Chris Wallace: Obama wasn’t trying to ‘stoke racial tensions’ with comments about Zimmerman case…

Chris Wallace is more naive than I thought. He thinks Obama was just trying to put everything in context and explain both sides…or something:

(h/t: Mediaite)

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  • ChrisDias

    Fox News – not news. – Supportive of the left, not objective to the right.

    • Conservative_Hippie

      ChrisDias I’m looking forward to seeing more of Palin!

  • sDee

    Wallace is not naive. It’s his script. Kabuki Theater.

  • njmom

    Remember everyone he’s the son of Mike Wallace of CBS fame. Born into liberalism so he’s blind to it.

    • sDee

      It is a deep genetic pattern of traitors.

  • Lady_Penquin

    Yeah, Chris, same way you managed to repeat the lie of Zimmerman being told to “stay in his car” this past Sunday. Tired of the news people thinking we’re all so stupid we take their word for it. 
    Wallace is a liberal, getting to be “of the left.”

  • badbadlibs

    Yeah, that really helps things, Wallace………..not. Covering the fomenter in chief’s sorry rear end is becoming more then a part time job for these goons in the press.

  • Conservative_Hippie

    Whether he was trying or not he succeeded!  When will this joke of a president learn the less he says the better!

    • Betsy Young

      Never, he loves dividing us all! It’s his reason for living!

  • MaroonRepublic

    Wallace feeling some white guilt

  • GeneSpeicher

    Wallace is a blind liberal idiot.

  • G_unit

    EXCEPT George Zimmerman is NOT white!!!!! he is LATINO or HISPANIC!!!!

    • badbadlibs

      G_unit And his great grandfather was black. That’s black as in black. As in all black.

  • WhiteGuy2

    Obama is preparing excuses for the violent race motivated mobs of black juveniles that is expected this weekend. Just the usual,…. its not them, its you defence. {You } meaning white folks. You white folks caused them to react badly, and it doesn’t matter that George is Latino.

  • suzy000

    “or something”?  Well, Mr. Wallace,  if riots and protests escalate…then we will come back to you and ask you if this is putting it all in context?  I already knew Wallace was a registered Democrat and he normally tries to remain neutral……except today.   What a shame…he has been doing so well lately.

  • salty walty

    Chris Wallace and George Clooney vacation together on some Italian coastal village. You bet he is liberal and agrees with Barack.

  • WhiteGuy2

    Well i’m so sick of this race baiting stuff, kinda makes you wanna move to Thailand so you wont have to listen to black folks blaming you for all their problems for eternity.

  • doofuschmartz

    Turn around Chris so we can see whose got their boot up your liberal a**…never mind, we know it’s “Rock-Star” Rupie…

  • BarbbarCat

    I couldn’t believe it when I heard him say this. O’s stoking the fire under that pressure cooker for the weekend.

  • billma40

    Chris , MSNBC is looking for another Idiot and you just qualified.

  • Matt2Matt

    Fox is dead to me.

    • salty walty

      Matt2Matt I dont watch fox anymore either.

    • strangernfiction

      Matt2Matt How conservatives can watch is a real mystery to me.

      • doofuschmartz

        strangernfiction Matt2Matt  I haven’t watched it since before Rupie called Obamao a “Rock Star” back in 08 and donated to his campaign…

  • WordsFailMe

    Chris Wallace is George Zimmerman. He hopes that if he keeps sucking up long enough and hard enough, they won;t smash him in the nose and take his lunch money. Again.
    Everybody takes a whipping sometime, little man. What we do is learn to fight back, you little b****h!

  • steveangll77

    Hey Chris.
    3% of the population who are young black males commit 50% of the murders in America.
    This is who everyone in America should fear.  Especially when their face is shielded from sight by a hoodie or something.   Black especially as they murder far more blacks than whites.
    But sure Chirs Obama was telling the correct PC lie.

  • kong1967

    Wallace doesn’t carry the bucket for anyone, so I think he’s being honest on what he says.  But, he’s wrong.
    Paraphrased…”if it was a white kid the verdict would have been different”.
    That’s not bringing anything in context.  That’s purely stoking the fire and calling the jury racist.

  • billma40

    Robert Zimmerman Jr., the brother of George Zimmerman, responded
    quickly Friday after President Obama’s surprise statement about the
    Trayvon Martin case.
    “The president is reinforcing much of the mythology surrounding the
    case,” Zimmerman told The Daily Caller via phone immediately following
    the President’s afternoon statement.
    While he disagreed with Obama’s characterization of some of the facts
    of the case, he agreed that much work needs to be done to improve the
    lot of black youth across the country.

  • Matt2Matt

    He grew up in Mike Wallace’s house, what do you expect?

    • doofuschmartz

      Matt2Matt Actually, he didn’t…but that doesn’t mean blood doesn’t tell anyway…

  • tshtsh

    Why are there both sides?  There is only one correct answer.

  • frisky

    Bull crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lady_Penquin

    Diane Sawyer, on ABC tonight, committed journalistic malpractice once again. Made a big deal of Obama and the race “issues” in this country and then ABC showed a picture of “angelic” 12 yr old “boy” Martin split screen with the “man” Zimmerman. 
    Trayvon Martin was a 17 yr old young man (6’3″), in a man’s body. Period. 
    The outright lying by the media is beyond belief, and a crime against the people of this country.

  • No_BlahBlah

    How is anything of what you are saying applicable to oCommie’s ‘speech.’
    He was drumming up racial strife chris, sorry you are too busy with your cocktail schedule.
    He sounds like he won’t be satisfied until George Z is dead. Pretty obvious.

  • harryojam

    He’s starting to sound like his leftist late father, and Dan Rather.  Time for Fox to send this clown to CBS or MSNBC so he can be with his peeps.

    • StandProudNow

      harryojam FOX is a joke, Monday through Friday.

      • Betsy Young

        .don’t watch much FoxNews any longer since they’ve gone to the dark side!

    • Betsy Young

      He did not fall far from the tree!

  • doofuschmartz

    Another prissy Chrissy just gettin back to his roots…born and raised in Chicago, Chris is a home boy AND a Dimbulb Demotard…

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    Paid by the Saudi’s. Next question.

  • Laurel A

    Simply put…yes he was.

  • StandProudNow

    Dear, TRS.
    You believe  Wallace to be “Naive”???  Naive?

    You for real?

    Sorry if I sound snarky, I’m just tired of being fooled over and over. 🙁  ReaLLY, really TIred!!!!

    (And, yup, Screwbio can take a long ONE WAY hike!!)

  • Betsy Young

    Wallace is a socialist, just as his father was!

  • kimber1911

    What in the sam hill does this clown think .. Obamas statement was to set afire the black population against what he thought at the time was a White Hispanic with a jewish name.. what could be better in his mind.. starting or getting racial tension to a fever pitch.. then he would come riding in on his white horse to save everyone.. 
    What a fool Wallace is he thinks we are  so dam dumb..  I like Fox but sometimes this guy just really… We won’t go there…

  • PNWShan

    Earlier tonight a semi-friend of mine posted a link to O’s speech and said it was ‘insightful’ and put things in ‘historical context’ and ‘what we need to hear’. Sometimes, I don’t even know where to start when people are so wrong.

  • snowshooze

    Hey George:
      You feel like sharing with me what he IS trying to do???

  • Dr. Strangelove

    Gosh Chris, I’m glad you’re in so touch with what it is to be a black youth today. I’ll bet he’s even seen a couple from the window of his limousine. Apples don’t far fall from the tree, especially when they land in a pile of horse pucky.

    • Longiron

      Dr. Strangelove Like TINGLES once they leave the studio they keep as far away from “those people” as possible with body guards with guns, limos, gates and security around their homes, private clubs and boats, private inlands to vacations, private schools for the kids. Yeah! real libs !!!

  • fireme

    And yet another reason why I don’t watch FOX or even have cable TV service.

  • The Sentinel

    Chris Wallace has always been naïve. One of the worst interviewers out there.
    Does anyone else find it funny that The Five, Chris Wallace, and several other news services are all trying to figure out what exactly Obama meant by what he said? Shouldn’t the President… especially one such as this articulate Harvard grad… “Mr. Second Coming”… be able to speak clearly and plainly so his words of wisdom can reach everyone equally? But no, more double speak and hidden meanings. Typical.
    I had no trouble understanding this rat bastard. What he said was at best racially insensitive and absolutely divisive. Unlike a real President, what Barry says and what he said was once again, divisive… it benefitted “his” people (the people who voted for him). It wasn’t meant to bring peace to America. Just all part of his plan.

    • Longiron

      The Sentinel  Another guy who got where he is because of DADDY!!! One problem he does not have the skill or talent to be a respected talking head !!!!!

      • The Sentinel

        Longiron The Sentinel  
        If you mean Obama, here’s my response: But he makes a great puppet.
        If you mean Chris, here’s my response: Neither do many of the folks on FNC (Shep, Beckle, Juan, Geraldo, O’Reilly…)

  • Pancake3

    Chris, how can you even utter the comment that Obama wasn’t trying to “stoke tensions” of racial divide in this country?  Chaos is President’s middle name.

  • DarrellGriffin

    Bull Schtako
    I saw no difference between Obama and the Race Barons.

  • DHardy

    Wallace is a liberal hack…..

  • DocBarry1

    Wallace is the poster boy for what is wrong with Fox news – he is a tool for big government – just watch who he brings on his shows – what he says – how many times has he had on Levin, Gov Palin – who take exception to this president and his policies – but continue to bring out sell outs McCain, Rubio, graham, ryan, rove,

    • Lady_Penquin

      DocBarry1 Very good point. Hadn’t thought of that.

    • DavidZimmerman2

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but Palin hasn’t been on Fox since the Senate passed their monstrosity. Hannity canceled her slot when that happened.
      She is supposed to be a contributor.

  • yazz55

    The primary motive in the obamessiah regime’s pursing this case in the first place IS to stoke racial tensions for political gain.

  • 57thunderbird

    Wallace is a progressive big government type.Fox is useless in most cases.

  • DavidZimmerman2

    He can’ t be that stupid. I always thought he was a straight shooter. Oh well…..

  • He has disappointed me so many times.  Lets face it we do not have any cable channels that put forth our point of view…only one comes close and that is Fox.  It is extremely frustrating to only have Wallace’s Sunday show  to compete with Meet the Press and  ABC.  Chris Wallace is the son of a Liberal…he must be quasi conservative. It would be a God send if we could have a staunch defender of the Constitution on the Sunday circuit.  Chris needs to listen to Kevin Jackson….his statements are closer to true state of relations in America.

    • Lady_Penquin

      sallyjohanna Make no mistake, Wallace is a liberal. FOX has a number of them who work hard to counteract any conservative truth. To hear him repeat already discredited information means he “sold” his journalistic soul a long time ago. These people have an agenda to establish leftism in this country, everything they say is directed toward this goal. It’s not that they are immoral, they are amoral.

  • This is so
    Obama: taking time out of his busy day to put himself front and center in a
    debate that has nothing to do with him. Wow! The empathy, the selflessness of
    this man.