**VIDEO FIXED** Carney: We had no reports of possible attacks ahead of time — but is it true?


This morning Carney was asked about the blockbuster claim that the White House had advance warning of attacks on Libya/Egypt, but he said categorically that claim is false:

According to the press that’s simply not true:

Ayman Al-Zawahri Also Called For Revenge For The Death Of A Senior Libyan Member Of The Terror Group Abu Yahya Al-Libi. “A pro-al Qaeda group responsible for a previous armed assault on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi is the chief suspect in Tuesday’s attack that killed the U.S. ambassador to Libya, sources tracking militant Islamist groups in eastern Libya say. They also note that the attack immediately followed a call from al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri for revenge for the death in June of a senior Libyan member of the terror group Abu Yahya al-Libi.” (Nic Robertson, “Pro-Al Qaeda Group Seen Behind Deadly Benghazi Attack,” CNN, 9/12/12)

USA Today: “Deadly Embassy Attacks Were Days In The Making” (USA Today, 9/12/12)

  • “The Protest Was Planned By Salafists Well Before News Circulated Of An Objectionable Video Ridiculing Islam’s Prophet…” “The protest was planned by Salafists well before news circulated of an objectionable video ridiculing Islam’s prophet, Mohammed, said Eric Trager, an expert at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.” (Sara Lynch And Oren Dorell, “Deadly Embassy Attacks Were Days In The Making,” USA Today, 9/12/12)
  • A Protest Outside The U.S. Embassy In Cairo Was Announced On August 30, 2012 To Protest The Imprisonment Of Their Spiritual Leader, Who Is Jailed For The 1993 World Trade Center Bombings. “The protest outside the U.S. Embassy in Cairo was announced Aug. 30 by Jamaa Islamiya, a State Department-designated terrorist group, to protest the ongoing imprisonment of its spiritual leader, Sheikh Omar abdel Rahman. He is serving a life sentence in the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center.” (Sara Lynch And Oren Dorell, “Deadly Embassy Attacks Were Days In The Making,” USA Today, 9/12/12)

And I’ll add another to the mix (via Raymond Ibrahim on Sept. 10):

Jihadis Threaten to Burn U.S. Embassy in Cairo

Jihadi groups in Egypt, including Islamic Jihad, the Sunni Group, and Al Gamaa Al Islamiyya have issued a statement threatening to burn the U.S. Embassy in Cairo to the ground.

According to El Fagr, they are calling for the immediate release of the Islamic jihadis who are imprisonment and in detention centers in the U.S. including Guantanamo Bay: “The group, which consists of many members from al-Qaeda, called [especially] for the quick release of the jihadi [mujahid] sheikh, Omar Abdul Rahman [the “Blind Sheikh”], whom they described as a scholar and jihadi who sacrificed his life for the Egyptian Umma, who was ignored by the Mubarak regime, and [President] Morsi is refusing to intervene on his behalf and release him, despite promising that he would. The Islamic Group has threatened to burn the U.S. Embassy in Cairo with those in it, and taking hostage those who remain [alive], unless the Blind Sheikh is immediately released.”

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  • pathetic example of a human being.

    • E. Lee Zimmerman

      Brilliant, Martha. None of us could’ve said it so succinctly today. Kudos.

    • Don

      Jay Carney makes Baghdad Bob look like he knew what he was talking about. I am curious how much they pay Carney to be a babbling fool? It has to be more than the minimum wage.

  • MiketheMarine

    We should release the prisoners. From a C-130 at about 18000 feet.

    • “yeah we’re not sure whey they wanted to jump without parachutes…they said something about Allahu Ackbar…”

      • MiketheMarine

        That brings to mind an old cliche, Scoop. When pigs grow wings ! LOL

    • No that would give them time to think about their demise and possibly repent. 300 feet at 360 MPH, for a C-130, should about do it. Aim for nearest pig farm. Sorry pigs.

      • MiketheMarine

        I like the way you think. Pilot, by chance?

        • Nah, just a fellow Jarhead. Semper Fi!

          • MiketheMarine

            Semper Fi, Brother. Hey, maybe you know. When did we stop posting Marines at embassies?

            • WordsFailMe

              Sept 10, 2012—lol

              • MiketheMarine

                Embassy duty has always been assigned for only the very best of the best. Doesn’t surprise me if this administration figures that Marines, by definition, don’t qualify any longer.

    • Army_Pilot1967

      LOL…..do ya think that’s high enough, Mike? What’s wrong with 20,000 feet?

      • MiketheMarine

        You are the pilot. What is the highest altitude we can drop them without them asphyxiating or freezing?

        • Army_Pilot1967

          I was a helicopter pilot. Ordinarily I didn’t fly all that high because helicopters don’t have oxygen equipment, except for high altitude rescue helicopters. Anything below 10,000 would suffice for the pilots and still do the job, but I like the idea of 18,000 or 20,000….that just sounds better to me.

  • marketcomp

    More psychobabble!

  • stage9

    This is a video about super pac ads…

    • CRAPOLA!

      I fixed it. Thanks for letting me know. My template thingy had a carney video and that made me think it was current.

      • stage9

        I know you’re busy dude, you’re doing a GREAT job man. Keep it up.

      • Nukeman60

        The video is just a plus. The text is always right on top of the issue and makes it easy to decipher the videos. Thanks for that.


    …how can you stand there and defend this President and his policies which have been a complete and total FAILURE .”

    • PFFV

      This was a massive security failure on behalf of Obama and his administration! It should have been standard operating procedure for all U.S embassies and U.S. installations to have ramped up security especially on the 9-11 anniversary! This was the obvious time to expect a terrorist attack for god’s sake! To all the morons that say that cheesy youtube video caused all this I say you are fools. So what are we to do, eliminate free speech so Muslims aren’t offended? Hell NO! They will be offended regardless so why act as if anyone other than the Uncivilized Muslims are to blame. A rabid dog is a rabid dog despite how you talk to it, you will still be attacked. Obama said Muslims would calm down after he apologized for the USA but once again he knew nothing about what he was saying. The politics of appeasement only emboldens your enemies as we can see very clearly all across the Muslim World today.

  • I’m calling BS on the spokeschild.

    • Rightstuff1

      We “know” that this POS would lie and has lied repeatedly over the last however long its been. He is an empty suit. A pleasant face and voice for an ugly and nasty regime. In short a “spokeshole” for the rat pack of neo-Communists in charge of our country which we will take back in 2 months!

      • MiketheMarine

        Yep, how old is Maoman?

  • 4Hoppes2

    If, If being the key word, if they had no knowledge of an imminent attack it does not excuse the ignorance of being unprepared.

  • stage9


    Carney says reality is wrong, so it’s wrong! Ignore the glaring facts folks….the high priest of liberalism has spoken.

  • Nukeman60

    Looks like the wrong video, but no matter. Carney believes the media should be covering his backside and instead, it looks like they’re walking all over it.

    I’m sure CNN, USA Today, and the other outlets just hadn’t opened their morning mail yet to get the White House talking points. Perhaps, they will walk their stories back later.

    Or do you suppose they are finally turning on the White House in the face of overwhelming Truth out there? Hmmm…

    Edit: after watching the right video, in the mathematics of Obama and Biden, all I can say is three words: Plausible deniability.

  • jackiedoss

    Dear Jay, go look at those Intelligence Briefs again. And no, we’re not talking about underwear.

    • stage9


    • Rightstuff1

      You used the word intelligence. This is beyond their vocabulary. Their vocab consists of platitudinous cliches and calling people racists.

      • MiketheMarine

        Awesome use of “platitudinous.” You win the daily price for big word usage over the head of our current admin. Damn, I wanted to win it.

        • sDee

          awwww – dammit Mike – I had to go look it up 😀

        • Rightstuff1

          Thanks Mike – its appreciated. Every once in a while the English prose flows 🙂

          I have read and enjoyed very many of your posts where you display superb literary dexterity and versatility. So I’m simply racing to catch up with you!!! 🙂

  • brendawatkins

    Isn’t that the POLITICALLY CORRECT answer to give?? I swear LYING is a contagious disease and it’s spreading like wild fire in Obama’s administration. Anyone who believes their BS just WANTS to be lied to!

    • sDee

      “Anyone who believes their BS just WANTS to be lied to!”

      That is why propaganda works so well.

      • brendawatkins

        It appeals to the “ignorance is bliss” crowd.

  • TheLittleRedHen

    It was probably in the briefing Obama didn’t attend but read thoroughly. Hillary was probably out of town so it was deemed unimportant.

    They cannot tell the truth and They won’t tell the truth because they would be unmasked as the inept, weak leaders that they are to their followers. They care only about power,which they are fast losing; and the next 2 elections, which the truth would put an end to for Obama and for Hillary’s bid for 2016.

    • stage9

      Hillary’s on meds, she doesn’t know what’s going on. Her muslim assistant probably has her so doped up.

      • MiketheMarine

        That may not be funny. It may be true. You may be on to something. I would suggest they test Hillary for a derivative heroin drug in her blood.

      • Linky1

        Hillary looks like something the cat dragged in. She looks like hell, like a deer in the headlights and her responses and statements are to say the least……ummmmm…..well-rehearsed, if you know what I mean.

      • sDee

        Her husband does Monica with cigars with in the Oval office, her boss does Sinclair with coke in the limo, and she does Huma with martinis on the jet planes. The dope just lets them all stomach it the next morning.

        • Dukehoopsfan

          Those three images are burning holes in me right now. 🙂

    • TheLittleRedHen

      Also, why is it we are supposed to blindly believe anything that comes from the American MSM but we are not to believe anything from a Major International news source? Hmmmmmm……….. Nothing to see here…. you should change the channel to MSNBC if you want ‘REAL’ news.


  • Spartan4Palin

    Even with all of these stories. Even with all the facts laid out there in front of them. The media and this administration will blame EVERYONE ELSE!!! And never ask those questions or give follow up to those who spin out of the question! Jay Blarney just did it. He stated that the film was the instigator of the rioting? Then said that their is an investigation for the Libya and Cairo riots? So, Jay was it the film or not? He also said that the federal government would get involved? He said no. But that ain’t true, either. General Dempsey called the filmaker and Terry Jones. Now is the federal government involved? At that moment, yes they are certainly involved!

    For an adminstration that is supposedly so above the intellect of mere mortals. These are the dumbest and most uncoordinated group of morons I have ever seen! It has been days since this foreign debacle. And NOT one of them can get their damn story straight!!!


    • NYGino

      Vaudeville making a comeback. Lets bring out the ‘Big Hook’ in November.

  • Watchman74

    Hello, my name is James Carney and I am a sock puppet.

    • MiketheMarine

      Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

  • Everything will be just find. Our fearless leader President Obama is smart enough to handle the day. No need for any intel or security meetings. He is smarter than the rest and perfectly in control. He doesn’t need any advice from his cabinet or experts. He is all knowing with greater experience than any. Pay no attention to those who criticize his fundraising with Beyonce, being on David Letterman, The View, Leno, Entertainment 2nite, Extra, Pop Radio & Chili , etc. He even can throw in 9 holes somewhere in route to his next campaign speech. He can multitask. He is so cool. These are very very important schedules for the security of we the people in these United States of America. After all he must pay attention to those polls in VA,Fl and Ohio and beat the republicans. Those evil evil conservatives who hate woman and little children. It is imperative to get those votes for the good of his election.Now for Reality. …….Seriously! Are you kidding! I want to vomit. The world is crashing and burning before our eyes. Wake the F…K up America.This is a Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue.

  • WordsFailMe

    Well ambassadors, how’s it feel now to have pledged your loyalty to a President who has proven to be a weak coward, an indecisive, hip-hop playboy? I guess its going to be fairly difficult to find replacements for dead diplo’s and, due to the blatant racism and hatred of sub saharans in ALL Muslim countries, Obama will probably not be able to find a cousin to fill in. Sheila Jackson is available. Jess is out of work now-lol.

    I remember bieng in Japan and caught in a May Day, communist parade and Viet Nam and knowing the the American President would not forget me, Republican or Democrat.

    Wow What has changed about the President that makes him now a coward, ineffectual, indecisive and dim witted? How many time has President Pruned Thumb reversed his position (I’m am certainly not referring to his activities at gay bath houses in Chicago so don’t bother the slam me!)

    Have the standards for leadership been dropped the the level of the Democratic national Party? Could they go as low as the requirements for Majority Leader of the Senate?

    Think of it, The first Black President, The First President to bow to leaders of other countries., the first groveling, stuttering moron president who has a wet nurse as his chief adviser– Lot of firsts there. We ought to put a picture of the a**hols on a postage stamp–literally.

    • NYGino

      WFM……………..great post

  • jackiedoss

    Note his exact words “We were not aware.” Maybe if POTUS bothered to attend his intelligence briefings, they would have been aware?

    • WordsFailMe

      Stop helping him! Pl;ease (lol–good one)

  • johnos2112

    What the hell do they think the kind of protests were gonna be IF they had no prior knowledge? Did they think they were just gonna yell and scream? And did the Libyan Ambassador NOT have US protection? This is a joke and no wonder Obama is hiding out!

  • Sergeant Shultz Defense hey No Eyebrows??? I know nothing…I see nothing…BS that will not work. Every moron around the world would know 9/11 anniversary should have had all Embassies and Consulates with HYPED UP SECURITY except the most brilliant man born and his loser administration! Right Jay….keep carrying that BS shovel….it must fill on the minute Jay!

  • BiscuitCrumbs

    good read, pawn.

  • loriannringold

    Actually, he is correct. The president was not aware of any threats because HE DID NOT GO TO THE INTELLIGENCE BRIEFINGS FOR OVER A WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • loriannringold

    He is correct. The President was not aware of any threat because HE DID NOT GO TO HIS INTELLIGENCE BRIEFINGS FOR A WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!! Good grief. This administration makes me sick.

  • 911Infidel

    You’re lying again Carney. So lets be clear those reports are credible…unlike your press conferences….little Goebels.

  • Carney said that “We were not aware of any actionable intelligence,” NOT that they were not warned. There IS a difference. They could have easily been warned, but they either didn’t believe the warnings or thought there wasn’t enough evidence to prove that there was an imminent attack. Now if it can be proven that they were indeed warned but chose not to believe those warnings, that would be very significant and it would destroy Obama’s administration. Not that the mainstream media would do anything about it except probably attack Romney more and ask him why he didn’t do anything to prevent the attack!

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    carney is a liar, why doesn’t someone asked mcshame and boehner, who leaked where stevens and staff would be? seems our state dept is involved? these 2 made fun of bachman and panel for asking about huma abedin’s security clearence.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Well….if Jay Blarney says the administration had no advanced warnings of possible muslim attacks against our embassies, then that settles it for me (Big Time Sarc!). Blarney would no more lie than would b. hussein obama lie to the American people about the murders of American civilians in the Middle East by muslim extremists!!!!!

    • NYGino

      Thanks Army_Pilot. Didn’t quite know what to think myself but after reading your thoughts I have to come to the same conclusion as you. Jay wouldn’t lie.

      GM is making tons of money on each Chevy Volt sold.

      • Army_Pilot1967

        I guess it takes a special kind of person to be a politician or to work for a politician…seems like the truth often times goes right out the window when politicians get involved. Some of them don’t have any trouble with lying to the American public while keeping a straight face. I would feel guilty every time I told the public a lie and wouldn’t be able to live with myself. Guess that’s why we have people like obama and Blarney….they don’t see anything wrong with lying to the American public.

        • NYGino

          Sad. Because without truth, what is there?

  • rich wojcik

    no info? then go to UK news to learn about USA

    • p m

      or sun news network in Canada – they are truly conservative and talk straight. Not just Canadian stuff – US coverage is prominent.

  • repubboy

    his voice says no.. but his body language say he’s not telling the truth.. watch his face.. l notice his shrug and the position of is eyes.. he’s hiding the truth…

    • Jay

      I know it’s an old joke but how do you tell when Carney is lieing? His lips are moving.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Carney has the hardest job in the world… defending an incompetent liar. Sadly, it takes an unprincipled, snarky, weasel to do that job and Carney is perfect for that role.

    This is a major sham… this pResident should be dragged out of office and jailed for his ridiculous handling of this whole thing and for what he’s done to this country.

  • Susitna

    If they didn’t have any reports, then Carney is confirming that they are doing a very bad job when it comes to intelligence management. And if Carney is “not telling the truth”, and they had reports, they were either not willing or not able to do anything. So, toast from both sides.
    There are tons of criticism to Islam in the internet, so I don’t think that because of one more video 20 countries decided at the same time to go crazy. I believe that the Muslim World is pissed off with Obama because he didn’t deliver Israel yet and his “dementia senilis” VP is bragging all the time with the killing of Osama bin Laden.

  • sjmom

    The administration probably did not know because they don’t care enough to find out. Did I read Obama is not attending every nat’l security meeting?

  • Daisytoo

    What does the word ‘is’ mean?

  • Jaels_Song

    Why do we put up with the White House and media lying to us? These people are going to get us killed. How long are we going to continue to allow them to abuse our beloved America and the beautiful rights we have as Americas?

    Serious… these people are going to get us killed. Just like they did our ambassador and three others.

  • Jay

    “Actionable.” Aaahh, yes. Deniable plausiblity. What a _______. (Fill in the blank with your favorite explitive.)

  • odumbabgone

    let’s be clear Mr. Speaker, i did not have sexual relations with that girl!

  • odumbabgone

    ok boy and girls, it is time to close up shop around the middle east and bring our troops home. Not one more dime will go to these countries and no more playing nice!

  • There were advanced notices of attacks, the response was “spinned” and on the fair and balanced networks it was reported that we were warned. What else can we expect from a guy working for Obama?

  • LiberalBoycotter

    Barry, is too busy on the campaign trail. He doesn’t go to the intelligence briefings, he is so smart he just gets a hard copy of what is going on, which is like receiving a tweet. I am afraid for this country, as Barry, is a Muslim and he hates America!!! Everything the Democommies, which include the MSM say, or print is a bald face lie. DON’T BELIEVE ANYTHING THEY SAY!!!!!!

  • jdelaney3

    Calling for a protest is not the same as calling for an actual attack on the embassy. That said, in light the 9/10th call for burning the Cairo Embassy + the fact that all embassies should have been on heightened 9/11 alert, seems to me the DOS was negligent–big time.

  • Jaels_Song

    “They’re not even within 100 miles of Baghdad. They are not in any place. They hold no place in Iraq. This is an illusion … they are trying to sell to the others an illusion.”

    – Baghdad Bob aka. ANY Democrat Spokesperson

  • Anyone with any common sense would know that on the anniversary of 9/11 we should strengthen our embassies. Obama and his administration – nothing but imbeciles.