Cranial Rectal Alert: Why Martha McSally and Leon Pinheadah are wrong on Women in the Infantry

“Allowing women to serve in combat roles will strengthen the U.S. military’s ability to win wars, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said Thursday, shortly before his official announcement of the landmark change.”

To leftist equal outcome promoters like Leon Pinheadah its all about diversity. Its all about forcing square pegs into round holes, with a hammer irrespective of the realities of combat readiness.

Yeah, well combat readiness isn’t a factor of “diversity”. Its about brute strength: the ability to tolerate extremes of heat and cold; the ability to carry heavy loads over long distances or a heavy load over a short distance. Loading 100 lb artillery rounds is definitely a godsend compared to the requirement of my old arty (artillery) unit where we had to heft 200 lb arty rounds. Do I think a woman could handle that job? In a word: no.

What about carrying 60-100 lbs of equipment on your back over long distances for sustained periods of time? Hell, there are men who can’t handle that job.

I’ve had the luxury of being in both the Artillery AND the Infantry, So unlike Martha McSally, I’m not blowing wind up through my a$$. Aviation isn’t the Infantry there Zena. It isn’t Arty either sweet pea. Get off the ego asteroid that you’re on and step down to planet reality.

Leon Pinheadah asserts that “Our military is more capable, and our force is more powerful, when we use all of the great diverse strengths of the American people,” That’s because Leon is a moron; who has no experience whatsoever in the subject that he is speaking about. Might want to turn in your supply of pixie dust Leon and get a fresh supply.

As a wise man has said: “If history has taught anything, the services had better keep the standards for combat jobs regardless of sex… the bullet isn’t forgiving and doesn’t discriminate.” I would add that “diversity” doesn’t win wars. Sun Tzu never covered that subject in his various maxims for fighting wars and he was brilliant. What a contrast between him and the brain-dead Obaminites in the O’Dumbo regime.

For you civilians who have never been in the military, if you want to see what sustained combat does to people, go pick up a copy of the movie “The Pacific”. Then ask yourself if this is what you really want for your daughters and mothers.

The useful idiots who never put on the uniform, like to bring up the Israeli example. Well let’s see what Israeli policy is when it comes to women in combat:

“During the 1948/49 War of Independence, Israeli women were in combat because combat was everywhere in the country. Israeli women were captured and killed by Syrian forces. The result, said an IDF officer who was briefing an American military delegation in which I (Shoshana Bryen) participated, “was that we didn’t want that to happen to any Israeli woman ever again. We made a decision about what kind of country we are.”

‘Nuff said about the IDF policy.

Now for a real-world reality check. This time by Marine Capt Katie Petronio who opines: “I understand that there are female servicemembers who have proven themselves to be physically, mentally, and morally capable of leading and executing combat-type operations; as a result, some of these Marines may feel qualified for the chance of taking on the role of 0302 (Infantry Officer). In the end, my main concern is not whether women are capable of conducting combat operations, as we have already proven that we can hold our own in some very difficult combat situations; instead, my main concern is a question of longevity. Can women endure the physical and physiological rigors of sustained combat operations, and are we willing to accept the attrition and medical issues that go along with integration?

You’ll have to watch the video to hear the answer. Get your barf bags ready. Capt. Petronio is being interviewed by Ashleigh Banfield. Ashleigh has got her smart-girl glasses on along with that big stupid Rocky The Flying squirrel grin of hers. Yeck.

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  • Conservative_Utopia

    Where does Martha McSally come in? If she can fly an AC-10, amen. I thought she was going to make a good congressman. Er, “Congress-person.”

    • Yah, you were being sarcastic, but consider this reality:
      The use of “congressman” or chairman, rather than ___-person is correct.
      “man” is a suffix
      Otherwise, how would “woman” be re-worded.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Lovely… just another distraction… just another asinine thing to come out of this joke of a WH.

  • Conniption Fitz

    Here’s another expert against women on the battlefield:

    Face it, we are fighting people who do things to women that no US or Israeli soldier would do. Islam’s treatment of women every day in peacetime is inhumane and unjust. In war time, it is worse. Far worse.

    • Conniption Fitz

      Israel – permanent health damage to female soldiers:

      • Conniption Fitz

        New York Times:

        “There is a fascinating parallel in research on injury rates in U.S. Army basic training, a two-month regimen that pushes recruits to their physical limits. In numerous studies going back more than two decades, women are shown to suffer injuries at substantially higher rates than men, with stress fractures to the lower legs a particular problem.”

        Women at West Point are excused from those challenges that are beyond normal female capacity. For example, men must lift their full body weight doing pull ups, while the women do something called “flex arm hangs.”

        The renowned West Point “recondo” week during which cadets are tested to their limits on long marches with full backpacks and other challenging activities, has been eliminated in deference to the low capacity of female cadets. Likewise, every upper-body strength event on obstacle courses has been eliminated to avoid embarrassing the females. Running with heavy weapons is no longer done because expecting women cadets to actually function like real soldiers has been declared “unrealistic and therefore inappropriate” by the top brass.”

  • notsofastthere

    Connecting the dots. Each item creates the whole.
    Openly allow and promote Gays in the military. Openly allow women on the front lines. Reduce the military budget, while supplying Jet fighters and tanks to Egypt. Continue to pay Nidal Hasan his salary and don’t call him a Muslim terrorist. Contnue more foreign aid to our enemies. Stop serving hot meals to soldiers in Afghanistan. Need private citizens to supply our troops with needed items. Allow our embassies to be burned and don’t hunt down the Al Queda that doesn’t exist. Put Hagel and Kerry in to finish off the job. Offer medals for restraint in combat. Don’t stop Iran or Russia, but disarm our nuclear arsenal.
    You think Obama wants a protected and strong America??
    Is there a pattern here that points to ‘the enemy within’ with Republican help.

    • Conservative_Utopia

      Excellent summation. Did I see that on the Today Show? Nah. Just what is the counter-point from the left on this angle?

    • Watchman74

      By the end of it all we will have the most PC military in the history of the world.

      • And the destruction of what has been the best in the world.

      • hachie1

        Yeah, and our Constitutional Republic defending military will BE history.

    • That was SO excellently said!!!

    • Jay

      Especially with the collusion of the Gutless Old Pus- oops, I mean Pansies.

  • Someone indeed should undergo a rectal encephalectomy.

  • This great song about Jessica Lynch says it all. Written during the Iraq fiasco.

  • This ideology is practiced by fools who think the Geneva Convention means shit in the arena of war.

  • poljunkie

    “…What about carrying 60-100 lbs of equipment on your back over long distances for sustained periods of time? Hell, there are men who can’t handle that job.”

    After prepping for for quite some time I was able to carry 35pounds in a lightweight backpack, plus a camelbak with 2 1/2 liters of water (approx 5 pounds). This was at varying temps ranging from -5 below and snowing/wind to 70* and at altitude. (from a base of 10,000 feet- up to 20,000 with various levels of hiking, climbing and bouldering….in the pitch black darkness, and scorching sun).
    I’m 5’2 and 112pounds and was extremely prepared. Yes I made it to the summit…partially on ability, but mostly on adrenaline. AND back down, but this particular slog was 6 days. There were moments when I didn’t think I was going to make it- it was that hard.
    Not only was I tired, and lost weight….. but even with my exhilaration in regards to my accomplishment,I needed a little time to recuperate, before I could think about doing much.
    I wouldn’t be able to do it day after day. I really think you have to know your limitations.

  • ImaThinkn

    Eventually a combat soldier will mean nothing more than those who swat the flies off of the people we’re handing out food to.

  • Miles Jory

    A total threat to morale in the foxhole; can women endure the physical pschological and medical issues? doubtful …can the commander keep the sexes apart not just physically but mentally will every division battalion, regiment commander be brought up on charges of sexual assualt?, or of hurting princess’s feelings? This is nothing more than Obutthead destroying the armed forces from the inside.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    This is a no-brainer. With Hagel soon to be SecDef (I’m predicting he will be confirmed as SecDef), our military will be totally screwed. Hagel will follow the orders of “Zero Military Experience obama” and perhaps some input from John “Winter Soldier” Kerry, so what could possibly go wrong???????

  • tshtsh

    My comment box is black. How do I change to the normal frame so I can see what I am typing.

    • poljunkie

      log out and restart your computer.

    • poljunkie

      log out and restart your computer.

      • tshtsh

        Thank you Poljunkie, it worked, of course.

        • poljunkie

          Great! Good to hear it!

  • Women already do fight: look at the United States Army Military Police. When we deployed downrange, the women have to go with us and they had to wear rucks, just like we did. Now, because so much of a job is similar to infantry work, we got the pleasure of caring very heavy rucks of a lot of ammunition a lot of supplies (like the ever pleasant NBC suits, to wear in the jungle). MP units in 2 types: garrison and combat support. Actually, we did have females in combat support units. However, just like you said, there is the problem of endurance, and most of them could not stay in a combat for a long time. There were jobs we did not trust them to do, so as really heavy grunt work. Military Police units are being expected to do just as much as infantry now, and I see that is as being a problem, considering we have women in those. Two of my favorite squad leaders were females, one of whom I still talk to, to this very day. However, that does not change the fact that we’re all quite aware of their limitations. There are some jobs women can do, there are some jobs that women can do as well as men. Then, there are those jobs that women cannot do as well as men. Long term heavy combat in bad environments is one of them.

    This is not any quality issue. This is a quality issue. Making blanket exceptions for those that cannot do the job, only in danger the lives of those that can. Lowering the standards of entry only insures that you will have inferior getting, as well as women, and carrying them in a combat unit will be a liability for everyone. When inclusion means lowering the standards, this stops being a question about equality, it becomes a question of watering down the forces, for social engineering.

  • NJK

    My suggestion to anyone considering joining the United States Military, is don’t. This is now a military where they let their soldiers die and they don’t want to feed them a hot breakfast. They’re more concerned about appeasing the enemy than winning any war. We don’t have military commanders anymore, we have Quislings for Hussein Obama the Stealth Jihadist in the White House. The entire U.S. Government is a farce and crime syndicate.

    • notsofastthere

      Frustration, disbelief, and anger run high against this president and his distain for the military and America in general. We have to fight to keep our eyes on our spiritual beliefs and the good people in this country. There are more of them than we are lead to believe.

  • repubboy

    The IDF has given women combat roles for decades, of course the population of Israel versus the United States is the main factor. Women in combat roles so be it.. The only problem I see is that can they perform as the men do ? or will they contribute to more combat fatalities than necessary.
    Best way to find out an all female combat battalion in Afghanistan, withdraw the men.
    And give them a chance.. its a learning process a very deadly learning process.

  • badbadlibs

    Our men in uniform aren’t hampered enough with the idiotic rules of engagement as it is….now add some stupid woman (I am a woman, btw) to the front lines and they’re hampered all the more….the left really need to be removed of duties, now.

  • chatterbox365

    Thank you Capt. Petronio for giving a brief, but realistic perspective on what it is like to do a portion of what the men have to endure in the infantry. This Marine has more credibility than McSally.

    People that support this ridiculous policy (women in the infantry) need to put things in perspective. Does one go to a proctologist for a gynecological problem?? I have never served in the military, but let the ground commanders decide what is best for their troops.

  • JohnCraven

    Captain Petronio is a great officer because she is not afraid to tell the truth about women making it in the infantry. And the medical problems she developed which are gender specific could cost a battle as she alluded to such as the muscle atrophy which she developed much sooner than men would.

    John Craven
    New Orleans

    • NCHokie02

      What the left also forgets is training and the life at home. How many women are going to have problems from the regular training that the infantry conducts and then become non-deployable? That for the infantry causes a loss of firepower and combat effectiveness. It’s not the same as some personnel clerk not deploying to the S1 shop has to process more awards with less people. It’s physical firepower on the battlefield. Plus I’m sure the men in the infantry will have loads of respect for their female squad leader, team leader, platoon sergeant, platoon leader, etc etc. when they can’t remain in the field as long as the men and if they do become non-deployable because they are pregnant letting the men go off to war without their fearless leader.

      What also makes me sick is there is yet a general to stand on his moral ground and say no. To ask what is forcing this? Political correctness? What capability gap are the women going to fill? Are our ranks that thin that we need women in combat roles? For all of them to just bow to their master and repeat the garbage is disheartening. And people wonder why good guys in the military get out. If the economy wasn’t in the horrible state it was in I guarantee you would see a flock of people leaving with this decision. What a disgrace.

  • She pretty much it all.. Of course, the facts and truth do not concern the far left, as they’re only concern is their agenda- the internal destruction and collapse of the US Economy, Society, and the Military, ie; of America.

    The real obstacle to the far left Marxists and Islamists, ie; the world’s oppressors, to take control of the world has been the US Military. Thus if they can internally destroy the U.S. and it’s Military superpower might, by gutting the US Military budget, equipment, technology, personnel, thus destroying moral, etc., making the US impotent and incapable of responding to world powers-ie; China, Russia, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, now Egypt, etc., that want to force their oppressive will upon innocent peace loving Democratic Nation’s, thus would pave the way for them to take their place as the world’s bullies and oppressors with no one to stop them.

    Ever since Obama took office, every piece of factual evidence pieces together a picture of Obama’s final destination for America, which been to further this end goal agenda- ie; the transformation of America from a U.S. Constitutional Republic- ie; it’s internal destruction and collapse, and into a Socialist Marxist Islamist State.

    Obama has even started setting up the US Military to fight American citizens, on American soil, keeping the US Military preoccupied in a internal crisis, against it’s own people.

    The warning signs are flashing red everyday, and yet, people, the public in general- assisted and aided by the colluding, collaborating, complicit MSMedia complex to cover up all that is happening, are ignorant of it all, and or they are indoctrinated to such a degree, that they are now enabling this process to succeed, ie; fait accompli.

  • colliemum

    I have the suspicion that Obama is pushing this not only because his aim is the destruction of anything that made and makes America great – but because he wants a battalion of female soldiers surrounding and guarding him just like Gaddhafi and other muslim tyrants had or have.
    Someone should tell Moochelle …

  • NCHokie02

    So Obama said that if he had a son he would have to think long and hard about his son playing football. A game. Yet he seems ok with allowing for the potential for his daughters to be serving in infantry units. A much tougher and much more serious game. A game where the winner survives and the loser dies.

  • gilleysuited

    Many things have separated the USA from the rest of the world. Honoring the sanctity of the woman used to be one of them. So long USA!

  • russva

    Why is it these bozos can’t listen to this lady. She’s a captain in the Marine Corps, for God’s sake she’s not exactly a shrinking wallflower, and she’s speaking from experience.

    I was an 0311 “Grunt” in the Marines in Vietnam in 1967 and 1968. I basically served along the DMZ; Con Tien, Dong Ha, Camp Carroll, The Qua Viet River, and numerous rige outposts and encampments. There were times we were wet and miserable beyond words. Often I slept sitting on my helmet under an old leaky poncho, with my rifle tucked against my shoulder to keep it as dry as possible. There were times when mosquitoes were so bad that you’d pull your hands up in your shirt sleeves, and wrap your head in a t-shirt or old blanket to fend-off their attacks. It wasn’t unusual to awaken with swollen lips from mosquito bites. We all went commando, and at times it was weeks before we had a chance to bathe. Sometimes we’d bath in streams that we crossed, and it was nude bathing. I suspect a woman amongst a bunch of hormone charged 18 to 20 year old men would not be good for unit cohesiveness.

    Our home was 2x4x4 foxhole, our bathroom was a latrine, if we stayed in one place long enough to dig one, or an e-tool if we didn’t. We were often short on c-rations and potable water and we relied heavily on halizone tablets to purify the water, but diarrhea was still a problem. We moved a lot and unless there was an emergency we walked, ammunition was priority, water, food, and then comfort items (if you had any, which most of us didn’t).

    Finally, combat! I will never understand someone saying the want to serve in combat. Having to is one thing, but wanting to is blatantly ignorant. When you see a young kid holding his intestines with his hands, or his leg blown off, or you’re right beside a man that gets a bullet between his eyes, or you have to put the bodies of your buddies in rubber bags, or write their moms and family because for some reason you survived and that task fell to you, it may very well give you a different outlook.

    I could say a lot more, but Obama, Panetta, and General whatever are right, and everyone else up until now have been wrong. Not to mention the lady pilot whose now an expert in ground combat, go figure.

  • Well said 911 Infidel.

    I like Martha McSally but I disagree with her on this and sadly she is shooting herself in the foot (pun intended) because this will hurt her if she has another congressional run.

  • GBNT

    Wow, this Martha McStupid must really hate women. Maybe they should be interviewing some NOW jerk to spout the propaganda they are looking for not a real military female who’s been there and done what none of them would ever do or could do, and with all her effort she still could not do even half of whats required in that environment. They just want us to send our precious mothers and daughters to the some future slaughter in ordrer to score some perverse political points now with the liberal drones.

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