CL Bryant: If unresolved, left will use Trayvon Martin death to reelect Obama

CL Bryant and Juan Williams discuss the over-the-top rhetoric from Congressional leaders over the Trayvon Martin shooting. One thing CL Bryant says at the end is something I think we all are concerned about:

Sean, this particular crisis will not go to waste. I don’t care how you spin it, now the media spins it, or how I talk about it. I believe they have found something now, as tragic as it is, and regardless that even though we don’t know the evolving story, this particular crisis will not go to waste.

And if it is not resolved I assure you that those on the left will use this as a talking point to attempt to talk this president right back into office by placing fear, hysteria in the minds of people, like Juan said, who are already concerned about their children.

Watch the whole interview (via Mediaite)

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  • 911Infidel

    Really? Concerned about their children? Oh really. Oh wait, it only matters when a Hispanic guy with a white name is involved in a shooting of a black guy. Hey if a black guy or guys sets a white kid on fire its no big deal huh?

    You just go right on with your new talking point scumbag. The real talking points are that Obama has divided up this country by class, gender and now race. The community disorganizer is now selling agitprop on a national scale.

    • Susanna958

      Poor Sandra Fluke, her 15 min. of fame was cut way short when it wasn’t serving Obama. They had to move on to race when his approval rating among women went down.

      • 911Infidel

        Is she a fluke or a fake? That so-called circus that Nannykins arranged for her sure was a fake. Hearings are held when Congress wants oversight not to arrange for a dog and pony show. Oh wait, we’re talking Nannykins here, the lead driver in the Congressional Dhimrhoid clown car parade. And poor Ms Flake (yes she is) she’ll just have to go to the local drug store and plop down her 5.98 for a pack of rubbers like any other street walker…oops did I say that? Why yes I did.

  • If I had a son, he probably wouldn’t look like Martin or Zimmerman, but I do feel badly for bothh of them and their families just the same. This is beyond ridiculous.

  • jdl5

    This is unbelievably ridiculous. The members of Congress who continue to speak out about this issue are an embarrasment to the American people. They have NO IDEA what the facts are, how could they possibly cry out racism? It is mind-boggling how these people continue to get elected. The American people are honestly getting tired of this crap.

  • JarrodThomas

    I’m not sure. I think the over-reaction to this, before all the facts are known, by so-called black leaders has already started to turn people off. And the fact that Eric Holder still does nothing about the Black Panther thugs just plays into the narrative that Obama and Holder display racism in reverse. It may gin up excitement on the left but I think it may have the opposite effect on those in the mushy middle.

    • There is no such thing as racism in reverse. I hate that phrase with every fiber in my being. Racism is racism period. Oh, and while I’m at it, every crime is a hate crime.

  • Well other than Sean not letting Juan Williams talk this was a really good interview.

  • 12grace

    The right needs to get information out on all the white children that have been killed by black offenders. And then point out that good people of ALL races have been victims of crimes. And it is important for all races to come together and stop violence against OUR children.

    About Trayvon, we don’t have all the facts yet so we cannot make a determination.

  • detectivedick

    Post earlier by me;
    I need help about this local tragedy. Why did it take 30 days for this story to get national attention, and who brought it to national attention. Shouldn’t the MSM Presstitutes look at all local 30 day old tragic stories and begin reporting the old NEWS for LIAR Obama to give cover. I say LIAR Obama and Axelrod and Podesta want to have a fireball in Fla so Obama can go to the State and call for calm. What a racial circus for political gain.

    • PVG

      BO and his regime were too busy pushing birth control on the Catholic Church and piling on Rush at the time. Now that what’s her name was found to be an activist, and Rush has even more sponsors, they need a new crisis.

  • Black teenager and a registered hispanic democrat? Zimmerman is a registed hispanic democrat according to his voter’s registration.

  • I agree with what C.L says. It’s pathetic, but the democrats will use whatever they need to to push their agendas and to try and get more support from dear leader. I think this administration will do nothing while the black panthers and others continue to promote violence and their version of “street justice” and are sitting back waiting for the riots and violence to heat up so they can mandate martial law and keep finding a reason to overturn the second amendment. It disturbs me very much that idiots like chuck u from NY are talking about repealing a STATE law. It’s pathetic the whole disgusting circus from those on the left and all their slaves.
    Oh, an Juan, I worry every day about my child, and he’s not black. I worry every day about my granddaughter, and she IS black. I hate to see what these vultures and the progressives in government are doing to ALL of our kids no matter what shade of skin they have!!

  • sjmom

    I will disagree with the Rev. in that this will not re elect Obama. If this continues as I think it will there will be more and more demonstrations leading to violence which will turn the voters away from Obama.

    What I do think will get Obama elected is a Romney candidacy. I saw something today and should have noted where but didn’t that Obama is beating Romney in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida. Obama is not going to win, but the Republicans could very well lose.

    • MiketheMarine

      Hey, Mom, I actually think Maoman is toast, no matter our nominee for one reason only. The price of gasoline. Everyone pays the same price, even liberals and that is something even they can understand.

      • sjmom

        You sound like my husband, whose name also is Mike, because he thinks anyone can beat Obama, but I don’t agree for a few reasons. First, Romney is too much like Obama. Second, he’s too much like McCain, a liberal to moderate. Third, if the individual mandate is struck down by SCOTUS what will it do to Romney who is the father of it in Mass? People don’t understand the Tenth Amendment so IMO it will make Mitt look as bad as Obama. Should I go on?

        The only thing Romney MAY be better in is foreign policy but he’s not “W” where he called out Iran, Syria and the others. “43” made his mistakes and the world did not like him but they DID respect him, unlike Obama, who is not only weak but has weakened us and in IMO has done so purposefully.

        Those polls I mentioned are only the beginning. Get ready; its gonna be a ride and the best thing which can happen is a brokered convention, regardless of what the establishment says. This is only their “conventional wisdom” which, more often than not, is wrong

        • MiketheMarine

          Yeah, I know. I don’t disagree with one word of that except I do think that Romney was, at least, born in the USA and I really do believe the gasoline comment I made. Even the 94% of African Americans who voted for the Maoman last time are paying $4. / gal.

  • librtifirst

    Why would anyone consider that the media is covering this for anything but political reasons?

    • NCHokie02

      Exactly….do they cover any other shooting that occurs?? Plus this was already a few weeks old once it hit the airwaves. The media was too busy with the whole war on women deal to pick this up until the former dissolved.

  • This stupid story will be history in a week or two.

    • NCHokie02

      I hope so

  • StNikao

    We are past election – it has come to a split.


  • stage9

    With this in the news, ObamaCare becomes a subplot…slight-of-hand and diversion….I keep saying it, this is how radicalsim works…

    Everything they do is diversionary….

  • Karl Rogue

    You have to wonder why some on the right keep stoking this story. Fox News and Hannity in particular have been guilty.

  • Amy

    Bingo! Never let a crisis go to waste!

  • Trust1TG

    The race card and violence (Union, ACORN, Black Panthers, OWS, Islamists, Nation of Islam, etc.) are all Obama’s got left.

    His record is bad, his negative effects of his policies on blacks is even worse.

    His corruption, cronyism, violations of law and constitution are just as bad.

    Corruption – crony capitalism –
    Obama’s other firsts –

    • ImaThinkn

      That’s not all he’s got left. He has the MSM in his pocket and that is HUGE! Just because you don’t watch it or give it any credence doesn’t mean that a large number of other people don’t. Most people only pay attention to sound bites that emanate from the MSM, so that multiplies their effectiveness.

  • Susanna958

    Ironic that racism has only gotten worse with a black President. I think they’re hoping this will motivate the black vote.

  • NJK

    In your dreams. Obama is a fraud. Obama is African born and is Indonesian. Obama shouldn’t be listened to period. If Sean Hannity, Congress, and others continue the charade, Obama should be treated as he really is, a former drug using bum. At least I think it’s former drug using?

    Was this thing staged too, like Sandra Fluke?

  • NJK

    You may have missed this.
    The liberal media has been too busy covering the Trayvon Martin shooting to pay attention to the high profile Florida murder trial that was going on across town this week. Two British students who were gunned down in Miami by black youth while on vacation last year. Today the killer was sentenced to life in prison.