CNN’s Parker: I led assassination of Sarah Palin

via theBlaze: A rare admission on the media attack of Sarah Palin. Man, John Zielger really knows how to get them to talk. Way to go John!

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  • So Palin wasn’t ready for the Vice Presidency? I think she could do the same job as Joe Biden is doing, stammer on about nothing and make false accusations about the economy. Oh wait no you are right, she wasnt qualified because she tells the truth. Dang it how could we have been so blind as to not notice the difference.

  • She is a loser and that will be her downfall.

    • You voted for a racists, Jew Hating, America hating slow witted idiot. Any obama loving moron like you needs to jump off a bridge.

    • Psapluscleaning

      Wow that was enlightening, real deep. Could you right more stuff like that you are sending a chill down my leg.

  • If anyone wasn’t ready for political life, it’s Spitzer. He’s a proven, demonstrated failure. Look at NY. It certainly didn’t get any better under his inept ministrations. Look, however, at AK. Anyone that doesn’t recognize the tangible improvements in AK politics and economics that Palin helped foster in is just an absolute moron. Ziegler should’ve counterattacked with this, as well as demanded the detestable pervert Spitzer back up each and every one of his insults in reference to Sarah Palin’s credentials, credibility and political wherewithal, as that simpering female sitting next to Spitzer. I’ll bet that neither one could nail down anything of any substance, and anything they said could be easily refuted by FACT. Furthermore, her positions could be VERY unfavorably contrasted with the Dalai Obama’s, showing HIS positions to be absolutely unintelligent and poorly thought-out, not to mention completely out of step with America.

    • cornell

      Kudos to you, Virus-X. You correctly nailed that overpaid pair as Simpering Parker and Inept Spitzer. They can’t stand it when a rare conservative voice is allowed on their show. Good on you, Zeigler.
      They usually load up with liberals, like Behar-lite, too cowardly to have an equal number of conservative thinkers. Then they lie and pretend to be moderate.

  • DisturbingBehavior

    I’ve never heard of John Zielger, but the guy is great.
    BTW, why hasn’t this show been canceled yet?

  • halfmadjesus

    Big fan of John Ziegler – used to listen to his show all the time here on KFI. He was pretty much out front on the media’s treatment of Sarah Palin vs. Obama during the campaign; now it seems to be almost common knowledge. Glad to see he’s still out there slugging.

    If you enjoyed this exchange and haven’t already seen it, check out Ziegler’s dust-up with David Keene at the CPAC convention last year – classic.

  • i’m over sarah palin she can’t be trusted anymore…

    Sarah Palin with Puppet-Master Kissinger (the Man Who Thinks Losing the Vietnam War was His Greatest Accomplishment)

    Sarah Palin’s Meeting with Henry Kissinger

    BBC: Kissinger Praises Sarah Palin and Admits Tied to McCain

    • hrh

      Oh. brother.

      So, Steven, how can you be over “sarah palin” when you were never with her?

      Classic. Concern. Troll.

      Buh bye.

      • The Honeymoon is over… Top Palin aide is on Soros’ payroll Revealed: the surprisingly close link between the liberal billionaire and the Republican superstar
        I am no troll, neo-cons are progressives too… and i use to like Sarah Palin, i still do in a way but I can’t trust her… not with the people around her..

        RON PAUL 2012~!

        • Joe W.

          “I am no troll, neo-cons are progressives too… and i use to like Sarah Palin, i still do in a way but I can’t trust her… not with the people around her.”
          Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha……you speak with forked tongue, Mr. Troll.

        • Aktommorow

          I read this, boy you guys are really really reaching arnt ya..look at all the pie this creep Soros has his fingers in, you probley know him better then Sarah

    • Aktommorow

      I dont think you have ever been for her, your just one of those guys still siting in your Mamas basement looking for anything you can find to smear Sarah. The left so fears her and if you were so over her fool why are you on here posting, so do us a favor and go on back to your pot laced cookies.

      • Anonymous

        OK. So she’s meeting with uppity ups. Apparently you think that automatically taints her. I would share your concern but I think if anyone can hold herself together in that otherwise heady atmosphere it is our Sarah. Seriously. I just don’t think she’s that likely to sell out.

      • Anonymous

        I’ll take Sarah’s cookies!

  • Anonymous

    Kathleen Parker admitted on the air the other day that she thought QE2 was a ship.

    She’s sitting next to a Governor who resigned because he got caught in a sex scandal with prostitutes.

    And she’s proud of herself for leading the trashing of Sarah Palin.

    • Publius

      Yeah. But at least they fired DWI Sanchez, right?

      I told a guy 20 years ago the reason CNN used Bob Novak on their debate shows is to make conservatives look bad. What do you think Parker’s job is? Benedicta Arnold?

  • Publius

    One against two, and Zeigler is hot. Somebody, give this guy his own show.

    They didn’t refer to it here, but most TV discussions of Ziegler’s film miss the point, IMHO. It’s not that the Obama voters interviewed are ill-informed (for example, thinking the Repubs controlled Congress in 2008). But rather, they were well trained by the media. Just about every time Ziegler asked a question that implied something negative about the candidate, like first getting into office by suing the other candiates out of the race, the Obama voters guessed it was one of the Repubs that did it.

    So in one view, they may appear stupid, but from another, they knew exactly what the lib media wanted them to know, even if what they knew wasn’t true.

  • Anonymous

    John Zielger is the MAN!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Kathleen Parker is full of herself. Sarah Palin led the assassination of herself, everyone else just pushed her further by asking hard hitting gotcha questions like ‘what do you read?’

    Zeigler is awesome and he’s right about the media and Obama, but he needs to let the Palin thing go. He’s made his case about her, now there’s bigger fish to fry.

    • The media has lied about her banning of books, forcing victims to pay for their own rape kits, and her stance on sex education.
      They have tried to portray her as a religious nut, even though she was elected and maintained a high approval rating as governor of one of the least religious states in the country.
      They have portrayed her an unintelligent, even though she has effectively negotiated the one of the largest private sector infrastructure projects in North America’s history when her predecessors had done little to move that project forward in the previous three decades.
      The media have portrayed as greedy for making money after she stepped aside from the Governor’s office, while completely ignoring the fact the Obamas made more than 5 million dollars in his first year in office and a prominent Republican purchased a house in the San Diego area for the same amount that the media claims that Governor Palin has made since her resignation.

      They have maligned her family by spreading rumors of divorce and claiming her youngest son isn’t really hers. This is all is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg!!

      How Obama Got Elected and Palin Was Targeted!!!

    • Anonymous

      “He’s made his case about her”, maybe she’s more then a case to him!

    • Anonymous

      You are certainly dismissive of her.

  • Anonymous

    Sarah Palin, who has received nothing but hysterical, foaming-at-the-mouth, vicious, mean-spirited, false, mis-leading and totally biased slime attacks from the lunatic-left and their “Corrupt B-tard” puppets in the lamestream media, is now indisputably the MOST POWERFUL, MOST INFLUENTIAL, MOST EFFECTIVE woman politician in America today (special thanks to the Trifecta of Scum, aka the official “You Lie!” hussein cheerleading squad, nbc, snl and tina fey. And ,of course, couric deserves a special place in hell for her unrestrained bias against Palin and all that is American.). So, to the lamestream lunatic-left, I say: keep it up until President Palin – and the overwhelming majority of the American people – have the last laugh at you.

  • West

    This show is crap. No wonder they have horrible ratings.

  • Haus

    The problem with the media is they let these failed corrupt unethical politicians have the microphone.

  • Joe W.

    Sarah Palin had more qualifications to be Vice President than Barack Hussein Obama had qualifications to be President. And the mess our country is in today proves my point perfectly.

  • Anonymous

    Parker wasn’t duped, she’s a d*()$&ebag.

    • Anonymous

      I really don’t like calling names, but I think she was lying through her teeth.

  • Anonymous

    Spitzer is a spritzer.

  • Kathleen Parker is the dullest tool in the tool box. We need to write the editors of ALL THE CONSERVATIVE MAGAZINES and web sites she writes for and strongly suggest that they no longer run any columns written by her. She IS a libratard tool.Let her write her c r a p for hufpo.