CNSNews “Best of the Week”: Income Equality, Bachmann, Jesus, and Ah-nold


Stories you’ve heard, and some you haven’t. A good round-up of interesting news from around the nation for week of January 19-24, 2014.

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  • Army_Pilot1967

    Representative Rosa DeLauro should take her $20M and give it to charity. That would help those in need…but I bet that won’t happen any time soon. Dimocraps want income inequality eliminated, but I’ll bet they aren’t giving up any of their income to make that happen!

    • Steve Angell

      No doubt he will get tax breaks and/or contracts from Government instead.

  • YIKES! Rosa DeLauro.
    wow. I don’t feel so bad looking in my mirror now.
    Is that catty?
    Her hypocrisy and stupidity matches her looks.
    on the other hand, Michele Bachmann- beauty and brains.

    • Army_Pilot1967

      Duckie, I’m certain you’re the Bachmann type… and brains to spare….so give some of both to DeLauro!

      • lol. Thank you, but I don’t have much to spare, except maybe for a few brain cells I’d gladly donate for a good cause.

  • $2180674

    Wonder where Rosa parked her broom?

  • iaintlyin

    harry reid dressed as that delauro broad, hilarious

  • Steve Angell

    Even an ugly woman like that is not wrong 100% of the time. Although her Democrat party is doing absolutely nothing to help the middle class this is just a talking point to her.

    Meanwhile the Middle Class is dead and buried. The cost of everything is sky rocketing. Cell phone cost doubled. Internet tripled. Cable doubled. Gas doubled since the Democrats took over. Now Natural Gas is on the rise as well as all other utilities.

    Meanwhile the Rich who control the stock market have lowed median income by 12%. They just see people like bricks. They lower the cost and could care less if their workers need government assistance.

    The US is becoming the ex USSR or current Ukraine. The majority of Americans make so little they feel like there is no such thing as the American Dream.

    The Middle Class is beginning to realize they get destroyed by both parties. Eventually they will have had enough.

    • BikerHoop

      Also, the cost of propane has skyrocketed recently. I heat via propane because I live outside the city. The cost of propane has gone up 500% in the last week!

  • Press Watchusa

    Sooner or Later –

    People will realize that these “people” – like Delauro


    • Dr. Strangelove

      She played a bit part in MIB3.

  • Sentinel

    This vampire in the purple is more than I can bear. I listened to about 10 seconds of her crap when she was speaking the other day… she’s an idiot-wrapped-inside-a-moron. She needs a cape to complete her gaudy ensemble – and this will adequately reflect what’s on the inside.

  • WordsFailMe

    Obama’s moronic, bed-wetting theory of economics comes down to this:
    “If the poor, tired, the tempest tost’, cannot get into the middle class, we’ll bring the middle class to them.”

  • WordsFailMe

    Here’s the best of the week for me: The Muslim Agenda

    Great clips from Bush and Blair. pi**ing themselves in the days after 9-11, sucking islamic butt in total ignorance; great sound tracks from ancient, freedom loving New Yorkers, horrified as 10 Muslims take a bite out of the big apple,

    Lest we forget.

  • I didn’t understand the scarecrow bit before the Michelle Bachmann bit.

    It was kinda scary, though.

    Bachmann is absolutely correct about barack’s legacy. Bill Clinton made lying a totally acceptable daily occurrence on the left and in the media (BIRM). barack is definitely establishing the fact that the law means nothing.

    That is a problem we must fix or the American moment is done.

  • Dr. Strangelove

    DeLauro has got to be the ugliest prog I’ve ever seen. Anybody want to bet that her dues for NARAL and the NAGs are paid in full?