Bret Baier’s updated extensive timeline of the Benghazi attack on 9/11 and the administration response

Special Report released an updated version of it’s extensive timeline of the events that led up to the Benghazi attack as well as the administration’s response to it.


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  • detectivedick

    Obama is pathetic and an embarracment to the Office and the USA.

    • Benjamin Tarbell

      Your spelling of embarrassment is an embarrassment to the education system.

  • I can’t stand to hear the voice of either Hillary or Barry. God, please make these people go away in 30 days, for the sake of the world.

    • Stephanie T

      I echo your sentiments. President Obama and Secretary Clinton are truly despicable beings.

  • Spartan4Palin

    I was listening to the hearing today and there were things that came out that I still haven’t seen anyone talk about? Colonel Wood (?) said that there were concerns about weapons POURING over the border. Tanks, RPGs and other arms. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought we supplied arms? Senator Graham, your thoughts? Why exactly did you feel it necessary to arm the rebels, as rag-tag as they may have seemed?

    Were weapons we supplied used to kill our own people?? Wood or Nordstram stated that rebels in the LIBYAN government were indeed those that were part of this attack!!

    What in the hell is wrong with our Congress? This same dumbass idea is still being considered for ‘rebels’ in Syria!!!!

    • Supplied weapons in Eqypt too… which gee, some happened to end up in Gaza.
      McLame and others want to do the same and supply the rebels in Syria. Dang these people in our government have GOT TO GO!

    • conservative58

      This administration also supplied weapons to the drug cartels in Fast & Furious, which led to the death of our Border Agent Brian Terry and countless innocent Mexican citizens (including teenagers).

      They want to arm our enemies, yet they do everything they can to take away OUR right to bear arms!

      This administration has a lot of innocent blood on its hands and they need to be held accountable!

      • Spartan4Palin

        Yes but as far as I know, McCain and Graham didn’t ask to arm the cartels?

        It’s shocking to hear from guys on the ground who continue to tell Washington that their boneheaded ideas don’t always work in the real world! And it’s frustrating as hell to watch them ignore it, and someone dies because of their incompetence and trying to make an historical mark for themselves!!

        And what became so infuriating was watching some in Congress either blame the whistle lowers or those that had the courage to bring this info before the American people!! And as hypocritical as they themselves have been in the past. If it had been a Republican, they would have been running over each other trying to get to a camera and a live mic to report their findings!!!

        It’s exhausting to watch, but thanks to Nordstram and his final statement, after all of the hardship and being shot at, the real enemy were those put in place to watch OUR backs! Paraphrasing, of course.

  • Sandra123456

    A six hour attack on the Consulate…There was a U.S. Air base 450 miles away in Sicily. These people should not have had to die. Someone afraid of offending the Afghans by using air power in Benghazi?

    This incident should cost Obama the White House.

    • PJRodman

      SHOULD…the question is how far have we’ve gone over the cliff? This…and several other things we could discus, are so far over the top…they make Watergate look as tame as it was, in comparison. Why? I hope the clock doesn’t run out before the people demand answers. But…LOOK…squirrel…Big Bird

    • SeanInNYC

      The press is digging fast and furious trying to bury the story, or at least obfuscate it to the point where casual observers can’t make sense of it. It’s already too late. It won’t be an issue. The press have moved on.

      • detectivedick

        I have not moved on!

  • I’ve been listening to the propaganda press about this all day “we have just learned…” WHat a pile of crap! They knew, just as dear leader knew.
    Everything dear leader has done has been to the benifit of our enemies and the detriment of our miltary and citizens. TREASON charges anyone?

    • conservative58

      If these so-called journalists are ‘just now learning …’ then they’re too stupid to be reporting the news. Hopefully, we can find some new ‘shovel-ready’ jobs for them after November 6, and replace them with some real journalists.

      I know we’ll never get rid of these propagandists but it’s a nice thought.

      • Yes, it’s a nice thought. I agree. 🙂

      • FreeManWalking

        these so-called journalists are nothing more than PAC “B” rated actors.

        If the American people ever get to the point of islamist Spring, the media personalities will be in the cross-hairs just as much if not more than the politicians that have sold out their nation for their own enrichment.

        If that day ever comes there will be soggy pants, knocking knees and the stench of excrement will fill every so called news studio across the land.

      • Nukeman60

        There will be plenty of ‘shovel-ready’ jobs after Romney is elected. Before he can move in, they will have to shovel out a load from the White House and I’m thinking the soon-to-be out of work employees at MSNBC are already trained.

    • Landscaper

      Regardless of Nov. 6. Impeach Obama, Clinton, baby face Carney and Lamb! Start with putting all of them under oath and make them testify. If they dare not confess and continue to lie to the American people, convict them of treason and sedition.

      PS; where have you been ABiC ?

      • Amen Landscaper friend. Impeach, then try for treason. Works for me.

        Aw, I’ve had a bunch of computer issues the past few days. I got me a decent new PC today and I just got it up and running. Scoop and facebook are the first and only places I’ve been so far lol. Thanks for askin’!

        • Nukeman60

          Did you get the new ‘puter with those federal funds we obtained through your retired vets on the perimeter? Excellent! 🙂

    • Nukeman60

      Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised that they just learned. After all, their news does come through the White House talking points memos every morning.

      Take the debate, for example. Right after the debate they were up in arms about Obama not showing up. But the next day, after the memos had been received, they were all in lockstep with their ‘altitude’ excuses and the ‘Romney lied’ scenarios.

    & NOT end with the ‘OFFICIAL STORY’-
    we have LEARNED NOT 2 TRUST the official story,It’s
    No wonder Hillary&Barry wanted 2 blame the DEATH of Our AMBASSADOR
    on a FILM even if it meant SUPPRESSING 1ST AMENDMENT RIGHTS.
    Now we have CAUGHT them in their WEB of LIES,
    the LYING&SCHEMING Obama administration is TRYING their 2 keep the MUSLIM BROTHERHOODS NAME OUT of this fiascos.
    who are CLOSELY tied w/the BROTHERS(Muslim Brothers declared a JIHAD on AMERICA & OUR CITIZENS in 2010)-
    which was STUPID&
    Barry Obama LIED& 4MORE US CITIZENS died.
    CONGRESS do you JOB-
    Thank you MEMBERS of the HOUSE who are working 2free~Truth&Expose the SAUDI,SUNNI ROYAL families tool,the M T Chair&CHRONIC LIAR.BarryObama

  • This is just devestating and what gets me so angry is to see Jay Carney now say that he always said that this was a terrorist attack. Just disgusting. I would just replay his original words to him and make him choke on them.

  • TJinNJ

    Guess who’s a Terrorist Lover? Barry’s family…linked up with the Saudi’s Royals (ie al-qaeda, MB, etc) to push their Wahhabist form of Sharia…never dull with these POS…

    • p m

      Very enlightening – says zero is in constant communication with his Saudi ‘royalty’-loving uncle. Wish Scoop would post this separately to help it get traction. It clearly has legs. Thanks TJ for that link.

  • Spartan4Palin

    And something that made me sick at my stomach was towards the end when someone asked the Ambassador what does it take to get your attention that there is something wrong? We have 230 incidents before this one? The Ambassador said it was actually 234! 234!!!!! And then he said even at that, only 20% of those incidents were in Benghazi?

    WTF??????????????????? There’s 3 more incidents that we didn’t know about??? How the hell does this not sink Hillary Clinton, alone????????????

    • colliemum

      “Only 20%” of the 234 incidents were in Benghazi, said that crap weasel Kennedy.
      In my calculation that makes it 46 ‘incidents’ in Benghazi. That’s not sufficient to get worried? Not even when the British ambassador was attacked, and the Brits left after that? Noooo – bureaucrats worry about “correct’ requests, and rest easy because they have a ‘correct number of assets’ (that’s human beings, you ^*&%!) in place. Doesn’t matter that these are local, half-trained ‘assets’.

      I’m still spitting feathers after that hearing.

  • Pandora’s box is wide open. One has to be completely clueless if they think that they can put it back into the box.

  • FreeManWalking

    it will not surprise me to see a tribute to 0b0 at meca depicting him holding a burning American flag.

  • It’s “its,” not “it’s.”

    • Nukeman60

      Seriously, that’s what you got out of all this? The correction of a typo?

  • I think the American people have enough

    “actionable intelligence”

    To make their decision this Nov. 6 !

  • When President Romney becomes our leader come Jan.,…lower the boom on these savages. Throw out the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR out of Washington DC and out of our country. No more infiltration!

    • Wigglesworth111

      Yup. Tell them all to go to hell and if we catch them funding terrorists lock ’em up

  • PVG

    Impeachment! This inept liar will be defeated and should not get one dime more from the American people that he has refused to protect.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Those darn “bumps in the road” just happen to be four dead Americans!!! And the obama’s corrupt administration keeps saying the attack on the embassy was due to the video, and not a preplanned terrorist attack. Okay, time for someone in that corrupt administration to start telling the truth for once! I know that won’t happen, but it would be appropriate.

  • William Ripskull

    Back in the Clinton days, I told my liberal in-laws that we would pay a dear price in American blood for Clinton’s foreign policy failures. I never imagined it would begin to occur only 8 months after he left office. Bush/Cheney spent the next 8 years cleaning up Clinton’s mess, rebuilding our military, intelligence capabilities, and waging war against radical Islam, that for 8 years prior, attacked America with almost zero response from the Clinton Administration. I also unequivocally stated that Carter letting the Shah of Iran fall was another strategically huge mistake by yet another weak, liberal President. Every administration since has had to deal with Iran, and it is coming to a critical juncture with Iran closing in quickly on nuclear weapons.

    Those two things stated, I fear that we are going to be dealing with the aftermath of the complete failures of Obama policy, both foreign and domestic, for the next several generations, with the very real possibility of leading to the destruction of Israel, and a plausible chance that it will lead to the downfall of America itself. To let a major, long-term ally like Egypt just fall to mob rule (btw due to the destruction of the dollar, NOT democracy seeking citizens) with zero plan on how that country is going to rebuild and be governed, is a complete dereliction of duty by “lazy” Obama and his incompetent administration. Ditto for Libya, with the exception that Obama was directly complicit in the fall. As these two countries become the next Irans, breeding grounds for Islamofacist thinking, combined with further destruction of the dollar with Bernanke’s endless quantitative easing (i.e. money printing), governments in the region will start dropping like dominoes. If Iran gets the bomb, all bets are off. I hope to God I’m not 3 for 3.

  • bubbawithab

    William, you are spot on. I remember having a conversation with an intelligent, liberal coworker. We were talking about the so-called response by Pres. Clinton to WTC ’93, the Africa embassy bombings, Somalia, USS Cole, etc. – a weak cruise missile lob onto a civilian factory – and how it openly displayed his cowardice. [Remember, he had vowed time and time again to bring the perpetrators to justice, as serves such a political animal. Instead… a cruise missile.] My liberal friend remarked, “Well, just because he used a cruise missile doesn’t make him a coward.” I agreed with him: “No, he is a coward at heart, and the limp response is just another manifestation of that.” All one had to view was how nothing – NOTHING – changed after WTC ’93.

    Obama is just as cowardly, at least as arrogant, more dishonest (much, much more effective in his lies than was Clinton), but not anywhere near the intellect. He is a cauldron of incompetence and dishonor. I fear you are right, but I don’t believe for a second that Israel will allow themselves that fate – I fear more for America as we have lost our will to fight the obvious enemy of Islamofascism. Not unrecoverable though. We were in a similar circumstance under Carter, when Nixon wrote “The Real War.” For all his missteps, he nailed what needed doing in the Cold War. Hopeful Romney is elected and can right this ship of state.

  • weewone

    was there a carrier closer to Libya that the base in Italy on 9/11