CNN shows Obamacare website down while Sebelius testifying that it’s never crashed…

CNN snarked Sebelius this morning while she was testifying before Congress:

The irony is that Sebelius testified just a few minutes ago that website has never crashed. Seriously:

So I guess it wasn’t down, it was just moving at a stand-still pace or something? Do these people ever stop spinning?

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  • stage9

    Sebelius is getting LIT UP!

    You can’t argue with someone who lives in a fantasy world. Remember, this is the generation that has convinced our young people that it’s impossible to know whether or not they even exist! They have jettisoned all notions of absolute truth and are trying to live as though truth is relative to their delusions.

    That’s why Sebelius can sit there, with a screenshot of the website staring her in the face and claim that the site has never been down. Liberals function in a world unmoored from reason and absolutes, all the while, might I add they’re trying to convince us that the truth claims of Christianity are unreasonable!

    • giveususfree

      Have you seen today’s Liberal talking point? People aern’t getting cancellation notices for their policies, they’re now getting “transition notices” as the ins companies “help” them transition to Obamacare.
      They are shameless.

      • anotherworriedmom

        Yeah. I like the libs trying to push the “transition notice” meme. I think that just make people more mad. As working adults, most people are not fond of being told that they’re stupid and can’t make decisions for themselves. So, first the Dems lied (multiple times) and now they’re going to cover it by saying that it’s good for you. Sure, that’ll work.

    • timerunnersc

      Pure evil on display.

  • virginiagentleman1

    What in the world is going on at the Communist News Network?!!!! Can it be that CNN is FINALLY reporting the news?

    Are they actually attempting to burst the pus filled bubble known as Obamacare by exposing the lies?
    Has CNN FINALLY come to it’s senses and is now exposing the myriad examples of wrong doings and outright deceit as practiced by Obama and his minions?

    No, I didn’t think so either. CNN just slipped up and showed the TRUTH in a weak moment!

    • stage9

      Being forced to report the news, and doing so willingly are two different things.

      It’s “throw Obama under the bus” time for liberals so that they can cheer lead their next political disaster — Hillary.

      • OneThinDime

        Hillary and how HillaryScare will solve all of the problems.

  • ryanomaniac

    Its not spinning!! Its lying!!

  • This little video is hilarious, but as you watch it, think about how it might relate to O’commiecare and what a mangled mass of mendacity it is:


    • virginiagentleman1

      ROFLMAO! Tooooooooo funny!

  • giveususfree

    Well, crashing and running slow are two different things. The POS Obamacare site can only handle a couple hundred people at one time, if that. If a site is crashed, you can’t even get on the first page, you just get the white “page cannot be displayed” screen.

    • anotherworriedmom

      Actually, that’s not correct. Most web servers allow for a specific page to be displayed if errors occur processing pages. So, what you’re looking at is the default page for an error condition on the server. In other words, it’s crashed.

  • MiketheMarine

    If anyone of us worked this poorly we’d all be on welfare and foodstamps. Wait one danged second, I’d double my income if I can get my father to fire me.

    • Sentinel

      Slavery won’t become a man of your character my friend.

      • MiketheMarine

        No, I know. Plus, i’m working for about 3/4’s of what I am worth, working with my 66 year old, 36 year State Farm Agent father. In my mind, I’m maximizing his retirement and my sister and my mother’s inheritence. I’ve lived a life of self sacrifice, even today. I’m pretty well always broke but I know when and where my reward will come. I’m happy with that.

        • Merle Conger

          God will surely bless you.

          • MiketheMarine

            I sure hope so. Although, I do have to admit that I’ve had fun beating up bullies, killing killers and eating trolls.

        • Sentinel

          We all will be happy with that. 🙂
          I think you’re an honorable man. Can’t wait to meet you up there.

          • MiketheMarine

            That will be fun. There better be a good pub.

            • John Q. Jones

              Don’t let the Irish in you treat us all to haggis…I might have to let the German in me override the Gaelic part and start flinging sauerkraut…of the pungent variety. LOL

              • MiketheMarine

                Shoot man, I love me some German Beer, Sauerkraut, Bratwurst, you name it. I have a teeny tiny bit of cajun in me which means if I can catch it and kill it, I will make a delicious meal out of it and eat it up. LOL

  • DINORightMarie

    Can we stop using the faux word “spin” and “spinning” and just say LIE!?! They are “spinning” webs of LIES. Sebelius is doing her duty as a drone – she will be rewarded, and will be given her “cut” of the “take” for dutifully taking the heat and LYING through her teeth (under OATH, I would hope!). She WAS sworn in, wasn’t she……unlike Hillary and a few choice others…….?

  • timerunnersc

    This is useless information. Listening to this lying piece of living communist crap is like putting ones head inside a medal drum then beating it with a baseball bat. Not sure I can take this for very long and post respectful comments at the same time. So may need to pass on this bullshoot horse and buggy show hearing and watch cartoons or better yet listen to pastor paul begley, at least that will sooth the soul.
    God I hope 15 million will show up on Nov19. so come hell or high water we will rid our nation of these traitors. But as I once heard a quote by a great man who said, One man with courage is an army.

  • Conservator1

    Sebelius can make as many snarky remarks as she wants while testifying to the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Democrats like Waxman, Dingle, Engel and Pallone have used their time not asking any pertinent questions. They used their time to attack Republicans on the committee rather than get to bottom of the FAILED ObamaCare rollout. It’s freaking unbelievable and a disgrace to watch.

  • And the “War on Reality” continues!

  • timerunnersc

    Anyone who signs up for this obamacare is surrendering to slavery, controlled by despots of the first kind communist/socialist democrats.

    • PicklePlants

      If your policy is cancelled, and you need to have some insurance for you or your family, you have no choice. That’s the problem.

      • timerunnersc

        If this was about insurance that would be easy since we already have that or some Americans on their on were hoping to in the future… Right? But Unfortunately our government have attack us as Americans, and Our US Constitution, Our Bill of Rights and Our Declaration Of Independence, These documents do not belong to the government they belong to us born and bred Americans. So we as Americans have to decide are we slaves to these despots, these criminals, or are we free men and women, free Americans to choose our way in life, our freedom, liberties, or our businesses, our families futures and their prospects, yes and to defend our nation as founded?

        Yes ALL Americans have to decide now, what they want freedom from tyranny and slavery or the rice fields.
        If Americans sign up then they have made their choice and so be it.

      • joyfulgiver

        “You have no choice”…Unless you’re a Christian…Health care for people of biblical faith – Samaritan Ministries Health Sharing is one option. Our family has been members of Samaritan for almost three years. Our goal, to biblically share one another’s burdens. Plus, the ministry is not bound by the rules of obamacare.

        “If you are a committed Christian, you do not have to violate your faith by purchasing health insurance from a company that pays for abortions and other unbiblical medical practices. You can live consistently with your beliefs by sharing medical needs directly with fellow believers through Samaritan Ministries’ non-insurance approach. This approach even satisfies the Federal health care law’s (Affordable Care Act) requirement that you have insurance or pay a penalty-tax (see 26 United States Code Section 5000A, (d), (2), (B)).”

        • PicklePlants

          I checked out your link and I am very impressed with the concept. I hope that it remains legal because I do not trust the government to keep its hands off.

      • OneThinDime

        That is untrue. There are hundreds of private policies available outside of the exchange.

        • PicklePlants

          But I believe you must have insurance. You cannot decide to do without, without facing a penalty from the IRS.

          • OneThinDime

            The private market has not been eliminated and compliant policies are available within the private market outside of the exchange. The gov’t’s goal is to make you believe you have no other choice. That is simply untrue.

          • donmatthew

            The penalty is 1% of your income, but they cannot bill you for that! It can only be taken out of any income tax refund that is due to you. So the thing to do is make sure they do not owe you a refund. How? By claiming 9 exemptions on your withholding. That means no money will be sent to the government by your employer. However, I suggest setting aside perhaps 10-15% of the gross because you may have some tax due to be paid to the government. If there are taxes due, there is nothing for them to take it FROM! If there is a refund due to YOU, they can easily take it from that refund!

            • PicklePlants

              I did not know that – I do know that I need to be careful to not underpay your quarterly taxes (I file a 1040 w/Schedule C for my wife’s small business) or you will be fined. If I owe taxes on 4/15 I am penalized. Isn’t this just plain ridiculous?

  • colliemum

    “Do these people ever stop spinning?”
    No, because they know that if they ever stopped spinning, they’d fall over …

  • Eugene

    Never ask a democrat a question you don’t already have the answer to.

  • Sentinel

    It crashed again last night! Wow… what a liar! A shining example of Obama’s ‘School of Spin and Deflection’. My prediction is that she will assume all the blame and will then be the sacrificial lamb who will suddenly retire so she can spend more time with her family, which will supposedly appease everyone and bury this along with all the others scandals. It’s the ‘Obama way’.

    • OneThinDime

      Retired with a HUGE golden parachute like Lois Lerner and then be hired by Obama’s “nonprofit” OFA to be out of Congressional reach with her illegal behavior.

      • Sentinel

        Unfortunately, I think you’re right.

  • Shouldn’t she be wearing a commie style beret and uniform, or would a pointy hat, a black dress, and a broom be better? Would also like to hear her answer these questions:

    1. How hard is it to parallel park a broom?
    2. Does it lay on the ground while parked, or hover?
    3. Of the following items, which do you like best?
    a) brooms
    b) hammers
    c) sickles
    d) yellow stars
    e) all of the above
    4. Could you either fly or goose-step up here and circle one?

    • kong1967

      I know from experience that the broom hits you over the head. Ex-wife, lol.

  • joyfulgiver

    It’s never their fault, this time…let’s blame Verizon! We know better!


    This woman is heartless !

  • GraceKnows

    In the Sebelius hearing, it looks like the Demos are all dividing up pre-written questions. Most of them open with a snark at the Republicans, especially for making the witch suffer through incisive questions by the Republicans which mean something, unlike the softball ones that are very gently lobbed at Sebelius, with built-in excuses and lies.

  • OneThinDime

    Wonder how much Verizon, the company providing millions of records to the NSA daily on Verizon users, was paid to take the fall for this.

  • Nukeman60

    Sebelius: “The website never crashed. It is functional at a very low speed.”

    “Yeah, and people aren’t dead, they are just moving a little slow at the moment. ”

    “Don’t worry, your daughter is only a little pregnant.”

    “He’s not a wife-beater. He’s just re-arranging her bangs.”

    God, I hate her arrogance.

  • sjmom

    Looks like the MSM MIGHT be waking up.

  • FreeManWalking

    Can they not hold her in contempt for lying? or at least GAG her.

  • mcgurn

    Does anyone really expect her to tell the truth? That would be so anti-obamalike.

  • SaraPFan

    “Well it depends on what your definition of ‘is’ is”.

  • Invictvs

    I hate presentations; but I can’t even IMAGINE having to give this one. LOL