Clay Aiken Having Sort Of Like .. Trouble? With His Slogan? About For From His Campaign. Stuff.


Clay Aiken appeared on CNN today to discuss his totally serious and won’t be a huge joke campaign for congress in North Carolina. Yesterday, rumors swirled about whether he was going to run, with insiders in NC and DC holding their breath, crossing their fingers, and looking up Ruben Studdard on YouTube. But now the awful suspense is over and we have our answer. Yes. Clay Aiken is definitely probably going to be a kind of candidate for congress from North Carolina for sure almost.

If that is any indication of the surety and perspicacity we can expect from an Aiken campaign then, well, it’s, um, I don’t really have a joke ready yet, right now.

Of course, the above clip was the “official” CNN version of the interview. The raw unedited clip shows the real story.


Boom. Checkclaymate. (Forgive me.)

Earlier in the interview, Aiken said that “as a society we’ve decided that lawyers and whatnot should be .. in Congress” which is definitely true. Aiken is running against Rene Ellmers, who is a registered nurse. Which is sort of like a lawyer, only with less bloodletting.

During the interview, Aiken also said that politics is the only place in the world where one person’s success requires another person’s failure, which probably comes as a bit of a shock to Kimberley Locke.

I gotta tell you, Clay. I’m not feeling it, dog.

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  • Uncle Sporkums


  • down_with_BongHit_Barry

    He wants to get people working? Evidently this empty box forgot to pick up his dimocRAT talking points for the day before going on CNN. The big issue of the day is how to solve “job lock” for people who are locked into jobs they don’t like. It’s “job lock” day, Clay. You’re not s’posed to be talking about putting people to work. It’s time to set them free from those oppressive jobs. That’s what unemployment insurance is for. Get with the program.

  • jgilman1

    How about “Demint started the recession”. That’s what the other Democrat darling Alvin Greene used. But only the Tea Party can pick flawed candidates.

  • notebene

    He’s like every demoncrat…completely tongue tied without a puppet master and a teleprompter! He’ll fit right in with the other merry minions of stupidity!

  • We got this guy here in RI named Cay Pell who just decided to run for governor. His dad was a Pell. Calyborne think Pell grants for education. This kid even has the closed fist hand pointing thing down pat telling everyone how he is going to make a difference. I say BS, go away Clay have a happy life as I. for one, am sick and tired of the political class. What gives this guy or for that matter this guy who sang on TV the right to represent me. On a bit of a rant tonight because of some numnuts over at Economic Collapse, but want to say that if I were King of the Forest, every kid in High School would read Peter Schweitzer’s book Extortion. Republicans and Democrats are equally thieves, and if the kids would read this book we would have term limits in a generation

    • tinlizzieowner

      if we’re looking for an ‘American Idol’ politician, I nominate this guy. 🙂

      • Uncle Sporkums

        Isn’t that Oballah’s culture Czar?

        • tinlizzieowner

          I’d say anti-culture Czar. 😉 😉

  • bluerose75

    I am sure his Mascots will be a bag of Skittles, a Pink TuTu, a magic wand and instructions on the art of the perfect bend over! He is a loser, a hasbeen and after American Idol this Singer with an audience only in the mirror became a joke. He is pathetic, clueless and exactly the picture of the modern JACK_SS party….Job….buddy you have been unemployed since your first single was a DISASTER…come to think of it UNEMPLOYMENT that never ends….truly a Dem in every way!

  • As a north Carolinian – Complete fail! Embarrassing!

    • Caleb Howe

      Hello from Charlotte!

      • Love Charlotte. I’m in western part of the state. Hello back at ya!

        • carolina mama

          Hello from Greensboro! Western NC? Asheville/Hendersonville area? If so, what’s going on out there with Mark Meadows? Is he doing a good job?

          • Yep! South Asheville is home. Cold today!

            I like Mark Meadows! He’s fighting hard against establishment GOP’s push for amnesty and obamacare. Always seems to be focused on the needs of the people of WNC.

  • Necromantic

    I think it’s telling when he can’t come up with a slogan she tells him, “We’re working on it on CNN.”

  • golfmax13

    OMG – Ruben Studdard – I’m in tears.

    • PVG

      That was when “Idol” was worth the time…….not so much now!

  • DarkKnight2016

    He won’t win. He is planning in running for North Carolina’s 2nd Congressional seat currently held by Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-N.C.). She is a good representative, she knows the issues far better then this wannabe politician, as a RN she has the perspective on the health care industry needed in these times. Not to mention her district is a safe republican district. Aiken is a social liberal who is just a boneheaded rubber stamp just like every other celebrity.

    • plutarh

      She may be primaried, though, after her recent pro amnesty remarks. In any case, Aikens doesn’t stand a chance against whoever wines GOP fight.

      • DarkKnight2016

        She currently has no serious contender in the primary and I believe the filing deadline is fast approaching.

      • Sentinel

        That’s actually a funny vision… Aiken and GOP contender are in a tense debate. A serious and politically-centric question is asked. Aiken responds with a Miss America-like answer (I’d like world peace…). The contender refutes and fillets Aiken’s answer, then relevantly and intelligently nails it to win the round. Aiken pouts, then exits stage left. The next day, Aiken goes and rallies his corrupt, left-wing media base and accuses his opponent of being homophobic. Media runs with it.

  • FaithColeridge33

    she doesn’t stand a chance.

    • DarkKnight2016


    • mark

      Marrying yourself don’t fly in NC Clay…. Maybe you should challenge Sandy Fluke in Cali for Hank Waxman’s spot….

    • Sentinel


  • Crassus

    This is the same state that has elected the likes of Heath Shuler, Liddy Dole, and Bev Pardue in recent years so don’t count him out. When it comes to politics those North Carolinians are a strange bunch.

  • Norman Bates

    I’m sure the slogan question took him by surprise. He doesn’t probably have one because he’s not that kind of guy.

  • Laurel

    Maaaannn…Caleb is on fire!

    Aiken not so much.

    • Sentinel

      Oh Clay is flaming…

      • Laurel


        • Sentinel


  • spin43

    Just pushing to legalize gay marriage in NC. He is clueless about the real problems facing this country.

    • JimNEPA2_0

      Somewhere, a Democrat think (HAH!) tank is devising the Next Big Distraction. Maybe allowing pet owners … er, “trans-species adoptive parents” …. to declare dogs, cats, spiders, rats, fish, etc as dependents on their taxes. Provided, of course, they already make next to nothing anyway.

  • JimNEPA2_0

    Resume: Can sing a little, is out of the closet, and votes Democrat. Reminds me of the 80’s Commodore Computer commercials where the kid’s resume had his video game console scores but zip zero nada experience actually using a computer.

  • Sentinel

    No. Chance.

  • Yay! Working together! I’m gonna ride my prettiest purple unicorn to his campaign rally!

  • tinlizzieowner

    From the looks of the unedited tape, this guy is as sharp as a condom. 😉

  • thetallguy24

    What a joke. Fluke and Aiken. The Democrats of old are rolling in their graves.

    • phil

      this is the Generations where heroism is defined by Publicizing your sexual preference as opposed to sacrificing for liberty and defending the constitution,

  • marmo43

    let see, I vote no well wait a minute maybe this will work, well really it won’t be the best for all the liberals I represent, so I vote yes, oh, I mean not.

  • Freedomswatch

    Aiken obviously has no real grasp of economics and seems to have decided to run without honing his positions and how to achieve them. It is unfortunate that candidates who really have the necessary economic understanding to be in Congress get sidelined for media coverage by reality tv has-beens. No doubt he will get fans to vote for him. Thank God Bieber is Canadian and too young!

    • ColonelNeville

      The left liberal naturally assumes they know everything that anyone could ever need to know – thus they are by default the best at everything – and then they start from there. They are more often mediocre, infantile twits that have been told from childhood that they are “special”. Yes, they are but commonly not in any adult, useful or good way.

  • phil

    looking at Harry Ried i think this Guys actually has a Shot at it,

    No offense, Clay!

  • Conserv_58

    This progressive inspired, wishy-washy, metrosexual is what passes as a man in the myopic liberal world. God help us.

  • USMC 64-68

    Of course – he is running as a democrat. What else would you expect from Aiken or the democrat progressives.

  • Youschmuck

    “we wanna get Americans doing it together”

  • billypaintbrush

    Anybody that doesn’t have a Mission Statement or elevator speech always at the ready is an empty suit.

    Hey, empty suit boy, why were you there?