CBS: It’s ‘remarkable’ Sebelius wasn’t fired…

CBS This Morning said today that not only is it remarkable that Sebelius wasn’t fired, but that her legacy will be a failed Obamacare website:

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  • BoSplosion

    Now she can get back to what she does best…making sure plenty of babies are killed in the womb.

    • badbadlibs

      Don’t forget about the poor little sweethearts OUTSIDE of the womb. That’s her specialty.

  • PatriotInk

    Sebelius did her job. She oversaw confusion, chaos, deceit…all are part of a greater move to a single payor system that places a socialist government squarely in the face of every citizen to establish the regulatory requirements to live under threat of force by IRS jackboots….

  • John Queue

    She should be investigated to see if any of that $1 Billion in taxpayer monies went to provide for any personal expenses. Then follow that money until every penny is accounted for. Then throw them all in prison for perpetrating this massive fraud against the citizens of the United States.

  • sjmom

    Yeah, but the failed law is Obama’s legacy so he, Reid and Pelosi should resign also.

  • 1vote

    Democrats’ “War On Women”. You will never see Holder stepping down. Take your pick as to reason. Yep, the ‘RATS women are expendable.

  • Yeah. It’s remarkable she isn’t in jail.

    • User5673905

      She’s responsible for thousands of babies deaths. They aren’t going to let a leftist superstar go out like that. She’s just being shown the greasy side of the bus for now. Like Stephanie Powers, they’ll let this little piggy back into the farm house soon enough.

  • Crassus

    She was fired all right. The Bummer and Company just let her save face by calling it a resignation.

  • NYGino

    Knowing how Obama handles failure and controversy, I’m surprised he didn’t promote her to a more powerful position and triple her salary.


    sEBELIUS wasn’t fired . BULL SH?T . I think planned parenthood has a job for her . To do the paper work on KILLING BABIES .

  • stage9

    It’s remarkable Sebelius wasn’t fired SOONER!

    • oldeagle145

      They needed a fully vetted scapegoat… They had to go all in with this one.

  • GlobalTrvlr

    The failed website is just the tip of the iceberg. The fundamental mismanagement of that project is of epic proportions – lack of expertise, lack of accountability, lack of single points of authority, not allowing people working on project to publish swim lane charts or process charts for fear of being ridiculed, not locking down specs, changing specs until the last minute, minimizing the need and time it takes for testing, and on and on. And that is just one aspect of HHS. Her partisan rhetoric, her uncritical praise of the law and the administration are other failures of leadership. Top it off with illegally coordinating and paying NGO’s and consumer activist organizations, fund-raising for them, blackmailing companies that she oversees in the healthcare industry. Just a mess.

    Unfortunately, compared to Hillary, Kerry, Hagel, Holder, and others – she is not even the worst – just in the middle of the pack of these incompetent clowns.

  • notebene

    Yep…just as predicted…Sebelius is the scapegoat! All the lamestream deadheads are going to drone on about how she single-handedly tanked Odumbocare. Not even a plausible attempt, demoncrats…ALL of you OWN this monstrosity of a law! Every demoncrat…especially the imposter in chief…OWNS this mess, so don’t even try to pin it on one turkey when the whole stinking flock of you shoved this down our throats! Yell, “squirrel!” all you want but the fact is this was crony capitalism and tyranny run amok and an assault of the citizenry by demoncrats and with the help of the greedy GOPe, who also desire power over substance!

  • Conservative_Hippie

    Was this on CBS?! Now that’s remarkable!

  • Now the MSM is turning on her to protect Obama, that is all this is.

    • Conservative_Hippie

      Yeah, I guess that makes sense. It sure doesn’t take long for them to throw their own under the bus!

      • No it doesn’t and they are getting pretty good at it!

        • badbadlibs

          The con man threw his own mother under the bus….you know he doesn’t blink an eye over anyone else.

  • oldeagle145

    Sucubus forgot to check under the bus before she decided to take the job.. Now she is just another perpetual excuse for bambam and company.

  • Conservator1

    As awful as Sebelius as the head at HHS, history will record that she was a friend of ‘Tiller the Baby Killer’ and took actions to help him kill 50,000 babies and that’s far worse IMO.

    • oldeagle145

      You’re so right, that one is a cold calculating vampire. She did her assignment to perfection by sucking the life out of the greatest health care system in the world… She warmed up on the blood of 50,000 innocents.

      • badbadlibs

        Really, really well said! She is evil incarnate in my view.

    • badbadlibs

      I was just thinking about what an evil and nasty person sebelius is just due to her association with “tiller the baby killer”. He once remarked that it would be worth going to hell to keep performing late term abortions. Talk about wishing for a do over…..

  • Stehekin912

    Are we deflecting from FlimFlam and his single payer dream? I think maybe Sibelius was not responsible for the mess, she just got the blame for it, saw the writing on the wall and left.

  • tinlizzieowner

    O’BlahBlah thanked Sebelius for her service and said he’s ready to turn over a fresh piece, of toilet paper. 😉 😉

  • badbadlibs

    Was it ever announced or discussed that there is no way to get health insurance now that the deadline has come and gone and come and gone and….

    It seems those who came up with this vicious law spent many a sleepless night figuring out as many ways to inflict pain on the American public as possible.
    The witch should be imprisoned and not given the chance to “resign”.

  • oldeagle145

    May her next trip start on a trap door………

  • PVG

    Inconceivable! (Sarc)

  • kayakbob

    Notice the complaints described in this clip are about the website, not “the law”. The reporter even tries to mitigate Sebelius’ roll saying the website is fixed now, and enrollment numbers are exceeding projections. (RAND Corp. has a different take on those numbers.)

    CBS is not saying Obamacare is bad, or unworkable. Nor are they saying “the law” (as defined this week) is the often counterproductive result of central planning.

    When CBS and other outlets figure out the problem is the mentality or worldview that spawned Obamacare in the first place, then I will offer some kudo’s.

    (I don’t hold my breath since that worldview is their worldview.)

  • Tim Jaggers

    Her legacy will not be just a failed website but a failed healthcare system transformation that has cancelled millions of policies and has already started to kill people..

  • poorhardworker

    A little late for trying to jump on the bandwagon, isn’t it, CBS? I’ll believe it when you tell the truth about ObamaCare(TAX)!

  • Army_Pilot1967

    obama saying, “…thank you, Kathleen Sebelius, for the outstanding work…” on the obamacare website. Isn’t that basically the same as when George Bush said to FEMA Director Mike Brown amidst the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, “You’re doing a heck of a job, Brownie.”

  • Exodus2011

    poor ole kathy ….. all she did was follow orders from 0 and the evil gal pal val …. and now, down under the bus she goes

    I actually think she jumped down there …. she was fed up with taking the never-ending flack coming her way from this Obamacare BULLSCHMIDT

    you fell in love with a charlatan, didn’t you kathy the gullible MARXIST?

    oh well …. maybe you will WISE UP to this CORRUPT FRAUD and acquire some MORALITY and BACKBONE in your life …

    .but alas … most likely you will go crawling to that other CORRUPT LIAR (and worse) the Kallous Killary Klinton, and pledge your leftist allegiance to *her* instead

    IMV, *this* (below) is the main reason the Marxists will be OBLITERATED in November, so we need to work hard to take advantage of this climate to get real Conservatives past as many pro-Status Quo RINOs as possible in the Primary Season

    #BeClingers ——————> #AmericaRISING

    #WAR ————-> #CrushROVERandGROVER (in the primary cycle Patriots!)