Communists, Socialists Working With Muslim Brotherhood

Chris Matthews has derided Beck for suggesting that communists and socialists are working with the forces that are trying to rip Egypt apart. But The Blaze has put together footage of the labor unions and other socialists and communists working with groups aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood.

But just ignore the facts and keep listening to Matthews. He really really positively knows what he’s blabbering about. Uh huh.

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  • Anonymous

    These guys could lame chant you to death what did they let their two year olds think them up.

    So I guess that kind of puts that lie to bed. Oh who am I kidding, when has being completely refuted ever stopped the left from pushing a lie. They still can’t admit November happened.

  • TeRe

    “47 is the date, no matter how late????” Palestine back to 1947? Looks like these people and organizations have been working their plan for a while to end game in (47) or 2011.

  • Anonymous

    All that was missing were some ambiguously sexy, burqa-wearing cheerleaders.

    Is there any redeeming virtue left in unions? Tennessee is trying to rid their state of some union rabble.

    • Anonymous

      I wish unions would be banned and made illegal.

      • DisturbingBehavior

        I’m probably going to get flakk for this, but let me just first state that part of me agrees with you.
        I do come from a family that has been routinely members of unions (Federal, State, and in the private sector). In a lot of ways I absolutely agree with getting rid of Federal and State unions, because all the union adds is another level of bureaucracy. Federal and State agencies would probably just maintain consistent rules in regards to HR functions, just like many private companies do. As an example, Wal-Mart has a generally consistent policy and standards throughout their whole organization, with the majority of differences due to varying costs of living from area to area (i.e. wages around NYC are not usually the same as those in Nashville, TN) or applications of State/Local laws.
        However, the problem I have with unions isn’t the local small unions you find at a single manufacturing plant, but the fact these unions are only a single piece of larger national unions. A single union at a single plant doesn’t have much bargaining power and would probably tend to work with the owner of the plant to establish consistent rules for the facility that are acceptable for both sides. The strong arm that I hate about unions comes from the national union which organizes the crap we see all the time. It’s basically the same problem as government today, too much power in a centralized system. These national unions just view the workers at any single factory as just pawns for their lining own pockets with cash. Breaking apart the national unions is definitely something I support.

        I’m always open to a different perspective, but it’s just my 2cents on that particular issue. This has nothing to do with the video though, I think those union fear mongering socialist American-hating bastards should be deported to the Antarctic so they can try to unionize the penguins.

      • Anonymous

        Uh, first amendment, anyone?

        Also, clearly you haven’t ever worked in a freelance trade, where having a union to do some measure of rate standardizing is important. I’ve had people try and pay me $0.03/word for translation (generally the absolute bare minimum I accept is $.09 if there’s significant volume, and that’s still very low) – without some measure of collective bargaining, people would try and price us out of a living.

        Unions are a huge pain in the ass, I will agree, but they’re a necessary evil. Look up Jacob Riis if you want to get a picture of what life was like before them.

        Also, Germany, which is generally doing better than we are these days on the industry front, requires that large unions be given a seat on the executive board of the company that employs them. It seems to be working pretty well.

        RShill – if you see this, thanks for the apology yesterday. It wasn’t necessary but it was much appreciated. These conversations get extremely heated extremely fast, and neither you nor I is particularly bashful when it comes to stating our opinions forcefully. It’s important to remember though that if you and I got a beer together and managed to not talk about politics, we’d probably have a decent time. Politics has a way of putting into sharp contrast the 8% of things about which people differ, rather than the 92% of things that we generally hold in common.

  • A True and Real LEADER has born in America….

  • Anonymous

    Fact is, “You Lie!” hussein has been playing footsie with the terrorist organization Hamas ever since he assumed the title of “Worst President in American History” on 20 Jan 2009. So, of course he’ll embrace the Muslim Brotherhood, which is the SAME AS HAMAS !

    Many Western analysts agree that the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas are one and the same. One leading Brotherhood cleric has said: “Kill Jews – to the very last one.” A Brotherhood takeover of Egypt would strengthen Hamas in Gaza.

    Another Brotherhood leader told an Arab language newspaper Monday that Egyptians “should prepare for war against Israel.”

    The Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas are rooted in the same ideology. “If the Muslim Brotherhood groups gain a prominent place in the government, this would definitely help consolidate Hamas’s hold on Gaza,” Atiyeh Jawwabra, a political science professor at Jerusalem’s Al Quds University, told The Wall Street Journal’s Joshua Mitnick.

    The journalist added, “Hamas, whose founder was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, has rejected negotiations with Israel and refuses to foreswear military and terrorist attacks.”

    “Under a different name (Hamas), the Muslim Brotherhood runs the Gaza Strip. Hamas’s charter states unequivocally that it wants to eradicate Israel,” wrote Richard Cohen in the Washington Post this week.

    With his support of the Muslim Brotherhood, “You Lie!” hussein cements his role as the most anti-Semitic politician since the Third Reich.

    • Anonymous

      Pretty much all you’ve done here is talk about how terrible the Muslim Brotherhood is and emphasized that Obama’s middle name is Hussein. Incidentally, I don’t think you can give someone a nickname based on something that someone else has said of them – it’s’ Joe “You Lie!” Wilson, not Barack “You Lie!” Obama.

      Also, how could he have become the worst president in history on inauguration day? Prejudice much? (I’m not accusing you of being racist. I don’t think your prejudice had anything to do with his race)

      Now, care to explain the connection between Obama and Hamas? Let’s be concrete with our facts – no conspiracy theories.

      • Anonymous

        No facts for you right now. Just my gut knowledge as a mom and as a former radical leftist/ idealist, Barry is a huge success as a communist Muslim. His mom raised him to be one, his whole family were leftists and sympathetic to Muslims, wanted to join them. She married how many, 1-2? brought Barry under the tutelage of Frank M Davis and others who could sway him and educate him in this direction, so what we see is what we get. He loves Islam and radical leftism and hates the USA and all it stands for. That’s just who he is.

        • Anonymous

          His mother was an atheist, his father had renounced Islam and become an atheist before he met his mother, and his stepfather was a lapsed Muslim.

          One of the principle tenets of every single communist movement to date has been the renunciation of all forms of religion, so the whole notion of a communist Muslim is kind of back asswards.

          Frank Marshall Davis was also not a muslim and though he may have been interested in communism – even a member of the communist party – there’s no record of him engaging in serious subversive and revolutionary activity, nor is there any evidence that he taught any of this to Obama, nor would it really matter if he had a communist mentor growing up or not, since there’s no evidence to suggest that he actually ever became a communist himself.

          • no_treble

            There’s no record or evidence of most private conversations, and no record or evidence in most people’s public behavior of what their real beliefs are, especially if those beliefs will garner some form of criticism. That is an exceptionally weak argument to put forth.

            However, in Obama’s case we do see public behavior/statements/writings that consistently tie him to a Socialist/Marxist ideology, both of which are related to forms of government like Communism. Just because Obama doesn’t publish a piece of paper saying “I, Barack Obama am now a card-carrying Communist” doesn’t mean his current policies and beliefs (many of which are known) aren’t driven by the same ideologies that birthed that particular form of government.

            No matter what you name his beliefs, they still sucks the life out of America, which, by the way, is the most generous nation on Earth. Who’s going to give all the public and private billions per year to the other nations of the world if we’re “punished” for having the audacity to become prosperous and give much of it away to begin with?

            This is one of the many reasons why Liberalism makes no sense. It’s full of false, feel-good notions that don’t match up to reality or deal with the actual root of any problem.

  • HelloItsmeagain

    Well, at least we know who to start rounding up, plus the liberal news folks. Arrest = trial = guilty of treason = Swinging.

  • KeninMontana

    Many here are probably too young to remember, but there are those of us here that remember just who it was that trained the members of early terrorist organizations like the PLO,Black September and all their ilk, the USSR. So it’s really no surprise,at least to me, that communists and wannabe communists would support these groups.

  • Rich

    THe funny thing is that if these groups could get rid of their common enemy, they would then realize they would have to fight eachother because they have very, very few things in common besides hate for capitalism.

  • Anonymous

    All I’ll say is that I have friends and family who actually label themselves socialists (not too many, and not of the “the soviet union had it right” kind – none of them is a communist) and none of them is sympathetic to Hamas or the Muslim Brotherhood. A few of them are even Zionist Jews!

    • Anonymous

      …but they love their fellow leftists, right?

      • Anonymous

        I mean, they are sympathetic to people with whom they are ideologically aligned, but isn’t everyone? Don’t you love your fellow conservatives?

  • Matthews is not a blabbering fool. He is a slobbering fool. As Stu correctly identified, where does he get all that saliva from?