CBS News: Boehner caves on raising marginal tax rates in new fiscal cliff deal

We all knew this day was coming. Boehner is now conceding that Republicans will vote for a tax rate increase on those making more than 1 million as well as raising the debt ceiling for another year, but he’s still demanding 1 trillion in entitlement cuts:

Boehner will give in on the entitlement cuts before too long as well. It’s just a matter of time before he sells out the Republican Party completely.

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  • Conservatives are going to have to rebel and shot whatever RINO bill comes the way of the House.

  • WordsFailMe


  • Boehner the Bubbling, baffling Baby has to GET OUT!!!

    In a time when we need a Captain Courageous!!!! WE get instead… Captain CAVEMAN!!

  • Well that good Monday morning feeling didn’t last long. But considering we all knew the spineless wonder would cave, it’s not surprising. Boehner needs to GO. NOW.

    • Orangeone

      From the most recent I saw, Barky Boy said no. He was zero cuts to entitlements and unlimited debt ceiling. The House needs to let this country go off the cliff and go on TV every day blaming Barky.

      • toongoon

        That’s not going to happen. The people need to do it.

        • Orangeone

          I am as long as I can stay out of the Twitter gulag 🙂

  • bjohnson55

    SURPRISE!!!! not…

  • 12grace

    Don’t go along with obama, Rep’s!

    The Conservative Republicans need to get out the message about what obama and the Dems are really doing in Washington. The R’s need strong PR to override American, Pravda.

  • Orangeone

    And Bonehead will give Barky Boy the national credit card and allow him unlimited spending as well. Boehner needs to go and it needs to happen today!

    • People need to send pink slips NOW. People say, but he’s been voted in again- IT doesn’t take effect until the new Congress reconvenes in January! If we can get 16 members to not vote, we can force them to pick someone else!!! Michele Bachmann!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Now you’re TALKING!!! 🙂 Now, where do we find 16 Congress people with some backbone and a sense of doing the RIGHT thing? Hmmm…

        • Time to force a back bone into them!!

          • Sounds painful! Maybe it should be! A good dose of REALITY CHECK! Is what they need! Remind them “You work for US!” 🙂

        • Marridge

          We need to target the 16. Do we have any idea who they might be? Tea Party congressmen?

          • I do Marridge. The Tea Party Caucus:

            “The caucus chair is Michele Bachmann of Minnesota. Of a total possible 435 Representatives, as of March 31, 2011, the committee has 61 members, all Republicans.”

            They are listed by name. We can find them and they work for us! 🙂
            Not a single one from my state… Which is a sad state of affairs.

      • Orangeone

        I’ll set up a new Twitter acct, still in gulag and start tweeting again.  I have told my reps (and Bachmann) that is they vote for Boehner again I will work to see they are defeated in 2014.

        • Let me know your new twitter handle as soon as you set it up please. 🙂

          • Orangeone


            • I tweeted you… But not sure you got it. in my search box, I’m not seeing your handle as available to tweet yet… I keep getting @orangecup or something like that.

              • Orangeone

                I am following you so if you go to your followers list you will see me and can click follow.  You should recognize my Avi!

                • Aha! That worked! Is major league sucks that you need to start over! That is NOT right! I didn’t even know Twitter suspended accounts… So much for freedom of expression, eh? 🙁

                • Orangeone

                  Maybe some day the old one will be unsuspended.  But for now, I have a new one 🙂

                • Can’t keep a good Orangeone down! 🙂

                • Orangeone

                  Gotta help my Scoop family on Twitter 🙂

        • colliemum

          Mee too want your new twitter handle – and why have you been sent to the twitter gulag?

          • Orangeone


            I’ll try and find you.

            It’s either because I kept tweeting Piers Morgan to get out of the US, I used “Barky Boy” when Obama was in the reply or a lib got ticked when I said union thug teachers shouldn’t have guns in schools.  Any or all are possibilities.  Isn’t it funny, libs love the Constitution only for themselves….Kong is in the gulag with me 🙂

            • colliemum

              I bet you anything it was that Britpig (sorry, pigs, sorry Brits) Piers Morgan who did it. Dish it out but can’t take it: that’s the leftie ‘elite’ for you.

              I don’t think ‘Barky Boy’ or union thugs troubled the twitterverse much.

              And Kong as well … my oh my!

              Oh, and earlier I had a note from twitter, asking me to ‘welcome back’ ABiC! Which I did – so she must have lost her account as well.
              Pity I miss all the good stuff …

              • Orangeone

                Yes ma’am she did, for a very short time there were 3 Scoopers in our gulag cell 🙂
                I have yet to be released but am following you with my new acct

                • colliemum

                  I saw – was following your new account right away.

                  Three scoopers in a twitter gulag cell – oooh, I bet you had the twitter police running around like headless chickens there!

                • I can’t find her new account. 🙁

                • Orangeone

                  Good thing we all get along 🙂

                • I’m starting to feel left out here! 😉 Are they wolfist?? I demand respect for my fur! People Of Fur are just as valid as People of er… less fur? 😉

                • Orangeone

                  LOL!  We need someone on the outside to help us escape 🙂

                • colliemum

                  Absolutely, Wolfie – can’t have wolfists here, the housewolves would not be happy with that at all!

                  Try @orangeone2012

      • serfer62

        The vote next month is called Confirmation of the 11/7 reelection of the Weeper of the House. There is a list of about 160 GOP reps who are “vunerable”, we need 16 to rid the GOP of this squeesh. His unelection will not promote Palousie but leave the Speaker vacant until a new election.
        Nows a good time to select a non-representative for speaker, say like Palin.

  • deeme

    All of these people pretending to be Christians , need to read Luke 3/10-18….No extortion, be happy with your wages, or in the case of unions, no extortion, Stop over are pushing 50 percent..but what’s worse is you won’t be solving anything…not a thing..just giving them more money to bribe people with..and spend out their you know whats…The fact that we can’t come together and get rid of waste and overspending..proves how immature this generation is..We don’t care about future generations..we just want to keep on spending..Just wait until OTaxCare sets one will be able to afford anything..

  • sjmom

    I think Boehner just lost his speakership because of his cowardice because many have threatened not to vote for him if he were to agree to higher rates. Let’s see how many have the courage to stand behind what they said.

    • colliemum

      A handful only, I’m afraid – but hopefully more than 16!

  • Rocco11

    Arlen Specter had more principled positions than this guy…

  • Jim Botts

    Pass the conservative right thing to do bill and WALK AWAY!

  • kateorjane

    “Boehner will give in on the entitlement cuts before too long as well.”

    Of course he will – who doesn’t know that?

  • mikeinidaho

    Boehner is another RINO weasel. No surprise here. And he’s an absolutely lousy negotiator, to boot. What idiot offers the other side what they want and then asks what they will give in return? The answer of course is “nothing, we win, you’re an idiot”. I have already demanded that my representative NOT vote Boehner back in as speaker next term. I have also demanded that he vote NOT to raise ANYONE’s taxes for any reason. EFF Obama and the Dems! Let’s go over the damn cliff and start the Republic again when the dust settles. Lock and load, boys and girls, it’s time to take back the country.

    • Orangeone

      Not only did I ask mine not to vote Boehner back as SOS I told him I will support the Dem candidate the next time if he does. Mine has been in for over 10 terms and for the first time was closely opposed by a Dem. He needs to be scared, very scared of defeat.

  • Boehner bones us ladies and gentlemen. Who is shocked? Oh thats right NOBODY! This spineless, gutless, weenie RINO continues to screw over the American people. Replace him now or the R’s are done

  • Haywoodjbl

    Shocking……. NOT!

    • Wolfie- you have way too much time on your hands lol. Where the heck do you find these treasures?!

      • I’m too used to using search engines to quickly find what I need is all! 🙂

        Don’t ever tell my wife I have too much time on my hands, trust me, she’ll find a way to fill it quickly! 🙂

        • Orangeone

          Your secret stays with your Scoop family, promise!

        • crosshr

          you gotta slap my mouth with a $20. to shut me up

          wolfie, you’re a soldiers’ choice in the fox hole, much worthy of a countrys’ trust

  • Hacker5988

    What is the surprise ??? The surprise is we HAVE to get him out of that SPEAKER position in January. We need only 16 votes to do it!!!! Someone please start a campaign to get this “spinless” SOB out of that position if we want to try at least to stop the Obama ADM. Boehenr is way over his head and the car dealers must luv him because he is the only person in the world willing to pay more than list price for a car !!!! HE must go !

    • Start by calling and e mailing your congress person!!

    • Orangeone

      Tweet, tweet, and tweet more every day!

  • TruLevinian

    I suspect his time as Speaker is limited. What a total sellout.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Hoping what’s left of the GOP has the stones to fire this lying pos!

    Goodbye GOP. Who obviously didn’t know ye.

  • mediaaccess1

    The Hungarian way!!!!!!! Ignorance is bliss!!

    • I’m missing the reference here?

      • mediaaccess1

        It does seem that the US thinks it wants to be more like Hungary: Broke, stupid, poor, loss of hope, morality, principle. I live here in Hungary now because California became to communistic in nature. From one communist system to another. Most of my students are economists but don’t even know how to define a good one, run a business, etc. You guys don’t even know what kind of doodoo you’re all stepping in, but I dare you to come here and see your future. 🙂

        • Thanks for the explanation. 🙂 I knew you must have a good point (based on reading your other comments) but it was zooming over my head and just had to ask. 🙂 Now I’m glad I did! I learned something new!

  • johnos2112

    We need to get rid of this guy. This basically implies that lower tax rates caused this mess. We all know that is not true but that is going to be the implication moving forward.

  • deTocqueville1

    Bonehead is a complete idiot. Where is Mr. Conservative Paul Ryan? He has been missing in action throughout, on the purge of conservatives, on the spending problem and now this disastrous approach. Just one of the ‘good old boys’ now apparently. Or was he always?

    • Orangeone

      Mr. “conservative” Paul Ryan sided with Boehner to remove the Tea Party members from key committees. His true colors became evident very quickly.

  • You would think a quality of being even a decent Speaker of the House would have been to be a good speaker in the first place. Boehner is neither.

    • Oh come on now be fair… he can cry on demand like a baby… Oh wait! 😉

      • Orangeone

        And he doesn’t fake cry. Maybe he’s trying to give lessons to the Actor-in-Chief because many, many saw that fake tear moment.

  • “It’s just a matter of time before he sells out the Republican Party completely.”<<

    You say this like its a bad thing….?

  • Take a flying *** @ a rolling donut, Boner. YOU SUCK.

  • MadAsHellJack

    A rebellion amongst the republican house is what is needed. They all need to tell Boehner to go to hell and get the hell out. He really needs to officially change his allegiance to the democRat party. Because that is where his allegiance lies. Boehner is no friend to conservatives, period!

  • What a total wimp. I can’t stand Boehner.

  • louisiana_mom

    It is being reported that if the House votes to increase taxes, it will be the first tax increase with a Republican House! And even Mitch McConnell is saying that top Senate Republicans won’t support what Boehner is offering. It sounds to me like Boehner is going out on his own without any Republicans backing him… I pray, this will be his downfall! If he wants to work with and compromise so much with the Dems, may I suggest he change his party to Dem and he can vote with them all his heart desires. Because if I wanted someone in Washington who voted like a Dem (or compromised with the Dems) I would have elected the Democrat!

    • ApplePie101

      What McConnell says and what McConnell does are two different things. Like Kabuki theater, a lot of masks, gestures, shouts, and a predetermined ending.

  • poljunkie

    I used to be disgusted but after the recent election, i’m finding it more and more difficult to be suprised. ….By the party, the voters, and the *majority* of people roaming around in the “real” world (present company excluded THANKFULLY).

  • I’M SHOCKED!!! Hahahaha!!! Not really…why can’t we seem to get rid of Boehner??? Speaker of the House doesn’t even need to be elected to Congress. SCOOP could become Speaker of the House without the public voting for him in any capacity.

    So why can’t we have Newt Gingrich (or anyone else) become Speaker of the House? NEWT did WONDERS with Clinton…he knows how to get what we want, and HE isn’t afraid to shut down the Government…TWICE!

  • aposematic

    “Boehner will give in on the entitlement cuts before too long as well. It’s just a matter of time before he sells out the Republican Party completely.”

    Sadly, I agree completely with your analysis of Boehner–the GOP’s leading Conservative hater. Boehner has been funding the Obuma/DNC for two years, why would he stop now?

    • Orangeone

      Boehner can promise whatever he likes. The House has to vote on it and I hope the Tea Party members are chewing him a new exit.

      • crosshr

        I keep my finger cross O

  • nibblesyble

    Hmmmm…Newt should be reinstated as Speaker..nuff said.

    • crosshr

      light up my score board right there nibblesyble !

      You mean the only speaker that has administered and implemented the only balanced budget in the history of this country. The speaker that is so well able of reaching across the isle and get things done in Washington.

      Newt has been the only conservative during the primary that do stress statements across the board, and the left and Obama jump to their feet to find an answer (not to counter )

      OK. I know it’s long done and over, but I am ONE BAD LOOSER ! I’ll get over this, would have over it sooner had R/R won. The way Boner and the rinos behave, we get what we voted for, as you say nibble, ….nuffff said

      • nibblesyble

        Here here Cross!

  • BHliberty

    Just the mere fact that Speaker Boehner has complied with some sort of tax increase, even though no such deal has been voted on, has sealed his fate. He lacks principle as does a lot of other so-called Republicans. Boy, if ever a time to have a leader to change the party, it is now! Republicans need change, a change to conservatism and I can think of a few people who would be highly qualified for the position.

  • toongoon

    I might have to consider a 100% decrease in my tax rate.

    • Orangeone

      If you own a biz like I do, the goal is ZeroNetProfit.

  • You guys are the worst! This orangism against the leader of the Umpa Lumpas has to stop! It’s not easy being the only Orangeman in Congress you know!

    The Boehner/Umpa Lumpa Song:

    • Orangeone

      Maybe I should rethink my name…..

      • Think of House of Orange… Dutch? Got any history there? 🙂

        • Orangeone

          Only from Holocaust studies.  I was making fun, don’t want to even be close to Boehner’s nickname, he disgusts me….

  • JRD1

    Is there still any doubt about how corrupt the gopE is?

  • Jesus do we have nothing but cowards in the us gov. How wonder how many gold pieces he’s getting for selling us down the road to socialist way of obama

  • Yazz55

    Boehner caving is old news.

    GOP controls the House of Rep <—NOT!!!
    The obamesiah controls it – he dictates to his servant Boehner exactly what, when, where and how to do it.

  • Boehner just pulled the plug of the life support machine keeping GOP alive. GOP will either breathe on it’s own or die.

    • stevenbiot

      I want the GOP to die!

      • Well if it does live it will be a miracle that took place without the aid of machines. Of course we could do the all too inhumane way the government does here and in GB by starving it and providing no water.

      • NJK

        They’re on life support now. Boehner will pull the plug.

  • The taxpayer has become the proverbial fish caught between two cats.

    • Marridge

      That would be rats.

  • Conservator1

    I’m certain many will disagree, but I don’t believe Speaker Boehner caved on tax rates. This is very apparent by the quick rejection by Obama to the Speaker’s new proposal.

    In addition to the higher tax rates proposed by Boehner, it also included the speaker’s previous offer to cut several hundred billion dollars in tax breaks used by upper-income Americans. More important, the new proposal by the speaker would have trim spending by $1 trillion over the course of the same decade.

    Obama will NOT agree to cut spending by $1 trillion. And he still wants wants to raise tax rates on singles earning over $200,000 and families who earn over $250,000 a year. IMO, by proposing raising taxes on those earning above $1 million – originally proposed by liberal Sen Charles Schumer (D-NY) – the proposal will remain UNACCEPTABLE to Obama and thus, places the GOP in a better position with regards to the falling off the ‘fiscal cliff’ in 2 weeks. Most Americans don’t believe earning $250,000/year is rich.

    The House/Speaker have put tangible proposals on the table while Obama has rejected them all. With this political negotiating maneuver, the ball and the ‘blame-game’ lies with the President and Democrats.

    Obama wants to humiliate Republicans and his willing to let the nation go off the FISCAL CLIFF because he’s a petulant narcissistic child.

    • and Boehner is doing everything to help him….who tf needs him?

      • Conservator1

        That’s a very intelligent and mature response John. Thanks for sharing your thoughtful opinion.

    • PhillyCon

      It’s a quick rejection b/c Obama knows he can get everything he wants. Why compromise or bargain? He won the election.

      Your last two paragraphs will not see the light of day, as far as the media narrative is concerned. The story is that Republicans want to protect rich people and are obstinate to a fault. Obama is the good guy, and Boehner has ceded some very important ground to him. He has already accepted the “rich paying their fair share” argument.

      • Conservator1

        You’re correct PhillyCon; the real point I was making is I believe that Speaker Boehner made this proposal with full knowledge that it would be rejected by Obama. Up to this point, Obama’s strategery has been the specious spin that the GOP wanting to protect rich Americans at the expense of the middle-class.

        The President wants the sequestration deal, aka fiscal cliff, to become the law of the land. And more than half of Americans agree with Obama on raising taxes on the so-called rich – singles earning over $200,000 and families who earn over $250,000 a year.

        Thus, these Americans will most likely get their wishes granted. But when the full impact of sequestration starts a new and stronger recession, the lost of millions of jobs and the poor and middle-class get hit with a big tax increase, it will be Obama and Democrats who will suffer their wrath in 2014 and 2016 IMO.

        • PhillyCon

          it will be Obama and Democrats who will suffer their wrath in 2014 and 2016 IMO.

          I sure hope you are right. B/c with the media controlled by Leftists and the Democrat party … they have been insulated from any responsibility whatsoever.

    • Orangeone

      I agree in large part! My only disagreement is that the majority of Americans don’t believe earning $250,000/year is rich. Yes they do because the majority are members of the gimmecrat party.

  • snowshooze

    Keep it up, Boehner, you are almost there.
    Obama will get everything he wants from you without lifting a finger.

    • PhillyCon

      And Obama knows it. Boehner is in way over his head.

      • NJK

        Boehner’s working for Obama. He’s the enemy within. The GOP just committed suicide.

  • notebene

    Can we please throw out this drunken fool as Speaker of the House? Really? We have a house majority and this is the best they could do….more of the same failed policies and still no budget? Am I the only one who feels like this is the movie, “Ground Hog Day”, where the same useless garbage keeps happening over and over, but in this case, the damage gets worse and worse?! We, the American people are tired of watching these fools get paid to completely disregard our values, so that they can continue to waste our tax payer dollars! IT’S BEEN 5 YEARS…WHERE IS YOUR BUDGET?!!!! I have one and you’re going waaaaayyyyyy over it!

  • stevenbiot

    Dear god! Can we merge the parties into the Democratic Party already? There is nothing that separates Repubics from Dems anymore. After they merge, we have to advance the Tea Party full throttle.

    • ApplePie101

      Why after? We don’t need a gilt-edged invitation. At least the first patriots didn’t wait for one. Let’s stop kicking this can down the road, and go third party now.

  • stevenbiot

    I wonder if Boehner would sell us out if he received unlimited access to the tanning salon of his choice?

    • Orangeone

      I bet his tanning salon rec’d a tanning tax waiver.

  • PhillyCon

    It’s just a matter of time before he sells out the Republican Party completely.

    Yes, it is only a matter of time. Boehner belongs to long line of these types, starting with Bush I, Bush II, Arlen Specter, Charlie Crist, James Jeffords, Lisa Murky, etc. Our side has been plagued by these people who simply cannot wait to sell out our side.

    Does anyone ever see Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid doing this? Did we see it after Bush won re-election? Heck, Reid was threatening NOT to work with Romney if he won.

    Why is our side so weak? Is it b/c they don’t have the strength to fight the media, Dems and the popular culture?

    • Orangeone

      Scott Brown

      • c4pfan

        Yeah, and look who he lost to!

        • Orangeone

          And she was put on the Finance Committee, we are in soooo much trouble.

  • If the re-election of Obama (by virtue of the “tipping point” being reached, 50.1% of people are either stupid, on the dole, or both) didn’t seal the deal for the Republicans becoming a permanent minority party, Boehner will take care of it before the year is out.

    The GOP should be getting fitted for their Whigs. ‘Cause that’s where this is all headed.

  • NJK


  • wodiej

    good. Since the wealthy are sitting on their cash and not hiring anyone then they can contribute more in taxes for all the people who are out of work and need help. Would they rather have someone work for their money or give it to them and not work? Small business is hurting but big business sure isn’t. They are hiring temps and cheap labor. They’re a bunch of greedy bas*ards. I read a report several months ago that said exec pay, bonuses and benefits had went up even though the economy was in the toilet. No sympathy from me.

    • Orangeone

      I have an idea for you. Why don’t you start a business and see what it’s like before you put out your greedy hands to take what others have educated themselves to earn.


    How the Hell do we get this guy out of this position ?!?!?

    • Orangeone

      Email, call and tweet your Rep. Tell them you will support Dem if they don’t vote against all bills that increase rates and if they don’t vote against Boehner for SOH

    • NJK

      Seniority. He sabotaged Allen West and others. Cantor is just as bad. He follows Boehner around as though he’s a puppy on a short leash. Boehner will destroy the GOP this year. They no longer deserve the support of Conservatives/Constitutionalists. They are finished. I predict this old guard won’t win another election.

      I usually go with Mark Levin’s advice about voting for the primary candidate. I will no longer do that. If we are going to lose, I would rather give a good third party choice, a shot. I’m finished with the GOP.

      I was once a Democrat, once an Independent, and once a Republican. I’m now a Constitutionalist. If there isn’t one running, I won’t vote.

      • Orangeone

        Tweeted this to Cantor today:

        @GOPLeader When will U have a moment of silence for the America you bankrupted & the future generations you are trying to further bankrupt?

        Crickets in return.

        • 57thunderbird

          Imagine my surprise.About the crickets,that is.

        • crosshr

          I hear that lil-man-in-chief have successfully raise a crop of cricket farm among the RINOs . The only thing we may be able to hear from them now are the damages from the libs policies the RINOS approved of, then chirps !

          • Orangeone

            Boehner may be proposing but it will take a full House vote. He doesn’t have the vote to raise the tax rates and hopefully not to raise the debt ceiling either. I say let’s go over the cliff and point fingers directly at Barky and Harry Reid for not taking up ANY of the House bills.

    • Takes 18 to vote against his confirmation as HS.

    • ApplePie101

      Contact your representative and tell him to either abstain or vote against him as speaker next month. Boehner needs 218 votes to be speaker. Tell your representative that you’ll hold him responsible for Boehner’s actions if he supports him.

  • Boehner is a treasonous crap weasel who is determined to had control of the House to the Dems in 2014. Impeach him NOW!!!!

  • KenInMontana

    I have always maintained that “Republican does not equal Conservative”.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Is Boehner originally from the Phillipines??? He performs like a Manila folder!!!!!

  • I am not sure how reliable this is but if it is. Spread the word

  • Batchwiper

    Why did no Democrat run against Boehner in November? And Boehner caves!?

  • Orangeone

    Boehner will sell us down the river while the media and WH distract us on gun control. Watch both of Boehner’s hands and Barky Boy’s hands, they are colluding against us.

  • 57thunderbird

    Come on Ohio!My home state BTW.What is wrong with the eighth district?

  • white531

    There is a basic commonality between Obama and Boenher. Before either of them opens their mouth, you know exactly what you are going to hear.

    • nibblesyble


    • TimeForAnarchy

      Yes. Lots of words to say virtually nothing.

  • Boehner is worse than Obama. At least O is honest about his agenda. Boehner talks out of both sides of his mouth. Dump Boehner from GOP leadership!!!!!!!!!!!

  • aZjimbo

    I’m done with the entire rino party. It’s time to move on. These politicians are all useless pieces of garbage.

  • Nukeman60

    I’ve come up with a new plan. I say all politicians take a 90% pay cut and have their pension benefits suspended until we get a balanced budget. I mean all politicians – Democrats, Republicans, RINO’s and Progressives alike.

    What I mean by a balanced budget is a one year revenue/expenditure balance. None of this one year revenue increase and 10 year spending cut crap that they always pull on us. None of this “let’s have our revenue increases now and maybe, just maybe, we’ll think about cuts next year – or the year after that”. Balanced, like my budget.

    Let’s see if that doesn’t put a fire under their a$$es to get something constructive done. Nah, just keep playing, boys. The clock is ticking.

    • c4pfan

      I don’t get how the GOP gripes about Obama not having a budget and doing this crap every year!

  • c4pfan

    I wish Tim Scott’s speech was played to Boehner and Obama. It’s about the SPENDING!

  • ApplePie101

    Pay close attention to which house members vote for Boehner in next month’s election for speaker, don’t forget who they are and don’t forgive them. These people are building the tyranny your children will have to suffer under.

  • bobemakk

    Thank God I am no millionaire. A FLAT TAX is still the answer, why do they avoid discussing this issue??? RINO’s must stop caving in.