Democrat: The worst parts of Obamacare are still coming… [FULL AUDIO]

Democrat Rep. Steven Lynch tells the Boston Herald Radio that there are still Obamacare taxes to be implemented, like the ones on ‘cadillac’ insurance plans, that are coming and they are really going to hurt both Unions and employers. Not to mention all the stuff that has been postponed because it simply isn’t palatable.

You can watch this short and edited clip by Boston Herald Radio:

But I suggest you listen to the uncut version which starts at the 17:47 mark:

(h/t: Mediaite)

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  • PalmBayConservative

    All this and it sounds like he’s still for it. How stupid can you be.

    • HCTUB

      Just look in a mirror .

  • $13245463

    Go ahead. Make our days. Then we’ll make yours.

  • Sentinel

    Just repeal it… it’s lawless and completely unsalvageable.

    • Laurel

      Tell the Republicans that.

  • nobsvet

    A Democrat who understands and practices intellectual honesty is a national treasure. He should be on the endangered species list. Bravo, Rep. Lynch!

  • Laurel

    The key tip off for people if they don’t remember is the delays Obama put in. those delays should tell you all you need to know.

  • PNWShan

    Okay, so this poses a good question for people on our side running for office: We want to repeal Obamacare, so what do we do with the people who actually managed to get a healthcare plan under ACA? 1. Millions of these people we know wish they could get their old plan back. If we rescind the law – and the onerous requirements for ‘complete’ packages – could insurance companies re-create the old plans again? 2. For those few who had not plan before and now have one, at subsidized rates, can we find a better way to help them get coverage?

    • sjmom

      I’ve thought about the same thing but I think we’d be able to do it. There are ways to overcome and 7 million is not a lot of people as compared to the total population. However, the problem as I see it is getting people off of Medicaid who don’t belong there but even that’s not impossible.

    • warpmine

      Having jobs would have been a good start for #2 but for that you have to have an economic clue to which no DemonRat has had in the history of the planet

    • clockwindingdown

      ” For those few who had not plan before and now have one, at subsidized rates, can we find a better way to help them get coverage?”

      They are back where they started, the rest are left with higher costs and less services. It is morally corrupt to force others to buy someone else something. They call it subsidized when in fact it is slavery, they dictate that you are to work and give your earnings to someone else, exactly the same as the labors of a slave was taken and given to someone else. The reason or use is of no matter, it is the lack of choice, the force to do so!

    • Kylearane

      What do we do with the people who actually managed to get a healthcare plan under ACA?

      First you’ll have to explain why you’re responsible for anyone other than yourself and your immediate family getting insurance.

      For those few who had not plan before and now have one, at subsidized rates, can we find a better way to help them get coverage?

      Competition. Get the government out of insurance and let people make their own choices.

    • PNWShan

      Good responses all.
      So, someone who is running for office should answer critics of repeal with:
      1. Repealing ACA will enable businesses to start hiring again and to employ people full-time instead of part-time. This will give you more money.
      2. Repealing ACA will allow us to implement reforms such as buying insurance across state lines, reducing govt requirements (to give more options in plans), HSAs, and tort reform (to reduce costs). This will lower the cost of insurance for everyone. It will also increase the number of doctors choosing to practice.

  • Conservator1

    Obamacare is not health insurance; it was the largest tax increase in American history and the reason Chief Justice Roberts changed his opinion at the end and ruled with the leftist Justices that it was constitutional because the fed’s can raise taxes.

    I will never forgive Roberts for the role he played and making Obamacare the law of the land.

    • Stehekin912

      Roberts the Rat

    • $13245463

      “when injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty”
      -Thomas Jefferson

    • warpmine

      Make a special for him and those like him. Live, on the Execution Channel, a special treat for those wanting to see the Constitutional Oath breakers being punished for their crimes against the people, we have members of the hated judiciary. That’s right folks, lawyers, that have stopped at nothing to destroy this country all to earn a buck at the expense of you and your children or grandchildren……

    • Poptoy1949

      AMEN !

  • Conservative_Hippie

    He’s obviously a racist, since he opposes Obamacare!

  • sjmom

    Obama is trying to postpone this until he’s out of the WH but I don’t think its going to happen. This is one of the reasons I don’t think Hillary will be coronated if she runs.

  • clockwindingdown

    The whole interview is rather interesting. Lynch did not vote for democratscare however he believes when all things considered it probably will not be repealed… He also believes there are some very difficult times coming due to the bill…

    Based off Our history odds are against democratscare being repealed, rahm’s and the other authors new this, that is, IMO, why they went all in on the bill. They know odds are parts of it will remain and those parts, no matter which ones they are, will be damaging to Our Country and Our freedoms! The lot of them should be tried and hung… IMO!

  • Thanks for the heads up Lynch, though I kind of already knew that would happen 😉 At least you were honest for once!


    I’m from Lynches hometown and could never understand why he is a democrat . and he’s been one democrat I have voted for , and believe he is telling the TRUTH , and the rest can go . Let me just leave it at that .

    • One of those “old-fashioned” democrats that were thought to be extinct, I guess 😉

  • suzy suemarie

    Guess what is coming down the pike? Another Obama waiver for Unions and their employees. Going on TV like that embarrassing Obama surely made some heads turn in the West Wing.

  • lainer51

    who didn’t see this coming???????