Chris Christie: “I’m not much different from Andrew Cuomo…”

This should tell you nearly everything you need to know about Chris Christie:

This week’s edition of the Glens Falls Chronicle features an interview with Larry Bulman, former Saratoga County Democratic chairman and a South Glens Falls native who, in his new job as political director for the United Association of Plumbers, Pipefitters and Steamfitters recently got 90 minutes of face time with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

The conservative Republican called in Bulman to thank him for a donation the union made to Sandy relief efforts in the state, and they chatted about where Christie likes to eat near Lake George as well as his neighboring governor, Democrat Andrew Cuomo.

[Bulman] said when he told Mr. Christie he is from upstate New York, “he said, ‘I’m not much different from Andrew Cuomo. I probably agree with him on 98% of the issues.’ ” Mr. Bulman said Gov. Christie “sees value in the building trades, which are private sector unions. He complimented us and said he uses us as an example of a pro-business union.”


Mr. Bulman, asked if he thinks Gov. Christie will run for president, said, “I don’t know, but he talked about Israel, and he wanted to make sure we knew he had been traveling abroad.”

(h/t: Political Wire)

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  • colliemum

    Was he asked if he agrees with Cuomo on ‘gun control’? Yes or no!

    • Look up his record at Justice Department…he does.

      • colliemum

        So conservatives are expected to vote for someone who stomps on the 2nd Amendment …

        Someone ought to develop a teeny-tiny bomb, implanted in every politician once elected, which can be exploded whenever they disregard the Constitution. That might concentrate their minds …

        • We can put an electric shock collar on them.

          • colliemum

            Won’t work: they’d get used to the shocks. At least that’s why dog trainers reject them: dogs start disregarding the shocks and do what they want, like chasing sheep.

            A bomb which might go off, and terminate them: now that would sharpen their sensitivity to constitutional questions immensely.

            • Since they like being Progressive we will make the juice progressive as well.

              Kick it up a notch!

              They need to suffer like they make us suffer…not get put out of their misery.

              • colliemum

                Heh. I do get that – but think of this: with that bomb, they’d have to live in constant fear, and nothing concentrates the mind as much as fear of death.
                And think of the example, pour encourager les autres, if such a bomb went off in Congress ……!

                Sorry, am feeling a bit blood-thirsty right now.

                • Rshill7

                  Ah, ye olde Teeny-Tiny Bomb versus Shock Collar debate. Takes me back to those thrilling days of yore 🙂

                • ROFL!! :-))

                • You are just so awesome!!!!

                • cabensg

                  I must be feeling it to because the first thing to my mind was blind folds and firing squads. Do they still do that?

                • colliemum

                  Alas, no … and that only applied in war time anyway. Otherwise it was ‘off with his head’.

                  The b*stard Tony Blair and his socialist government repealed the death penalty for traitors here in the UK.

          • Sadly, most of them might like the “buzz” if you get my meaning… 😉

            • colliemum

              Yes indeed, and they might even come to enjoy it.

          • davienne

            a cattle prod… its soooo effective.. i have a bully steer that i have to zap at least 3 times a day… each time i zap him i pump it up a notch…

            • True! I used to have a cattle prod but they are illegal in this state.

      • Jazzee

        bye bye christie…………………………wow he is a leftie for sure

  • Then why exactly is Christie a Republican?
    We shouldn’t force him out..that would make him a hero. We should un-elect him. Career over.

    • hrh40

      Because the Democrat lineup is overflowing … and he wants power at any cost.

      Same with Mitt Romney. Cronies, cronies, cronies. Inherited from his dad and cultivated on his own.

    • I almost fell off my chair yesterday when the normally conservative Eric Bolling said he liked Christie when they were discussing the GOP’s next move on the presidency. ARE YOU SERIOUS!? Especially after Christie got all buddy-buddy with Obama in a photo op after Sandy. Now he compares himself to Cuomo? Put a “D” on him for DONE. The LAST thing we need is a Democrat-lite (again!), much less Cuomo’s BFF. The GOP is going to be RIP if we put up another one of these clowns.

      • Since Christie is so close to Cuomo I will assume that Catholic Christie also agrees with him on abortion.

        Turn off Fox…they are useless.

    • johnfromjersey

      Christie isn’t going anywhere. He’s the perfect candidate for NJ, a RINO who believes the BS from the liberals.

      • I’m not sure he will get re-elected to be honest. Christie thinks those Dems are his friends but the unions in that state are far more important than him and the Democrats will he his lunch and dinner. You just watch and remember I told you this.

  • Then why exactly is Christie a Republican?
    We shouldn’t force him out..that would make him a hero. We should un-elect him. Career over.

  • c4pfan

    Yeah, and stupid Ann Coulter will still defend him!

    • RocklinConservative

      Wish I could like more than once!!!

    • Guest1776rcp

      Ann Coulter is a sellout, she had it right the first time Romney would lose to Obama but after she started dating one of Romney’s advisors all the sudden Romney was the only one who could beat Obama. Ann Coulter is a self serving RINO and has done absolutely zero, zip, notta as far as advancing conservatism. In fact she’s probably turned more people off to conservatism than actually advance the cause. The clues were there all along – see her relationship with her good friend Bill Maher as one example. Bill Maher is one of the biggest liberal God hating POS on the planet.

      • Her books are still entertaining and informative though. 🙂 I’m a fan of her books… What can I say? 😉

        • cabensg

          Buy em used at Amazon or used book stores. You can still enjoy them without financing her BS on other subjects. That’s what I do with movies, not from Amazon but I have a New and Used shop near me. I can get just about any movie on DVD for $2.50 or less and sell them back for a buck. Hollywood doesn’t see a dime of my money.

      • notsofastthere

        Coulter says she loves Joy Behar also. I still like Coulter because she gives Liberals an ear full. I don’t like her friends, but she gives them a good fight every time.
        Conservatives have lots of friends on the left, but I don’t think it’s corrupted them.

        • pdxlady

          She is pure theater; and has her ‘reputation’ to maintain.

  • c4pfan

    Yeah, and stupid Ann Coulter will still defend him!

  • Is he for murdering late term babies too?
    I lost any respect I had for crispy a long time ago. The GOP can have him.

    • Cindy09

      That’s my question too!

      But obviously, he is! May be on another “term”?

    • notsofastthere

      With Christie I think, for a while, a lot of us got fooled again.
      In the future some of the Conservative candidates we support will inevitably deceive us.

      • Which is why it’s so important to pay attention to what they’ve stood for before, look at what they’re saying and doing now so we can know what they’ll be running for in the next couple of years.
        There are no perfect candidates as all of us know, but dang some of these with the “R” after their name are just pathetic.

  • Is he for murdering late term babies too?
    I lost any respect I had for crispy a long time ago. The GOP can have him.

  • Rshill7

    A scale would beg to differ sir.

    And I mean BEG!

    • warpmine

      A weight snipe, geez. use the scales at the truck stops then.

    • las1


      Gosh Rshill7… that was funny…

      I’m still snickering

  • Sandra123456

    Then why does Christie call himself a Republican?

    • c4pfan

      I have no idea.

    • sDee

      There is more room on the elephant’s side of the Progressive bed.

      • StrangernFiction


    • pdxlady

      Because he is on-board w/ Barry…hell bent on destroying the R party.

  • HerneTheHunter

    So long, fatso.

  • Kenneth Webb


  • PVG


  • Christie is about as much a real Republican as I am the leader of the New Black Panther Party! 😉

    Worse than that, remember his convention speech? And then… that little Bro-affair with NObama when he came to town looking for a nice politically usable photo-op and Christie was only too happy to kow-tow to the empty suit?

    I would support and vote for a dead parrot in the bottom of a cage for 50 years before I’d even consider supporting, let alone voting for this RINO TRAITOR!

  • Ok. Some guy named Bulman claims to quote Christie. I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out to be true, and it makes no difference to me because I have no use for Christie anyway. But I’ve never heard of this Bulman fella.

  • williamm


    Gun bans: New Jersey bans the possession of assault weapons. All assault weapons must have been registered with the state by 1991 in order to be legally owned.

  • Marridge

    I am done voting for RINOS or any other pseudo demoCRAP. No more.

  • sDee

    The tea party mistook Christie’s aggressive attack on the teacher unions as conservative. It was him taking control of the union for his politcal gain, not stopping it’s insidious exploitation of our education system.

    Everything I needed know about Christie I learned when he proudly appointed self-admitted Sharia proponent and muslim immigration lawyer Sohail Mohammed to the Superior Court. Mohammed defended the blind sheik who bombed the trade center.

    • las1

      Lawyers can defend people they don’t agree with. And if so, Sohail Mohammed acting in that capacity would not be an issue. This is the smoke that Christie tried to blow in his famous “Sharia Law business is just crap” defense of Mohammed.

      The problem like you stated is Mohammed’s personal, outside the courtroom, views and actions that firmly put him in the Shariah camp.

      And Mohammed’s appointment by Christie was pay-back to Imam Qatanani and the Islamic Center of Passaic County which has leadership ties to Mohammed’s extremist Muslim American Union.

      Sohail Mohammed was on the board of the extremist Muslim American Union and Qatanani was the Imam for the Islamic Center of Passaic County which funneled votes to Christie.

      Again, this would all be widely known if America had a real press.

      • cabensg

        No Muslim should ever be trusted to be a judge in the United States…period. For one, there is no such thing as a moderate Muslim. There are Muslims who take to the streets or are terrorists and there are those who stay home and silently support them as the Koran demands. If you are moderate in any way you cannot be a Muslim that’s why the only ones that speak out are no longer Muslim.

        • las1

          You are totally, absolutely, unequivocably, undeniably right. Did I say totally?

          The operating memorandum of the Muslim Brotherhood operating in America is as the following:

          grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and by the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.

          And Christie’s appointment of Mohammed is the textbook example of their plan working out. Using our laws and connections to place themselves in positions of power. And our laws are constructed upon the presumption of “good faith” in applying them, even when prosecuting criminality. Malevolence is the intention of Muslims using our laws in place of good faith. And we have increasing less will to recognize that reality.

          • cabensg

            Yes you said totally and I have to admit I love it. Among family and friends it is very rare to get a totally so I’m going to cherish it while I can.

      • Amjean

        Follow the money or the votes.

    • cabensg

      Exactly right! No one enjoyed his humor and take down of a reporter and his attacks on the unions more than I did. Early on these were fun to watch and no one else was talking like that. It took about two months into his governorship to see which way he was heading and he’s proven over and over he’s just a liberal who ran as a Republican. What really amazed me was how many people were chanting “Christie for president” just because of a few videos. It seems liberals aren’t the only ones who are easily led.

  • *VIDEO* Glenn Beck: I’m Done With the Establishment GOP, I Support Constitutionalists Like Rand Paul

    Glenn Beck talks with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly about how moderate establishment Republicans have betrayed the party’s values and worked against the Tea Party and constitutional conservatives. Glenn Beck expressed hesitance when asked what he thought about Marco Rubio and Chris Christie saying, “I feel about Rand Paul the way I used to feel for Chris Christie”.

    Is Beck turning more towards the true liberty wing of the party? Can a conservative/libertarian coalition emerge in the next four years to challenge the GOP’s establishment pick for the presidential nomination? Who will emerge as the establishment’s anti-establishment candidate to challenge the grassroots?

    • hrh40

      Glenn Beck is about Glenn Beck.

      • I disagree… But respect your right to that opinion.

      • Amjean

        I always thought he was a little crazy, however, enjoyed his radio show.
        Then one day he started talking about Sarah Palin. Saying how they were
        friends and she was always texting him in the middle of the night. No explanation of the time difference in Alaska. He was obviously trying to
        use her popularity to rub off on himself; to portray himself as an insider
        to Palin herself.

        I turned off the program and haven’t listened to him since.

        • MissMyGuy

          He used Palins name and whatever friendship they had and then would ridicule her in the next show.

    • OneThinDime

      See the other thread, Rand Paul is also an amnesty guy. That’s not Constitutional in my opinion.

      • I only posted the above because people were/are linking S.E. Cupp to Beck. Beck is Beck and can’t be “blamed” for Cupp’s comments. That’s all I was saying.

        • las1

          I love Beck and still watch his GBTV… but he has his wobbly moments… and SE was one of them. But you are absolutely right, he can’t be blamed, but I still think he owes us an apology… that and for his smearing of Newt Gingrich. I’m still smarting over that one.

          • Many of us are. I haven’t gotten a Beck subscription. 🙁 I was all set to get one when my computer died. I may get one soon. If I can afford it.

          • cabensg

            Me to.

          • MissMyGuy

            Beck is much like Gingrich. Moments of brilliance, then the next day, “What the Hell?”

          • johnfromjersey

            Yeah las, I still think Newt is the only one who could’ve beaten the Democrat party machine.

        • OneThinDime

          I know, my comment was in general for those reading yours thinking Rand Paul is a constitutionalist as “Glenn Beck” thinks.

      • sDee

        This is IMO one Achilles heel of the libertarian movement. They must reconcile this with protecting the constitutional sovereignty. Without the ancient crucial rules of sovereignty we have anarchy and colonization..

        • OneThinDime

          Exactly and even if Rand Paul does an about-face, I won’t trust him, it will simply be politicing.

    • sDee

      Sarah Palin can pull the tea party and libertarians together. She warned Romney about failing this in 2012.

      Unless we combine forces to take the beach – we will drown.

    • cabensg

      I wish I could get on board with libertarianism but I just can’t. I see libertarians as the flip side of liberalism. One wants no control the other wants absolute control. Conservatism to me is the most logical but where is our candidate?

    • MissMyGuy

      Glenn Beck has his feet firmly planted in wet sand. You cannot predict what he will say from one day to the next. He jumps from loving one candidate one day to another the next. That means he is either unstable or a fraud.

      • johnfromjersey

        Or, is Glenn doing all of this to make a point?

        • MissMyGuy

          And what would that point be?

  • virginiagentleman1

    Christie agrees with Coumo 98% of the time? Seriously? Are we witnessing yet another rino falling under the influenece of the “dark side”?
    What is the deal with republicans shooting themselves in the mouths with such foolishness? Inquiring conservatives want to know!

    I’m on the way to my cardiologists office to get measured for an ICD, (a defib) and to set a date for the surgery. Hopefully the slicing and dicing will be real soon so that I can get on with my life. VG

    • Good luck! Hurry back! We’ll be here waiting for our brother to return! 🙂

    • JRD1

      All the best VG!

    • Thank you for the update myVirginiaGentleman! (((())))s!!

    • I’m glad you are doing it now and not after Obummer care fully kicks in. I wouldn’t put it past them to deny care based on voter registration…

    • 2C714

      Virginiagentleman, you are continually in our thoughts and prayers.
      God bless you.

    • cabensg

      They’re doing miraculous things in medicine and surgeries now so best of luck and get well soon.

    • johnfromjersey

      Good luck my friend.

  • sjmom

    The more I see and hear Christie the less I like him. However, living in NJ come Nov. I will probably vote for him because there is no other choice. I’m becoming weary of voting for the “lesser of two evils” and pray in 2016 I will be able to vote for someone I can agree with and like.

    • hrh40

      Get Steve Lonegan to challenge him again in the primary.

      • sjmom

        I like Steve but the GOP here is like Christie, a bunch of liberals and why we end up with the likes of him and Christie Whitman. The only solution I see is gettin’ outta here.

        • johnfromjersey

          If only I could, sigh!

    • That’s how I feel about supporting Scott Brown here in MA. Not my ideal candidate by a long way… But what choice did I have? A DumboCrap?? Hell no!!

      • OneThinDime

        Sometimes the only way they learn is when people don’t vote. When we vote for them they think they are supported. Sad state of affairs.

        • I agree except in the Presidential election. Too many good Family Values Conservative, REAL Americans didn’t come out to vote for Romney and with the Libtard election fraud machine in full swing we lost the election. Sometimes, you just have to hold your nose and and pull the lever.

          • cabensg

            Yes you do and yes I did.

          • johnfromjersey

            I understand that over 30% of registered republicans didn’t vote last time?
            If America fails, we have “we the people” to blame.

          • OneThinDime

            Ditto to cabensg “Yes you do and yes I did” but I don’t know if I will in 2016 if there is the same set of bad choices.

        • cabensg

          Blue state Republican voters have it hard. Their always between a rock and a hard place when it comes to candidates. The lesser of two evils is still the lesser and if you don’t vote the real evil rules. New Jersey was the perfect example of total corruption and the unliveability under a liberal. If you wanted to live there (which many didn’t any longer) you had to have a change for the better, if only in degrees.

          • Amjean

            I live in Illinois, approximately 45-60 minutes west of Chicago (2-3 hours in traffic LOL).
            I know my vote counts for very little, however, I couldn’t live with
            myself if I didn’t vote…and, in particular, against Obama.

            Our county is predominantly republican and we have never had democraps
            marching in our Labor Day parade until a couple of years ago. They came
            marching, yelling, screaming, acting like the crazies they are, and the
            crowd ten deep on both sides of the street stood silent. It was awesome!
            My favorite parade.

            • Wish I was there to see that! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

            • cabensg

              In my view you did the right thing. I didn’t want Romney in the first place and he wouldn’t have fixed things we wanted fixed but my opinion didn’t trump my love for this country. Romney was not the lesser of two evils. Our objections would have been heard and taken into account and we would have still had the opportunity to replace those in Congress that needed to be replaced.

              Obama IS evil………. and there was no way I wanted this destructive force in charge of the United States. The word conscience means knowing right from wrong. Not trying to rid ourselves of evil is wrong.

              Also Bush did not destroy this country he let the Democrats destroy it.

          • OneThinDime

            And I would be one of them 🙁

    • I understand that thinking but honestly I am really starting to understand why several million voters stayed home on the right side of the aisle.

      I’m thinking about joining them. I have just had enough. I’m not going to feed the egos of the Chris Christie’s of the world. He is a bull elephant in a china shop. Mr large and in charge can go jump off of a cliff.

  • hrh40

    Next Up for the scales to fall of conservatives’ eyes:

    Marco Rubio

    • His illegal immigration stance has to change radically if he’s to have any real support! We’ve had it with RINOS now!

    • I stopped giving a damn about him in 2010 or so when he started in all the dream act crap.

  • Don

    Christie is acting like Blue Dog democrats acted before they became extinct. Lie about your conservatism during your campaign and then stab your constituents in the back when the polls close. Cuomo is not a Blue Dog, but a Rabid Dog democrat. Cuomo will sell his mother for the change for a dollar. Christie is just another RINO was has destroyed the republican party.

  • freeperjim

    Will Ann Coulter follow her heart throb to the DNC/Socialist party?

    • c4pfan

      Oh, I am sure we will get the ‘Three Cheers for Socialism’ column from her soon with how she was about Romneycare.

    • Nukeman60

      It all depends on which way the booksales wind blows. That’s all that is important to her.

  • Law Student

    I have always given him the benefit of the doubt, but that’s difficult now. Cuomo is a radical on gays, abortion, and other issues, whereas Christie is supposedly a conservative. He really needs to explain this, and I suspect he will have to in 2016.

    Remember though, our party has a lot of traitors, not just Christie. Rubio, Rand Paul, Paul Ryan all considering amnesty for illegal aliens.

    • OneThinDime

      And Paul Ryan just argued that the amnesty is Rule of Law. Idiots, all of them.

  • PhillyCon

    Then go join Cuomos party!

  • toongoon

    What is it with these Republicans modeling themselves after leftists?
    Last week Jeb Bush said he would govern like LBJ.

    Of course, neither of them should ever be anywhere near the White House.

  • Now if we can get the rest of conservatives off the Christie Kool-aid!

  • Chris Christie: “I’m not much different from Andrew Cuomo…”

    Or Obama.

  • cabensg

    Surprise!!! Not.

  • mike3e4r7

    Everything I need to know about Chris Christie, I learned during Hurrican Sandy.

  • Philo Beddoe

    Talking about seeing someone self destruct before our very eyes.

    • cabensg

      Boy! isn’t that the truth. It looks like he wants to take himself out of the race before he even gets in it. This proves he’s a liberal they are so clueless, self involved in their insulated bubble they haven’t a clue about what’s happening in the rest of the country. Well, he is from New Jersey that should have told us all we needed to know.

  • MPK12

    Chris Christie: A Conservative Myth – Part 7

    (parts 1-6 at end of this piece)

    • johnfromjersey

      Thanks for the site MPK, never knew it existed so I bookmarked it to check into later.

  • Not news to me. I think we have known Christie as a Liberal all along. Not a fan. I would bet he is for more restrictive Guns Laws.

  • bjohnson55

    You are more like Coumo than you are Reagan there Christie and having a wise assed mouth is no reason for anyone to be considered Presidential material, especially for the Republican Party.

  • Amjean

    The “conservative republican”? By who’s definition? His own?

  • poljunkie

    Yes we know Gov Christie. BUT when will you make it official?

  • bjohnson55

    GW Bush called himself Conservative also, and now this Beluga is trying to be pawned of as a Conservative? We need a litmus test for what it takes before someone can be called Conservative and a way to keep these Pot lickers accountable other than the 2 or 4 years we have the opportunity to vote for these serial liars.

  • c4pfan

    There is no such thing as a conservative Gov. in the East Coast! Never has been and never will be!

    • marketcomp

      Ditto! Examples-Romney and Christie. Which is puzzling because is seems that the Republican Party is an opportunistic party and they need to be purged from the party.

  • Rocco11

    That’s Coulter’s guy!

  • Yazz55

    I don’t think there was ever really any denial that Chris Christie is a liberal rino. In uber liberal leftist extremist NJ, a conservative just can’t get elected.

    Sometimes elections are won from the relative perspective. In the last election, he beat limousine liberal Jon Corzine. And standing next to Corzine, Christie is conservative relative to him. Hence the conservative label applied to him by the lamestream libfag lapdog media.

    • aposematic

      Agree! To the lamestream libfag lapdog media anyone to the right of 100% Marxism is a Conservative.

  • It’s all about niche marketing. Christie is clearly positioning for a Presidential run and he wants to capture that elusive “MSNBC wing” of the 2016 GOP primary electorate. (Note to the girthy Gov: Ask Huntsman how that worked out for him in 2012.)

    • stage9

      He can have them!

  • Which is why Christie may just win. He’s nothing more than the second coming of George W. Bush and his “compassionate conservatism.” Remember that? All that meant was that the RINOs would still spend a lot of money, only at a slightly slower rate than the liberal Democrats. Christie isn’t stupid. He knows the only way of getting the over 50% of the people who voted for Obama is by saying that he isn’t much different from Obama. THAT makes him more palatable to the low-information voters out there. But the country will still go broke, it will still waste tons of money, and government will still get bigger and demand more and higher taxes to fund it. It really is time for a third party.

    • bjohnson55

      Right on the mark Libertyship46, until the Republican Party comes to terms of how disastrous GW and that Compassionate Conservatism crap is and what a cancer that kind of liberal Progressive thinking has become within this Party there isn’s chance in Hell any more than 30% of Registered Republican voters will take the time to go to the polls. Crispy Cream is no different if not worse than GW and I believe a candidate anything short of true blue Conservative will end the Republican Party for good. That is why Karl Rove is so dangerous to the party right now.

  • stage9


    Does that mean that he also supports the good Governor’s INFANTICIDE PROPOSAL: “Reproductive Health Act” which calls for an “increase [in] abortion access in the Empire State by deregulation, such as allowing non-doctors to perform abortions, while trampling on religious freedom in the process”? It also allows late term abortions. It is the most radical bill on abortion ever.


  • 57thunderbird

    A New Jersey conservative is not a conservative by any measure.Not the same as a conservative from fly over country.I remember his love fest with Obama after Sandy.

    • tinlizzieowner

      Northeastern Republicans are little more than Johnson era Democrats.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Alrighty then… time to flush another one down the toilet.

    • stage9

      I don’t think that one will fit. Might clog the drain.

      • Sober_Thinking

        And a plumber, some Draino, and a couple of plungers? 🙂

  • harglide

    This bafoon has made some very stupid decisions, comments, and mistakes over the last few years. I just wish he would either shut, or move to the left! He has made enough mistakes to lean way over center to the left, and is getting really ridiculous to think he is in any way a conservative!
    He is an ill minded individual, and needs to seriously redefine his stance on anything!

  • Conservator1

    Isn’t it interesting that the Capitol Confidential referred to Christie as a conservative Republican? As I understand it, the Capitol Confidential reports on New York politics. IMO, this is an affirmation of the many comments posted that a North East Republican is never a real conservative. If they were, they wouldn’t get elected.

    • cabensg

      Exactly and Brown’s another example of that.

  • tsturbo

    Actually you are not that much different than Obama, Mr. Christie.

    • martha chandler

      Besides the fact that I think this guy is a democrat in Republican’s clothing, I also think he’s probably a heart attack waiting to happen.

  • 57thunderbird

    Watch Out!!He’s gonna blow!

  • So Bulman said Christie said this but we don’t have Christie himself actually saying it? Did I get that right, I guess this is a question he’ll be asked if runs in president, and all he has to do is deny he said that.. I dunno using something someone else said he said is pretty weak in IMO.

  • DavidRobertson

    So far, her is the list of possible 2016 candidates according to the talking windmills:

    Chris Christie
    Marco Rubio
    Rand Paul
    Ben Carson

    Am I missing anyone? Either way, I don’t see Christie getting out of a primary with this group. My money is on the Doctor.

    My dream ticket would be Palin/Carson. But, I guess that qualifies me as a nut job in today’s world.

    • johnfromjersey

      Oh, I’d drag my half broken butt through broken glass to vote for that ticket. Sarah Palin is the only person on the scene right now who will DO what she says she’ll do. She is more than willing to put her butt on the line for America, so we the people should do everything we can to get her, and him elected next time.

  • LibLoather

    At least we know they both like lingiuni!
    I’m giving Christie a new affiliation title, like Scarborough, Brooks, McCain, et al:

  • aposematic

    Hmmmm…another Rove electable NE R; Conservative not; go figure.

  • aposematic

    Another bunch of “moderate” R’s here in VA. Both houses are R controlled but still overwhelmingly passed a Bill to join the Feds in instituting ObumaNOcare exchanges. Its on McDonnell’s desk (the R Gov.)…will he go back on his word and sign the Bill? Supposed to decide later this week…scuttle is he is leaning in favor of signing after last year saying no to exchanges. Anyway, McDonnell already is pushing for more taxes. Are there any R’s remaining that can even spell Conservative? OK, maybe a handful…

    • 57thunderbird

      Far and few between in answer to your last question.

    • NCHokie02

      My poor Virginia. Seems like nowadays that republicans that get elected there are like republicans that get elected in chicago or the ne……RINO’s. Least just a short drive south into NC the new Republican Gov (McCrory) just signed a bill saying NC would not be joining any exchanges.

  • I’m not much different from Andrew Cuomo.”

    No sh!t, Sherlock!

  • TxGold

    Is this supposed to be a surprise?

  • The democrats are becoming redundant.

  • codenametimna

    When push comes to shove I think Chris Christie is more like a Democrat than a Republican. He simply adores Obama after Obama gave New Jersey multiple billions of dollars in aid after hurricane Sandy. Which in essence was a big fat ‘bail-out’ from the federal government off the backs of the American taxpayer.

    Christie is basically letting the federal government do the job that he himself has thus far failed to do during his time as Governor. Living on the Jersey shore or in other potentially high risk areas necessitates precautions such as house and flood insurance in case of disasters like hurricane Sandy. If homeowners are too incompetent to insure their own house and belongings it follows suit that Chris Christie has NO business demanding a big fat bail-out for his state due to his citizen’s own mistakes. People should obtain their own house and flood insurance, and therefore, they shouldn’t have to be ‘bailed out’ by anybody and least of all by the federal government. Since it is the federal government which is bankrupting the country and spending us into oblivion.

    Christie also failed to accumulate a substantial ‘rainy day fund’ for his state when disasters do occur. Instead he cried to the Obama administration to bail him out of his own predicament (because of his own shortsightedness to be financially prepared), and consequently, it reeks of impropriety and also of mismanagement. His other hair-brained actions such as bear hugging Obama a few days before the 2012 presidential election have made matters worse. And now he is comparing himself to one of the most liberal Democrats in our nation’s history and a person who, in my opinion, is in the process of ruining the state of New York.

    It is becoming quite apparent that Chris Christie is neither a conservative nor a true Republican. Just a person looking out for his own political interests if you ask me.

    America’s national debt is $16 1/2 TRILLION and counting (besides the $78 TRILLION in unfunded liabilities such as Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, etc.). Therefore, every politician who becomes part of the problem instead of the solution, e.g. participates in the decline and bankruptcy of America, should be thrown out of office during the next election cycle. And in Barack Obama’s case impeached. Christie’s abrasive approach toward people and politics in general and his recent subservience to people and ideals that are undeniably ruining America, has most likely sealed his fate and he will likely NEVER become President of the United States. At least not as a Republican any way.

    Finally, I think Christie should leave the Republican Party and become a Democrat. Because the ideal(s) he now espouses are in many cases liberal ideals that fit perfectly within the socialist Democrat Party and their ilk. Let him run for President as a Democrat and he would probably have a much better chance of winning the nomination and the White House as a Democrat if you ask me. Which is probably what he is already thinking about since his recent actions have bordered on ridiculous and are obviously neither conservative nor Republican in principle or deed. Comparing himself to Andrew Cuomo is like comparing oneself to Benedict Arnold if you ask me. Chris Christie should shape up or ship out. He is becoming an embarrassment to the Republican Party in my opinion. If he’s going to walk and talk and act like a Democrat he might as well become one. Sad, very sad indeed.

    • FreeManWalking

      I don’t think it would be possible to PUSH or SHOVE chrissy cream off his Progressive Lergass Derriere.

      I may have I misspelled largess.

  • james1051

    Joisey Socialist.

    Hopefully, the GOP will elevate him. And hopefully, the TP will know what to do when that happens.

  • He is nothing but a liberal in conservative clothing. I will not vote for him when he runs for president. There is a reason the liberal media is pushing him so hard. its like letting a thief pick your security system.

  • JohnCraven

    Did anyone break the news to his girlfriend, Anne Coulter?

    John Craven
    New Orleans

  • white531

    I did love the man, at one time. I really did. No more.

  • Big mouth, fat ass, arrogant NJ politician. Don’t even consider supporting this guy for president.

  • Besides all the voter fraud, this fat pig is a main reason the election went the way it did. Christie just about got on his knees and serviced Obama after Sandy hit because Obama said he was going to help all his servants in NJ & NY. He told Romney to stay away because “we don’t need politicians, we need help” They still need help today, but hey….What does it matter now who is responsible?

  • Larchmonter445

    He’s not much different than any Jersey BS’er. A perfect ticket would be Christie with Doomberg. They could carry NY-NJ and lose the rest of the nation. Of course, voting in the Sandy-hit areas would be difficult since by 2016 those suckers (victims) would still be without homes, and polling would have to be cancelled since they have no real addresses any more. But Christie rides high. Stupidity reigns in the East. The people are getting what they deserve.

    Christie is about ME. No different than Obama. An opportunist riding a one-trick pony.

  • mikeinidaho

    Truer words were never spoken, Fatboy! You’re just another Eastern liberal idiot like the rest of them. A pox on all of you and the Left Coast, also.

  • Good Lord, he’s saying this stuff? Give Christie the boot and make it permanent, I don’t care what Ann Coulter says about this RINO blob.