Chris Wallace says he got opposition research from Republicans on Ted Cruz; Rove explains why…

This clip will tell you a lot about Washington DC. According to Rove, Ted Cruz has disrespected Republicans because he bypassed them and went to the American people with his defunding Obamacare idea. But we all know what would have happened. Republican leadership would have just pooped on the freshman Senator’s idea and dismissed it. It was obvious from the way they responded to the idea in the first place. So because Cruz went straight to the American people and and forced their hands, he’s being attacked by members of his own party.

In a nut shell, Republicans care more about the politics of Washington DC than they do about what’s good for the American people. And that’s why Ted Cruz has been marked, because he’s bucking that system.

Sarah Palin has called on Wallace to release the names of those from whom he got the oppo research:

Exactly right. He should do just that, but he won’t.


(h/t: Daily Caller)

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  • Alborn

    As far as I am concerned Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul are now the leaders of the R party no matter what the old guard thinks. Washington insiders are coming down one way or another and the American people are going to have a say in their government again. No matter what it takes. So buckle up.

    • PhillyCon

      Well, according to Paul, “we can’t get rid of Obamacare.”

      • garyinaz66

        keep spewing the rino or Obama talking points(no real difference in the two) from an A.P. article posted at hot air dooshbag, we expect the lies from you progs and the associated press, they are another wing of the Obama whitehouse.

        “Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) told Breitbart News on Saturday evening that an Associated Press report that claimed he said that Americans “probably can’t get rid of Obamacare” is inaccurate.
        “I’ve been saying the same thing I’ve been saying all along,” Paul said. “I didn’t say anything different today than I haven’t already been saying. It’s kind of interesting that people create it to be news but I’ve said all along and continue to say that I won’t vote to fund Obamacare. I don’t think we should fund Obamacare.”

    • bahamianhoosier

      Sorry Alborn but you are very wrong! Rove and company are leaders of R party. Lee, Cruz, Paul Palin, West and a very few others are the leader of the Constitution Party and we must rally to them! The GOP as an opposition party to Marxism is dead!

      • Mike

        we are taking them from within, it’s a good thing. Graham has been twice reprimanded in the last month, and McCain is done as an effective representative for the Sate of AZ. Yeah its a big wheel and it takes a few bodies to start it rolling but I don’t think anything is going to stifle the new voices in DC and the Grassroots movement.

        • creeper

          Up-arrowed just because I hope the h$ll you’re right.

          • Mike

            Without Term Limits this country is screwed. The sad truth of it is, is that they may not be millionaires when they take office but they all are for the most part when they leave. Our dept is now 109% of the national GDP it can not continue it will topple under its own weight. I see a currency crisis in the very near future. We have the fall of Rome looking us in the eyes, with a Mad Emperor and power hungry ineffectual Senators worried only about holding on to the tigers tail. The money is printed by the millions every day. What is it doing to us? Take a walk in the grocery store. That much smaller box of cheerios that costs more the the large one only 7 years ago means the dollar is worth – less, and less..

  • Bekuzikan

    Karl Rove is butthurt because they didn’t come to him first. Karl needs to go away. He’s not as informed and in touch with the American people as he thinks.

    • Laurel

      He is an ankle biter lapdog of the Patrician Right like the Bush’s.

  • Yazz55

    The rino leadership fears Mr Cruz, because he does have the support of the American people and they don’t. So, they employ the donkey strategy of using the media to destroy him. To borrow Rush Limbaugh’s line – they tell you who they fear most by who they go after with maximum viciousness the hardest.

    I tend to think that Mr Cruz is smart enough to expect this and won’t go down so easily. Hopefully, he’s prepared for this onslaught.

    • Laurel

      Yes and the last person who did that was Reagan.

    • marketcomp

      He is prepared. Just watch him.

  • PhillyCon

    It would be nice if other leaders would back up Cruz. I’m so sick of this s*** and the crap these phonies pull that I no longer care. I’m tired of the Republicans at large being continual losers.

    Palin knows exactly what’s going on. She’s been on the receiving end of this nonsense many times. It’s obvious who is for power and who is not.

  • c4pfan

    Yeah, stop using the GOP as cover and release the names!

  • PhillyCon

    Hmmm. Those Republicans who gave oppo research to Wallace … I wonder if they even bothered with info on Dems.

  • Laurel

    Rove and his like minded minions have got to go. They are dishonest and brainless. Notice his statement is so centric that it’s tribal. Read it again…”disrespected Republicans because he bypassed them…” that is paraphrased but you get the gist.

    Last I checked the Sopranos weren’t supposed to be running government.

    • badbadlibs

      With enemies like rove, who needs o bama?

      • Laurel

        Exactly. It’s the same ‘it’s his turn” or “get in the back of the line” mentality Republicans always shoot themselves in the foot with. Notice Democrats don’t do it as much hence the reason we have newcomer Obama.

  • c4pfan

    I don’t even bother listening to what Rove says.

    • Laurel

      You should listen so you know what you are up against. And be aware of what he doesn’t say as well.

      • StrangernFiction

        Many of us here know exactly what we’re up against with Rove.

        • Laurel


  • Dick

    I think of the establishment Republicans just about the same way I think about Liberals. We simply need to figure on needing more rope.

    • StrangernFiction

      They have a different constituency, that’s the only difference.

  • StrangernFiction

    They are statists, the deserve no respect.

  • iaintlyin

    My apologies to The Great One Mark Levin. Earlier this week he threatened to leave the Republican Party if they kept taking pot shots on Ted Cruz. Well this mornign Karl Rove (RNC mouthpiece) went on Chris Wallace after TCruz was interviewed. Rove proceeded to bad mouth Cruz and even supplied statistics (whether accurate or not, who knows) to proceed with Obamacare. Sorry Mark, usually you’re my guiding light but this time you’re a little slow getting off the mark,((or should I say sinking ship).

    • StrangernFiction

      Levin is hoping against hope that the GOP will toe the line and defund, but it isn’t going to happen. He and Hannity will have to divorce the GOP completely or lose much credibility.

  • imatellau

    Obamacare ain’t law….. It’s a weapon!!!! If it was a law it would be enforced across the board and not have “exemptions”! Impeach nobama for not enforcing his own d&mned LAW!!!!!

    • toongoon

      I firmly believe that obamacare is the replacement for that old document with negative liberties, the US Constitution.

      Da mn all of those elected politicians who betrayed their oath to defend it. When they fail in their attempt to betray us may the survivors rot in prison.

    • clevonlittle

      that is the best definition of Obamacare that I’ve read…………

  • kong1967

    Well now, we can’t have a freshman taking a leadership role and undermining Boehner’s authority can we?

    “Yes We Can”. Oh, did I steal someone’s line?

  • twoblackcats

    Rove -GFYS- it wasn’t agreed upon in theThursday meeting? This is OUR lives you dimwit. Are u so entrenched that you don’t remember that? Dumb a-hole.

  • rjcylon

    Quick note to Karl Rove: You are the problem with the republican party. We have a president Obama because of “conservatives” like you.

    Thank God Palin, Cruz, are waking the people up and making sure guys like you are losing your influence.

  • nibblesyble

    Karl Marx Rove…hmmmmm sounds just about right!

    • StrangernFiction

      Very few ‘rats have done more for the authoritarian cause than Rove.

      • nibblesyble


  • d1comment

    Tokyo Rove strikes again…

    • bahamianhoosier

      “Tokyo Rove” Love it!!

    • OLLPOH

      Underdog, where u been? F i n a l l y… the Udog strikes it right!

  • toongoon

    Imagine. The nerve of a Senator talking to the American people instead of begging the the so-called peoples representatives to get rid of obamacare.

    Rove never said a word about Obama lying straight to the low information voters to make them think obamacare was the best thing for the country.

    Why the hell didn’t Rove go back to Texas with Bush?

    • bahamianhoosier

      I truly believe this is what happens to TEA candidates we send to DC. They watch from the shadows for few months and see that you must kowtow to the leaders and establishment or you are marked as more of an enemy to them than Marxists so they abandon all conservative pledges and become a RINO overnight! Very sad and this is why we need term limits!!

      • toongoon

        Cruz certainly is a threat to the professional politicians and their advisers.

      • Deane Cooper

        These ARE Tea party electees we are discussing here. Alan West was as well. The established Repubs hate the Tea Party and have effectively made sure some were not reelected last year. Give me more Tea Party candidates!

      • Mike

        The only thing that will save this country is term limits. TERM LIMITS they may not be Millionaires when they go in, but all of them are going out. By the people for a few of the people 1%

  • Rshill7

    We carried a lot of little white boards to Mackinac Island this weekend with funny, but true, derogatory messages about Rove written on them. People were absolutely loving them. One of them said, “Rove…worst investor in history”. Another said, “Rove, less than 1% success rate!”

    And yes, Rove was there, at the Grand Hotel. Man what an awesome place that is.

    Not many squishes on the island this weekend. Zero in our little group. Perhaps we’ll be able to share some pics from the gathering with you tomorrow evening 🙂

    It was called the Republican Leadership Conference.

    • twoblackcats

      Sounds fun, but we cannot afford Grand Hotel. We are just middle class folk. I admire the jokes on Rove though.

      • Rshill7

        There were no rich folks in our group. Middle and upper middle class folks only.

        Our group stayed at another hotel closer to “downtown” on the island. In fact, my wife and I have never stayed the night at that hotel, but we’ve been all through it. One can spend several hours just looking at the pictures and collectibles in there. It’s nothing short of incredible.

        We do like to sit on the longest front porch of any hotel in the world. there. Waiters and waitresses are at your beckon call (or beck and call).

        The movie “Somewhere In Time” was filmed there. Lots and lots of American history took place on and around that island, including the War of 1812.


        • badbadlibs

          Thanks for sharing the link. What a gorgeous place! Hope you and the wife had a great time! And thanks for doing for the rest of us who couldn’t be there, what we would have! Hope the “roving” idiot saw your signs.

        • twoblackcats

          Don’t they even have a charge for u to be there? Like a beach charge?


          Julie Pabich
          773-775-2612 Home Office
          312-513-5078 Cellular
          [email protected]

          • Rshill7

            Yeah, it’s about $12.00 to walk through it, but you could spend all day there. Several restaurants, stores and art galleries in there too.

        • sjmom

          Beautiful Rs. Loved that movie and remember the hotel.

    • c4pfan

      Those pictures are gorgeous! I am glad you were able to go!

  • Rshill7

    “It seems while Rove was spending well over $100 million [Donald Trump said $400 million] only to have a 1% success rate nationwide, the hard working grass roots volunteers of American Grizzlies United were getting 66% of their chosen candidates elected.”

    Uh huh, Sarah Palin kicked Karl’s coccyx into orbit 🙂

    • OLLPOH

      S a l u t e! Rshill7 S a l u t e!

  • I wish somebody would throw a pie in Karl Rove’s face one day. Just like they did to Bill Gates in Belgium.

  • poorhardworker

    I want names of those republicans who want to trash Cruz!!! The republicans are as intractable as the democrats…because they are “in the system” and the system DOES NOT listen to We The People! Ted Cruz IS LISTENING and that’s why we love him!

  • bluerose75

    Fact…There are is no Information…Anonymous is catch phrase…pulled out of my rear!! If Wallace had this lets see it?? You see in DC there is always “opposition research” and in this case Rove. Now lets remember who sunk Gingrich….Rove…who sunk Santorum…Rove….for Romney and what did Romney get from Rove…A BUTT WHIPPING in 2012. The only power GOP and Rove has is when WE allow it and fight conservative against conservative and allow Romneys and McLames to run. WE allowed Roves BS to work in 2012 Primary by allowing the Moderate Mush to win the nomination. If you want ROVE to disappear it is the Conservatives that MUST unite behind a candidate or Senator and tell Rove to go to Hades….His crap does nothing in a general it only serves to DIVIDE true Conservatives. That is why FOX has kept this PUNK when his track record and PAC are ABJECT failures. We need to tell Rove to go to HADES and then and only then will he fall.

    • garyinaz66

      fox should be boycotted just for constantly parading that worthless loser p.o.s. karl rove all the time to spew progpublican talking points anyway.
      all rove, the establishment rnc/gop care about are the bribes they receive from lobbyist and special interest groups to push oblamers agenda….amnesty, obamacare, war with Syria etc……

      • Rshill7

        The “architect” is trying to tear down many a stately, beautiful, political, edifice. He will continue to fail and fade. He’s a has-been crouton with less and less ears trained on his voice and opinion.

  • bluerose75

    As for Wallace remember he is the Ultimate inside the Beltway Drone and really he is another loser with no influence except with GOP losers of th Establishment….GO TED they fear this man big time….Do I sense another Reagan here??? And go Sarah…hit gonadless Wallace in his empty pants!

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    Love how Palin calls out her “colleagues” because they never treated her as one, anyway. They are bought and paid for by the NWO machine. Third Party and war on the Bushies is not a choice anymore, since they declared war long ago.

  • wdobni

    Palin/Cruz 2016 or Cruz/Palin 2016 but I prefer Palin/Cruz

  • nosilasunny

    They are scared to death of losing power. Cruz is refusing to play the Washington game and kiss their feet. Rather he is holding their feet to the fire. The establishment RINOS are the disrespectful ones, betraying the people they were elected to represent. And they wonder why people don’t turnout to vote for their hand picked candidates. I’m with Cruz!

  • bluerose75

    Hey Chris you arrogant about FOX and you tell us all the hits on McLame, Shamnasty, Bonehead Boehner, Coniving Cantor, Mislead McConnell or King Kong King???? Is it not just AMAZING how we all know who they FEAR….lets see Cruz came in 2012 and he already DOMINATES the news and his influence has grown so strong that notice how FOX and FOOLS are scrambling and know they are facing the REAL DEAL…and I will tell you I could give one red cent rats $SS what the ESTABLISHMENT says about Cruz…just knowing they fear him tells me Cruz is the MAN!!!

  • Betsey_Ross

    Howly Cow. All of these pathetic Republicans and Democrats have isolated themselves in their air-tight inside the beltway bubble. Hopefully enough people are paying attention to this spectacle of arrogance and hubris. These Washington elites have shown their true colors. They don’t give a rat’s rear end about the people who elected them. They have tried to hide it, but they are failing miserably. I think we can thank Obama for for this phenomenon. Without him it would have taken much longer for their arrogance to be uncovered.

    Karl: That’s what you do in this country. You have to make your case to the American people. Obama and every Democrat and RINO has neglected to do that. Only a handfull have done that in the Senate. I think you can figure out who is going win hearts and minds. The arrogant ones will lose. The fear is strong among them.

  • PapaLouie

    Karl Rove, John McCain, and Peter King would never call Democrats names like they do Ted Cruz and Mike Lee. It makes you wonder whose side they’re really on, doesn’t it.

    • StrangernFiction

      No need to wonder.

    • froggy19510

      No. A progressive by anyother name is still a progressive.

    • las1

      It’s the “house divided” axiom. It’s because Democrats NEVER EVER attack each other. They all work for the same boss… satan.

  • Bill in Tennessee

    GOP, pay attention. A new wind is blowing through DC, and if you’re not a part of it, you’ll be pushed aside. For the times, they are a’changin’…. Get with it, you’re becoming very tiresome clinging to your old-school ideologies and your desperation to reach across the aisle to cooperate. There is nothing to be gained by cooperating with idiots and moral degenerates.

    • toongoon

      Hear, hear!

  • marketcomp

    Hey Rove you should talk to the American people to find out what they are thinking? Consulting Karl Rove, you are a liar!

  • LibertyLinda

    I am so proud of Ted Cruz. Please show your support of him. It is shows like this the reason we have stopped all TV. Rove is a POS along with Wallace. Stop letting them wag the dog Conservatives.

  • Steven Valdez

    Gotta love Sarah, even though she works for them, still willing to call them out.. if you gonna call yourself fair and balanced, be it all the time, whether it be on left or right. We all know Chris Wallace won’t say who.

  • Steve Angell

    Chris Wallace hello are you not aware that Rove is the one giving the orders to attack Cruz. That Rove is the chief hypocrite. Attacking conservative Republicans every chance he can while defending Obama and the rest of the Democrats.

    Rove is flat out lying here. Rove knows full well the leadership has been talked to but the Conservatives are listening to the people not the idiots like Rove that think they are the kings of the party.

    We need to send Rove, McCain Grahm and the rest of these GOPe packing.

  • sjmom

    With friends like this who needs enemies? Disgusting!

    • toongoon

      With Republicans like this, who needs Marxists?

      • sjmom

        They’ve sold their souls and sold us out. Despicable people.

  • Earthforce1

    After watching Rove’s response I was thinking, “who’s side is this guy on!?”

    He basically started making Democrat talking points (incorrect as they were).

  • HolyCowRUKiddingme

    KARL ROVE probably released the “RESEARCH”!
    He is a real POS

    • No_BlahBlah


      GTH rove you progressive enabling traitor,

    • garyinaz66

      I imagine he was at least one of the asshats

  • Hillary Shackley

    Right up there with Dana Perino and most of the Bushy establishment republicans- ROVE SUCKS! SICK and tired of having them rub our faces in democratic talking points. FoxNews WAKE the hell up and muzzle these clowns.

    • garyinaz66

      boycott fox until they stop giving the rove the slug air time

    • Judges718

      I have been boycotting them since the 2012 Presidential Primaries when they targeted every Conservative candidate and propped up Willard as “the electable” “the inevitable” “the only one who could defeat Obama”. It wasn’t isolated. It was every damned show. They went after Palin, Herman Cain, Santorum, Gingrich nearly as much as they did Obama.

      After Santorum was the only Conservative in striking distance, the ridicule heated up to a fevered pace.

      It even infected Redeye, with Andy Levy declaring if Santorum were the nominee he would actively vote for Obama. Gutfeld mocked Santorum mercilessly. I used to enjoy Redeye because there was finally an irreverent comedy show from a Libertarian/Conservative prospective. They mocked leftists, celebrities, and political correctness. It was hilarious. Well no longer. It became weak, diluted, and politically correct, if not left of center. I haven’t watched in over a year.

  • mike3e4r7

    Rove, who do you think the American people are going to prefer? A straight shooter who talks directly and honestly to them, or a conniving politician who has to huddle up with the party elites in order to determine what he belives?

  • las1

    And what district do you represent there Mr. Rove? All high sounding and all about respect for fellow colleagues in the Congress… of which YOU ARE NOT ONE.

    Come 2014 (assuming Hussein doesn’t start WWIII by then) there will be egg on your face there Karl… more than in 2010.

    • garyinaz66

      rove represents the lobbyist and special interest groups that are bribing him and the other good old boy gop’ers who are selling out and destroying America and americans to push oblamers agenda.
      amnesty, Syria, oblamercare etc….

  • Lmg

    Hey Karl, we out here in the real America actually have this notion that our Senators and Reps are there to represent US, and not your DC establishment political games.

  • Conservative_Hippie

    Keep talking Rove, we are taking notes! 2014 and 2016 will be a political blood bath for traitorous politicians that support Big Government entitlement programs such as Obamascare!

    • OLLPOH

      And ‘wow’ do we have “Their Dirty Laundry List”!

      It is We The People’s job…with the help of Mark Levin and his book, look to the Constitution for the solution…
      “The Liberty Amendments”~Restoring The American Republic” !

      We wonder constantly, what it would really be like, were Senators and Congressperson’s (most, not all) and all of O’Admin. were they not being corrupt and/or hung to a lobbyist group, had the capabilities to learn that the job that they were sworn to do ‘Is uphold the Constitution’. But, money and power makes them such “stars”, if you know what we mean.

    • 57thunderbird

      My laundry list is so long now that it resembles a roll of TP.


    The reality is that Ted Cruz has a proven track record of caring for America and success.

    Carl Rove, on the other hand, well, let’s be kind and say that his record needs some help.

    • Conservative_Hippie

      That is being kind, lol!

      BTW, your avatar hangs on my foyer wall so that everyone that enters it is the first thing they see. Love that painting!

      • OLLPOH

        Us too, love it, the man in it and our country!! Thank you!
        He is and was The Man With The Plan!

    • Austin Lee

      Rove looks like a fat Harry Reid ,and just about as smart

  • Rocco11

    Fox is giving conservatives the finger, let’s give it back.

    • 57thunderbird

      Already have.The only Fox news I see is what is posted here at RS.

      • StrangernFiction


        • Judges718

          Same here.

  • Mage Sp00ks

    All I have to say is go to Richard Burr’s facebook page and read the feed back on some of his posts. Most “Republican’s” I know are pissed off with their party and either jumping ship to independent or speaking out against them or both. I can’t recall in the recent past any republican that says they are happy with the party.

    • leewacker

      I have been a Republican since 1954, and I am seriously thinking about changing!
      I’m mostly Tea Party leaning, anyway!

      • Poi Ball

        Changing to what? The only way to change Washington, IMO,
        is to win in the Republican primaries and then win the general election. I don’t see any other way. Both parties have two much control over elections at every level. Just my two cents.

  • Soka Sema

    So the RINO republicans are mad that Cruz didnt go to them ,instead went to the media without ever explaining things to the RINOS?
    So the RINO’s are mad that Cruz did what they usually do by never including Conservatives.

    • Brooklyn_Dodger

      Remember, RINOs are retromingents.

      • Brooklyn_Dodger

        OK, that may be a little esoteric. A retromingent is an animal that urinates backwards. I first heard it from Wm. F. Buckley, Jr., who used it as a slap against some one. There are such animals of course, and at a zoo one day I saw a RHINO back up toward a wall and hit it with an explosive stream. That’s how I know RINOs are retromingents.

        • toongoon


      • OLLPOH


  • Hillary Shackley

    Dennis K. what a joke he is, definitely about theater- the three of you doing an awful performance at that. I really question the mentality of Fox, putting three left wing HACKS on a show together- SICKENING!

  • Jose

    Publishing anonymous attacks violates the basic ethical principle that one has the right to face and confront their accuser.

    Journalists that continue to publish these attacks need to be called out by name for it. Chris Wallace, Byron York, Robert Costa, etc.

    • Poi Ball

      These people need to be identified correctly. They are not journalists, they are leftist propaganda spreaders.

  • 57thunderbird

    Guess how much I care about what Rove has to say.Establishment RINO,and Kucinich is a leftist hack.

  • notanamericanapologist

    Imagine a man in washington thinking for himself …

    • Brooklyn_Dodger

      Imagine one representing his constituents.

      • OLLPOH

        Imagine one Upholding The Constitution…(There are some!)

  • eaglechick

    Didn’t Ronnie R. go right to the people

    • OLLPOH

      Yes. RR was once a liberal Democrat for years, and years, and he too found out that America was not every single individual is a feral child or parent. He had epiphanies along his life’s journey. He awoke to know that no other person lives inside your body, but you. And it is yours, no one else’s that can cause it to live or die.
      He was the epitome of… no One on this planet has all the answers, and knows everything, or that to even group them up into groups is futile; that one individual learns to solve its on problems, issues. Communicating with ones own inner child from your inner parent will bring you to your reality in the adult.
      He learned that America was a Natural Law, Natural Rights, Constitutional Free Republic and turned America away from (for a brief short 8 years), the Centralized 100 years of Despotic over reaching, over regulated, social progress that has been the goal of communism everywhere.

      • ChillyinAlaska

        the democrats actually had conservative values at one time, a long time ago, and have continually been moving left and driving conservative Americans out of the party. JFK was the last real democrat president, they have all be socialist/commies since. Democrats actually tried to represent the PEOPLE back in the day, when I was a young man.

  • eaglechick

    Looking forward to Levin tomorrow..Big canons fully loaded coming out of bunker with perfect aim. We still have the Second Amendment, right?

    • OLLPOH

      OOOOOOOOOh baby , yeah! It is our meal time discussion show and has been for years….Love it!
      “He is our 21st Century George Washington!”

    • ChesterWalton

      Maybe he will finally put his money where his mouth is and start a Conservative party apart from the GOP.

    • Austin Lee

      for now, anyway.

  • VoN

    I seem to remember Reagan bypassing Congress and going to the American people on numerous occasions and it seemed to work out pretty good for him.

    • 57thunderbird

      Indeed it did.

    • pathel369

      Where is Ronaldus Magnus when you need him? WE need one just like him to represent us, wish he’s still alive to kick ass… what we have are a bunch of self serving cowards who don’t even know the difference between their asshole and a hole in the ground…

      • Judges718

        We have them. No they are not Reagan, but they are just as committed to America and the ideals written in the American Constitution.

        We just need to stand behind them. Not allow the leftists and the gopE destroy them.

        We have Palin, Cruz, Lee, Bachmann, Gohmert, and dozens of others.

  • Bert Crawford

    I have more respect for Ted Cruz than all the rinos on our side!! 2014 and the conservatives need a street sweeping, Stand up for America or get the He– out!! No excuses, we do not have much time left to save our Country!!

  • 57thunderbird

    Hey Rove.I don’t want either party handling my healthcare!Go crawl back under the rock you slithered out from!

  • pathel369

    For not releasing the names of the top RINOs, You, Chris is full of crap & the America people deserves an answer… you are just a charlatan…

    • 57thunderbird

      Chris is an Obama lap dog.

      • pathel369

        I just loose respect to Chris WALL-ass, the Obummer’s lap dog, haha

  • Marcus127

    Rove is just part of the RINO GOP Leadership…..screw’em!

  • billma40

    Sarah Palin Won’t Rule Out Senate Run: ‘Ted Cruz Needs Some Reinforcements’

    Sarah Palin Fires at Fox News: ‘Keep It TRULY Fair & Balanced,’ Name Cruz Critics

  • Pam

    You go Ted Cruz!!!! Thank you for having a backbone to stand up to those knot head RINO’s.

  • leewacker

    Ted Cruz has it right–the PEOPLE are the bosses, not the Republican “leadership!”
    Karl Rove has proved over and again he is NOT for the country, in fact, he is the enemy clothed in sheep hide–he is a disgrace to the nation, to the party and to his family!

  • disqus_lJpzo1DMyh

    tell Rove to suck a nut. blowhard douche canoe!

  • Richard Werling Jr.

    Rove needs to shut his pie hole… he makes more problems than he solves…

  • 335blues

    rove is the reason I don’t watch foxnews anymore. The idiot is all over foxnews spouting his crap. What has he evr done except lose every election he’s been involved with. rove can go to hell.

    • ChesterWalton

      Agree that he needs to go, but did u forget about the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections?

      • ChillyinAlaska

        flukes, a stopped clock is right twice a day

    • GerPro

      I watch Fox News, but I don’t care for Rove and some of the others like Bill O’Reilly, who are a little wishy washy. Who try to appease everyone. I like Sean Hannity. He says exactly what he feels.

  • Roger Gregorius

    First thing this morning on Fox and friends, Tucker Carlson asked Chris Wallace about the speech that Obama gave to the Congressional Black Caucus. It was a seriously jilted racially divisive speech…unabashed! Tucker asked him what he thought about the speech, did he think the president went too far with the racially charged talk…Wallace had nothing and seemed so stumped, I was shocked. He looked like he was too scared to answer. Right there I was disgusted with Chris. His true colors really shined today!

    • 57thunderbird

      Like a deer in headlights!

    • Tyrone Nunnely

      Chris is petrified of losing his elitist status by daring to dream of making one iota of a negative remark against el presidente…A scared rascal, he is and he shows it constantly.

    • GerPro

      Unfortunately they’ve all become cowards. Instead of ‘standing up’, they’re ‘standing down’. Instead of staring these morons in the face and standing up for theirs/our rights, they say nothing. They’re all afraid of losing their own popularity, public humiliation and even their jobs. It’s no wonder the libs keep bullying the conservatives, because no one will challenge them. No backbone.

      • JohnCraven

        No one in the Big Whigs of the GOP will challenge them but Cruz and Palin and Lee and others aren’t The Big Whigs and “progressives”. They are true blue hardcore conservatives – and I’m sure they love Duck Dynasty as well – and they have the backbone to stand up to this “one-party totalitarian system of Democrats and the Vichy French Republicans.
        John Craven
        New Orleans

  • Sharon B

    Karl is just upset he couldnt use his white board and marker. Too darn bad!!!! Ted Cruz is doing the RIGHT thing for the American people.

  • John

    A true leader. Senator Cruz., please stay strong. I support the Constitution. I support those that do the same.

  • Coming Apart

    Rove just wants advance moves by Cruz so THEY can stop!

  • ChesterWalton

    Wallace is a tough interview,for both sides. Of course Cruz’s enemies are going to dump on him. Many republicans think he is working for the libs, because his plan is flawed and will lead to a less popular GOP and thus less power in DC. Conservatives should start a new party since they are unable to take over the GOP.

  • Kathy

    It proves he works for the people not for the party

    • OLLPOH

      Senator Cruz, lookin’ like future President, leading people back to the Constitutional Free Republic, not going along with the party, partying of Politi-‘king’.

  • Peter Starken

    I am with Sen, Ted Cruz. he is doing the peoples work that’s what we elected these men and woman to the Senate to do now we know from Rove that they have there own agenda and it is not our will but theres that they will not help us and join ranks with Obama to break our backs with this heavy burden. Defund Obama care..

  • bamsdragon

    the good ole boys in Washington, don’t like someone who they can not control. the good ole boys have forgotten why they are there and WHO they are suppose to be working for. They are just so afraid of losing their coosh jobs and beating the Dems that they forget about us the little guys…. it’s time we all speak up like Ted Cruz is telling us to do, and let our voice BE HEARD!!!

  • Douglas Maher

    I used to respect Rove back in the early and mid 2000s. Now he is nothing but wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong.

    • ChillyinAlaska

      Rove proves we don’t have a two party system, just one corrupt party of entrenched good ole boys enriching themselves and their cronies by stealing from the American taxpayers.

      • palintologist

        Recall, they EXEMPTED themselves from insider-trading laws! Would you want to leave a job that would make you millions the longer you stay around? Jim DeMint is right. The quickest way to turn the country around is TERM LIMITS.

        There’s a firebrand in Virginia who’s working on getting hundreds of thousands of registered voters in Virginia to show the state legislature their constituents mean business. It has to start with state and local government.

        Virginia voters, go to Sign the petition and download forms for all your friends and relatives.

  • toongoon

    “We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.”
    ~ Abraham Lincoln

    • OLLPOH

      The natural liberty of man is to be free from any superior power on Earth, and not to be under the will or legislative authority of man, but only to have the law of nature for his rule.

      Samuel Adams
      Founding Father,
      Cousin to the 1st Vice President of the United States,
      Cousin to the 2nd President of the United States John Adams


      • creeper

        Maker of some really good beer.

        Sorry, I just couldn’t resist.

  • Sue Lynn

    Great Leadership Sarah Palin. The press are cowards when it comes to the truth!

  • Ralph Waldo

    Carl Rove, you SUCK!

    • OLLPOH

      Hey Ralph, have you ever considered a career as a poet, just sayin’….. 😉

  • Christine Pirrocco Frazzini

    I’m with Sen. Cruz all the way on this…the Republican leadership CANNOT be trusted.

    • creeper

      What “Republican leadership”? Boehner? Cantor? Graham? The Shrubbery?

      Republican leadership is Palin, Cruz and Lee. They can be trusted.

  • Josephine Mauro

    Cruz did the right thing by going directly to the people.

    • palintologist

      Just like Reagan did and Palin does.

  • ChillyinAlaska

    Congress is sent there to represent the AMERICAN PEOPLE, not the corrupt entrenched congressmen. RELEASE THE NAMES OF THOSE BACKSTABBERS!

  • Heidi Jones

    Who are you, Karl Rove, and the “Old Republicans” anyway? We the people voted these
    “new” Senators and Reps. in because we don’t like the way you “Career
    Politicians” do things in Washington. Namely, not listening to what we
    want and voting the way we think. We have Representatives who are now
    doing exactly what we voted them in to do and they have are 100%
    backing. We have wised up and will not play your games with our lives
    and freedoms anymore. We voted for them and will stand with them whether
    you like it or not. Move out of the way has-been!!!!

  • Tyrone Nunnely

    The bunch is not worth my comments…

  • RobertMahoney

    I can’t believe that anyone still watches FOX news. Its just the media mouthpiece of the progressive right.

  • GerPro

    THAT is true leadership. Good for Ted Cruz. I have even more respect for him now. I’m a Republican, but I’m very, VERY disappointed in them now. I want to see that list also.

  • brendawatkins

    And we’re supposed to listen to, or care what the man who helped us lose the last 2 elections thinks? I don’t think so.. March on Senator Cruz!

  • Lgbpop

    Wow…When RR went over the heads of the GOP establishment beginning in 1981 (as well as around Tip O’Neill’s purported control of the Hill, which to this day Spittle Matthews still bemoans) he was regarded as a genius and a great communicator.

    Rove can go suck eggs. He’s on of the main reasons my tie with the GOP dangles by a thread. Cruz is a breath of fresh air, and speaks from the gut. He echoes that which thousands of us believe, which is that there’s not a plugged nickel’s worth of difference these days between the two major parties. You keep on talking, Senator – and Karl….blow it out your

  • TaterSalad

    Note to Fox News> Dump Karl Rove or your ratings will start to fall immediately!

    • I stopped watching FOX News LOONNGG Ago.

      • DHardy

        I stopped watching fox as well…I can’t stand the way they give the mindless liberals a podium to shout down reasonable thinking people…

        • JohnCraven

          I haven’t completely shut off FOXNews but I rarely watch it anymore for all the reasons everyone is stating.
          John Craven
          New Orleans

    • Scolded for the Truth

      I don’t watch Fox News anymore. There is no one there that I care to listen to anymore. In fact, I don’t watch much television any more. For the present, I prefer being here with all you folks. THough I read Brietbart, I don’t interact much on Brietbart because the responders there allow liberals to distract them from the topics much too often.

  • Laurel

    Anyone else notice the farther that Republicans get away from Reagan the worse they do?! Why is anyone listening to dysfunctional Karl Rove?

    So much for Reagan’s 11th commandment. Rove and his ilk think they are Don Corleone and people should kiss their ring.

    • BearNJ

      Rove and the Bush family fought against Reaganism with their country club Republicanism. They attack and diminish the conservative brand while “embracing” it publicly and calling themselves conservatives. They undermined the policies and the politicians who try to unseat the Rove Rino class.
      I’m equally tired of Hannity having Rove on and calling him the architect. Of what??? Twice helping the Bush family to wipe out the GOP? On top of that Rove was old school and these moron consultants believed its “presidential” not to respond to attacks. Well guess what, attacks unanswered stick in the
      conscious of voters with today’s social media.

      The bottom line is the Bush Rino class does not want to fight the big government crowd. They lose elections and want to fight conservatives. We are the party , not Rove. If we’re going to lose this country at least go down fighting. I’m tired of being attacked by these charlatans. Reagan won two massive landslides fighting the GOP establishment and the Left. Rove lost 97% of his races last time. This king maker Rove is a loser.

      • Laurel

        Preachin’ to the choir my friend but well said none the less.

  • Doug W. Koehler

    His Junior? Should be his Senior..if we judge by wisdom’s standards.

  • DHardy

    Chris Wallace is nothing but a little Nazi Dwarf…Cruz should have bitchSlapped the Schit out of him

    • Balto2

      Ted Cruz is a gentleman and looks better by showing his true personality than being a copy of Obama and crying and screaming. He made Chris Wallace look like jerk by his demeanor.

  • Gary Dickson

    Ted Cruz is doing what’s right for the American people instead of doing what’s political for himself.

    That’s the primary difference between him and the rest of the gang in Washington, D.C.

    The problem with people like Obama, Rove, and the “senior” politicians in Congress is that they all want Cruz to bow to them and kiss their rings. Ain’t gonna happen.

    Gov. Palin is the same type of person as Sen. Cruz. Both are independent cusses and as tough as nails.

    If it weren’t for people like Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin, the 13 colonies would still be 13 colonies.

    • Rshill7

      Right. Next week will be the final expose for some of these lukewarm fence sitters. Stars will rise and fall. Guess which ones will fall? The oldest ones 🙂

  • JohnCraven

    If Sen. Ted Cruz and Governor Sarah Palin and Senator Mike Lee and others were to leave the Republican Party to its Big Whigs, like Rove and the Bushes and McShame and Graham-Nasty and Peter King, to form a genuine alternative conserative party to fight the powers that be based on our nation’s founding principles with the same vision of America as Ronald Reagan held, I and, I think, countless others, would follow them very quickly without looking back to what was the Republican Party.

    John Craven
    New Orleans

    • toongoon

      I would. I have all but given up on the party. There are only the few that keep me lingering on.

    • Gary Dickson

      No matter what label a genuine alternative conservative party would take on, the critical point is that they all have commit to working for the American people, not themselves.

      Over the years, Congressmen and Senators have degenerated into a morass of self-aggrandizement and self-promotion.

      In the mean time, the American people are suffering with the overwhelming burden of the garbage and trash of laws that Congress and the President have issued – Obamacare being that par excellence.

      The quality of putting the American people first is what I see in Gov. Palin and Sen. Cruz and what I want to see in an alternative conservative party.

      • JohnCraven

        Ditto! Gary Dickson! Ditto!
        John Craven
        New Orleans

    • JohnCraven

      Today, Sunday, September 22, 2013, Fr. Cooper, pastor of my parish, wrote a column on Religious Freedom here in the United States which I think you will like and which I am reprinting below. What Fr. Cooper and other Christian pastors – both Catholic and non-Catholic – are saying dovetails exactly with the debate over Nero ObamaCare which Senator Cruz and Senator Mike Lee and Govenor Palin are bravely fighting.

      Fr. Cooper is quite young as pastors go but obviously has a great understanding of where things stand for Christians in the United States now under the current totalitarian Marxist regime in the White House.

      Please pray for Fr. Cooper and other Catholic Clergy and non-Catholic Christian clergy who are sounding the alarm bells all across this nation as modern day Paul Revere’s. Pray that their voices will never be lacking in speaking the truth. And pray the same for Sen. Cruz and Sen. Lee and Gov. Palin.

      John Craven
      New Orleans

      St. Benilde Church Bulletin
      Metairie, Louisiana
      Fr. Cooper’s Corner
      September 22, 2013

      Defense of Religious Freedom

      Have you heard how pharmacists in Illinois and Washington were forced by their legislatures to prescribe against their conscience potentially abortion-causing drugs, like Ella and Plan B?

      Have you heard how Justice Department attorneys argued in a recent case called Hosanna Tabor that religious groups have no right to choose its leaders from among those whom believe and live by its religious tenets, that federal anti-discrimination laws trump any claim to religious freedom, an argument the Supreme Court rejected 9-0 last year?

      Have you heard how Justice Department lawyers argued before federal courts that the belief that marriage is the union of one man and one woman is an unconstitutional form of bigotry?

      Have you heard how Catholic adoption agencies in Boston, San Francisco, Washington, D.C. and Illinois have been forced out of adoption and foster care services for not placing children in same-sex homes?

      Have you heard that the Obama Administration is still compelling religious charitable institutions, like Catholic hospitals, universities and social service agencies, to fund and facilitate employee insurance plans to pay for sterilizations, abortion-causing drugs and contraception? How they are still coercing private business owners to do the same against their consciences?

      Have you heard how a U.S. Army Reserve presentation included Catholics and evangelicals in a list of terrorist “extremists”? How Walter Reed Hospital Chief of Staff C.W. Callahan a couple of years ago banned family members and others from bringing any religious items – Bibles, reading material, rosaries, etc. – into the hospital or using them to pray with injured soldiers (an outrageous policy that has since been rescinded under political pressure)?

      Have you heard how the IRS muscled Christian pro-life groups as part of its outrageous discrimination against those who might have objections to administration policies? How the IRS tried to pressure the Coalition for Life of Iowa to have its board members sign under penalty of perjury a promise not to picket or protest outside of Planned Parenthood facilities in order to obtain non-profit status?

      These are just some of the many threats to religious freedom conscientious citizens are confronting in the United States. It is a time for Catholics in particular, during this Year of Faith, to come to know their faith and defend it with courage and perseverance against illegitimate attacks by governments and bureaucrats that are supposed to serve rather than intimidate and coerce us. Whether our country remains the “land of the free and home of the brave” depends on our bravely exercising and defending our freedoms now against those in positions of government working to take them away.
      ( View this bulletin online at )

      • Laurel

        Thank you John. What do you think of the Pope’s latest remarks and exploitation of those remarks?

        • JohnCraven

          Laurel, I am not exactly sure what to think of the Pope’s latest remarks. It almost sounds like something from the parable Jesus told about the rich man who died and went to Gehenna and he begged God to tell his brothers not to keep living the lives they were living and God said to the man “Don’t they have the words of the prophets and the commandments to show them which path to take” – or words to that effect.

          Well it seems that Pope Francis may be saying something similar by saying those issues were already addressed before (by Blessed Pope John Paul II and Pope Paul VI in their great encyclicals Evangelium vitae and Humanae vitae and Centesimus annus and other church teachings).

          I don’t really know what Pope Francis is thinking, though. He seems to be more interested in reaching out to the poorest amongst us instead of defining and refining the Church’s teachings on the great moral issues of our time.

          As an aside to this, you may be interested in this online article about Pope Francis’ involvement in a Eucharistic miracle in Buenos Aires:

          John Craven
          New Orleans

          • Laurel

            I don’t think the Pope is compromising anything. I think he saying take a different approach and reach out. I know the liberals love to spin what he said but they are making a mistake.

            • JohnCraven

              Laurel, I think you are absolutely correct. Liberals are making a big mistake about what the pope said and apparently some of them are saying that.

              I did some inquiring of my own with The St. Joseph Foundation cannonists about the pope’s comments and they also revealed to me that they had had some confusion about his comments and asked some questions of a Catholic blog site called and they responded with two online articles that I think pretty much says the same things you are saying.

              One article, “The Pope’s Interview is challenging to everyone – including me!” by Dr. Jeff Mirus can be seen at

              The second article, “The Key to Understanding Pope Francis: the 99 lost sheep” by Phil Lawler can be read at

              They are fairly short but reaffirm what you are saying very well.

              It is also noteworthy that a day or two after this published interview with the pope he gave a great defense of the lives of the unborn and the elderly to a conference of medical professionals which can be read at

              Summing up what is written in these articles is a great testimonial given by Paulette Adams on EWTN’s The Journey Home Program hosted by Marcus Grodi and which can be seen on YouTube at

              Paullette Adams is a very impressive person with a great knowledge of the history of the faith and her conversion story is a great example of what we are talking about.
              Please look at these online sites and tell me if they reflect your thinking.
              John Craven
              New Orleans

              • Laurel

                Yes they do but I must admit I didn’t mistake what the Pope said for one minute. To me it was right in keeping with him, his manner of things, and his background. It just seemed to follow a logical progression for this Pope. It also is inline with the Evangelicals which the Pope said he was going to reach out to. i know Dolan has been doing so in America. the press is ignoring that.

                I am not Catholic but for some reason I am drawn to this Pope…and well I have always followed the Pope and I like to listen to Catholic radio. The Pope is an influential world leader and I think what he has to say is very important as well as Catholicism being a huge part of world history and key to formulation of Western Civilization. I could no more ignore the Pope than I could ignore my right hand.

                I had a liberal try and bait me into a debate about what he said and refused. I just didn’t feel like it especially since, and I quote, “We will discuss it line by line and I will tell you where you are wrong”. That kind of arrogance is nonsense in my view so really there isn’t much to discuss or even debate.

                American thinker has a great article about what the Pope said if you have the time:

                And be aware that the Pope excommunicated a priest in Australia, excommunicated in Latin at that, for his stance about homosexuality and women in the church. I find it interesting he didn’t just defrock the guy…he excommunicated him.

                I hope you are well John! I still miss my beloved New Orleans.

                • JohnCraven

                  Laurel, thanks for the American Thinker link. I’ve started reading it. It looks interesting.

                  If you miss New Orleans, you may be interested in a local Christian radio station, LifeSongs radio, which plays a lot of great contemporary Christian music which I like to listen to. It’s not a Catholic radio station but it’s infinitely enjoyable to a lot of what’s out there, especially the music.
                  You can listen to it online too at .
                  I appreciate your comments about the pope. As you mention that you follow the pope, I also support non-Catholic leaders of the pro-life movement such as Dr. Dobson of Focus on the Family and Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics.

                  You might be interested in the following eucharistic miracle which Pope Francis was involved with when he was an auxilliary bishop in Buenos Aires back in 1996 :
                  There’s a captioned video with it.
                  John Craven
                  New Orleans
                  Who Dat!

                • Laurel

                  Thanks John I will check it out!

  • NAmericanBlueJacket

    Here’s the deal folks! I would walk through hell barefoot to contribute to and vote for Senator Ted Cruz…and as far as Karl Rove? A line from an old John Wayne Western comes to mind: What I’d like to put on his grave wouldn’t pass for flowers!

    • danaellen

      I would walk through hell barefoot with you. I’d move heaven and hell to see that man as president but right now I am salivating for his filibuster. I will cry straight through it because when Cruz speaks liberty oozes from his pores.

  • echarleen

    Cruz knows he’s be wasting valuable time trying to pull RINOs together on an issue. They’re all a bunch of two-headed snakes, anyway. He knows he’s working for the American people, and their opinion was all that mattered.

  • fed-up

    Heaven forbid a Senator addresses his constituents.

  • standbesideherUSA

    The JOB of our representatives is to VOICE the concerns of the American People.
    Ted has apparently, read the manual from COVER to COVER, and deserves a promotion…
    I’m thinking President of the United States of America would fit an intelligent, calm-under-fire, ”great communicator” like him to a T!

    • danaellen

      You betcha! Cruz 2016! The man is taking on the entire corrupt establishment by himself. We have a 21st century Patrick Henry on our hands. God do I love that man, Cruz!

  • Wiley Channell

    Is Obamacare funding really an issue when our entire governmental system is turning to shambles for a lack of leadership. Leadership is the key and only issue facing America, without leadership there has never been anything but chaos, name any endeavor since the Earth has been inhabited by Mankind where Leadership was not the key to survival of a Nation.

  • HW

    How can you disrespect something that warrants no respect. I can still see in my nightmares pudgy old Rove lumbering around on that stage doing a DANCE?? Old GOP doesn’t respect its voters and wants to destroy America and rebuild it with criminal invaders, that’s disrespect.

    • standbesideherUSA

      HW, you made me laugh….”lumbering around” is the perfect description of what I saw!

  • Semprasectum

    Carl Rove is a fat self absorbed Piece of S H I T .. . He is among the worst this country can produce and is one of the reasons a American hating muslim can be elected president. . . Rove’s 15 minutes is over and he needs to go away and let Cruz and the rest of us to clean up his mess. . .

  • standbesideherUSA

    Chris Wallace doesn’t matter to Sen. Cruz. Cruz has bigger fish to fry.

    • Lady_Penguin

      I loved the fact that Wallace, being the Lefty he is, can’t keep his disdain for Cruz hidden, including the idea that he thinks Cruz is ignorant and not very smart, when in fact, Cruz is one of the most brilliant Constitutional lawyers we have. People like Wallace can’t hold a candle to the class and intelligence of people like Cruz.

  • Armypilot_1967

    Cruz isn’t playing by DC Rules and that rocks the good old boys’ boat!

  • danaellen

    Cruz is unstoppable. He is on a mission and he is clear, focused and passionate. I would pay anything to hear him filibuster. He would lay out the case against Obamacare that Romney failed to do. TED you have my vote for 2016!

  • kimber1911

    Karl Rove is the lowest form of slug that calls himself a republican.. Ted Cruz is a conservative and ten time the man that Rove and all the other RINOs will ever be.
    Sen. Cruz keep up the pressure .. These rats that call themselves republicans will be jumping of the sinking ship.. These people like Rove are gutless , cowardly, frauds. We know what they are.. We will support you if you run.

  • Scolded for the Truth

    I don’t like Rove. I didn’t listen to the video because I don’t like Chris either. Neither has anything of value to say that will improve my life. Like my hope for the government, I hope Chris and Rove simply get out of the way and leave us alone. I don’t like Chris or Rove.

    • Lady_Penguin

      Wallace is a lefty, forgot the meaning of the word integrity a long time ago, if he ever even knew it. Watched only 2 min of Fox and Friends this morning, where they had him on for his promo to this interview, and the first question F&F asked him was about Obama’s dog whistle, hateful race rhetoric speech at the CBC. Wallace was nonplussed, got hot, and wouldn’t deal with the question. Finally forced them to ask him about the pending Cruz interview, and he sneered his disdain for Cruz…

  • Sentinel

    Karl Rove is a jackass. Chris Wallace and FNC in general are all too happy to do Karl’s bidding. The GOPe is always doing things behind closed doors… who does that remind me of? Hmmm… Pelosi? Reid? Obama? Democraps? Yeah… the similarities are WAY too close.
    How novel that Ted Cruz would go to America… to the American people who put these people in to represent them. Ted is one of the ONLY ones who does that – especially in the Senate.
    FNC needs to come clean and quit playing patty cake with Karl and other liberals or GOPe liars. I was hoping that this other rumored news station would come on – one that was honest and told the truth ALL the time and had only smart, conservatives on it. And to that same note, that’s why I keep hoping for a 3rd party… one that is honest and stands for America and a God-loving Constitutional Republic. Some day perhaps for both of those wishes?

  • GirlRaisedInTheSouth

    I think Rove’s statements are a clear explanation of why Lee & Cruz did NOT go to their colleagues first! They’re all infected with the DC virus – walking around in zombie-like lockstep mumbling, “one of us, one of us, one of us”.

    • PatriotInk

      Very perceptive of you and so well stated!

    • JohnCraven

      Like you icon, GirlRaisedInTheSouth.
      Who Dat!
      John Craven
      New Orleans

    • Lady_Penguin

      Cruz and Lee are the only two voices standing up for what the American people want, but not only that, for what is right. Obamacare is an abomination and Justice Roberts upholding an illegally passed law, against the will of the people, allowed for the fascist takeover of our lives by the State.

  • go2gym

    Kucinich needs toupe help.

  • Russ

    Rove, how many elected offices have you held? STFU and go away.

    • PatriotInk

      Couldn’t say it better if I tried! Well put!

      • Russ

        Thanks! 🙂

  • Bryan Taylor

    You need to remember that Wallace is a liberal, so he is probably trying to divide the Republican party.

    • deTocqueville1

      Forget Wallace! Rove is a DC insider, a Bushite, a crony consultant and a charlatan! Everyone in the Senate and in the whole Country knew what this was all about. This is the kind of deflection and diversion we have come to expect from the left. Unfortunately the same bait and switch tactics have been used by Rove and the Bush people for some time. Disregard this and remain focused on the end game. Restoration of the Country is what we are dealing with. Palin and the patriots are on the move and the people will prevail.

      • Lady_Penguin

        Since 08, we’ve learned not only just how Left the Democrat Party is, but how lefty the Establishment GOP is. Listening to GOP Senators and Rep try to denigrate Sen. Cruz, and has-been Rove doing the same thing proves that the suspicions we’ve had about them all along were correct.

        Don’t forget how how they’ve been pushing the amnesty thing – against American citizens, but all for cheap labor for Big Business. Big Business is in bed with Big Government…exactly what they did in 1930’s Germany…

  • PicklePlants

    Waaa Waaa Waaa. Was that a tear I saw in the corner of Rove’s eye? This clip really exposes the inside ball and it isn’t pretty.

  • BS61

    Thanks for posting – since this will be the only way to view it from now on. I’m done with Fox News! I’ll start watching again when the dump Karl.

  • GiveTheWookieACookie

    This means the GOP establishment is just as bad as any libtard. Rove is on a losing streak. Why would anyone listen to this insider for losers?

  • hihoze

    When the Democrats send it back to the House, all the House has to do is send it back to the Senate and tell them over and over for however many times it takes….Here’s the money for running the government, what to run the government? Then accept the money without ObamaCare….and let’s talk about a better, bipartisan solution. Don’t give up House. You[re doing what the people you represent want/

    • Russ

      Yep, here’s the defense bill. Can we agree on that? Great. Here’s DHS, here’s EPA. Etc. Etc. Until the music stops & discretionary O-care is the only thing left out. What a shame. Or…until Dems agree to cuts on something else, like Food Stamps & Farm Subsidies.

  • bri

    Fox News has conservatives on but is far from conservative. They are run by elites like their WSJ paper.

    • deTocqueville1


  • Robert Howard

    Release the names — keep Fox fair and balanced.

  • JohnCraven

    On the Message Board of they’ve posted “The ALL R.I.N.O. Team” along with its logo. You might like to see who made the team and check out their logo at
    John Craven
    New Orleans

  • workathomer

    Rove showed true colors. It is disrespecting to first go to “we the people” (whom they represent) instead of the political, ruling class Republicans? Almost everything in D.C. and the liberal cities is upside down. “Sick of It” See video

    • Lady_Penguin

      Rove is worried about being an obsolete, has-been.

      • Medaton

        He is an obsolete, has-been!

  • NJK

    Senate GOP Con Job: Opposition to Obamacare

    By Andrew C. McCarthy

    September 22, 2013 7:19 PM

  • adamamy

    Karl Rove needs to shut up. Ted Cruz is doing what all the Republicans should be doing, and that is……doing what the people want. We don’t want Obama care and Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, etc., are standing up for the people.

  • NJK

    If they undermine Ted Cruz, we will undermine them at election time.

    How John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are Funding Obamacare

    By: RedState Insider (Diary) | September 22nd, 2013 at 08:48 PM | 14

  • Buck Sunset

    Much ado about nothing. From the advice articles I am reading, few people posting them have knowledge of how the House and Senate work. My experience tells me that nothing will happen. There will be bushes bit and clouds of dust and smoke and some loud braying, but in the end, things will tumble along as they have been. There are no STONES or STOMACH in either house to fix anything. That is a dire prediction because much needs fixing but it will take a largely new House and Senate to do the job, if it can be done at all.

    • StrangernFiction

      You are really going out on a limb with that prediction. 😉

      • tinlizzieowner

        Not really. More and more we are seeing that there is the USA and then there’s ‘The Beltway’. DC is it’s own little universe.

    • PapaLouie

      They are unlikely to get everything they want, but if Republicans could work together, they could force a compromise. That would be better than giving up like Rove wants them to do and letting Democrats have everything they want.

      If they aren’t willing to make a stand now, how will it be any different when they gain control of the Senate? They won’t have a veto-proof majority so they will still fold like a house of cards whenever Obama threatens to use a veto or an executive order. Does anyone think they’ll suddenly grow backbones?

  • sallyjohanna

    At least Conservatives are having these riffs.. shows that the Constitutional Conservatives have principals and we are a force to be reckoned with.

    Unlike the Democrats and LMSM that goose step behind Obama, helping him destroy America!

  • William

    Wash DC and it’s minions are toxic to this country and our society.

  • friskyness

    Hey, stupid Rove…………the GOPe didn’t and doesn’t like Cruz/Lee’s idea on defunding Obamacare…………they were never going to support Cruz…….so you’re crying about it, has NO crediblilty…………….the GOPe doesn’t want to defund Obamacare it’s that easy, but you don’t want to admit it…………….

    • BearNJ

      Rove’s complaining that Cruz and Lee didn’t discuss it with leadership ie Rove so that the could have a head start in underminding the defund effort.

      • PapaLouie

        Did you notice how Rove referred to Cruz as “my junior Senator from Texas”? Does he think he owns them?

  • tim

    Chris Wallace is a Washington Weenie

  • Swamp Fox

    Rove has no credibility and Wallace continually proves that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Like father, like son.

  • theknob

    Rove is a POS and Wallace is a tool for the left and GOPe. Go TED CRUZ!!!!!!! The people rule!

  • desicon

    Senate GOP leadership is full of idiots. They want respect then they should drink Ted’s excrement.

    • blueniner

      Paul speaks with forked tongue, he is a typical Politician, and folks are catching on, the apple doesnt fall to far from the tree!

    • deTocqueville1

      Paul is being cute on this issue and amnesty. He speaks out of both sides of his mouth. Never a good sign.

    • lawngren

      Paul has lost his mind. Telling the enemy that you know you probably can’t win is stupid beyond belief. Paul is turning RINO or some other species of coward.

  • Yazz55

    Just a “phoney” accusation

    • Edward L Gephart

      Karl Rove should have been kicked down the road a long time ago with NO more to do with politics PERIOD. He makes me sick every time I see him. As a combat vet, what he did to one of our top cia agents years ago, is beyond words. Go Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, and the Tea Party. Fihgt till the bitter end to defund Obama care and fund the Government now is the time. Send a strong message to those fiscal cliff have more backing out here than you know. A lot of people are just afraid to get their names out there incase of back lash from those thugs

  • notpilgrims2

    It will tell you that conservatives don’t like Cruz because he’s bad for the conservative cause. He doesn’t have the votes to get defunding Obamacare passed through Senate. Senate has the majority. Democrats might take the House because of them, and we all know what happened last time the Democrats took the House: They passed Obamacare.

    • PapaLouie

      What “conservative cause” is Cruz is bad for? If you think Congress should give up its Constitutional right to control spending just because Obama threatens to shut down government or use an executive order, then I don’t think “conservative” means what you think it means. If you’re talking about politicians who “go along to get along” so they can get reelected, you’re talking about the RINO cause, not the conservative cause. These are the people who hide under their beds and write anonymous opposition talking points against their fellow Republicans whenever they’re asked to actually stand up for a conservative cause. They would never dream of doing such a thing against a Democrat colleague, nor would they hurl insults at them like they do Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul. The surest way to help Democrats take back the House is to act like cowards and imitate them. Who’s going to vote for a Democrat-lite imitation when they can have the real thing?

    • 3seven77

      Conservatives don’t like Cruz?? Conservatives are who put Cruz in office. It’s conservatives who support him.

      Do you even know what a Conservative is? Many Conservatives are Republicans, but not all Republicans are conservatives; i.e, Mitt Romney, Chris Christie, John McCain & Jeb Bush. Some conservatives are Independents and, believe it or not, there are even **some* Conservatives that are Democrats (though they are an endangered species). Democrats won’t take the House because of principled conservatives. If anything, electing “skinless, boneless chicken” RINO candidates who vote like Democrats is what kills us in the House and Senate.

    • marilyn

      I think a good many Dems have had their eyes opened about a few things since they signed yes on Obamacare.

    • lawngren

      I’m finding it hard to interpret your comment. Conservatives don’t like Cruz? We have been cheering for him since his election.

      “Senate has the majority.” Do you mean the majority of Senators are democrat?

      “Democrats might take the House because of them.” Because of who? The dems in the Senate?

      If the dems take the House back, it will be because the GOPe backed compromising RINOs and attacked conservatives like TedCruz, and because boner is no leader and no conservative.

  • Tuffenough1952

    My Sen. [ Sen. Cruz ] is doing exactly what we Texans sent him to that hell-spot DC- to do, and Oh My is he ever shaking things up –
    Just a little educational tidbit here [ for you non- Texans ]
    We don’t care what anyone outside of Texas thinks of us –

  • gregzotta

    Karl Rove, you useless RINO, STFU and take your little white
    board and cram it. You are part of the problem. The majority of the American
    people, including Union heads oppose Obamacare. The Republicans should be
    getting those Unions to put pressure on the Democrats to end Obamacare.

    • twoblackcats

      I laughed out loud at your “cram it” remark!

  • Twinky019

    Senator Cruz is doing just what we sent him to, represent “We the People” and the entrenched DC Career Politicians fail their masters, the People! Senator Cruz took his cause to the People as over 50% are against the Affordable Care Act as are over 50% of states who are not setting up Health Exchanges! SCOTUS Roberts simply said the act was a TAX and unfortunately only Congress can repeal the Tax Bill and since when who cares if a threat to VETO causes inaction?! Try it! Majority wins! Heck, Syria Military action was taken to Congress and pulled because Majority were against it! The liberal minded DC Career Politicians need to stop placating ea other & do what their elected MASTERS sent them to DC to do, Represent the People! Not One (1) REPUBLICAN VOTE ATTACHED TO AFFORDABLE CARE ACT!

  • Dr. Strangelove

    Why, how dare that insolent pup bypass the DC elite and go directly to the people! Who does he think he is anyway, an actual public servant?

  • spin43

    I don’t trust Rove or Wallace and never watch FOX. What is cable news? No subscription. Much happier not listening to these frauds. Only the Tea Party movement can save this country, but I am afraid it may be too late.

    • lawngren

      I finally quit turning to Fox even for breaking news. I go to CBN now.

  • reddots

    Rove and these other conceited and deceitful political advisers
    are why we are stuck with Obama. We had to have McCain it was his turn and he
    can win, he can win. Then we had to have Romney he stepped aside like a good
    boy for McCain and so it’s his turn too, and he can win he can win. Well I fail to see how you can win if you WILL NOT FIGHT.

    McCain and Romney both attacked and smeared conservatives
    then bowed and scraped to Obama. Romney lost the most winnable race ever, why?
    He failed to invite the Conservatives and Grass Roots in. Why, he hired the
    most expensive and corrupt advisers ever, Romney should sue for his money back,
    I don’t want to hear another word Rove and his kind have to say.

    Meanwhile we will work through the State Legislators to override these Elitists in DC if it takes 100 years. The Framers gave us Article 5 in the Constitution to take our Constitution back and save our country, once the constitution was corrupted. We shall learn to use it.

    • oldandtired

      Your right more than anything else I want someone that will fight back.

  • Roger

    Rove is full of misinformation as well proven during the 2012 election!

  • Darrell Griffin

    They are more worried about fighting for themselves than they are the American people.

    More worried about keeping their jobs than they are doing them.

    If cry-baby Obama wants to shut the government down because he got 99.9% of what he want funded instead of 100%, then shut it down.

  • Debbie J Owens

    Whats the difference between what he does and the Democrats do especially Obama.He always goes to his croneys and makes them drool over him!

    • breakn70


  • TexasDan48

    Carl Rove is a jerk…..he misses the point, and is a big government guy…..Ted Cruz did try to get Republicans organized, but they are too weak and afraid of their image as painted by Obama…..Republicans are the problem, they have controlled the House since 2010 and they have done very little to stop Obama……Ted Cruz was elected in Texas, running against a well known and well supported prominent Republican, and he won because he listened to what most Texans wanted…..Cruz has not failed them, going to D.C. with the same message he was elected for…..I support him, I am sick and tired of Republicans not having a strong backbone……Without the emergence of Cruz and some others speaking strongly against Obama, the House and the Senate were both headed to losing more seats…..People respect strong leaders, and Obama has for too long gone unchallenged, now he is looking weak…..Bottom line is we need more Republicans like Ted Cruz, and I think they are coming.

    • DHardy

      Congress is ONE third of our Government and they get 90% of the blame and 90% of the negative feedback. Congress is in a bad place where everything they do gets knocked down by the Senate or our POS President. Personally I don’t agree with all of Congress but many of them have been doing ALL they can to battle Obama’s thuggery

      • lawngren

        Disagree completely. They’ve had several chances to force a government shutdown, but failed. boner has had chances to tell obama NO!, but chose to cave to whatever obama was demanding at the moment.

  • travis690

    After what I see Rover doing, I can only conclude he and the Republicans that support his lame ideas are a threat to our Republic.

  • DHardy

    Chris Wallace is Fox’s pet Media Nazi. He is a shameful POS in direct competition with Chris Matthews…

  • Betsey_Ross

    Gee. All the Democrats and RINOs in DC seem to be out of sorts this weekend. I wonder why?

    • MattMusson

      If Conservatives formed a 3rd party – would the GOP side with the DEMS against it?

      I guess that was a stupid question.

  • karlstro2u

    Come on Wallace. You opened the door! Tell us who is blindsiding Sen. Cruz ect. Bet it is McCain or Rove. That are an embarrassment to Republicans.

  • twoblackcats

    Rove, GFYS. Wallace, you too. I’m a proud supporter of Cruz and Lee.

    • twoblackcats

      Whoops, did I just cross a line, Mr. Moderator? I was just passionate.

      • Chester Simms


    • Chester Simms


    • sooner4ever

      Until I read the rest of your post, I thought GFYS may have meant “good for you, sir.” My mistake. 🙂

      • twoblackcats

        Uhm, no, it was the worst one of the batch. My neighbor actually has a bumper sticker saying the same thing and my husband had to ask him what it meant. Go figure.

  • monkbiker

    If Wallace releases the names he’ll never, EVER get any more information or interviews from those people. I’m betting that’s why he’ll never do it.

    • Buster’s View

      I’d be just as happy if he never did get any more interviews with POS pols who would pull this kind of crap!

  • wmath44

    Rove proved he knows nothing when he said Romney would win.I’m tired of having to hold my nose and vote for some moderate or liberial republican for pres. We can lose just as well with a conservative.

  • David Baker


    • lawngren

      At the moment, the only thing I recollect about WalMart’s politics is that they are trying to avoid a minimum wage hike. Minimum wage hikes are democrat feel-good fuzzies. Political vaporware.

      So what else are the truckers striking for? Union exemption from obamacare? While the unions thought they would be exempted from obamacare, they were a major supporter of it. Now it appears that obama has betrayed the unions too. If they don’t like it, tough. They helped stick non-union America with it. Like it or lump it.

      Family time, now – that’s a great idea. I think I’ll take my entire family shopping at Walmart. Thanks for the tip.

  • stage9

    Karl Rove is a lying sack of CRAP!

    RINOs have been told to DEFUND ObamaCare for TWO YEARS NOW!

  • David Baker


  • David Baker


  • easey_breazey

    I’ve never seen so many morons rooting agaisnt their own interests. All this talk about wanting someone to FIGHT and STAND UP is childish and counterproductive. A functioning, rational government is in the best interests of everyone in the country. Extremists that are unwilling to compromise are 1) delusional 2) unhappy and will always be that way 3) underdeveloped mentally 4) just as bad as any other extremists in the world. If you all don’t see that you are being used as pawns and falling for the theater being put on by Cruz, Paul, Palin, etc then there really is no hope for you.

    • TruthSociety

      Is this the Loser Carl Rove’s talking points are what? The conservative base is sick of Rove and his hatchet men . He is not even an elected politician. The base and the grass root conservatives responsible for the 2010 majority election of the House will be leaving the Repubics with the noise of a big sucking sound if this keeps up. Your last sentence suggests there is no hope. I don’t know who “you” is. But I will tell you this. Without Palin,Paul, Lee,Meadows, Cruz and other great conservative constitutional Americans this country is doomed. Don’t bother replying because its idiots like you that will never understand. Your tag name says it all. Have another toke and keep on listening to your loser Carl Rove.

      • easey_breazey

        I prefer grass roots action to any large politcal organization that is beholden to capaign contributions. I just don’t think the commonly called Tea Party movement has the right ideas about how to run this country, protect the common citizen, and continue the tradition of the United States being the best country on the planet. A lot of the functions of the government (the EPA, Department of Education, Consumer Protections Bureau, etc) are in place to protect us from heavy handed biollionaires and huge corporations, and that give us a chance to prosper together. I think this cut government spending at all costs mantra has been co-opted by the greedy power brokers in this country to fruther their mission to concentrate their power at the expense of everyone else. They don’t want the EPA and Consumer protections because they get in the way of profit/money (money = power), they don’t want the Department of Education because they don;t want any of us to have the knowledge to figure out their schemes (an ignorant society is easier to rule), etc. An entirely free market system will cause every one of us to get snuffed out in the end and we might as well go back to medievil times where most of the population was dirt poor whilethe wealthy prospered.

        • ladyjk

          The beginning of your second sentence says it all, “I just don’t think…” Allowing one corrupt administration to do whatever it wants to with other peoples’ money is not rational, it is abetting tyranny. The rest of your tirade is just total crap–we don’t have a democratic government now, we have an autocratic government run by a president and his attorney general who are corrupt, do not enforce the law, persecute and harrass those who oppose them (IRS), do cover ups (Benghazi, Fast & Furious), illegally change the law through regulations, and on and on. Why should people not stand up against this lawlessness!! You do not just go along with this and call it compromise.

          • easey_breazey

            Where do you get your facts from? Are you a lawyer? Do you have any idea wether a regulation is legal or not? No, you don’t. The only reason you might hear about executive orders right now is due to all of the obstructionists in the legislature preventing anything from getting done – so most of the action being taken to fix problems is coming from the executive branch.

            “Allowing one corrupt administration to do whatever it wants to with other peoples’ money” – This is really delusional right here. The current administration isn’t doing any more of this than any other. And spending is allocated by the legislative branch, so yes there are limits/rules on what money is spent on or how much is spent.

          • easey_breazey

            Read about the IRS thing –
            Yes tea party groups were targeted, but so were many other political groups claiming tax exempt status during that time. It was a big period of growth in the number of these POLITCAL ORGANIZATIONS that wanted to claim “public good” status, which is total horseshit. Groups like these (conservative or liberal) that operate only to advance a political agenda do not meet the standard of “for the public good” and should not be tax exempt organizations.
            That’s why there was so much scrutiny, the IRS knew it was bullshit and they were gathering info before trying to change how they inforced that “public good” law. They were not effectively enforcing it and many many people were abusing the law (and violating the intended spirit of the law)

            • Buster’s View

              Bullcrap. A few liberal groups got accidentally scooped up in the dragnet with the hundreds of conservative groups. Almost all of the lib groups were rapidly approved, with I think one exception with none of the additional scrutiny the tea party groups were subjected too and are still being subjected to, or the delays. Many of those conservative leaning groups still have not received an answer either yea or nay but are just being held in limbo. They can’t get any answers. Some are still getting new requests for more inappropriate information about their members. You’re delusional if you take anything printed in Politico at face value. Whatever your political leanings, it always pays off to do your own research.

    • shrgngatlas

      So, being principled and doing what you told your voters you were going to do is…. moronic? Never heard that definition before.

    • deTocqueville1

      Just what is ‘A functioning’ and ‘rational governmentt’? Is it one which builds power and wealth for itself while enslaving and impoverishing the people?

    • lawngren

      Only a democrat could equate “functioning” and “rational” with our current hatch of larval tyrants.

      Only a democrat could equate patriots like Ted Cruz with “underdeveloped mentally”. I’d love to see you debate him!

      Ditto for “just as bad as any other extremists”. Cruz, as is well-known by anyone other than a democrat, is no extremist. Nor is he as bad as a radical muslim extremist. Far from it.

      Your ideology has made you blind.

      • easey_breazey

        I’m not equating our current government to functional and rational, that’s the problem. I think there are too many members of congrees that refuse to compromise. Compromising is NOT betraying your principles. It’s understanding that fixing some problems, or partially fixing them, is better than fixing nothing at all. Compromise is what our government was founded on. People with vastly differing opinions working together towards a solution that is good for the country. Its a check and balance system, where no group or idealogy dominates to the benefit of a small percentage of the population and the expense of everyone else. Right now, and in an ever increasing way, the super rich are dominating our government. Its not the liberals, or the conservatives “ruining” our country – its those that have the money to buy elections and pay for their interests being persued over the common good of the country.

        • lawngren

          Compromise is what got us into the mess we’re in. Compromise is what’s digging the hole deeper. And the rest of your reply is a confused contradiction of your original post. Either you need to learn to communicate, or you need to decide what you believe, or you need to go to HuffPo where you will feel at home.

          • easey_breazey

            What mess are we in that was caused by compromise? What is the mess exactly? And what compromise caused it? Please elaborate if you actually have a point to make.
            I’m not confused at all. What’s confusing or contradictory about my posts? Perhaps, since my post was longer than three sentences, you are the one who became confused.

        • Buster’s View

          It’s that mentality of going along to get along that got us in the pickle we’re in now. And yes, it is compromising your principles that is being required of us. You compromise where you can find common ground. Compromise to the dems means caving in on every principle of liberty and limited government or you’re an evil obstructionist, radical extortionist, hostage taker, grandma-killing radical; and you must be destroyed.

    • Buster’s View

      North Korea is “functional” by your standards. They just all do what Dear Leader wants, or else. That’s what you want? No obstruction! Stuff would get done!

  • ldrussell

    It is blatantly clear when those we elect to represent us in Washington DC go with an open mind. Not long in the game they are compromised by leadership and special interest. Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul and many others have not sold their soles. We just need to know who they are and support them. The establishment is a strong political force. The democrats are holding strong but the republicans are fracturing.

    • ladyjk

      King of Iowa, Gomert of Texas, and hopefully Mia Love from Utah in 2014 are staunch conservatives, also. I will only send funds to individuals, no more to the Republican Party. You would think they would get tired of me sending their money requests back to them with no money and my “two cents worth” in words written across their request.

      • terrywest0206

        Good idea, Lady. I’ve just been pitching them in the trash.

  • sooner4ever

    The mainstream people are like deer in the headlights, while Cruz is working to preserve and restore our liberty. They just aren’t getting it. We need to be saved not only from the left, but from the moderate right.

  • shrgngatlas

    Why, yes. You can explain what you believe and plan to do during an election, but once you get elected, you better play well in the sandbox with the party leadership, OR ELSE! Apparently Ted Cruz cares more about retaining an honest relationship with his voters than perks handed down by the leadership for loyal lemmings. Karl Rove can go do you know what to himself.

  • lehnne

    Democrats and Republicans have been a dog and pony show for the gullible since government, finance and industry begun colluding in the ramp up for WW2. They just see no need to be secretive about it these days

  • mikeinidaho

    ANYONE voting AGAINST defunding Obamacare is a traitor to We the People.
    Therefore, all RINOs and Demunists are traitors and must go, period.
    Shut down the government if you must, but STOP Obamacare at all costs.

  • suzy000

    The base dislikes Rove, McCain and other establishment fools immensely. If the truth be known, Rove was the author of the oppo research that he sent to other GOPers to use against Cruz.

    • ladyjk

      I surmise you are right that Rove was behind it, but then he goes on Fox News Sunday on the panel. King of New York certainly could have been in on it, also.

  • lawngren

    I don’t take advice from or pay attention to repub squalling any more. Ted Cruz is trying to save America, so the GOPe ( aka New American Socialist Party) hates him. It’s that simple. If the GOPe likes you, you’re on the wrong side.

  • Tim Schroll

    Some one needs to press Rove on how his strategy of governing led to the loss of both the House and the Senate under W. To date no one has, but they continue giving him credit as some sort of genius when he was nothing but a great big disaster.

    • ladyjk

      Note, Those candidates that Rove backed through his political fund weren’t very successful in 2012. Rove is irrelevant and is in the political scene to have money and power. Looks like Rove may not have much of either. I am looking forward to Rove and his fund to just fade away.

  • jmaggief

    Lets see Rove fought against Cruz’s election because he was a tea party candidate. Now him and his cronies are out to shut down everything Cruz is trying to do. Hey,Rove, you’ve been all over Fox News saying not to defund Obmacare so don’t give me your BS about Cruz didn’t discuss this with anyone. We know what you stand for and we know what Cruz stands for.

  • jmaggief

    Hey,Rove, here’s a question for you — why do I get angry every time I see you on Fox News trashing Cruz? Answer: you remind me of the Democrats.

  • Timothy Taylor

    Rove surmises that Lee and Cruz needs the permission of the RINO’s like him prior to setting out on a plan. No…if that example were followed, nothing would ever get done. JUST DO IT!

  • jmaggief

    Any GOP Senator who stands against Cruz’s plan to defund Obamacare with the continuing resolution (CR) needs to be replaced in their next election. I am sick of these frauds saying they are different from the Democrats. They sure stand with the Democrats. They’re frauds.

  • ladyjk

    And who the he$$ is Karl Rove? Karl Rove needs to get out of the public’s eye. Because Bush gave him so much credit Rove thinks he rules the Political scene. I don’t see why networks keep having him on. We don’t like him, don’t want to see or hear him, and I sure as heck don’t support his political fund. I hope that those sending him money for his political fund wake up and stop sending him money. I noticed that the Sunday shows for the most part, except for Cruz, only have rhinos on their talk shows, on their panels. This is just abetting those opposing the conservative movement and helping to sway the public against those like Lee and Cruz.

  • Ed Hopson

    The party system will be the doom of the republic. I want my voice to go straight to the House through my representative, And, my State voice go straight to the Senate through it’s representatives. I do not want power brokers as filters!

    • easey_breazey

      Campaign finance reform is the only way that might happen. As long as politicians can receive money from whomever, they are overwhelmingly going to be looking out for their donors’ interests and not yours.

      • Buster’s View

        No. Read the Liberty Amendments!

      • Ed Hopson

        Politicians should get no campaign money outside of their constituency and I include national party. The national parties could produce bipartisan ads on issues.

  • akahallen

    Seems pretty obvious McCain is in bed with Obama, wasn’t very long ago he was talking about supporting him in Syria, why not Obamacare, too?

  • gilleysuited

    Too many people dependent on gov. No way to reverse it. Civil unrest, as we’ve never seen, on the way. prepare.

  • akahallen

    We need more people like Cruz, Lee, and Paul, and if we can’t get enough Rhinos to do the right thing, or to step aside, Put them ALL, Dem & Rep out of business and go with a 3d party, beginning with those three.. as new party leaders, if they will.

  • 1TSMommy

    And we care what Karl Rove’s numbers say? Oh, that’s right, because they’re so accurate…

  • GlenBradley

    That’s right Rove, if you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit. Rand and Cruz & Co can’t play your little reindeer games because your people have already shut them out of the caucus. They can talk all they want to, but the Speaker and his minions set all the strategy. Until now. Your leadership is broken, and you are screaming about the new leader stepping up into your chaos. GROW UP!

    • twoblackcats

      I thought I read that Rand supports McConnell. If so, he’s toast.

  • Just Me

    Because Ted Cruz represents the people, not the other politicians in DC! He didn’t disrespect them; they disrespected all the right thinking people of the US!

    • He didn’t just disrespect “all the ‘right thinking’ people of the US!” but he did disrespect ALL Americans by attacking Ted Cruz just because Cruz wants to be honest with We, the People, of the United States of America. What counts is what ALL Americans want and need in their leaders – transparency and honestly in what laws they are signing their signature to. Don’t you think?

      • Buster’s View

        Amen Rosanne!

  • libertygeek

    With Republicans like McCain, Graham, Boehner and Rove who needs Democrats?

    • Dave Combs

      Let’s not forget McConnell.

  • Jean Aschman

    This is the problem in Washington – Rove and the old guard minions – no accountability to the public just to themselves and their bloody pocket books – these people need to be kicked out of Washington on a rail – all of them!!! And as for the bloody Senate – you want to talk about blocking – you tell me about Harry Reid – what a hot mess and absolutely the worst representation this country could ever have!

  • I have a question for both Republicans and Democrats on this board. Why do you want the Affordable Health Care Act “defunded?” I seriously want to know … Because when poor people go to a hospital emergency room (since they can’t be refused medical care) and have no health insurance or cash outright, who pays? WE DO. Our health insurance rates and premiums go up and We, the People, pick up their tab. Another example: say you have a pre-existing condition and want to get private health insurance since your job doesn’t supply that to you like employers used to, but the person deciding whether or not you get their health insurance says “No” outright b/c you have a pre-existing condition, and of course it will cost that insurance company way too much to support your medical bills! So you are denied health insurance. Can’t get it from your employer. Now what do you do if you get sick? I truly am trying to understand why so many Republican Americans do not want to reform our broken medical insurance system? Btw, I am neither a Republican nor a Democrat. I am a voter, however. And I honestly want to know WHY you want the Affordable Health Care Act defuned. Thanking you in advance for your replies!

    • Buster’s View

      Premiums are going up even higher under Obamacare than they were due to subsidising emergency room visits for the poor. Also, there is already less doctor availability because of Ocare, which means that even if you have insurance, you will still need to go to the emergency room to be seen because you will have to wait so long to get in to the doctor. This has been the case in England for a long time. People even have to wait in ambulances in the hospital parking lot at some hospitals because of rules mandating maximum wait times “inside” hospital waiting rooms. Here, hospitals and major medical centers like the Cleveland clinic are already reporting they will have to reduce staff in preparation for reduced reimbursements under Ocare—meaning again longer wait times to see a physician or get a procedure. As many as 68% of doctors surveyed are saying they are considering early retirement or leaving medicine altogether because it will be too difficult to continue their practices under Ocare–even longer wait times. Of the remaining physicians, many will no longer accept insurance at all and are going to cash only or boutique practices. This is not altogether a bad thing. Before Ocare, where I lived in Albuquerque, there was a movement beginning of cash only practices started by doctors who were concerned about the rising costs of insurance and medical procedures. They provide excellent care a much lower rates than traditional medical practices. My son and I used these services a few times and received excellent care at a cost affordable to even a single mother like me. My son received much better care there than he had recently at the hospital.

      I think there is a large misconception that just because you have insurance under Ocare, albeit very expensive insurance, that you will have better medical care. The truth is you will have less access to good care. This has long been the case with Medicaid. The doctor reimbursement is so low that most docs cannot afford to accept Medicaid. Consequently, it is very difficult for a medicaid patient to find a doc or see a doc without a long wait, so they still end up going to the local emergency room.

      If I may give another personal example. I am a single mom, self-employed, and have always purchased my own medical insurance. I’ve always carried a high-deductible major medical policy for myself and a more comprehensive plan for my son. I did this because the medical care I need is mostly considered outside the “standard of care” and so is not covered by insurance. For this reason, most of my medical expenses and medicines are paid for out-of-pocket–I maintain a separate savings for that purpose. Now, under Ocare, I will have to pay for a very expensive insurance policy that will cover many services that I don’t need, like maternity care and birth control. My major medical only policy will no longer be an option. And I will STILL have to pay for all my actual care out of pocket. Obamacare mandated coverage will not cover the care that I rely on to stay healthy. This is a disaster for me and for the millions of others like me! My elderly parents have already been notified that their Medicare supplemental insurance will no longer be available, and the replacement policies will have much higher premiums.

      The CBO recently stated that under Ocare, there will never be LESS than 30 million uninsured. The CBO estimated costs for Ocare have already more than tripled. Ocare will not solve the problem of covering the uninsured. It will not solve the problem of improving access to good medical care for people with a low income. It will not solve the problem of rising insurance premium costs. It will not solve the problem of rising costs for medical treatment.

      There are much better solutions for providing insurance for the low income uninsured or those with pre-existing conditions and other issues that need to be addressed that would not cause so much negative destruction to the current medical system that we enjoy.

      I appreciate all invitations to discuss this and other issues without the heat and acrimony. I believe you will find, if Obamacare is ever fully implemented, that it will cause much greater, and many more problems than it solves and it will be much more difficult at that point to repeal Ocare and reform the system in a more positive, patient-centered, and less bureaucratic way. Thanks for your sincere consideration.

      • Buster’s View, thank you for patiently explaining to me what is going on with President Obama’s Affordable Health Care Act without calling me “stupid,” “brain dead,” or saying I “have no economic sense” when those making these unkind comments to me know absolutely nothing about me in the first place.

        I love a political debate – loved debating when in my Social Studies class – but the way we were taught to “debate” was in an honest, diplomatic way without resorting to nasty name-calling and cursing. We actually had fun debating back then! 🙂 But nowadays everyone seems too angry to debate nicely. Sad.

        Even sadder is when a person is honestly confused about a law possibly going into effect and asks questions to better understand that law and gets nasty, uncalled for comments instead. BTW, I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican, nor am I a conservative or a liberal.

        What I am, however, is a moderate Independent who has voted for both parties. And who has been voting since she was 18 years old and working since she was 16 yrs old; I am now 55 years old. So I say to those nasty comments: please do not tell me I have no economic sense or that I do not know about politics, etc. Of course I have run into voters – women and men – who have no interest in politics unless its an election year yet vote according to whether or not they like the person running, which is plain stupid to not be informed about whom you are voting for. Unfortunately there are a lot of stupid voters out there… I tell those voters: Knowledge is Power. That Power is called We, the People.

        On a different topic: I am not sure if you read what I told “me3tv” about you being a hero to me? I honestly feel this way about you and all single moms b/c I know, from my sister being a single mom for 11 years before she got re-married in 2002, that a single mom’s life is extremely rough.

        • easey_breazey

          I hope you aren’t referring to me in regard to nasty comments. I wasn’t directing those coments at you, I was talking about others on this page. This is not the place to find factual information Rossane. This is a partisan website. If you are seaking clarification on the law read the myth busting articles on

    • Lee Biggs

      The money that is spent for health care will be diluted by running all of it through the filter of Federal agencies, meaning millions of new civil service employees. Creating and controlling this voting block, not health care, was the purpose of the ACA. Millions of new Democrat voters, paid for by the public, reducing the older population by withholding medical treatment, and expanding abortion are all winning issues for the President and his folks. With this reduction in funds, and with the U.S. population aging, the government will need to make decisions over who gets care and who doesn’t. The decision will also be dependent upon political orientation (See Charles Baron’s case where Speaker Pelosi intervened to push the FDA to treat Baron’s cancer with un-yet approved drugs because he was a major bundler/donor. The law is not even in force yet and the politically connected get exceptional treatment the rest of us cannot get at any cost..) Exempting themselves from Obamacare was not an error, the staffers of congressmen and senators have caught the elitist bug and don’t believe they should be required to live with the conditions they arrange for the “very little people”, meaning you and me. As for a Republican alternative, Google HR 2300. In one form or another, it has been available, but quarantined by the media, since before Obamacare came into being.

      • easey_breazey

        You are delusional and paranoid. You can’t seriously believe what you say in the first part of this post…
        The rest of what you’re talking about, while I am very skeptical about anything you say from now on, may have some truth to it. But well-connected people that have money/power are always going to game the system to their advantage. That’s happended since the beginning of time.
        That HR 2300 plan looks like a joke too.
        1) “It makes patients the owners of their insurance, not their employer”
        Employer-based group plans help reduce prices by bringing together bargaining power. As an individual you have no borrowing power and what you pay would go up.
        2) “it gives doctors the real power to make treatment deciscions, not insurance companies or the government”
        This would also increase costs as doctors would perform unneccisary tests and treatments to increase their revenue without insruance companies motivating them to reduce costs (duh).
        3) “It reforms medical liability laws to save money on defensive medicine”
        This was discussed as an option publicly for a while and it was determined that making it harder to sue a doctor for malpractice would not save nearly as much money as you think it would.
        Also, do you think if a doctor paid less for malpractice insurance that he/she would have you and your health insurance company pay less for care? The doctors would just pocket the savings, it wouldn’t be passed on as cost savings to the patients, or at least not all of the savings would be.
        The reason theres nowhere to read about this supposed idea except for conservative sites is because this bill barely existed and the ideas are terrible at fixing the problem of quickly increasing medical costs, which is the big problem that needs fixing. I could see how doctors would love these ideas, but they are bad for everyone else.

    • easey_breazey

      Rosanne, you have to understand that these people are paranoid, delusional, and misinformed. Premiums are going to go down for the vast majority of Americans when you take into account the tax credits given to lower income familis that do not qualify for Medicare or Medicaid and have to buy private insurance. Prices will vary depending on the state you live in and how many options (plans competing for your business) are available on your state’s exchange.

      Here is a brief articale I came accross today:

      Let’s not forget the law prevents insurance companies from denying coverage due to pre-existing conditions (which has been a problem for a lot of people), and it prevents insurance companies from dropping you for being too expensive to them.
      You can be sure that the conspiracy theorists are off their rocker. Obamacare is meant to increase access to health care in this country, as in help people, and make the country a better place to live. There is so much disinformation about the law that half of the country doesn’t understand it. A lot of this is thanks to conservative groups (who would rather let the poor die off than help them get health coverage) that are spreading false information about the law.
      The lies about the law are in part coming straight from the top (of the Republican party), the rest from nutty conspiracy theorists, and these lies are spread around confusing people. The Republican party is extremely fearful of Obamacare’s success because it would basically be a huge victory for the Democrats. This would propably lead to another Democrat winning the presidency. If you pay attention to whats going on day to day it will become obvious that the Republican party as a whole cares very little about doing what is right for the country – they care about politics, elections, and power. They are obstructing common sense progress in the House on a wide range of issues moreso than I have ever seen before, trying to sabotage the Affordable Health Care Act, and trying to sabotage Obama’s presidency. It goes way beyond “standing up for their beliefs”. What they care about is power, and their cash providing puppetmasters only care about what is best for them (lower taxes on the rich, dismantling oversight and regulation of the marketplaces).

  • me3tv

    @Rosanne – You and Obama and people without economic sense do not grasp the damage of the “affordable health care act” which is neither affordable, nor about health. It was a monster creation of lobbyists and crony capitalists in government who wanted to milk taxpayers for “the man” – the corporations and the government bureaucracy that benefit from it. The Republicans for SURE are NOT against a good health care overhaul that will give everyone good access to care. It is THIS PLAN that is so rife with built in fraud and central control and non competitiveness and rocketing costs that go on top of already enormous taxes holding back the progress for jobs and business growth and prosperity that is the problem. Unshackling business from this monster fraud of improved care would solve many of the dire issues of health access in and of itself because more REAL jobs would grow into the tax base.

    • @me3tv: please do not think I have no economic sense just b/c I asked a sincere question and want honest answers. Obamacare has already begun to affect my friends on Medicaid, and I am pissed off about this. I, like Buster’s View, am self-employed. Differences are that she is a single mom (you are my hero for that, btw) and I am not. I am the mother of an angel and my hubby and I have been married for 16 years. Our children now are our fur babies – a dog and a cat. I regress. What I am trying to say is that I run a small business so I do have economic sense, and I took Economics in school. So please do not come on here and bully me with your words. I am trying to understand OBAMACARE and that is it. Will it also hurt me as a small business owner who has health insurance through my husband’s employer? Etc. It is already hurting dear friends of mine whom I help out as often as I can.

      • me3tv

        My apologies for the rude comment. It was uncalled for. What I think is that Obama and his cabinet are students of alternative economics with a heavy Keynesian approach that overlooks the contribution the marketplace can have when unfettered by excess demands of government. It is my view that many of the issues of poor coverage and high cost could have been addressed by removing regulation that lets insurance companies hold virtual statewide monopolies (make the compete) and boost support for Doctor training and regulations that allow extensions of some duties to Physicians Assistants, etc. The morass of regulation and costs in Obamacare is the opposite of any cure for better, more, or less costly medical services. In MY opinion.

  • herb benty

    This debacle has the left snickering and explains a lot how Obama won two elections.

  • Cali Curmudgeon

    Karl Rove, from his support of amnesty, shows himself to be a turncoat.

  • George Keselman

    Fox News are full of ‘liberals‘: Chris Wallace, Bill O’Reilly, Greta van Susteren, Shepard Smith, Bill Hemmer, Karl Rove. Please help complete the list.