Chris Matthews Opines: Republicans Would Agree That Obama Needs To Be Executed

Somebody in a room says the President ought to be executed, you pile on and say yeah he is an outlaw. Anything that’s nasty – oh the President’s screwing the economy, he’s costing jobs – anything that’s nasty about this guy has now become the amen chorus of the Republican party.

On his show tonight, Chris Matthews lamented the state of the Republican party and suggested that they just leave Obama alone!

This is an all too common refrain from the left, the tired bleating of a wounded beast that smells weather coming. In 2008 the press and the President’s own campaign launched a major offensive against, get this, chain emails. Because as everyone knows, the most important part of any political campaign throughout history has been the email rumor mill. It was chain emails that prompted Julius Caesar to seize power and become an emperor, as was written about in Shakespeare’s famous tragic line “Beware the ides of March, and also my aunt Betty said that you’re a secret Carthaginian.” Horrors.

In this case Matthews is echoing Jon Stewart as they attempt to deal with all of Obama’s negatives in one fell swoop by identifying them as mean and rhetoric-y. Far be it from MSNBC to get into the down and dirty details of any dereliction of duty or the finer points of possible pusillanimity on the part of the President. Please. “There’s nothing to see here” has become “the only thing to see here is your UGLY FACE” as the bemoaning of the lack of civility has morphed into spurious accusations of conspiracy in an attempt to change the narrative and lift focus off of the President and place it onto the Republicans.

As the second term of Obama the destroyer shudders and creaks toward an ignominious end, the mass media is in full “stone the messenger” frenzy. They want you to know that every possible criticism of Obama is actually just overblown and certainly racist hate speech designed to undermine the Bringer of Light.

That Matthews would equate attacking the President’s record with calling for his death is the height of irony on two fronts. In the first place, that the master of leg-thrilling hyperbole should ever find any prose too purple is preposterous. In the second place, he’s theorizing about hypothetical assertions and implied enmity, while altogether missing the explicit and overt wishing of death that is routinely and publicly rained down on conservatives, from Rush Limbaugh and George Bush to Dana Loesch and Erick Erickson.

So please, spare me your indignation, oh wilting little flowers in the Democrat garden. You’ve no room to talk and no leg to stand on when it comes to overheated rhetoric. You may not have invented nastiness, but I’ll be damned if you haven’t cornered the market, applied for a patent, and hired the Sham-Wow guy to sell it.

Now pardon me, I have to put down my Bulwer-Lytton Keyboard and grab my regular one, lest my writing become so heavy-handed I have to ask for a fainting couch and some pearls to clutch. I SAID GOOD DAY, SIR.

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