Colorado baker stands by his beliefs, says he would go to jail to keep from making cake for same-sex wedding

I give Jack Phillips a lot of credit here for continuing to stand by his Christian beliefs and not to allow the world to dictate to him what he should do with them. In an interview on Fox and Friends this morning he said he would be willing to go to jail, if that’s what it takes, to stand by his beliefs on this issue.


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  • Steve Angell

    This is the agenda.
    You can be Christian but you can not work if you are.
    Gays are the most evil people on earth and deserve the hell they will go to.

    Edit: Though of course as in all things God will judge not I. Fallen angels mating with women is far more evil according to the bible. Do not know if that is happening.

    His words against the gays is very damning. They will burn in hell for eternal (Gods) punishment. They will suffer the second death if they still refuse to repent. The “effiminate” are specifically mentioned in the New Testament as worthy of damnation so actions or not you are damned. As a man so thinketh so is he.

    If you are gay I pray for you please find God and pray. He will help you out of this lifestyle choice that is most evil and will lead all to damnation that practice it. We will open our arms to you and welcome you into the Lord.

    • ernst1776

      Gays aren’t evil…. it’s the progressive agenda that is evil….. and gays are just useful idiots.

      • No_BlahBlah

        It is hard to discern the difference between gay activists and progressives. I submit they are one and the same.

        The tolerance of a free society (which we are no longer) extends to all minorities as long as they conform to the mores of the Civil Society.

        Which in essence is the Golden Rule but could also simply be represented as treating others with the same respect you would want to be treated.

        Strident, aggressive actions that in fact seek to create protected classes of individuals using political correctness tactics essentially guts the Foundations established in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution that EVERY INDIVIDUAL can expect to be treated EQUALLY BEFORE THE LAW.

        These progressives want to be treated differently, preferentially, not equally.

        Does anyone believe that if this ‘couple’ would have ordered a cake without flaunting their politics that they would have been refused?

        I don’t.

        • You’ve certainly expressed yourself well here. It is cogent, well written, and makes several good points. It’s mainly the last part where I’d have to diverge.

          The couple of fellas probably wanted two “men” on top of their cake, which would later be placed into their pie-holes. That’s not a political thing in and of itself. It’s a sin thing. The Colorado baker was therefore not responding to a political thing but a sin thing.

          His Bible, and mine too, have strong unambiguous things to say about that sin thing. It calls it sin, in many places both Old and New Testaments.

          If you were a gun seller, would you sell a gun to a person who tells you he wants to murder someone with it? Were you a locksmith would you sell the tools of your trade to someone bragging about being the best darn cat burglar hopeful in the country?

          The former examples might not fit this case as well as I’d like, but murder, stealing, and homosexuality are, according to the Bible and this man’s Christian faith, categorized in no uncertain terms, as sin.

          And while that sexual sin is no longer against the law, this baker subscribes to a higher law. If the powers that be cannot force him to pray to Allah or Satan, they should not be able to force him to contribute to the further culmination of sin.

          Neither public opinion, nor man-made laws, nor the order of a judge, should be able to force him to do that which denies him his own freedom of religion, and the free exercise thereof, or forces him to become an accessory to sin, whether before or after the fact.

          • No_BlahBlah

            Well that is true.
            What next? State mandated Religious Affiliation?
            We all know what religion that will be with the usurper in the WH.

            My point about the bakers selling their product may not have been clear, but I was just trying to point out that when people act ‘normally’ in public, they can expect to be treated ‘normally.’

            If that makes sense.

            • It does. It reminds me of this scene in “Young Frankenstein” 🙂

              • No_BlahBlah

                Terri Garr. Ravishing w/ great comedic timing.

                I always get sad when I see how full of life she was.

                • She’s still full of life. Has had some health problems but is still kickin’.

                  You might be thinking of Gilda Radner?

                • No_BlahBlah

                  Yes but she has had multiple sclerosis for years and had a brain aneurysm a few years ago.

                  But yes she is still full of life.

        • Laurel

          Most people don’t want to be treated equal…especially if a minority of any type or perception. It’s profitable to be a victim and one cannot be weak and equal.

          • No_BlahBlah

            Of course it is human nature to want special consideration. However creating special classes of citizens is incompatible with the legal concept of the Rule of Law to treat every citizen equally before the law, i.e., to have the expectation that ALL will be held accountable to the same standards and laws to an equal extent.

            • Laurel

              Duh. You missed the point.

              The point is equality is not for the weak.

              • No_BlahBlah

                I still don’t understand what your point is.

                “The point is equality is not for the weak.”

                “If every man has the right of defending, even by force, his person, his liberty, and his property, a number of men have the right to combine together to extend, to organize a common force to provide regularly for this defense.
                Collective right, then, has its principle, its reason for existing, its lawfulness, in individual right; and the common force cannot rationally have any other end, or any other mission, than that of the isolated forces for which it is substituted. Thus, as the force of an individual cannot lawfully touch the person, the liberty, or the property of another individual – for the same reason, the common force cannot lawfully be used to destroy the person, the liberty, or the property of individuals or of classes.” Frederic Bastiat, ‘The Law’. 1850.

                The entire purpose of the Law is to protect the weak from the majority. But if classes of citizens are created that are privileged differently from others, there is No Law, only advocacy.

                • Laurel

                  Why are you preaching to me since it is like preaching to the choir?! You are continually stating the obvious and administering a lecture that I don’t need.

                  I don’t see why you don’t understand “equality is not for the weak”. It is pretty apparent what that means if you think about it for two seconds and stop viewing me through the lens that you are. I don’t need the law explained to me or even the philosophy behind the law nor it’s origins.

                  Only weak individuals are incapable of not competing as they are and demand a handicap or ‘victim’ status. Affirmative Action among other programs comes to mind. Get it yet?

                • No_BlahBlah

                  No, I don’t understand what your point is.

                • Laurel

                  Well it is very plain. don’t know how much more obvious I need make it. I must say you are the first that doesn’t understand it.

      • M_J_S

        They are the 2%-ers…meaning 2% of the ENTIRE US POPULATION dictating to the rest of us.

    • Guest

      We all deserve the hell we would go to without Jesus Christ’s mercy (if you’ve received it from Him).

    • I understand your passion but let’s not make generalizations like this.

      • timsrighty

        I agree. tone it down a bit.

    • Chester Simms

      Gays have nothing to do with this. It is about attacking the cherished institutions. Like the first thing the Communists did was removed the practice of religion. Gays have may bought into the victim mentality, but it goes beyond that.

      • Steve Angell

        Uh gays have nothing to do with this story? /s
        Can I have some of what you are smoking? /s

        Seriously. Of course you are right about the real reason this is happening. But the gays are very much guilty in this glorying in their new found power to destroy Christians.

        My statement was only to those that God will condemn. He is the judge not I. Only he can see the evil or good in their hearts. I love and pray for them to repent daily.

  • Jon

    If they can’t choose who they want to serve then why can the NFL deny the gun adv.

  • $73426719

    Sue Christian bakers today, join the GOP tomorrow. As long as they’re for limited government, right Boehner?

  • No_BlahBlah

    Charge them 10 times what the normal cost would be and make it out of cardboard.

    The judge that handed this decision down needs to be recalled and put in prison.

    • Laurel

      That is against the law.

      • No_BlahBlah

        Charging more? Seems in an artistic endeavor you can charge as much as someone will pay.

        If you mean putting the judge in jail, of course there are no grounds. Except the moral ground that that is exactly what he is threatening the bakers if they don’t do what he WANTS without legal justification.

        • Laurel

          You cannot just arbitrarily charge more due to like or dislike of a particular ethnicity or group. Courts have ruled on this.

          I’m going to edit and add though that those rulings might be the loophole for this guys and others seek.

          Seems to me if one cannot refuse service to someone then it is state sanctioned slavery of a type.

          • No_BlahBlah

            They aren’t selling twinkies.
            Each cake is an individual work of art.
            Someone already posted the link to their business.

            • Laurel

              Duh!…rulings still apply regardless of what they sell.

  • Guest

    What happened to the signs I used to see around that businesses have the right to refuse service to anyone?

    • Sentinel

      Wondering the same thing.

    • Laurel

      That went by the wayside decades ago.

    • PNWShan

      Having communicated with the WA State Attny’s office about a similar case, the way the govt officials see it is that some people are in protected classes, and therefore you cannot discriminate against them. So, it’s okay to refuse service to someone as long as they are not a minority, or disabled, or sexually perverse.

    • Lives4Freedom

      So, it can be criminal to refuse to provide a service for someone…did that not end in this country in 1865?

  • No_BlahBlah

    I’m ashamed that I didn’t lead off with simply stating I admire and respect this couple for standing by their religious beliefs.

  • Sentinel

    Blessed are those who are persecuted for Jesus’ sake. I applaud this man. Yes, the whip of the media and the government may be harsh… but you have to admire a man who is standing on principle. Something so rare these days. Pray for him!

  • This fellow soldier/adopted prince of Heaven’s website is:

    His name is Jack Phillips, and he answers his own phone.

    I just called and talked with him (he is at work, and they are baking up a storm), and ordered $500.00 worth of his wondrous culinary Joy. In the course of our conversation, I simply told him to make whatever that much $$ would make, and share it with whomever he chose… a young, poor couple getting married… kids in the hospital… cops at the station…firemen at the station… tellers at the banks… whatever.

    …the main thing I told him was, “YOU ARE NOT ALONE”.

    Support those already standing in the No-Man’s Land of fire… don’t just bitch about things. STAND!
    -CM Sackett-

    • PNWShan

      You are awesome, CM!

    • Clare

      Wow, how nice is that!

  • sjmom

    Jesus said we’d be persecuted and so Jack is but this is only the beginning of what we’ll see if we don’t get rid of the evil who is running our govt. May God shower Jack with His favor in this matter.

  • Double post… see above

  • NOTE: This interviewer is an utter MSMistic clueless TWIT!

    • badbadlibs

      That is the truth, what in the world was she even saying when she said, “I’ll make you two cakes”? Clueless is right!

      • Laurel

        What she is saying is that she doesn’t have the backbone that the baker does. She doesn’t have the courage of her convictions.

        • badbadlibs

          Convictions without courage is….well, I don’t have to tell you, Laurel. 🙂

    • Clare

      Yes, she didn’t use the expertise of the lawyer by balancing the questions between the two. Maybe she was afraid of the lawyer and thought the business owner was more likely to err – but he didn’t, he is so honest (plus a real artisan).

  • drphibes

    Well, this really takes the cake.

    • timsrighty

      wow, that’s deep

      • drphibes

        Yes, I pride myself on penetrating analysis.

  • drphibes

    This man has a lot of courage. I like that this cultural battle surrounds an easy-to-understand conflict, not some abstract law where the language is a barrier to understanding.

  • This bakery owner is doing it wrong. I’ve got two step-kids who don’t like washing dishes. You can force them to wash the dishes but you can’t force them to do it right. I call it the Hawkins option. Everybody has the Hawkins option available regardless of court orders decrees, public opinion polls, public protests etc. You want a cake, fine bon appetite. Hope you like gross.

    • Laurel

      Well that will be the next step in rebellion.

    • Corwin

      I thought of that option at first too. But! like any good craftsman/artist I would not be able to force myself to produce an inferior product, I doubt this mans integrity would allow him to do so either.

  • magic1114

    The way things are going in this country, going to jail could be a possibility if the judge is a radical. Lord knows you can’t discriminate against the lefts precious homos!

    • M_J_S

      It is a possibility, which is why we have the 2nd Amendment-to protect us from tyranny.

      • PNWShan

        I fully support the 2nd Amendment, but how is that going to help this baker? Should he pull his rifle out when the sheriff comes to collect the fine? Or, if they go so far as to arrest him, should he try to shoot his way out? That’s just committing suicide-by-cop.

        • M_J_S

          When your Constitutionally protected rights are violated, YES you are allowed to protect yourself, your property and your family.

          “When injustice becomes the law, resistance becomes duty.” -Thomas Jefferson.

  • Mark Salinger

    If we agree that Jack Phillips should have the right to exercise his religious conscious in his own business then we should pay close attention to what happens next and stand with him or he will assuredly be standing alone against progressive tyranny and WE WILL BE NEXT.

  • Nitwitweeter

    For some historical context:

  • John Huffman

    The whole gay agenda is not to coexist with normal people, it is the politics of personal destruction of anyone who disagrees with their way of existing. I intentionally did not use the phrase ” way of life” because homosexuality is the way of death, both physically and spiritually. Good luck with your appeal to the decision of the King of Kings.

  • Laurel

    Tyranny by the minority…that is all this is.

    • joyfulgiver

      Exactly, I read a while back that about 1.7% of the American population professes to be homosexual. That percentage is destroying the moral fiber of our nation by demanding “equal” rights.

      There might be an upside to Obamacare, homosexuals might never get married if it means they will have to pay more in taxes for the healthcare benefits. When you hear discussions of committed heterosexual couples contemplating divorce in order to get healthcare you know there is something wrong with the whole dang system.

  • oregonproud

    Jack, sub-contract the cake to Micky D’s. They have some employees that have some innovative cooking procedures!

  • LibertyLinda

    Stay strong in your stance Mr. Phillips – know the MAJORITY of Americans are supporting you!

  • ryanomaniac

    All you have to do is say NO!!!! Just like this man is. If every company would do this it would make a spectacle. Something that everyone can get behind. It could make the Chic-fil-A thing look like nothing. Possibly

  • PNWShan

    What about those poor gay bakers out there? If judges can force all the Christian bakers to make gay wedding cakes, then homosexual-owned bakeries will go out of business. This is an anti-gay baker ruling.

  • 24fan

    This man and Paster Saeed are really inspiring to me. In the face of such opposition they respond with courage. God bless them no matter what happens. We belong to another kingdom than this one.

  • Yazz55

    This is really a very scary judicial precedent. It implies the (uber liberal extremist) judiciary can dictate any and every aspect of any business. Who you must sell to, who you can’t sell to, what products or services you can or can’t sell, what hours and/or days a business must be open or closed. It goes on and on.

  • doowleb

    Once it became apparent that the homosexuals wouldn’t take no for an answer on their cake order…the baker should have just said…sure, I’ll make you a cake all right. Then, write up the invoice…with his finger up his nose.

    • tinlizzieowner

      The whole incident was calculated to provoke a reaction like that. Then they could have picked up even more ‘Gay pity press’.

  • tinlizzieowner

    Our beliefs are the only thing we have left in this country, worth fighting for. 🙁

    • Alias Darker

      not anymore aparently

  • notsofastthere

    If you go to a bakery and ask them to make cakes in the form of genetalia and they refuse …..will you win the lawsuit if the baker refuses to oblige? These litigations are getting a bit too much – it’s ruining the country.

  • 12grace

    Christians around the nation must support this brave Baker. G-d bless and protect him.

  • stage9

    What is happening to this Baker is what has been happening in Massachusetts since 2005.

    In Massachusetts, thanks to the legalization of “counterfeit marriage” “the wedding industry is required to serve the homosexual community if requested. Wedding photographers, halls, caterers, etc., must accept same-sex marriage events or be held liable for discrimination.”

    “Businesses are often “tested” for tolerance by homosexual activists. Groups of homosexual activists go into restaurants or bars and publicly kiss and fondle each other to test whether the establishment demonstrates sufficient “equality” – now that homosexual marriage is “legal.” Then they report “tolerance violators” to authorities, and businesses can be fined and punished. In fact, more and more overt displays of homosexual affection are seen in public places across the state to reinforce “marriage equality.”

    What ‘Same Sex Marriage’ has done to Massachusetts

    • Jazzee

      not surprised they PUSH this all the time
      why can’t they just live their lives and who cares if they’re gay?

  • Maggie Sullivan

    God bless you for defending truth.

  • madgrandma

    This man is my HERO!

    Help him by writing an email…

    This is

    Here’s contact info. for the Colorado Office of
    Administrative Courts:

    Denver Office
    633 17th Street, Suite
    Denver, CO 80202
    Phone: (303) 866-2000
    e-mail address: [email protected]

  • Mark Hungerford

    Ill send money to help him if need be !

  • Jazzee

    here is what I don’t get
    why don’t the gays just move on and find another baker??? I would if someone said because you’re Italian or you wear glasses I won’t serve you…fine…..who cares move on
    but they refuse to do this always have to make an issue about everything
    it makes no sense
    respect is a two way street

    • John F. Kennedy

      They did AND for a cheaper price, yet sued anyway. It was a set up / targeting from the beginning.

    • fhamilton

      Because they are militant and their entire purpose was to destroy the baker once he refused to bake their cake. Most of us would just go find another baker but these two decided to be militant asses.

  • WhateverDunce

    It’s real simple. When the baker knows who the couple is, all he has to do is price the cake so high that they won’t do business with the baker or make up a different excuse as to why he would be unable to do it. ‘I’ll be out of town’ or ‘I have too much work right now.’

    • Linda Prince Johnson

      If you are refusing to bake a cake for a gay couple because of your beliefs I don’t think you would be willing to LIE about the reason. That would kind of defeat the purpose of refusing wouldn’t it?

      • WhateverDunce

        I would lie. Who are they? I don’t know them. They obviously don’t care about what I think if they’re going to do this. I also don’t want to hurt their feelings. That’s just good business. I’m sure I’ll make peace with my God.

        • Linda Prince Johnson

          That’s the difference…YOU would lie. These people have religious beliefs. They believe that “condoning” homosexual behavior by participating in a same sex ceremony is wrong. Lying about the reason to protect themselves would also be sinful. If you don’t get it then that’s because YOU don’t believe you answer to God for the way you live your life. You can’t deliberately sin and then “make your peace with God” afterward. Pick up a Bible and do a bit of reading. You might be surprised at the reason these people are upset.

          • WhateverDunce

            I’m Christian, I understand the true nature of humanity and you can go to hell with your sanctimony.

        • sansom

          You would lie. Christ never taught to not serve another. Shame on you!

          • WhateverDunce

            I’m not hurting anyone with the little white lie. So, shame on me? Ever heard of ‘passive resistance?’ Jesus Christ agreed with that. It’s what he practiced and preached. Get a life.

  • Billye Farmer Robinson

    Good for him! I love to see someone Stand By their Convictions!!! May God Go With you!!!

  • Tat

    would do the same..I choose not to condone homosexuality as well.. It’s
    my right to exercise my religious convictions and beliefs and so I
    would go to jail also.. Good for him. Some things are worth fighting

  • Tat

    Homosexual activists are nothing more than bullies demanding their way or else.

  • Alias Darker

    they will rape your brain until theres a hole in it

    • fhamilton

      Don’t be a pig you idiot.

      • Alias Darker

        and once there’s a hole in your brain, they will call you “open-minded”, that’s how it goes

  • Cecilie Bedsvaag

    Why can’t the same-sex couple buy their cake from someone else? Is he the only baker in town?

  • timsrighty

    oh no. there’s no attack on religion in America. Or business. The media drags the business owner into the studio, but yet the gay couple gets a pass. I’d love to see the talking heads question the bringers of this lawsuit as well. never gonna happen and not because the “same-sex couple” is hiding but because the media are infected with PC. bring the judge on and interview him, go to his doorstep.

  • sansom

    His RELIGION teaches him to not serve others????