Democrat Strategist: Guns aren’t the answer, just tell men to stop raping women

The absurd lengths at which Democrats will go just because they don’t like guns never ceases to amaze me. In this instance, Democrat Strategist Zerlina Maxwell argues that as a society we need to tell men to stop raping women, and with the proper training men will comply and women won’t need guns to protect themselves. And get this – Zerlina says she’s been raped before.


NOTE: The omitted lead-in below was the CO Democrat lecturing the girl who was raped.

I don’t understand this belief on the left that we can create a Utopian society. This isn’t Star Trek. Humanity hasn’t evolved passed the point of evil. No, people ARE evil. If you want to be delusional, then you can believe that some Utopia will save you – or you can just get a gun and save yourself.

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  • Well they never phrased it that way. No one ever told me that I couldn’t rape anyone. And here all this time I didn’t know I was doing anything wrong. Sigh……

    Said no one ever.

    • bbitter

      No, really. She just fixed the problem, right then and there. In fact, she just fixed the world’s problems, just like that.

      While we’re at it, let’s tell all the felons to stop breaking the law. Furthermore, let’s tell the Palestinians to stop killing/hating Jews, and tell Iran to stop building nuclear weapons.
      …Everyone, the nice lady just told you to stop getting sick. Just stop it already. And stop getting hurt while you are at it; we need to fix healthcare costs.

      …I’ve got a box of rocks which literally has a higher IQ. And the sad part is that this is what most college graduates are intellectually endowed with.

      • I am a felon and I don’t break the law anymore.

        I think you mean criminals, not all felons break the law. I get what you are saying, but statements like that are why it is hard for felons to change for the better. It is hard to beat the recidivism rates when folks like you discount us before we start.

        • bbitter

          I apologize that I don’t know how my statement disparaged you. Did I use the term ‘felon’ incorrectly?

          Are you currently incarcerated? If you have paid your dues to society, if you have fulfilled the law according to the crime, I don’t think you are breaking the law, don’t see your actions as unfulfilled, and therefore I don’t consider you a felon.

          I am curious how my satirical statement of “Of course making things against the law (society telling us not to), will make it so no one will break the law,” implicated you or others. As I understood it, the term ‘felon’ is someone actively under incarceration or at large for committing a felony, not former convicts.

          Was I mistaken?

          Perhaps I can re-phrase my wording, ‘… let’s tell all those who want to break the law to stop breaking the law.”

  • marketcomp

    I just cannot beleive that this stupid WOMAN who say something so idiotic.

    • SineWaveII

      That’s what happens when one has a low IQ

    • bbitter

      It is amazing to me that the definition of ‘rape’ requires that the woman say ‘no’, ‘stop’, ‘don’t’, and this woman feels that the way to get rid of rape is to…
      …wait for it… …say ‘no’. So, her solution is to recommend the one thing which DEFINES rape. The majority of rape is not hormonally driven, it is an expression of control over someone else; aka, they are intentionally doing what the victims doesn’t want, to prove that they have power/control. Telling them ‘no’ is actually part of the point.

      Her solution is literally like saying that the way to get rid of homosexuals is for guys to screw each other.

      how about we empower the possible victims so that the ‘no’ is punctuated by gunpowder and lead?

  • I’m also sure that the teachers at that school in Connecticut wished they could have been armed with an AR-15 against that gunman, instead of just their please for mercy. Trying to reason with evil people is more than just stupid, it’s dangerous too and could get you killed.

  • OneThinDime

    Zerlina Maxwell needs to be locked in a room with the thousands of illegals just released by Nappy for 30 days with all of them promised immunity for any crimes they may commit. Let’s see if she has different thoughts after those 30 days are up.

    • Danny Kelly

      A) Way to equate illegal aliens with rapists.
      B) Way to not-so-subtlely wish that a rape survivor get gang-raped by 1,000 men for a month. Not cool, dude.

      • OneThinDime

        Hey dude, she is the one saying women should just say no to the rapist and be disarmed. Her first. And your Marxist boy and his Nappy creature are turning illegal alien murders, rapists and child molesters lose on innocent citizens and refused to provide law enforcement with their identities.

        • Danny Kelly

          To whom does “Nappy creature” refer? Way to bring casual racism into the picture too.

          I don’t give a flying you-know-what what she has to say or what the president is doing, I still think it’s pretty much outside the realm of what is acceptable in civil society to suggest that it would be a positive thing for someone to get gang-raped.

          Also, it’s been made pretty clear that the immigrants released were being held for visa violations not violent offenses. None of the charges have been dropped against them either – they’re essentially out on bail. The fact that they were released by ICE should clue you into that. If you were paying attention to the world, you’d realize that “murderers, rapists, and child molesters” are detained and prosecuted by the appropriate law enforcement agencies – and if convicted have to serve full prison sentences before getting deported.

          It’s valid to say that illegal immigrants are criminals, since they entered and have stayed the US in violation of our laws, but that doesn’t mean that they’re all VIOLENT criminals. Only a small mind would believe something as stupid as that. The kind of mind that makes a joke about a woman getting gang-raped by a thousand people.

          If there were a mass release of inmates from a federal maximum security prison, then I think we’d be right to be concerned.

          • OneThinDime

            Now where did I say she would be gang-raped? She believes men can be taught not to rape and this is her opportunity. Obama thinks illegal aliens are find upstanding people so why on earth would they violate the law and do something like gang-rape her?

            BTW they are illegal ALIENS, set for DEPORTATION because of the serious nature of other CRIMES they committed.

            And what is racist about Nappy creature? What is that talking head? And does that creature head up ICE? And didn’t that creature tell ICE employees they would be fired if they upheld federal law?

            I know it takes a lot for you to research things but Al Gore’s Internet is a wonderful invention isn’t it.

            • Danny Kelly

              Last I checked ICE was headed up by John Morton. Is that whom you’re calling “nappy”?

              The aliens in question are considered non-criminal and/or low-risk and are being kept under supervision after release until their hearings. Honestly, sequester or not I would support broadening supervised release for non-violent illegal aliens; keeping them in detention is a waste of taxpayer dollars (the supervised release program has been used before and has success rates of over 90%). You want to cut the budget? This seems like a pretty good way to save a few million.

              People who commit serious/violent crimes are arrested, tried, and if convicted, sent to prison. If they are illegal aliens, after all this is finished they are then deported. After they’ve been in prison. These are not the people being released.

              Not all ilegal aliens are fine upstanding people, just like not all citizens are fine upstanding people. In the same respect, not all illegal aliens are violent criminals.

              • OneThinDime

                You are clearly reciting Obama’s talking points.


    • Right? What a moron. If only we had know this before. While were at it let’s tell everybody not to steal, murder, covet, lie, cheat, etc. I just solved all the world’s problems and it’s not even noon yet. I think I’ll go make myself a sandwich, take a nap and call it a day. I could totally be President.

  • Godisright

    Did you hear that all you criminals out there? BE GOOD, PLEASE.
    “Johnny, I’m not going to tell you again, Johnny, Johnny I really mean it, I am not going to….”
    Some people, unfortunately, are only good when the lights go out.

  • Joe

    They really don’t get it

    Criminals are ANIMALS and SAVAGES – They are not human

    More proof Dems are crazy !

  • They don’t believe evil exists. That’s the problem. Every bad action is a “product” in their Godless minds. Product of poverty or lack of education. And it’s up to the government to intervene and eradicate it. They refuse to believe that evil exists because then they’d have to believe in sin, and that we’re all fallen. Then they’d have to believe that if sin exists, they’d need a savior- and not the cool, hip and commie jesus that they’ve invented.

    That said, I saw this stupidity on twitter earlier. Yeah, tell rapists to stop raping because, well it’s not nice and it’s against the law. That’ll work as well as telling criminals that it’s against the law for them to use fire arms. Oh wait….

    NO ONE IS DEMANDING you shoot your attacker, but like the other lady said, it is CHOICE! HELLO?!

    This idiot says to tell men not to rape. What an idiot. Yes, most rapes are by someone we know- but I’m sure those who were raped by those who knew they’re attacker told them “no”. But the ba$tards don’t listen, do they?

    • OneThinDime

      And when the rapists listen to their victims, I’m sure the pedophiles will listen to the children. I feel bad for women with the likes of this one opening her pie hole.

      • All I could think of was the big flack over Todd Akin’s comments and how the left (and many ‘R’s) climbed all over him for his “insensitive” remarks about “legitimate rape”. How quick these hags are to turn on fellow women with pathetic and moronic statements I heard today!

        The first hag earlier, should experience a violent rape before she opens her yap telling someone who has that a gun wouldn’t have kept her from being a victim of it. This twit here ought to freaking well know- I’m sure she begged the guy who raped her not to- but did he listen? NO! They don’t listen! These people make me want to throw up. Seriously I feel sick.

  • bjohnson55

    How about just telling Democrats not to be stupid!!

    • aposematic

      Oh wow! Laughing my a$$ off.

    • stage9

      There’s a comprehension gap there. They’d only look at you with a blank stare.

  • johnos2112

    I agree Scoop. If you want a gun then do not tell me if I need one or not to defend myself.

  • stage9

    Let’s put her in San Quentin for a weekend getaway and see how well her theory works.

  • johnos2112

    BTW if my brother is gonna go psycho on me, you know someone I know, I would not hesitate to take him down. And if someone I knew would rape someone they knew then take them down. Unreal!

  • Nukeman60

    NOW the argument is that we are forcing people to be armed??? Sounds to me like the arguments are running dry.

    Well, let’s just tell men to stop raping women, then. Why didn’t we think of that years ago? Instead of guns, we need more newspapers. You could just swat the guy on the nose and say, “Down boy, down”. Would that take care of it? It certainly would sell more liberal newspapers (and we all know how they are hurting).

    Here’s another thought as well. Instead of worrying about abortions, why don’t we just tell women to stop getting pregnant? After all, it’s not the abortion that’s the problem, it’s the pregnancy.

    This woman is talking about rapes that occur with people you know. Yeah, you can’t stop a rape with a gun if you are already in bed with someone, but even a date rape can be prevented if your packin’ and alert. What this woman should do is stop hanging around guys that like to rape people they know.

    When will the idiocy end? We are due for another plague. Open the 7th seal, already.

    • sickandtired

      Nuke, this whole “just tell them to stop” stuff would be hilarious if it weren’t an indication of how ignorant these people actually are….and they put them on TV
      as some kind of experts.

      When I was 20 years old, I married my wife and I told her I wanted to move far far out in the country and build a fort with machine gun nests in each corner tower.
      Of course, I was being facetious to a point and she thought it was funny, but 40 years later…..I wish I had built that damn fort!!!

      • Nukeman60

        Living far, far out in the country is a good idea. The inner cities harbor the worst of society. I used to live in Chicago and moved out into Small Town, America way back in the mid 70’s, never looked back, and never regretted it.

        Granted, there are problems everywhere, but for years I never even locked my front door. Nowadays, the guard towers are not a bad idea anywhere.

  • Oh dear. Someone’s brain isn’t functioning tonight. Could be you, my dear.

  • WI4Walker

    What? Train men to not rape? Because we are currently training them to rape? And she’s been raped by an acquaintance and she is still this naive?

    I give up.

  • white531

    We have departed so far, from the basis of objective thought and sanity, that I really find it hard to comment on the lunacy that represents our government right now.

    If anyone had told you five years ago, that what we are facing right now would come to pass in our lifetime, you would have called them crazy. It pains me to ask the question. Who’s crazy now?

    • Nukeman60

      I’m hoping I’m the crazy one. If that is true, then people could just put me away and the problem is solved. But if what I suspect is true, that our society has gone off the deep end and I’m not really dreaming, then we’re all in big trouble.

      • white531

        Nuke, I love you to death, and that just might be how we wind up.

        • Nukeman60

          What. Crazy or dead? If I end up dead, it’s because I went down fighting for my country and my loved ones.

          • white531

            Even dead, we’ll come back to haunt the Libtard Bastards.

            • Nukeman60

              At least we will get to vote as many times as we like. 🙂

              • white531


                • TexasPGRRider

                  Great exchange…I concur

      • TexasPGRRider

        Everybody`s crazy Nuke, some don`t admit it; First semester Psycology. We Are in trouble, you`re not dreamin`. Keep your Faith Strong, you are Not alone….

        • Nukeman60

          Oh, I know. I was just saying that it would be so much easier if I were insane and the world was okay, rather than the other way around (it would be a much easier fix). Every morning I wake up to discover that, yep, the world is still nuts. 🙂

          • TexasPGRRider

            By golly, I`d rather be crazy than Stupid, and I`d rather be a has-been than a never was !!!!

  • Philo Beddoe

    And we can tell the criminals to quite robbing people.

    • OneThinDime

      Can we just tell the blacks to stop having children out of wedlock? And the black males to stop sewing their seeds to produce children they will never support?

      • white531

        What an absolutely racist comment! God Bless you.

        • OneThinDime

          LOL Well she should be preaching to her own race, shouldn’t she….

    • tinlizzieowner

      And we can tell Democratic politicians to quit lying.
      😉 😉

      • c4pfan


      • sickandtired

        And we can tell Democratic politicians to quit lying.

        I think you’ve went to far with this one….that would require a miracle!! 🙂

  • Marridge

    The amount of brainwashing this woman has undergone is astounding. I bet she truly believes her own bullsh*t.

    • OneThinDime

      Likely handsomely paid by Obama’s new nonprofit that is selling access to him for $500,000

  • objective123

    The left is stupid and not of God. Nobody in their right mind would give up their right to self-defense (protect yourself from an attack with a gun) approves anything these Communists/Marxist/Fascist/Statist/Socialists say is not based in reason, God’s law, etc…

    IT IS PROPAGANDA TO MAKE THE STUPID AMONG US ACCEPT THAT THEY ARE A WARD OF THE STATE AND ARE SUBJECT TO CONTROL. That is why when you bring reason, God’s law, etc.., the left attack call you racist, sexist, etc…

  • God put us on this earth with a free will to do and think as we wish but with the proviso that there are eternal consequences to that.

    Liberals want to replace god and replace our free wills to suit their way of thinking.

  • Tell men not to rape? Oh, well that’s simple. Can we can expand that to include burglary, murder, grand theft auto, embezzlement, hell, every crime under the sun? What an arrogant, idiotic little woman.

  • friskyness

    Why doesn’t the left EVER talk about taking the guns away from gang members and the criminals that use the guns? They always talk about taking guns away from the “good people.” Start with the criminals……you can’t have an utopian society, if you don’t get rid of the bad people…….I say take the gang members and ship them to Afghanistan, then they can fight about their “turf!”

    • debw777

      “Why doesn’t the left EVER talk about taking the guns away from gang members and the criminals that use the guns?”

      I’m gonna take a wild stab at this one. Because they might be Obama voters, and their mommas have Obama phones. Can’t p*ss off the useful idiots.

  • tinlizzieowner

    People like this Twit never cease to amaze me. It’s almost impossible to believe that this much ignorance can be contained in one body.

  • disqus_XeFVQf2YXo

    She’s a Democrat Strategist;; that’s about s good as it gets… lame brained idiot… and she plans things for Democrabs….

  • white531

    You know what all these conversations are about, don’t you? Its pretty obvious. They are about getting rid of The Second Amendment. The most evil, hatred thing the Founders ever came up with.

    What were they possibly thinking? Good question. I believe, in their Wisdom, they were envisioning exactly what is happening right now. A Federal Government absolutely out of control. A need of the general populace to counter that. With guns, if necessary.

    These comments we all make here each evening, are silly really. Any intelligent person has to accept the reality of what his comments make on the landscape. I think zero, would be a good number, but I’m just throwing that out there.

    When we speak, very little is gained from that speech. When Obama speaks, the walls vibrate and there is Thunder on the horizon.

    The Thunder on the Horizon, is Freedom leaving the room.

    • I want to say something to that whitefriend, but frankly…. i’m out of words. i just weep for what has become of this country and that there aren’t enough willing to or knowing how to fight for her. damn.

      • white531

        God Bless you. You understand every single bit of it. Our sadness as a nation, is that you are one of the very few, who do.

        We need to change that. Why don’t we start with The Constitutional Freedom Party?

        • I’m trying whitefriend. But you and a few others know that. Thank you sweet friend. I’ll go only when I’m dead. I’m NOT giving up no matter how tired I am.

        • Constitutional Freedom Party
 Tweet @cfp4us

    • Nukeman60

      I disagree with you on the futility of our words. Really, all I have left in this world is my word and my voice to spread that word. I don’t think my voice is lost speaking on this site, or amongst my friends, or around my neighbors. It takes us speaking up to start the avalanche.

      One voice inspires ten and those ten inspire 100. That hundred go out and spread the word to thousands before it’s done. We are making a difference here. If we weren’t, it wouldn’t pi$$ off the liberal trolls so dang much.

      If I may paraphrase a great American, “I have but one voice to give to my country. Give me freedom of speech or give me tyranny.” I choose to shout into the darkness. Does the darkness shout back or does it shirk away?

      • white531

        Gotta love the Nuke! He doesn’t speak words, he speaks volumes.

    • Danny Kelly

      If our federal government is so out of control why are they also so incapable of doing literally anything?

  • Cancel_NPR

    Well, look at it this way…
    Maxine Waters just lost her ” I am the most stupid b!tch on the planet ” status to this dumb-kcuf…
    You can tell she’s a stupid kcuf… look at the distance between those CLUELESS eyes…

  • Military keeps their firearms locked up, everyone isn’t walking around carrying on a military base.

  • Dooran

    These are the same people who think we can hug criminals and talk them into being good law abiding people. “Just tell men not to rape women”… dumb as a stump liberal. Don’t we already telling them that? Aren’t there laws against rape they know about? I guarentee that almost every man that raped a woman knew what he was doing was wrong. But these are the same people who believe that we can “talk” to Iran and get them to stop making a nuke to use on Israel… they should never have been put in charge of anything important.

  • johnos2112

    We need to stop gang bangers from killing each other, tell people to not drink and drive, tell burglars to not rob houses, etc.

  • Lives4Freedom

    Ms. Maxwell, why don’t you try sharing your point of view with the millions of women who were brutally murdered after their rape….oh wait, they don’t have much of a choice now, do they?

  • white531

    Just stop raping women. Like that’s some sort of American pastime, that all adult males engage in.

    This is Liberalism in action. Blame all American males, for the action of a few, and then demand new legislation to prevent what you just said. Has America become so damned stupid, as to believe this hogwash?

    The problems our society is suffering from right now, are not a failing of our society, and its beliefs. The failing, is a failing of our society to produce and maintain a body of law enforcement to quickly enforce our laws and punish those who think its okay to ignore them.

    Laws are not worth anything, unless they are enforced. I’m sorry, but we are not enforcing our laws. If you doubt me, just look at the immigration mess. Folks, a thousand people a day, maybe even more, just walk across our Southern border. Is that what you call, enforcing our laws?

    There are only two conclusions to all of this. We have already lost our country, or we are on the verge of losing our country. Which group are you a part of? Which Fools party, are you going to attend?

    • c4pfan


  • FreeManWalking

    Six thousand years and “STOP, Don’t kill me, and Don’t Rape me”, still doesn’t work as well as a Colt .45!

    “God made all men equal, Sam Colt made some more equal than others.” Quigley Down Under.

  • Ya can’t fix stupid. The obvious need for women & everyone for that matter need to defend themselves when attacked. More guns, less crime! John Lott, author, get it on Amazon.

  • RocklinConservative

    If we could just convince men to not rape, we could probably convince mass murderers to quit murdering and then they wouldn’t have to take away our guns!

  • TexasPGRRider
    • Well sweet brother, you did it. Made me smile for the first time tonight. I loveLOVE this story, which I’ve watched more than a few times! Thank you Texas for this.

      • TexasPGRRider

        Seems like these days we`re lettin` the pc socialist muzbots control the conversation. Ever now and then it`s good to hear something positive. You KEEP Smilin` sister, the Good Lord`s got our 6 !!!!

        • You just made me smile some more. 😀 I gotta say I love me some Texas tonight. Thank you brother.

          • TexasPGRRider

            I`m fixn` to head to N. Carolina in a few hours to spend about a week w/some JSOC buds. I`m takin` my laptop and will update you W/Benghazi info….

            • Cool! I appreciate that Texas! Have a safe trip!

              • TexasPGRRider

                Thank you AbiC…Later Lady….

            • NCHokie02

              oh yes, mother-bragg. Should be nice weather this weekend.

    • Patriot077

      It’s a great story, Texas!

      I couldn’t help but compare the opposite results and the resources committed to the rescue of Roger Locher vs. the stand down at Benghazi. Shameful.

  • ApplePie101

    Yeah, more education. That should do it. As it did with illegal drugs.

  • aposematic

    Well, well, well. Why didn’t we just think to tell criminals to not be criminals and all of those criminals would never have become be criminals.

  • And, to think, she votes and it counts.

    • aposematic

      How many times does her vote count is the real question…

      • OneThinDime

        Each vote x 1000 because she’s a minority liberal

  • Guns won’t stop crime. Nothing will stop crime. Crime happens. Some people are evil. End.

    • Some people are evil- yet guns stop crime every day. Guns stop evil every day. People willing to defend themselves and others stop crime every day.

    • If you know I have a gun, and the guy two houses over doesn’t, you aren’t going to be stupid enough to rob me.

      If I have a gun, anyone attempting to harm me or my family will pay a VERY heavy price.

      And here’s a critical fact: that “price” that I referred to in the previous sentence will be far heavier than the one they would pay when the victim is relying only on the cops to arrive.

  • Patriot077

    I guess her rapist didn’t listen when she told him not to rape.

    • sickandtired

      It was probably her brother, and he thought she was just joking!

  • “Tell men not to rape”

    What a freakin dolt.

  • Men are already being told not to rape women, and they’re being told in the loudest way possible. A serial rapist is likely to spend the rest of his life in prison. That’s telling them not to rape women in the strongest way imaginable.

    Zerlina seems to think that if other women choose to have a gun that is the same as telling her that she must have a gun. She’s nuts.

  • Kordane

    Quote: “Guns aren’t the answer, just tell men to stop raping women

    Guns aren’t the answer, just tell people to stop murdering each other.
    Guns aren’t the answer, just tell people to stop stealing from each other.

    According to this view, guns are never the answer to anything, persuasion is, even though persuasion is very limited in its power to “stop” people from doing anything, whereas guns have an almost perfect effectiveness at stopping people from doing anything.

    The fear of being shot/killed is infinitely more effective than persuasion with words.

    • NCHokie02

      funny how that works

  • warpmine

    First off, I’d like to explain to her that the very idea of utopia or heaven on earth is like saying God doesn’t exist which is why the left always makes foolish attempts at it. Secondly, it’s her cohorts(Can we say low information voters?) that actually do the raping and majority of murders not to mention the fraud, theft, grand larceny wealth forced redistribution a.k.a. progressive income tax. Then there’s the belief that somehow, despite each individual’s potential, we have to somehow regulate his output/consumption ratio so that all results of effort are equal. Public institutions have done wonderful things with the huge amounts of forced at gun point tax money they’ve pilfered over the last six decades and the result of generational idiocy is absolutely staggering.

  • colliemum

    That’s another jaw-hit-floor moment right here: “Tell men not to rape” …
    Haven’t people been told ever since the Ten Commandments not to murder, steal, lie, commit adultery? Aaaand …?

    In this world, evil exists. Telling or admonishing people not to commit a crime doesn’t work. Heck, you can’t even tell your child not to touch the hot oven door – they’ll only stop once they’ve burned their little hands.

    That woman, and in fact all the progs, male and female, live in a mirage.

  • WordsFailMe

    As soon as you see her picture, you know what she is going to say will be predjudiced, racist, full of hate and reasoned out at perhaps a second grade level. Shouldn’t people like this be required to obtain a license be fore they are allowed on the street? These are liars and slackers …There’s no point in taking them any more seriously than mangy, stray dogs.

    GO home slut, and draw welfare.

  • notebene

    What a simpleton! I’d like to see her go into a mosque and say that to the religion of piece’s leaders. While she’s at it, tell the Dictator in Chief to not release prisoners back into society and I won’t need to use my gun! Yet another lefty hypocrite telling law abiding Americans how to live their lives, while spewing an illogical solution.

  • ryanomaniac

    If I were the NRA I would run that comment over and over in a commercial. If that doesn’t make women upset I don’t know what will.

  • ryanomaniac

    Tell men not to rape women? How’d that work out for you when you were raped? Didn’t you tell him him that men weren’t supposed to rape? Why would he proceed after you told him that? Libtards…forget about it.

  • NCHokie02

    Oh, it’s that simple. Huh, who would’ve guessed it. I’m sure she stopped a ton of rapes by all those men out there by saying that on Hannity. Some guy on his couch saying “You know, after Hannity I’m gonna go out rape some chick because I’m lonely tonight. Wait, what’s that?? I shouldn’t rape women….huh? Well never mind then.”

    But we do tell men (and women) not rape. It’s call the LAW!! Perhaps she’s heard of those things….you know we are a nation of laws and not men (well we used to be). It’s what the police enforce. I mean the absolute retardeness of that comment. And is all that people carry guns for is rape? So, if someone is trying to break into my house and I shout out “Hey! You shouldn’t rape anyone!” The guy is going to turn around and leave like, “oh didn’t know that although I wasn’t planning on raping I was planning on armed robbery.”

    I’m at a loss on how dumb people are.

  • NCHokie02

    “Life’s tough. It’s even tougher when your stupid!” – John Wayne

  • Come on, you guys aren’t thinking big enough. This genius is on to something.

    See, I just sent Barack an email telling him: Don’t be totalitarian.

    Now that that problem is solved, let’s all go work on something else!

    • He must have already got it. The other day he said in a press conference– “I am not a dictator.”

      Thanks for looking out for us K-Bob! Guess we can all hold hands and sing songs now that there won’t be rapists or dictators!


  • Ms. Maxwell, I want to attend the liberal college you attended, and discover the fool’s paradise. Because, sweety, you are the forefront of a fool’s paradise.

    • Careful, odds are that is where her rape occurred.

  • This lady is silly.

  • debw777

    Wow. Why didn’t I think of that? Hey Al Qaeda, you listening? Stop blowing up people.
    There, that’s done.

  • notebene

    If Hannity had half a brain he would have asked her if she told her rapist to stop! If so, how did that work out for her?! This woman, if she was indeed raped, would never give such a flippant answer on national television! She is a disgrace for lying and a disgrace for pushing propaganda that is meant to harm!

    • Had he done that he would have been attacked for not taking her rape seriously. I commented to the effect of that not working for her also– but I’d never say that to a woman who was raped.

  • 911Infidel

    By her logic should then tell women to stop molesting children? I see a big list of females on the giant predator list at WND from time-to-time. Women also participated heartily in the Kinsey experiments that featured the molestation of a male child as young as 2 months old. But most were between 3 and 5 years of age. PBS did a piece on Kinsey just recently. So you see lefties two can play this game.

  • I wonder if she told her rapist, “stop, don’t rape me” evidently not since she was rapped.

    That is so stupid! What person doesn’t know rape is wrong?! If she doesn’t want a gun, fine– get a taser. My girlfriend got one from me on her way back to college last summer. Think I’m going to trust guys in a coed dorm around a beautiful young lady– HELL NO. I don’t care if it’s a Catholic college or not, I don’t care if there has ever been a rape case (reported) or not… HUMAN NATURE has a tendency toward evil and there is a first time for EVERYTHING, the love of my life will NOT be the first rape case. She is woman enough to defend herself and WANT every tool possible to do so. She flat out said she’d carry a gun if the school would allow it.

    On the other side, my cousin has been mugged and wants everyone to be a victim evidently– she is VERY anti-gun. Ironic part, she lives in Chicago BECAUSE of the gun restrictions… oops!

    I honestly don’t know why anti-gun people are resorting to such idiotic ideas– is something wrong with mace and tasers? They are cheap, available, easy to use, and way more effective than urine, vomit, fainting, fists, pens, talking about your period, etc.

  • The left should just tell gun owners to stop using them to harm other people, problem solved– now they can leave us alone. FINALLY!

  • armyvet10

    I don’t know if anyone else hinted on this but I would like to address the last comment from Ms. Maxwell. “If guns were the answer, the military would be the safest place in the world; and it is not.” Here again the context of this statement is accusatory and false.

    While serving as a recruiter for the Army, for three years, there was a big scandal of a recruiter of a different branch that did a very bad thing. He started a inappropriate relationship with a recruit. This made talking to any female applicant even tougher when parents would make the statement that; and I am paraphrasing here, “I would never allow my daughter to serve because she will get raped.” Yes I had a father tell me this after his daughter requested to talk to me. This parent went to on to say that all military men are would be rapist and that he felt safer with his daughter going to a local college. The college he gave me will remain nameless out of respect for the state and college; I contacted not only this college, but the DOD, Department of Defense to get statistics of rape, sexual assault and so called date rape percentages from each.

    An administrator from this well know college gave me the following statistics: 25% of freshman women reported some sort of sexual harassment, un-wanted sexual advances and pressured compliance to sexual consent. 18% of freshman women reported attempted sexual assault, while 15% admitted to having been raped.

    The DOD reported that 8% of women entering basic training report or alleged to have been raped, Of this 8% 1/3rd of these women in training went further to state that they were propositioned by a Drill Sergeant to engage in sex for favoritism. Either case is unacceptable.

    The assumption of Ms. Maxwell’s statement, in light of the statistics I garnered in 1996, does indicate that the military is in fact safer, but here is the rub. No woman, regardless of age, status or walk in life should have to go through a rape. What I believe Ms. Maxwell is missing is what Sean and all Gun Rights activist are saying, is simple. Not Ms. Maxwell or anybody else should be able to deny any woman their right to protect themselves anyway they want. Either through self defense; I know a few women I wouldn’t want to meet in a dark ally, or through the responsible use of a firearm. All U S citizens have the right to protect themselves, loved ones, each other and their property. What Ms. Maxwell is proposing is to take away the rights of law abiding citizens and make more victims for criminals to harm.

    One last thought on Ms. Maxwell’s stereotyping of men who rape. There may be a few humans that can change the way they think, act and feel. But not every man who is re-educated will transform into a good citizen because he is told he is loved and coddled. The father I mentioned before never changed his mind and I never talked with his daughter. The point I made to him though went to prove a small point. I had never had a stereo stolen from my vehicle until I moved to his state. By his logic I should be able to say that all people in his state were nothing but a bunch of thieves. After I said this to him he agreed that perhaps he was wrong in stereotyping everyone by the actions of a few. Like I have been told more than a thousand times, actions speak louder than words. What I tell my daughter is that each person must be judged on their individual actions.

    Sorry for the long post

    • Excellent and most informative post! Thanks for taking the time to write/post it.

  • It’s what she leaned in school, the comparative approach to which the desired effects are only an estimate. Maybe she forgot she lives in the U.S.A., where rape is not moral and citizens sometimes have these things called guns which is the ultimate defense, whereupon
    they protect your physical and mental property, just in case, for that piece of mind.

    But hey, buy a shotgun.

  • retiredconservative

    I am completely baffled by the liberal mind. It assumes that proper brainwashing can separate us from our human nature–not just this poor misguided woman who, it appears from her comments, believes in mandatory social programming for all men, but all liberals–laws to keep us from eating what they don’t want us to eat (for our own good), laws to keep us from owning what they don’t want us to eat (for the greater good), laws that tell us that the fundamental institution of all society (the family) isn’t necessary.

    We (the western world) have slipped through the looking glass.

    How in the world can we restore sanity when Hollywood, news media–including print media, and our universities, colleges, and K12 systems have distorted and jettisoned reasoned thought and replaced it with shallow emotion?

  • retiredconservative

    I had to come back and write one more comment. If liberals won’t read the Bible or take it seriously, perhaps they’d pay attention to a pagan Roman philosopher, Epictetus. Here’s the first paragraph of his Enchiridion:

    ‘Some things are in our control and others not. Things in our control are opinion, pursuit, desire, aversion, and, in a word, whatever are our own actions. Things not in our control are body, property, reputation, command, and, in one word, whatever are not our own actions.’

    Things not in our control include ‘command.’ We can give a command, but if we believe we have control over our command being acted on, Epictetus instructs us that we are enslaved to something outside our control. In the case of liberals, it’s their theory. And to prove their theories–they have enslave us to their loony tunes world.

  • Oh heck! My head is going to explode! Every time I think Libtards can’t possibly get more idiotic, along comes another one and plunges depths of idiocy never imagined by me before!

  • JungleCogs

    I guess she’s saying, until that time happens, just spread-um and take it. Nice.

  • Danny Kelly

    She’s actually repeating a pretty standard refrain of feminist theory which is that the only person who should be blamed for a rape is the rapist. This mostly comes up in response to instances of victim-blaming (e.g. “you shouldn’t have gone out dressed like that! What did you expect?!”) and it’s not entirely without reason. I believe, ideally, it’s not unreasonable to say that a woman should be able to wear whatever she wants and drink as much as she wants without the fear of getting sexually assaulted.

    Where I disagree with the feminists – and Ms. Maxwell here — is the notion that rape can be prevented by education. Sure teaching men to treat women better might cut down on incidents of acquaintance-rape etc. still we tell our kids not to kill anyone but our jails are nevertheless full of murderers.

    That said, I’m also not sure that giving drunk coeds handguns is the best solution to this problem either.

    • toongoon

      Schools are trying their darndest to make boys into girls and girls into boys, maybe that’ll work.

    • OneThinDime

      You are violating CCW if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, even certain prescription ones.

  • Guest1776rcp

    Guns aren’t the answer, just tell men to stop raping women

    Gun control is not the answer, just tell crazy people to stop shooting innocents.

  • Men stop raping women
    Homosexuals stop being homosexual
    Pedophiles stop raping children
    gang bangers stop killing people
    Drink Drivers, don’t drink and drive
    Bank robbers stop robbing banks

    People who believe in the 2nd amendment and the right to bear arms to defend yourself from the scum of the earth that stalk in the shadows… Stop! Just say “NO” and the criminal/attacker will understand your desire to not be a victim and will go home, cuddle up with a good book and never again attack anyone.

    Libtard thinking…. It’s friggin’ frightening!

    • toongoon

      My personal favorite; “OBAMA, STOP DESTROYING THE COUNTRY!”

      I hope this works!

      • According to Libtard logic, that will work! You’ve just solved our problems!!! Thank you!!! erm…. Now what do we do? 😉

        • toongoon

          Load and lock buddy, load and lock!

    • OneThinDime

      How well did Just Say No work for the war on drugs?

  • toongoon

    I think if we would tell people not to become Democrats that would solve 75% of all of our problems.

  • She’s supposed to be a strategist. Mwahahahahaha

  • Okay, zerlina, if you know and trust the assailant, then be gentle and tactful when you tell them to back off or you’ll blow them away. You can even whisper it in their ear.

  • notsofastthere

    Teach young men not to rape, but should you decide to, please pick up an unlimited supply of condoms at the school’s free condom dispensers.
    And you school girls, you can dress as provocatively as you wish. You have rights you know and no one should judge you.

  • Stop right there, Scoop. Logic will only get you in trouble.

  • joyfulgiver

    I never thought that while I was riding my bike through a state park that I would be attacked from behind and taken into a field of weeds and raped. Gosh, if I had only told the guy “don’t rape me” he would have stopped? In fact I did plead and beg to be let go, to no avail.

    That is the most absurd, stupid, idiotic statement I have ever heard! The fact that she even repeated her words at the end to “make her point” just shows me how stupid she really is. It’s obvious it didn’t work for her, either. I’m sure she told her “known” attacker “don’t rape me” but, he did it anyway.

  • That’ll do it. Just tell men to not raping women. ??? I guess it’s better tactic than throwing up or fainting. NOT!

  • yolyp168

    Stupid as stupid can get; rapists = criminals, period!

  • yolyp168

    Rapists are criminals – they don’t obey the law at all. Of course NO means nothing to them. How stupid can stupid be!!!!

  • The scariest thing is, seeing how confident she looks that she has the perfect answer!!
    I cannot imagine how a person this ignorant has managed to get the position she has, unless she has allowed herself to be raped to the top of her career path.

  • Ed Gibbon

    She can’t even convince these two that she’s right, but she’s sure she can stop a rapist from raping her. My god, this is what delusion looks like!

  • keith petersen

    “We can prevent men from raping if the women tell them not to do it.”

    I’m not even sure how to respond to that type of denial of reality?
    Bad people exist and you have to be able to fight back with what ever level of force is needed to prevent assualt, murder or rape.

    How does someone like this get this type of belief. It’s is extraordinary.

    Also, how does someone like this get on TV?

  • Liberalism is a mental disorder.

    This one is pretty insane. Rapes so that Americans can be disarmed so that the state can assume control.

    Yep, nuts.

  • Sigh, yet another political (insert title here) rambling on about their typical useless solutions that don’t address the problems.

    Telling men not to rape.The woman was a victim herself and she seems to feel telling men not to rape is an acceptable solution.It begs the question that during her ordeal, did she tell the person (who was a friend) not to rape her?

    Everyone should be terrified by the level of logic and common sense that these kind of people have who are and/or wish to be our political leaders.It’s insane.

  • mot57

    And I quote Zerina:

    “I’m very opinionated. I want people to be convinced that my point of view on a particular topic is the right one. If I’m allowing you to think of a certain topic in a different way than you would have before reading something I wrote– that’s what I really enjoy. When people are like, “I would have never thought about it that way,” that’s my favorite feedback on a piece.”

    Well Zerina the only thing you convinced me of is that your an idiot… good luck with Law school.

  • HealthyAmerican

    NOW they want go go with a “Just say no” strategy?

  • Julie Pascal

    This is amazing. I wonder if her rapist, that she knew, thought she wanted to have sex. “No means no,” has it’s place. Certainly it does. Certainly it’s been the case that men (yes, in general terms) have thought, because *society* has thought, that “yes” up to a certain point means “yes” all the way. It’s entirely possible that her rapist thought that drunk necking means drunk sex. If she says… should I shoot someone I *know*? I think that, frankly, if someone you know is raping you, the fact that you know him is irrelevant… unless what you’re talking about is drunk sex or angry sex or “you led me on” sex. But maybe I’m just a bloodthirsty person and figure that if someone I knew and trusted, and perhaps even liked, suddenly turned into a rapist I’d shoot him (if I could) and call him an ambulance.

    But actually, yes, you shouldn’t get drunk with a bunch of other people who are drunk and expect either yourself or anyone else to have good judgement or to accurately interpret other’s intentions.

    Society telling women (and men) not to get drunk is every bit as proper as society telling men than no means no and anything else is rape. I mean, how unfair is to demand that having impaired judgement is a woman’s god given right, because all of the equally drunk men are supposed to have good judgement *for* her?

    And no one who is going to go drinking should plan to be armed at the same time anyway. Getting drunk is like the ultimate self-disarming thing a person can do. It would be horribly irresponsible to carry a weapon and get drunk (get drunk, not have a drink) so you’re giving up your sensibility, your responsibility and your weapons (if you’re at all responsible)… in effect you’re disarming yourself in all ways.

  • Jacob Golden

    Crazy feminists. Now we are proposing to indoctrinate all men and “train” them to not become rapists. Eeeyeah… Why does that seem psycho to me?

  • Lyle Petersen

    We think this is a tone-deaf anti-woman anti-self-defense screed. But it’s simpler than that. Democrats are genuinely more afraid of guns than criminals. Yup, they actually fear inanimate objects to those who would use them.

    The biggest reason for this problem is that the violent criminal class (and their sympathetic immediate family members) is a significant part of the Democrat base. So they can’t be super-tough on criminals and lock them away for adequate sentences, because they’ll be incarcerating their own voters.

    For this reason, Dems never see violent criminals (especially inner-city criminals, who account for 99% of gun violence in this country) as a problem, but rather as victims themselves who need more Government “care”, unless of course the criminal is a white male “gun nut” or anyone else who is clearly not ONE OF THEM; those are the only REAL criminals to Dems. So they go after the guns instead.

  • double post.

  • “we need to tell men to stop raping women”…gee, why the hell didn’t Maxwell just tell her assailant to “stop raping” her during her sexual assault? Gawd, the more I hear the comments from Libtards, the more disgusted I get.

  • PatrickHenrysBody

    Leftist logic: we must tax Americans more so that the money can be used to fund research on how to identify and remove the “rape gene” from the DNA of all potential males. If the gene cannot be removed, simply abort the potential rapist, so that a rape may be prevented.

  • Joel Funk

    If guns stopped crime, military bases would be the safest places in the world? Lady, when I joined the military, I surrendered my right to keep and bear arms. Military bases are the biggest gun free zones in the country. Which is why the Fort Hood terrorist attack was so easy for him to pull off. If you are not a military police officer, An armorer transporting weapons, on the range, or in a combat zone, you are prohibited from carrying arms and ammunition.

  • MJazz

    Liberals & feminists really believe that ALL Men are rapists. This is the basis for this idiot’s thinking when she says we have to “train men not to be rapists”. (If we could only get men and boys into re-education camps, the world would be heaven on earth). Zerlina Maxwell is an ignorant, man-hating fascist who would happily force people to comply with her stupid view of the world. But she would also happily deprive women and men the choice of whether or not to have a firearm to defend yourself.

  • fuzzlenutter

    “Liberalism is DEFINITELY a mental disease…”

  • Why is it that it appears that her “tan” is only from the head to almost the bottom of her neck and her arms and hands?

  • Liberservativeuslimjew

    A year ago I went out to dinner with my girlfriend, her sister and her sister’s husband. Her sisters husband was an ex-college football player. From the start I cold tell he was a real a-hole. After a few drinks at dinner he became quite angry and belligerent with his wife. My girlfriend said a few things, and before long he was yelling and screaming at her. I decided it was time for my girl and I to leave. Suddenly he forcefully grabs his wife by the arm, yanks her from her chair and begins to pull her toward the restaurant exit door, all the time yelling “F you people, and referring to his wife as a stupid ‘B’ word”. Bear in mind this guy was twice my size, 6’3, 250 or 260 lbs. I told him that he it would be best to let his wife go, and that he leave and cool off for a while. That’s when he grabbed me by the collar with total madness in his eyes. Being that I had no choice but to protect myself and his wife, I drew my Glock-17 and put 3 rounds through his chest. He died there in the restaurant.

    Subsequently, I was acquitted of any wrong doing. Yet, for some stupid reason my “ex-girlfriend” , her parents, the sister and her kids despise me. I don’t get it. I tried to explain to them that, first and foremost, I was saving my life. Moreover, I saved their lives and possibly the lives of their children. It’s crazy because over the last year I’ve received threats from the guy I shot brother and father. About 2 months ago I saw the brother leaving a local store. I was sitting in my car. When he saw me he began to approach my vehicle. I wasted no time as I drew my gun and began firing. Fortunate for him he saw me remove my weapon from my waist holster, and he took off running. I thought I might have winged him but I could find a blood trail. The bottom line is my gun has saved, and will continue to save my life.

  • cuencanoa74

    Conservatives and reactionaries are the two largest groups of idiots in existence. If you want to know what the Democrats are trying to do in the United States, look up gun policy of Australia on a reliable internet source you misguided ignorant idiots.

  • ErikaNorthcutt

    This is stupid. You would rather be raped than shoot someone you know? Seriously, you are worried about someone who is raping you?
    I guess it is fully your choice to not shoot them, but don’t take away my choice to shoot them.

  • notrite

    I agree with Zerlina Maxwell. All of you guys are cruel and are not understanding what she’s saying. She said yes guns can help prevent rapes but the MORE IMPORTANT thing is making sure all men understand that forcing someone to have sex is wrong. If men knew that taking advantage of girl who’s drunk and incoherent is considered rape because she didn’t consent to it then some men would never to it. of course some men would not care and do it anyways but that’s some men. That is just one example/scenario.
    Has anyone here been raped? DO you think “oh if only I had a gun he would’ve left me alone!” That is NOT what you should be thinking. It is NOT your fault, it is his. He should no better. And these aren’t everyday criminals we’re talking about. these are friends, coworkers, boyfriends, and relatives like she said. When your boyfriend/friend comes to visit you WILL NOT have a gun in your hands. And you should not blame yourself for not having one. He should know that essentially “no means no”.
    Guns would prevent SOME rapes, but men knowing that rape is extremely wrong would prevent more rapes. This “Rape Culture” we’re living in where the blame and responsibility is put on only women is sickening. You don’t have to be a liberal or a conservative to see that.