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Amanda Collins had her concealed carry permit, but it was illegal to carry on campus so she didn’t. She didn’t walk to the parking deck alone, she walked with friends. They split up only because they parked on different floors. She constantly scanned the parking deck for any possible problems. She was less than 50 feet from the campus police department but they were off duty. She’s even a second-degree blackbelt.

She did everything right, but she was still raped. If she’d had a whistle it wouldn’t have mattered she said because there was no one to hear it. And call boxes were only installed after she was raped. The only thing that kept her from defending herself was that her 2nd amendment right had been taken away from her on campus.

Also, Piers Morgan refused to have her own his show to tell her story in support of gun rights. Imagine that. But you can listen to it below as she tells her story and refutes the idiotic comments coming from policy makers (h/t: Townhall)

Here’s an older video where the NRA profiled Amanda. She tells her story in this one too:

And lest you forget, Amanda is also one who has been advocating for guns on college campuses.


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