BRUTAL: Anderson Cooper obliterates DNC Chair over her lies about Romney’s stance on abortion

This is a MUST WATCH! And it is brutal. In his “Keeping them Honest” segment tonight, Anderson Cooper completely exposed Debbie Wasserman Schultz over her lies about Romney’s position on abortion. From beginning to end, Cooper refuses to let DWS dodge the issue, holding her to account for taking reporting LA Times out of context to raise money against Romney.

Seriously, watch the whole thing. It’s awesome!

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  • Every time DWS is on TV, they should do the same thing. Nothing but lies.

    • Lime Lite

      Goodness, she’s annoying. I can’t believe these politicians can lie so blatantly. Where are their morals and ethics?

      • ez

        Left them in law school.

        • @ez not all of us left them in law school. Some of us lawyers (at least 25%) are conservatives, especially prosecutors.

        • Orangeone

          Exactly correct. The law school admission requires you to check your ethics and integrity at the door.

      • the truth always annoys those that have their head in the sand

        • ali3nation

          Yes and while your head is buried deeply, Obama, DWS, and Jay Carney, et. al. are savaging your backside.

        • Your point being…?

      • john cunningham

        “morals and ethics”? they do not exist for Leftists. deeds are moral if they increase the power of the party, and ethics are a series of attacks on the GOP and other class enemies. Since truth and morality are all relative to Leftists, they can say and do anything.

        • joecassara

          They do not exist for most politicians, Left or Right. Folks like Ron Paul are in the minority.

        • quit killing people if you want to be a “moralist”. That is a good place to start if you want to have any credibility on the issue. and i’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt that you know what i’m talking about.

        • Nick

          Please explain how this differs from what the right is doing, because I sure don’t see it.

          It’s like the right-wing talking herd claiming that Obamacare cuts $712 billion from Medicare, then turning around and applauding and calling it a good thing when that same $712 billion in reduced costs it shows up in the Ryan budget.

          • Al Cibiades

            Your quite right. And the blatant lie the Republicans are advertising that Obama cut back on the work requirements for welfare is another, direct lie not even spinnable.

            I think this misquote in the fund raising letter is awful, and her defense was that the underlying point of the letter was correct. She essentially acknowledged the distortion at the end without directly saying so.

            I guess it’s too tempting to justify distortion in statements by pointing to what the other guy is doing. And I have to say the Republicans are, for my money, somewhat worse.

        • Al Cibiades

          This is blatant falsehood and patent nonsense. All political activists will twist the truth to attain power. It is no less true of the right than the left… and quite often to my way of looking at it, worse.

          If you think truth or morals are absolute you need to get an education. There is no defensible intellectual position for absolute truth, and the moral absolutism leads to rather unsavory conclusions not to mention very shaky grounds.

        • PoliticalSideshow

          Yeah! Because we conservatives never lie! Have you ever heard Karl Rove tell the truth 2 days in a row? Hardly. Lefties do not have a corner on the ability to lie. The Right can mislead as well.

          The real problem is we the people take sides not based on logic, it is done on emotion. Reagan was a great President, but he left us with an enormous amount of debt, Clinton was an immoral duesch bag and he left of with budgetary controls and less debt. W. was as conservative as they come, but undid the budgetary controls and added more debt. WTF! The people I vote for always leave me more debt!!!!

          Washington DC does not serve the people of this country any more. Right or Left, Conservative or Liberal…We the people get the leftovers.

          To suggest that either party is pure is a joke! It is time the tax payers of this country arise and demand NO BS from both sides. Never gonna happen, though. We’re too smug in our own self- conceit.

          • No doubt, we are left making the best bad choices. We have to live with political oxymorons in the worst degree. Hopefully, one day when the pain is so bad “We The People” will wake up, unless we become so addicted to the pain it feels like pleasure and we are lost not knowing the difference. I will be optimistic and say one day we’ll awake from the nightmare. God help us.

      • Morals and ethics in politics? Those things really haven’t been in the political realm for years.

        • IsEveryNameInTheUSTaken

          I tend to agree with you, and that’s the reason I really like Rick Perry’s idea to send Congress home to work among the people who elected them, and meet 6 times a year and as needed. Break up the pack mentality that’s formed in Washington. They get up there and it’s so far removed from the real world that they develop the idea that American citizens are nothing more than the life support system for Congress! They work for us, they are paid by us. Send congress home where we can go see our representatives when ever we want.

          • tvlgds

            Should be like TX–the state legislature meets every TWO yrs. and for a short period of time–then they go back to their regular JOBS, which is what the US Congress was designed to do. It was never supposed to be a full time, get rich quick gig!

            • Loretta12

              I agree. Our nation is so in debt, I think the first thing we should do is stop the pay for congress instead of that of the military,disabled, and elderly. I am very serious about this. How can we even start to even the playing field?

            • nothing in this country should be “like texas”.

      • They consider it acceptable, even necessary, to lie if it supports their positions.

        • i assume “they” is the right wing? because you know that on the left (and in most of the rest of the world) the american right wing is thought of as morally bankrupt and will try to lie their way out of any and everything. I’m not saying that to start a fight, i’m saying it so you know that it’s a mutual assessment.

        • Nick

          All politicians do, regardless of party or ideology.

      • Ronin

        There’s a serious case of mushmouth just behind her normal speaking. It makes her very hard to listen to.

        That and the mismatched eyes. She looks like someone stuck a goldilocks wig on Smegal.

        • Hpatb4m

          She talks like a deaf person.

          • Ronin

            I agree. It seems similar to deaf people’s speech. That or wet-brain.

        • She is a 4 letter C word.
          Nothing more, nothing less.

      • The left has no morals or ethics….this is a party that supports late term abortion. Late term! 8 month old babies, fully formed, the same age of many newborns, born a few wks early to many women each yr. That is sick, that’s not a right of a woman. That’s indignant, irresponsible, selffish, and horribly brutal, no matter what your stand is on abortion. Mitt Romney and the GOP are NOT against abortions in the case of rape, incest, or the danger to the life of the mother………..there stand on that has always been the same. But, today, if you don’t agree on late term abortion, or don’t agree that women should be allowed to abort once or many, many times, then you are against women’s rights. I’d love to go face to face w/DWS and ask her, what the he#@ happened, in this country, to the rights of that unborn child, especially the baby who is murdered……..yes, murdered at 7 or 8 mons…….what about their rights?

        • Actually, I would like to grab those childish little “locks” of DWS, and slam her to the ground…ask her if she has noticed that everyone who is Pro Abortion is ALIVE! Hypocrisy!!!
          FYI: All pagan peoples in history required human sacrifice….so why are we surprised when the pagan liberals have demanded this in our society. Abortion is human sacrifice…..

          • so is war and the death penalty.

            • quite a difference there….in most cases soldiers “choose” to serve their countries AND death penalty is (in most cases) “earned” by whatever crime was committed to deserve such punishment; now, in the case of abortion, those children didn’t “choose” to die and they’re certainly not criminals….just my humble opinion….and to clarify, I can see how in the cases or rape or incest the mother might not wish to carry that baby, I can see it, I can understand that, not really sure what I would personally do or feel, every woman is different….

        • Sine_Labore_Nihil

          You forgot the Libs also support “Partial Birth” abortion. This is where the baby is actually head exposed. I agree, it is murder and what about the rights of the babies being murdered by the millions each and every year? Their innocent blood is all over the mouths and hands of the Liberals!

          • i am a hard core lib… i have all sorts of problems with abortion… and in no way support partial birth abortion.

            careful with the broad brush when you’re painting like that

            • Sine_Labore_Nihil

              Look chump, it is a known fact that a majority of democrats support abortion. I am talking about the majority. Lets get one thing straight, your party is known for its guilt by association methodology. Latest case in point is the Aiken statement Obama is trying to tie to Romney. So, don’t try to tell me what I should be careful about when I post. Take a hard look at your party and your members and see what they do then think twice before dictating to anyone about what they say.

        • Yes, we support abortions at 8 months of gestation…. when the baby has DEBILITATING BIRTH DEFECTS and the mother’s LIFE IS IN DANGER. That’s not murder – that’s saving a mother from DEATH or a baby from living a few days post-birth in massive AGONY before dying. Nobody and I mean NOBODY gets an abortion at 8 months just because they changed their mind about having a baby.

          • T. Collins

            I’ll have to give a very loud BS to that statement. You are fantasizing facts to make yourself feel better about murdering unborn children.

            • 20 weeks and 16 weeks are NOT the same as 8 months. Do some math before you start pretending this even remotely refutes what I said. Let’s see 8×4=32!! Was that so hard?

            • you’re attribution sucks on this. you know that, right? and for the record not only am i a leftie, i’m not a supporter of abortion. just fyi

              • RG

                Since your ( as you put it)a leftie. Could you please list the positive accomplishments of Obama. Could you answer me a question do you see Obama as a man of his word? If yes could you please explain to me then what he is doing running for office again.

            • Valerie McClintock

              ooops! I guess I responded to the same post without seeing your response first. Repetitive…. sorry.

          • H.

            What kind of mother wouldn’t WILLINGLY give her life in order that her child have a chance at life? How selfish! My daughter has birth defects and mental retardation, but she is HEALTHY and HAPPY and ALIVE. She loves to go to Chuck E. Cheeses, the park, school, the beach, etc. and I could not imagine my life without her, no matter how hard it is on me and her brother. Her mom knew there was a chance of a problem with her, but she believed in LIFE and went ahead. She’s gone now, but her child lives on for her. Abortion, for any reason is immoral and selfish. Please reconsider your position.

            • Nick

              The question is not whether you would willingly give your life to give your child a chance at life, the question is what decision you would have made if that chance at life would most likely have resulted in the death of both you and your child?

              How selfish is it to force somebody else to suffer and possibly die so your beliefs are not offended?

            • andy alvarado

              Haha, I wouldn’t call that healthy. And how do you know she truly is happy. Wait until she gets older. And I don’t know that I would let a fetus that had serious problems live. I don’t think I could deal with that monstrosity live.

          • Valerie McClintock

            Actually the FACTS say that only 6% of late-term/partial-birth abortions are done for the health of the baby or mother; 3.3% and 2.8% respectively. Furthermore; only one half of one percent of said abortions are performed because of rape and/or incest.
            As the previous poster said; most conservatives do not strongly oppose abortions in these 6.6% of the cases. The argument is nothing more than a straw man because of IF 94% were not a matter of convenience there would be no large scale issue at stake whatsoever.

            • Late term abortions are alternately defined as 16+ or 20+ weeks depending on whose numbers you use. But the statement I was responding to didn’t said “abortions at 8 months gestation” which is THIRTY-TWO weeks. I stand by my statement and nobody gets abortions at 8 months pregnant unless their life is in danger or their baby is going to die anyway in horrible agony. Nobody stays pregnant for 8 months and then changes their mind on a whim. It just isn’t done. And statistics about what people do at 16+ or 20+ weeks tell you nothing about those last few weeks of pregnancy. The third trimester starts at 27 weeks and no state even ALLOWS third trimester abortions except in the most dire circumstances.

        • IsEveryNameInTheUSTaken

          If you knew how they performed late abortions, you would be even more appalled. If you don’t, I’ll spare you that, and say, that if a mother can go through that – she would much more easily survive a C-section. As appalling, to me, is that Obama voted against, and may have been the ONLY negative vote, treating a baby that survived an abortion. The argument for abortion is that a baby is not a human being until it is born. Most of us believe it is a human being when it begins to grow. But, if it survives abortion, and is born – how is it legal to take it to a back room, lay it on a metal table and let it die??? Obama said letting it die would keep from causing, “confusion” to the mother. How did we come to this?

        • rfrichey

          I have twin boy’s who were born at exactly 7 months and they and their children have been a great joy in me and my wife’s lives. Thank goodness some liberal moron didn’t come along and decide that they should have been aborted for some reason.

          • man oh man oh man… you are WAY out there on this. Libs coming along and deciding to abort your kids? are you serious?

        • My pregnancy came to an end at 6 1/2 months. My beautiful daughter was born at 2lbs. 4oz. She is now grown and has 2 children of her own. What is wrong with these women getting abortions that late? At 5-9 months a baby can survive outside the womb.

          With that said I must say I do believe that women have a choice up to a POINT! My point would be 6-8 weeks. I have heard ALL the arguments from BOTH sides. I believe in God and I know HE would not condone abortion. But…there are those that do NOT believe in God and they have their rights as well. The Govt. should not be making laws based on Religious beliefs as there is separation of church and state. BUT the govt. CAN and SHOULD put a stop to abortions after a set time. As a woman I feel that would be fair to all concerned. And yes I know the baby has rights as well, but at some time or other ALL people have SOME of their rights taken away….just look at where we are now.

          By making a cut off point we can maybe save a few lives that wouldn’t be here otherwise. We might also save mothers who might go to the “Alleys” again if we do away with abortions all together. We can’t save everyone, but we CAN save some

          • yours is the most reasonable post i’ve read on here. I have a serious problem with abortion.. i’m pro life. But that also means i have a problem with the death penalty and going off and fighting wars that WE start killing hundreds of thousands of innocent lives. And that includes killing innocent (LIVING) children. and if it matters.. i’m a Vet from another war era, not someone who used my college status to keep from being drafted.

          • Nancy, You are apparently buying into the NOW/Planned Parenthood propaganda that only conservative Christians have issues with abortion. That’s simply not true.

            Many, many agnostics and atheists are uncomfortable with the degree that abortion is tolerated in the United States and with the logic that if on Tuesday at 3:47 AM, immediately after it is born, a mother kills her baby she is a twisted, sick individual who should serve time in prison. However, the same mother than opts for a partial birth abortion of the same baby on Tuesday at 3:45 AM is simply making a reproductive choice that is no one’s business but her own.

            Pro choice advocates can be JUST as dogmatic in their belief systems and impervious to critical thought as the most extreme fundamentalist Christians, in their own way.

      • They are immoral and unethical, fabricators and provocateurs. That is their moral compass!

      • Ogrrre

        Lime Lite, “political ethics” is like “rap music”, “jumbo shrimp”, and “journalistic integriy”. They are oxymorons; self-nullifying phrases that are without meaning, and should not be used.

      • She typifies politicians, a lie is a lie.

    • Susanna958

      Bipartisanship with them reminds me of Ronald Reagans remarks about the Soviet Union. “How can we have talks with people that believe it’s okay for them to lie?”.

      • steprock

        May I also add that it’s a policy for Muslims as well? An agreement with an infidel is not required to be upheld. Good, Allah-fearing Muslims are permitted to outright lie to so-called “dogs”.

        • “Lying for the Lord” is also a well-documented part of the LDS (a.k.a. “Mormon”) Church history. Probably most other religions as well.

          I’m horrified at the dishonesty of the DNC in twisting the LA Times’ words. But stubborn as she was, she had a point. Mitt Romney has expressed support for an embryonic personhood amendment, which could very well have the effect of preventing all abortions, even in the cases of rape, incest, or risk to the life of the mother.

          Of course, he’s also expressed the opinion that abortion should be safe and legal in the US. The man is a walking weather vane.

          So if Muslims lie when it’s to their advantage, how does that make them any different from Mitt Romney?

      • like Romney and the rest of the RighTea politicians?

    • Jumpeight

      this was amazing. I think I’d rather be waterboarded than watch her for another nanosecond…isn’t she getting fired as DNC chair?

      • Good God, I hope not. She is doing more for the Romney/Ryan campaign than Bobo Biden is. That will change soon, I’m sure.

      • She will be fired when the Dems are swept out of office this fall. Thankfully.

    • Cindy09

      I don’t know about you but I feel like hitting my head on the keyboard a few times whenever I get to listen to her. It’s so darn hard!! And the springy-poodly hair does not help either!!

      • DWS: What Romney says and what he does are two different things *bleep* It doesn’t matter that I lied because it’s in an E-mail *zorg* And you would agree the facts are in the E-mail and you can’t get around it *poit* The LA Times did not lie about what I did in the factual E-mail *whir* *whir* Reproductive rights *clang* Romney against all forms of abortion Danger! Danger! Alert! Alert! Romney *zink* said *zoink* Republican party platform *grind* *grind* *grind* Wasserbot need maintenance! *scree* Must go…*head explodes*

        • Skye Lowry

          Aaahhh! The poodle’s at it again. “Anderson…Anderson… The bottom line is this is CNN and you should agree with everything I say no matter how skewed it is. And we need women to know (because ultimately they’re too dumb to know or even do their own reading) what’s really good for them and enlightened women like myself and Senator Boxer need to exercise our humanitarian benevolence to steer them in the right (left) direction.”

          • It isn’t that surprising that she kept on perpetuating her lies, even when she was caught red-handed. These lefties will stack lie upon lie. It “doesn’t matter” if they’re caught, the importance and intent of their message is what matters, lies or no lies.

            • It’s not surprising, just very frustrating. She could have saved a lot of time by admitting that the LA Times quote was distorted to say something it didn’t really say, apologize sincerely, then try to make the honest case that Romney’s position on abortion is far to the right of most of the country.

              I don’t think she could do it. Romney doesn’t care about abortion. He’s taken every possible position on it *except* the one he’s been accused of by the DNC (though his support for embryonic personhood would imply it, and his VP pick is firmly in the ‘no exceptions’ camp).

              He doesn’t have a strong desire to ban it, but he doesn’t have any desire to protect women’s rights either. So I think it’s fair to portray his presidency as a potential threat to abortion rights. But this isn’t the way to make the case.

            • Nick

              And of course the same applies to the righties: they “will stack lie upon lie. It “doesn’t matter” if they’re caught, the importance and intent of their message is what matters, lies or no lies.”

              The hypocrisy exists in accepting from those you agree with while condemning it in those you disagree with.

      • I liked ramen noodles… until now 😉

    • Good lord! DWS sounds like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson from the WWE: “It doesn’t matter what you think!”…of my lies and how I say them. This is just pure gold that should be capitalized upon by the RNC.

  • Facts can be such stubborn things for some.

    • notgoingtobpc

      She had no facts! All she has is LIES! Real women know there is, NO war on women, it is only in the minds of those pathetic little men, in womens bodies.
      I am one woman who isn’t believing the kool-aid drinking, braindead lies that come from the mouths of people who think it is perfectly ok to kill an unborn baby. Now that is a fact you should chew on for a while.

      • To DWS, facts are in the ears and eyes of the beholder/listener.

      • ok…What about the BORN Babies…? How should we as a society handle NINE-YEAR-OLDS finding themselves impregnated by their fathers or uncles?

        Or, is it because of AGE, they “magically reject” it?

        • Because that happens a lot. We all know the vast, vast majority of abortions in this country are performed for women of a consenting age who simply don’t want to be pregnant. If we outlawed elective abortions in cases where there was no rape, incest, or health issues, it might force people to be a little more responsible with how they treat their bodies.

          • You say, “it might force people to be just a little more responsible in how they treat their bodies”

            Oh, ok…well, and who gets to judge who’s “more responsible” and who’s not…when it comes to S-E-X?

            You see, you want to somehow pass a more, oh, shall we say, a more POTENT law, as it were, upon yourself and the REST of Society…oh wait a minute, check that…

            We’re both MEN, We can’t HAVE BABIES growing in OUR BELLIES, can we?

            So it looks as we’re going to pass a law on FERTILE WOMEN…because THEY CAN…

            And you say, “BUT THEY’RE KILLING BABIES…THEY’RE KILLING BABIES…THEY’RE KILLING BABIES….” over and over again….

            Well, God kills babies EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF THE DAY!
            White Babies.
            Black Babies.
            Chinese Babies.
            Animal Babies.

            He even lets the Moms of the Animal Kingdom STARVE THEIR BABIES to death, if they don’t want them…

            Do we shoot the Lionessess if we catch them doing this? No….We HUMANS put Lions on the “Endangered Species List” because we want them to THRIVE BACK into their FORMER LEVELS of POPULATION

            (‘cuz when when they get there, THEN I suppose it’s A-OK by the GOVERNMENT, to go out and Kill them again, right?)

            Oh, and what about the BALD EAGLES who, push their BABIES out of the nest?

            Those nature shows on PBS, well….they NEVER SEEM TO SHOW what EXACTLY happens when the BALD EAGLE BABIES falling, just can’t seem to get it right and start flying like all the other ones, now do they?

            Well, that’s a REALLY-LATE TERM ABORTION there, now, isn’t it?

            I guess, it’s because Men got to have their SPERM turn into a BABY, somehow…it’s a sense of power that can’t be gotten anywhere else…

          • andy alvarado

            That’s only gonna create a black market. People like you never really think these things ahead.

      • Or in the case of Obama. He thinks that it is perfectly fine to kill a born* baby, much less and unborn baby.

      • I totally agree with this poster..I saw a video, on a partial birth abortion recently, and to think the Democratics think this is just fine and dandy, and a women’s right???? Is enough to make anyone’s blood boil….I cried most of the day after seeing it..I could only picture my own beautiful grand children, and thank God, they did not go under the Democratic rights to abortion, sword…My God people…..There are millions of people wanting to love and care for a baby…That baby has a right to a family, to love it..That is why we have adoption…I think every single person in favor of full term abortion, should be forced to watch it happening…It is murder….

        • PartyOfResason

          They’re not suggesting allowing abortion for healthy, wanted children. Fine and dandy? No. A person’s right? Absolutely.

      • Nick

        I am one man who isn’t believing the kool-aid drinking, braindead lies that come from the mouths of people who think it is perfectly ok to tell others what they can do with their bodies, then complain about intrusive government.

  • warpmine

    Must be terrible for DWS attempt to coax the host Cooper into agreeing with her stance but he simply refuses her BS.

    After painstakingly viewing it for five minutes, I could take it no longer and had to shut it off. We all know the reason so I won’t give it yet again.

    • AustindPowers

      you know, i think we should try to turn this whole abortion issue on its head… DWS wants to paint conservatives all as EXTREME for wanting to prevent abortions even in the case of rape and/or incest… but we should just be painting the Dems as extreme on the other side of the issue. Obama and democrats support abortion in all cases even for race and sex-selection. Gendercide… 4 million baby girls worldwide aborted each year because they were girls… talk about the real war on women…

      • steprock

        Huzzah! You are right on the money with that.

        I think it’s more a war on women to act like they are nothing but wombs with legs. As if “women’s issues” or even “women’s health issues” in specific mean nothing more than free abortion???? I know lots of women. They have more going on than their reproductive health, and I say it’s disrespectful to women to act otherwise.

      • How many of those four million “sex-selection” abortions happened in the United States? Maybe fifty?

        And honestly, how many women do you think have abortions because they don’t like the race of their potential offspring? Do you think this happens… ever? I mean, the fetus is 50% the mother’s race and 50% the race of someone she probably liked enough to have sex with.

        You’re going to use government power to force women to carry all pregnancies to term, in order to prevent a tiny, tiny fraction of abortions for these unacceptable reasons?

        • AustindPowers

          I’m trying to enact laws that use the power of government to protect the rights of all unborn children… that’s the whole purpose of government, to protect the rights of it’s citizens. You don’t think we have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? you’re enabling this “tiny fraction” of abortions for unacceptable reasons by advocating for abortion on demand… you should watch this series of undercover videos from LiveActionFilms…

          • When it comes to animal rights, right wingers declare that they can’t have inalienable rights without commensurate responsibilities. When it comes to family law, you say that children have few rights beyond the ones the parents choose to give them. Parents can educate them as they like, feed them as they like, make whatever medical decisions they feel are appropriate, even if those decisions are completely brainless and dangerous.

            When it comes to the unborn, suddenly they have rights. The right to life before they have a beating heart. The right to liberty before they have muscles to wriggle. The right to pursuit of happiness before they have two neurons to rub together. The society is supposed to use the full force of law to prevent the mother from terminating the pregnancy, even if that means forcing a young woman to carry her rapist’s baby.

            The only alternative to “abortion on demand” is putting the government in charge of deciding which women “deserve” an abortion. Which women’s rapes were traumatic enough? Government decision. Whose health risks are severe enough? Government decides. You scream about government intrusion into every other aspect of life, but here? When it involves controlling women? Sure, feds. Do your worst.

            • AustindPowers

              Bryce you’re talking about irrelavent nonsense… you don’t have the right to choose who your parents or family are, but we as a society assume that parents have the child’s best interest at heart, and if children are obviously being abused or malnurished or mistreated we take them away from those parents. you’d rather we just take everyone’s children away? or have government decide who’s fit to be a parent and who’s not?

              The unborn have rights because they’re human beings… they have their own human DNA separate and unique to their own being. you think people without certain organs, or appendages aren’t people? you think people who haven’t grown to a particular height or weight aren’t people? you think people without a certain IQ level aren’t people? society is to use the full force of the law to prevent the murder of it’s members… aborting a baby conceived through rape doesn’t make it like the rape never happened. it doesn’t prevent future rapes. all it does is murder an unfortunate and innocent child.

              If the choice is between no abortion and abortion on demand for any and all reasons… yeah, i’m choosing life rather than a special manufactured right for women to murder their own children, with no say from the father of those children.

  • Chris Ar

    She’s a **** retard. And Anderson might actually be a credible journalist. Apparently even liberal media types have levels of BS for which they will not assist.

    • KenInMontana

      I am going to refer you to this page;

      I understand emotions get the better of us all, however let’s show everyone that we at least attempt to exercise self-control.

      • white531

        Thanks, Ken.

      • steprock

        77 “likes” on that post. That’s disheartening.

    • Rightstuff1

      Gotta watch the language Chris. Truth is she would be very happy to kill off every person with learning difficulties that she possibly could.

      This is the loving left….

    • I have always found Anderson to ask the tough questions. I don’t always agree with him or where I think he’s going but he doesn’t lean toward a side and looks for the truth.

  • stosh126

    ARRRGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I want to strangle this lying arrogant bitch.

    • The Monster

      Careful, now. You might be visited by cops, FBI, and SS who take you in for “mental evaluation”. For your own good, you understand. You’re obviously under a lot of stress, and they’re just going to HELP you.

    • Hmm… No misogyny there.

  • Ranger1325


    In 20008 McCain supported abortion in cases of rape or incest when the party platform did not!

    She is a despicable human being!

    • That’s an excellent point. This idea that a presidential candidate is honor-bound to support every jot and tittle of the party platform is a new one on me. I doubt it’s a standard she’d like to see Obama held to.

  • stosh126

    It doesn’t matter that I am lying, the point is I’m a ****ng lying b^#ch.

  • gothicreader

    Why is the media is wasting time on this broad? Liars all of them. She’s a disgrace to every woman. She’s delusional. What an a$$.

    • S H

      Because of her having the DNC job… The party is saying; here.. listen to this person who represents us.

  • publius1969

    extreme position ??!! debbie wasserman scheiss provides a perfect opening to shed light on these filthy liberals and obama’s support of infanticide

  • She should explain obummer’s view of abortion…ok for late term and post term…just saying.

    • toongoon

      “Oops, it’s still alive? Oh well toss it in the red bin over there”

      • badbadlibs

        That’s exactly what happens…poor little sweet babies. 🙁

        • toongoon

          It takes despicable human beings to do it. Obama fought to have babies born live after abortions to be snuffed when he was an Illinois state senator.

          Just a reminder to all you obamabots.

          Killing the most innocent among us is horrible in itself. Killing those who fought to survive the tools of the executioner is plain evil.

          What will they do to those who they can’t afford to feed once the taxpayers have been squeezed dry and their mismanagement of resources causes crops to fail?

          • Read United Nations Agenda 21 if you haven’t already. It lays out everything that the UN wants done to make a “better” world, including total control of all natural resources and land. Food supplies are controlled as well, and when food shortages happen, there will be famine and achievement of another goal: culling out of humans. It’s pretty grim stuff, and Obama is actively helping the UN get its tentacles deep into the fabric of our nation. Don’t vote for anyone who supports things like Farm bills (a puppet of the UN’s goals), the UN’s small arms treaty, or the UN’s law of the sea. The latter two are up for ratification by the Senate. Communicate with your senators and tell them to vote no. As to the Farm bill–I understand it got stalled over inclusion of food stamp legislation in it. Regulations are being written by various federal agencies to further the goals of Agenda 21. Department of the Interior and the Forest Service are part of it….one of the dearest goals of Agenda 21 is to get humans off the land and force them into the cities. These two agencies have put out regulations that restrict our access to federal lands for any purpose. Closing off roads; prohibiting hunting. All of this is yet another huge reason to vote Obama out of office in November.

          • You know, blaming Obama for the drought kind of saps your credibility.

            • toongoon

              Only to liberals my friend, and you. But you’ll also notice that I said “they”, not “he”.

              Socialists murdered over 100 million people in the last century, how many victims will there be this century?

    • deepindaheart

      Obama endorses “late term abortions” and/or infanticide…

      In other words, he’s fine with what occurs on the video linked below.

      WARNING: Graphic Images!!!!

    • Leftist ideals include women’s “reproductive rights”, including the ability to eject and discard what you feel is an invasion of your body at just about any time…for the health and well-being of the person being invaded.

  • michael carpenter

    Nice makeover! Your golden ringlets can never cover for your lies.

    • Rshill7

      OMG, those were lovely. I mean it.

      • p m

        Were those fangs I saw – seriously, when she faked a smile twice, looked like Draculess.

        • I was thinking exactly the same thing – she looks like some kind of vampire. The evil is certainly there, but that fake smile thing was seriously scary.

    • m0r0

      As a fellow jewess I can tell you she continues to struggle to tame her jewfro. She did that well tonight but the Dracula fangs cannot be covered up with make-up or any anti- frizz products. She is everything I find deplorable.

  • JeffWRidge

    Good man, Cooper. This is what the media should be doing. Don’t let either side get away with lies. If the more of the media were to act like this they just might regain some of their lost credibility.

    • Rightstuff1

      Cooper is stepping up….maybe he would like to be considered a real journalist or even a move to Fox is in his future.

      • Bingo! My thoughts exactly.

      • Yeah, I’d love to see FOX News turn a substantial portion of its broadcast time over to an articulate, intelligent gay man who won’t let his guests get away with lying. It could only improve the network. But then, so would turning a substantial portion of its broadcast time over to a dadaist sock puppet.

      • Nick

        If he wants to be considered a real journalist, he will almost certainly exclude a move to Fox.

    • steprock

      Are they trying to regain credibility or abandoning that sinking ship with all the other rats?

      CNN sometimes does more balanced pieces, along with Jake Tapper at ABC.
      MSNBC…that’s another story.

  • Rshill7

    Obama thinks it’s OK to kill a baby when it’s halfway out of the womb, and the father of that baby has no say in the matter. Put that in a fundraising letter Missy.

    • warpmine

      A vile creature!

    • Obama thinks it’s OK to kill a baby when it’s all the way out of the mother and in another room.

      • and yet, those who support abortion in some cases only are considered extreme. I’d love to see what these people think about me.

        • Plus, the lefties like to argue that it’s the woman’s choice, it’s her body. Why aren’t we upset when a person is strapped to a gurney and being administered poison to end his life (or to “murder” him)? Uh…unless capital punishment includes embezzlers and shoplifters, we aren’t upset because that person made the conscious decision to murder another human being? Maybe American taxpayers don’t want to pay for the prison stay of somebody who violently removed a productive or potentially productive member from society? It wasn’t the victim’s choice to be murdered. However, that is the mindset of many in the pro-choice crowd. A woman can keep the fetus if she wants to. If she doesn’t want it, she can abort it. However, it’s not a fetus once it’s out of the body and draws a breath on it’s own, or so I’m told. It is now acting independently from the mother. That’s even up for debate. It’s disgraceful how far advanced we claim to be, yet when it comes to the question of when is a person a person, we have not advanced one iota.

          • What kills me (no pun intended) is that pro “choice” proponants are usually against the death penalty. How does that work for pete’s sake?

            • Ive wondered the same thing

            • Marky_D

              You want to hear something insane? A few years back I was discussing abortion on another forum and this guy said to me ”your lot are just hypocrits – all life is sacred right? But I bet you support the death sentence!”.

              These lunatics actually think preserving the life of mass murderers whilst executing innocent unborn babies in the womb puts THEM in the ‘righteous’ camp…

              • I know. I’ve had similar discussions. Either that, or they’ll bring up the commandment, thou shall not kill, as if that would make their case against the death penalty? We can tell them that the commandment means thou shall not murder, which is different than killing (life for life) but they don’t care. They try and make us the hypocrites by misusing the Bible, yet they don’t see the evilness of their own beliefs. 🙁

                • Yep. They’ll twist and spin whatever they want in order to fit their narrative.

              • andy alvarado

                There’s a whole lot more to it than that Mark D. Even Jesus would have shown mass-murderers compassion. He might have argued for them to stay alive although in prison. You don’t sound very Christian.

                • Marky_D

                  Are you seriously saying Jesus would be on the side of the “human rights for mass murderers / death penalty for unborn babies” brigade?

                  No, sorry – if you think that is the moral high ground you are very wrong.

                  Your position on the death penalty is also immoral. Here, in the Uk there have been 150 cases of released murderers going on to kill again since the death penalty was abolished. An average of 3 per year. Of course the state is fallible and of course innocent men could be executed if we still had capital punishment – but even I don’t think the state is so inept as to execute 3 innocents a year. Effectively, the state murders 3 innocents per year through it’s inaction. Your position, if I am reading you right, is for more state murder of innocents (either in the womb, or on the streets) at the expense of saving a few lives of convicted killers.

                  Ps. I’m an atheist, you don’t have to be religious to be disgusted by the abortion industry.

            • It seems to me that they define what is murder and what isn’t, as it fits a particular agenda or narrative. Rather inconsistent of them.

          • “Maybe American taxpayers don’t want to pay…”

            You do realize that it costs the legal system more to herd a convict through the appeals process than it does to simply incarcerate them for life. Are you saying we should fast-track death row?

            Making executions illegal would be the ideal “pro-life” position. The easier you want to make it to execute people, and the more crimes you want to make capitol offenses, the more hypocritical your “pro-life” position becomes. And some of you Republicans are very hypocritical indeed. As best I can tell, many of you would do away with trials altogether, and just let cops shoot anyone they thought was guilty enough to warrant it.

            And hey, it would save a lot on legal fees, right?

            • andy alvarado

              Bryce Anderson, sometimes they forget this is a Constitutional Republic. Their way of thinking would fit in with the “let’s hang ’em and let God sort them out ” mentality of the Wild West.

      • The Monster

        Not quite. He thinks it’s OK to just leave it to slowly die of dehydration, malnutrition, and exposure. That isn’t actually “killing” the baby (although if someone does it to a baby no one’s trying to abort, it’s probably ruled a negligent act punishable as if it were a homicide).

        If it were a dog, PETA would insist they be humane and give it some drug to end the pain, then kill it to put it out of its misery.

        • deepindaheart

          Descriptions of partial birth abortions are on the internet.

          They are too heartbreaking for me to type.

          • The Monster

            In a partial-birth abortion, the baby isn’t already born and in another room. You, and the two people who “Liked” your comment, apparently didn’t read the comment to which I was replying, so that you could understand it in context.

      • And how is that not murder?

    • Rightstuff1

      And Rs – to coin a phrase from Debbie “blabber mouth” wasserman slutz – if you oppose partial birth abortion you are an extremist !!!

    • steprock

      THANK YOU! It’s so true! Why the heck does the father have no say? I was watching TV and they have the men say things like “Well, it’s your choice, of course. And I respect that.” As if they have zero emotional engagement or say in the matter.

      • Exactly how much say do I deserve in another human being’s decision on whether or not to undergo a long, painful, and risky medical procedure (a.k.a. “pregnancy”)?

        Think about what you’re asking for here when you ask for “a say”. The girl I knocked up doesn’t want to be a mother. She clearly hates the idea of raising a kid with me. She probably doesn’t want me in her life anymore, and probably thinks I’m a scumball.

        But I should have some sort of legal right to force her to carry my baby to term?

        Also, under what conditions does a man get “a say?” What investment do I need to make in a woman’s life to earn a say in her reproductive decisions? Do I have to be married to her? Living together? Goin’ steady? One night stand? Does a rapist get to choose whether his victim can terminate her pregnancy?

        • andy alvarado

          The man always gets a say cuz he would be the father. Where’s your sense of pride and responsibility?

  • bayway48

    Is DWA**hat channeling Baby Jane with the pig curls and failed make over? F- on the attempt. This look of forever Pollyanna just ain’t working Debs. You still look and sound like the TRUTHFUL liar that you are! Catch a boat and go play with Issac. He is your type.

  • Landscaper

    I didn’t know Cooper had it in him. Maybe even the MSM is steering clear of the mine field the Democtrats have laid out for R/R. About time.

    • Don’t be so sure. Just because one or two members of the MSM had a moment of clarity doesn’t mean the majority of the MSM is suddenly going to wake up and act like responsible journalists.

      • Is_Sense_Common

        Random acts of journalism do show up from time to time…

        • Ha! Rush is a good guy.

  • michael carpenter

    Hmm. Anderson Cooper rallying for credibility. Thats how I see it.

    • The NY Times is also striving for a modicum of credibility. It had a recent article on how Romney, who has supported possible abortion in cases of rape or incest, was joined by Ryan in that position.

      Ryan previously was more anti-abortion than he is now.

      But, before DWS continued her lie about Romney opposing abortion under any circumstances, the New York Times said a fact checker showed that the charge is false.

      You have to wonder if DWS actually believes her own lies or will say anything to support the Obama campaign. The last thing she would ever admit is the truth.

      • Mr. Ryan has to take the same stance as his future boss, unless he really doesn’t want to be Mr. Romney’s running mate. That’s how the political game is played. How Mr. Ryan really feels about abortion deep down inside is anybody’s guess.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    The Shirley Temple curls aren’t helping her to be honest…..she’s still lying!!!! Hooray for Anderson, keep hammering her on all the inconsistencies!!! I don’t guess liars every break that habit even when they have the opportunity to tell the truth.

    “Anderson. Anderson,” then she tells another lie!

    • Don’t worry. After the election cycle is concluded, DWS will be cashing in her ticket for her cruise aboard the Good Ship Lollipop.

  • Freempg

    Lyrics from Evil Woman by Electric Light Orchastra say it all:

    “You destroyed all the virtues that the lord gave you,
    It’s so good that you’re feeling pain.”

  • Spartan4Palin

    This is quite interesting how the media has ‘suddenly’ discovered their dishonesty? I don’t really expect it to last, though. I think it is a just a phase.

  • Murder is not a reproductive choice! These people have lost their freakin’ minds!

    • keyesforpres

      Thank you! Murdering one’s baby is NOT a reproductive choice. The reproduction already happened!

    • Very good analysis.

    • Calling a sack of fifty cells lodged in a woman’s uterus a “baby” is also an extreme position. Calling abortion “murder” is an extreme position. You can — and most people do — have a great deal of respect for fetuses, without granting it full personhood.

      And arguably, the claim *is* true, even if the supporting evidence used is fake. Here’s my reasoning: Romney supported a constitutional amendment granting personhood to fetuses. If a fetus is a person (as you suggest, and as Romney did support) then it’s hard to grant that abortion is okay under any circumstances. So he has — possibly without thinking about the full implications — at least once supported the idea of an abortion ban without any exceptions for rape, incest, etc.

      I’m inclined to believe that Romney’s official position (at the moment) is close to his actual position, and that his ideal would be to ban most abortions, but to preserve the stated exceptions. But Romney has held every possible position over the course of his political career, and he’s shown himself willing to say or do whatever he thinks will enamor the Tea Party to him. So while there’s no reason to paint him as an eager opponent of abortion rights, there’s no reason to suspect he wouldn’t throw those rights under the bus if he saw advantage in it. Though DWS was painfully stupid to defend the LA Times misquote, the overall tone of the email isn’t wrong: a Romney presidency would present a real danger to abortion rights.

  • opinionatedhermit

    Republicans write their platform, just as Republicans choose their Candidate.

    At least, that is the way it is supposed to work.

    But, when you are a Democrat, you take all your orders from the Central Planner. Or, better said, The “New and Improved” Marxist in charge. Who, everyone has to agree …. is never wrong.

    More to the point: The shear essence of her argument says more than her simple little head may realize ….

    • white531

      hermit, you got it. Kudos, my man!

  • proudhispanicconservative

    Wasserman to Anderson “The bottom line is that we desperately need money, and are trying to exploit this issue”. A question to liberal woman out there when are you guys going to finally get tired of being used as propaganda for a despicable party that only cares about staying in power?

    • It’d be an incredible day when women, blacks, elderly, students, hispanics, and the poor would wake up and realize the democrats have been using them from day 1. There’d be no one left in that camp to vote.

      • Rshill7

        You’re one of the good ones ABC.

        • You’re sweet mybear. C’mere! 😉

        • proudhispanicconservative

          Rshill sorry for my comment earlier I know you are one of the good ones.

          • Rshill7

            I didn’t get to see it before they removed it. Went to bed after wishing you a nice night I just now saw this post after seeing your other response to me just a little ways below. No worries friend.

            It bounced right off my fur. Grrr 🙂

        • andy alvarado

          I take it you’re white, Rshill?

      • proudhispanicconservative

        Hey I am a hispanic and he will not get my vote, please do not think that all hispanics think the same, and all blacks either.

        • Oh, believe me, I don’t! I have some hispanic friends who can’t stand democrats, and a couple of black family members who detest dear leader. Just as me being a woman, and an immigrant, think liberals are as anti woman as they come, and evil about it… and can not stand being referred to as anti immigrant 😉

        • Rshill7

          No true thinking person thinks that sir. Have a nice night.

          • proudhispanicconservative

            If you had an ounce of thought you would realize that you are defending the undefendable. Try to defend 5trillion dollars in debt, unemployment over 8% for 42 months, Credit downgrade. You have all night to defend it.

            • Rshill7

              I certainly didn’t expect this. I was being nice. I wasn’t defending anything. I was agreeing that no group, ethnic or otherwise is monolithic in their thinking. Some come fairly close though with regards to their voting habits. Did you “have a nice night”? I doubt it.

              One more example of “no good deed goes unpunished”. Sheesh. I think I’ll go out back and make some morning mud-pies….you know, for brunch.

          • proudhispanicconservative

            If you had an ounce of thought you would realize that you are defending the undefendable. Try to defend 5trillion dollars in debt, unemployment over 8% for 42 months, Credit downgrade. You have all night to defend it.

            • Goldni007

              You and ABC just wanna see teachers, policemen, firefighters and college students kicked out onto the streets!


              • lol- you caught us! darn!

              • proudhispanicconservative

                Typical liberal talking points….The government does not create wealth, (Get that in your small liberal mind)it is not the job of the government to take property from someone and giving it to someone else. firefighters, Policemen, are essential part of a civil society, and no one here is calling to have them fired.I have kids, and I will not stand by while your president spends money that we dont have and destroy their futures.

      • It would be a great day, wouldn’t it?

  • Anderson…..nice “backhand bitch slap” you got there.

  • freenca

    Has Anderson had a “come to Jesus moment” DWSchmaltz just keeps making the same lies for her party, while not listening to the other’s point of view, AT ALL! Women need to know that the Demoncrats are not WITH THEM, they do seem to wish to dictate to them, in ALL ways!! Republicans do wish that the value of LIFE itself, ALL LIFE-IS VALUED!!

    • Is_Sense_Common

      I think he’s been instructed to do whatever is necessary to get a couple of viewers. Even if it means, {gasp}, calling out the dimocrat liars.

      • freenca

        Very likely, Sense. Though salvaging ratings may be hard to achieve considering that his network seems to be “in the bag” for BO for 4+ years. They really don’t have much credibility left, IMHO!

  • serfer62

    Facts do NOT matter to the Kommiecrats…what is important isretaining their political

    That POS refused to accept fact but accepted distortaion as legitimate

    • FreeManWalking

      DWS distorted the quote in the times in an attempt to make it appear Romney is distorting his position, and bless Andersen’s little heart he point out her lies and she said it doesn’t matter…

      Clearly she is saying the ENDS justify the MEANS.

      • badbadlibs

        Lying is like a fun little walk in the park for the evil little woman, it has to be when she can talk about “reproductive rights” and never mention that babies are being murdered. Evil is fun for them…it’s a lifestyle dressed up in suits, dresses and curly blonde hair, but it’s pure evil all the same.

        • why did I just get a mental picture of a gold ring through a swine’s snout?

          • badbadlibs

            Ha…good one!

        • toongoon

          That is profound badbad. What do they care about reproduction when they set up drive though abortion mills to stop reproduction.

          Talk about having your cake and eating it too. I’ll call them hypocrites at the risk of being redundant.

  • texasgirl46

    “It doesn’t matter”……what a stupid woman….

    And….my head is exploding right now…

  • You Lie! Gee….that applies to many in the DNC!

  • BikerHoop

    DWS, you say that Romney’s position is ludicrous and extreme, however it’s okay for you to intentionally misquote a major newspaper and use the quote as a lie to ‘support’ your argument. I submit that YOU are ludicrous and extreme!

  • carmital

    Liberals lie! ! !

  • Here Comes Debbie Boo Boo

  • She is a liar just like all the other people in the community organizers administration.

  • rjcylon

    Very good, but I highly doubt the L.A. Times minds being misquoted if it HELPS Obama.

  • Well done Anderson Cooper. More “journalists” need to do their jobs!! DWS you just got pawned!

    • proudhispanicconservative

      I give him credit for calling her out, but as a journalist he allowed her to filibuster him.

  • This “woman” has all the intellect of a constipated maggot. Kudos to Cooper. He did a great job in exposing the lies of this DNC propaganda mouthpiece from hell.

  • epigone

    Wow, has DWS been watching Honey Boo Boo Child?!? Think she might win the grand supreme title!

  • Goldni007

    Could you imagine going on a date with this woman? …and letting San Fran Nan tag along?

    • OY VEY!

    • toongoon

      Ugh. There goes dinner!

    • Rshill7

      No. Three’s a crowd. And stop being such a stranger dagnabbit. You’ve a storied past of very nice posts. Don’t hold back friend. Let ‘er rip 🙂

      • Goldni007

        I know it buddy. I wish Scoop would add a mobile version to the site. It’d make it a lot easier for me. I’m on the go so much, I mostly use my Galaxy S3. I wish some of you guys were on Google Plus. We’ve got a tight Conservative group over there. And the mobile UI is slick and easy.

        • Did you notice how she kept saying, “Anderson, Anderson”, as if he was straying of MSM narrative?

        • You don’t worry about posting to Google? I heard they are very tightly plugged into the Obama machine.

      • lol, the storied past I will always remember is when Goldni007 found out I was a girl! 😉 I don’t think he’s forgiven me for that yet.

    • Goldni007….thanks for just emptying my stomach for me…

  • toongoon

    Defiant little liar isn’t she?

  • Gregory Derrickson

    Woah! What happened to her hair?

  • She is so dumb and deceptive that even gay lib AC360 can’t ignore her lies.

  • toongoon

    She changed her hair just to make it even harder to watch her.

    • She is obnoxiously dumb and deceptive. It is like truth doesnt have any effects on her dead brain cells.

      • Maybe it’s the Ogilve and the chemicals used to get her hair that curly?!

  • KenInMontana

    It seems someone at CNN looked at the ratings and put 2 and 2 together, money is a powerful motivator and it would explain CNN’s faltering and feeble efforts (at least someone is making an effort) at steering back at least to center. Either that or the head of CNN got a midnight visit from the ghost of Edward R. Murrow.

    • It was Murrow.

      They could tell from all the cigarette butts he left behind.

  • Gee. I can almost respect Cooper for this. As for wassername, I can’t stand her voice. Hey goldielocks, you can bat your eyes as much as you want, but it doesn’t work. You’re a disgrace to women.
    Mittens is extreme? That’s a laugh.

    • The Democrats = Dumb Peoples

      • Simply said and straight to the point as usual Winston 😉

        • Rshill7

          Are you sure you didn’t graduate from the International School Of Diplomacy?

          • ROFL! You ought to hear me at home getting between my guys when they go at each other. I’d make an excellent hockey ref…. except I don’t like being on skates anymore… it hurts too much when I fall down 😉

    • tshtsh

      Batting her eyes is the equivalent of her nose growing. It would be great if they had a month of Jim Carrey’s “Liar” experience. As it is, I’d settle for the buzz that I imagine every time a leftist lies to be real.

    • And here I thought I was the only one who wanted to hurl when she’s on tv…..

    • Disgrace to women? Curious that you’d go there. Why not “disgrace to the human race?” Why not “disgrace to elected officials?” Why not “disgrace to white people?”

      And, say that she’d been black instead. Would you have gone with “disgrace to women,” “disgrace to black people,” or “disgrace to black women?”

      You clearly despise her. That’s fine. I think her performance was pretty despicable myself. But it’s very interesting that when you decided to attack her, you chose to attack her womanhood. “Goldilocks.” “Bat your eyes.” “Disgrace to women.” “I can’t stand her voice.”

      What’s that about? Seriously.

      And I would argue that Mittens *is* extreme, but by the time I did, he’ll have already changed positions three more times.

      • I see her as a disgrace to women, and I’d still see her that way no matter what race she was. She’s a liar for one, supports “choice” only when it comes to murdering babies and she’s a fool.

        As for the goldielocks crack, every time I see her, she’s done something different with her hair. Sorry, but women notice these kinds of things. And batting her eyelashes, she does that a lot when she’s lying. That’s why I said it wouldn’t work.

        She’s disgraceful- she has no grace. Can I be more clear?

  • Is_Sense_Common

    There are so many things wrong with this situation – I don’t even know where to begin. Ugh. Dear Lord in heaven, please know that these people do not represent me in any way shape or form.

  • MaxineCA

    I guess DWS decided she needed the Shirley Temple look as she tap dances around direct questions. Sorry, we still don’t believe a word that comes out of your mouth! But then again, O’s cronies having been living on the “Barack’s good ship lollipop” at our expense so maybe the new look is appropriate.

    No offense to Shirley Temple!

  • LivingRedInABlueState

    The bottom line of her email is that, like all Democrat Party operatives, she thinks Obama supporters are stupid enough to fall for her lies.

    • toongoon

      Pssst……………..they are.

  • opinionatedhermit

    Not to be crude but, if Debbie were a Republican there is a very good chance she would be in the running as the whitest woman in America.

    And, please. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like that’s a bad thing or anything…..

    (edit: that last line is supposed to be a bad Jerry Seinfeld knock off….)

  • “Anderson, the bottom line is I ran this by Dan Rather and I can assure you Mr. Rather confirmed everything in my fundraising letter was fake but accurate… Anderson … Anderson … I understand what you’re saying but bottom line, fake but accurate, and I stick by that in the letter.”

    • ConnieConservative

      Well said Maggie, ” fake but accurate”.
      The end justifies the means in lib land. She kept saying it didn’t matter.
      We are dealing with great evil here. Lies don’t matter to them, as long
      they can smear us. We must vote out these lib/ progressive/ democrats.
      R&R 2012

      • Yes. Obama and his Obamunists are Marxists who live by the saying “By any means necessary.” Obama learned that from his commie mommy and his commie granny and grandpa. “Uncle” Frank Davis instructed Barry in the ruthless ways of the Red. The Manchurian President will say and do anything to remain in the Red House.

  • How is an abortion a “reproductive choice”? Talk about putting the wagon before the horse! A choice should be made by a woman who isn’t ready for children to not take part in sex in the first place. Why are people so ignorant?

  • badbadlibs

    “We can say it”….because we are liars.

  • Don

    Not only does Obama want a woman to be able to kill her baby at anytime during the birth of her child, but he wants the taxpayers to be forced to pay for it whether they approve of it or not. Maybe Obama should put limits on the number of abortions a woman should be able to have. For example, maybe women should be able to kill only 3 of her babies during birth…. set a limit. If a single mother has 6 babies out of wedlock, should we have a limit on how many babies the taxpayer must pay for before she reaches her limit of illegitimate babies the taxpayer must support until adult age. Come on Lil Debbie, we know you are a lying moron lying to other lying morons, but the majority of Americans are not THAT stupid.

    • How about if we reform the welfare rules so that the more out-of-wedlock children a woman has, the less taxpayer money she gets? That would be an excellent form of birth control!

  • You’re arguing with the fox in the hen house. You can argue all you want, she’s going to eat the chickens.

    • Not if you take care of foxes like we used to, old shot gun used to end a lot of chicken thieving where I am from. As Glen Beck once said, it’s time for pitch forks and torches.

  • The Truth!

    You cannot handle the truth!

    (Well, if you support Obama)

  • Robbins Mitchell

    Geez..she still combs her hair with pork chop

    • Bwwaahhhaaaa! I literally LOL’d!

  • Guest1776rcp

    Too bad AC probably only has a handful of viewers and this won’t be seen by many.

    • For a minute there I thought you were referring to AntiChrist. sorry… carry on.

      • p m

        Now THAT was very naughty, AbiC….LOL!

    • Hey–I don’t watch AC and I saw it on-line. I hope it goes viral.

  • oneeyedbob2007

    Dubie Whatzhername Shltz… Wasnt she in “Lying Liars & the Lying Lies the Lying Liars Lied?”

    • I think she was in part 2. Nancy stretch pelosi was in part 1.

      • badbadlibs

        Funny! 🙂

  • Valerie McClintock

    Wasserman, Don’t ever call another person disingenuous when you are a despicable liar yourself. You can’t be honest about anything. You are an embarrassment to women. If you think you can win women over by causing us to be misinformed, you are not doing anyone a service. You are causing yourself less credibility every time you lie to the American public to push your own agenda. It hurts your cause, it hurts your party, and it hurts and is insulting to women to be represented by a deceptive sneak. That you would think we would support dishonest tactics is belittling to women.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    To all my fellow scoopers from florida, we have to defeat this lying, corrupt, (Obama Drone) out office, she is lucky she is not in my district here in florida, but we have a good candidate here and her name is Karen Harrington she has been endorsed by Mark Levin, Sarah Palin, and Rush, and we can all help with a little bit of money please help us floridians to get rid of this poison.

    • Hey proudhispanicfriend! I’m in Florida too! I can’t vote, but I do my best to get behind the good ones! 😀

      • proudhispanicconservative

        Thanks ABC I will do my best here with the little I got

  • puma_for_life

    She looks like Goldilocks tonight.

    • p m

      So, Rshill, time for one of your bear hugs – the strong ones…it would be breathtaking.

    • tshtsh

      More like the Bad Seed.

  • So what is important to the liberals is they win at all cost and the truth be damned in the meantime.

  • 911Infidel

    Gaud that woman is ugly. She’s a bug-eyed hose-bag for the chain of fools that is the ratfink party. She hasn’t the intellectual accumen to admit that she’s a lying sack of doggie-poo. Nice going there AC. Trying to raise up those sagging ratings at the Commie News Network eh? Well one way to do that is to actually tell the truth. And go wash your hair lil Debbie…then get a new face.

    • proudhispanicconservative


  • justplainbob

    How can she live with herself ? And Anderson Cooper ? A little bit of fair and balanced ?

  • I’m starting to come around and support limited abortions–but only if the child is over 18 years old and it depends on their first political voting record.

  • Notice how CNN changes the quote! At 1:45 they depict the quote as saying WERE, then at 7:45 they play a switcheroo and depict the quote as saying WAS, which totally changes the meaning of the quote. Shame on you, CNN. The Dems probably took it somewhat out of context, but the Romney campaign is making things up out of whole cloth. In his latest Mediscare ad, Romney quotes the CBO as saying that “Obama is raiding $716 billion from Medicare.” They even give the date 7.24.12. But then you actually go to CBO and see what they wrote that day, and it’s a letter to Boehner warning him that repealing Obamacare would make the deficit worse. On Medicare, this what CBO actually wrote, “The Affordable Care Act also includes a number of other provisions related to health care that are estimated to reduce net federal outlays (primarily for Medicare). By repealing those provisions, H.R. 6079 would increase other direct spending in the next decade by an estimated $711 billion.” Obamacare will “REDUCE NET FEDERAL OUTLAYS (PRIMARILY FOR MEDICARE).” Read it and weep you rotten lying good-for-nothing satanic Republicans!

    • proudhispanicconservative

      Are you on welfare?

    • Please return to the bowels of Democrat Underground. They need you there to shovel more lefturd manure.

    • MaxineCA

      I think you have stumbled into the wrong neighborhood. To the best of my knowledge, no one here is satanic. Be respectable, stay on topic and follow the rules please. Otherwise, don’t waste your time here.

      Thank you.

    • toongoon

      Oh Lord I’m gonna love it when obamaTAX is repealed.

    • Of course he’s on some kind of entitlement….he’s Latin!

      • Not all Latino’s are, but this one obviously is.

      • williamm

        That’s inappropriate and racist. Talk like that may be fine on on a liberal blog, but not here.

      • Cum Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc

    • nibblesyble

      Sigh take it someplace else…perhaps the Huffington Post?

    • keyesforpres

      Yo HERNiAnDUH…did you know the dems exempted themselves and their families from Obamacare? Did you know they have exempted around 1500 groups from Obamacare…folks that donated to him? Did you know that muslims and illegals are exempt? Bet you knew that!

      Hey Hernia, did you know that around 2200 hospitals are going to get fined if they re-admit a patient within 30 days? You know, say you had surgery and you get home and have complications…well, they will face a fine if they re-admit you within 30 days. Death or a fine.

      Hey Hernia, did you know that hospitals can’t expand without the gov’t’s permission? Did you know that doctors will not be allowed to build and open hospitals? Did you know that between 25 to 40 hospitals were in the planning stages and were canceled because of that? Think you’ll have better care now?

      Did you know that you have to buy insurance or face a fine? Well, not if you are illegal, muslim, in unions, etc.

      • proudhispanicconservative

        everyone here should copy and paste your comment, and spread it around all the liberal sites..Excellent my friend thanks ……

        • keyesforpres

          Feel free to copy it! 🙂

          • Keyes, are you by any chance on facebook?

            • keyesforpres

              I got off it last December when I became a victim of the litigation jihad. A muslim raped a gal and it was in the paper and I posted about rape being sanctioned in the koran and some other things and next thing I know his lawyer got my email address from the paper (my email carrier said they think the paper just turned it over to his lawyer). I called one lawyer to see if he could help me and he said he couldn’t because he’d helped the guy in the past and I said if this guy finds out who I am I’d be dead within a month and he said, “I know.”!!!!!

              • Oh good grief! Has anything happened since then? Did you get it cleared up?! 🙁 That’s too bad! I wish you were still on it, but I can understand why you’re not. That’s pitiful!!

                • keyesforpres

                  I filed a motion to quash. Cost a pretty penny. That is what they are going fees for folks that dare to speak the truth about islam.

      • badbadlibs

        The more I learn about obamascare the more justice john coward roberts becomes a villian in my view.
        Thanks for trying to educate the brain dead that wander in here from time to time.

      • Remember the Party is exempt from a lot of things. I’m just waiting for Obama to start changing the names of the different executive offices to Mini Love, Mini True, etc. We all ready have doublespeak. White is Black, Black is white. But only on Tuesdays. There has been so much garbage spilled from Obama’s campaign it’s despicable. There have been lies coming from several of his campaign coordinators. We just watched one. (Two if you count Shultz). Just a week ago, the lies were exposed yet again about the ad showing a man accusing Romney of causing his wife to die of cancer.

        I watched the report of where they are saying Romney will win by several electoral votes. There have been some bad Presidents in my time. Because of his moral depravity, I thought we had seen the worst when Clinton was in office. I never thought one man could bring such disgusting actions to that sacred office than Clinton, but Obama has surpassed Clinton. I can say much about Clinton’s morals, but I can say at least Clinton didn’t apologize to any foreign diplomat he could talk to.

        I’m hoping in November, America tells Obama, and for the matter all candidates, there is nothing wrong with being passionate about where you stand, but we will not stand for a liar. I’m hoping this next election will also finally put to rest that this country is not a socialist nation, but the land of the free, home of the brave.

    • toongoon

      You must have finally watched the video, you edited out the part where Republicans are stinking liars. Your Democrats make any lying Republican look like an angel.

    • Ok, I’ll bite…… you said “The ACA also includes a number of other provisions related to health care that are estimated to reduce net federal outlays (primarily for Medicare)”…..
      Do you know how that is going to happen? Two examples: One–hospitals who readmit Medicare patients within 30 days of their last hospitalization will lose Medicare funding for the readmittance. (Result: Hospitals will now be denying readmittance to patients, resulting in greater likelihood of death for those patients). Two–the panel of 15 bureaucrats who will decide who gets what treatment. (I am sure that when you get old you will care very much that the panel of 15 won’t authorize you to be treated for a life-threatening illness and that you will die sooner than you should). But the result will be the same…..culling out of the elderly and a *savings* to Medicare. I do not understand how anyone with a heart could write and vote for such legislation. Wait a minute….the Dems had control of the presidency, the house and the senate at the time, didn’t they?

    • Off topic.

    • puma_for_life

      I don’t think you get it; it will reduce Medicare spending, but the money they are ‘saving’ there is going to be spent somewhere else, so there are no savings.

  • i like anderson. he does hit both sides hard. he could be the one reporter on CNN or any of the networks that actually calls BS on either side when he see’s it.

  • “Lies are okay, if they work to our ends” Pretty much what she argued. I think there was a good point on one of Rush’s shows this week, when he said that the Democrat party is now going to have to defend abortion…….I say, let this go on because they are digging a nice hole for themselves- before they realize it, they will be defending infanticide and most people aren’t for it.

  • keninil

    This argument that the whole platform belongs to the candidate will soon comeback and bite her/Obama in the butt.

  • odin147

    Will American women buy this ?, they are being propagandized, hope they see it before Nov 5.

    • I wonder that myself daily as I hear and see dear leader’s stupid ad about mittens being anti women because women’s real issues are free birth control and abortions. I am SO sick of that ad.

  • She and the Democratic liberals continue to lie their way through this campaign. Talk about spinning the truth, Kudos to Mr. Cooper for getting double-talking DWS real colors out to the public

  • This is unethical and a downright lie directly to the face of the public. Will they stoop any lower to win votes. Oh by the way, who is running this country now that the absentee President is campaigning for the last 6 months?

    • keyesforpres

      We would be much better off if he’d been absentee the entire past four years!

    • KenInMontana

      Will they stoop any lower to win votes

      In short, yes. They are just getting warmed up.

    • p m

      Valerie Jarrett, just like since day one.

    • You act as though this was unexpected from the current DNC and El Presidente’s crowd.

  • white531

    Good evening. Always a pleasure to be here. I love this site and the people who inhabit it. I have watched the video and read the comments. I applaud CNN and Anderson Cooper for going after Whatssername for distorting reality, something she is paid to do. I disagree that Anderson Cooper won the argument or controlled the segment. While it was refreshing to see him go after her, she stayed on topic and even when presented with the facts, kept coming back with the same mantra. This is what she and others like her are trained to do. The segment was closed with her having the final word.

    I was good in debate classes. I usually won. Because I became a student of the tactics necessary to win. Wasserman won, because she did two things. One, she never answered a single question put to her. Two, she stayed on topic and delivered her message. The closing comment was hers. You never, ever, want your opponent to have the last word. Like it or not, they needed a snake, a viper.
    In Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, they got what they wanted. A person who could stand in the middle of a hurricane and say it’s not raining.

    • proudhispanicconservative

      I am not sure what is your point, is it that you agree with Wasserman, that you think she looked good doing it, that she is a fighter??? what is your point?
      Let me tell you what I got out of that interview she looked like the lyng crook that she is, talking over someone does not mean that you win the argument it just means you dont have a leg to stand on, and all she was doing was trying to distract and in my opinion it did not work, and she did not win the argument.

      • white531

        proudhispanicconservative, you must know me by now. When do I stop being new here and become one of you? My point is, she didn’t give any ground. She gave up nothing. Even though she was attacked, she gave up nothing. Absolutely nothing. She stayed on topic and refused to admit that she or the DNC had done anything wrong. Cooper made a good fight, but she shut him down, by ignoring his questions and staying on topic. This is the perfect example of what the Liberals do, day in and day out. If you are going to claim this as a victory, then it was a victory for Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Not Anderson Cooper. Learn the tactics of your enemies.

        Proudhispanic, I love your comments here. I am glad you are one of us. This is a fight we win together or lose together. Whatever the final outcome, I hope we strive toward it with all the intelligence we can muster, because it will surely be needed, if we are able to save what is left of this once great country.

        • proudhispanicconservative

          One of my comments were directed to “Enrique Hernandez” and by mistake it looked like I was talking to you I apologize.

          • white531

            No need. I’m glad you’re here.

  • golfmax13

    Good cryin’ out loud – did I just see that? It was a joke right? Cooper and Blitzer are my new hero’s – well temporarily anyway. She was in the cross-hairs and he had her dead to rights. She did get her talking point verbalized though – she said it to answer ALL of his questions.

  • SurfinCowboy

    I wonder – does the Democratic Party platform call for support of same-sex marriage? If not then Mr. POTUS is not following his own party platform either.

    DWS is such a joke. I am glad people can see what a mess she is.

  • Defending the indefensible … Debbi Wasserman-Schulz aka Baghdad Bob strikes again.

  • white531

    One thing I forgot to add. You and I see through it. But does Brain-Dead America see through it? Don’t bet your life’s savings on it.

  • howie86

    @white531: I thought the exact same thing. She effectively stuck to her lame talking points, just repeating them, without shame or hesitation. Anderson looked weak, and in the end, I wondered…did he have her on just so she could repeatedly eviscerate Romney? It works out; look like the fair-minded journalist while bludgeoning your political foe.

    • white531

      It is a distinct possibility. When is the last time one of their’s came over to our side? Anything is possible in this political climate. Let us not forget they are the enemy.

  • keyesforpres

    I thought Shirley Temple was a Republican?

    • nibblesyble


    • She is a Republican….

      • keyesforpres

        Look at What’s her names hair….

  • RocklinConservative

    Mitt Romney’s disingenuous??? Sounds like DWS is the one who is disingenuous by putting lies in her email.

    What Sununu said! … She LIES!! L.I.E.S.

  • I think they need to mine the democratic party platform and say that every single bit of it is directly attributable to Obama … Just saying.

  • nibblesyble

    hmmm me thinks Cooper is trying out for a job on Fox..perhaps to take over for Shep..I would tolerate Coop over Shep I think.

  • Scoop I tried…I really tried, but I could not take almost 10 minutes of Debbie Blabber-Mouth Schultz. I’ll take your word the Anderson laid the smack down.

  • Good job by Cooper to be firm yet polite.

  • Marky_D

    ”Mitt Romney has embraced an extreme position”…

    I never understand this mentality. Let’s say MR has embraced no abortion even in cases of rape/incest, for the sake of argument – let’s assume he has. So his position is extreme because he supports legislation that results in what? 50, 100 cases of very much unwanted pregnancies going full term per year? That’s an extreme position…

    Meanwhile, the position that says that abortion should be a total free for all, no questions asked, murder away – it’s your womb… (in the UK we murder 200k unborn babies a year – the majority female of course – I dread to think what your figures are like), well, that position is just fine and dandy and oh so women’s choice.

    What could be less extreme that cheerleading for an industry that recreates the jewish holocaust but on unborn victims every few years?

    • Clapping over here Marky. Excellently said.

    • Amen ….. my answer to the whole “pro choice” question has always been this “the person who’s life is at stake has no choice”

  • Is she wearing a wig? what the hell is that on top of her head?

    • nibblesyble

      LOL! I nearly choked on my tea when I read that!

    • BrokenGlasses01

      Shirley Temple syndrome.
      Geeez. Deb. 🙁

    • KenInMontana

      She skinned the family poodle for it.

      • nibblesyble

        Man this is the funniest thread yet..poodle…love it!

    • It’s her pet puli. She likes to keep it close.

      Okay, I ain’t no cover model, either. I denounce myself.

  • BrokenGlasses01

    Lying without a conscious. “it doesn’t matter” ?? Who are they trying to dupe?
    Interesting fact. If you Google J. Edgar Hoover aug 1950 interview, he describes communism in detail. Mainly…..the behavior. It seems like we are looking square at his descriptions with the BO campaign and surrogates. It was actually a horrifying reality.

  • badbadlibs

    Why doesn’t anyone talk about the fact that the Mormon religion does allow abortion for incest and rape? That is what Romney is reflecting.
    And listening to hear was like listening to complete evil.

  • THAT LITTLE TWIRP. aNDERSIN cOOPER needs to see reality. He acts crazy lately

  • DWS is the GOP’s dream spokesperson for the DNC — a physically repugnant and fingernails-on-the-chalkboard grating troll whose blatant lies can be sniffed out by even the dumbest voter. Go, Debbie, go!!!

  • If I weren’t Jewish, that woman could turn me into an anti-Semite.

  • I want one person to go on all the networks just once and say that Obama wants to allow the murder of born alive babies for HIS parties platform on abortion. That is the extreme one. I am pretty sure that most women that believe in abortion would find that extremely vulgar and extreme to no end.

  • Roy_Mustang2

    Wow. You can cut the sexual tension with a knife. Anderson and DWS should just get a room so that they can make hot gay/lesbian/hetero/human-chihuahua love to each other.

  • Terry_Jim

    How to watch Democrat Chairman/woman :
    1)Obtain fork.
    2)Hold fork vertically, with tines in front of one eye.
    3)Close other eye, picture them behind bars.
    4) Give their views the weight you would any convicted con man and perjurer.

  • o2bnaz

    Unfortunately it won’t change the opinion of any of CNN’s six viewers

  • Ispythegov

    Wow that was rather like a breath of fresh air, and I would like to tell Anderson Cooper thank you, as keeping them honest is all we ask.

  • s_c_f

    She and Pelosi are the worst of American women. I’d throw Boxer into that mix as well.

  • AnotherBrunette

    Just when CNN was proving itself a credible watch-dog source, the audio and visual at 4:58 disproves the idea. While the DNC chair states that Romney is disingenuous, the stock footage of Romney shows him waving in front of sign that states: “For a Stronger Middle Class,” calling to mind the Romney’s biggest gaffes in his domestic campaign. That juxtaposition just cannot be a coincidence. Oh CNN, you did for just a minute seem reliable and unbiased. Too bad.

  • Is DWS auditioning for Goldilocks at a local community theater?

  • M

    At the end of the long argument, Cooper surrendered and She bitch won. Nobody in the msm. Nobody at all, called Obama’s Deputy Campaign director, Stephanie Cutter, on her lies about the Joe Soptic ad. They obviously committed a crime by co-ordinating with a PAC. She obviously lied when she said she didn’t know the story even after Soptic told her directly and she acknowledged it on tape. Nothing will be done about it because this regime is a criminal, gangster regime headed by a Chicago thug and gangster named Barack Obama. It’s all getting very Soviet, isn’t it comrades!

  • Every time she says “Anderson”, he should say “Debbie”.

  • bjohnson55

    Every time she is on TV she confirms the fact beyond a shadow of doubt that snakes do speak with forked tongues.

  • Shorter DWS: “I doesn’t matter that I lied”.

  • If you’re a leftie and you’ve lost Anderson Cooper… you should have stopped a looooooooong time ago.

  • Guys, you have to get the chutzpah here. She is smiling and laughing while being called out on national news program for her lies.

    It takes a sincerely warped individual to realize that their lies are being uncovered before them and remain calm and enjoy the experience.

    There is a word for people like that. Intelligent people call them “Sociopaths.”

    • opinionatedhermit

      You nail it.

  • For the love of God….will someone PLEASE get this woman a mirror!! What in the name of Vidal Sassoon is on her head? Did that perm cause brain damage…check the chemicals DWS!! Gee if you need a poodle or would like one DWS has one for sale!! I truly believe this woman has an alter ego or just is permanently on a lunch break! Credit Anderson for dogging her (no pund intended!). CNN is just not fun for the uglymister anymore! DWS once in your life…know what the heck you are talking about!

  • SaraPFan

    I can not believe Anderson Cooper actually did his research beforehand and brought it up to DWS. Usually Dems can go on these networks and spew their talking points unchallenged. He’s really toughen his spine in a lot of ways lately. Thanks Cooper.

  • SamWah

    This sounds like a firing offense!

  • Laka

    Even CNN can see through it; Even Anderson Cooper won’t buy it. Debbie Whatshername Schmuck is an F*ing disaster. The only people who will buy her tripe are the dessicated dips**ts who are already voting her way. She thinks women are so stupid and flighty to buy her BS, if she was a man, she would never get a job in an office environment.

  • richard40

    First Wolf Blitzer, then Newsweek, and now Anderson Cooper. I wonder if the MSM pro Obama cabal is beginning to crack, and some of them have decided to become real reporters again, and finally start challenging some of the dem spinners more obvious lies.

    • LouAnnWatson

      All of the fence sitters have a choice to make…support the Obama deception going forward knowing the bus will eventually run you over or salvage what little credibility you have left to help propel your career post Obama. I think they have finally realized they are just pawns, while Obama is the king which must be defended at all costs.

  • p m

    Can’t stand this despicable witch, but did watch it to the end. She had the last word, not good.

    Best things about this video are the hysterically funny comments.
    Thanks, y’all.

  • Dracoprimus

    of course it doesn’t matter at ALL what actual words she says/writes, it’s the meaning behind them that matters.
    And it doesn’t matter if a Republican never actually says a certain thing, the left, with their psychic powers know what he really means.

  • I don’t think Debbie was even aware that she just got “cut to shreds”. She’s a phoney personified.

  • Susanna958

    What about a woman’s right to be told the truth?

    • toongoon

      Well sure. As long as it’s THEIR truth.

  • chronovisor

    that woman is HIDEOUS! why don’t these deathstalkers EVER consider their OWN parents could of aborted them???

    • Laka

      You know, you just made the best argument I ever heard.

  • Democrats dislike the inept Schultz and think she hurts their party in a similar way that Republicans think Akin reflects on them. Most Dems would not be sorry to see her go. Anderson is just helping the party by making her look stupid. Think about it – do we on the right really want Schultz to leave? Nope! But you can bet Cooper and many on the democrat side worried about a close election understand Schultz hurts them more than she helps them.

    • hbnolikeee

      What you suggest doesn’t make sense. For the dumbocrats to get ride of that shrew at this time will not do their sleazy image any good. Plus she is repeating the same talking points as the rest of them and Cooper slamming her on those specific points is good for the GOP.

  • deepindaheart

    I’m glad somebody called Debbie on her lies… just surprised it was Anderson!

  • She sounds like a broken record repeating herself over and over and over again,,,,,and she really needs to have her hearing checked because she refuses to even hear the question,,,,,she just repeats her lines over, and over and over and over,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,can’t somebody shut her up!!!!! Grrrrr!!!

  • Coralchristie

    WS is a blatant liar and the more she’s confronted, the harder she digs her heels in. The woman embraces evil at every turn.

  • poljunkie

    Good for you Anderson!

    What a shock.

  • Is this Wasserman Shultz so much of an idiot that she will spew these lies even when she is challenged by Anderson Cooper. Cooper has so much proof and she argues like a bimbo…so typical of liberals…just beat down the opposition when you cannot support your position. Anderson Cooper keep it up! Wasserman Shultz is a big fat liar.

  • toongoon

    I love Dumbo Whatshername? Shultz posts. The comments never stop. 😀

  • Happy vomit, Anderson!

  • Jerry Baustian

    Debbie is not a very good liar. Some liars are good at it, and their lies make them look competent or talented. DWS just sounds stupid when she repeats lies that have already been debunked.

  • sjmom

    She has the chutzpah to call someone else disingenuous????????????? Someone should turn off her microphone because she does not know when to zip the lip!

  • fanciladi

    This interview is why I can’t bear to watch and hear Wasserman Shultz’s comments. She is not truthful and will deny that she is untruthful. She’s like a little machine chugging along with her spin.

    Very good interview by Anderson Cooper as he kept trying to keep her feet to the fire.

  • stevenbiot

    Thata boy, Cooper.

  • I would have loved to have heard this…..but, it was so chopped up, you couldn’t understand a word.

  • trouble06

    Just wondering if anyone else is having trouble viewing this? At the 2: 07 mark the video goes to crap. Wonder if Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz had it tinkered with?

  • LIAR….! The truth will out..!

  • I would love to have heard this entire video but, it was so chopped, you couldn’t understand one sentence. Very disappointed.

  • stevenbiot

    Anderson realizes that this administration is finished. It is no longer cool to be a liberal. His ratings may go up as he becomes more objective.

  • ameryx

    So, if I followed the argument correctly, DWS asserts that the proof that the Romney campaign directed the language of the platform lies in the lack of any input from the Romney team in the wording of the abortion plank. That is truly startling. It is like concluding that a suspect’s denial of guilt is proof of guilt, because guilty people don’t confess

  • karend1234

    The bottom line is she is a bold faced liar, and she does not matter,, Karen Harrington running against her should wipe her up in the elections,, I pray Karen Harrington wins the battle, always tells the truth and never never has to lie like wasserwho..

  • 3arnhardt

    Mr. Cooper. I do not watch your show or your network. That being said. What you did here will contribute to your show and your network. Please continue the effort towards honesty. It will serve you and your viewers well, while increasing your credibility and ratings.

  • I can’t believe CNN is being impartial, sort of!!

  • dupreelover

    The Democratic Party is the Anti Women Party, President Bill Clinton, Was accused of raping a woman when is was Governor of Arkansas, also Monico Lewinsky, How about anthony Weiner, Phone Gate Exposing Himself, Teddy Kennedy, Mary Joe Kopeknie The Democratic Party is far from the Party of Women And to top it all off, President Clinton will give the Keynote address at the DNC Convention Hippocracy with out a doubt

  • She is such a liar. .. but .. since they have nothing to run on.. expect more of it.

  • bottom line is the dems are running scared they know they are gonna lose big in November …as a Floridian I wish I could vote against DWS but iam not in her district but ColWest Ret. now Congressman West verbally fights with her in So Fla all the time she distorts his words as well.

  • She is one of the biggest frauds in the US.

  • red47

    She is abysmally, annoyingly dishonest.

  • This coming from an Anderson Cooper segment??? Wow….I’m shocked. And boy, did he stick it to Wasserman Shultz or what?!?! Cooper must have had a moment or “moral clarity” to lay into her like that. W.S. didn’t have anywhere to go with his constant barrage of the point at hand. I’m sure Ovomit will see this….do you think he’ll revoke Coopers Libtard Club card???


    DWD is our very own BAGDAD BOB.
    That is the ticket!

    Reince said that on Hannity, and I was looking in my memory of who Debbie reminded me of.

    The guy who kept lying, as the bombs eploded outside, and things happened on live TV monitor that made him look like a DUFUS.

    JUST like the lib-turds we see on all the liberal sites and trolling here sometimes.

    Dope snd Chains 1912 (yes 1912)

  • WOW Thank you Anderson Cooper …..BUT DWS just doesn’t get it…she and others are SO FOCUSED on their lies and hate-speak!!!! I will say at least DWS’s hair looked decent this time around. She does believe what she says…and this DNC will be hiliarious because there won’t be an ounce of truth with all the women spewing lies and disgusting hate!!!! It is such a shame….
    So many issues int he world and this is what they want to focus on…
    We’re all in for horrendous times IF THE COUNTRY ELECTS OBAMA AGAIN!!!!

  • This woman is reprehensible. But Anderson Cooper was far too kind. I didn’t hear her get demolished. I heard her lie through her teeth. an announcer with b—s would have turned her into shredded wheat. Wait and see what happens if a Republican winds up in the same scenario.

  • This is the first time I have actually heard blabber mouth speaking..and wow, does she have some sort of mental defect? the woman can’t speak?

  • Tess Pope

    She totally schools him!! He is actually misreading the LA Times quote. Good for her!

    • badbadlibs

      Liar. What is it about you liberal idiots that you think lying thru your yellow pointed teeth is a virtue?

    • mishong

      Way to turn the truth upside down. She was the one who misquoted, not him

    • badbadlibs

      Don’t tell me, you’re all for a mother being able to butcher her baby….how do you live with yourself or even get out of bed….you people are pure evil.

  • brendawatkins

    So I lied.. it doesn’t matter.. it doesn’t matter.. it doesn’t matter. And then she talks over the host.. CONSTANTLY.. so we can’t hear the TRUTH. Lying is NOT a virtue, Debbie.

  • Say it with me Cooper: “Debbie, you’re a goddamn liar, now go away.”

  • Great job Anderson, do it to Obama now. BTW, chosing life is not extreme Anderson, why not ask if practically infanticide is extreme as Obama has voted for??

  • drjrose

    Any fair minded person watching this pathological liar will realize that she needs to be voted out of office. I do not live in Florida so I cannot vote for her opponent, Karen Harrington. I can, however, go to and donate to the fight against Debbie.

  • Bridgett

    WOW, I agree with Anderson Cooper??? Why does Debbie Wasserman Schultz like to lie so much?

    • badbadlibs

      Is that a trick question? 😉

    • how does she explain to her 3 children the difference betweeen telling the truth when she is setting such a poor example for them?

  • She kind of lied, didn’t she? She said that Mitt Romney believes one thing, but Mitt Romney doesn’t believe that. Isn’t that, um… a lie?

    Also, it’s interesting that what the DNC Chair is talking about is abortion, not economics.

    • Thank you, Mitch. 8:56 AM Eastern time and yours is the only comment of some 400 to this point that mentions economics. DWS accomplished what she (and Cooper) set out to do, which is to move the discussion away from bHo’s crappy record on the economy.

  • Ken G

    This woman is going to make me convert from Judaism to Christianity, all by herself.

  • Bubblegum199

    Will someone put a sock in her mouth. Watching her on this video clearly shows she is lying and that’s what is wrong with the Democratic party today of which I was one. They have lost their integrity, their morals, have become nothing more than lying cheating people which I find disgusting and am now an Independent.

  • Interesting that she said, “It doesn’t matter,” if I lie, and “It doesn’t matter,” what Romney’s position is on abortion. Why does she keep talking about it if “It doesn’t matter”?

  • notgoingtobpc

    So, what she is saying is, it doesn’t matter if we lie, as long as the message gets out. I find it ironic the way she believes her own lies and knows precisely what Romney is or isn’t going to do. Wow! She really has a gift, doesn’t she? Not! She is a bold face LIAR!

  • She also said she “wants women to know” that the Republican Party disagrees with the Democrat Party on abortion. Why doesn’t she want men to know? Does she not value mens input in politics? Does she not want any men to vote for her party?

  • Pat_Rich

    Cooper emphasized the mis-quote and allowed the bigger lie to pass. Factcheck and others have debunked the Dem claim regarding both the Republican platform and the proposed amendment. DWS lied about both, and Cooper let her get away with it. Anyone watching that exchange without knowledge of the facts would walk away with a false impression, which was the whole objective, certainly of DWS and possibly of Cooper also. That rates as a success by the Left regarding its audience, while everyone else focuses on irrelevant personality traits.

  • notgoingtobpc

    So, what she is saying is, it doesn’t matter if we [the Dems] lie, as long as our message gets out. I find it ironic the way she believes her own lies and knows precisely what Romney is or isn’t going to do. Wow! She really has a gift, doesn’t she? Not! She is a bold face LIAR!

  • PFFV

    Democrats believe their own lies as seen here. Leftists = The Enemy of Freedom and our Republic!

  • I’m hoping that DWS’ mother will reconsider, go back in time and have an abortion.

    Remember, this is the party of “depends what the meaning of is is”. Never let truth get in the way of the narrative.

  • MaxineCA

    Here is another way to look at this sudden (surprising) turn around before we assume that CNN suddenly found their journalistic values. We all know their ratings have been in the ditch. But, I read that the DNC is going to oust her as their chair after this election, even though she only spews their talking points over and over again, but they’ve had poor campaign contributions.

    I’m thinking maybe it’s possible that CNN has agreed to take her to task…. helps their ratings as well as the DNC when they get ready to throw her under the bus. Just a thought. I’ll be more interested to see how they cover the R vs the D conventions and the election. Not that I’ll be watching their coverage.

    I have more hope that Jake Tapper has gotten tired of the games and wants to go back to being a truthful journalist.

  • Mike Lee

    I won’t listen to this video because the mere sound of DWS’s voice causes me to go into convulsions. With wonderful parents like hers, it’s no wonder she turned into a sociopath and a pathological liar. Perfect for politics.

  • The progressive repro bate mindset of the left and its agenda is on full display with each syllable the inward demons ooze out of this witches mouth.

  • Spoken like a true lefty: DWS with the words “reproductive rights”…ripped right out of the pages of the NARAL, NOW, and UNFPA manuals. Kudos to her for remembering what she learned form those Women’s Studies courses at the university.

  • Anderson Cooper was a bulldog with DWS and her constant dissemination of falsehood. I guess he doesn’t value his employment status at CNN for daring to call an apparatchik of El Presidente to task and exposing her lies. How will CNN find a way to fire Mr. Cooper, though? Hmmm.

  • David Barnes

    One can only imagine if Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz’s mother considered an abortion? What a sick-O liberal she grew up to be.

    • if dws is so pro abortion why did she have any children at all?

  • kcast2011

    Anderson Cooper one of the last real journalist who exposes lies on the left and right.

  • I am pretty sure everyone knows their position, LIES, LIES and more LIES !! Not one thing have the said is of any truth and this is the end of Aug.2012.
    I personaly do not watch the news any longer due to ALL the LIES from the Dems !
    If everyone would just shut them off, who would they have to lie to then, them selves?

  • She has always reminded me of ankle biter attack dogs. Her mouth moves but it says the same thing over and over

  • Victoria

    Wasser(woman) is a pathological lier.

  • Why does Dingbat Debbie blink so much? Does she have an eye tick, too much eye makeup or is she lying?

    • Yes, yes and yes.

      • MsUnderestimated knows a low-down, dirty, leftnut, Democrap, Obamunist, congenital liar when she sees one!

  • Seriously? Someone introduce DWS to Keratin. Ladies, you know what I’m talkin’ bout. What’s up with that hair!?!? Reminds me of the olden days when mama made us scrub the sinks with Chore Boy copper brillo pads.

  • Why fight so hard for the “right” to kill babies?

  • “The bottom line message on our email….” What she means to say is that she lied her a** off, but that’s ok as long as she gets her point across. This woman is a joke and a liar, and the perfect person to represent the DNC.

  • Wow…I’ve been reading all these comments, and I’m telling you folks, you sure brought your “A” game here, didn’t you?

    Some of you here call yourself “Christian” I’m told…but the language? Well….

    You know, most of you commenting know that Anderson “came out” recently…I know that most of you “cheering” him on holding Schultz’ feet to the fire, isn’t mentioning a PEEP about that, right? Of course not! He’s championing “your side” for the minute…

    And in the next minute if you find him talking about “gay rights,” then you’ll demonize him just as certain as if he was “killing babies in the womb” or so your words would insinuate…

    You know what the funny thing about this whole thing is?
    If NARAL and Planned Parenthood ever got wise…and joined forces with the NRA and the Hertiage Foundation…

    then you wouldn’t hear ONE MORE PEEP from any so-called “activist” or Preacher or pundit, about anyone “killing babies in the womb,” now would you?

    Because the scariest thing a “pro-lifer” would EVER want to deal with….outside of being SENT TO HELL, is to face off against a STAUNCH PRO-2ND AM FEMALE, who, unfortunately for them…also happens to be very STAUNCHLY PRO-CHOICE.

    This is what the Socialists hope NEVER HAPPENS….otherwise, how can they keep the sheeple fighting with each other, while they fleece them from their money?

    You do know that both the ANTI-GUN, and PRO-LIFE causes came from the same SOCIALIST CAMP, don’t you?

    One “got religion” so as to confuse you…the other one never needed it…

    And if the LEFT ONE don’t get you…the RIGHT one will…

    and you keep sticking your chin out EVERY STINKING TIME to get KO’d…

    guess it’s because you just LOVE THE NAPPYTIME it gives you…

    you figure that’s the only way you’ll get some sleep, huh?

    Boy oh boy, where are my GOLDWATER CONSERVATIVES nowadays?

    • I’m glad to see they allow patients to use the internet at your asylum.

    • JoeMontana16

      So out of all this your main complaint is the language? Anything else? If you use a cuss word then you can’t be a Christian? I guess Jesus really messed up when Peter denied him. I guess Jesus really messed up when Peter cut off a mans ear. I’m sure Jesus is more worried about children being murdered than a cuss word. I’m also real sure that you are able under any circumstance to live up to your beliefs perfectly. You obviously know nothing about Christianity.

    • Doesn’t matter. You apparently don’t know what conservatism means.

  • I’m starting to learn that when one of these rats posing as a spokesperson for Obama continually uses the first name of the person interviewing them, that nothing but lies will flow forth from their despicable holes.
    She is evil incarnate.

  • TexasGreatGrams

    I often don’t agree with Anderson Cooper’s views, but I do applaud his taking on Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the lies she is spreading about Governor Romney’s position on this issue. I am a woman and do not understand how any woman can believe the lies she and the Democratic Party are spreading trying to get the vote of women-we are not as uninformed as she believes.

  • Oh, how I love Debbie Wasserman Shultz. She’s such an unabashed liar. The best spokesperson the DNC ever had!

    She’s right up there with our Dear Leader, the MisInformer-in-Chief.

  • Carl Pham

    Amazing that Wasserman-Schultz can suggest her committee’s being deceptive and sneaky is fully justified as an effort to prove that Romney is…deceptive and sneaky.

    You’d think her head would explode over the hypocrisy, but I guess she is made of sterner stuff, like the Red Queen, and can easily believe 6 impossible things before breakfast.

    But I would haved loved for Cooper to end up by saying, ok, Congresswoman, if your position is that the Romney campaign is sneaky and deceptive, how exactly is YOUR campaign an improvement, if you are sneaky and deceptive in how you make your arguments? Even if you’re right, why should voters trust you any more? You’re at least as bad, even assuming you’re right.

  • Holy Crap, Anderson Cooper beats DWS like a jackass.

  • “The point Anderson, is that DWS will have you shot for making her look like an ass”.

  • ForAnyBobyButObama

    Extreme? Extreme? I heard a young black lady today on Fax say that when she heard the word “Anger” used with Obama that it represented racial overtones to her. a black woman. well the constant use of “extreme” in relation to any GOP represents racial overtones to me. Extreme Right Winger as if these people have no moral value and will do anything to destroy or kill.


  • ForAnyBobyButObama

    Is there any question in anyones mind why nothing gets done in Washington with people like this fool. Who would work with her as she is the stupidest congressman I have ever heard. No ANDERSON it doesn’t matter that I lied in the email because Little God Obama told me I could say it and it would be true.

  • I think the media is bored and its actually more fun to turn the Democrats into policy pretzels than go after their previous prey. Predatory instincts are hard to control when there is “blood” in the water. lol

    • NCHokie02

      agree….plus in this election Republicans don’t really have to defend anything and its the democrats who are in full bore don’t even care that their lies are caught now and continue to try and distort facts and change the issue from Obama’s administration and its abismal existence to what Romney and Ryan are going to force women and old people to do.

  • a1

    I’m not American nor have I lived or even visited the US. Here are my thoughts:

    If abortion is an issue to run on this election, a possible positive theme for Republican ads could be “Fathers Have Rights Too”. Focus on the partial birth abortion issue and how the father has no say in keeping the aborted baby alive if he’s willing to step up, even when she’s unwilling or unable to be a good mother. There are lot of marginalised fathers and men out there, some of them Democrat-leaning or Independent. This message might resonate.

    Also hammer the Democrats on the “war on medicine” or “medical science”. Because, you see, the “science is settled”: an unborn child is not just “her body” like an organ or limb. It’s a separate human life whose DNA comprises 50% hers and 50% the father’s. Where is the “sharing and caring” and “bipartisan” rhetoric when it comes to the unborn? “We are our brother’s keeper – except when he’s our baby brother in utero.”

    Hit the Democrats equally hard on their “equality” hypocrisy: equality for gays is enlightened when it comes to marriage, equality for blacks and women is good and proper when it comes to voting, yet nothing remotely resembling equality for mothers and fathers when it comes to the most even in life: having a child. Her choice, his liability.

    The fact is women have plenty of reproductive options today: female condoms, diaphragms, IUDs, implants, the pill etc. If anything, it’s men who don’t have any reproductive rights. Surely we want to encourage men to take responsibility? Why would they when they currently have no stake, no say, no chance?

    Abortion shouldn’t be considered just another form of contraception. A human life is being ended. I find it bizarre how many bleeding hearts sob about the plight of children in the Third World or in the ghettos of urban America or of “undocumented workers” throughout the country, yet are so cavalier about terminating their existence inside the womb. The Democrats are for poor families and yet against creating families.

    And now to cloud the issue, I don’t like abortion but don’t support banning it or limiting it to cases of rape and incest only. Why? It incentives a woman to accuse a man falsely of rape. Our culture is already too “rape claim friendly” in that the definition of rape is now too loose or arbitrary. A false rape accusation can DESTROY a man’s life even when proven utterly false. Women are not all angels and men are not all devils.

    • NCHokie02

      great points, agree with 90% (minus the last paragraph).

    • Why perpetrate another evil by killing an unborn child in case of rape or incest? If I am free to murder my own unborn child then I should be free to kill anyone if they bothered me or got in my way. Why is a life outside the womb more significant than one inside? Respect for life begins at conception, not when the “perfect” beautiful baby is born.

  • kathy newport

    I totally agree here – she is in charge now of a Dem convention in the right to work state of North Carolina to buff up support for her parties two ideologies for 2012:

    1. It’s Bush’s fault

    2.The US Government should fund abortion and contraceptives for all no matter what little nasty issues like religious freedom stand in the way.

  • Bill Brokob

    She is like one of those dolls where you pull the string and she spouts the same thing…over….and over….and over

  • Pick all the hairs you want the Republican position on abortion should be “It’s between a woman and her doctor no one else’

    • NCHokie02

      and the unborn baby….who has no say.

      edit: and possibly the father’s choice as well. what if he wants that child?

  • Dave Marney

    If one goes by the science of reproduction, then human life begins at conception. That is the biological point at which cells from two, separate people combine into a third, new cell that immediately starts reproducing. That being the case, I think we must conclude that personhood also begins at conception. There really is no other biological event that we can select as the starting point, other than the actual starting point.

    That being the case, I would challenge the morality of permitting abortion exceptions for rape, incest, and non-life-threatening medical reasons. If the unborn child is a person, and the mother is a person, then both equally deserve to live.

    If a physician is making a life-or-death choice between a mother and her unborn child, then he or she should choose to save the one that has the best chance of living. Preserving life is the moral basis for all medical triage. It is not ethical to pre-determine which patient ought to live, it should always be a judgment call based on the specific situation.

  • That woman is beneath contempt.

  • I honestly don’t think this woman has the ability to tell the truth. My wife refers to her as a parrot, quite accurate if you ask me. You call her out on a lie and she just repeats what she has already said. Not unlike most liberal arguments. Incredible. Now they are trying to make this election about abortion. Anything to misdirect the cattle to gain votes.

  • Candy Andy just jealous of little Debbie’s hair. He wants her to get a buzz cut like him & Ralph Maddow.

  • binky354

    Call a liar a liar – and drop it. The progressive way is to tell a lie over and over and it will become truth for the more stupid among us.

  • Lying Liar Lies.

  • Debbie says the truth doesn’t matter. Go figure, the Democrats are unmasking.

  • Is it just me or does her teeth look like a cheese grater?

  • NCHokie02

    Wow, Anderson just sits there and tells her she misquoted the LA Times to her advantage and is directly telling her that she is wrong in it and she just says “It doesn’t matter.” I suppose nothing new for democrats and left. Get caught bold face in a lie and say that their lie doesn’t matter.

    And second I wish for once when someone would say “a woman’s reproductive choices” someone would clarify it for them and the audience and say “you mean killing your child”. A woman’s reproductive choice is choosing to or not too engage in sex and choosing to use a form of birth control or not. Thats where your reproductive choices as a woman end.

    And honestly, in cases of rape or incest, what did that child do to be brought into this world? Perhaps something good could come of an evil event. There is always adoption, and having an abortion I don’t think would ease the pain of rape or incest. Its not going to help you forget anymore. Just my two cents.

    • B-Funk

      There’s medical evidence coming out that abortions may have a correlation to cervical and breast cancers. I forget what the article was called that talked about this, but it came out on Townhall last year sometime.

  • Just more lying from the left.

  • In anticipation of a possible Obama lost, some media on the left is attempting to balance there message a bit more to save face & credibility.

    • B-Funk

      I was thinking the same thing. Why now, though? Maybe their internal polling is so bad that they know Obummer’s a lost cause? It just seems weird, though, if they were hoping he’d get a second term, that they’d “help” Mitt by doing their actual job.

  • mr_kev

    Proves that liberals live by the ends justifies the means. When shown proof she misqouted the LA Times Wasserman kept saying bottom line Rommey is this and that. So shes saying I can lie because the bottom line is correct in her eyes. Ends justifies the means.

  • Okay, so it’s OK for the Dems to lie if it strengthens their case> Wow! Silly me, I thought the that a lie was a lie, was a lie. Also I thought the ends do not justify the means. WOW Now I know why the democrat party is so big. DO these people not care about the future of this country or is winning more important?

  • Amazing….now lying is the new telling the truth. Let’s focus on Obama and his support of killing live viable babies that come from botched abortions…now if he is willing to do that to helpless babies what will he do to us?

  • In one’s fight to win( no matter if it is good or bad for the country) control over the White House do whatever you can, say whatever you want because winning at all cost is important….. Wonder if they are teaching this stuff in schools these days, anybody know?

  • LOL- She calls Romney disingenuous!

  • chatterbox365

    I hate that f**king bitch. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is the liberal Ann Coulter, but on steriods. It was very hard to watch the interview because she is so rude and obnoxious and I wish Cooper would have told her to shut the f**k up. I’m glad he didn’t let her get away with it.

  • NO…she has it wrong here. Barack Obama is EXTREME in his views! To encourage the continue murdering of babies that do survive an abortion -that is an EXTREME and rather FRIGHTENING VIEW of life.

  • God Bless American and God help America seems our politicians are doing and saying anything to get the President re-elected but have done nothing or little to get this country back on track. These ______________(insert what you think in that space) will say and do anything to keep power but they don’t use it for the good of the country. And their “leader” is trying to change the form of government and these ______________ sit by and do nothing but try and get him re-elected!
    God, please look upon this country and the poor souls that are messing it up and help us, Thank you! (By the way that was a short prayer, get over it and if you don’t believe in God that is your right but it is my right to believe in God. This country was founded on the belief in God.)

  • Pyrran

    I hope Cooper likes being on the rear end of the Democrats lying machine.
    The end justifies the means, Anderson. This is how the Dems roll.

  • Rocco11

    She’s incredulous that she’s catching heat from a fellow traveler…

  • DWS is the gift that keeps on giving. She’s as dumb as they come.

  • Rocco11

    Communists lie, it’s what they do..

  • She confirmed the Democratic Platform…lies don’t matter!


    …it dosen’t matter ,you are so right Debbie you DO NOT MATTER AT ALL . Also Mao Obama LOSES .”(period)

  • Talk about an impossible task! How can you “keep” a person honest who has never been on speaking terms with honesty? Trying to keep Debbie Wasseman Schultz “honest” is on par with trying to keep Barack Obama “transparent” or Joe Biden “lucid.”

    • Goldni007

      “….who has never been on speaking terms with honesty?”

      Ha! Well said! Love your verbiage.

  • KM

    Even democrats like Anderson are tiring of the vile and lies from DWS, and likely the leadership of the socialist-democratic party.

    Did you see how angry DWS gets at the end because the democratic party outlet, CNN, refuses to allow the party-line lies to continue! At least this time.

    It would be nice to see this type of truth-finding on all so-called news media sources. But it won’t happen due to the infiltration of our media by the liberals.

  • joe wendlandt

    Sooooo, if my wife gets raped and gets pregnant are we going to have to have that baby and raise it as our own or of corse put it up for adoption if Romney wins or not? just asking

    • No, if your wife was raped, she would be taken to a hospital and given medication that would prevent her from getting pregnant..A little tidbit that the left ALWAYS leaves out..

  • exBronxite

    After watching this…and other Wasserman nonsense…one has to wonder what the people in her district were thinking when they voted her into Congress.

    • let’s hope she gets defeated in november. we need to contribute to her republican opponent.

  • Sober_Thinking

    She’s so concerned with women’s health… she “understands” Anderson BUT… she’s going to lie anyway.

    I’m screaming bad names at her right now in my mind.

    This is the ugly face of liberal, lying Democrats… say ANYTHING, true or untrue, out of context or otherwise… ANYTHING to milk money from the feeble-minded and ignorant and to mislead them. These people are parasites.

  • Silverlock

    Wow, if cooper keeps this up, I might join the other three people watching him.

  • aposematic

    What the D, here the DNC Chair DWS, are constantly trying to convince the public is that if any R has not previously refuted or presently made a difinitive statement refuting the infusion into the campaign of rediculus new D fantasy memes of the day, the R should be doused in flammable ink and or condemning demagoguery and set aflame. The lies the D constantly create to support this attempt to deceive the public are just D SOP.

  • ?? I watched it. Seems she accomplished her mission extremely well. She got her message across to thousands of voters. If this is a conservative “victory” in your eyes you’re deceiving yourself. Take a step back.

  • Rebecca Bies

    She’s not lying what’s she’s saying is that Whether or not there was a misquote, it does not change the fact that Romney has that running platform. Yes they misquoted the times, but Romney’s platform is accurate on his stance on abortion. Anderson is trying to make it out as though Romney’s platform is not this way because of the misquote. Hopefully he’ll be just a vigilant in his fact finding mission on the Republicans.

  • grandyof4

    Anderson…..I have recently become a fan of yours watching your morning show on TV. I am a very strong conservative and republican and a pro-life christian. I want you to know how much I appreciate your stand for the truth with this woman Wasserman. The truth is the truth…..too many lies and untruths in this campaign. Thank you for standing up for the truth!!

  • Thank you Anderson Cooper! Poor Debbie has to make women fear Romney with every lie possible because she knows her candidate is a complete failure.

  • There must be a culture change going on at CNN since that last president left. First Wolf Blitzer on the “Romney killed my wife” ad; now Anderson Cooper actually confronting a lying Democrat. Wild.

    • grandyof4

      I agree Mary….Anderson has done just that!!

  • This woman is the gift that keeps on giving. Thanks for allowing her to embarrass herself, Anderson.

  • I really wish when you feature something like this, that you’d post a transcript–or at least the highlights–of the interview. I cannot stomache watching–or listening to–dws, or most other talking-points-spinners. I’d much rather read their words.

  • GreenBeretWay

    Goldilocks needs to be hooked up to a lie detector machine that pumps a few hundred volts into her every time she lies.

    • i think she’s trying to be a blond shirley temple with all those dangling curls. actually they remind me of curly fries.

  • You done the right thing Anderson all the lying needs to be revealed .

  • Her Brain is full of donkey squeeze hackness!

  • giomerica

    It’s clear that the demo-clown strategy is simply to lie, stick to the lie and hope that enough people will believe them so that they can win the election; because there’s NO WAY they can run on their pathetic record. God help us if they succeed…

    • giomerica

      I also love how they classify any policy that they don’t agree with as “extreme”.

      I would love to see the true numbers (i.e. – not the ones doctored up by liberal pollsters) on how the American people actually feel about these issues.

      • Every notice how they never acknowledge that their own position (Abortion for any reason at any time up to birth) is extreme! I consider that not only extreme, but evil as well.

  • Learnedsmtn2day

    Not impressed , he picks an easy target and goes after her to give some semblance of balance. Lets see him go after Obama !

  • datou1

    Ugh she reminds me of my former (thank god) boss.

  • Debbie pls continue to miss quote everything because that is what you and the donkey party does! Just apologize! LLLOOLLL!

  • Blabbermouth-Schultz is evil.

  • FutureOnePercent

    I hate how she keeps using his name as if she is talking down to a kid… “Anderson… Anderson…. Anderson…”




    • michael carpenter

      Had the same thought. Good on ya.

  • FutureOnePercent

    “Yes, I’m lying, but Mitt Romney is disingenuous.”

  • Debbie You must not know what the word disingenuous means! You used it at the end about Mitt but then you purposely are disingenuous about you taking a quote out of context!! HMMMM Liar!!

  • B

    this is stupid…. way to go not answer questions dumb whore

  • mder4thegov

    I can see the Romney ad already, “It (telling the truth) doesn’t matter.”
    Have fun with that one, Mitt.

  • Swartzy

    she would try and lie to GOD if it meant getting Obama re elected. When she opens her mouth, she is telling lies. One good thing about Romney winning in Nov, is that she won’t be on that many programs any longer and I won’t have to see or hear from her. She is one evil woman.

    • since she is of the jewish faith, i’d like to remind her that Jesus was a jew and not supportive of killing babies. I feel for her little ones.

  • She’s like a muppet record that got stuck. Repeating the same lies over and over and over again. Not bad enough that her voice is like chalk on a blackboard, her arrogant and condescending attitude and… and now I have a headache. She is probably the only person on the planet that makes Biden look like a genius!

  • This woman makes me crazy?!?!??! Lying liar!!

  • WordsFailMe

    Debbie new sausage curls make her face look bonier. Looks like her teeth may have been whitens. Actually I preferred them in the original yellow tint which would have been a better match to the blonde streaks.

    Oh and thanks Debbie for removing the Brats from those curls before the camera went. Otherwise she would would looked a little lewd-a-crus.

    “Anderson, Anderson!” You just want to gag, don’t you?

    Vid shows that she can still hold her own against a gay guy.

  • Paraphrasing:

    AC: You completely took the quote out of context and lied about the Romney Platform

    DWS: That doesn’t matter.

    Therein lies the rub. Democrats will do or say ANYTHING to get or stay in power. Doesn’t matter if it’s truth or not. To them, I think, Truth is only relative to how they can use it. If lies fit their aganda, then lie, and truth be dammed!


  • VannaVanVelkenbacher

    I just wanted to say that I love you, Right Scoop! You always have the best stuff, so I now come to you before Drudge. And this IS “must see” material; you are right, Scoop! As always.

  • diceman1946

    Actually, she sounds just like obama and biden. If you say something enough times, the huddled masses will eventually believe it. They should be ashamed of themselves. Intellectual honesty would have them telling the truth…they want socialism or some form of a daddy govt running this country. When they were children, their parents should have spanked them many more times than they did. They are all just another result of affirmative action and people who cannot take care of themselves and need the govt to do that for them. Reagan had trickle down economics….obama has the same thing…trickle down economics…he is trickling everyones wealth, be it very wealthy or middle class down to those that refuse to work, dont want to work or just love the govt handouts! I am so glad I am older…I pity my kids and what is going to happen to this country. When obama gets wasserman in a birka…she will find out just what its all about in the muslim world and womens rights to abortion. I believe over there, they kill pregnant, single women. Now that is what I call birth control.

  • mediazorba

    Good try at being “objective” Anderson, but your party came smiling through. If this is brutal, I’d hate to see lightweight.

  • monticalvo

    “..lying for the truth.”

    • She, dare I say it…? Can’t HANDLE the truth! 🙂

  • Astro Mathman

    So, the Romney campaign should follow this up with a statement that they appreciate Debbie Wasserman Shultz, and the DNC, making a public announcement supporting Romney’s position.
    After all, if she has no problem misquoting other sources, she shouldn’t have a problem if someone misquotes her.

  • monticalvo

    “..lying for the truth.”
    willi munzenberg

  • monticalvo

    she must be a disciple of willi munzenberg; lying for the truth.

  • the balance of the email proves that Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is willing to LIE, Cheat and steal to get voters.

    Guess what, Debbie? I’m voting for Mitt, Debbie. You’re a dog, Debbie. A lying low life dog, DEBBIE.

  • Jeffrey Murray

    DWS Translator: “Anderson, Anderson, Anderson…. I’m trying to convince women that Mitt Romney is being disingenuous about his stated views on abortion and therefore it’s ok for me to be disingenuous in my efforts to do so.”

  • maynardb50

    Golly, I would hate to be married to that little liar!!!

  • U. N.ot T.ell she is a the moron?

  • Judefour

    Why woulldn’t one of the available “choices” for a woman be to abstain from engaging in that which brings about the life of a human soul? This society is so deeply fallen, that a large number of it’s citezens believe it is acceptable to murder a human being in order to fascilitate a perceived benefit that would be precluded if the child were permitted to live. The animal creation testifies against this beastly notion, and God forbids it unequivocally. One word from Him is enough to reject the practice outright, and will be sufficient to condemn those that remain unrepentent for supporting such barbarity.

  • hventure22

    DWS. You are a shameful, lying POS who should be embarrassed. Unfortunately you’re not because you are simply a shill that takes what you’re told and repeats it over and over again. I can’t wait to have your guy fired in a couple months.

  • Methadras

    Andserson Cooper: DWS, you are having a hard time consistently sticking to the truth in this regard.

    DWS: Anderson, we will continue to have a hard time consistently sticking to the truth in any regard.

    When you lie on a regular basis, that pathology becomes the de facto method of thinking and articulation. DWS, the DNC, and the Democrat party prove this daily. This is nothing new, this is not a shocking moment, but you are seeing it in broad daylight now, whereas before they tried to hide it and would wave it off as an error, a misspoken statement, or some other politically flaking nonsense. Now they just don’t care that you know that they are lying because they will essentially carpet bomb the lies throughout their media spokesmouths.

  • LordJiggy

    The lack of cognitive dissonance on display here is pathological. “Mitt Romney’s words are nice. He can talk the talk but he doesn’t walk the walk.”

    Has she ever looked at her boss’s promises? Gitmo? Rendition? Cut the deficit in half. Won’t raise taxes on the middle class. Bills/laws online for 72 hours so people can read them before they’re voted on (ObamaCare, anyone?).

    Very little her boss has said (“talked”) has been backed up by actual action (“the walk”).

    Either this woman is insane, incredibly stupid, or she’s lying. Given her persistence in mis-reporting Romney’s positions…she’s lying.

  • renec

    Saul Alinsky rules for radicals 101, lie lie lie lie lie lie. That’s all the demoRATS do because they cannot tell the truth because they will never win an election telling everyone that they are communists in sheeps clothing.

  • Joe Labbe

    Any means seems to justify their ends. “It just doesn’t matter!”

    Excuse me?

  • Momwomanfriend

    How stupid does DWS think women are? I am not going to listen to someone that takes something out of context to make a point of how their target is being disingenuous. If she can’t be truthful in her attempt to discredit she can’t be trusted. If the president is okay with this type of manipulation then he needs to go!

  • steprock

    “It doesn’t matter” whether she’s misquoting the LA Times?? No, she’s got a point to make and that’s what’s important. But she’s all over place! Did Mitt write the language, embrace it, or just fail to oppose it?

    In the end, she doesn’t even BOTHER trying to defend her lies. She just says they’re making a point that’s true, nevermind that they lie to make the point!!!

    (You hear DWS’ scolding mother voice through it all? “Anderson. Now, Anderson.”)

  • Professor Knowbody

    Cooper’s trying to get viewers – i like it!

    • If he keeps this up, his viewership will be into double figures in no time! 🙂

      • As a lifelong media guy and media watcher, I’d agree with you two. This is about CNN digging its way out of the cellar. Fox and MSNBC have cut their audiences with their PARTISAN VIEWS. While CNN gets overseas viewers like the BBC does, Americans mostly want their cable channels to agree with what they already think.

        That left CNN in deep trouble. It was clear that when Solodad O’Brien took a Republican to task last week, her producers had told her to do that. She wasn’t so good at it but she’ll learn. Cooper’s more assertive, and Debbie was his first victim. He chose an easy issue, an obvious misquote and it caught her off-guard.

        You can bet all political interview candidates of both parties are making notes about CNN’s NEW AGGRESSIVENESS, which started about a week ago.

        I’m sure somebody wrote a memo from CNN management to all anchor people, including the mellow and pensive Piers Morgan to SPICE IT UP! Hold politicians feet to the fire. Build controversy. Get entertaining! Make them STUTTER! Christians eaten in the Coliseum! Like MSNBC and Fox. And NOT like PBS or CNN’s foreign viewers who want truth without the stateside sensationalism.

  • Professor Knowbody

    fake but accurate… where have i heard that before?

  • Hats off to Anderson for calling out DWS……at the beginning of interview, she had a broad smile, but when she found out she wasn’t getting a given from Anderson, she begins her usual blinking and blaring eyes syndrome that she does when she’s flustered and/or lying!

  • Looks like she got her clock cleaned again.

  • WadeHudgins

    If DWS is speaking, she is telling lies. If any Democrat in the Regime is speaking, they are telling lies because they have nothing to good to say about the last 4-years of the Obama Regime. Back to Chicago, Obama. You are NOT loved in the office of the President.

    The strange thing is, DWS says Romney is extreme, I would say that her stand of abortion at anytime is the ultimate of extreme beliefs in the EASY murder of an unborn child.

    • Ordinarily, Debbie isn’t lying, she’s just spinning which is a party National Chairman’s job, to spin and give soundbites. She did indeed get nailed on THIS one, though. She’s in the media’s rolodexes and the media calls her when they need a democratic quote about something the other side says. Frequent interview on MSNBC. Same true of the RNC Chairman but for Fox. These two people shill for their parties.

      They’re well spoken PR people. That’s ALL! They don’t set policy. Not running for election. They’re just media inventions offered up by the two political parties to fill time on cable TV.

      Congressional Leaders and Presidential Candidates set policy, plan strategies, cut deals and push their Congressmen to pass legislation.

      Don’t take the game too literally. They’re CHEERLEADERS, not quarterbacks!

  • She clearly & continuously takes quoted words out of context. The left is the champion of all champions when it comes to this stunt. They are very practiced at doing that. she’s been lying about Romney and the GOP platform since she became DNC chairperson. Lying is just second nature to the left’s bullies.

    • Well Marty, you apparently never watch MSNBC, because they catch the right doing it all the time. Saw the clip, yup he got the dems cold on that one, looks like. But don’t think for a moment the Republicans don’t do this all the time. I never mind when a party puts some spin on something but leaves it truthful in the main. Now if we can get the Sunday talk shows to do the same…when they ask a politician a question and they don’t get an answer, they get a RESPONSE that’s just the memorized talking points usually not even related to the question.

      Cooper just did an easy one….a misquote. The trouble with the media is that they rarely go beyond ‘he said…she said’. Point-counterpoint. Rarely do they actually do research for the IMPORTANT lies and misrepresentations beyond just digging up old quotes and putting in the faces of those who change their positions.

      I’m waiting for someone to ask a presidential candidate like Romney…. “You’ve had your tax cut for the wealthy now for ten years. Where are the jobs?”

      And, “you keep saying private enterprise creates jobs….but you keep asking Obama where are the jobs he promised??

      That’s because Republicans don’t care about jobs….except to get votes on election day. And they really don’t care about social issue hotbuttons for Christians like abortion and gay rights. They just want their votes on election day.

      Republican leaders and donors EXCLUSIVELY want to accumulate more wealth for themselves. It’s ALL ABOUT THE MONEY. You don’t see business people in the street protesting, do you? You just see them investing in TV ads and lobbying Congress, hoping to get favorable legislation. Like the oilmen Koch Brothers, funding Romney for millions…and getting in return, pro oil legislation and tax breaks. Nobody’s out there funding to keep babies from being aborted or gays in the closet.

      Republicans are far more interested in reducing regulations so they can make money without interference from the government. It’s all about the money and getting a majority vote in the Congress and the White House.

      All the rest of this crap is just chaff thrown up in the sky, hoping to bring down their enemy and get stupid little people to vote for them.

  • tim

    Perhaps the GOP should talk about how extreme Obama’s stance is – he supports partial birth abortion (where viable babies are ripped apart and taken out of the womb in pieces) and infanticide (where babies that are born alive during abortions are left to die without medical care.)

  • The left is self destructing

  • I have a much deeper respect for AC watching him try to correct a dishonesty that the DNC is pushing via DWS.

  • Dismas In Wonderland

    Obama. and the dimocrats (sic) are taking their cues right out of “Rules For Radicals” by Saul Alinsky.

    The following quote from “Rules For Radicals” tells us why the dims are willing to get down, and wallow in the mud, and slime. Why the dims are willing to lie, cheat, and steal to stay in power . . . It’s because they care so much for “US” that they are willing to chance going to hell to save us from ourselves, and the GOP.

    “The practical revolutionary will understand Goethe’s “conscience is the virtue of
    observers and not of agents of action”; in action, one does not always enjoy the luxury of a decision that is consistent both with one’s individual conscience and the good of mankind. The choice must always be for the latter. Action is for mass salvation and not for the individual’s personal salvation. He who sacrifices the mass good for his personal conscience has a peculiar conception of “personal salvation”; he doesn’t care enough for people to be “corrupted” for them.” Saul Alinsky.

    I contend that evil is evil, and you can’t seriously believe that you can do evil in the service of good. As the dedication to Lucifer in “Rules for radicals” shows the dims have sold their souls for power, and Lucifer always collects at his payment center window in HELL. The dims worship Satan.

    Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical:
    from all our legends, mythology, and history (and who is to know where mythology
    leaves off and history begins or – which is which), the first radical known to man who
    rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom – Lucifer. -SAUL ALINSKY

  • Dismas In Wonderland

    Obama. and the dimocrats (sic) are taking their cues right out of “Rules For Radicals” by Saul Alinsky.

    The following quote from “Rules For Radicals” tells us why the dims are willing to get down, and wallow in the mud, and slime. Why the dims are willing to lie, cheat, and steal to stay in power . . . It’s because they care so much for “US” that they are willing to chance going to hell to save us from ourselves, and the GOP.

    “The practical revolutionary will understand Goethe’s “conscience is the virtue of
    observers and not of agents of action”; in action, one does not always enjoy the luxury of a decision that is consistent both with one’s individual conscience and the good of mankind. The choice must always be for the latter. Action is for mass salvation and not for the individual’s personal salvation. He who sacrifices the mass good for his personal conscience has a peculiar conception of “personal salvation”; he doesn’t care enough for people to be “corrupted” for them.” Saul Alinsky.


    I contend that evil is evil, and you can’t seriously believe that you can do evil in the service of good. As the dedication to Lucifer in “Rules for radicals” shows

  • Look out America..Her lips are moving and it’s getting DEEEEEEP !

  • Good for Cooper.

  • nothing but a rabid poodle…

  • Good for you Anderson. It is about time that the media do the job they are supposed to. Now we can see the Democrats and DNC and Debbie Schultz are liars too. So it is not just the Republicans that twist the truth. They all do.
    So now how many other things are the democrats in charge lying about?????

  • shay111

    I love you, Anderson Cooper, for keeping them honest!

  • Larry TheComputerGeek

    I am amused when liberals confront ultra-liberals.

  • iris354

    Good for Anderson Cooper. I didn’t think he had it in him, especially when he kept pressing his point while DWS was trying to interrupt him by repeating his name in that “you’re in trouble, young man!” tone of voice.

  • SandraYvonneFreeman

    This woman never ceases to amaze me, she has got lying and twisting the truth down to an art.
    Someone put some duct tape over her mouth ~~PLEASE!!~~

  • shay111

    Thank you, Anderson Cooper, for keeping them honest. And what is so refreshing is that no matter what beliefs you hold, you still remain impartial when reporting.

  • The bottom line is drawn from lies.

  • typical republican stance no proof they just say believe us be stupid and believe any thing a republican says

  • shay111

    Thank you for keeping them honest, Anderson Cooper!

  • Congrats Anderson…but why is it so dang difficult to use explicit words…like “lies, liar, deceiver”
    isn’t that who she is, and what she IS doing??? Hello… guess good Biblical descriptions of evil actions are not PC.
    God never said, Oh, Gosh, I guess you just “Misquoted”…LOL….

  • this is SOOO good

  • Sine_Labore_Nihil

    It just keeps getting better with DWS lies R us…

  • What a lying SCUMBAG!!!!!!!!!!!It is disgusting!!!!! I am ashamed that this woman is from my state SHAME SHAME!

  • This woman is the biggest Liar ..The DNC should be ashamed to have her as their Chair Woman.. She should be ashamed…

  • Keep lying you liberal slut.we’re gonna bury you all in November,both figuratively and literally if need be.

  • Thank God someone other than FOX News has the balls to put this liar in her place. FOX better watch out …

  • DWS is much more than a liar…she is a propagandist.

  • Czechbikr

    Well thank you for your posting of this video. I suffered through watching this Socialist woman talking over Anderson Cooper while he gave her a platform to continue to spout her lies and talking points (redundant I know) with the usual half truths. He did not control that interview and left her to run roughshod over the points he wished to make. News flash Folks, if the Conservatives and those Independents who have had enough of the dissembling and class warfare that the Socialists have made this nation suffer through over the last four years do not get out and push these rats off the National scene you may well have to look at D W Schultz as Speaker of the House destroy the remaining parts of our Republic.

  • disbeliefreigns

    She says the Romney campaign is disingenuous, but she’s not disingenuous in taking a quote from a newspaper totally out of context to use for her own purposes? The woman’s curls are too tight on her head… Geesh

  • allamericanmark

    She must have embarrassed Hitler’s propaganda minister Herman Goebbels philosophy that when one lies, one should lie big, and stick to it. ….. If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. This just proves Obama and the DNC are neo-fascists.

  • EXTREME!!!!!

    Come, shout with me! It’s talk like a looney lib day!

  • I agree 100% with you Joe Cassara–but if you vote for Ron Paul now and split the vote, Obama will surely get reelected. We have to look at the big picture now and get OBAMA out! Just like when Clinton was elected with Ross Perot.

  • I remember seeing her on a Sunday round table discussion over Obamacare. A congresswoman from, I think, Tennessee was reading from language from the bill itself that clearly bore out the point she was making while Schultz kept insisting that even if it said that in the bill, that situation would NEVER happen because the government bureaucrats who administered it would never do whatever it was. I believe it was about deciding how much could be spent to treat patients with diseases like breast cancer, but I don’t really remember now exactly what it was. Just that the language clearly supported the Republican’s assertions, while Schultz kept saying that even if it said that, that’s not what it meant. So, yes, she seems to be unencumbered by truth or accuracy in any circumstance. The way to act when you get caught in a lie is just to insist it’s not a lie, and repeat it over an over.

  • CharlesKaye

    How refreshing. I was hoping Anderson would have been a bit more harsh. He did a fairly good job here. Watshername just can’t escape the talking points. Her only reply is the same garbage, over and over. I’m a staunch conservative and despise the practice of abortion, but in the cases of rape and incest, this is a very tough decision to make. I completely understand the woman’s viewpoint – “how can I carry the child of someone that I did not choose to have a child with, one that took advantage of me”, but it’s still ending a child’s life before they have a chance to make a single decision of their own. The child hasn’t done anything wrong, but it’s being punished. I know, somebody is going to say that the woman is punished as well. Hence, a tough decision.

    The answer lies within our legal systems punishments for those that commit rape and incest. The punishment should apply there. I am very much a proponent of making laws that are harsh enough to prevent the crimes. Castration would be perfect for this.

    No one dies if the perps get their boys chopped off. Maybe that would make these scumbags think twice before committing these crimes.

  • Pants on fire!

  • Kind of like the whole argument on welfare. Say whatever you’d like, even if proven consistently wrong, just for your personal gain.

  • Wow, this vile old bat would argue that your stupid and crazy if you claim the sky is blue. Every time she said “Anderson” she sounded like a mean school teacher or one of the nuns that used to beat me in Catholic school (I deserved the beatings- mostly).

  • DaMama

    “Anderson, it doesn’t matter”. Spoken like a true leftist liberal. The truth doesn’t matter. If you can skew anything in order to get your message across, regardless if it is a lie, then go for it. Wasserman-Schultz should be ashamed of herself. Misquoting the LA Times to get a point across is abominable. She keeps repeating “women need to know”. Well, Ms. Wasserman-Schultz, women need to know the TRUTH, and you are a liar. What is scary is that she has 3 children. It’s bad enough that a member of Congress would spread these lies just to get a candidate elected. But a mother? What example does that set her children? God help us!

  • MissSterious

    This woman is an embarrassment to not only women but any person with a brain. She says over and over that facts do NOT matter. She is in CONGRESS!!! She votes on LAWS that affect ALL OF US!!!

  • RoRoe

    Setting the record straight is long overdue. If it fits an AGENDA then cropping and splicing is necessary and taking people out of context is par for the course. I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT WOMEN VOTE ACCORDING TO THEIR WOMB. Women who want to sport themselves around sexually should by now know the results of this action: STD’s and/or pregnancy. And there is enough information and availability of protection out there to prevent or minimize unwanted results. The DNC chair categorizes that women’s reproductive rights are the MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE CONCERNING WOMEN IN THE 2012 ELECTION. Well I for one am one woman and I am not voting to sport my womb. Likewise, I believe that there are many more women like me who will vote in this election for the ISSUES OF EMPLOYMENT AND JOB OPPORTUNITIES FOR THEMSELVES AND FOR THEIR NON-ABORTED CHILDREN; FOR THEIR SPOUSES IF MARRIED; FOR ENERGY INDEPENDENCE; FOR CONTROL OVER ENTITLEMENT SPENDING AND OUT OF CONTROL GOVT. REGULATIONS; AND MOST IMPORTANTLY FOR THE COUNTRY NOT TO TURN SOCIALISTIC IN NATURE AND STAY FREE FOR ALL ITS CITIZENS TO BECOME WHAT THEY WERE CREATED TO BE. The DNC’s own words that what she says isn’t important is accurate. She has nothing important to contribute to this debate. She wants to put misinformation in the minds of women who can’t think for themselves or who she believes only think with their womb. (Strange these same women also complain that men only think with their penis). We don’t live in the 1800’s or under Sharia Law. Most Women on both sides of this debate are intelligent enough to decide where they stand. It is usually clearly Pro-Life or Pro-Choice their decision is made. To honestly believe that Romney – Ryan will change that on DAY ONE in their term absurd. WE HAVE AN ECONOMIC CRISIS LUMING, WE HAVE ROGUE LEADERS THREATENING NUCLEAR ANNIHILIATION OF ISRAEL AND AMERICA AND ENERGY NEEDS THAT WILL RENDER AMERICA FREE AND WORKING AGAIN. Elections have consequences and this election in 2012 or the President of the Free World is exactly that. If we DON’T elect somebody other that Obama – America will sadly NOT BE FREE for women to decide or keep their position for their “reproductive rights.”

  • DWS Quote” Let me say this, A: Democrats lie when it is convenient for the to do so, and B: we always lie.

  • This is why I can’t respect her. She’s a solid talker, doesn’t seem to lose her cool, but she’s incredibly deceptive and driven to be on top of every conversation, despite the truth (especially when the truth is being thrown off a cliff).

  • Stevesegal

    Why must liberals attempt to hide the truth regarding their heartfelt positions? Why are they not confident enough in their ideas to allow them to stand on their own merit? Why, when they are indisputably proven wrong do they insist they are right? What is the matter with their confidence in their beliefs?

  • janeway

    Debbie must think the women of American are as Ditsy as herself. Poor Debbie is just an idiot and as embarrassing as Pelosi for women. Please, these are not examples of American women. We are not all idiots! Feminists really get upset with men degrading women and rightly so but what about putting up these shallow women as examples is even more degrading. The ones that stupid are in need a good home with constant supervision. Romney/Ryan 2012

  • DWS doesn’t believe the New Democratic Party are socialist either, Excuse me, she knows they’re socialist. They will say and do whatever they have to, to push there extreme left wing agenda. This idiot really hates America.

  • Ahhh Duh isn’t this exactly what the Repocrats do they lie straight to your face

  • this woman is something else.She refused to accept the lie she had said about Romney and have to admit Anderson tried his best to get her to admit it but the woman is about as dishonest as you can get.if the Dems keep on putting her up like this the Republicans will only benefit from it.

  • If Romney is responsible for a platform he didn’t write, then Obama is responsible for the lies being put out by DWS and others who wish him to be re-elected. He probably actually IS responsible for the lies, but in any event, I can only hope that the Obama campaign demands that DWS get out front with Sandra Fluke, and has them on TV every single day between now and the election. I don’t think Obama understands just how unpopular each is, and that’s just fine by me.

  • CG patriot

    “Directed” Romney’s campaign designed or — No’ this is “their” DNC talking point’s. DWS is using projection. Sadly, Akin’s miss spoke fed right into their “projection” to use the GOP platform as the WAR on Women”.

    Remember, the left and these old feminists have the corner stone on Women’s rights and have a radar or a beam if you will, circling around the Right, and any or all topic’s in regards to women’s issue’s are a hot button for them. So’ YES, she “DWS” is completely doubling down with LIE, upon LIE to keep the Romney’s campaign on defence and off message.

    I must say, I’m surprised at Anderson for this segment. I’m guessing he’s getting as fed-up with this thug administration as we are. I hope Andy will continue with this hard hitting dialog, asking the tough question’s, doing the job of real journalism.

  • Hogknocker

    Thank you Anderson for trying to speak the truth. There is so much dishonest words being spoke in this race and in all the other races. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every word spoken were words of truth and that who ever won would put our country first before their own personal polices. Mike Folden

  • Way to go “Coop” thank you for your sence of responsi ilty” in truth!

  • ModerateMom17

    I am so tired of these moron politicians deciding what I as a woman “need to know”. What I need to know is the truth which I know better than to get from YOUR LYING MOUTH.

  • IsEveryNameInTheUSTaken

    I’m a card-carrying Conservative, and I’m happy to thank Anderson Cooper for holding Wasserman-Schultz feet to the fire and exposing her for the lying sneak that she is. For the record, there has always been what was called, “Therapeutic Abortion” in most states, and it could be done in a hospital by a doctor. I know this because when I was expecting my first child and hospitalized after a car accident in 1964, one of the patients who shared my room had to abort a pregnancy because she had a severe case of measles. She had lost two babies before and thought she would finally carry that pregnancy to term. It broke her heart to make that decision, and because of that experience, though I’m pro-life, I’ve learned not to judge anyone, but to leave many things to God, and to pray that in my life, I had the courage and strength to make choices with His blessings and/or forgiveness. It’s as disheartening to see people like Wasserman-Schultz, for her party’s political gain, exploit what is as tragic to many women, as it is that abortion is used in lieu of prevention or good sense. Thank you, Anderson. You stepped up to the line on this one.

    • poljunkie

      A real card?

      I ask because once I saw an interview with Matthew Modine and he said he was a card carrying liberal and then he pulled out a card showing as such.

      • IsEveryNameInTheUSTaken

        No, just an expression. But it sounds like a good idea idea. Many years ago when I was selling commercial broadcast time, an old timer often said, “Too many chiefs around here….” Not long after, we were on a presentation together and he passed out business cards that identified him as, “Jim Smith, Indian”

        • poljunkie

          Too funny.

  • mistified

    When you have a liberal,(Anderson Cooper), taking Wasserman Schultz to task for lying about Mitt Romney, it shows the incredible level of desperation of the Obama campaign. They are completely unhinged from any semblance of sanity. Their true colors are shining through. Obama and his Comrades will say and do anything to stay in power. American people, have you had enough yet?

  • DWS is wrong, yet again. What women need to know is that she is a liar, a fraud, a hack, a mouthpiece for the leftists, desperate and an all-around disgrace to my gender.

  • Hpatb4m

    Her last comment “Romney is being disengenuous” LOL!!!!

  • bottom line……she lied….

  • bottom line…..she lied!….

  • DauTieng59

    I guess the strain was too much for Anderson. Keeping his mouth quite while so much bs flowed was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

    Having an iota of self respect caused him to flip out and call dippy Debbie on her bs.

    Maybe be a career ender.

  • Hpatb4m

    Her last comment “Romney’s being disengenuous” LOL!!!!

  • She Is the elected Face of the DNC. Vote them all out.

  • Orangeone

    This corkscrew head’s mother needs to go back and choose DWS’ desire for abortion instead of giving birth to this twit. She is setting women back 200 years.

  • whamprod

    She’s a Pelosi-in-Training, although she is even MORE annoying………if that is possible.

    @Truth Teller: wanting 4 more years of Obama is burying your head in the sand. Listening to DWS telling me to bury my head in the sand alongside yours… THAT is really annoying.

  • How do you say Bimbo in liberal??

  • So I wonder if the La Times is planning on filing a law suit against Debbie, or shouldn’t Romney be able to sue Debbie for Slander, I mean that is blatant “slander” caught on CNN in front of the whole world. Looks like a nice slam dunk case to me.

  • The end justifies the means. That is what she means by “the bottom line” and “it doesn’t matter.” Stunning.

  • What many seem to be missing in all of this is what this is all really about, and that is whether Mitt Romney supports the pro-abortion view in Roe, and he does. The Texas rape exception was the basis for the pro-abortion attorneys’ argument in Roe. If you can allow abortion in cases of rape, you have to allow it in all cases, because if the unborn are not “persons” then they have no rights. Because Texas did not acknowledge personhood, allowing abortion in rape cases, that means abortion is okay through all nine months of pregnancy and for any reason. The rape exception is the doorway to all abortion. That is why Mitt Romney’s rape exception must not be defended. It’s not about rape. It’s about his position on Roe, that he is for the Roe decision. He is siding with the pro-aborts in denying the personhood of the unborn child.

  • Blabbermouth Schulz is a friggin’ lying sack of stuff i scoop up on my back yard after my dogs are done.

    A leftist politician can’t open their mouth without lying.
    The only thing her mouth would be worth would be to suck some salty sacks.

  • This woman is an extension of Obamas body. She has the same problem as Obama does with the truth. The GOP platform has never ever said that they are against abortion even in incest and rape cases. It says that they are against open abortion for all who want it. Debbie Wassermann is an idiot. she can’t speak without ah ahh ahh ugh ugh weh weh weh. She shows all the signs of a pathological liar. It is the Democrats who voted against equal rights. It is the Democrats that didn’t want to free the slaves. This is a party of divisiveness and hatred. They never let the person interviewing them or stating an opposition statement finish what they are saying. She never answers Andersons question honestly. They keep repeating the lie until they feel people actually believe it.

    • a_priceblue

      Yup! Agree! ‘Pathological Lying’, seems to be a ‘disease’ that is catching in Libs/Dems circles!

  • Democrats like to lie about everything and so does the other party, but to sit here and lie about something on TV, MS Debbie HigH and Mighty needs to be brought down a notch.

  • Thank you Anderson for holding the line and not being swayed to slant this toward the DNC or your own political opinions. You have just gained reporting credibility in my eyes. Both sides need to be held accountable to truth….real truth…

  • Democrat Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is a despicable, desperate, and bold-faced patholigical liar just like Obama, and most of the Democrat Party. Sure, Republicans also can stretch the truth, but the radical, Leftist Democrats who have coopted the traditional Democrat Party, have mastered the art of lying and brought it to a new disgusting low. They will cynically say and do anything in order to maintain hold on power. The American people are starting to wise up and see this deception for what it is, and will extract a devastating toll on Obama and his merry band of Leftists in the November election.

  • obxpatriot

    whats with the Shirley Temple do?

  • orgnor

    Is it any wonder the Washinton Pols are so mistrusted by the voters??

  • a_priceblue

    Well, first of all, Thank The Lord, that CNN is now begining to see that BO/ ‘Minions’, will ‘lie/cheat/steel’ to get this ‘IMPOSTER’ re-elected!!!

  • I am proud of Anderson for standing on the principle of truth and that representing truth and correct information should be the pursuit of anyone in an official public office, especially when they are in campaign mode. But Debbie Schultz blatantly states that the relaying of correct data and being truthful “doesn’t matter.” She says this like three or four times. I am not saying all Democrats are liars, but she certainly is. What a disgrace!

  • tvlgds

    It’s pretty bad when a liberal calls liberals on their lies! I do like Anderson Cooper!

  • BCinSAC

    DSW should have been an abortion….the world be a better place.

  • BCinSAC

    DWS should have been one of the abortions she so lovingly supports. The world would be a much better place!

  • steve talley

    Oh snap … you ….you know it can’t be good for Barry when your so far left that CNN starts pointing out your lies

  • schweiggy

    Way to go Anderson!! I am surprised!! Greasy Hair Wasserman is such a liar and won’t even admit it when she is caught in it!!! She and Obama are two of a kind!!!! I live in Florida and I hope they have the good sense to kick her butt out!!!!

  • This women if I can USE the word women, “IS A NUT CASE”. Demorats continue to lie over and over AGAIN to there party and to OTHER americans they are trying to get to vote for them. My lord WAKE UP America and I think that ALOT of them have started to. Get the word out,, Lets put OUT THE TRUTH,, of course that is ONE Main thing obama and his administration will NEVER EVER EVER EVER tell Americans the truth. Please wake up lefty loonies and others that are NOT sure what is going on,,,, GOOGLE things,, find out for yourself instead of listening to nutballs like this moron. The people that voted this moron in should be Real proud of themselves. Dam you people are dumb.

  • When they handed out brains, Debbie thought they said trains and took one. She is a liar, and idiot.

  • the bottom line ms. schultz you are a flat out liar. It’s time for you to join the unemployment line.

    • GeorgiaPeachie

      Ah, let em keep her! She is the not as good as dear leader at lying and shows him for the liar he is!!!

  • GeorgiaPeachie

    Schultz has a serious “goldilocks” hair thing going! Hers is a hot mess though!! LOL

  • Believe me this is just the tip of the iceberg! I am shocked to see a mainstream media host call out the liberal side and especially Wasserman-Schultz. If people don’t figure out pretty soon that the Obama campaign is built on this kind of propaganda, we are going to be in deep trouble. The dishonesty that she projects and actually tries to justify it using incorrect if not totally madeup claims should bother every person who has even considered voting for Obama. I can tell anyone that I was raised a democrat but the democratic party was vastly different then. Today they are the wolves in sheeps clothing puporting to champion the middle class and poor when their entire agenda screams dishonesty. How can anyone think these people today are for anyone other than themselves?

  • This Witch has a problem. It’s deep in her heart, and I don’t know of anything that can reach that far into the slime and brimstone burning so brightly. It’s obviously the only thing bright about her, becuase she apparently still thinks we’re all stupid enough to believe her lies. I’m kinda surprised at Cooper, but good for him.

  • Poor Debbie Clearly she did not expect this from one of the MSM . What a DITZ

  • bitter49er

    It seems like only yesterday that Wasserman Schultz lied to John Roberts of FNS that she didn’t know if the superPac that put out the odious “Romney’s Bain led to the lady’s cancer” ad was run by a Democrat. She wouldn’t answer Roberts’ question about the PAC man being a former deputy press secretary. This Wasserman Schultz needs to make at least weekly embarrassing appearances on the tube, for all the world to bemoan.

  • This is a PERFECT example of the libbie’s propensity to embrace the slogan “win at all costs,” even if they have to lie, cheat and steal all along the way. Kudos and a hearty “well done” to Mr. Anderson Cooper. He surprised the heck out of me.

  • Looks like to me in this video that DWS has an Adam’s Apple…..just an observation

  • She really plainly said that the means was justified by the end. If the democrat platform is so great then why the con?

  • Looks to me in this video that DWS has an Adam’s Apple……….just an observation.

  • Wow!!!!! BRAVO Anderson! Finally someone interested in keeping politicians and their cronies honest or at least call them out on their exaggerations or lies. With the pressure from DC on most of the media outlets I always take what I hear on the news with a grain of salt. Keep up the good work Anderson! Selective Abortion is wrong and it has nothing to do with reproductive choices. We have those and they are called birth control. What if they had a test to tell if a baby was going to gay? would it be ok to abort a baby if raped, incest, or the baby is gay? Who are we to decide who lives and who dies? We are not the Gods some think. We are created and we continue to belittle what a awesome creation we are. All my love Anderson

  • DWS explains her assertion:

  • PapaLouie

    The truth doesn’t matter according to Blabbermouth Schultz. A truer statement about Democrats has never been spoken.

  • Does anyone remember what DWS looked like when she was just a Wasserman. Always masking the truth. (She’s not blond)

  • DWS … America’s answer to Baghdad Bob!

    • cj

      LOL! “There are no Americans at the Baghdad airport.” He really should have gotten his own late night comedy show.

  • RichPowers

    There are lies………..and then there are Democrat LIES!

    • For some of them, it’s a way of lie-f …

      • cj

        My brother has been institutionalized in a psych ward in California for almost thirty years now, having done so much acid in the ’60s his brain in lock in a delusion so tight no evidence can break him free. WasSheManOrWoman-Schultz’s delusion is even more intense — I wonder how much acid she eat in the ’60s.

  • C all her the liar she is, GOD HELP me. Anderson call her out. The bottom line she is lyingto make her point. Its a lie can’t you guys finally hold both sides accountable. If it looks like dog poop and smells like dog poop Ill bet its dog poop.

  • Romney has flip-flopped so many times on the issues, abortion included, that NO ONE knows what his stance is, NOT EVEN HIM!

    He’s also told so many lies, I’m surprised that his nose hasn’t reached the moon by now.

  • PapaLouie

    So some in the media are not quite willing to go all the way with Debbie in saying “it [the truth] doesn’t matter.” That gives us a glimmer of hope that a few of Obama’s cheerleaders in the MSM may still have a tiny bit of conscience left.

    On the other hand, no one has ever made a truer statement about the modern Democratic Party than Debbie’s remark that the truth doesn’t matter. It should be added to their platform. The only reason they won’t is because doing so would be telling the truth.

  • David Brickner

    That woman make me understand people like h i t l e r ……..

  • David Brickner

    A woman like that makes me understand someone like h i t l e r……

  • Suzyqpie

    Can we as a society, suspend integrity? Please DWS coherently provide your plan/vision for the future of the United States of America. Should we unalertalerily impeach your integrity? We want to hear you and the Democrat plan for the future of the United States of America. waiting….waiting….waiting…

  • David Brickner

    Looks like Disqus censorship is still very much alive………

  • She blinks her eyes when she’s lying… I’m surprised that that anyone in the media is doing any actual investigation of ‘the news’ at all. Lately, the media has been the lapdog of the ‘can do no wrong’ Left… NOT that I want them to be on the Right. I just want them to be a pitbull no matter what side exists!

  • you know it is to bad that her mother did not invoke her right to choose and abort her the world would not be suffering as much now if she had

  • Mika & Susan Cagle

    Couldn’t DWS serve as a perfect example of the complete failure of the American education system?!

    • kong1967

      No, because she turned out exactly like the education system wanted her to…..liberal.

      Seriously, though, I know what your’e saying. She is a perfect example of what our education system teaches our kids….and it is a failure to the principles of a free nation.

  • onegoodteacher

    Laugh Out Loud: DWS says that she finds Romney disingenuous! Seriously! I guess the end justifies the means.

    • kong1967

      It’s especially funny when Cooper just busted her for being disingenuous and dishonest.

  • snowandflowers

    Anderson is so irritating! He refuses to let her finish her sentence and make sense, he’s just stuck on whether she quoted the Newspaper correctly and she did! He’s parsing words that are that were there. Maybe the Newspaper got it wrong! The GOP and the Conservatives misquote all the time, but don’t apologize for it. She didn’t misquote and even if she did, it still is correct that Mitt Romney lies about his positions on Abortion. And Democrats or liberals don’t believe in late term abortions. No wonder you people who listen to Conservative talk shows are so ignorant!! That would only happen in the case of a risk of death to the mother for goodness sake! There are always exceptions, but not as a choice! You are a bunch of fools here, that can’t even comment without calling people names. And that’s the only reason I call you ignorant, not because I like calling people names, but ignorance only shows in your own comments, not mine. I think she did well in keeping her train of thought as much as Anderson was trying upset her any way he could and she wouldn’t back down. I think she won, and Anderson lost! As he will always lose if he tries to stick to only one thing that in no way is what the message was about. He’s a pathetic interviewer. He should try another profession, like a stay at home mom. 🙂

  • kong1967

    Yawn, she’s boring and it’s like listening to a broken record of talking points. Kudos to Anderson Cooper for pointing out her dishonesty even though she won’t admit it.

    When liberals give quotes you have to ignore them. When Obama quoted a conservative woman (can’t remember who) he wasn’t even close to what she said. He didn’t even take a whole sentence out of context. He literally changed what she said and it was the worst butchering of a quote that I have ever heard. Obama is a disgusting pig with not ethics or morals….and so is DWS.

  • Why didn’t someone in the studio with her go over and bump her on the side of the head like you used to do the arm of the record player so it would hop over that annoying spot in the vinyl that skipped back?

  • wrick

    Mitt Romney is disingenuous somehow to DWS, yet it’s not disingenuous to intentionally take a quotation entirely out of context because she feels doing so will help her argument.

    Cooper was far too easy on her for such a ridiculous, indefensible line of reasoning. The real issue is that she is too dumb to do anything but repeat talking points regardless of any counterargument, contradiction, or, in this case, outright falsehood.

  • Dizzyromthespin

    oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive! Keep ’em honest Anderson. When you say your deception “doesn’t matter” you need to get out of politics congress woman. We the people are thankful that people like Anderson are trying to call Washington on the carpet. No spin, just honesty. How refreshing.

  • She’s gotta go.

  • I appreciate Anderson Cooper bringing this to light, but I think he let her off way too easy and never should have allowed her the last word.

  • Seriously? DWS is arguing about whether Romney is on the same page as the Republican Party on the topic of abortion. She wants to argue about an abortion declaration when her side agrees to funding pro-choice, let’s call it what it is – murder, and we are to believe that she is genuinely concerned with Romney’s stance? Give me a break. Stop walking around with your eyes open and you may actually see that the other side is not bad. In addition, for a group of people that pretend to care about those in need, regardless of age, gender, etc., they are the most non-compassionate people ever. Just look at their policies. Think about it, your parents didn’t let you run out into the road, or just make every decision for you did they? You are better off for it because the love that your parents showed you helped you to be self-sufficient and make good decisions. How does Obamacare, entitlement programs, etc., have those same options?

  • Seriously? DWS is arguing about whether Romney is on the same page as the Republican Party on the topic of abortion. She wants to argue about an abortion declaration when her side agrees to funding pro-choice, let’s call it what it is – murder, and we are to believe that she is genuinely concerned with Romney’s stance? Give me a break. Stop walking around with your eyes open and you may actually see that the other side is not bad. In addition, for a group of people that pretend to care about those in need, regardless of age, gender, etc., they are the most non-compassionate people ever. Just look at their policies. Think about it, your parents didn’t let you run out into the road, or just make every decision for you did they? You are better off for it because the love that your parents showed you helped you to be self-sufficient and make good decisions. How does Obamacare, entitlement programs, etc., have those same options?

  • Erik Esquerra

    Anderson Cooper, you’re on your way to greatness. I see a Fox News show in your future!

  • Yeah, she’s sorry alright.. She was upset that her own words and the specific DNC e-mail statement was factually contradicted by Anderson Cooper, and like a typical indoctrinated liberal, she refuses to acknowledge the truth and facts.. just continues her diatribe of lies and propagandist tripe.

  • Erik Esquerra

    This is a great, honest representation of the Left holding itself accountable. In turn, Sean Hannity was extremely disappointing when he played an edited version of an Obama speech claiming that Obama said, “Taxes are scheduled to go up next year… for everybody!” when in reality the first part of that speech was edited out the first part of that statement, “Under the tax plan passed by the last administration…”

    Come on, Righties. can’t win if you are being less honest than “they” are! Especially when you claim “they” are wrong BECAUSE they are dishonest!

  • ConservativeCool

    I don’t think it is very awesome, I think it is very creepy. From the liberal mainstream media who was bending over backwards to kiss Obama’s behind, fully in cahoots with our far left communist Dear Leader, all of the sudden you can name a slew of instances where they’re supportive, helpful, and fair to Romney. It all seems rather coordinated to me, we’ve seen too much of how they work to ever be able to trust them.

    So why support a Republican candidate all of the sudden? Does anyone else see we have a problem here?

  • Wow, I just watched this and I don’t know how those people look at themselves in the mirror. How does it feel to have lie after lie after lie after lie roll off their tongues. I have said all along they will do anything, say anything, intimidate and threaten to be back in the White House. Well, America, this is what you will have if Obama is back in the White House. We are doomed. RIP America.

  • If this sleazbag hag really felt she had a valid case, she wouldn’t need to outright lie all the time. This fundraising letter really puts into the perspective the desperation and underhanded nature of the Dem. party and the thug Obama mindset. I feel sorry for people who are stupid enough to vote for these dirtbags.

  • Landscaper

    Has a topic ever broken 1,000 comments?????

  • I don’t watch Anderson Cooper but I do know, historically he is the typical, left-wing, biased, talking head. I give him props for this. I really wish ALL journalists, left, right and in-between, would realize how they are being used as stooges and propagandists by the government. If there was one change I would like to see take place in this country, I would like to see the media free itself from the dictates of government and just report the truth, regardless of who it exposes.

    By severing ties with the government, we could then begin to expose them, little by little, bit by bit, until their house of cards falls down around them and we can finally see behind the curtain.

    • actionsspeaklouder

      Not if George Soros has anything to say about it . . .

  • Debbie Doucherman Sckank kicks off mental awareness week with aplomb.

  • Looks like the little old Mary Kay lady down the street finally got her mitts on poor Deb Beewasher Manschultz.

  • agas84363

    this women is nuts…she is so in love with obama,she is totally blind …according to this nut,Romney should agree with her, or her gods, (Obama and the DNC) to be right

  • rayban64

    Just like Fast and Furious! If you don’t have the facts to back up your “evidence” then create your own facts. How do you prove the guns killing everyone in Mexico are coming from the US? Sell them guns and wait for it to happen. How do you prove the Romney doesn’t support abortion in any shape or form? Make up your quotes? And even when you are caught in a bold faced lie just explain that it doesn’t matter how it happened because people just need to know the “truth”. And she likes to point out how Romeny supposedly says one thing but supports another yet she ignores the fact that Obama’s entire presidency has been like that.

  • aposematic

    I wouldn’t say Cooper was brutal but his staying on the subject did get DWS to squawk out “the truth doesn’t matter” at one point. So kudos to Cooper for staying on point this time.

    • hbnolikeee

      Tea Bag Boy did ok.

  • Karen Webb

    My question is this: did Anderson Cooper attack the Romney campaign for its repeated “out of context” lines that have been the basis for whole campaign speeches? And if so, did he talk over whoever they sent to respond without allowing them to speak? or was he courteous, as he was not in this interview?

    • hbnolikeee

      gee let’s couch a long question with partisan hack talking points. troll lady, if they play the entire speech a comment is made you’d say it’s out of context.

      but when people want to see things like academic records to put Duh Bumbler in context it’s evil racist rantings.

      you don’t have the right to use the word courteous. you don’t know the meaning of the word. i can find 100s of articles, photos and videos to back up what a bunch of evil thugs the democratic party is controlled by. can you do the same for the Republicans?

      call my challenge, my bluff. and the crickets return…


    But in the end, Anderson let her have the last say and she never backed down for one second. She continued to state her lies as facts and was completely unrepentant about them.


    IF she is not our very own “Bagdad Bob”, we can start calling her “DC Debbie”.

    I think “Debbie Does DC” is already taken by some movie in the past.

    I had a more funny one, but I assure you “DC” does not stand for the good people that live there.

    I also do not want to insult trans-gendered or trans-dressing people here. That is just too close to the limits here at RS that are to help decent People to enjoy this site.

    I think the word “SPEW” has made it into the posts everywhere describing her kind of talk, and Was-a-man has given the real extreme label to what she does wherever she appears.
    Once she starts on HER talking points from the WH, the question to her she was supposed to answer does not matter, and her lies come out like a garden hose wide open, and sprays all over.

    Is it ok to say the Queen of SPEW?

    There, I said it and I meant it, and I want to assure I did not mean to offend anyone but Ms Nasty. I don’t think she has any personal rules that would keep her appearances within some kind of reason.

    I would consider her district for a Medal of Patriotism, if they vote her out.
    That and making sure Mr. SPEW Grayson, does not re-appear on the scene in DC.

    She reminds me of a big COCK-ROACH, that can’t be removed without a mess, but I sure hope her district has the courage to see what a slime ball she really is and REMOVE her from her office.

    Not sure, but I think she is being mentored by Nancy PIGlosi, so NOW you see why she SPEWS so well at suuch a professional SPEWING level.

    QUEEN of SPEW…hmmmm,,,that’ll do pig. I hope it sticks.

  • As a supporter of the Democratic party, this is shameful. Romney has enough dirt that this was not necessary. Win on ideas and win with the truth. You can’t call out Romney as a liar while you’re doing the same thing. Taking things out of context is wrong and I applaud Anderson for taking them to task. We need more people on both sides to call out our parties when they mislead or lie to the American people. Looking the other way when your party does it is disingenuous. If Romney has stated that he would support a bill that got rid of all abortions, use that, but don’t lie about it.


    But in the end, Anderson gave her the last word and she never backed down from her words for a second. She held fast to her lies and was completely unrepentant.

  • RolloMartins

    Do you seriously think Romney couldn’t change the platform–his platform–if he wanted to? Of course he could, he doesn’t want to. He wants it both ways, to be able to say Oh I’m ok with abortion for rape victims AND to say to Tea Baggers Oh but we need to be staunchly pro-life all the way (wink, wink). He’s a phony. He stands for nothing, not that the other side is any better. Voting Green Party.

    • hbnolikeee

      Voting Green Party == Flushing Vote Down Toilet == America Loses

  • zihuarob

    Anderson’s just looking for an audience. He didn’t discredit or “obliterate” anyone. Debbie is right on. Anderson is intentionally ignoring political reality to argue semantics irrelevant to the overall message of the Republican Platform.

    • hbnolikeee

      Debbie is right on? You’re a moron.

      • zihuarob

        That’s your reply? You call me a name? Is that how you shut out reality? Just call it a name and dismiss it? No dialogue, no debate? Straight to the name calling? You represent your political party and its convictions quite well and make me proud to NOT be a part of it. She explained rather well that the Republican Party Platform by default represents Mitt Romney at this juncture in the campaign. You disagree with that? Fine, but insulting folks you don’t know makes you the lesser adult here. Good luck with that.

  • Cooper has no case here. He’s desperately trying to manufacture a Democratic Party twist to match the long list of Republican lies and diss-honesty. Impure sophistry. Cooper doesn’t even understand what the LA Times said in context.

    Cooper is trying to argue about a minor detail that he either doesn’t understand or doesn’t want to. The inescapable point is that the Romney camp suggested NO changes in the NO exceptions party plank, and therefore accepted it as is.

    Clear victory for Debbie and the Democrats on this one.

  • chrisgranner

    How much do you think that will save Loretta?

  • Boris_Badenoff

    lol.. just found this description over at American Thinker by Jayhawk.

    DSW is an Uglo-American… I must agree..

  • Sarvepalli

    I don’t know how anyone can know where Romney stands on abortion given the number of issues, including abortion, healthcare, taxes, economy, etc. that he’s shifted positions on. Since he has no core, he makes it easy for anyone on either side of the aisle to speculate as to where he stands on the issues. Thus the confusion, which is by design.

  • We have much bigger issues facing this country than this Abortion bullshit.

    If a woman wants to sleep around, get pregnant and kill the kid, it is her right to do so while it is in her body – let her do what she wants – let God do the rest. God will also deal with the DR who performs the murder. IF a woman is raped, God will understand.
    WE HAVE NO RIGHT to tell a woman what she can or cannot do with her body – JUST DON’T MAKE ME PAY A PENNY FOR IT. Do it on your own dime – WTF is wrong with a guy spending 50 cents for a condom?

    We have much bigger issues facing this country – like 50% of the people sucking off the Govt tit and calling themselves Democrats or liberals.

    Germany was taken over from within – America is facing the same problem right now.

    Getting back to abortion – let them do their explaining to God at the gates when the time comes.

  • What she said is true. Romney and his campaign did NOT offer any amendments to make any exceptions to the abortion language. Anderson is trying to make it seem like there is a difference between Mitt Romney and his party platform. Does the party support the platform or the Presidential nominee? Typically, Romney wants to be on both sides of the fence. Women understand and will remember in November.

  • PartyOfResason

    Taking things out of context like “You didn’t build that…” Hmmm – maybe if Romney didn’t consistently twist The President’s words and edit them to make it look like he meant something that he did not, this wouldn’t have happened.

  • PartyOfResason

    “Taking things out of context – never heard of Republicans doing that before” – said no intelligent person EVER!

    Sort of like “You didn’t build that…” TOTALLY TAKEN OUT OF CONTEXT. Hmmm – maybe if Romney ad the party didn’t consistently twist The President’s words and edit them to make it look like he meant something that he did not, this wouldn’t have happened.

    Ryan and Akin sponsored and support personhood amendments… while it may not be Romney’s position, it CERTAINLY is Ryan’s – look at his voting record. And one of few bills introduced by Ryan in 14 years? Redefining rape. Again, look it up. These guys are bad news, and anyone not White, Male, and Christian had better look out! Stand up and make sure these millionaires and billionaires don’t win!

  • Good for you Debbie. You stood your ground and you are 100% correct about Mitt Romney and his constant, constant lies and just saying what he thinks his followers want to hear. The man is a loathsome fake. And his new pal Ryan is too. Such a blatant brown noser It’s disgusting to watch them. I love Anderson, but he thinks he found six words to attack you with and look how all these righties are eating it up. What a bunch of desperate morons.

  • California has Nancy Pelosi and Florida has Debbie Wasserman Schultz …

  • California has Nancy Pelosi and Florida its Debbie Wasserman Schultz

  • bobemakk

    I can’t believe Anderson Cooper did this, I thought he was a staunch liberal.

    • papa4444

      He is, but that doesn’t mean he absolutely has to support everything every other liberal does. That’s the problem with the current political mindset. If you dare cross party lines you’re a traitor. It would be nice if more people looked for the truth like he is doing here.

  • Well, I certainly think the characterization of this exchange as Cooper “completely expos[ing]” Schultz and Schultz’s actions as “lies” is pretty wildly inaccurate, probably coming from a Romney supporter grasping at straws.

    While misquoting the LA Times is intellectually dishonest and reprehensible, as Cooper in fact notes, doing so wasn’t at all necessary to make the DNC’s case. And while Cooper’s argument that the Republican Party’s platform language is virtually identical to earlier platforms (though, interestingly, we never actually get to see that language, so we are asked to rely on his intellectual honesty about this), he never directly addresses Schultz’s repeated insistence that Romney’s representatives at the platform talks did nothing to alter that language when they had the opportunity to do so. And the two “lies” of which Schultz is here accused–quoting out of context and misrepresenting Romney’s position–seem nit-picking compared to the constantly shifting and duplicitous character of the Romney campaign.

    Furthermore, this exchange represents a lack of decorum and a rudeness that appears to have become pervasive in American culture. Over and over again, Cooper interrupts Schultz and talks over her, rarely allowing her to get out more than two sentences, let alone complete a thought. In this sense, the broadcast provides an example of telecommunication’s worst influence on the people of our country.

    In fact, Schultz seems to have used this interview bravely to reiterate and repeatedly bring home the DNC’s important message that women’s health and rights desperately need to be protected. Furthermore, I’m not at all sure Anderson Cooper wasn’t in fact secretly happy to give her that chance.

  • Clyde Hensley

    Gee, Anderson. I don’t see where you have attacked Fox News for completely changing the meaning of their recap of a Politico article in which The Politico title “Obama doesn’t take SEAL group attacks ‘seriously’” on Fox News becomes “Obama Takes On Navy SEALS: ‘I Don’t Take These Folks Too Seriously’,” completely changing the setup to the piece.

    Tell me this doesn’t go beyond the bounds of acceptable behavior! From the August 20 Fox Nation

  • papa4444

    That really wasn’t brutal at all. No one was “obliterated.” I think she held up fairly well. She lost it a little in the middle, but towards the end she sort of acknowledged the incorrect quote and that helped her look better.

  • David Hollingshead

    I feel slimy after watching Wasserman explain how the inaccuracy doesn’t matter, and I’m liberal. This isn’t what party representatives should be doing, and she’s flat wrong that a candidate needs to follow the party platform to the T, as evidenced by Obama’s nomination in 2008.

  • Akin messes up – GOP pressure him to stand down. DWS messes up here – Dems defend her. You’re not fooling the rest of the world. If it wasn’t for Anderson Cooper, it would look like all Dems are as sleazy as DWS. #ViewFromAbroad

  • Spongeworthy_Bob

    What a lying


  • DWS is such a hypocrite and a liar . When it comes to lying She Pelosi , and Reid are all the same.

  • I’m a liberal. I hope Obama wins. Ripping sentences out of context like that is shameful, and the DNC chair comes across as both stupid and bull-headed.

  • Jay

    “The Bottom Line”, DWS, is that the DNC is LYING through its’ teeth to make political points. When you wake up that morning in November, and you have been soundly defeated at the ballot box, you will lose your position as party chair…and the incumbent will begin packing for his move back to Chicago.

  • Thomas Estes

    Speaking as a liberal democrat, DWS is a terrible advocate for my political beliefs. She is just bad. Like literally with no time or training how about…
    “Well Anderson, Mr. Romney has taken many positions on many issues. In the 1990s he was pro-choice and promised to defend a woman’s right to choose. But Romney told Mike Huckabee he would fight for a Personhood Amendment which, as you know would illegalize all abortions, in all cases, and make most forms of birth control illegal.
    Recently he chose Paul Ryan as his running mate who cosponsored House Resolution 3 with Todd Akin that sought to redefine rape, and in recent interview Paul Ryan reaffirmed his anti-choice position no matter ‘the method of conception’. Anderson I, as I think all women should, take this to mean that if Paul Ryan were to have his way American women would be forced by their government to carry their rapist’s baby against the woman’s will.
    And my position is simply that when it comes to an individual’s body, the individual is in the best position to make decisions about what happens to it, and a government bureaucracy shouldn’t be one to make these decisions. But supposedly small-government conservatives like Romney, Ryan, and Akin disagree. Any more questions Anderson?”

    Boom. Easy. But no, DWS does a crappy job every time she’s on TV, and whenever she’s interrupted she acts like she is about to flip her lid. She really needs to never be in front of a live television camera.

    • toongoon

      “And my position is simply that when it comes to an individual’s body, the individual is in the best position to make decisions about what happens to it, and a government bureaucracy shouldn’t be one to make these decisions.” – Thomas Estes

      Very interesting comment, obamatax is going to be the biggest government bureaucracy this nation has ever seen. As a liberal democrat I’m sure you support it.

  • Nick

    How many of the posters here want to both ban abortion and eliminate government programs that support children? Seems to me that if you’re in favor of the child coming into this world, you would also be in favor of helping take care of it.

    • Xavier624

      I think most people here would like welfare controlled at the local level instead of the federal government taking our money, letting politicians skim their take off the top, and then sending it across the country to who knows where with no ability to control fraud and waste. The monitoring of the current federal welfare system is similar to Fast & Furious and I have my doubts that “children” are the recipients of much of the money.

      • Nick

        Although welfare could be considered, I was thinking more about food stamps and WIC. I’m just trying to figure out how somebody can be in favor of requiring a woman to bring a child into the world and also in favor of denying her any assistance in providing for that child if the need is there. It reminds me of the 80s tag line “Protecting the right to life from conception to birth.”

        There are definitely problems with where the money goes and how it is spent, but the fraud and waste in SNAP and WIC are, from all I can find, much less than in traditional welfare programs. It’s possible to lock those programs down even further, but only by requiring recipients purchase only certain brands of products (government choosing one business over another–not something I’d like to see). And I don’t think returning control to the states is the answer, either. It’s long been shown that when neighboring states treat their poor quite differently, the poor will move to the state with the best treatment, and thus increase costs to taxpayers in that state.

        • Xavier624

          All those programs could be done more efficiently at the local or state level. I don’t know anyone who is against taking care of the needy and I know many who give their time and money to do it voluntarily. I think I made my point….the feds take our money and spend it on whatever they want, usually something that benefits themselves more than the needy. Let’s put an end to the money laundering and service duplication.

          • Nick

            Oh, absolutely. I’d like to see a lot of the federal programs go back to the states. But I’d expect that some states will provide better social programs than other states. People will then move to the states with the best benefits; this has happened before. On the surface, it’s a good thing for the states losing these people, because the cost of their social programs goes down accordingly. But many of the states that will probably lose population because their social programs provide less also depend heavily on sales tax receipts for funding (Texas is a prime example). At some point, the loss of population will begin to have a negative effect in tax receipts.

  • Xavier624

    In normal times the Democrats would have fielded candidates like Romney and Huntsman. It’s obvious the far-left radicals have hijacked the Democrat Party. To try to paint Mitt Romney as a right-winger is just making the Progressive radicals look ridiculous. Cooper did a good job of exposing their games.

  • reason1984

    Debbie Wasserman-Schputz was schputtering towards the end. Hat tip to Mr. Cooper for putting her paws to the fire.

  • JWilsonNH

    As long as the subject is abortion, Republicans are losing. DWS cleaned Anderson Cooper’s [and Romney’s] clock because abortion was the only subject discussed. DWS got to repeat her talking points time and again and Cooper could only bleat that she had misquoted a newspaper in some stupid fund-raising email. Total fail on Cooper’s part.

    • Were you watching the seem thing I watched. Debbie is such an idiot that the Obama team polled her for feedback, she came in last as spokeswoman for the Obama re-election team.

  • Hm, not sure I agree with Anderson here. The quote states that Romney’s campaign directed these changes to be made, but that delegates for him had voted these changes down.

    Ok. So, these changes are not in the final platform, but at the direction of his campaign would have been added, ie. sweeping changes to Roe v Wade. That the changes did not survive pre-election does not by any stretch of the imagination mean that the man will not reintroduce them once elected, and given Paul Ryan’s vacillating stance it can be assumed that a Romney presidency would indeed do what the DNC has suggested.

    I think it is Anderson being a little disingenuous here, not the DNC. I can see where he is coming from, but the lifting of these seven words from their context does not in any way change the fact that the seven words were indeed mooted by Romney’s campaign.

    Wasserman Schultz is correct here. And reading the comments to this post, I wonder if Anderson might backtrack in his criticism.

    And at the end of the day, if this is the most the DNC has done, given the outright lies on the side of the Right, I’m going to give them a pass.

  • Layth Jato

    It is very simple …. I am a democrat but this woman is and always been a lying Bitch.

    If she stays on the ticket, I am changing my vote ….

  • Amy

    What a bald-faced liar!!! She definitely has a way about her!! Just like a bull in a china shop . . . . if they don’t get out of the way, run ’em over!! And she is an elected official!! What were those people thinking??

  • Richard Aries

    How would the Romney campaign use this “obliteration”? Would he say, “I have no control over my party’s platform? Would he (dare) suggest that he doesn’t fully endorse this gruesome plank? Or that he does? For the imminent “leader” of his party, he definitely seems to be living up to Newsweek’s cover–very wimpy.

  • Richard Aries

    How would the Romney campaign use this “obliteration”? Would he say, “I have no control over my party’s platform? Would he (dare) suggest that he doesn’t fully endorse this gruesome plank? Or that he does? For the imminent “leader” of his party, he definitely seems to be living up to Newsweek’s cover–very wimpy.

  • She falls back on the talking points and lies whenever she has no substance to take a stand on.

    This occurs virtually every time she opens her mouth.

  • So Romney’s people were in the room, and offered no changes to the abortion plank. And somehow that means they don’t approve of the abortion plank?

    Care to rethink that, David?

    Why weren’t they arguing for Romney’s position?

  • 888keys

    Hmm…similar to taking the …”you didn’t build that” comment out of context. Both sides are complete idiots. We need a better government

    • How was it taken out of context? Ive read the entire paragraph. The ONLY way that is taken out of context is if you include the “what he really meant” spin afterwords.

      • 888keys

        I actually watched it in real time, and he was clearly talking about infrastructure (the roads and the sidewalks that lead to your business.) I don’t get paid to defend or bash any candidate and I don’t have a dog in the fight. I just really don’t understand why these guys are constantly misunderstood and taken out of context.

  • Cooper didn’t “obliterate” this lying lib. He allowed her to continue to make her point, even at the end she said that “the bottom line is that Romney’s campaign wrote an anti-abortion clause in the platform.” He even danced around the fact that she is nothing but a dishonest lying shill for the liberal socialist party when he said that she “maybe by mistake” put the sentence portion from the L.A. Times in her email when she PURPOSELY misquoted the paper.
    Cooper should have called her a liar, continued to call her a liar till she either apologized or walked off in frustration. When it comes to facing down the Democratic destroyers of our Republic the media just chills at the prospect of losing the favor of these people. One of these days they will discover what it’s like to be really free.

  • She talked over him every time Anderson tried to point out her lies and misquotes.

    • because she is grossly shameless….”the TRUTH doesn’t matter’…..IT DOES MATTER PINOCCHIO!!…you don’t know what TRUTH means because you live your life by lying!….scornful liar!
      She’s a fraud…..can you imagine if she was your roommate?…. she’ll steal your boyfriend, your food, your money.. & your brilliant ideas!//wonder if she plagiarized while in College/university?

  • Debbie Waserman Shultz Gets Called Out….On Her Inaccurate Statements That Are In Fact… Based On An LA Times Post THAT SHE Purposely MISQUOTES…TO MISLEAD Women VOTERS In An E Mail Asking For Campaign Contributions For OBLAMEO…Paul Ryan Has Handed Her…HER BUTT EVERYTIME She Debates Him….SHE LIES!!!!! A LOT!!! Pretty SAD That FACTS Are TWISTED In This Manner….PATHETIC…If You Ask Me

  • Derbyhat

    Sooner or later she’ll blow a gasket over her lies. She knows “the sky is falling” on her parade and all her truthless cackling is not going to change it. Our job is to make that blown gasket as public as possible!

  • Derbyhat

    Sooner or later she’ll blow a gasket over her lies. She knows “the sky is falling” on her parade and all her truthless cackling is not going to change it. Our job is to make that blown gasket as public as possible!

  • Derbyhat

    I don’t believe in abortion with a few exceptions. It seems that DWS believes in abortion on demand. Debbie was born in 1966 and before Roe v Wade. If she were born just seven years later, we may be having only one conversation about a pathological liar instead of two!

  • joedog

    The reason DWS sent out a fund-raising email full of lies is that they can’t make their case based on facts and truth, and so must use fraud to get money from people, and fraud to get people to support them.

    DWS is a lying, dishonest, crook, and should be impeached and imprisoned for slander and fraud.

  • Anderson Grow Some Balls and CUT this Bitch Off

  • JimMcKee

    Is Debbie Wasserman Schultz still a crack-ho?

  • I am a 51 year old “woman”. I have seen and heard people like her for the last 3 1/2 years, I am Done!!!!! Vote them out!!!!

  • It’s sad when truth doesn’t matter. Welcome to 1984.

  • The Democrat party chose DWS as their spokesperson. Doesn’t speak much for them, does it?

  • Regardless of who the President becomes this country will never get out of debt; the good Lord himself could not do it – shame on those folks in congress who are not concerned about the people!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • You are wrong Frank – It only takes a little common sense, discipline and business intelligence.
    Something SERIOUSLY MISSING in Washington. Romney can fix it. He is a BUSINESSMAN. Not a moronic politician who got in a position of power because of being a member of the “Lucky Sperm Club” or “affirmative action hiring” of completely unqualified people

  • This woman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a compulsive barefaced pathological liar!…just like Stephanie Cutter & Bill Burton & John Burton!
    Anderson caught Schultz in more than one lies…the above is one, another one is when she was asked about the Super PAC Ad in which the DNC blamed / suggested Romney for being the cause of Joe Soptic’s wife’s death! These people are so shameless, they should go & crawl under a rock & hide their swine faces! You folks should choke on your lies!!
    Ms. Compulsive Liar, you are NOT speaking on behalf of all women!
    You are a disgrace to many women!
    No credibility…SCUMBAG!!
    The National Debt X PINOCCHIO!!
    $ 1 6 , 0 5 2 , 5 4 4 , 5 1 8 , 5 4 9 . 1 2 debt……proud of your guy, Obama?
    Get lost, liar!!!!

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