Connecticut citizen on 2nd amendment: The Constitution didn’t guarantee public safety, it guaranteed liberty

The whole testimony from Robert Steed in Vernon, CT is great, but the best part is toward the end where he actually engages a city councilman:

Consider this an open thread.

(h/t: IOTW)

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  • Bam! I love this guy’s forthright speech and his righteous anger.
    P.S. Thomas Sowell may not have been the first, but he said, “there are no solutions, only trade-offs.”

    • deTocqueville1

      OnTheMark ‘Righteous anger’. Perfect description!

  • OneThinDime

    I would have popped at the end that the CT legislature is painting all gun owners with the same brush as Adam Lanza because that is why they are doing.  Notice the Dem’s “common sense” reference several times?

  • c4pfan

    Thanks for sharing it scoop.

  • deTocqueville1

    This is fantastic. The citizen activists are stepping up. As I stated several months ago at Palin4America, the best thing for America was this federal overreach by the Obama administration. People were shocked by this direct attack on their second amendment rights and finally are awakening to the threat by this subterfuge on the first amendment rights, the 4th, 5th and so on. They are connecting the dots and will provide the base for the troops who will make the conservative movement a success in the next several elections.
    I feel more positive after CPAC, some of the events in the Senate recently and this sort of recognition and articulate presentation, then I have since the days of Reagan.

  • WinMissouri

    The councilman still missed the point.  The laws on the books should be used against the criminals, new laws on gun owners does nothing for those so called illegal gun traffickers he was referencing.

  • patriot077

    This man did not waste words. Wish I could nail it like he did. God bless him for his personal sacrifice to make his voice heard. How many would keep coming back for 3 days to have their say?

  • 57thunderbird

    This guy presented his case very well!Way to go sir!Very well said!

  • gothicreader

    Excellent. This is how we need to stand up to these legislators. Articulate you point with the facts and remind them over and over about constitutional rights.

  • freechic

    Interesting how the Democrat representative says it would work if we had a dictatorship.

    • OneThinDime

      freechic Right!  And how well is it working out in the Middle East countries with dictators?  Yup, not so much with Christians being burned out, raped, murdered, beheaded.

  • PVG

    Bravo! Remember this name, Robert Steed. We have not heard the last of him.

    • OneThinDime

      PVG Clearly a committed man that took 3 days off from work to testify for 6 minutes.

  • JeffWRidge

    Well done, sir. Unfortunately, despite what the politician said, I don’t think that they are listening to the people. They have an agenda and they view us, our objections, and the Constitution, as nothing more than impediments to that agenda. We’re something to be run over on their road to creating another “worker’s paradise.”

  • 57thunderbird

    This is an example of a patriot….!

  • magicdixieranch

    ahhh yes, if we ONLY had a dictatorship, cameras on every corner… we’d be safe! (said the cheery politician) … glad Mr. Steed reminded him we don’t, but it’s starting to seem that way…

    • notsofastthere

      magicdixieranch He did say that and you might remember Obama also said the same thing. Everyone should be very aware before power is given to people like these.

  • PicklePlants

    I loved the coloring outside the lines comment.  He was spot on and accurately stated the obvious constitutional overreach that these pinhead legislators are trying to perform.  I would vote for Mr Steed.

    • PVG

      “I loved the coloring outside the lines comment.” Me too!

  • drdoct

    To the councilman, please tell me which case was due to a rogue gun dealer.  The only rogue gun dealers I’ve ever heard of are the ones the govt MADE ROGUE via F&F.  The problem is that laws are only enforced when there is a pot of gold at the end of enforcing it.  That means red light cameras and speed traps.  Tons of code enforcement types.  Meanwhile, the criminals are the ones the Liberals are rooting for.  They don’t want to keep the guns out of their hands, they want to punish the law abiding.  Further sliding us towards their utopia crap hole.  It’s seriously beyond time we started considering alternative solutions to these people because we’ll never be able to get past start when we play by the rules and they clearly have a pass.

    • WaiGuoGuizi

      drdoct There are other gun dealers who are rogue, but they are probably a minority.

      • drdoct

        WaiGuoGuizi drdoct Who?  If we know they are rogue then why do they still have their FFL?  Unless you’re talking about ‘gun dealers’ who are the equivalent of drug dealers in the hood.

  • 57thunderbird

    This man represents the type of people that we need to elect for office

  • WaiGuoGuizi

    The United State is supposed to and should protect safety. Without safety, we can get murdered or robbed, which is never a good thing. Without safety, we have no human rights and no Constitutional rights. If we have no one protecting our right to own property, then how do we have property rights? If violent mobs (say Occupy Wall Street style mobs) run the streets attacking anyone who speaks out against Obama, how will we have free speech? We only have rights when our rights our protected.
    The Constitution recognizes this and makes national defense one of the foremost priorities. That is to protect us from foreign aggressors. The Constitution also provides provisions for police and a justice system to protect us from domestic aggressors. Security and liberty go hand in hand–they are not at contradiction.

    • drdoct

      WaiGuoGuizi I honestly believe we are responsible for our own safety.  Yes we can band together and do the right thing and help our neighbors.  But that happens automatically when you realize your responsibility. The problem is that we have outsourced that responsibility to 911 which is really a lie.  Anyone who has dealt with 911 realizes how inefficient it is.  Meanwhile, we don’t get involved in anything because we always assume the professionals will be along shortly.  But problem is… they’re usually along Longly.  Which leaves people dead and brutalized.  I think with liberty should be the responsibility to protect ourselves and each of us is a mini deputy responsible for following the law and maintaining peace.  That’s how I view myself everyday I wake up and slip on my .45.

      • cabensg

        drdoct WaiGuoGuizi  I guess you have to reply to like so I’m replying I like.

        • cabensg drdoct WaiGuoGuizi 
          I have terrible trouble with finding the like/reply buttons as well..  Wish they were black or at least dark blue or something much more visible.

      • 12grace

        drdoct WaiGuoGuizi 
        We can’t rely on the government to help us, they are the problem.

        • WaiGuoGuizi

          12grace drdoct WaiGuoGuizi The government isn’t the problem. In this particularly case, they are talking about gun violence. Gun violence is caused by criminals, not the government. Most people who mug people are not government employees.
          In terms of national defense, the government isn’t attacking our skyscrapers. Terrorists are.
          I can name a million cases in which it was private citizens, not the government, who were the problem: Adam Lanza, Bernie Maddoff, Cho, Dylan Klebold, Eric Harris, the Discover Channel Shooter, the Underwear Bomber, the Times Square Bomber…

        • OneThinDime

          You make great points but in this case the gov’t is also part of the problem.  There have been other mass shootings and the gov’t has failed to address the mental health issues.  If they had with Columbine perhaps the subsequent would not have occurred.

    • notsofastthere

      WaiGuoGuizi It is not the official job of a cop to protect you. Their job is to enforce the law, most often after the fact. Holder’s Justice Dept didn’t protect ‘straw gun purchases’ in Fast & Furious, but then blamed and restricted the store owners who were told to sell the guns to criminals. Cameras Are being put in most cities – not to prevent crime but to get money from tickets for traffic violations. Cops know the drug houses and MS 13 gangs but don’t close them down – they arrest the user and not the sellers.

      • WaiGuoGuizi

        notsofastthere WaiGuoGuizi The whole point of arresting people and jailing them is to prevent them for committing more crimes during the period that they are in jail and furthermore to prevent people from committing crimes in the first place do to the threat of jail. If there were no punishment for theft and fraud, more people would be ripping off investors Bernie Maddoff style, but because it is a crime, most people are discouraged from doing so in the first place.
        Additionally, the mere presence of police can stop crime before it happens. I am living now in a building that has police stationed on the first floor. If a cop sees a crime happening, he can stop it right there.

    • 12grace

      The government wants to make sure we can’t defend ourselves.

      • libertifirst

        12grace WaiGuoGuizi Precisely.

  • Booker

    Very respectful conversation. It seems the Democrats on the panel were silent. I didn’t see the party affiliation of the last guy on panel, so I can’t be sure.

  • RayBrown1

    Speaking truth to power, the problem is, they aren’t listening

    • 12grace

      The real problem is they don’t care about us…we are their cash cows and slaves.

  • ldydesign

    What I heard and saw in that councilman’s speech was a politician overwhelmed with power and the need to control outcomes.  The man seems oblivious to reality.  He forgets he is just a man and can not “legislate” people’s behaviour. What will it take to educate these politicians? Or is it impossible.

    • notsofastthere

      ldydesign Throwing them out of office would be the best education. It may cause them to reflect on their own short comings and reduce their ego a bit. Like Obama that councilman said there isn’t a problem under a Dictatorship – they could just take the guns away.

      • OneThinDime

        And once the guns are taken, knives and bombs are used. Just look at the UK and the Middle East

  • ldydesign

    Maybe it’s”common sense”.  Some people have it and some don’t.

  • NJK

    These people think they are so above every other human being that they can wipe out evil.  Has there ever been a time where there was no evil?  They think they’re bigger than they are.

  • Diogenes_wy

    Legislators, being obsessed with laws believe that passing laws is the only way to solve problems. What they miss is that we already have over 200 years of laws and we’re still making new ones. The solution to the problem is not more laws but enforcement of the ones we have, and if laws are unenforceable, then repealing them so it becomes easier for law enforcement to do their jobs. Legislators must remember that it is not the quantity of laws but the quality that counts.

    • 12grace

      I agree with you, 100%. We don’t need any more laws.

      Are you from Wyoming?

      • Diogenes_wy

        12grace Diogenes_wy  
        or my real name is William Yancy or I really like wild yams or wear a yarmulke. Take your pick.

    • K-Bob

      Diogenes_wy I think we need a law telling them to follow the law.
      A nice, big, ten-thousand page behemoth, passed in the middle of the night by “deem and pass” shenanigans, that includes stuff no one could possibly read (including blank sections to be filled in later by committee).  It should be chock full of things like banning Obamacare, restoring the original intent of the Commerce Clause, repeals for most of the Homeland Security crap, de-unionizing all public sector employees, declaring a flat tax, ending the EPA and Education departments, opening up drilling for oil on public lands, ending all subsidies to “alternative” energy programs, restoring the Gold Standard, ending the Fed, and putting enough manpower on the borders to end the infiltration of illegal aliens.
      But that’s probably just me.

      • OneThinDime

        You are not alone!

  • jazzee

    what I found so interesting is the legislator seemed sad there isn’t a dictatorship and cameras even in our homes to monitor all of us………………unfortunately he said that is not the case…………… what a fool these idiots are everywhere

  • Proudhispanicconservative

    The beaurocrat said we are not going to end all violence because we live in an openly democratic society (really?), and as long as we live in that open democratic society we are not going to be able to end all violence,(how long did it take you to figure that one out smat-ass?) he also said maybe in a dictatorship where they come in and take all your guns and have people everywhere watching you,( that part reminds me of Chicago). Notice how nostalgic the legislator got when he got to the dictator part. This is a tragedy on top of the one in New Town, we as free men having to plead to the statists to let us keep our god given rights.

  • PhilipFloydFaustmanV

    We are surrounded by idiots my friends, let’s face facts! I think Rush calls them low information voters. It is just disgusting how many blithering idiot politicians we have today as well. Just listening to the likes of Pelosi, Reid, Maxine Waters, Clyburn and many others makes me feel more stupid every time I hear them. Education is the only solution short of a revolution! Talk to everyone you know about this and maybe we can save our Nation before it collapses, I pray we can.

    • libertifirst

      PhilipFloydFaustmanV It’s not an education problem, it is a corruption problem. These people know exactly what they are doing and why, they just lie about what they are doing and why.

  • PatrickHenrysBody

    Bravo Mr. Steed! The media is complicit in glorifying the violence and bringing to the criminals the attention they knew would be drawn to them and their violent acts. The legislators are despicable. They clearly have not taken “Firearms 101” classes and their ignorance shows it. The “solution” to tragedies like Sandy
    Hook, the Aurora theater shooting, Columbine, etc. is not for more gun
    control laws to be enacted. Beware of the code words “common sense” and “sensible”, as they refer to (anti) gun legislation. What is in the interest of “common sense” or what is “sensible” to a gun-grabbing leftist is the abolishment of guns and gun ownership. As Mr. Steed pointed out, evil does and will always exist, no matter what. Evil must be confronted and dealt with forcibly. Politicians who are control freaks will never understand that and by further enabling criminals with their illogical and irresponsible laws, they prove themselves to be evil.

  • boats48

    Mr. Steed is correct in what he says! As a fellow CT resident, there is not one proposal targeting the HIPPA laws forcing the doctors to notify police when they have a violent patient. The only time that becomes part of the public record is after these wackos commit a crime. Attacking the constitutional right of the citizenry will accomplish nothing as far as reducing these events. CT is a deep blue state, the only thing our state gov’t wants is to control the general public.

  • misterlogic0013

    this is exactly what Sarah Palin is talking about .. get involved, common sense constitutional arguments, ask questions, get to the meetings, alternative not pretty ..

    • sDee

      Local (city and county) is the only front we have openings in. ICLEI and various Sustainability  initiatives are being pushed through  using 1000’s of organizations funded with our tax money and money transferred to N and other banks. DC is lost to the globalists. They keep us occupied with the drama in DC but us a one party system. 
      Are They Afraid of the Tea Party Movement?
      “”We have been duped into believing we actually have a and failed to recognize that an equal number of Democrats and Republicans both sit on the Board of the, both are on the Board of the, both are on the Board of the, and are seated on the Boards of a myriad of similar organizations that entertain global governance.
      Are they scared? Not a chance! We should be scared—and we should have
      that fear drive us into ‘proper’ action. We need to be aware of what is
      really happening and why it is happening, we must make sure that those
      candidates we endorse are aware and build a unified consensus to support
      them, while at the same time be going to City Council meetings and
      unfurling the tentacles of ICLEI that strangle us.””

      • Rshill7

        I heard the Oklahoma Senate overwhelmingly passed a law outlawing Agenda 21 in that state. Now it goes to the House.

        • sDee

          State laws are essential. Also, my experience fighting it at the city level is that those state laws (at least the ones proposed here in NC) will not stem the tide because of the crucial pieces held at local level.

          The reason the cretins are pushing so hard at the city and county level is because that is where property rights, environmental regulations, zoning, eminent domain, mass transit, public-private partnerships ($$$),  land corridors all intersect and are controlled.  Local politicians are addicted to federal grants which bring in all of the globalist NGOs and planners. City Planning Depts are committed collectivists trained by the APA and federal education.

    • volsense

      The United States had to fight to be free.  Through history we have always fought for freedom.  Just because we are being attacked from within by an anti-American movement is no time to forget who we are.  There will always be those who must control others no matter what pretense they use.  Obama and the liberals have enslaved the world and when America falls, as it is in the process of doing, the hope of those who dream of freedom ends withn it. We are the last hope for free wills everywhere.

  • M_J_S

    The leftist councilman who says “don’t paint all of us with the same brush” is a goner.  The guy is a liberal down to his leotards and no brilliant points by the Connecticut citizen will be heard by him no mater what.
    He hates guns, and he will find the solution for random killing that no man on God’s green Earth could find in its history.  He’s the one!

  • searcher0

    can someone please explain to me how a liberal can say that the second amendment does not cover “assault weapons”, but the first amendment does cover television and the internet? probably not.

    • James1754

      The same way as the section “The rights of the people” does not mean the same in both amendments.

  • James1754

    Very nice.  However with the legislature in Connecticut these new laws are pretty much a done deal.

  • patriot077

    This is a piece of encouraging news even though it may not be successful. I’ll bet they get a lot of statewide support.


    …the only way to,
    DEFEAT E V I L at its core,
     is through our Lord and Saviour , Jesus Christ .”

  • Laurel A

    My dear people…that man is exactly what you want in office…not the people who are obviously prone to hysterics. Not the people speaking pablum that has no application to Sandy Hook or Adam Lanza.

  • Citizenvetusa

    The man is a crystal clear thinker………