Daniel Hannan is SHOCKED we are discussing social issues with our debt approaching 16 trillion

Daniel Hannan sat down with Cavuto earlier today and said the it’s amazing that we are discussing anything else other than the economy and our 16 trillion in debt. He says it’s a number so big that he doesn’t have the vocabulary to explain it and it’s such a pressing issue that it shocks him that we are talking about social issues.

Watch below:

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  • anyonebutbarry2012

    well we have other issues that contribute to that huge number , such as illegal immigration, that has to be addressed also. we are in debt, we have high employment, so why are we giving amnesty and jobs to illegals and also visa holders. we need to address these issues, along with cutting this huge cumbersome government.

    • Because according to the lefties in the Dem party and their Latino special interest friends, lazy white people don’t want to do work that’s “beneath them”. They figure that white folks must not be hurting enough to get a job they may consider undignified. There is another scenario too: Some of the white people who won’t get a job that may not be ideal to them are doing just fine taking government handouts.

  • capelady

    Daniel Hannan is amazing and he is always right on. His CPAC speech was inspirational and a speech that every American needs to hear!!!

    • aPLWBinAK

      Yes. Every American does need to hear it. I listened to it several times….the ending where he talked about the grape vines brings a tear to one’s eye. He’s a brilliant and couragous man.

    • Rightstuff1

      Big fan of Hannan here. I’ve rarely found a more brilliant exponent of conservatism in the modern age.

      His last book – A New Road to Serfdom is a great read.

    • sDee

      TRS covered it.

      • p m

        Thank you, sDee. Saved me some time there!

      • Thank you for the link very good!

  • justplainbob

    Very sobering. Daniel Hannan is so very right, but then you have the MSNBC’s of the broadcasting world promoting their brand of racism and every other social issue under the sun.

  • Rocco11

    He should know better than most that the Left are not serious people. Obama hasn’t gotten a single vote for any of his budgets, and this gets a pass in the media.

    • Mr. Hannan is also one to know better about the destructiveness of socialism run amok.

  • Since Social issues and our debt are tied together….

  • proudhispanicconservative

    I remember this guy on Hannity’s show when the obama administration was skimming their healthcare overhaul (Obama Care) warning us not to do it because he sees what that did to his country and we did not listen…No thats not it….the thing was we were not listened to by the libs that passed a healthcare law that the majority of the country did not want. I hope that we listen this time.

    • steprock

      In the meantime, we shall continue to play on while the Titanic sinks. Now then, let’s strike up the band!

      Makes no sense, huh?



  • HarrietHT2

    Apparently, Hannan misses the connection between moral squalor and fiscal immorality. Hat tip to spectator.org commenter, Derek Leaberry. A nation that raises its citizens to expect the government to steal from hard-working Americans and give to the idle its plunder is a nation that has lost its moral underpinnings: Thou shalt not steal; Thou shalt not covet.

    With all Hannan’s speechifying in the past about the productive class being, in essence, swindled by the leeches, you’d think he’d understand the place that morality has in the scheme of things.

    And who are the teachers of morality? The government? Hardly. No. They are intact families and religious institutions, in fact, the bedrock of Western civilization, Judeo-Christian ethics as taught in our much-maligned churches and synagogues.

    • Rightstuff1

      Yes I agree Harriet, however, the good ship USS Republic of the United States of America is listing as we speak. It wont stay afloat for much longer. Social issues will be with us for many years to come. But the country as we know it will cease to function in 10-15 at this rate. It might even be sooner. That’s the precipice we find ourselves clinging to. The economy is failing and its implosion will destroy the Republic, its that serious.

      • RosencrantzUndGuildenstern

        This is a fallacy. The American people can multitask. They can ponder fiscal matters as well as social. Why patronise them with here-comes-the-choochoo-train/one spoon-at-a-time politics?

        My thoughts.

    • Rshill7

      So, you’re saying basically what he is saying. If the government is not the place to discuss social issues, why are we discussing it in regards to government? Isn’t that what he said? It isn’t the government’s job. The government’s job is enumerated in the Constitution. So, he’s right. Why do you attempt to denigrate him? All you’ve done is strengthen his rightness. You should be on his side, as he is on ours.

      • HarrietHT2

        Who are you, rshill7? What is your political philosophy? Are you going to tell me that NONE of your political opinions have anything to do whatsoever with some kind of morality? That your political opinions are formed in a vacuum, devoid of all moral considerations?? Is that what you’re telling us?

        On government spending? Is it devoid of moral considerations? Do you fail to realize that everything government does has a moral component to it? The problem is that the government has inserted itself into areas where it does not belong, chief among them is its more recent efforts to achieve social justice through laws which favor one group to the detriment of others.

        Meanwhile, what’s left in the lurch are the inalienable rights of human beings in the womb whose right to life has been superseded by the LESSER right of a woman to choose to murder an unwanted or inconvenient child. And we wonder why, with such degraded ideas of what is right and wrong, that our country’s fiscal situation is so dire. When we can’t get right the basic notion of the value of human life from conception, it is easy to see why fiscal issues remain intractable and our people prefer subservience to the ennoblement of self-suffieciency.


      Thank you for this. Maybe that is what is bothering me about Hannan. I need the God part to be included, and he is a product of the British system, brilliant as he is.

      Still, his point needs to be well taken. We are on the brink of a fiscal disaster and have scant time to get it corrected.

  • Betsey_Ross

    “We” aren’t talking about social issues, it’s the media and Obama that want to keep up that conversation. Hammer the economy, Mitt. Hammer it home.

    • marketcomp

      If you were a failure in every way would you want to talk about the economy? Next week is going to be a sick love fest that includes contraceptive and abortion. God Bless us all!

  • bobemakk

    I saw the interview with Neil Cavuto, this man is very intelligent and an asset to US. I wish he would move here to the US and run for office. He is brilliant. The issue to discuss is the deficit, and unemployment, and not the miniscule issues the dems bring up (and even some republicans).


      Cavuto also interviewed Sarah Palin (shown on Right Scoop, too) and she suggested the A word. Austerity. Say it out loud.

      • librtifirst

        There is no other choice now. It will either happen through fiscal responsibility, or financial collapse.


      Cavuto also interviewed Sarah Palin (shown on Right Scoop, too) and she suggested the A word. Austerity. Say it out loud.


      While I agree with you that he is smart, I am averse to foreigners jumping into our affairs. They simply lack the understanding of the great American spirit, without which we are just so much like all the rest of the world. Freedom was born here by us.

  • It is because of social issues which why we have an unimaginable amount of debt. Some people don’t get that and never will.

    • marketcomp

      We get ABC! But, all they want to talk about is race, abortion, contraception!

    • poljunkie


    • poljunkie

      We have friends…well actually they are acquaintances.
      The husband is very very conservative. He is the gunny locally and does work for my husband so we have, on occasion gone over to their house. The wife is liberal. Very liberal. She was a Hilary democrat and then voted for Obama.
      Now, we feel you can have a “working relationship” where you don’t need to discuss politics with people. But the man or I should say the mans wife insists on brining politics up EVERY time we go over. That’s fine. We have similar values as the husband. They bicker- A lot. Frankly I don’t know how they stay married.
      The wife on the other hand does her best to command the conversation. She is mean spirited, and just not nice.
      When our son graduated High School in 2005 he sent announcements with sentiment on them, including a quote from Ronald Reagan. He was proud of the note card.
      She sent a note back with a response to the contrary of what we accept as factual. She just couldn’t let it go, or say congratulations. Also, she had to take the opportunity to attack President Bush, and our son on social issues, and question his stance.
      We have always thought that social/cultural issues could lead to the breakdown of the foundation of our Country. AND with that further destabilize the weakness the USA causing her ultimate downfall.

      • I don’t see how he can be married to that either. It’s a pity for her, to miss out on much because of bitterness.
        But yes, social/moral and cultural issues do and have led to the breakdown of our country, but too many just don’t think about it. Everyone is focused on the economy, and while yes, that’s important- especially to those of us who have been unemployed most of dear leader’s er, “leadership”, but so few seem to care or believe that our problems go so much deeper.

      • 1mathteacher

        Wow — what kind of adult finds it necessary to berate a high school senior about his political beliefs? What an unhappy person!

        Maybe I’m just lucky, but I’ve never met a conservative who was completely consumed by an argumentative spirit the way some liberals seem to be, like the woman you described.

        • poljunkie

          We were shocked. I mean our son is such a good guy, and was such a young kid. AND he was really hurt by the exchange. He was Valedictorian of his class, and would never think to say anything to hurt anyone. Since then he has graduated college, and is teaching and coaching. Take heart, he exposes the values and beliefs that you and I believe in.

          • 1mathteacher

            Good for him coaching and teaching! I hope he loves it! That’s what my husband does, too. 🙂

            • poljunkie

              He LOVES it. LOVES it!!!!!!!
              History ( humanities) and swimming. His “dream” job. He is teaching at the same school where he went.

              • 1mathteacher

                Awesome! There is nothing like a job you love! So glad for him!

          • MLCBLOG

            I think we need to accept that there are people like this and stand up to them. Reality is tough that way.

      • MLCBLOG

        We have always thought that social/cultural issues could lead to the breakdown of the foundation of our Country. AND with that further destabilize the weakness the USA causing her ultimate downfall.

        This is EXACTLY the plan of the left from time immemorial. Breakdown the social order and anarchy (which is their goal) will result.

      • MLCBLOG

        We have always thought that social/cultural issues could lead to the breakdown of the foundation of our Country. AND with that further destabilize the weakness the USA causing her ultimate downfall.

        This is EXACTLY the plan of the left from time immemorial. Breakdown the social order and anarchy (which is their goal) will result.

    • KenInMontana

      I think Hannan is making a point in the direction that no amount of government spending or legislating will “fix” any social issue, in which case he would be correct. Being a British citizen/subject/law maker, he can speak to that point from a fair amount of experience. For all of the British government’s mucking about trying to “fix” social issues, those issues haven’t gone away in the slightest, he is trying to warn us of the pitfalls of shuffling the responsibility of addressing those social issues from the people to the government. I think that if we’re all honest our government hasn’t done anything positive in that arena for a very long time.

      • That’s a good point Ken. Yes, if it was spoken in that direction, he would be right. Thanks. 🙂

      • librtifirst

        Hannan said that he would vote for Ron Paul. When Hannity jumped in with the foreign policy issue with Ron Paul, Hannan said that the financial situation trumped that as well as these kinds of issues. He is way ahead of our government, and our candidates, on understanding how dire our situation is.

        • KenInMontana

          I hate to break it to you but Ron Paul doesn’t have a realistic chance of carrying the election, despite an ardent and enthusiastic following among a relatively small (however vocal and zealous they may be) segment of the population, Republican voters will vote for their party’s nominee, as will (despite the grumbling of some here) the majority of Conservative voters. I believe that Romney will carry most of the Independent vote as most of them tend to vote against incumbents a higher percentage of the time than they vote for them. I also feel that Ryan’s experience and understanding of economics will carry a lot of weight in Romney’s policymaking. To put it another way, the primaries are over, the party has its nominee and its time to focus on defeating the current resident. For the record, I did not vote for Romney in the primary nor was he my second or third choice, but he is the weapon we have that is available to us, as a Marine, I was trained to use whatever weapon was available and at hand to destroy the enemy of my country, so that is what I intend to do, as well as concentrate on those “down ticket” races.

          Improvise, Adapt, Overcome. Locate, Close with, and Destroy.

          • librtifirst

            Paul is done. I never believed that he had a chance to get nominated. I was just giving a description of Hannan’s positions on US politics and financial situation.

            AS for the rest, I respect your positions on taking out Obama. I must tell you, I am so ticked off right now about the rule changes that were fraudulently passed at the convention, that I could probably puke at will on any one of the GOP leaders if given the chance, and Romney controlled how the convention was run. Right now, my respect level for Romney is somewhere between that of Clinton and Obama.

            Have you seen these videos yet? The second one shows some events that happened in the convention that made me cringe. I don’t know if I can stomach giving any support to the next dictator in chief. Do people really think that any anti-establishment candidate will ever make it through the GOP machine?

            • KenInMontana

              Do people really think that any anti-establishment candidate will ever make it through the GOP machine?

              Well I guess that depends on just who happens to be the current proprietor of said “establishment”, does it not?
              If you get my drift

        • MLCBLOG

          Ron who?

          • librtifirst

            He’s that guy who has millions of supporters who, after this primary and the convention, are probably going to vote for Johnson.

            • MLCBLOG

              Who is Johnson? Is that guy really running? or is this someone in Britain? Methinks Mr. Hannan is overstepping his bounds. Our election laws forbid foreign interference.

              • librtifirst

                Johnson is the Libertarian candidate. He was in a couple of the republican debates, and used to be a governor. RP was the Liberty movements candidate, and the sole purpose of the movement was to penetrate the establishment in the republican party. Most knew that he wouldn’t win, but were supporting him to get a message out there.

                What we found out is just how far the establishment will go to keep any real limited government candidates and delegates out of the process. All of the money I gave to it was worth it, because now I know. This knowledge is leading a lot of people to make a choice, and since they are realizing that republican candidates will never make a real difference, they are having to figure out where to go.

                Gingrich recently made a comment about how everyone will fall in line to support Romney, but he apparently doesn’t realize how many people just got disenfranchised for the last time. Recent events will take a huge cut out of the potential Romney voters. I think that if we look at the Libertarian total votes this year, compared to last year, you will see their totals higher than ever before.

                • MLCBLOG

                  I just don’t want to know that. It freaks me out. But, thank you. I steel myself to stay in the fight.

                  We just must have everything going for us if we are to overcome the extreme amount of cheating that is about to happen in our ballot boxes.

                  To me, Romney is night and day different from O, even though I do see notes in the news, blogs, comments that portray a different picture of less hope, and I just have to hope for change.

                  Seriously, I believe that it appears in the Word. Without hope, we die.

                • librtifirst

                  Its us religious zealots that you have to worry about. We have hope no matter what is happening, so we are willing to take the extra risk to get it right.

                • MLCBLOG

                  I am right with you….but I am a sucker for the American dream, and willingly entranced by Romney just now. Oh, sure, I had others I preferred, and I am still nervous about whether he will indeed get Obamacare repealed (if not, I am out of work!!) but I am going with it in the effort to defeat the thugs that are in the WH now. I feel so strongly about them because I used to be one, so I know how godless they are, actually evil, with the design to destroy us. Period.

                • librtifirst

                  Right on, my friend.

                • MLCBLOG


        • MLCBLOG

          Ron who?

    • Alex Olsen

      No. The reason you have an unmanageable amount of debt is because your politicians keep spending too much. Not because of the time limit on abortions or the policies surrounding gay marriage.

  • Rocco11

    Obama’s Left, like the old Communists, must keep the barrels of stupid burning to distract the ignorant. Sandra Fluke seems to be holding the attention of the morons quite well at the moment…

    • KenInMontana

      Sandra Fluke seems to be holding the attention of the morons quite well at the moment…

      I will not go there, I will not go there, I will not go there…………………..

  • steprock

    The problem is so big that we can’t wrap our minds around it at this point. It really is immoral to pass on this debt, but we’ve all had it passed on to us, and it was passed on to our parents as well.

    Certainly, it is unsustainable, but we don’t feel the pain of it in our lives. If we introduced austerity measures, we would. Tightening of the belt always gets noticed.

    • DebbyX

      EXACTLY!! The debt always seems like something “out there”, we just go on living our lives until something unexpected comes up and slaps us in the face. It’s bound to happen.

      • sDee

        I agree. It is coming. I think to myself so… what if Romney does such an awesome job on the “economy” that we can afford to pay the interest on this debt or even keep borrowing? Would we all just keep our heads in the sand.

        A federal government that just itself sucks away 20% of our GDP is unprecedented – crippling. Yet Ryan got cheers when he said it last night to a hall full of Republicans.

        The budget cannot be balanced. When is Romney going to explain this?

        • p m

          That’s a clip that should be seen by everyone. All by design.

        • librtifirst

          The budget cannot be balanced, and our debts can never be paid. That means that our currency is finished, and they just don’t seem to know this yet. (or they are not willing to tell people)

          I don’t think that people understand what it means to have a failed currency, but I do understand why government would not want to tell the people about it.

  • stage9

    So if our families collapse, if they disappear — the largest and most STABLE taxpaying block in America — what the HECK do you think is going to happen to the economy?

    This delusion that social issues are somehow INDEPENDENT of everything else is the stupidest thing I have ever heard.

    I like Hannan, but he, like so many others, are simply CLUELESS when it comes to understanding the connection between social issues and the economic well being of a society.

    Who in God’s name do these folks think government is there to support? Government exists for ONE SINGULAR purpose: to preserve POSTERITY! What is “posterity”? It’s the preservation of future generations! Where do future generations COME FROM? They come from strong and stable families!

    A culture that disregards this staple of human civilization is DOOMED TO BECOME EXTINCT!

    Issues that affect the family are ABSOLUTELY PARAMOUNT to the survival of a civilization! When you destroy marriage, which has been statistically proven to be the stable environment within which to raise children (posterity!), you WEAKEN the society.

    As a result there are more out-of-wedlock births which means more abortions, more illegitimacy which is linked to higher crime rates and more poverty! Which then starts the downward spiral.

    THINK AMERICA! Your wallet is important, but financing immorality only SPEEDS a civilization’s destruction!

  • I think Romney is ensuring that all the other topics have been dealt with until there is only the economy. People tend to demand to hear about the topics they are interested in and once the general election kicks into full gear, we’ll see this. The more items Romney checks off the list, are Democrats really going to go back to the past? Romney can use that as well.


  • Spartan4Palin

    Daniel Hannan should have been the ‘mystery guest’. I love this guy!!!!

    • sDee

      I was hoping for Tim Tebow 🙂

      • KenInMontana

        There was a rumor that the “mystery speaker” was going to be a hologram Reagan.

  • Daniel the economy does exist in a bottle my good man….we in America can chew gum and walk at the same time. The economy is clearly number one and Daniel is a brilliant thinker and observer…..but people live their lives in many ways and for many conservatives and other social issues matter as well. We cannot just dismiss and act like they do not exist…we need to address but not dwell. I love talking the economy and it MUST BE THE NUMBER ONE but when you are building a movement it contains other parts that when in harmony the ship sails much better….Remember Reagan had THREE PILLARS TO THE CONSERVATIVE MOVEMENT..each equally important…you want as many people riled up and ready to vote and hopefully on the same page….hence why RINOS are such a pain!

    • librtifirst

      The economy can never fix the debt, or the currency. He is eluding to the fact that our system is going to crash and burn, and we are talking about social issues. Social issues never change, politically. Nothing is ever done about them in the positive, even when republicans have the chance.

      Try to imagine what our social climate will be like if people cannot go to the store for food.


      Excellent. Thank you.

  • Hannan shouldn’t be shocked. He knows very well how influential the Legacy Media is in driving narrative and framing debate, and that they shill for despots like President Hussein.

  • RosencrantzUndGuildenstern

    Greetings from across the Atlantic. A word of advice. You in America listen to Mr Hannan’s word at your own peril. At least in this instance, you do.

    Mr Hannan is speaking from the perspective of a man who is a dyed-in-the-wool party Conservative with a capital ‘C’, as opposed to a conservative-MINDED individual. He has passed up the opportunity time after time to add to the rising tide and momentum of the ‘UKIP’ (United Kingdom Independence Party) party of Mr Nigel Farage who is vigorously fighting the socialist institution that insists on its despotic and tyranical domination of sovereign states such as the UK, known to many as the ‘European Union’.

    Instead of joining the growing numbers of prominent voices who are casting in their lot with such principled parties, Mr Hannan believes in remaining a member of a ‘Conservative’ party whose only affiliation with the word is with its first three letters. He continues to prove himself more loyal to party than principle. He is one of the major reasons why our ‘Conservative’ party (which is nothing more than an European arm of the Democrats of the USA) remains an influencing force when it should have been consigned to the dustbin of history long ago and given way to the inevitable renaissance of true Disraeilian/Churchillian/Thatcherite conservatism.

    Hannan and friends’ failure to see the link between social issues and fiscal issues is the reason why both our societies will continue to find themselves in deep trouble till we are no more!

    Again, I warn you. Listen not to Mr Hannan. America is one of the last places on earth where the common man realizes that without God involved in matters of state, economic prosperity only makes a nation a type of Babylon; or Tyre or Sidon. Without the idea that your rights come from God and not government (which is a moral/social premise) where would your economic system be?, I ask.

    The UK is awash with cowardice on social issues, yet are we better off? Of course not! We are currently 8th among the top ten economic powers of the world. You are number one! We speak nothing of social issues in our politics here. Yet we’re 8th and sinking! This alone should tell you Hannan is rambling.

    Don’t get me wrong. I have great respect for Hannan’s principled stands against socialism and the EU in the past. But for a long time now it has been clear that Mr Hannan’s words are sweeter than his actual actions and/or underlying philosophy.

    One last time, I warn you all: Be tempted not to become lobotomized. Let not the principles that make conservatism worth fighting for be taken from you. Feel free to tell Mr Hannan and his types, ‘We can multitask, thank you very much!’

    I could go into how Mr Romney would love this talk of not paying attention to social issues due to the fact that he himself is no different to Obama when it comes to them, but that’s another post. For now, I think it is enough to warn you of posh-sounding, well-polished Brits telling you to beware of social issues and focus on fiscal. This is nothing but a fallacy. And a deadly one at that.

    Good day.

    • stage9


    • Thank you so much for your comment! Welcome to the Right Scoop.

      • RosencrantzUndGuildenstern

        Its not my first comment here but thank you all the same. Much appreciated.

    • TheresaAK

      Great comment and insight…

    • librtifirst

      I like Nigel. Great post.


      This is interesting. Food for thought.

  • While I like Hannan and enjoy listening to him, I wish foreigers and NON citizens of all poltical stripes would refrain from active participation in our elections Sure they can talk about how our forgein policy relates to their country, But its anti democratic to butt in our election process just like its undemocratic for US citizens to butt into the elections process of another country, which is why you rarely see that happening

  • PFFV

    This guy is awesome! Common sense conservatism from across the pond, gotta love it! The battle is against the progressives and their usefull idiots.

    Just in! Texas can’t make voters prove who they are because a federal court denied their voter ID law.

    Yippie!! Dead people, illegals, and my dog Milo can vote in all the elections!


    You can’t do hardly anything without showing your PICTURE ID but when it comes to the most important thing (Casting your vote) it is a civil rights violation? B.S.

    We must clean house this November or there will be a revolution and it won’t be pretty!

    • I wonder if the people who sat in on that decision had to show photo ID to get in?

  • FreeManWalking

    Daniel Hannan as PM will be a great ally to the Romney/Ryan Administration.

    Sixteen Trillion is an unfathomable amount of debt to comprehend.

    If our Debt was (Sixteen Million) A Family of 4 would owe $0.20, or $0.14 per taxpayer.

    If our Debt was (Sixteen Billion) A Family of 4 would owe $203.73, or $140.18 per taxpayer.

    If our Debt was (Sixteen Trillion) A Family of 4 would owe $203,727.32, or $140,175.02 per taxpayer.

    If we account for our total unfunded Liabilities;
    A Family of Four owe $1,457,923.65, or $1,003,127.50 per taxpayer.

    • KenInMontana

      Hmm, perhaps we need a law that makes the lawmakers financially responsible for any unfunded liabilities they try to foist off on the taxpayer, as well as any amount of spending beyond existing revenue. That might slow them down a bit.

      • I wish! That’d be the logical thing to do.

      • FreeManWalking

        I’d even be for confiscating everything above a 500k net-worth from any living representatives and presidents as well as any funds passed on to heirs from those who have died and putting it against the debt.

        Let them enjoy living on the SS $$ they have robbed from the taxpayers.

  • msverde1

    What social issues? We will not have any, if we do not have a damn economy to support [legitimate] ones, when needed. The cart before the horse is simply that: mysticism and wishful thinking.

  • DINORightMarie

    You know, sir, that it is the Democrats who keep that distraction-discussion going, and going, and going, and going…….and that the MSM are (nearly) all Democrats?

    If they talked about the debt, the deficit, they’d lose – which is why ANYTHING but the debt and the economy are on the air 24/7.

    But you knew that already…….. 😉

  • The reason we are talking social issues is that Dem’s and Establishment types don’t want to talk about the sad, sick reality of a debt this huge and what it’s going to take to deal with it. They’re all reckless, irresponsible and immoral for not talking about it.

  • Jim Gilman

    Hello, you’ve reached Jims tele he’s not able to take your call as he is off doing something far more important. Please leave a short message with as little detail as possible and he will return your call at his earliest inconvenience. And please if your a democrat speak slowly, stick to small words and add 50% to any price he gives you. Thank You

    This is the greeting I want Daniel Hannen to put on my business phone.

  • librtifirst

    Hannan has been a long time Ron Paul fan. He has said that he would vote for him. He is one of those few people who knows how bad the economic and currency issues are. So much that he would dismiss all other issues as irrelevant, including foreign policy.

  • PVG

    SPOT ON!

  • Let me get this straight. According to what Scoop stated above Hannan believes, about the economy that “it’s a number so big that he doesn’t have the vocabulary to explain it and it’s such a pressing issue that it shocks him that we are talking about social issues.”

    Many on the thread think he is dead on but he admits he does not have the vocabulary to explain it. If one cannot explain it, then how does one discuss this? The reason why we MUST talk about the social issues is that it is social issues that wins elections.

    Think about it for a moment. Every spending bill is tied to a social construct. Why are we subsidizing Ethanol, because people believe that we are the cause of global warming and that this will help the environment (notice it is a social argument). All democratic expenses are based on such social arguments. The problem is that they are on the wrong side of such social arguments.

    If all the conservative does is argue from finances and never makes the social argument, the conservative will lose because there is no foundation as to why the finances must be cut or kept. In the above example, we should stop subsidizing Ethanol because global warming from humans is at worst a hoax and at best misapplied science (notice it is a social argument). This is something that I have been trying to convince my fellow conservatives since I have become a commentator on different blogs.

    One cannot be just a fiscal conservative without being a social one. They go hand in hand. The Dem’s got it right. Name one person who is just a fiscal liberal. I had a few people try to argue that one could be a fiscal conservative and a social liberal. It is impossible to do since the beliefs do not align but fight each other.

    When fiscal conservatives, which I believe the MSM made up to split conservatives, realize that they must also be socially conservative, then we will start making a difference and we will start winning elections by a landslide. Don’t forget, 2010 was a social, moral victory against the overreach of government into our healthcare.

    • stage9

      OK, dude, you just reiterated everything I said below but SO MUCH better. Thank the Lord some people can see it and are making the case! KUDOS!


      OK. Your explanation is helpful. I am thinking more and more that the moral thing to do is include social issues while we slice our budget radically and increase our prosperity via individual freedoms and business building. We obviously need God’s help, as they prayed for in the beginning every day as they were writing our founding documents.


      OK. Your explanation is helpful. I am thinking more and more that the moral thing to do is include social issues while we slice our budget radically and increase our prosperity via individual freedoms and business building. We obviously need God’s help, as they prayed for in the beginning every day as they were writing our founding documents.

  • I think that the breakdown of families have contributed to the breakdown of our country. I tutored reading in an academy for minors who got in trouble with the law. There was one student who was going on 18 so the next stop, if he got in trouble again, was a state prison. He was in for selling drugs. I was told that his mother actually encouraged him to sell drugs (his father was long gone) because it brought in a lot of money – more money than working at any job he could get. I’m pretty sure he’s in a state prison at this time. These young people are the future of our country, and it’s pretty scary to see what’s happening to them.

  • anneinarkansas

    All true. Why are we talking about gay marriage and brith control for Flukes while we are drowning in debt?

  • Linky1

    Daniel Hannan is a visionary and he is oh, so right.

    The Akin thingy, the continual outrage over the unhinged MSNBC hosts and their rants, gay marriage, Sandra Flucke…..here are the Dems, trying to set the agenda – Nero (Obama) fiddles while Rome burns.

    It’s up to the GOP campaign to hammer home the economic realities, not just of the USA, but what a European collapse will mean for all of us…….

    Read his book on Europe and see what is in store for North America.


  • bobemakk

    I saw the interview and Hannan is right besides the other issues. Hannan should move to the US and run for office, I’d vote for him.


    Exactly!! there will be no social issues to discuss if we don’t get our fiscal house in order (and if we don’t confront the takeover of the aggressive Muslims, as well).

    I was ecstatic to see the Repubs come together in unity over jobs when there are huge disagreements among them on the social issues.

    Remember, Mr. Hannan is a Brit and doesn’t quite get us, brilliant as he is. Our attention to social issues is indeed our problem and how to extricate ourselves is the remedy.

    However, I do agree that the clocks are ticking, ticking, running!!! and we need to pay attention….now.

  • carrstone

    Right on, Hannan. If we can send Geithner over there with a slouchily delivered message of ‘get it fixed, guys’, it’s a nice quid pro quo to hear someone say ‘focus on the issues, guys’. Interestingly, none of the listeners give a toss, of course.