CAPTION THIS: Awkward photo of Obama and Putin

The official caption by Reuters is this: Putin, Obama disagree over Syria at tense G8 summit meeting. However, I thought you guys would like to try your hand at it as well. Let’s see who gets the most ‘likes’ on their comment:


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  • DebbyX

    “If I don’t get what I WANT……………..I’m gonna sit here and pout until I DO!

  • SirrusRider

    The KGB and the Wannabe.

  • Joyceyb

    Mommy told me there’d be days like this…..

  • alumin

    Barry: “If I tell them I slept all the way through Benghazi, I wonder if that will float?”
    Putin: “Well…crap usually does”

  • CaseyGeorge

    Vladmir Putin and Barack Obama share a tense moment while awaiting the judges’ scoring of their semifinal matchup at the World Dictator Championship

  • JulieBennett

    BHO…Humm I smell fried chicken. When’s lunch?

  • Matt2Matt

    “Frank Marshall Davis didn’t teach you everything, son.”

  • uncmetsgal

    Two Dictatorial Thugs walk into a G-8 Convention one day. . . .

    • The Sentinel



    … who is going to be on the right side of History in this conflict , I personally do not want to support the Muslim Brotherhood so I guess Putin WINS . So much for Mao Obama ‘s legacy as he will go down in the annals of History as just a Community Organizer from Kenya and educated in the Muslim Ideology in Indonesia . That’s the TRUTH .”

  • 216Toni

    Obama “hmm. how long do i have to sit here before my vacation starts?”  Putin “Poor America.  What the Russians would give to have their freedom and they elected this idiot who is destroying it.”

  • clockwindingdown

    Losers having a pity party!

  • alumin

    Barry: “Unfortunately this will be my last term in office – but cheer up – we’re trying to get Hillary in”
    Putin: “Oh crap, I hate that [email protected]#*!”

  • lonestar1

    “Why can’t I go home and look at my Super Bowl ring instead?”

  • Stehekin912

    Is this thing on?

  • mikemc1970

    My sadness, dear comrade, at our disagreement on Syria, because we agree on everything else, at the fundamental level.

  • TRMirCat

    The Awkward Date

  • bfunk

    The Committee for High-Water Nerdy Pants meets now!

  • pushtheredbutton


  • marky_d

    ”Why do I have to sit here with this damn power crazed commie?…
    I’m going back to Russia!”

  • Putin “dang it he’s more commie than I am”
    dear leader “since I’ve got more flexibility he doesn’t like me anymore”

  • Theresaaa

    Obama : We should have planned this for outside , I could have called in the Marines to shield us from the sun . 
    Putin :  That would have been a great photo to share at home , Me with a U.S Marine as my servant .  Oh well , maybe next time I visit it will rain .

  • “The kids wrote a song about me! Wanna hear it?  *MMMMM, mmmm, MMMMMM….*”

    • The Sentinel


  • mikemc1970

    “So your Secret Service detail can no longer find you some tail, while on the road, because of the scandals? I feel your pain comrade.”

  • JoelDick

    “Vladmir, I don’t think they were joking when they said the bacon wasn’t cooked enough…”

  • d1carter

    Vlad: So, what happened to that flexibility thing…?

  • Susanb958

    “But I really like that Superbowl ring”.

  • mcgurn

    obama: “I know this certain bathhouse in Chicago”. Putin,: ” I thought you’d never ask”!

  • “For the love of Mother Russia, will this идиот just go ahead and order the chicken salad like everyone else?”

  • donnad9999

    Time outs for both of you!

  • CarolMcIntyre

    Obama:  I stole a whole election!
    Putin:  And all I got was a lousy Superbowl ring!

  • “блин, I miss the old firing squad.”


    Looks as though these guys are thinking about the same thing we citizens are , how in the heck are we going to pay for obamacare and still have a nation not washed down the drain by debt and to dirty to clean in the first place, from it.s bilt in snares.

  • The Sentinel

    What political constipation looks like.

  • alumin

    Barry: Uh Uh Uh Uh, wait a minute, ummmm
    Putin: and Femen calls ME stupid?!


    They look helpless, maybe they both are thinking about the incoming space object called ISON. They really do look helpless, very strange photo.  ISON worries many people, especially after the Russian Meteor strikes, earlier this year,.2013. amazing and concerning.

  • RocklinConservative

    Mic Check!

  • doofuschmartz

    “Yo, Vlad…In America, we use MOM, short for milk of magnesia…works every time. I don’t know how you say it in Russian”
    “Thanks, BO…uh…that mic is turned off, right?

    • Keyes

      In Russian it’s pronounced….VODKA.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    obama:  Should we discuss Syria, the Middle East, America/Russia relations, or the Super Bowl ring?  Yeah, I think I’ll go with the Super Bowl ring!  The media will really play that up back home!

  • Pyrran

    This is the church, this is the steeple, open the doors, and there are the people!
    It’s ok Barry, nobody gets it right the first time.

  • MiBones

    “The thrill is gone”

    The thrill is gone
    The thrill is gone away
    The thrill is gone baby
    The thrill is gone away
    You know you done me wrong baby
    And you’ll be sorry someday

    Credit to B.B.KIng

  • notebene

    Odumbo and Putin stumped on playing “Rock, paper, scissors” to decide on Syria.  Neither can remember the rules, but don’t follow them anyway!

  • sofedup

    O’Bomb: “I really could use a smoke!”
    Putin: “Maybe if I look away long enough he will just go away.”

    • BrianJones1

      sofedup I wish I could “like” this twice!

  • kituwahson

    okay tomorrow I wear the white shirt and you wear the blue shirt.

  • Kab59

    A disappointed father (Putin) and a throughly chastised child (Dear Leader)

  • Obama: “Hey, I, ah…didn’t know Michelle would er, do that…” 
    Putin: “At least a bath towel is too much to ask?”

  • Political Pugilist

    to self: I’ll just sit here real still so he can use my example on how
    to sit like a man and not crossed legged like a woman.
    Obama to self: No matter what… remember…don’t cross the legs… don’t cross the legs… oh!… stop twisting the ankle… stop twisting the ankle… ummmm…remember… sit like a man… sit like a man…

  • 3seven77

    Obama: “I’m at this stupid G8 summit when I could be out golfing with Reggie Love.”
    Putin: “I’m at this stupid G8 summit when I could be out hunting bears. Naked.”

  • Reset Button

    • tinlizzieowner

      How about ‘control-alt-delete’. 🙂

  • Keyes

    Putin….this Man Love thing just didn’t do it for me.
    Obama….He’s no Reggie Love.

    • No_BlahBlah

      Keyes LOL
      “,,, wow, I wonder if he still respects me,,sniff, sniffle,” oCommie.
      “,,,,wow, do I have to stay here much longer? For all the practice this fairy gets, what a bum*#k,,,,, and I really NEED a cigarette!” Putin.

  • notebene

    Misery loves company!

  • NullUnit60

    Obama: “Just a little longer.  I hope the toilet is where they told me it is.”

    Putin:  “Why am I sitting here with this _______ (you’ll have to come up with your own creative pronoun–I won’t use the one Pootie-Poot is thinking)?

  • DHardy

    I heard part of the speech Putin made..and the fact that Obama is supporting some very bad radicals that have a video out of the rebel leader eating the heart and liver of a Syrian soldier. I would rather have Putin as a president than Obama..At least he isn’t supporting radical Islam..Plus their is new evidence out that Obama and team might have used chemical weapons on Rebels to get support to go into Syria and support these Rebels..It’s getting really ugly and sounds a lot like Fast and Furious and a few other questionable events Obama has been involved in…

    • kong1967

      DHardy It’s like I said before, Putin is a real leader and Obama isn’t.  Obama just wants social justice,  power, and a weakened socialized state.  We may not like Putin, but he actually leads his country and makes decisions.  Obama knows how to break the law behind everyone’s backs and use the government as a weapon against us, but he doesn’t have a clue about foreign policy….other than to get behind wars that will replace dictators with radical Islamists.

  • fbi10

    “We are both terrible at our jobs…”

  • jedward1000

    Obama—“you idiot” (about himself)
    Putin— sigh “I really wanted Syria to ignite another cold war”

  • DanM123

    Question by moderator: Can either of you answer my question truthfully?

    • No_BlahBlah

      DanM123 it depends on what the meaning of ‘truthfully’ is, ,,, is

  • WBCSaint

    One of these men is a dictator and one is Vladimir Putin. You pick which is which……

    • No_BlahBlah

      WBCSaint LOL
      One of these men is a dictator and one is a KGB agent. You pick which

  • harryojam

    Two Commie Peas  In A Pod! The two most dishonest SOBs on the Earth.

    • JoelDick

      That reminds me of a joke:
      What’s the difference between Obama and Osama?
      One’s a radical extremist who hates America, and one’s sitting at the bottom of the ocean with a bullet in his head.

  • Joneshuynh

    Couple in fight

  • NYGino

    ”  I know you don’t want to talk about and neither do I.” 
            “No, I don’t, There’s nothing to discuss.  He gave m the Super Bowl ring as a present.”
    ” That’s not what Robert Kraft told me and he’s no liar.”
                “Well, you would know all about liars, wouldn’t you?”
    “What do you mean by that?  Didn’t you get the message that after the election I would have more flexibility/”
                 “Yes you did, but even us Russians understand that anybody that would turn on his own country and play those untruthful games you do, well he’s the last person we would trust.  You have no currency with us.  You have no respect from us.  You are in no position of importance to us considering how you have trashed your office.”
    ” Please give me back the ring Mr. Putin.  Kraft is a big shot in a very blue state and I really don’t want to lose their votes.  How about I trade you the ring for a Supreme court justice of your choice next go around?” 
                   ” Let me think about it, that might work.  Hey, this conversation isn’t being recorded is it?”

  • JozeJimenez

    Obama: better hide my muslim ring before putin steals it
    Putin: i dont want that ugly f#%&kn thing

    • kong1967

      JozeJimenez OMG, ROFLMAO!!  I’ve laughed at several of them here, but I can’t stop laughing at this.  This one’s great.

  • ctnacdlt

    I wish the teleprompter would get here so we can get started.

  • CalCoolidge

    Chimp and Chump

    • doofuschmartz

      Very excellent…

  • “He’s just not that into you, Barack. You’ll have to dance a little more if you want to get this guy’s attention.”

    • kong1967

      Libertyship46  Obama looks completely lost.

  • vikingonmaui

    Spying? What spying…….I’m here for the ring.

  • GeoffCaldwell

    I know I said I’d have more flexibility in my 2nd term but damn Vlad, the Russian pretzel maneuver?

  • DonVitoWI

    “Yepp!”               “Did you know they took Superman”s red underwear away?”

  • vibora_volando

    This nation leading stuff really sucks

  • BlackDeCaptain

    One of them looks passive, and its easy to tell who was the dominant one

  • rjcylon

    So close. And yet so far.

  • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

    Ubama:   ‘Hmmmmm!  Maybe Ronald Reagan was underestimated after all.’

  • doofuschmartz

    “Nyett! You big-eared BOzo! I’m not a racist! But just because I’m getting a divorce doesn’t mean I’m interested in trying…new things…in my country we put homos in prison! I don’t care if your feelings are hurt either…

  • golfmax13

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, you play any golf Vlad?

  • tinlizzieowner

    “Gee Vlad, I’m sorry your favorite Hooker had to run off to a ‘Gulag’ in Siberia but I’ll get you a new one and throw in discs of all my speeches, if you give the Super Bowl ring back”.
    😉 😉

  • SheerPolitics

    “Guys, can we get a comment on the SC’s ruling that a suspect’s silence during informal police questioning can be used as evidence of guilt unless the suspect invokes his 5th amendment right?”
    Yeah they both look guilty to me.

    • kong1967

      SheerPolitics You can’t be serious!  This is an awful decision!  Everyone knows not to say anything to police if you get arrested and to wait for your lawyer.  Even people that have never committed a crime and have never been arrested.  The reason you keep silent is because they police many times try to coerce you into saying something that isn’t true.  A lot of interrogators are crooked as he** and don’t obey the law.  They push people into confessions by threatening them or whatever other tactics they have up their sleeves.

    • kong1967

      SheerPolitics Additionally, “anything you say can and will be used against you”, so even if you’re innocent it  is wise to wait for your lawyer.  If you get confused with the interrogation you could be cooking your own goose by not being consistent and it will be used against you.

  • Larchmonter

    Capon versus fighting cock.

  • opinionatedhermit

    This job is hard.

  • brazen_infidel

    Hmmm, can this cracker actually be badder than me?

  • WordsFailMe

    That lip sucking thing, that’s a “tell” in the culture and body language books. Anybody know what mental state it represents? In a human?

    • kong1967

      WordsFailMe   I’m not sure.  Maybe one of “I’m not getting anywhere”?
      Oh, never mind.  You said human.  Obama is a monkey.
      To any liberal who accuses me of being racist….bug off.  I’m talking about his ears, not his race.

  • ChrisDias

    They are friends.. What did Obama say that he was going to give Putin more (a lot more) once he gets elected? Putin know he holds the real power. Obama is trying to be liked, but he knows he is just dog doodoo on Putin’s shoes–still trying, but he’s simply a lapdog for the bigger Marxist.

    • kong1967

      ChrisDias  Putin is a real leader, Obama isn’t.   Obama thinks he can get the world to kiss his feet by offering a bunch of freebies with nothing in return.  
      Obama:  I will tear down our missile defense systems after I get elected.
      Putin:  What do you want in return?
      Obama:  Nothing, we have too much leverage over you and I want to remove it.
      Obama (thinking to himself):  I just made a best friend that will follow my lead.
      Putin (thinking to himself):  This guy is a real idiot.  How did he ever get elected?

  • DarkKnight2016

    Obama’s mind: “I could really go for one of those GSA parties, they’re more fun than the IRS parties”
    Putin’ mind: “So that’s how they found out I stole a Super Bowl ring”

  • kong1967

    Obama thinking……”I can’t believe Putin actually wants me to work.   I wonder if Martha’s Vineyard is available this weekend.”
    Putin thinking……”I can’t believe they expect me to waste my afternoon with this putz”.

  • Dr. Strangelove

    0: I wanna go home. Where’s my blanky?
    Putin: I haven’t been this bored since Gorby’s last dinner party.

  • TwinMs_OneE

    Both are
    pondering the same thought….”Communism fails”

  • ryanomaniac

    Obama looks like the kid who is about to get his ass kicked after school.

  • boats48

    Obama: This guy just fails recognize my greatness!————–This guy just fails to recognize my greatness!: Putin

  • No_BlahBlah

    “I knew I would have a good reason to keep that Super Bowl rIng.”

    • KenInIl

      No_BlahBlah P: “Could I see your wedding ring?”

  • No_BlahBlah

    “The Only thing I asked you to do was to Destroy the Constitution and the Rule of Law while converting All government agencies and departments into communist organs,
    and you can’t even finish that.”
    “Have you EVER finished any task in your life?”

  • brjohnson

    Obama: I wonder if he would forgive me if I kissed him on the mouth.
    Putin: I told this guy to shine my shoes, what is he waiting for?

  • toongoon

    And in entertainment news, Barack Obama and Vlad Putin were the runner ups in the Win A Date With Assad contest.  A triumphant Tayyip Erdogan leapt off the stage with Assad leaving the two world leaders bewildered and distraught.

  • joyfulgiver

    I lied, my hands are tied!

  • Always a Marine

    Reminds me of Stalin and Hitler – two leftist thugs competing with each other.

  • rockfish

    “Lets have a moment of silence in honor of the 90,000 dead Syrians”

  • WordsFailMe

    Lip sucking is an indication of oral fixation and is a substitute for thumb sucking which is a substitute for….. And you can’t see it but Obama’s chair is wet.
    Like Chinese Emperor Pu Yi , as portrayed in the wean-scene of the movie, “The Last Emperor” Obama looks like he is about to utter the famous words, “I want my butterfly…..Valerie!”
    Is there a man more cowardly, inept, out of his element and detestable than this?

    • Always a Marine

      WordsFailMe Maybe he’s thinking of Larry

  • pmb88

    O: “mmmm, ice cream”
    P:  “Can I go home now?”

  • SamSon7

    O:  Oh s***! Where is my teleprompter?! How am I supposed to know what to say without my teleprompter?!
    P: Stupid Americans! I am reduced to a photo op with a community organizer. There is but one thing to do to salvage this moment… I shall remove my shirt.

  • temi227

    Obama’s wondering, How in the world can I blame this one on Bush?

  • GetRealFellas

    Obama and Putin unite in prayer for a Syrian miracle after realizing that both of their competing strategies are a day late and a dollar short!

  • DanielDJanson

    Obama……. sure wish i was having ice cream in Hawaii 
    Putin……….sure wish this guy was having ice cream in Hawaii