By Caleb Howe


Clay Aiken appeared on CNN today to discuss his totally serious and won’t be a huge joke campaign for congress in North Carolina. Yesterday, rumors swirled about whether he was going to run, with insiders in NC and DC holding their breath, crossing their fingers, and looking up Ruben Studdard on YouTube. But now the awful suspense is over and we have our answer. Yes. Clay Aiken is definitely probably going to be a kind of candidate for congress from North Carolina for sure almost.

If that is any indication of the surety and perspicacity we can expect from an Aiken campaign then, well, it’s, um, I don’t really have a joke ready yet, right now.

Of course, the above clip was the “official” CNN version of the interview. The raw unedited clip shows the real story.


Boom. Checkclaymate. (Forgive me.)

Earlier in the interview, Aiken said that “as a society we’ve decided that lawyers and whatnot should be .. in Congress” which is definitely true. Aiken is running against Rene Ellmers, who is a registered nurse. Which is sort of like a lawyer, only with less bloodletting.

During the interview, Aiken also said that politics is the only place in the world where one person’s success requires another person’s failure, which probably comes as a bit of a shock to Kimberley Locke.

I gotta tell you, Clay. I’m not feeling it, dog.


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