuts and bolts of Islam…it is apparent you do not.

  • crosshr

    Lady, you are not alone, there are a cloud of witnesses standing together with you including myself. To God be the Glory, Jesus is still the KING of kings. Thank you for doing all you can and your part. For as long as we put in a step forward, God will open ways for thirteen more step upwards.
    May our Loving God continue to bless our boldness every day

  • PNWShan

    Quote at about 3:35 by this brave Christian woman:
    “When the muslims call “Allahu Akbar” in a church, this means this church is not a church anymore, it’s a mosque.”

    She’s right. There is no such thing as an interfaith service. It is only capitulation.

    • PVG

      That phrase sent a chill up my spine!

  • sybilll

    I’m praying for the safety of this brave woman and her family.

  • DHardy

    It’s sacrilegious to allow Satan’s Children soil the halls of a Christian Based Church..Those Morons that want Islam need to move to Pakistan or can have all Islam you want rather if you want it or NOT…

  • deTocqueville1

    A Godly and very spiritually commanding woman. Her words of wisdom should be a clarion call to every one of us, to Europe and to America.

  • GRITSMama

    It’s simple, Islam is the same evil spirit as the Nazis.

  • Dan

    I applaud her efforts to speak out…but I have mixed feelings as Martin Luther was a virulent anti-Semite, writing the infamous, “On the Jews and Their Lies,” which is full of vitriolic hatred. I pray for her safety.

    • jlbs

      As I see it, her crusade is for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, not necessarily Martin Luther.

      • Keith Davies

        This lady Heidi Mund is a strong supporter of Israel, just have to look at what is on the shelf behind her in her home – a menorah and Shofar, symbols of Israel. She was not from the Lutheran Church itself went there to see and then felt her need to protest.

    • Laurel

      Yes he did but one must also look at that book and him in the context of the times.

    • jrt

      she has god on her side, its the Muslims that need your prayers

      • Dan

        I agree; we should pray that our enemies should repent. However, I must admit that I am not on such a spiritual level. Kudos to you that you are! I know what kind of brutality they place on their enemies…and I will continue to pray that this woman who openly confronted them will be safe. BTW, many people have wished her well and said they will pray for her…I am not the only one who has yet to reach your level. Again, my hat is off to you that you have.

        • jrt

          its is as easy for you as saying yes to god. but you have to do this every morning and every night. I pray that god shows those like Muslims, and drug addicts, and murderers and children killers the truth of god because they dont know god.

          • Dan

            You are a good person 🙂 You have given me what to strive for. I’m on it.

            • jrt

              its as simple as living in the moment and allowing God to show you that moment. The problem that people face is that they don’t like what God is showing them, but if they trust God first – his will always allows them to move forward in life and not get stuck in fear and resentment. This is not to say that we should not have resentment. Yes we should resent our mistakes, learn and move away from them. Always be careful of others and not following or being affected by others. Only God should influence your opinion. Not popularity.

  • What is this interfaith garbage? We are different. Deal with it!! Sheesh.

    Whenever this stuff happens, it’s always an opportunity to water down the Christian message. It’s just nuts. When are folks gonna learn?

  • faxxmaxx

    Have you ever heard of an Inman inviting a Christian preacher into a mosque to sing a hymn about Jesus? Why then do Christian preachers feel compelled to invite these betrayers of Christian doctrine into the church? Do they sympathize with Muslims for some reason? Have Muslims been attacked by non Muslims? Have their leaders been beheaded, raped, slaughtered? Do they believe that opening their doors to these murderers will invite peace? If I were a member of any congregation whose leader invited an Inman to speak, call to prayer or any anti Judea Christian doctrine, I would fire him on the spot. Where were the members of this church’s congregation? Are they too PC to stand up with this woman? If so, they are doomed to repeat history. Europe is under attack, and the people are silent.

  • edsmanedup

    She stands in Christ alone…yet not alone…be very afraid…

    • Laurel

      Love that song!

  • ColonelNeville

    When IS the next ‘Church Of Interfaith Suicide’s’ next “interfaith” meeting scheduled? Why, 25 seconds after tomorrow’s homicide/suicide bombing, silly. No, really.

  • Laurel

    Ironically Christians are making mistakes here that Muslims never make. As a Christian I demand all of the Muslims stand up and speak out against the butchering of Christians across the ME, Asia, and Africa profoundly and profusely before they demonstrate ‘interfaith’ in a safe and unsuspecting Christian venue.

  • PVG

    What an inspiration this woman is! God bless and protect her. I pray for boldness such as this for all Believers.

  • Poptoy1949

    As a Roman Catholic I would have stood with her in her valiant attempt to stop this Muslim from speaking. As Faxxmaxx said in his comments “Have you ever heard of an Inmam inviting a Christian preacher into a mosque to sing a hymn about Jesus?” These people were stopped from entering Europe more than once and for good reason. Today they are accepted because of multiculturalism ? They have not gone to Europe for any other reason but to ravish it. Read the History books and learn the truth. P.S. Go a Muslim dominated country and set up a Christian Church and tell the World how successful you were.

  • Dr. Strangelove

    I’ll repeat that because our side laid down arms, people think the Crusades are over.

  • PatriotInk

    Heidi is such a brave, precious woman. What a tremendous blessing!

  • Praise the LORD! I live in Germany now, and it up is SO encouraging to see our sister in Christ standing up for the glory and honor of Jesus Christ. Deutschland has darkened since The Reformation, but there is still light here.

    Our English-speaking Protestant church in Bonn is full of wonderful loving people, but sadly I couldn’t even get the leadership to join me in any way in my opposition to the pro-homosexual agenda at the K-12 private school right next door, where our children attend. We need more willing to go outside the church walls, to stand up for truth, to defend the faith, and to proclaim Him who died for sinners… like Heidi!

    This lady should be a great encouragement to us all who have been saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. May we ask for boldness and zeal, to stand likewise.


    Good for HER . From what I see the muslim religion is notting but DEATH , LIES , RAPE and DESTRUCTION , and it’s not GOD it’s they leaders that think they are GOD .

  • rappini pasta

    Amen Heidi thanks for standing up.

  • USMC 64-68

    We need brave Americans to stand up, and speak out as this brave German woman did. She is a patriot.

    The progressives in America who promote this “interfaith corruption” are not patriots, they are traitors and wolves in sheep’s clothing.

    “Disobedience to tyranny is obedience to God”

    • comeLordJesus

      At the top of this “interfaith corruption” is Rick Warren and the flock he is leading into the pit.

  • jrt

    I love this story of faith and bravery. It brings tears to my eyes to see this hope. In America we too are suffering the same fate from Muslims. God shows us this evil so that we will know good and choose to turn our back to this crime on humanity

  • leftisrighthippy

    you cant even bring a bible into Saudi Arabia .. how is this fair ??

  • Dr Roy S. Acyrin

    Are you denying that the Qur’an or the Hadith denies the Divinity of Jesus Christ and gives instructions to kill the Jews? If so, please quote the Sura that says the Jesus is the Son of God and God’s plan for the salvation of all mankind. I missed that in my study and reading about the Qur’an and the Hadith. I would appreciate and be grateful to see a rebuttal of all that I have read about Islam (with referenced documentation to the Qur’an and the Hedith). Or are you actually a Muslim who is simply applying the method of taqiyya?

  • They should have never allowed an interfaith service at what was supposed to be a true Christian church. THAT is where the error began. – The German woman is an inspiration to all believers.

  • jtangren

    Think Elijah in the First Book of Kings when you think inter-faith service