Deb Fischer beats Jon Bruning in Nebraska Republican Primary

Deb Fischer has won the Republican Primary in Nebraska by over 4 points (this was with 93% reporting):

Sarah Palin, who just endorsed Deb Fischer in the last couple of days sent Fischer a congratulatory tweet:

I think for most people who backed Stenberg, Fischer was a great second choice. So this is a win-win for both Stenberg and Fischer fans. Also, it was reported on twitter that Stenberg announced a run for governor in his concession speech tonight.

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  • K-Bob

    Nothing says “I’m running for Governor” like coming in third in some primary.

    • poljunkie

      K-Bob that was just what I was thinking.

      Twisted logic?

      • K-Bob

        Well, thinking about it a bit… maybe he’s a new guy, and this third-place finish sort of elevated his name recognition. If he’s not a new guy, he’s possibly a crank.

        • poljunkie

          Heres what I know- He served as Attorney General of Nebraska from 1991 to 2003 and currently serves as State Treasurer of Nebraska to which he took office in 2011.

          Honestly I didnt know, without looking it up.

          I wouldnt normally watch with much interest about Nebraska politics but since our primaries have all but sizzled out…I have to get my fix some how. (PLUS it would be nice to pick up a seat on the R side of the aisle come November!)

          • K-Bob

            Good job! I forgot to look, myself.

            Those pickups are often disappointing (when they turn out to be RINOs), but the part where the Dem gets the boot is quite satisfying.

          • sDee

            The only reason the RNC robo number is not in my call-block list is so I can tell them which CONSERVATIVE candidate I am sending their money to. 🙂

            The ones on Sarah’s list make the research easier.

            It is going to be a long fight back to a Republic.

            • keyesforpres

              I like the “back to the Republic”.

        • Bucketheadbaptist

          Hey HEY… watch those “crank” remarks… willya?

          • K-Bob

            I have friends who are cranks, so I can comment on them with authority or something.

            Well, that’s how the lefties work it, anyway.

    • Terrenceor

      He might want to ask Sarah for an endorsement.

      • K-Bob

        That reminds me of a Keith Jackson story. Keith Jackson was the premier NCAA Football play-by-play man on ABC and other networks, and he covered a lot of Big Ten games.

        One of Keith’s signature statements was to call a particularly good offensive lineman, “ol’ Hoss,” as in, “and he ran through the hole created when ol’ Hoss Steinkuhler ran over the defensive end.”

        So, in one particular Senior year game played by an outstanding Michigan lineman who went straight into the pros (I think it was Jumbo Elliott), they were talking about him up in booth, and the color man said, “You know, he asked me if I could tell you he’d love to be called ‘Hoss’ by Keith Jackson once.”

        Jackson’s reply: “Tell him to work harder.”

        (Jackson was only half-joking, but he waited until late in the fourth quarter when Michigan was winning to call the kid “ol’ Hoss.”)

        Palin needs to be like that with her endorsements.

  • No more career politicians- if the guy didn’t win, then it’s time to go back to the 9-5.

    Congrats to the conservative winner though.

  • principledpilgrim

    Know nothing about this race. Guessing that Bruning was the incumbent? A RINO? Someone fill me in.

    • poljunkie

      I think Ben Nelson (D) is retiring so it is a seat up for grabs.

      • CalCoolidge

        Does he get to pocket the Cornhusker Kickback?

    • HarrietHT2

      Stenberg was the candidate supported by Jim DeMint’s Senate Conservative Fund; I wish he’d prevailed in this contest. But he would make a fine governor for the state. I’m glad he’s considering it.

      Some here might do well to learn more about him before writing off his aspirations to that office.

      • Arrrggghhh

        Am I understanding this correctly, DeMint backed Stenberg and Palin backed Fischer? While I don’t expect them to agree on every candidate, putting resources and political capital behind people that are running against each other seems like an inefficient allocation of resources.

        • Amy

          It’s a primary election – that’s what they are for. It’s actually very encouraging to see more than one really good candidate.

          • marketcomp

            You are right! It wasn’t that the other candidates were so bad its just that with the other two candidates nothing would have changed in the Senate because they had similar points of views to what’s already there. Mrs. Fischer is a hunter, like Sarah, and both are very similar in how they entered the political arena. As Mrs. Fischer said there are 50 Senators who are lawyers in the Senate and she is not. She will bring real world experience to the Senate which is so badly needed. Now winning the Senate is the next challenge.

        • Yes, DeMint back Stenberg, Santorum backed Bruning and Palin backed Fischer.

          • Arrrggghhh

            Someone should have called “same team guys.” Maybe they were all a slightly different flavors of conservative – perhaps fiscal, social and non-establishment/ female respectively. Thankfully, it doesn’t sound like it opened the door to a RINO.

            Hopefully, they will coalesce around Fischer. It’s great to have so many good candidates. We just may have a lot to celebrate in November.

          • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

            …and Levin backed Stenberg.

        • MacSwain

          Was it a gender thing???????????

          • Rightstuff1

            I know its a primary but jeez, 4 heavy hitters back diff candidates. Maybe this is normal and par for the course but it seems weird to me…..

  • Is a plurality enough in Nebraska, or will there be a runoff?

  • I’m from NE. I’m glad Deb won. The GOPe wrote her off as a T-Party twit, then Sarah blew a fresh wind beneath her wings and she took off. I love how that irrelevant snowbilly just jacks with them. tee hee

    • keyesforpres

      It is sweet justice isn’t it? They drummed Sarah out of her governorship in the hopes that would be the end of her political career and influence. What they unleashed has been fabulous!

  • Lemuel Vargas

    VOTE this NOVEMBER for the DOWNTICKET Tea Party contenders even if you have no intention (not recommended) of voting for Mitt Romney because we the people has not won the war yet.

    By virtue of the Tea Party candidates winning(case in point, the Mourdock and Fischer wins) we have only won halfway because we the people still has to beat the Dem side.

  • cathmom

    Palin Power!!

  • carltonwest

    Prominent, prestigious Palin Power prevails in Nebraska. Super Sarah wins another round in her fight against the corrupt Establishment. Congratulations to Deb Fischer.

  • Congrats to Deb Fischer. Sarah Palin has shown she still carries weight with the people.

  • Al Redwood

    The most constructive ways Ms. Palin can help to demolish the corrupt grip of the entitles class of entrenched politicos is by lending her personal support to those who have not been tainted, in order for new talent to replace the ossified, dishonest and compromised lifelong freelaoders by opening the door for new faces. Palin behind is a better proposition than Palin in front. She shames the imploded left with her canny popularity and her ability to influence outcomes of various races. It does not get much better. Romney’s handlers: Don’t overlook this resource.

  • usajingoist

    The US Senate in 2013 will consist of Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Kelly Ayotte, Ron Johnson, and potentially Deb Fisher to replace Ben Nelson in Nebraska and Steelman to replace McCaskill in Missouri. It is almost as if Palin is a GM and Jim Demint is the coach. She is turning over the roster and he will help direct them. I wish we could get rid of McConnell and get Demint in as Majority Leader.

    • actionsspeaklouder

      What about Rubio being VP? Not gonna happen? Shoot!
      I wish we could get rid of Boehner AND McConnell. Useless milquetoasts.

      • usajingoist

        Alan West for Speaker!

  • Why’d the GOP nominate Fischer? Don’t they want to repeal Obamacare???

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    Mitch Daniels got a long segment on Gretta last night to tell us all that Murdoch’s Indiana win had absolutely nothing to do with the Tea Party or endorsements! He of course backed Lugar but now claims Murdoch is an establishment Republican. These guys have learned the Obama technique very well. One in the same!

    • actionsspeaklouder

      So watch out – if Romney picks Daniels -all is lost. Daniels is an establishment Republican. The old guard Republicans are fighting against the Tea Party and their candidates. Harry Reid keeps telling the Republicans that the Tea Party is ruining their party – and they listen to him! Shut up Harry – you are terrified of the Tea Party – that’s why you try and demonize them.

      GO TEA!

      • Daniels balanced Indiana’s budget, got Indiana a AAA credit rating, put a cap on property taxes and gave Indianans the Right to Work. Do you not support conservative politics?

    • Murdoch IS an establishment Republican. He served as Secretary of State and Treasurer before running for Senate. OF COURSE, those positions are part of establishment politics.

      Not that Murdoch’s establishment qualities make him a bad candidate. In fact, he did a good job in both positions before running for Senate. If he had never taken establishment positions, he wouldn’t have built any experience, and we wouldn’t have had any way to evaluate him.

  • RRRRRealy great day for TEA/CONSERVATIVES.

    GOV PALIN are MARIE CURIE of Politics.
    Her strategy can succeed, if there will be as many as possible TEA/CONSERVATIVES on the House and Senate ballots.