Cranial Rectal Alert: Why Martha McSally and Leon Pinheadah are wrong on Women in the Infantry

“Allowing women to serve in combat roles will strengthen the U.S. military’s ability to win wars, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said Thursday, shortly before his official announcement of the landmark change.”

To leftist equal outcome promoters like Leon Pinheadah its all about diversity. Its all about forcing square pegs into round holes, with a hammer irrespective of the realities of combat readiness.

Yeah, well combat readiness isn’t a factor of “diversity”. Its about brute strength: the ability to tolerate extremes of heat and cold; the ability to carry heavy loads over long distances or a heavy load over a short distance. Loading 100 lb artillery rounds is definitely a godsend compared to the requirement of my old arty (artillery) unit where we had to heft 200 lb arty rounds. Do I think a woman could handle that job? In a word: no.

What about carrying 60-100 lbs of equipment on your back over long distances for sustained periods of time? Hell, there are men who can’t handle that job.

I’ve had the luxury of being in both the Artillery AND the Infantry, So unlike Martha McSally, I’m not blowing wind up through my a$$. Aviation isn’t the Infantry there Zena. It isn’t Arty either sweet pea. Get off the ego asteroid that you’re on and step down to planet reality.

Leon Pinheadah asserts that “Our military is more capable, and our force is more powerful, when we use all of the great diverse strengths of the American people,” That’s because Leon is a moron; who has no experience whatsoever in the subject that he is speaking about. Might want to turn in your supply of pixie dust Leon and get a fresh supply.

As a wise man has said: “If history has taught anything, the services had better keep the standards for combat jobs regardless of sex… the bullet isn’t forgiving and doesn’t discriminate.” I would add that “diversity” doesn’t win wars. Sun Tzu never covered that subject in his various maxims for fighting wars and he was brilliant. What a contrast between him and the brain-dead Obaminites in the O’Dumbo regime.

For you civilians who have never been in the military, if you want to see what sustained combat does to people, go pick up a copy of the movie “The Pacific”. Then ask yourself if this is what you really want for your daughters and mothers.

The useful idiots who never put on the uniform, like to bring up the Israeli example. Well let’s see what Israeli policy is when it comes to women in combat:

“During the 1948/49 War of Independence, Israeli women were in combat because combat was everywhere in the country. Israeli women were captured and killed by Syrian forces. The result, said an IDF officer who was briefing an American military delegation in which I (Shoshana Bryen) participated, “was that we didn’t want that to happen to any Israeli woman ever again. We made a decision about what kind of country we are.”

‘Nuff said about the IDF policy.

Now for a real-world reality check. This time by Marine Capt Katie Petronio who opines: “I understand that there are female servicemembers who have proven themselves to be physically, mentally, and morally capable of leading and executing combat-type operations; as a result, some of these Marines may feel qualified for the chance of taking on the role of 0302 (Infantry Officer). In the end, my main concern is not whether women are capable of conducting combat operations, as we have already proven that we can hold our own in some very difficult combat situations; instead, my main concern is a question of longevity. Can women endure the physical and physiological rigors of sustained combat operations, and are we willing to accept the attrition and medical issues that go along with integration?

You’ll have to watch the video to hear the answer. Get your barf bags ready. Capt. Petronio is being interviewed by Ashleigh Banfield. Ashleigh has got her smart-girl glasses on along with that big stupid Rocky The Flying squirrel grin of hers. Yeck.

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