Oh man this is awesome. Clinton has been sabotaging Obama’s 2012 reelection since 2010. HA!

And then there’s this little admission from Jay Carney:

Carney admits the economy hasn’t recovered and is “not where it needs to be”. What more do people need to take Clinton’s advice and vote Obama and the Democrats completely out?

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  • i think Romney is going to make an awesome ad out of this rofl

  • “Ok, tell me again… Who’s side is Clinton supposed to be on again?” – What NObama must be thinking and asking his staff of propagandists during meetings.

  • I just had a day dream that no one got elected except conservatives. It was wonderful. Then I woke up.

    • Nukeman60

      Are you sure that wasn’t reality and this is the nightmare? Pinch yourself quick, and while you’re at it, pinch me too. I want to wake up.

      • Didn’t work for me Nuke- here… Did it wake you?! Maybe I need to do it a little harder… OW! Dang it!

        • Nukeman60

          Just as I feared – the nightmare is deeper than we thought. We’ll have to switch from pinching to kicking – and we’ll have to switch from your arm to Obama’s butt.

    • GiantM

      Go back to sleep and please wake up on Nov 4th.!! Lol

    • Susitna

      I want to borrow your dream….

  • Rshill7

    This should be the Presidential slap heard round the world. Mitt is giving the best speech I’ve heard on the economy and O’s dismal failure regarding it. About how small business feels about O’ and how they feel like they are this administration’s enemy, due to all of the regulations, looming taxmageddon, healthcare mandates etc.. His war on traditional forms of energy and his attempts to make all that energy less attainable.

    Hopefully Scoop can get a copy of it.

    • johnos2112

      If you were referring to the Ohio speech this morning then yes that was VERY good. Romney just tells these folks look go ask those in private business what they want. Don’t take my word for it; ask them!

  • johnos2112

    Wait a minute. Did the media and the left declare in June 2009 that the recession was over? Then the stimulus got implemented and all hell broke loose! Folks we may see this election end before the polls close in California!

  • I think there may be a Democrat revolution about to happen and Bill is paving the way for Hillary.

    • wodiej

      I don’t see her challenging obama. I think she wants to take a break from politics, maybe permanently. I think they just want to stick it to obama for the crappy way he treated them during the 08 primary. giving hillary the SOS job was nothing but sympathy and remorse for what he did to them.

      • MiketheMarine

        I saw a clip of Hillary two nights ago and she looks terrible. With her wild, long, grey hair she reminded me of the wicked witch of the west.

        • Galatiansch2vs20

          I think you won’t hear her saying this any time soon:
          “I don’t feel in no ways tired!”

        • NYGino

          Hillary, look up. Is that a house?

          • Nukeman60

            “I’ll get you my little Barry, and your little dog, too”.

          • MiketheMarine

            It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s a right wing HOUSE !

            Let’s give the ruby slippers to Dorothy Palin. =)

        • Is_Sense_Common

          I think she looks like that on a good day.

  • wodiej

    passed through a black neighborhood today w people standing on the corner holding obama 2012 signs. I looked straight at them and gave them a thumbs down. I hope clinton is not trying to convince us that the democrats stopped digging the hole when obama was elected because they haven’t. they’re digging so fast we’ve went past china.

  • Joe


    The Heart Surgeon said :

    I admit I screwed up the first time – Let me try again!

    What do have to lose?

    Yeah Right – F U !

    They really are all NUTS!

  • Two more years of you people and nothing will work anymore. Period!

  • marketcomp

    The problem is that no one believes the propaganda anymore and people are unemployed! And since Obama is incapable of fixing the situation, since he blames Bush for the bad economy, then we all want to try a different person with a differnet approach. Thats it. ITS SIMPLE!

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      Well that first part of that first sentence we wouldn’t consider a problem, right? I wish it were true, but I think there are some who still do believe the lies Obama and the democrats are espousing.

      • marketcomp

        Yea, I know and I know at least two. But lets hope and pray that its more of like mind with us than not.

        • Galatiansch2vs20

          Hopefully there will be a conservative majority elected to both the House and Senate – far more like-minded with us than Romney!

          I think there may be non-conservatives out there who would like to work but can’t find any around where they live that may be against Obama because of their pocketbooks and vote accordingly.

          • marketcomp

            I agree, G!

      • Rshill7

        That’s just those people incapable of getting ID’s.

        • Galatiansch2vs20

          Humorous, Rshill7! But likely there’s even more hard leftists than that!

          • Rshill7

            Huh? Whuh?

  • Nukeman60

    Well, for some time now Clinton has been at odds with Obama. Looks like they have finally gotten on the same page – they both say Obama should be ousted in 2012. I’m going to have to go with that.

    Thanks, Billie-boy and Barry.

    I think people are still hurting‘ – Carney

    You think people are still hurting? You think? Geesh

  • keninil

    I’m betting someone in the Clinton camp helped USA Today find this clip. It seems Slick Willy has been releasing one of these bombs every week — the purpose being to get Obama to drop his candidacy for Prez.

    Clinton wants the D convention to pick Hillary in 2012 !!

  • He has to or it’s over for Hillary. Plus I’m sure Clinton hasn’t forgotten Obama labeling the first black president a racist.

  • JoeMontana16

    I tell you what….Bill is giving Romney a ton of ammo. The last month of the election Romney should run Clintons comments on a loop till the end.

    • GiantM

      Good observation. So true!

    • Is_Sense_Common

      I fear Mittens will ask Hillary to be the Veep. (eek!)

      • NYGino

        ISC, TRS doesn’t allow obscenities on this site, OK maybe some, so in an effort to not be forever banned let me put it this way…##@!**^&$$%__#@#@!, ^$_(***, ^###@%@. And further more ^$%##@ )^)%%$, ^^~!!. Other than that how are you today?

        • Is_Sense_Common

          %*#€ing fabulous! How boutchu?!

          You crack me up!!

  • Clinton is a Commie, he knows the only way it will ever happen in this country is through the Democrat party and Obama is destroying the Brand. If they can’t force Obama off the ticket, they’ll turn on him and take the short-term hit of losing a couple election cycles rather than risk Atlas actually Shrugging.

  • williamm

    Bill Clinton helped put us in the hole by refusing to take out Bin Laden when the chance was there. If he had done his job instead of Monica, then we may never have gone to Iraq.

    • K-Bob

      That’s one thing I don’t rag on Bill Clinton about. Yes, he was a sexual predator while in the Oval Office, and deserved to be put in jail for that alone.

      But the Republicans pushed him so hard about Lewinsky (“causing” the fumble, as it were, of committing perjury–tough beans, Billy Jeff!), that he resisted killing Bin Ladin just to avoid “Wag The Dog” references, i.e., claiming he did it to distract people from the Lewinsky affair. I personally hold the Republicans in contempt for pursuing his sexual behavior during a time when jihad was getting revved up–AND WE KNEW IT. Jihad acts and “talk” weren’t just on the radar of defense hawks, it was in the national news almost every week. I think he should definitely have been prosecuted as a private citizen for his predatory acts, but not by the Republicans in Congress. They are supposed to be looking out for our defense, too, in their own, Constitutionally Mandated way.

      It just goes to show that pursuing lurid, personal garbage is not how to end a sitting President’s regime. We have to do it the hard way (persuade people to vote him out), and let the systems of intelligence gathering and special ops work in a bipartisan way to preserve the national defense.

      Another problem with the “lurid” business, is that we also pushed the few reasonable high-level Democrats (when it comes to defense, specifically) into hard-line, anti-Republican positions. This only made preparing for jihad less likely to happen, and definitely set us up perfectly for Bin Ladin’s strike. It also helped set up the polarization that happened as a result of the 2000 election. People pushed into defending a sleazebag over personal issues will always scream and holler louder when they feel cheated (ie, the 2000 election results) on top of it all.

      Bin Ladin didn’t just happen on Democrat presidents’ watch.

      This is why the GOPe types need to be elbowed out of the way every chance we get, and restoration of the Republic is a must.

      • NYGino

        K-Bob, There is so much meat in your post that two dogs could sit side by side and chew on that bone for hours. What a conversation that would be.

        • K-Bob

          Yeah, I guess I crammed a lot in that one. Like a magician’s stash of compressed scarves.

  • Rshill7

    Carney, Biden, democrats in general, and O’s entire campaign staff are in a precarious, untenable situation where they have to sell a horrible product. It’s like opening up a Pinto dealership stocked with a bunch of those little equine beauties. Naaa, it’s even worse, it’s an AMC Gremlin/Pacer dealership staffed with disgruntled salespeople, who are starving to death for a decent product they can sell, which can compete with the new Fords, BMW’s and Toyotas. What a predicament.

    I’d have to resign were I O’ or any one of his salespeople, who must be weary and saddle sore from going around the country shilling for this monumental failure. It’s like, “Hey, let me show you all the features of these zippy little buggies! Ouch! Hey customer, why did you kick me in the crotch? How about you ma’am, ever drive a Pacer? Owee! you don’t have to punch me in the neck! OK, that did it, enough is enough.

    Dear Obama:

    We quit! Who knew we couldn’t sell junk? Lying about it doesn’t seem to be working any longer. people can see our lips moving, your too. How many times can we lie to the same folks? Yeah, they’re dumb alright, but not that dumb. Good luck. The silly folks out there want positive results, not negative.

    Anyway, we’ve got to go hitch up a team of horses to our Chevy Volts. See ya’ in one-term wonderland. Buhbye!

    Campaign Staff

    • marketcomp


    • NYGino

      In November the American people are going to give him a Yugo.

      • K-Bob

        BONUS: free wedgie included!

        • 12grace

          Very funny. smile.

      • Is_Sense_Common

        comment removed after a more careful look at your comment 🙂 (i was heading down the Volt path too!)

        • NYGino

          You’ve really got me curious. Always love your comments.

          • Is_Sense_Common

            All part of my plan. 😉

  • Landscaper59

    to the clintons and the obamas, your parking meter has expired. no more time left for you in washington. take hillary too!

  • drphibes

    These stupid analogies about holes, and brinks, and cars in the ditch, are all the intellectually bankrupt Left, who have never run a lemonade stand, can offer.

  • Cindy09

    O’ really took the democrat brand down the rabbit hole!

    Bill can try as hard as he can to salvage the brand and get his wife in in 2012. But it is going to take another generation before people forget Hillary’s guilt by association! I think the democrats are right to fear that the party is over! Yep, the Party is over!!

    • Is_Sense_Common

      I hope you’re right Cindy. But I fear that after 4+years of Barry, Hillary will look like a reasonable, mature choice and people will have forgotten her Whitewater scandals and her sheer evil desire for power. It’ll be up to us to make sure her past haunts her – forever!!

  • Sober_Thinking

    I can’t wait to hear their spin on this. I guess Nobama’s speech today was all about blame. His middle name (if “Liar” doesn’t stick) should be “Teflon”… he makes the mess but doesn’t get anything on him thanks to the depraved media. Obama, the media, Democrats, Liberals/Progressives… all these people are from another world and the sooner they beam back to the mothership and leave, the better off this nation/world will be. Aholes!

  • NYGino

    To quote Steven Wright, the comedian:

    “If at first you don’t succeed, skydiving is not for you.

    • 12grace


  • 12grace

    Bill & Hillary Clinton: Their Secret Life – #01 of 12

    Bill Clinton, An American Terrorist!

    Bill Clinton Murderous President

  • Is_Sense_Common

    This is no slam on your reporting of this Scoop – it’s a great connection & I’m glad it’s highlighted.

    BUT… I’m so dang sick of hearing slick Willy talk and talk and talk. He’s the most intrusive, manipulative, pain-in-the-you-know-what former POTUS on planet earth. He made sure that he’s in the spotlight nearly everyday since he came to power in 1992. About 20 years too many. Enough Bubba! Get off my screen already!

    /rant over

  • K-Bob

    It’s like Rush said, they want Hillary to run against Romney in 2016.

  • PVG

    And to think I used to think Clinton was evil!!

  • After all Bills been through over the years, the affairs, impeachment, is is, and now to learn Bill is a pyshic, predicting Obamas futrue being a one term president….just how does he do it?…..amazing! (:

    Tea Part Patriot
    Slick Willie, is still pretty darn slick.

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