Dana Loesch details being sexually assaulted by TSA

Dana Loesch describes her latest encounter with the TSA and how they sexually assaulted her in order to check for explosives. She didn’t call it that, but that’s what it is:

And here’s her video of the altercation, as much as they could film:

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  • What a disgrace! The TSA are wearing the wrong color shirts… They should be brown!

    A question occurred to me while watching this video. What are your options when you are pulled aside like this. Can you refuse and demand to just leave the airport and fly some other day or some other airline? Can they detain you on mere suspicion? Do they have arrest powers? If I was in that situation, and thankfully I have not been. I might just tell them to go to hell, I won’t be flying today and therefore they have no further right to search/harass me since I no longer pose a “threat” to their airlines. Just curious.

    • Betsey_Ross

      Nothing infuriates me more than the government restricting my movement around the country—forget even leaving the country and getting back in. They have accosted people that want to fly leaving the airport because they will not submit to this sexual harrassment. People have missed flights and a nursing mother trying to get back to her child have been sidelined and missed her plane because she had expressed some milk in a bottle and they wouldn’t let her on the plane with the bottle. Then they wouldn’t let her on the plane without the bottle. They have harrassed toddlers and young children and elderly folks that cannot stand. They have no problem harrasing dying people either. They are cruel, mean, and stupid. Just perfect for Obama’s brown shirt community.

      Dana has been continually harrased for a couple of years. I remember she has written several times about it and yesterday’s incident is nothing new to her. She has complained many times. Many people have complained many times and the harrassment just grows. This is such a hot button with me that I have only flown twice since 9-11-01(now we have 2 9-11’s to worry about) and I haven’t flown at all since ’06 when it really got bad. I drive where ever we have to go.

      Rand Paul has an interest in this. I have signed several petitions for him. This issue PO’s me beyone belief. Even more than Obama and I can’t stand him.

      • Orangeone

        It’s Nappy’s war on women.

        • As well as the lefts Moe, Curly and Joe! LOL!

    • warpmine

      No they should be wearing all black uniforms with red band swastikas as their affiliates in Nazi Germany did.

  • Big Brother loves you and wants to be more than friends.

    • The “…more than friends” part means with “benefits”. A government job is only a job to that person. For the taxpayer, it’s just another liability we fund through taxes.

    • A back stabbing type friend.

  • jedward1000

    Romney 2012 then Rand Paul 2016

    • Sorry partner, Romney will need two terms to complete the repaires needed to fix the damage Obama and the democrats have done the past 4 years.
      To much we don’t know yet about Obama and democrats crimes in office.
      Sorry to say this, not sure Mr Paul would be ready in 4 anyway, but Gov. Romney will need two.

      Tea Party Express
      I like Rand Paul

      • jedward1000

        My point was that far to many liberties have gone away. Need someone like Rand to clean that up. Hopefully we get 16yrs of R control in DC.

        • your right guest, our Liberties have been under attack due to more impressive laws past by both parties. These is only one course to correcting that problem,
          we Americans as a country must jump on the band wagon for electing Americans who respect the Constitution, freedom and liberty snf their fellow Americans.
          Mr Paul is a great patriot, he would be a president so hopefully one day he’ll get in the race. He has great support from the Tea Party. 2010 we elected many tea party candidates and have been doing ever since, so we should feel very confident once we elect Gov. Romney as president, he and the tea party members in the congress and senate “tea party caucus” headed by Mrs Bachmann, will begain to dismantle and repair the nation. After what the nation has been through under this democrat bunch, it’s my hope that the democrat party will be dust in the wind within the 2 terms of Gov.Romney. The democrat party is a despicable bunch and American have learned that. I think many more will begain to see that fact after the election once seeing what a real recovery means.


  • Amberson

    This is why I will NOT fly until the TSA is no more.

    • that’s the right answer, you earned the Golden Key.

      • Amberson

        As I’ve started writing to them, I was thinking I was wasting my time, but two things are accomplished by sending them e-mails: 1 – They are read by the aforementioned minions and might get through. 2 – They should be tabulating responses and opinions from constituents, and the more of US that weigh in, the more that might sink in…. that we out number them…. Tally ho!

        • librtifirst

          Be careful now. Being actively involved in critisizing the government can get you moved up on a list, and make you a target of the Gestapo, I mean Homeland Security, FBI, etc.

          • We are Americans, not Germans, and they are ot Nazi. This the one of many reasons we must elect patriots, that is tio say, everyday Americans, like those in the Tea Party movement. We aren’t after power for the sake of power, we’re a force to protect our US Constitution, The Bill Of Rights and The Declaration of Independence. We are for smaller government and we want elected officals to understand that fact completely. There is no room for being careful, that’s compromise noy worth thinking about, that’s how we brought America here in the first place, we are for replacing the status quo, any and all of the lawless parts of government operating outside Constitutional law, and with those who will not protect and defend their oath of office. They are liars and must be out of positions where they control decision making. We in the American Tea Party Movement will not Fail, this is our country not obamas or others on psycho power trips, male or female. It will taked few more years but that’s Ok, we aren’t going anywhere, where here to vote um out.

            Tea Party Patriot
            We Vote! We Win! Vote 11.6.2012. Make Obama a one termer and have fun doing it!

            now it’s time for my Rush cold iced tea. (:

            • librtifirst

              IF we really want to put a dent in the establishment, then Boehner, McCain, Graham, Reid,Pelosi,etc. need to be out of power. They control the agenda, and keep good people out of power positions.

              Anyone who voted to raise the debt limit needs to go. Simple as that. Anyone who voted down a full audit of the Fed needs to go. Anyone who supported the Patriot act needs to go………NDAA, appropriations that funded abortion, “any” unbalanced budget,free trade treaties, support of the federal reserve system, keeping the IRS, most federal regulatory agencies, the social systems, etc. etc. etc.

              There is no saving this country unless immediate action on these things is taken. Many experts agree that the Fed Note cannot be saved, and nobody seems to understand what will happen when it crashes, or what the solutions are.

              The Tea Party had better get in gear and join others who know these things. Conservatives had better quit slamming the Libertarians and form a political alliance with others in an effort to overthrow the establishment, and they had better do it without compromise. These politicians had better start making real sacrifices to save this country, and quit worrying about reelection. We need “real” choices. It is time for the people to rebel against the system and call for government to back off.

        • Those are great things to do , it’s a fact of life, a great offense is a great offense.
          But remember obama and the democrats never listen to us Americans, that is,unless we are for their programs. If not then, to them, we’re not even present.
          Crazy fact is though, the democrat party and obama have their on agenda, and it has nothing to do with helping any American or America, to bad so many still don’t get it.But we can’t wait on those Americans to catch up, we have to win elections. and we are doing just fine.

          Tea Party Patriot
          thank you amberson for all your great work

          • this is not about Republican vs Democrat or any other party, this election is about saving the republic and puting America back on track of constitutional law.

  • I suspect a lot of Male Democrats are signing up to be TSA agents as we speak.

    • You Know It! and have been from day one. More of Bill Clintons crap of, get um off welfare into a government job. Remember Bill Clinton started that zazz in the mid 1990s. and still they get the freebies from the Tax payers, but now they get a free feel for good measure.

    • Orangeone

      Pedophiles molesting children, gays to molest men and lesbians to molest women.

    • librtifirst

      It has been shown that they actually want deranged people in there. Who else would do the job anyway?

      This is all about training the American people to accept the police state, and invasion of their privacy.

      Private industry is a thing of the past, and the fourth amendment is done for.

  • Sandra123456

    A better way to protect fliers is private security and…Profiling!

    • BlueGood

      Israel has by far the best method, uses profiling and interviews with hinky looking passengers….Safest Airports on the planet….

      And they DON’T grope Lady Parts or Men Parts!

    • Orangeone

      We need to take instruction from Israel, they get it righ!

    • colliemum

      But dontcha know that profiling is waaaaacist?


      • Are you weelated to that waskilly waaabbit Bugs Bunny? 🙂

  • I got this from a Jeff Dunham video. He is a noted ventriloquist/comedian. He was also detained by TSA for having explosives, when it actually turned out to be lotion. Some hand lotions will trip the sensors for explosives. Maybe you should not use any lotions before going to the airport, Dana.

    • Can’t blame the victim of the TSA for moronic TSA overreach!

    • DCGere

      Not use lotion? Ah, yes. Give up my choice of lotion to appease to these goons. No thanks. She’s being targeted. She was detained in July as well. This is complete BS.

    • 3seven77

      So… which lotions trigger the sensors? Do you have a list Mr. Grammar? Is it only lotions that trigger the sensors? What about soaps? Hairspray? Deodorants? Powders? Makeup? Moisturizers? Perfumes? Mascara? Nail polish?

      Maybe we should all have to undergo a pre-flight shower at TSA facilities with TSA-approved soaps in front of TSA agents and walk through the sensors naked? Would that help?

  • And I’ll bet while all this was going on with Dana Loesch, some jihadist from Yemen was strolling onto some airplane in this country. This is crazy. The people who should be checked are not, and the people who would never be a terrorist in a million years are stripped-searched. All this political correctness will get somebody killed one day when the TSA ignores some real terrorists from boarding planes, like the famous “underwear bomber” who was never even questioned, let alone searched.

    • Don

      Anyone who would be taken to be a jihadist or a real threat, if checked, would raise enough hell to have Obama and Hillary apologizing profusely and the TSA employee that would do anything that intimidating would probably lose their jobs. Napolitano and Holder would be foaming at the mouth if the TSA were actually doing their jobs.

    • Betsey_Ross

      My idea is to profile because dang! It works. What else works is that the passengers do an even better job of taking care of the bad guys. How many explosives has the TSA even recovered? What is their stellar record? Inquiring minds want to know.

    • librtifirst

      Our government set that up. The State Dept. cleared him to get on the plane without a passport or ID. There is a lot to it, but you should look up Kurt Haskel on youtube.

      The TSA was created in the wake of a false flag event.

  • We can profile criminals, we can profile serial killers and that profiling has lead to a lot of them being stopped. But profile the most likely terrorists in the world? Heck NO! That’s the one thing the government won’t do! Inconvenience, harass, and molest the vast majority of law abiding citizens so that they don’t upset a few muzzies. This is BACKASSWARDS! The Islamists are fighting a genocidal war to kill all who are different, the government is fighting a PC war so as not to upset them! This needs to change!

  • We have heard and seen all the horrors of the democrat party,Obama and the TSA, simple solution people, stop flying! or stop complaining. the choice is yours in Obamaville of the black panthers running wild, so the problem is the United States Constitution.
    Remember in November!

    tea party express
    got it?

    • AmyInWI

      The TSA originated in a Republican administration. I despise the current administration with every fiber of my being – but they are not to blame for the TSA. This particular big government, Orwellian approach to ‘safety’ has Republican written all over it.

      Further proof we as citizens should always be vigilant no matter the party affiliation.

      • wodiej

        I made some flights during the Bush administration and NO ONE EVERY GROPED ME at the airport. The problem is that the obama admin doesn’t want MUSLIMS profiled-period. The very people who are responsible for 99.9% of terrorist attacks.

        • AmyInWI

          Read up on John Chertoff and how deeply his company is involved in the full body scanners and you might have a different take on it. There are NO clean hands in this issue. There was no reason to come up with another government agency to lord over the American people. The ‘Homeland Security’ and TSA are Republican ideas. You can argue that the current administration is growing their powers and you would be correct – but the Republicans handed them the tools to do it with.

          …and Michael Chertoff skated away a VERY rich man at the end of his term as SoHS.

          edited to add: As much as I preferred Bush to Gore – we should remember that Bush always made it perfectly clear that we were not at war with Islam – just terrorists… Profiling wasn’t tolerated under his administration either.

          • Betsey_Ross

            So true, and it is probably the only thing I have against him. However, someone said and I don’t remember who, that the only thing I need to know about Islam I learned on 9-11.

            • AmyInWI

              Terrorism has been the preferred tool for Islamists for centuries. I guess I was more aware than the average person because of my upbringing and the military members in my family, but my first inkling that Islam sucked was during my pre-teen years in the 70’s.

              I remember distinctly:
              the Iranians taking our embassy staff hostage,
              the bombing of our barracks in Lebanon,
              the idiotic PLO & the killing of Leon Klinghoffer,
              the downing of Pan Am 103,
              the first WTC bombing in ’93,
              our soldiers being dragged thru the streets of Somalia in Oct of ’93,
              the multiple bombing of our embassies in ’98

              Those are just the ones I’m remembering off the top of my head – I know I’m forgetting a few. Those above directly affected U.S. citizens. The Islamic fascists have been terrorizing Israeli citizens since 1948.

              However, even with the attacks mentioned above & the attacks on 9/11/01 – I’m STILL not on board with losing any freedom in order to gain a perceived sense of safety.

      • AimToMisbehave

        That’s true, and it’s one reason I’m not totally enamored with the Bush years. However, the authoritarian escalations and really personal nature of TSA’s overreach kicked into overdrive with this administration.

        • AmyInWI

          I disagree. I think Michael Chertoff played into the overreach quite a bit & he was a GWB appointee. Chertoff (as I stated elsewhere on this thread) skated away a very rich man due to his group being intimately involved in the peddling of full body scanners – for ‘safety from terrorism’ of course…

          I don’t believe in coincidences and as such I’ll just state outright that I think he used his influence as the Secretary of Homeland Security to secure himself a nice retirement. How? By making sure airports used the equipment his group has a large stake in – after all, TSA had already encroached on our personal rights so what’s a little more? When did the TSA start groping people en masse? Oh, that’s right… when we decided to opt out of a full body scan.

          The current administration is definitely in love with the tools at their disposal – used ‘for our own safety’ of course – but the corruption runs deep in both parties.

  • StrangernFiction

    Tough Sh!t America, because both parties support this.

    • When the Republicans were in control these type of searches were not allowed. It was only after the Obama took over we started seeing the abuses of power.

    • “It’s only tough for Amarica when we stop breathing”
      Friend as you know the Tea Party Movement all across America has been working none stop for 3 1/2 years on the national and local levels of government, to replace Democrats, Republicans and RINOS, who have forgotten their Oath of Office and who they work for,it’s “We The People”.
      We have had many great sucesses, and we will continue our victories in 2012 and beyond.
      I hope you have been part of the solution that is the Tea Party movement. If not please get there ASAP, we need everyone fired up for the hard work ahead.

      We pray daily, and we never forget what our mission is; it is to win victories and save America for our families, friends, and fellow Americans.

      Tea Party Patriot
      Obama and his czars, will be one termers you can take that to the bank.

      Everyone that hasn’t, please! join us!

      • I hear you Timerunner! The Tea Party is My Party! The only thing the establishment GOP fear more than the DNC is the Tea Party! Because we will hold them to account and drag them out on the mat just as fast as Democrats for not doing their job! We can see this by how weak support has been for Tea Party candidates like West and Bachmann! We need to donate to these great Patriots who are not only fighting for America against the DNC but, in many way against the GOP establishment as well! And that needs a REDO as well! They know we are coming for them!

        • Righ On Wolfie, November will be the second win for the Tea Party, the first was wining the Congress 2012. but 2012 is the grand prize for Americans and The Tea Party movement done and gone, along with many other democrat subverts.
          The Democrats, Republicans, and RINOS know were are in for the long haul.
          The Tea Party winners of 2010 should and can expect many more elected Tea Party candidates to come to Washington DC, we are the calvary we’re coming over the hill to clean out the aformentioned scum. After we Americans elect Gov.Romney, the Tea Party movement will be working to clean up the mess left behind by Obama, his czars, and the democrat party.

          Thanks Patriot for your work.
          Tea Party Patriot / Columbia, S.C. Tea Party

  • sjmom

    This is tyranny by the govt and it must stop. Can’t wait til Napoleon is knocked down from her perch.

  • AmyInWI

    This crap won’t end until we are willing to travel by any other means than flying. I don’t fly. My husband doesn’t fly. I drive if I have to travel for business – dinging my own vacation days for the extra time. If we aren’t willing to take a stand and hit the airlines where it hurts, they won’t be willing to fight the government intrusion into their business. It’s that simple. They do what they do because we allow them to by enabling them with our business.

    • white531

      Spot on, Amy!

  • virginiagentleman1

    Now that I have had open heart surgery and my sternum is wired togother as part of the closing process, passing through TSA detecters should be a real hassle, as if it wasn’t BEFORE surgery!

    In my wildest dreams and nightmares, I never forsaw America as the fascist state she is rapidly becoming.
    Both political parties have sanctioned the TSA and it’s tactics.
    Now we hear that TSA is coming to Train Stations and Bus Stations!

    How Orwellian that a call for vigilence has instead been turned into a path for subjugation by an out of control government over the ONCE free citizen.

    It seems that our beloved AMERICA is slowly being replaced with the facist’s AMERIKA.

    • Bless you on your continued recovery VG1.

      • virginiagentleman1

        Thanks Wolfie!

    • famouswolf

      Hey, VG, did you just have that?

      Yikes! I hope you are doing well and recover soon.

      This ‘security circus’ doves in well with Islamic law. How ironic if our dear leaders try to use Sharia to control ‘terrorism’. A comedy of errors and misdirection. Problem is, those who attempt to yoke the USA and tame us forget that we are an amalgamation of the the unruly, individualistic, ornery parts of most every population on earth.

      I could almost feel sorry for our would be tyrants. Don’t know about the rest of you (actually I have a pretty good idea) but I don’t take to cages, or being told how to live, or any of that stuff. I will die fighting first. The most they get from me is my carcass, which won’t be worth much.

      They will learn they shouldn’t try to herd cats with guns, pretty soon now. IMO

      First the ballot box.

      • Is_Sense_Common

        Your carcass might not be worth many tax dollars, but I bet they can figure out a way to make it vote dimocrat!

        • famouswolf

          That may well be, but I would put a very, very high real world price on it.

          I promise.

      • virginiagentleman1

        Open heart surgery and a triple bypass on September 19th, Wolf. I’m getting stronger every day that passes.

        Agreed my friend, FIRST the ballot box! It is imperitive that we recover our Constitutional America!

  • There needs to be a complete re-assessment of the whole role of the TSA and their methods. I hope when Romney gets in, this will happen. Harassing the majority so as not to offend the minority is not only idiotic, it’s extremely dangerous! Go ask Israel for advice on how to do it. No groping of grannies in wheelchairs there! No children sexually abused in the name of “security” there either. But yet they have the most secure system in the world! They profile! It’s not dirty, it’s not racist, it’s not insensitive, it’s not wrong, it’s SANE!

    • wodiej

      cripes, no kidding. Well said.

    • Is_Sense_Common

      Hmm – exactly what is their success rate at capturing a terrorist with these tactics? Oh I know – ZERO! Never, not once have they thwarted a would-be terrorist attack by molesting our citizens.

      • Exactly! And they want to expand this to trains and on the bus as well? What next a TSA agent standing by our car to strip search us for wanting to drive to the market for some groceries!? Give these bastards an inch…

    • famouswolf

      Yeah, but it works and doesn’t p*ss off the citizens. I think mein herr in the used-to-be White House wants a system that doesn’t really work and p*sses off the citizens.

      They are getting their wish, but things don’t seem too smooth for them for some reason.

  • PhillyCon

    If this was a Democrat activist, i.e. Cindy Sheehan during the Bush years, I wonder how big the outcry would be. The MSM would be in full melt down mode. That video would be played over and over again on MSNBC, and the Matt Lauer would have a full length sit down with Sheehan. The covers of Time and Newsweek would call Bush a groper, and Pelosi would be calling for hearings.

    • Dead on! The MSM is just a Democratic Propaganda Machine. All the propaganda that fits their agenda.

  • Idahoser

    don’t fly commercial.

    • Not an option for everyone. better solution is to FIX the TSA or better yet, get rid of it. Can anyone point to a single terrorist attack they have stopped?

      • librtifirst

        They claim that they have stopped forty, or so, attempts. As far as I know, none of them were in colostamy bags, women’s bras, or behind the nutsacks of any men.

        • I hadn’t heard they every stopped any actual terrorist attacks. These 40 or so must have been small fry or wouldn’t they have been all over the news for weeks complete with NObama justifying the existence of the TSA? Or have I missed it all???

    • poljunkie

      …If only I could afford a private jet……

  • wodiej

    I am not flying until this stops. No one is going to grope me.

    • celestiallady

      I haven’t flown in four years and won’t either until this stops. How are you wodiej?

  • The 911 hijackers are laughing at us from Hell…

  • gunclinger

    I have not flown in 5 years, and I WILL NOT fly again, until this EVIL organization is dis-banded, and we start doing what is necessary…PROFILING!

  • Is_Sense_Common

    Oh my goodness! What an outrage. I think I know what the topic of this month’s letter to my senators and congressman will be.

    [In the words of my father, “You’re a damn fool if you don’t write a letter!”]

  • Sober_Thinking

    State sanctioned molestation and intimidation.

    I hope she sues.

    • NJK

      You’re right. Just because this Jihadist govt. is condoning it, just because the Jihadist courts are condoning it, doesn’t make it right. And it is Jihadist. Obama’s a Jihadist.

  • hramirez18

    Someone to stop these bastards please

  • celestiallady

    This is so disturbing. It’s almost hard to believe but it is believable with what is happening to our freedoms. I sure hope Ms Loesch raises a big stink over this. We do all need to contact our congressmen/women – not that it will do anygood but we have to try.

  • TSA Logic:

    “We think you’re tainted with explosives because of an underwire bra…..therefore, we must touch your vagina.”

    I feel safer already…just knowing that America’s most unemployable losers are standing by waiting to touch my private parts for the greater good.

  • NJK

    This is a rogue agency that needs shut down. It’s full of hoodlums. Obama placed Muslims with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood into DHS. I think this is why this is happening. It’s a stealth Jihad. They’re attacking us from within, by attacking our Constitutional rights. Look at them blaming that silly video for the terror attack in Libya. Look at Fast and Furious. And I still believe they are involved somehow in that shooting in Arizona that killed the judge, and shot Gabrielle Gifford. That judge was going to rule against Zero in a case the very next day.

    I’m sick of it. My spouse is a Captain on a commercial airline. This is our livelihood, but I have to tell you, the best way to solve this, is to quit flying. They harrass pilots, flight attendents, etc. As though pilots need a weapon to do harm? They’re flying the plane for heavens sake. Not only that, someone needs to tell these numb nuts, that they weren’t real pilots on 9/11.

    Someone needs to be placed into this crime syndicate known as DHS and run background checks on everyone in there. If you have any ties in any way, shape of form to any suspicious Muslim groups you need to be investigated, and thrown out. Actually, everyone in the Federal Govt. in every state in the union needs to undergo a serious background check, down to the last paper pusher. I’m tired of this unconstitutional abuse. Middle Easterners blow up planes, and hijack planes, not white European Americans. We’re going to have to stop flying if this is going to stop.

  • NJK

    What they will say, is proper procedure was followed. These TSA agents are raping, stealing, etc. They deserve no respect. These are people with a single digit IQ, and would be in prison, if it wasn’t for the govt. giving them jobs. No one with any self respect would work for this organization.

    Our family flew to Florida last year. I watch every single line, and what they are doing. We actually buy tickets, where we won’t be subjected to this abuse. My spouse is a Captain for a commercial airline, and knows how to do it. I remember the man who checked our tickets in Orlando, he was very polite, but he looked like he walked out of a hippie commune, with the pony tail. All you had to do is put a joint in his mouth. Then there was a black women with dreadlocks all over her head. It looked like a freak show. All I could think was, we’re supposed to view these people as professional, when they look like this? Could they at least take a bath?

    I then watched who they were pulling aside. I watched them pull this nice looking couple, who could have came from a farm in Kansas. Very clean, very neat, and he had on a type of clean straw hat. But they were very white, European Americans. Of course they were the ones they decided to pat down. Now, I have common sense, and I use it. This is absurd.

    It’s a stealth Jihad. They are attacking us from within, and they let Obama do it. They knew people had questions about him and his background. They just refused to look. We know darn well, he’s a stealth Jihadist. I’m not stupid. God gave me the ability to reason, and I use it. I wouldn’t trust that guy to mow my lawn, he’d run off with the lawn mower, and probably the yard too.

  • problem with the flying boycott is they have moved operations to include bus stations , sporting events, political events, subways,trains and even highway rest stops

  • poljunkie

    I had a similar experience this past summer traveling thru San Juan Puerto Rico. We didnt even leave the secure area! But they re- screened every one. It was crazy. I was pulled aside because I wear a bracelet that “locks” on. I have worn it for at least a decade and have never had a problem and when the wand went over me they could clearly see that was what was making it ring.
    Anyway- that caused the full body- INVASIVE pat down.

    I had hoped the TSA was going to be temporary after 9/11. Now 11 years later it has become permanent. It really needs to be restructured, privatized and rules put into place about how to treat the travelers.

  • It is an outrage that anyone considers racial profiling to be a problem

  • white531

    I subscribe to the general theory that this is not about security at all. It is about breaking down our resistance to loss of freedom. It about making us more compliant, more manageable, making us fall in line with the increasing power of our Federal Government over every aspect of our lives.
    The TSA pat-downs are just a tool the government is using to break our will.
    That’s all it is.

    If it was really about security, then they would not be pulling grandmothers and little children out of the line, while the most likely people to cause a terrorist incident, walk right on the airplane, with no interruption in their lives, whatsoever.

    What this is really about, is implementing Socialism on a free society. This is why the Second Amendment is constantly under attack. This is why the Federal Government sues any state that tries to control their own affairs, as illustrated by Arizona’s attempt to stop illegal immigration. This is about forcing school children to wear locator chips, ostensibly to know where they are at all times. As in the case of the TSA pat-downs, it has nothing to do with making the children more safe. It is to get them comfortable, at an early age, with being watched, controlled and herded, by the Federal Government. Mandating enrollment in government healthcare is another example.

    You can’t take away people’s freedom in one day, or one week, or one year, because they would object. If that is what you intend, then you have to do it over a long period of time. It’s like the old adage of boiling a frog, by slowly increasing the temperature of the water. Do it too quickly, and the frog will jump.

    Right now, we are the frog. Our schools and Universities have already been absorbed. Legitimate History is no longer taught. Our Muslim President proclaims we are no longer a Christian nation. Judging by the attendance in our churches, he may be right. By the time this next generation of grade school children reach adulthood, the takeover will be almost complete.

    Too negative? Normally I would agree. The person I was ten years ago, would have been appalled by such statements. But, I’m not that person anymore. The person I am today, looks around and sees the evidence of what is happening. Everything we used to hold dear, is being taken away from us, and because it is being done slowly, we’re getting used to it.

    • librtifirst

      Excellent post. I have also found that undeniable conclusions like this are unavoidable, yet incomprehensible from a ten year prior perspective.

  • tvlgds

    She should have worn a burkha. Nobody would DREAM of touching her!

  • kong1967

    Geez. There needs to be screening, but do it Israel style. They know what to look for and they aren’t subjecting everyone to this bullcrap. It is being abused by putting Obama’s enemies on a watch list and harrassing them.

    • librtifirst

      As I see it, the airlines have the most to lose from allowing an attack to happen, or from ticking people off at the airport. Yet, government taking over security is an airline subsidy. Since the airlines have a history of being bailed out, and don’t have to pay for the TSA, they don’t have much room to complain.

      The people opened the door for government to come in by accepting things like the Patriot Act. Government takes rights, the people accept it, the government takes rights, the people accept it…………………….

      Government has neutered us, and we just say goodbye to our testicles. Its pathetic, and therefor, so are we.

      I will never get on a plane as long as this is taking place, but that is easy for me, because I’ve never been on a plane anyway, and don’t have to.

      • kong1967

        I don’t fly, either. If I can’t get there by vehicle, I don’t go.

        I don’t have a problem with the CIA keeping an eye on people….even if it’s me. But there has to be a trigger for it and I never do anything to pull that trigger, unless you count talking to people here a trigger (and it shouldn’t be). Being the leader of the Tea Party is not a trigger, either. Checking out 50 books on how to build bombs from the library is a trigger, and so is making phone calls to terrorist hot spots around the world. But getting on an airplane is not a trigger.

        These screenings are a waste of time and money, and they go beyond invasion of privacy. They don’t have any rhyme or reason to them, and feeling an 80 year old woman’s crotch is not saving the world. How many flights have we saved from disaster by using these methods? I would guess none.

        • librtifirst

          When something makes no sense at all, I look for other motives. I’m with White531 on this one.

  • 12grace

    The American people MUST refuse to fly or use public transportation until the TSA is removed.

  • Judefour

    This woman railed against Congressman Paul and maligned him as outside the scope of conservatism, and he was the only one serious about this infringement on privacy and liberty. He would have done away with this public groping, but he wasn’t good enough.

  • abigail42

    I don’t fly but I for the life of me I can not understand how flyers find it acceptable to PAY for the priviledge of being molested. Where’s all the special interest groups, where’s all the boycotts? After reading story after story I’m beginning to think flyers enjoy the molestation. If you don’t want to be groped STOP flying or grow a spine and do something about it. “What a disgrace” – the disgrace is the flying public.

    • kong1967

      I get your point, but some people have schedules that can only be met by flying. Driving won’t cut it. I don’t fly, either, but…then again….I schedule for drive time and I don’t do business too far away. If someone told me I had to be across the country in a day, I’d tell them “good luck with that…not happening”, lol.

  • The sad part is, this disgraceful, Soviet style BS has overwhelming support of both parties and of joe and jane six pack. Nation of sheeple.