By Caleb Howe

At a joint press conference in Malaysia today, Major Garrett asked President Obama about human rights concerns in Malaysia, saying the issues were “up for grabs” in the country. He asked the President why he hadn’t discussed human rights while in Malaysia, and why he hadn’t met with jailed opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim.

President Obama said that not meeting with Mr. Anwar was “not indicative of a lack of concern,” and said that “there are a lot of people I don’t meet with.”

“I think the Prime Minister is the first to acknowledge that Malaysia’s still got some work to do. Just like the United States, by the way, has some work to do on these issues. Human Rights Watch probably has a list of things they think we should be doing as a government,” said the President.

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  • ernst1776

    What a POS!

  • mike3e4r7

    What a punk! Barry never fails to find new ways of being an as-hole.

  • AtomicSwirl

    How is it possible that this piece of pig filth hasn’t been impeached and removed from office yet? The mind boggles!

  • Judges718

    Honest to G-d, is there a decent American left that hasn’t had it with this punk?

    How much longer will the American people suffer this America-Hating Marxist Jacka$$?

    • JakeOvomit

      999 long days.
      It’s disgusting

  • mike3e4r7

    Yes, we do have some work that needs to be done on human rights. How about government sanctioned voter intimidation courtesy of Obama and Holder? How about the right to be secure in our persons and property from unreasonable searches and seizures? How about a government that tries to force people to pay for abortions, against their own religous beliefs? That’s just the start of a long list of human rights abuses that we’ve suffered as a result of Obama’s illegitimate, lawless administration.

    • Judges718

      Hear …Hear!

    • Obomination

      The audacity of pure evil.

    • jrt


    • americanexile

      Don’t forget kill lists and drone bombing American citizens without trial.

  • $2180674

    The work we have to do is take the senate this year and the presidency in 2016 We need to elect people that loves this country, We need to retire the RINOs

  • freeperjim

    satan’s “666” strikes again…

  • Butchie Yost

    “Obaamaa da best president ever”, said Kleopatra Johnson as she proudly pointed out the Obama bumper sticker on her Cadillac Escalade rear window.

  • Yazz55

    Back in the USSR, Mr Putin & friends turned on their TV’s this morning to check out the morning news and saw this and started immediately started laughing at the obamessiah, for what a joke he is. The whole world’s getting a laugh out of it!
    They must be wondering why the comedy channel is on the news network.

  • Terry

    A true national embarrassment – putting the united states on the same level as Malaysia, a Muslim nation.

  • Sentinel

    Any chance this lying, arrogant, idiot phony will ever stop bashing the United States and start acting like a U.S. President? Naw…

    • tvlgds

      Perhaps on Feb. 30.

    • HCTUB

      NO chance at all .

    • Obomination

      His intention here is to throw people off track. When you are guilty as sin your best play is to behave as if you’re innocent as a lamb. It’s all misdirection with this despicable POS. And so far it’s working quite well.

  • Swamp Fox

    It’s a sad, sad day.

  • AnnS

    Looks like the only human rights violations in America are the one directed against those that oppose him. Yeah, so let’s see obama work on that one.

    Now that obama has visited Malaysia watch for another Arab spring with the radical islamist replacing the “more” moderates. They are already having problems; Bibles being confiscated and fire bombings at Churches. Every where he goes death and destruction follows

  • loneamerican

    Here are what Human Rights Watch considers human rights issues in the United States:

    The enormous US prison population, the world’s largest, partly reflects harsh sentencing practices contrary to international law, such as disproportionately long prison terms and mandatory sentencing without parole. Those behind bars include a growing number of elderly people, whom prisons are ill-equipped to handle, and youth under age 18 held in adult prisons. Unauthorized immigrants and their families in the United States are vulnerable to abuses stemming from an outdated, ineffective immigration system that deprives them of basic rights, and increasing numbers are held in detention facilities. A number of abusive counterterrorism policies have continued under President Barack Obama, including detentions without charge at Guantanamo Bay.

    Now compare that to the human rights violations they see in Malaysia:

    Contrary to images Malaysian leaders try to portray abroad, the government continues to use vague, overbroad, and outdated laws to prosecute or harass political opponents. Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim was recently prosecuted and convicted for the second time in his
    political career under Malaysia’s colonial-era “sodomy” law;
    the colonial-era Sedition Act has been used against other opposition
    figures, including lawyer and opposition politician Karpal Singh,
    who died in a car accident on April 17. Even the recently enacted “reform” legislation, such as the 2012 Peaceful Assembly Act, are being used to prosecute peaceful protesters, such as the rally organizers of
    protests after the disputed May 2013 elections.

    The government invoked another outdated law, the abusive 1966 Societies Act, to declare illegal COMANGO, a coalition of human rights groups that recently highlighted human rights problems in Malaysia at the United Nations Human Rights Council. The government more recently has used the Societies Act to prosecute a high-profile Shia Muslim leader.

    Malaysian leaders have long used the country’s Printing Presses and
    Publication Act and the Communications and Multimedia Act to pressure
    media companies and outlets. Opening a newspaper in Malaysia still
    requires approval from the government, and criticizing the government
    can lead authorities to close a media company down.

    Police abuse also remains a serious human rights problem in Malaysia. A
    recent Human Rights Watch report, “No
    Answers, No Apology: Police Abuses and Accountability in Malaysia,”
    found unjustified shootings, mistreatment and deaths in police
    custody, and excessive use of force to disperse public protests, for
    which the police are rarely held accountable. Investigations into
    police abuse are conducted primarily by the police, who do not act
    transparently or impartially in their inquiries, and there is no
    effective independent oversight mechanism to turn to when police
    investigations invariably falter. The result is heightened public
    mistrust of the police and the government.

    Tolerance of Malaysia’s many minority communities is also under threat.
    Government leaders routinely denounce ethnic and religious
    minorities, who face harassment and spurious prosecutions.

    LGBT people face particular persecution, with officials banning group
    events or using offensive and false allegations to undermine their
    activities. In 2013, extremist religious groups filed complaints with
    the police against an LGBT event, deeming it a “deviant sex
    festival,” forcing the organizers to cancel it. The police in 2011
    banned Seksualiti Merdeka, an LGBT gathering and arts festival.
    Government religious officials and police also frequently arrest
    transgender women under state-level Sharia(Islamic
    law) provisions prohibiting cross-dressing, and there are credible
    reports of abuses occurring during the raids and while the women are
    in police custody.

    Obama’s comparison of the two is another insult to this country. but it does explain why he wants to grant clemency to 1000’s of 3 time loser drug offenders in prison, open our borders, and close Guantanamo Bay.

    • imokyrok

      Having the highest incarceration rate in the world , far greater than even China and North Korea, will always mean the US is in no position to lecture any other country on human rights.

      • Conservator1

        This comes from a fool who posted the following:

        “The police in the US shoot dead on average one unarmed person per week. They number they beat up, rape, maim and traumatise is far higher again as anyone who follows US current affairs will tell you. Be careful what you wish for.”

        NYPD in Twitter fail as photos posted of alleged police brutality

        And I see you’re fond of the freaks known as Occupy Wall Street. Begone maggot and take your extremist far left dogma to a progressive rag where it belongs.

        • Nukeman60

          This is why most of the trolls have their comments history as ‘private’, so no one can tell what they have said or done.

          • Conservator1

            Absolutely correct – I don’t keep my comments private because I have nothing to hide. I stand by opinions unless new information becomes available that requires a reexamination.

            And I continue to keep my comments public albeit I have lefty throlls following me and often hit the dislike arrow because they are to cowardly to attempt to refute my opinions.

            • Nukeman60

              I say it’s good they follow you. They may eventually learn something (by osmosis, if nothing else).

      • Watchman74

        That’s because China executes more people than the rest of the world put together.

      • MoIIy_Pitcher

        North Korea IS a prison.
        Stupid people are in no position to lecture anything to anybody.

      • Crassus

        Looks like the egg suckers are out in full force this morning. Soros must have promised them a bonus.


    The U S has a lot of work to do , to get rid of the thing in the House of Lies.

    • gramma_jax

      I totally agree, but it won’t happen. Big business (check out those bankers) loves this guy and his cronies (both sides in the DC pit) have too much to lose to do anything about it.

  • rsfan1

    As Mark Levin has sad many times, Obama hates this country, and I’m sick of American actors also going overseas and trashing the U.S.

  • jrt

    What is he saying…………We have only lost our rights as he has TAXES and spend on his laws….

  • jrt

    IMPEACHMENT!!!! Please

    He doesnt speak for us and yet we pay his salary and send him on vacation every month.

  • ratizbad

    The only work we need is to get your A zz out of the WH…You,Anti-America Terrorist!!!

  • warpmine

    Never misses an opportunity to bash his own(figuratively speaking)country.

  • Guest

    Yeah, ok. Here’s what they do to religious minorities in Malaysia:

  • cecil91

    It would have been nice if he had mentioned a few “human rights” issues in America. But how could he when he didn’t have his teleprompter and wasn’t quick enough on his feet to spin a good lie.

    • Tom_

      obozo hasn’t a clue what human rights are. Just ask the families of those that were killed in Benghazi and his Fast and Furious program. Obozo is a pig.

      • Dimocrats=NewNazis

        Which they STILL have not do anything about.

  • newsbubba

    Stinky is such a sock cucker! Will we still have a country when he’s finished?!?

    • Bring_a_Rope

      Not if he can help it! His idea of America would have us begging food aid from Ethiopia and asking the French to defend us. Traitorous POS!

  • VHG1

    What a useless inept, incompetent, vacationing, campaigning sloganeering race baiting community organizing moron who is a disgrace to the American people, culture and core values! If YOU voted for him, YOU are the problem!

    • rainesson

      How dare you describe our Dear Leader that way! IRS and NSA agents will be dispatched to your location immediately.

      We expect total admission of guilt and submission to imperial authority before restoring your life to you.

      And remember, don’t forget to Vote Democrat early and often! Thank you for your cooperation.

      (Do I really need to say “Sarc Alert?”)

    • GoneApe

      The first and most important work to do for the USA human rights problems is to remove Obozo from office by impeachment and conviction for his crimes. Since that won’t happen at least the Democrats should be made a minority. This guy stole the last election and has gone on a tear against middle class Americans.

    • SickOfTheStupid

      if you think voting matters in our one party with 2 names system then it is you that is the problem ……………………

      Voting is useless , revolution is the only solution we have left.

  • Robert Muir

    “Vandelay Industries, Kel Varnsen speaking. May we help you?”

  • 1vote

    We are the world. /sarc

  • Crassus

    Jug Ears almost never misses a chance to run down his own country.

    • bandarlogtorpedo

      He feels no connection to this country.

    • Andrew Arnold

      I call him “Wingnut”.

  • Papa_oo_Mao_Mao

    Right you are Obama:

    Among the democratic countries in the world, only YOU, the
    president of the United States proclaims he has the right to murder citizens
    without the process of law, without charges presented to a court, without trial and conviction for a capital offense. Only YOU, the president of the United States claims the legal right to indefinitely imprison citizens without cause being presented to a court and conviction obtained in a court.

    So where is your exec order to stop it???

  • Dimocrats=NewNazis

    The amazing thing is, America (s)elected a “president” that hates his own country. How low have we sunk?

    • Bring_a_Rope

      When you look at the amount of election fraud that occurred to return the Idiot in Chief to office, it makes the Bush/Gore election look ideal. I am not a paranoid conspiracy theorist type, but you cannot convince me he won an honest election. That’s why Democrats do not want voter ID laws!

    • bandarlogtorpedo

      we are still on the way down.

  • moberndorf

    This America-hating racist has got to go!

    • bandarlogtorpedo

      He is going to be around until his term expires, but his position can be weakened if people who object to his policies, arrogance and lies take vengeance on the Democrat Party for supporting him. There really isn’t any other practical course of action to curb his abuses.

      • Mudpuppy

        It would help if we elect people not afraid to be falsely labeled “raaaacist”. Most of the current bunch is pathetic. Not to mention cowardly.

  • Smargalicious

    An N-word is as an N-word does.

  • necod

    998 days until end of Trash.

  • 5466ron

    Read George Will’s 4/23 column “The Adolescent President” ! Link at Drudge.

  • ytuque

    Sounds like Obumbles is trying to equate the human rights situation in Malaysia with that of the US. If so, he’s being foolish or dishonest.

  • MoIIy_Pitcher

    The biggest fears of the braindead zOmbie tribe are ALWAYS just their own, ridiculous propaganda.

    Those arent facts and truth you are muttering and moaning about, zOmbz.
    Those are just bumperstickers that a politician plastered onto your chunky, zOmbie melon. To get you into the streets kicking up dust like a big dumb animal.

    But at least youre not worthless!

  • JQPublic

    “There are a lot of people I don’t meet with.” No shit dude, including your cabinent and national security advisers. Anybody ever look at this buffoon’s daily schedule? It’s really tuff starting the day at 10 am isn’t it? He has to be THEE most underworked person in the country.

    • bandarlogtorpedo

      He’s never done a useful thing in his miserable life.

  • Papa_oo_Mao_Mao

    Obama is simply bush in a different suit.

  • tr99tr

    baragh obama, you are nothing but a stain on this country.

  • Mudpuppy

    FOAD you worthless, brain-dead liberal. There, I can be as mean and nasty as you.

  • bandarlogtorpedo

    Obama decries human rights record of America while he oversees the use of the IRS against American citizens who know him for what he is.

  • Mahakala

    P. O.S . He really does hate America.

  • Conservator1

    I won’t waste time on anyone who begins a comment as you did which is destined to be deleted.

  • Papa_oo_Mao_Mao

    Get yours while supplies last!

  • Don Bailey

    Equivocation, the favorite construct of the socialist marxist.

  • TheKingofKingsObama

    “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

    says the non muslim president.

    • bc

      slandering God (Judeo-Christian version) in this country is, however not only perfectly OK, it is protected speech and funded by federal Arts dollars taken from America’s tax-paying citizens. And when it happens, daily, people are not under threat of death. So, yeah, completely the same. F.F.S.

  • tyh

    FUQ you Obama

  • Doc3

    This clown is an embarrassment. We are now under 1000 days left to suffer with Zero. The Great Divider and worst President in our history.

    • bandarlogtorpedo

      Present remedy? Destroy HIS Democrat Party at the ballot box.

  • Larchmonter445

    Human Rights problem?

    He must be talking about all those abortions he favors, especially the live birth abortions he treasures.

    Maybe the Human Rights problems he sees are in the mirror. The racism he feels is from his own twisted heart. The unfairness is his incompetence and laziness (self-declared). All the injustice is self-loathing, stirred and inculcated by the elite terrorists who trained him and elevated him to demigod in their Liberal Cult.

    F*ck Obama and his kneeling to the world and tearing down America.
    The whole world wants to come here, he wants them all to enter illegally, and he bitch-mouths “his” own country.

    Truth is evident: he’s no American, he loves only himself, and he can leave on the next plane or stay right their in Indonesia where the sweetest sounds he ever heard were in the madrassa.

  • softunderbelly

    Is this mother F**ker serious? When do we execute people for drug trafficking? Do we cane people? Maybe we should, I don’t know but to say that we need to work on OUR human rights policy is pathetic and a lie!

  • E. Newton

    The President is right again.

    We still have many black families where the momma and daddy are forced to stay together. Often these moms and dads are also forced to work at jobs. It’s an awful situation in a country that claims it ended slavery long ago.

    We will never have real freedom and full human rights in this country as long as millions of African-americans are being forced to work, often times in businesses owned by non-African-americans. It is a national shame and the Malaysians know it.

    • Andrew Arnold

      Exactly what country are you speaking about? I know it can’t be America because America has an out of wedlock birthrate in the black community of over 70%!

      • Political Hostage

        It’s called sarcasm Andy. It’s often used to make points.

        • Andrew Arnold

          You should know as well as I do that there are some incredibly stupid people on the internet as well as the fact that sarcasm doesn’t lend itself very well to the written word.

      • John Smith

        In fact this out of wedlock birthrate is a form of slavery and a war on the black family. Why can’t the media report that?

  • airmail56

    Panders to tyrants, denounces America. Obama is a worthless tool.

  • martialmedia

    DO FREAKIN WHAT!!?!?!?!? My head just freaking exploded! He must not know the difference between the USA and Kenya!! What an embarrassment!

  • martialmedia

    Obama is one SERIOUS LOSER-IN-CHIEF!

  • revenge

    Yeah the US has some work to do,on human rights,alright.Obama’s work isn’t done!
    If he has his way,which by the way he will,unless a lot of dumb dumb’s don’t wake up, he’ll obliterate every human right,in this country and on the planet.
    That includes using the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights for Toilet Paper!

  • pookiee68

    Barack Hussein Obama is a Gay Black Muslim, born in Kenya, leader of the Communist Democrat party, hates America and is trying to destroy America. AND MAJOR GARRET STILL CONSIDERS THIS IMPOSTER TO BE THE PRESIDENT AND WORTHY OF A SERIOUS QUESTION???!!!!

  • bandarlogtorpedo

    What about the human rights of the people who were intimidated at the Philadelphia polling place by New Black Panther Party goons who Holder refused to prosecute because they are “his people”?

    • JeehadiJane

      Racism only works one way for liberals.

      • bandarlogtorpedo


  • Lou Daz

    You people are pretending to not understand what relativism means. Obama’s not saying the USA is executing petty thieves or conducting itself like a third-world dictatorship; he’s simply using a reasonable rhetorical move to aid in his diplomacy.
    This willing ignorance on the part of stubborn conservatives is embarrassing. I can imagine you were the same people who complained about similar treatment of George W. Bush. I did too, and then I wised up.

    • BC

      what a ridiculous statement. this has nothing to do with “conservatism” or liberalism. this has to do with the lack of diplomatic skills.

      • Lou Daz


        • JeehadiJane

          You are a hypocrite.

    • chuck

      if Obama thinks the American govt is abusing its citizens why has he not mentioned it before? oh yeah because they are HIS policies

    • JeehadiJane

      If you really believe that the likes of Eric Holder and Al Sharpton are not racists, then save you hypocrisy for your like minded bobble heads

    • williampenn

      Nice try, Comrade, but a miserable fail. Anything to prop up your boy, though, right?

    • Alec Stuart

      1.) A “reasonable rhetorical move”? Obama is comparing our human rights record to that of Malaysia. The two are in no way comparable. But it is getting worse under Obama. How? Until the filmmaker who made the poorly done video that was blamed for the fall of our consulate in Benghazi, we didn’t have political prisoners. Now we do, as the filmmaker has been held in captivity ever since the Susan Rice televised debacle on Sunday news programs.

      2.) I did not down-vote you, by the way.

    • hoya

      Hahaha….he wouldn’t know what diplomacy is (and neither you-punk) if it hit between his eyes….

    • Political Hostage

      BS. George Bush is ten times the man and a thousand times more American than Barry Soetoro could ever wish to be.

  • BC

    To hell with this man. I am so sick and tired of him talking down the USA. he is a travesty. if he doesn’t like what this country is, please leave an go back to Kenya. was he bowing to this criminal muslim tyrant when he made this asinine statement?

    • hoya

      But he sure LOVES the perks the country he destroyed bestowed on him without our consent!

  • JeehadiJane

    Yeah, let’s start with the racists in his own administration.

  • Political Hostage

    America is the beacon of human rights. Anyone that says otherwise needs to go live in ANY other country… then they’ll see EXACTLY what the reality of the remainder of the world is like.

    • hoya

      Your avatar is an epitome of WHAT HE DID to my country!

  • bandarlogtorpedo

    What about Obama’s destruction of the American health care system merely for the purpose of increasing the power of the Democrat Party? What about the rights of those who lost superior and cheaper coverage and did not get waivers like his supporters received?

  • williampenn

    Obama never misses an opportunity to take a gratuitous shot at the United States.

  • rdknyc596

    What is Wrong with this man. And what more importantly is wrong with the mainstream media who will not carry this comment. Why?
    Like many in this country, I come from a family in which My Mom lived in Korea and Japan during WWII and through the Korean War. Many of her family were killed by the communists because they were teachers and therefore looked upon as government workers.
    One of her uncles escaped and came to their farm where they hid him under ground with communist soldiers searching their home every day for him. He was beaten badly and my Grandmother fed him rice water. He left the farm because he was endangering them and was never seen or heard from again.
    How dare this PRESIDENT (what a joke to call him this now) talk about Human Rights and America in the same sentence. WE are the good guys. Without Americans Koreans in the South would be living under sheer tyranny.
    There is no other place in the world like America. Yes, we have to do military things, but without this country, Hitler’s fascist would control Europe. His weakness is opening doors for People like Putin and helping to grow the Islamic Radical threat.
    This man is a disaster and he should be ashamed of himself for this statement. And Americans should be outraged.

    • cashel

      Thank you rdkny596!
      if the USA survives this vile coward and quisling, it will be a miracle.

    • JeehadiJane

      They are sociopaths.

  • hoya

    SOME WORK????
    After what you did to my beloved country it may take centuries to recover if ever, mr. Queer

  • poorhardworker

    I read an article that talks about “the work we got to do” and although it is a bit long…it explains “their work” and this woman knows her stuff! It about the control the government has taken of our educational system…that explains why so many kids come out Social Democrats WITHOUT the values our country was built on. Their work is to recreate the failed communist system in America!!!

  • mhal

    Obama has seen to that. He’s made sure we live in a country where the IRS and DOJ target his political opponents, politically incorrect filmmakers are jailed, massive voter fraud is committed in order to steal elections, laws go unenforced against protected status groups while others are selectively strong-armed by militirized pseudo-police bureaucracies, and every citizen’s privacy and 4th amendments rights are ignored and violated on a daily basis.

    Thanks obama…you’re right. YOU do have a lot of work to do on these issues…

  • DockyWocky

    Headline: “Obama Equates US to Malaysia”

    Does this creep EVER miss a chance to denigrate the US of A?

  • Jack Naaf

    He can start by restoring my right to not have to buy health insurance.

  • Kradke

    His self-loathing knows no bottom.

  • robert franklin stroud

    Worst President by any metric you choose. Seriously, where has he done a good job?

  • $98258305

    He should be removed from office. He is not fit to be there. He loathes this county and he is utterly incompetent to lead.

  • Conservator1

    Thanks much for the laugh. Obama will go down in history as one of the worst presidents. You’re post is also wrong factually, but that never prevents Obama’s zombie army of leftist dolts from demonstrating their political ignorance.

    Obama called Afghanistan the just war. He did so because the Taliban refused to turn over Bin Laden and the terrorists who attacked us on September 11, 2001. Bush didn’t have to lie to get support to invade Afghanistan as you foolhardy posted.

    Barack’s approval ratings are dismal as well. 52.5% disprove compared to 43.7% who approve and when polled on the most important issues facing America, his poll numbers are worse.

    President Obama Job Approval

    Take your fact less argument to a lefty site where your fellow political morons will cheer.

  • notebene

    Wow…you’re drunk on the kool aid! The imposter in chief didn’t end any wars…we still have troops over their with their hands neatly tied by his failing policies. We are a laughing stock around the world and considered neutered and weak because of his hopeless lack of knowledge and leadership…just look at Russia’a Putin laughing at Odumbo while he mows over the Ukraine. Our economy is better? Really? Gas is $3.75 a gallon and milk is $4 a gallon, while our food stamp program is through the roof because people have lost jobs because of this idiot’s insistance on health control..not care, which only 1.4% of the formerly uninsured 30 million gained insurance and over 10 million and counting, who once had insurance have lost and cannot afford his idea of affordable care! The direction this imposter is taking our country is global socialism, which has been a dismal failure in every country it’s been attempted in! You’re ignorance is astounding…trying getting away from the propaganda 5 lamestream and really read what’s going on. The press in Canada and Europe report more honestly on our nation…what does that say about your messiah?! He’s a low class marxist dictator…just what the world doesn’t need. How cute that you believe you voted him in. Guess in your utopia there is such a thing as 114% voter turn out. You must have learned math from Odumbo or common core or you would know that that is statistically impossible, if the election was legal. But then, the Imposter only enforces laws he “feels” are important. Law doesn’t work that way. What a fool you are!

  • tvlgds

    LOL!! Check out his approval ratings. Massive voter fraud got him elected.

  • twmon9816

    Homer, homer. You’re still drunk eh?

  • gramma_jax

    You really believe what you wrote? Come on. I’ve been around a very long time and this guy has not been good for this country. Just because he won twice does not mean it was a good choice. Take a good long look around you.

  • jrt


  • notebene

    So you enjoy being spied on by the NSA, having the IRS abuse it’s power, only enforcing laws that the Imposter “feels” worthy. Wow…you are ignorant and gullible. What are you going to do when your blinders come off?

  • twmon9816

    And the sky is green, the grass is purple and the unicorn farts smell like roses. Jeez homer, sober up already.

  • tvlgds

    He makes Jimmy Carter look good!

  • twmon9816

    Facts don’t resonate in homers mind, just like all the other odumbo worshipers.

  • MoIIy_Pitcher

    She is a quitter!

    Democrats-Ready for Hillary in the same way you get a dog ready to go outside.

  • MoIIy_Pitcher

    Sounds like somebody’s benefits just expired!

    Hey Obamaboi?…It’s Sunday…Shoudnt you be changing your Obamacare password?

  • GibsonL5

    sure, we want another 8 years of economic malaise…

  • Bring_a_Rope

    Death? Are you making terroristic threats? Are you inciting violence? You do know that your IP address has been logged, don’t you? “Anonymous” isn’t anonymous.

  • Mudpuppy

    You want a medal or a chest to pin it on? Most of us are in similar situations. You’re not so special.

  • tr99tr

    You do “your part”?? Bashing the people of your own country, all for the glory of a politician??? A charlatan, divide-and-rule, megalomaniac, politician, at that?? You do your part, just not for your country. Only for self and satisfaction.

  • MoIIy_Pitcher

    What a lucky coincidence then for all those Democrat politicians who claim you are helpless and dont stand a chance in this horrible, crappy country unless Democrat politicians are in power!

    Hey Obamaboi?…Republicans do that too. Most have a better attitude and dont fling paranoid spit all ove while doing it.
    But you traitors dont even care!
    I wish you were dead!!…because you deserve it and all.

  • Mudpuppy

    Yeah, and we laugh our arses off at such ridiculously idiotic BS comments like yours. Honest???? Surely you jest. Are you really that stupid?

  • Papa_oo_Mao_Mao

    Hahahaha…honest president. Show us your lucky fahking unicorn will ya? Obama is out bushing bush.

  • Papa_oo_Mao_Mao

    C’mon lady at least open your mouth.

  • GibsonL5

    honest?? LOL.. surely you jest….

  • janchup

    Honest. Funny.

  • Doc3

    Libtirds heads implode from lack of brains.

  • AmericanDuckie

    I see no heads exploding, and hear no honest president. Your point?

  • revenge

    Either you’re being one of 3 things! Stupid,Sarcastic,or you’ve been out drinking all night!

  • John Smith

    No honesty. Just a lousy healthcare program.

  • 57thunderbird

    Yer funny,in a stupid sort of way.

  • MoIIy_Pitcher

    No matter how we reform health care, I intend to keep this promise: If you like your doctor, you’ll be able to keep your doctor; if you like your health care plan, you’ll be able to keep your health care plan.”
    “I just want to be completely clear about this. I keep on saying this but somehow folks aren’t listening — if you like your health care plan, you keep your health care plan. Nobody is going to force you to leave your health care plan.
    And that means that no matter how we reform health care, we will keep this promise to the American people: If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period. If you like your health care plan, you’ll be able to keep your health care plan, period. No one will take it away, no matter what.”
    Michelle and I don’t want anyone telling us who our family’s doctor should be – and no one should decide that for you either. Under our proposals, if you like your doctor, you keep your doctor. If you like your current insurance, you keep that insurance. Period, end of story.”
    . So if you’re one of these folks, it’s reasonable that you might worry whether health care reform is going to create changes that are a problem for you — especially when you’re bombarded with all sorts of fear-mongering. So the first thing you need to know is this: If you already have health care, you don’t have to do anything.”

  • Sterny

    I’ve read Quilviov’s comments on other boards. The answer to your question is yes, and then some.

  • Sterny

    BS. You’re a moron.

  • Papa_oo_Mao_Mao

    Here’s your honest president:


    Refuses to prosecute of Wall. St criminals because he took over 5 million in contributions from Jp Morgan, Goldman Sachs, CitiGroup, UBS
    AG, Morgan Stanley…you know…the 1% wall street thieves.

    Gave a no-bid contract to Halliburton – just like Bush did.

    Has an administration full of lobbyists, after promising he wouldn’t have any.

    Broke his promise to close Guantanamo Bay.

    Supported the $700 billion TARP corporate-welfare bailout just like Bush.

    Gave tax dollars to AIG executives, then pretended to be outraged about it.

    Supports Bush’s unconstitutional Patriot Act

    Agrees with Bush’s support of unconstitutional, indefinite detention of U.S. citizens without filing any charges.

    Agrees with Bush’s support of unconstitutional, warrantless wiretapping.

    Had four U.S. citizens killed without judicial process

    The honesty’s too much…

  • Papa_oo_Mao_Mao

    Try and tell that to Mexico. The worst offenders on the face of the earth.

  • AmericanDuckie

    Have you ever spent the time to read immigration laws of other countries. Didn’t think so.

    As for reform, why do we need to reform a law that is ignored, and broken by illegals and those who award them for it?

    The system isn’t perfect but it’s not broken- only ignored. Plenty of people still come here Legally, and for those the so called reform to amnesty is a slap in their faces.

  • Mudpuppy

    The only immigration reform we need is to secure the borders and get a handle on the illegal problem. Coming here is NOT a right. If you come here legally, you should be allowed to bring only your immediate family members (man brings wife and kids only, for example). No one is forcibly separating families. They are free to return to their country of origin if they want to be with their families.

  • GibsonL5

    yes, we can look at reform, but if we don’t first enforce border control–like any other country including Mexico–do we really have a country??

  • Jay0208

    We don’t force them to come here, nor do we force them to stay.

  • Tumbleweed

    You’re right! We should send them all back to wherever they came from!

  • Papa_oo_Mao_Mao

    Nobody reads them. If you don’t post what they want to hear unlike sites like this they dump you.

  • Mudpuppy

    Yeah, they’re reliable and truthful….

  • AmericanDuckie

    That’s hilarious. And from 2 1/2 years ago. I believe if you google something more recent you’ll notice people by and large now that they’ve seen what O is like with his gloves off- is a different set of approval numbers. Not to mention now that he’s had “more flexibility” his true commie/islamic colors are showing.

  • John Smith

    They do enforce their borders with soldiers, why not here in the USA?

  • Sterny

    Option #1. All day, every day. Worse when the orderlies forget to dispense the meds.

  • Papa_oo_Mao_Mao

    Because Obama and Bush refuse to do it. They are the same on immigration.

  • Papa_oo_Mao_Mao

    Wow!!! That makes a difference.

  • Mudpuppy


  • Jay0208

    That makes no sense at ALL

  • John Smith

    I guess so, after 9-11 Bush should have shut the border down tighter than a drum..

  • revenge

    His world is more upside right than your’s is! Better watch the Jack Daniels!

  • Papa_oo_Mao_Mao

    Oh….I didn’t realize Obama gave the money back to the 1% and then prosecuted those who stole from the rest of us. Ya got a fahking link to prove it clown?

  • Papa_oo_Mao_Mao

    Bush was worse than that.

    I get it….Obama is a communist. He needs to go. The problem is we all conveniently forget that Bush:

    Was the first sitting U.S. President to publicly encourage more illegal immigration from Mexico

    Remember: “A path to citizenship” “Bring
    them out of the shadows” “Family values don’t stop at the border” “Jobs Americans won’t do”

    He helped McCain and Teddy Kennedy try and ram amnesty down our throats but Americans lit up the Senate switchboard and stopped it.

    Even after 9/11 he refused to secure the border.

    He and the congress stopped funding for the secure fence act of 2006…remember: no amnesty no fence?

    His administration prosecuted and imprisoned the border agents Ramos and Campeon (how soon we forget that injustice)

    In Bush’s first 5 years in office, over 9 MILLION illegal Mexican aliens entered the U.S.

    It was the Bush administration that started the investigation of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, BECAUSE he was enforcing Arizona state and federal immigration laws.

    The Obama/Bush team is responsible for this mess. Two peas in a pod when it comes to

  • Papa_oo_Mao_Mao

    Here CNN the right wing madhouse will straighten out your wet brain:

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